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2d Section
ll.UMK N UMbKti .'!
When the xiarty assembled the day
before at Allison's, there were nineteen
guests, one of whom was Mrs. Stanley
Smith, a sister of the hostess, and ru
mored lately to have become es
tranged from her husband. As they
sat down to dinner Mrs. Allison re
marked that everybody had arrived
except Stanley, who would be there
in time for the party next evening if
possible. More than one besides
Madge wondered whether she re
ferred to Stanley Smith or Stanley
Parker, but owing to the rumored
break with Stanley Smith, nobody ven
tured to ask.
After dinner the next evening the big
ballroom on the third floor, which had
been mysteriously closed during the
day, was opened and there was re
vealed all the paraphernalia for many
kinds of old-fashioned games and for
tune telling.
There was one man lacking to make
the couples come out even, and just as
Mrs. Smith was protesting that she
much preferred to remain out so that
she could take a flashlight of the
dancers there was a general exclama
tion of surprise as a man in traveling
clothes appeared in the doorway and
looked a bit uncertainly toward his
hostess. Mrs. Allison's surprise was so
great that it was hard to tell whether
It was pleasant or otherwise, but she
quickly regained her composure and,
with a side glance at her sister, who
was busy arranging a jack-o-lantern,
she moved toward the door, exclaim
ing in an unnecessarily loud voice,
"Why, Stanley Smith! You're better
late than never."
Mrs. Smith turned at the name, and
even in the dim light her face looked
ashen pale. As her husband was be
ing greeted on all sides she looked
about as if seeking some means of
escape before he reached her. Then
he walked straight to her with a look
of such penitent pleading in his tired
eyes and with both hands extended,
so expressive of his desire to take her
again to his heart, that she almost
fell into his arms. Those who stood
near caught the sound of a sob in
her voice as she said: "Much better
late than never. I couldn't have
spared you much longer."
At a few minutes before midnight
all the guests were hurried off to bo
sheeted and masked for a midnight
procession backward downstairs. The
now radiantly happy Smiths managed
this part of the program. One by one
the ghostlike female figures silently
passed with their lighted candles back
ward down the right-hand flight of the
old colonial stairway, whose two di
vergent flights met on a broad land
ing and merged into a wider stairway
leading to the hal' below. One by one
the ghostlike male figures passed
down the left-hand flight. On the
broad landing each pair of ghosts met
and passed silently down the broad
steps and disappeared in the semi
darkness of the drawing room, from
which, later, came many gay yells of
Madge was the last girl to go down.
The strong-armed ghost who met her
guided her quickly from the foot of
the stairway out under the heavy
hangings which concealed the back
Up the narrow back stairway he si
lently urged her, then up the stairway
leading to the now deserted ballroom
on the third floor. The stillness of
the dimly lighted ballroom was in
tensified by the occasional sounds of
laughter from far below. Her strong
companion grasped Madge's hands
firmly but very tenderly, and as he
bent over and looked into her eyes he
spoke to her in a voice that sounded
familiar and at the same time unlike
any voice she had ever heard.
"Little ghost," said the voice, "I've
traveled far and fast to find you, and
because I've been kept away from you
so long I'm selfish enough to steal you
away from all the other ghosts. Do
you care?"
"Do I care?" repeated Madge, who
was strangely thrilled by the deep
voice and strangely uncertain wheth
er she had heard it before.
The big ghost released her hands,
and with one of his own strong hands
pulled the pillow slip over her head,
at the same time pulling a larger one
from his own head, and Madge looked
blushingly up into the smiling face of
Stanley Parker. He smoothed his1
rumpled black hair and she smoothed
her wavy, auburn hair. His brown
eyes laughed down into her hazel"
eyes. Then his two strong hands took
both of her slender hands, and in a
voice more soft, more deep, more alto
gether wonderful than she had ever
heard, he said, "Madge, do you care—
for me?"
And this time Madge answered
promptly, though almost inaudibly:
"Yes. Stanley. Oh, how I care!"
Long before he had finished telling
her how he came by the last train
and a dilapidated jitney in order to be
with her at this party, or before
she had finished telling him she
had hoped that he would miraculously
appear at the last minute, the sound
of laughing voices on the stairway
reached them. In a voice of friendly
warning, Mrs. Smith called, "Oh, we're
coming to rout the ghosts from the
ballroom by singing "Auld Lang
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Nearly a third of the whole length
of a whale to taken up by Its bead.
Easy to See Why the Practice Is In
jurious— How Proper Breathing
Promotes Health.
"I never read without using a book
rest," said one well-known literary
woman. "I think It easier to adjust
a book to the sight by its use. A uouk
rust can be raised higher than the
level of the lap and the hands and
the wrists will not be wearied by the
strain of heiding it higher than the
"1 never read in bed. 1 am thankful
to those, older and wiser than 1, who
taught me that tu read while reclining
was to overfill the blood vessels of the
eye and so cause a degree of conges
tion in the eye. If one is too tired to
I Bit straight 1 am convinced she is too
tired to read. She should rest in
the silence and darkness of her room,
In the very way a girl carries her
body when walking or sitting she can
do good or harm to the prettiness oi
the neck and throat. The chest must
always be held high, and this instinct
iveiy raises the head more prettily.
The abdomen must be held in, and
since some intakine of the breath is
required for this last muscular effort,
the muscles of the throat and chest
are at once benefited.
Ch nese and Japanese.
Chinese itnd Japanese do not speak
the same language, nor can they be
said to have the same religion. Con
fucianism Is the prevailing faith of
China, while Buddhism is the chief re
ligion of Japan. Geometry probably
had its rise in Egypt, though it was
perfected by the Greeks.
Old English Coin.
An "angel" was an ancient gold coin
weighing four pennyweights and val
ued at 6s 8d in the reign of Henry
VI, and at 10s in the reign of
Elizabeth in 1562. It took its name
from the effigy of an angel embossed
on one side.
Where the Day Went.
"Where can this day have gone?"
exclaimed mamma, as she lighted the
evening lamp. "I think it's gone to
heaven, mamma," answered wee Beth
Personal Conduct Rules.
I am convinced that it is by his per
sonal conduct that any man of ordi
nary power will do the greatest
amount of good that is in him to do.—
A'9, KitKhbeem Co
Hold a Meeting Monday and Appoint
Four Committees to Solicit and
Start Something Worth While.
The Commercial Cnitj i, hi in ct
iiiK Monday evHhiiiit and uppolntt a
rommluiee to solicit 1 und» be turn
ed over to Company E, as is beliiK
done In other cities, to furnish the
militia boys with extras that their
iiivss allowance does not provide, it
is pretty hard for young men used to
voryttiing the markets afford to go
lo camp and live on what the mess
furnishes, and a goodly sum which It
is proposed to laise will buy thum
plenty of milk, eggs and other eatables
that they would not otherwise re
ceive. llere is a chance for everyone
to give heir mite
A Co am: it tee of three was appulu:ed
to confer with the County CommIs
slouers and the Canton Township
Co-umtssluners in regard to tixlng the
load leading to the three mile bridge
of Canton on the In wood road
wiilc.h for several ears seems to have
hviin neglected.
Muscles, by the way, depend tre
mendously upon good breathing for
health and firmness, so if a girl never
did anything more violent than pick
ing a rose, if she simply gives the
windmills of bur lungs all the good air
they need, the blood will be fresh
ened and the muscles nourished al
most as well as if she played golf ev
ery day. The value of outdoor sports,
however playful, Is in their action up
on the mind.
A committee of three was appointed
10 arrange for the entertainment of
tin: rural mail carriers of the state
I who will hold their convention in our
city on Wednesday, July 112th.
A committe of fifteen was appointed
ci work up a crowd to represent Can
ton in the preparedness parade at
Sioux Falls on this Friday afternoon.
Now that the Club lias started work
worth while let them iiuish It and
then start ou something more.
Congregational Church Notes.
The Lord's Supper will be admin
istered Sunday at 10 0 The Sunday
school at m. The evening preach
ing service at 8:00 o'clock
Let J. Anderson & Suns sa\n you
money on a piano. 4" if
Remember that ou the afternoon of
July Utli the West Prairie Ladles Aid
will hold their picnic and sale at the
home of Mrs. Lewis Larson. Every
body is cordlaly invited to attend
and a good time Is assured all who
are there.
How To Feel Good Tomorrow
Indigestion quickly fievelopes sick
headache, biliousness, bloating, sour
stomach, gas on stomach, bad breath
or some of the otherconditlons caused
by clogged or irregular bowels. If you
have any of these symptoms, take a
Foley Cathartic Tablet this evening
and you will feel better in the morn
4 LfAOfH in the Vau Boonomit 'form. th. Juiznjvr ruth iin i1 Juatloe, the foe of f-raud and Corruption
Stetson Hats $3*50
Call the birds to put it out I'iitieuee, kindness, and ingenuity, have ac.
complished wonderful tiling in tin: training of animals, but with Nie natural
feui of lire inherent in uil uminals it
is nothing less than marv. Ions thai
cockatoos an he I rained by kindness
to act us a lire company, respond to
the lire call, raise the ladders against
the burning imilding. climb them, turn
over the water tank and put out ti
lire. I^i of. l'amahasika, recognized as
America's most successful animal ai
bird educator. (note that word,—fin
be says an animal is "educated" by
kindness, but "trained" by fear) is the
only one in the United States as f::r
as we know that has accomplished
this remarkable result. One of the
birds carries an American Hag in
bill across the stage keeping perfe-'t
march time. Another gives four othe.s
a ride in the Ferris wheel another
takes the baby bird for a ride in the
baby buggy: another plays on a minia
ture organ, etc.
The wonderful intelligence of these
little creatures is almost beyond
belief. Cats, dogs, canary birds,
monkeys, pigeons, doves, cockatoos
and macaws, would not generally get
along well together but the fifty mem
bers of Prof. Paniahasika's ti-ou
seem to live in perfect harmony: in
fact, it is said that the monkey was caught the other day kissing one of the
angora cats. Well, anywuy, you should see them if you ever get a chance.
The writer saw them years ago. and never will forget the pleasure of that
day. He will go again at the first opportunity.
To Go To the
White Front Clothing Store
For the Suit that you are to wear for the Glorious Fourth
We are prepared to give you absolutely the Best Suit for Your Money Ranging
from $12.50 $15 $18
Wilson Bros. Shirts $1, $2.50 Münsing Union Suils for summer comfort,
the best that money can buy.
Our Boy's Suitings is of the best. Wash Shirts from $1 to $1
So when you come to the White Front Clothing Store you will find that we
are prepared for you, To serve you that means to give you
Tke Best Value For Your ]Money
WKen You TKmk of ClotWg
Think of Sexe
The White Front Clothing Store
$20 $22.50 $25
$5 Mai lory Hats $Z Sexes Special $2
The Auto Races,
11. Lockard of Coffey vllle, Kansas,
has been in the city the past week
making arrangements for the auto
race meet that the Northwest Motor
Contest Co., will put on at the fair
grounds on the Fourth of July. These
races promise to he the best ever seen
hi this part, of the state as the drivers
are all old hands at the racing game.
The Chalmers car hat won the big
race at Hiiskin I'ark last 4th of July
will be here and stait in one of the
races You can lind no place In the
state where you will be better enter
tained on the Ith than right here In
Methodist Church
Services next Sabbath morning and
evening as usual Subject of srrmoil
In morning "The 'up of Sal vat Ion."
The Kpworth League at 7 o'clock will
be led by Mr Forrest, lie will speak
on the topic the "The Atinhilu
tlon of the Urogshop Let the young
people come out and hear the discus
sion of this subject, by one who can do
it justice. The delegates to the state
League Convention held at, Hartford
last Saturday and Sunday returned
Sunday evening, and report a very
prolltable convention and a very
pleasant, time List, S:thhath morn
ing I lev. Lloyd Rising who was at
Imme visiting Ills irents preached at
the morning service lie gave a most
helpful and able sermon.
Protect Your Potatoes
From Bugs
Paris (Jreen Is higher i.i price this
year but we have it in any quantity
you want it. The price Is t0 cents
per pound, according to quantity.
Arsenate of Lead
Is cheaper and considered just, as good
and will not burn the vlnt We have
a good stock of this also. Come lu
and let us tell you about it The bugs
are getting busy, du not let them eat
your vines up
Sherman Drug Co.
G. E. Sherman, Mgr.
2d Section
11.00 Pku Annum
.v. ,v.v.\\v.v.v.v.\v.%\v.v.v.v.v,v.'.jy
It would be dull for Wanda back In
London. She had worked hard through
the winter and needed a change.
Ostensibly she came as the guest of
Mrs. Towno, his mother, but it -was
Courtney who shouldered the full re
"I haven't seen Peggy since she waa
married. She says they #re going to
put in at Pinehurst pier tomorrow at
ten and I am to motor over with you.
She would love to have Mrs. Towne
and you come, too, Courtney."
"My mother doesn't approve of Peg."
"No!" With lifted brows. "She's
perfectly dear, and now she's married
she's settled down wonderfully. I
think I shall go, Courtney."
Courtney said nothing. He agreed
quite pleasantly to drive her over the
next morning. Mrs. Towne was Indis
posed and some way Wanda managed
to coax her into acquiescence.
It was a cool, windy morning the
next day, when they started for Pine
hurst. Courtney had chosen his own
cur, a low, two-seated French machine.
He seemed rather silent as they swung
out along the shore road.
"It isn't far, is it?" Wanda asked
"About eighteen miles. I'm going to
take the short cut."
Once outside the little seaside vil
lage, he turned off the main road and
took the one through the pines inland.
Wanda stole a glance at him again,
at the clean-cut, almost stern profile
beside her, and then at his hands and
the way they gripped the wheel.
"You don't really mind my going,
do you, Courtney?' she asked tenta
"Not at all now," Courtney returned
"Halbert's very fond of Peggy. I
think he might have married her hlm
-elf some time it she hadn't chosen
Captain Mlnturn."
Courtney smiled at the ribbon of
road unwinding before them. His eyes
were half closed. He knew every Inch
of this road. And every mile was tak
ing them from Pinehurst and the boat
landing. Yet he waited to make sure,
it was at the fourteenth mile that he
slipped a lever wrong and the machine
With a quick apology be sprang out
and started to tinker away at the car.
Her ladyship chatted for a few min
utes, waiting expectantly, but as the
minutes flew by she glanced around
curiously at the enfolding hills.
"Courtney, are you really trying to
fix the car or just—" ||l
He sat up in the road, his cap on tni
back of his head, and smiled at her.
"You're not fixing it at all, are you?
That's what you call it over here, Isn't
it, fixing Instead of repairing? Won't
it go at all?"
He shook his head contentedly. She
stepped from the car with dignity, de
lightful dignity he thought, consider
"I think I shall walk until I find
some sort of a conveyance."
"You can't, because we're about
seven miles at least from the last
house. I'm going to stay here until—"
he glanced at his watch thoughtfully—
"until 10:30. They will have sailed by
then, don't you think so?"
Wanda's dark eyes were bright with
"I don't see how you dare to do this,
Courtney Towne. They are my friends
and if I choose to go with them it ia
absolutely my own affair."
"Dear, you are not quite nineteen,"
said Courtney gently. "Halbert put you
in my care and I can't conscientiously
let you chase down the coast with Peg
gy and have her marry you off to any
other crowd."
"You mean Kent?" The color rose
in her face quickly.
Courtney nodded.
"I know the whole thing, Wanda.
I heard Kent bet that he would marry
you before you returned to England.
You know as well as I do that old
Halbert Is in debt to him badly. It
was part of his game to make him so.
It gave him a surety of his consent
to his winning you, and I couldn't
stand that sort of thing."
Wanda stood before him, white now,
her hands clenched at her sides. It
had all been a lark, her wanting to
go with Peg. She had not really
cared, but when he had made an is
sue of it, it had amused her to win
the point over him. Even though she
knew Kent Paxton was going, she had
not realized what it might mean.
"You see, dear," he went on slow
ly, "it isn't Just for Halbert's sake,
either. It's for your own. You know
that, don't youj Wanda? I haven't
been able to get word out to your
brother yet, but there's been a little
run of luck for him, some money out
of a Mexican deal that has seemed
dead. We are both in on it, and I sold
out our interest last week. There's
enough to pay up Kent. You needn't
catch the boat."
She caught the underlying bitterness
beneath his words and stretched out
her hand to him.
"Oh, Courtney, I do need you—"
'-xi$ I
5 I
"Of course. If you really want to go
yet," he added unsteadily, "the ma
chine isn't really out of commission.
1 can get you there. But I went you
to come back with me."
Her hands were laid against his lips
firmly. Courtney met her gaze with
eyes that told all that was in his mind,
and Wanda laughed softly, her own
glance wavering.
"I've decided to go back," she said.
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