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The DeSmet leader. (DeSmet, Kingsbury Co., Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1891, September 22, 1883, Image 2

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‘— "~rr*+~ ?
M. A. IJB<>WN, - Krlitor.
TbH Congregational association is Lti
JMMno* at Watertown.
Th* governor says that if Btamarek
i» not the capital of Dakota it baa none.
Juooa KtxitiHTON 'a dechiion cauaed
great rejoicing at the Sioux Falla con
j Thk Milwaukee A St. Paul railroad
U being pushed rapidly westward from
The Kingsbury county fair meets at
Da Smut next Tuet day, Wedue day and
Bihmakck Will not take up the corner
atoue, hut keep steadily cm with her
work, regardless.
A BUB*ckiption is being taken at
Mitchell for a homestead monument,
to he erected at that place.
Jamkstown people arc crying for a
new postmaster. The present one is
getting too big for his boots.
The Wisconsin State Fair, held at
Madison, is conceded to be the most
aoocessful one held for many years.
It is announced that the Northwest
ern company will bridge the Missouri
at Pierre, and push westward from that
point. *
County fairs are now the order of the
day ail over South Dukota, and the
number of them is surprising for so
new a country.
Seckxtaky Folokk has issued a call
for fifteen millions of three per cent,
bonds, which will be brought in and
canceled at once,
8. D. Cook, editor of the Mitchell
Kepttblican, was presented with a gold
headed cane by the Mitchell Fire Com
pear. W e have no fire company.
Th* record of Maud S. had a close
call on Saturday, when Jay Eye See
trotted in 2:101. It is thought he will
have the record of the fastest trotter in
the world before the season Is over.
Th* third annual meeting of the mil*
itary riflemen of the department of Da
kota, which opened last Thursday, bids
fair to surpass either of the two pre
ceding contests in interest, both for the
general public and those engaged in the
Tnmhk*seems to be great dissatisfac
tion with the new postal notes. The
paper on which they are printed is very
poor, and will not take ink readily.
Banks in Chicago are refusing to take
them, which is a great inconvenience
to those wishing to get them cashed
... .vvTiw wfti.KF.ilit. cs--iHin’t, fonrit the Date 12 VIDIU IT Ymimans Rrns. & Hodains
roa Tm» OF tub
Beal Estate Agent. Minnesota farmer Lumber Co. Lumber Yard!
Au ei K ht page paper. ATDESMET, C. E. Ely, Agent. '
Terms: SI.OO per year. Skpt. 36, 27, av» 28, 1883. : omce‘- 1 <),rtw i
: : :
U« . 1 I i_
mw ifiiTTTTiii r*vi - ■ • * i t
.l»' ; : .
: Wiumui Mill C’u.: : Klevaior, C.W.: ’ V;! 'V" Wni Vim-ii & c,!”.’
*,’£ * • Waiflwm-r, ;*«*••!» hi. LK. : l low. Halt iihU • uaj *1
A lira Mill, Agt.: iKaasr, Agritt.: Nv Fon*;ts|\ \ ’ •
/ Dakota Central Railroad. X*.
i 9
- ’ v '
Bp&A . 1 f-*„' v ; i lirSinrt Flour J
■»'*.•’»■■ : 4 Mill. «. w. El-:
:b ! Ilutt A Co.
: w '
P’ r ' ■ LJmliT 1
*: Re*. ’*:*
**»•* ' ** '■- - ’
EXCHANGE HOTEL, John a. owbh, Thomas Brothers I nwT
111 iniif HiTiryTUiiz Bl'llard* ■-■ ■ ■ H. John- jl* Floyd
j.b. smith, Prop. . Attorney and Counselor at Law. . Real Estate f Loans .«• u. n«>#«>m. ~— — . •‘Lozier,” ipiwn A Shoo!** «mtth. I |
CQf. First Street and Calumet Avc. J? refkkknciws B Abstracts of Titlps ** j »• It.’ h~tTii> ® ! F. X. H< li:u ). llarncs- ;,v * st '*' ,M *^ c '* m
tsst! * !• " nl M,llll!h!k '--- -• ma » * 5 .•. & _
■ * i $ * : a L » | w *ea*'*" k Court House Sauare.
\ * 1 * ® I : ■ a < k . —.--ml v
I ft| . >d j m Ki*>ir«l>urv liousr, J. . I,s - Residence I). !• lo>d.
I dt 5 fTS n?rni in ommni fc Vff-M for tl>o stand. *iurc-n»i, Prop. »;»••• i*»li.t ft r* '
Kt&Jf i I] * i* v * Pi)i>L!C SCrISuL, a—'- < tr£« «: . .
II t 4 I _• »****»»* - - ----- - - tCuuutjr J
I 5 T M « ■? Kcsld« nor H. 1\ 11.411-,. ~ ' ~ .. ■ and "lioj-. Jail.:
( 5 S »oii. F II l oii-r. Iluid wro Jinan him| l*. «> , 4. It. ■■••
M * 25 E Co. Ina-nr r. r»m.P. f u
ibooivd nthgeit.
r ’ 2 w ij H. HKiutiLL, ;r: r Li. ,v.
■ WMi 1! * I S»5 iouho. lira. (\ Itnull.'v In’gn om< rll.rk Of Courts.; . u m
fft 1 ?| d immitcTAOKNrnAKOTA ||l J 'I ! M'ATKRS Jt AXIJKRSOX,
iai S fi r I- l PIRR AND MARINE I'JUi BH. CODSE! It,a,!!.*, i
|a:| Jjg | z Xsas-'JtrrtxvceOcm.pii.’^ : I „ ' Law, Loan 1
■ Jkl k " _LI |"l e uardware 1 u.k. nnr/M puytv
FrankXlirtans, a OARBYmios.. • E. M.HaT Worn & Son, - and land.
fokwitk itiKilllarkisf &• Thrashers, ®-U - *atch,s. j I.a.nu*. iMlMtovn* Fa*.M» FOK* I*' 1 *' j
gt mtts Sffß'HP Hac iltes Ac. Cr»*<l p.l<nr ad r**n»fiii« n »s, CL r 'TIII3jTO ! - ;Br>uleiu , r J. J. Miock-j I<riidra«-rd F? Jfow CLOCKS, KTC. | Sa. KuuKkm.
iv ' * * L»k* City Wnpius. FaHHIM* Mill*. AV»-«id and * ‘ it»«idt»u<v r *irrv It -oh li * lul Rf|*.nlriiu: a SjHrlaif v.' M .f*«)acr»*9 of rholor farming landi for sale.
AU If’rrft Horrrntrt l. iron Fiuiiim. Murul«’« a- d I'tatlona i II»h<» and s|i« M w. mml Ca|K*. CJro- ' arrjrjjro*. Ansi }• h. im-ii, Altlu \ 1 »«-Kn*. t. C'orros|ioa- 4 *
l»|trl»g w'»|r-.»H. J nos. CToek ry. rte. | ' L lj±l John A. < >nfii, 1.;4U KesnL'ar** l» F. Sasso. driov
yglftP ’ BTUfiUTi
• > '. J. U. CARROf,L. ,W. «. CARROLL. I ID* C. NO\ C. S. ti. Fuller & Bl'Otker, | jonw W. K. WhlliagJ lu*ildrrnr A. N. *Ki‘sldrarr A. S. Sln*r _______
4 'jrr”., DBYOOOD3. WOTIOHB, STOVES . 1 h': 1 PONSEn BROS.,
BANK 0? DESMET I aroccrtea, Coi\f*etbm*ry, v. j —...-■— ES |S |— -----i luw, Sals t Feed stable]
t Ilf* warded bv iima lock lorUw* DavU ftswUng Mnehlae Valter A. Wood 1 * llarvestcr* [and Mowers gD w : WFTU * UlimniT. ' g 1
i oaje fttarULU qy vmwitn,*. IJJ j S ltcsldi nor iFongrr m Jlarn at South F.H,lofTo,rH.E. S. '
IfcrjltHi»r«HidrpM 6W» H. C. SANFORD, C. H. TINKHAM, W | | Kongrr Bro«, IJvery. Dry Goods, a , -
K 33QN-I? s. ATTORNEY AT LAW, fUnder take R J Z ““ £ V - V ’ BARN EB»
.improved Kmbbi Sn {j; Al,y * WiU p rMtiee i n ji t l,eC o urU of AMO MAIM IN FuKtunjMi. WAU MAIA | i | ** kwuitL. i q I Bof>fa lliul I j
MfLt , '3<2£»s* tot***,. €^,u.T„.k..v.N„.i !te . fens.”' Attorney!Law
' '
Diagram of ttie Business Center of De Struct, KJagstmrjr County, D. T,
Thk Presbyterian college at Pierre
opened its first term last week.
Auchitkct Jiili. got very sick of
being invest igiiUsfi, and accordingly re
signed his position.
Cheap matches are now to l>e in
order, some of the largest manufactories
in the country having just announced
sweeping reductions in prices, of more
than 30 per cent of the old rates. It is
the result of tax reduction.
Btak gam s witnessed a very brilliant
auroral display last Sunday evening,
which extended all over the country.
It reached to the /.euitii and covered the
whole northern sky. A full moon paled
Its luster considerably, but it was well
Worth contemplating as it was.
The heavy frosts which destroyed a
large proportion of the corn crop of the
Northern States w ill doubtless result in
a rise in the price of oats and other feed
grains. Dakota will hardly Ik* injured
by it, as she had comparatively little
corn to lose, and has pleat) of oats and
barley to sell. It's an ill wind that blows
nobody good.
Jvdok Ki>g Kit ton’s decision against
the capital commission is received with
ridicule by them and their backers, and
the work of building the capital at Bis
marck goes right on regardless. The
case will be appealed to the supreme
court of the Territory, and will proba
bly lie carried by one side or the other
to the supreme court of the IT. 8.
The preposition to submit the prohi
bition question to a vote of the fteople
brought out a hot debate in the Sioux
Fails convention, and that body dually
sat down upon it. Some leading prohi
bitionists are proposing to the temf*er
anoe people to tight the adoption of the
constitution because of tiiiv We Ik*-
lieve the question might to have been
submitted, but we are not prepared to
go to this length of rule or ruin. It
looks more like revenge than true tem
perance policy or philanthropy.
The general land office has just dis
covered a new scheme for defrauding
purchasers of public lands. This con
sists in the forging of deeds and ab
stracts of title to lands that have never
been purchased from the Tinted States,
and thus creating a fictitious claim of
title, apt to deceive the unwary. As
the fraud is against individuals and not
against the United States, the govern
ment can take no action in the matter
further than to warn Intending purchas
ers to keep their eyes open and make
careful examination of their titles.
The Sioux Falls convention has dune
its work and become a thing of the past.
/Vs the constitution has not yet been
published we are unable to inspect it or
give it to our readers until next week.
From the synopsis of it published by
the Pioneer ITess we judge it to be a
very well prepared and complete docu
ment, though It does smell a little of
Yankton and Sioux Falls management.
Why the capital should be located at
Yankton, which is as much out of the
way as ever, is not very clear. .TudV
ment on the work as a whole will have
to suspend until it is placed before tin*
It has been an interesting study to
watch ttie gradual coming around of
the greatest n*:*wsi*aiH»r of the North
west, the Pioneer Press, upon Dakota
matters. It has for some time been
growing cold towards its first loves.
North Dakota, On 1 way and the capital
syndicate, and warming up toward the
South. It pa ionized the Sioux Falls
convention in a sort of non-committal
way until that body had finished its
work and secured the iindyiitg love of
the P. P. by keeping out the prohibition
issue, and the great boomer now takes
the whole affair to its ttosom and lings
it in triumph. It might have adopted
any iniquity so long as it left whisky
Notwithstanding the contempt felt
for Dakota by eastern people, scarcely
a day passes without someone coming
to Dakota towns, representing eastern
newspapers, eastern directory publish
ers, or eastern something, and asking
them for money in consideration of
their booming the country. We are
willing to have the advantages of the
country shown up in eastern news
papers. directories, etc., but to have our
people continually pestered by these
agents is monotonous. A lightning-rod
agent would lie a relief. Dakota s harv
est speaks for itself, and needs no boom
ing to show' Jthe people of the States
where to go to secure the profits of the
bountiful harvest.
Another swindle of which farmers
should be aware is being practiced in
other parts of the Territory and may be
tried in this section. Two roughs watch
the papers for estray notice. When one
is published one of them goesand looks
at the animal. On application the un
suspecting farmer shows the beast, and
the fellow declares it is m*l his and then
returns to his partner ami describes lla*
animal minutely. The other fellow goes
to the farmer and, after proving by his
thorough description that the animal is
his, says he has not the money neces
sary to take it aw ay, and oilers to sell it
at a bargain. Ilis oiler is taken up,
which results unpleasantly when the
ow ner comes along.
Fall Fairs D ates nnd Places.
Yankton—Southern Dakota Indus
trial association—September iT>th, iiuth,
li7tb nnd 2Kth.
I’lankmton —Aurora < Vanity Agri**ul
tural association-•■ October 3d, Ith and
Tyndall Bon Homme (’omit) Agri
cultural association—Oct olkt nth. 10th,
and Iltii.
It dfield- Spink County Agricultural
Society—September iSftth,noth and -7th.
Speartish—Lawrenee County Agri
cultural association—October 3d, 4th,
6th and Hth.
Do Smet— Kingsbury County Agri
cultural Society—September noth, n7th
and nsth.
Iroquois Hi rald.
The postmaster general has issued '
notice that mail service w ill Ik* ml on
tiie new line between Iroquois aid lia
warden October Ist.
Wolsey Journul.
Score one for Dakota. Mr. J. W.
Whoit<>n heie on a \isit. says if he
owned the poorest quarter of
laud that he lias seen in Dakota he
| would not trade it even up f»r the
whole of Northern lowa, (joining
from a gentleman who lias been a resi
dent of the Haw ki ye State for brenty
six years, and w ho has no interest here,
i this may la* set down as competent evi
i deuce.
Pri’HH and Dukotninti.
If every paper in the Territory will
[ announce Hie fai t that the Dakota in
| tenia! revenue district ceased to exist,
as such, on the Wth day of Angus;, Iks.3,
and that all business must, for the fu
ture, Ik* transacted with Hon. <i. W.
Post, collector of the consolidated dis
trict at < )maha. Neb., they will confer a
favor upon their business patrons and
save much annoyance and vexation to
all eoncerned. Heinember that lion.
(i, W. Post, Omaha. Neb., is collector
iof internal revenue for Dakota, and
| that the Dakota olllce has been diseon
l tinned. ’
I’reim \ hakotaiuu.
After all that has been sa d of tin*
i •‘outrageous" and** reckless ” ex pend i
i ture made by tin* last legislature in tin*
: sham* of appropriations for public
buildings, tin* rate of taxation for the
i ensuing year will be less than for the
j preceding one. Let there be another
! howl from the Yankton graveyard.—
17 rmilliun li< publican.
The Yankton graveyard resurrects
itself to remark that the asssssed valu
j ation for tills year is over twenty mil
lion dollars greater than for last year,
and that the taxation per dollar's worth
of property would be much more this
. year than last year but for the extensive
i increase in assets. Blow your horn
; again, (iabriel
K iseisin’ uv Copnty, f
Office of County Treasurer of Kinir-hury
Co., bilk., Hopt l. |s*a.
I, R. 11. Conse. Treasurer of KiiuoUniry,
comity, la. T., do hereby certify that fie un
it*.xnl list of i'4*nt proper*}* has liccome de
linquent hy reason <d non-puAincut of taxes
for tbe year A. D. IKHtf, nu<i will be noli!, with
1 the penalty and interest, adverttsimr and all
other coats itccruimr thereon, aw provided by
statute, toy* titer w itii costs of sale, coimnetie-
Injfonthe l-t day of October next, between
| the hours of Id oTlo<*k a. in., and I o'clock p.
j in., contluuinir until all hui e been ottered for
j sale, at my olllce in tin- village ot he srnet,
eounty of K Injrsbury. and Terrib.ry of hakota.
W itness my haml this fourth day of Septem
ber, A. I>. P-: R, H. C< ■ .
Treasurer of hmjr«bury Co.
Tows Lot> Nomui.\so.
Nami . I,*>i. Ili.o* k. Am i.
I ’level** rf*4 A* Peterson I 4 *5 \*h
Dakota * eni.nl u. It. II 4
do <lo If 4
do do l.'l I s
liiknown is t 2 1*
It Maker It It 23 42
Dakota Central It It s 3 :! N
: do do II II If l K
do do i:. ft I 7li
WII Ilradhurv hi ft Id 4a
Dr smkt.
Dakota Central It. It. 2 11 .v»
«lo do 1. ~ 1 "7
do do ti ft I M
do do II ft I 07
r|o do i! 4 1 .V,
do *lo II 4 1 07
do do I*i 4 1 u 7
tlo do 4 •*> K|
do do IS ti
tlo do ifn ti Ki
Lake Phk^ton.
Dakota Central It. It. ffl 1 1 W
C Dtititrla** 4 ft f» To 1
K l.ewl* A flrti « 2 1 *.«’
T H Majrtdre 14 t I «•
do flo 15 2 IS 4:i
«!«• tlo Pi 2 | lti
tlo H o i 7 2 I !<i
Dakota « entrnl H it U
tlo dt* 2** 4 1 KI
hakota Central It U J 5 2 7 7b
tlo tlo I 4 I 45
H II KlK*rt I 6 15 ttf
hakota Central ft It 2 5 I 45
tlo tlo II 5 1 45
do tlo s ft I 45
tin tit* S • ft 14*.
.Id tlo Id 5 I 4.5
ti<» iti* II • ft 145
do do 21 5 I 7d
tit* tlo 4 5 I 45
do do ft ft 1 45 ]
Namk. br.scme’N. Skc. T It Am t.
(i n-Utf (iistufitoii nw V* ti lay .Vi 7ah
Henry Miller <*e' 4 s lay ,5i
|HN*te Vlekerstm liw , IT l"S VI ti «i
do thi ni'X is |aa Vi ti ti.s
Ja- I Leonard m-N lit law Vi hi 45
Kdward N I'afti* m ‘ 4 2 l"ti VI la Vi
Tfiom.it- I. (,t ml thin* s\v l 4 27 hit ftd 7ki
Henry W Smith a* S» 2* lt» VI 17 tin
t ha-It Ablnitt w’i bit VI 7ki
Cliun Keith hw N I lla VI ti:? pi
( in htttpher lliilverwiti in* , 22 Ihi Vt 25 <»* ■
Jt*hn I* Mualley ne' 4 111 lay VI ", si
Johl, hurley lie , 4 11*» Vi 25 US [
haviii (• Morris m- 1 , 12 lla VI »-
Christian lta|>p sw ! , 14 IM VI 2:4 Ki
Pet'T Heiyruaoti lots 1,2,14,4,
ami nw!» tie' 4 is i|d V 4 12 M
Carl V Stalersfmin s\, > 4 :u IN .vi 21
II .rare I. Phelps liw', :i 111 VI 1 '•* ■>.’
Thomas Hoper 12 111 Ni I'*:*;,
Joint Pettis mV , '4 I’l Vi Id 52 j
< Ims K < aiqK-nter n<‘! , 2ti 111 -i 25 os
Jas CariM*n(**r nw', 27 111 -I I*4 24'
Walter l> Clarke s, >, 111 VI 15 2u
Wm < Smitli Ktv'/, :tl 111 Vi 15 211
Lewis K Hold llw *s, ill 111 VI 2U 51
Mairues SiA tfciison lie 1 * I 112 VI 7so
Antlrii-I'hrlstiaiiM>ii nwN 112 VI ’< 841
Win <ti.*lant uwV* 4 112 VI •Nt
t tic • l Storilahl lot - 4,5,
sw'j-w 1 , 15 112 5.1
lots 5. ti 15 112 VI
lot 2 iit* l * 22 112 Vi »G m»
• Oe<» W Ctaikt" -o D 2 VI
lots 4. 5. ti VI 112 Vt 24 *42
L W Cooke n't sw‘4, nw'i
hc‘ 4 , lot 1 St' l , :tt 112 VI
lot 2aw '4 :u 112 VI 7so
Nlehtdaa Mareh»»s sw' 4 14 liftt 54 7 ha>
Ole Erickson n'j lt»tsa,
7. M 2 110 54 « 4*5
W M Kay ant tic 1 * 5 110 54 w 2ti
Knntc M lluinre lot 5 and
nwc nw>% 10 lla 54 rt t'<s
Silas E Kiisiirn 11 1 *in 'j 22 lla .'4
s‘ 3 15 110 54 114 !t»
Ole S Phtlhrick tw> qr 22 lin ft I lit M 2
1 Ole Oliutii a 1 .* sw qr 24 111 54
lot ! 2*l 111 54
lots 4, 5,0 25 111 54 7Sd
peter A Christianson
lots 4, *1.7 2ti 111 54
lot :t Vt Ili 54
loti :C2 111 54 12 77
K S NemansAiti neqr Vi 112 .54 15 27
Paul Klisott se •|r 2 l***i 55 *4 *i.s
Klliert N Itlce S jseqr 20 hi* sft
11 ‘ s neqr 145 hit ftft 7so
Arthur l(t)hlmwm lit* qr 7 110 ftft 2ft ok
Mariraret (iurlainl «'» nw tjr,
s 1 1 11 j nw*p- 1 110 ftft :I4 fts
James Kennedy saa qr II 11*1 55 27 7**
Wallace Kearney iiav «(,• li lla ftft 2!l 12
Kmimi Lilt lirap iota 2,14, 4, >, :.ti lin V 5
lots 1, 2 L* Ilf* ftft 15 KI
Peter Nelson lots 2,14. c *iiaa * 4 22 110 55 ll* .'42
Austin M OK'lcii s!» lie *|i\
11 *se ip- 24 110 55 11* 52
Wm Walter mv qr IS 111 ftft 111 all
Henry llin/, tie qr L* 111 .ftft is 17
JSV flartb tt se qr 21 111 55 IS 17
Chin Itnrtleft n<* <ir 2S m .55 is IT
t'lias \| hill sw qr 20 ill ftft Is 17
Frunk Hailey sw qr 1- 112 ftft 13 s*l
Mary A Klanih'riA s* ■* j r I* 112 55 12 *1
Mlniii*' Mathew s *a* qr Vi hi* Vi 21 Oft
Cha- T Saotfard nw qr I 110 s*> I*l tt
Uusst II J Mosse 1 jnw *p-. s ,
in* • 1 .- II tin (s*l 22 :.t)
Delos pern neqr 14 IN 's'
l.a 3 p; no
lot 4 12 I 111 .'si 15 2."
■ liiirlc- Lai -mi li 'A *4l 1.l
.Ait Nichols 1 : aa |i V. 11l ,* i; :*i
Geo N \tiiies neqr 2u 111 s> 1174
*ie 1F t (indrlch lie qr Ili s. 12 32
Peter (iiltK*rtwoti 24 112 0 6ft
Michael In Ihnnt.-r neqr J 112 .'s' 7so
Warren M Packard -»• qr at 112 s*i 7 *s*
J pW i 1 -on ne qr 21 Nit 57 P* 7*l
Alext Maneht ster s*a- qr ft 110 57 tJ 05
Ira h Loumd-uty neqr m qr.
s- 1 neqr 0 110 .57 ft 4*l
CII Manchester *>•• qr <• 110 57 *i *45
John MeTlie*. U'v qr 4 111 .57 7 M
John Wiirm-r Ht' qr 2'* 111 ft. . 0
Krod Johnson n't neqr 23 112 • 7
lots 4. 5 24 112 57 IK)
Henry N Avery C-* nw qr.
riA, *ir iiaa qr, lot 2 25 112 57 7SO
; .lohti Leuii-Pury neqr 24 lin 5S 7so
Wm J Haw nw qr -K HI .Vs 25 !45
John H Slev eiis swtjr V* 111 .‘>rt 0 '.*2
Viiiitilm tun I * mid ileulor* in
Building; Mate
A full st.u k of I*.j Luiiilm r, f.atli, Shirurlo!*,
i!■ ,i>i s mid Window*. I'ltpor, l.imo, ami llrick,
coit-inii*l> on liuinl.
I'- l i■ 11itf« s and wpuntloutlon* iiiHilo with cart*
mid without oxpcuw.
Vard on went nldc < ulumi t Awnuo,
I) r; BMET, .... DAKOTA.
ciias. /•;. /;/. r.
“ 9
c: ~ •
,; " m
m "*• £ ••
CD < ■- s
% i a
w $ 1 I
* S 1
oo a J 4
CD .= j
I=3 Z I 1 i 1
W<l : I
= S I 1 1
ss Q I In.
Z i §1!
»» z. -
i * 3 S 3 ■
Id > |; -
h | ill.
.<=<!,! 11
£3=3 f— = -:•??!
c=—.H </> >I i >• t *
H=c; 1 « g
Ld ! f 111 s
a I fill*
Having leased the Shockley blacksmith
1 shop, 1 am prepared to do all kinds of
BMiith id MuKht Work
In first-class style, liepairing of Harvest
ers, Threshers, Steam Boilers and Engines
■ a Specialty. Pumps, Locks, (Inns and Sew-
I ing Machines repaired.
ALL WORK W AR« \M i;».
■ Frank. A. Jordans.
That’s where you will find
Their store is piled up with stacks of
'Of every conceivable description, and more
are coining daily.
pSss"Call on them and save money.*’^s(
At the Old Reliable
Quiet, did we way' \«t ihmv! We are
literally overwhelmed with goods of
all sorts in our Bine. An avalanche of
cash has kScsick as,and our pocket-book
resembles aa aSdenaaii. We are
* worked “fill we can't rest,’* and-well*
we don't want to.
If you want the best Wagon, Plow,
hi'Jiif, Cultivator, Harvester, .flower,
Stake, Slave, Oil or tinwoline Stove, or
anything else la oar line, eall and get a
j fair deal. Von w!S! fissd a broad grin on
!on;* i»Siiz, w am! if the trains don’t beat
aw, |»';-!!{} of* goods,
E have a tinner, Bring «>?2 your "caky
-IBbi V% Vb
" hen you wasu aiiythSna' in <ne way oi
Cam feliiiii!
Gw smd see
'1 liey can lit your feet, no matter what their »;■/.•, u itii any kind of
And supply your wife amt babies with
In varieties too numerous to mention. In the line of
Groceries and Provisions
They can lit you out to stand a blockade. Their store is the first one you come
I to as you enter town from the north.
f>e Suipt, ... Dakota.
Everybody to follow the crowd to the
Etfl Fill Sri
In lie bmet, where you can find every
thing you can wish for in
Flour, and feed of all kinds.
Don t fail to call and see them, and inspect i
their stock, * »

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