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The DeSmet leader. (DeSmet, Kingsbury Co., Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1891, September 29, 1883, Image 1

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Tie De Sit Leader.
OmYmw 50
Pit Mon hs
Ti.ree Mouth*.
To Mupp'y tf certain omission In the order
recently issKed by tlie post master general
forbidding the delivery of registered latters
to M. A. Dauphin, it has been amended as
follows: li pu hunt.ee of the finding of
rostmaatcr General Key, which flodirg re
ntaitH in full (orce. it is ordered t' at all
t" ►tiuHsters be, and they are hereby for
indden to pay money order* drswn to the
"rdtr ot M. A Diuphin, and they are here
to ' irented to inf uin the remitters of said
l(.htsl money orders that pavment of them
ha- h.ert forbidden and that the sum of such
money or hrs will be returned on presenta
tion e> f 1 1 p dupli ale orders applied for, and
obtained under the regulations! thedeoar’-
iiieiit. All p<i-tmasters are aNo forr.idd»n
to t-eliVer rev steed letters arrivitig at thei*
olncesdirected to said M. A. Dauphin and
are instrunted to return ell Mich registered
letters lathe postm ster at the office* at
wh.ch they w. r * originally mailed.
Ihe r< nutrition on the postothce depart
ineiit by postmasters for new 2 ceut stamps
are so that the c intractors are unable
to supply the dent <nd. and the departm. tit
consequently is reducing the amounts
calhil tor ii, requisitions. The contractors
at present are able to furnish l 500,000
Mamj.s duly. but this is much baa than
•he number demanded. During the early
I'ltrt. ot tlie prisetit nnr.ith, the department
disfributtd a I rge i umber of 2 cent stamps
amo' ysu a 1 1* r p - olfic.s, yet it i. believed
Hint wi li t>:e utmost exertions ofth"d»
par'metd, fmly one third of He (Mist'dlices
in the Country will l ot have an adequate
miPp!v ot stMiupt upo the date when the
the ie*w 1 1 re,v ding lor the new letter rate
go-s into operation. The dep ir l meet offi
cii* V | owuv. r, do not fear at.y serious ob
struct'oiis to husiniss.
Follector Tarhle, Fensscola, had another
iuterv e.v with tne secretary of the navy re
cently, relative to lurni&hing ra'ions to tlie
«l< . r ,'ii ute iiav ii reserva'i n. The secretary
ed the n vy is djsp is-d to tak** the re-qxtticP
bil ty of issuing r-uions to de-Dtute fauiilltft
op'ti the rcterv.ition to a limited extent
hut • X| »cts help to tie g’ven by the i. Lab
itatits of the stute and city.
Thewi-cref a rvici* division of i fie treasury
ilep'trt meiit lias iiceived from Boston one
of tije notes of the Iri-ii republic, previ
ously rejMirtid in cire ilarion there It is
"'iff by he treasury experts t » he a fair uni
ration of the Fritted -tales treasury notes
The bo'id rail winch has bren an’clpat
e«i f.»r some time lias been ordere I by Sec
re ary Folg**r. It is for ah >u sls OtM.OOO —
|m rb*.ps it win overrun that amount by
S2SO,tVJU —ami is payable Dec. I.
bupirvifcing Architect Hill has tendered
bis resignau m to S c*eUry Folger, to take
< lleot on the |i(iointment ot bis succissor
S*ereMr> Folg«.r sajs that the lesignation
ol Hill won!-' hr accepted.
The court marshal cases of M»j. Hues
an i Maj Kress have not jet been oonsid
rred by the n < retsry of w-r. and will not
lie dispone d of tor several wee as.
beonlary i iiatdhr will take his chances
w;tb 'lre next congress and : ss le rations to
the tit at ituti- I’eii.ae/d naval reservation.
Ktiilroad News
The Wabash a, M inn . Herald says: T le
( icago, Milwaukee A St. Fan' company
has pla\ed a sharp game on the Northwest
ern and D e Mintteap ilia A St. Louis com*
fumes by control of the Fargo A
•Southern Airline, whose northern terminus
is a? Fargo, and t>>e Southern meets the
main lim-t f the Hastings A Dasotudivi-ion
a mile east o'U.'onvdle. By this shrewd
move ti e Milwaukee A Si. Fan! people has
secured an extension to the center of the
Northern F e.tie ti-rri ory, and are tar on
tlie way to the bailiwick ot the Manitoba
coni party.
I'm projectors »f the New York & ]t >s
ton inland r-ilroad scheme no w claim tha
th.e IkU- .i iii fir.:* of Linn A McC.r hy have
coniiat ted to bui <1 n roi i bet* rcn Boston
Hinl New Y< nt, and complete it within two
yenra. The amount of espi al require i o‘
Lmn A McCarthy is about
•he rum! will be so nearly on a straight
hue ttint on Hie map it will not show scarce*
ly hi v curves.
1 he meeting of the general managers and
guiertl fr> igbi of fie roads interest*
"I i i the lumber trifli? between
NN i -rot sin points, or Mississippi river
pun's, at >t Missouri river points, whiqtt is
foMnution of n general lumber pool, will
be h*lt! in Chicago, Oct. i.
T a Chicago, Iliiwauk»e A Ht. Paul p*s
ser-gcr train lor Chicago, ran off the track
ju>teifi of the bridge at Rockford, 111. on
the 1 Drh mat . precipitating the engine, bag
gag-' cir atm one pass-ngir coa h down
the fiibaiiknient tovardth. river. No one
was «n riously i.’jured, but the curs are con
aiderably wrecked.
Messrs, T. K.'S ntniot a, William Hay
man and L A. Hancock have been appoiir
ed commission re t.» ascertain and apprise
certain re*»l estate used bv tli« Chicago,
Miiw.nkeeA Sf. Pn 1 railroad C< inpany,
o:i th. ir line between Norn field and Red
The Winona, Alma A Northern Railway
company, of wine i Ho i. f. Traer of Cedar
Ra,nd*, lowa, is president, hiul Hon. A.
Fink el i burg o Fountain City, Buffalo
county, Wia, is vice president, is making
rapi strides to oe recogtiiz-daa a fixed fact
The general -lanagexs and general freight
agents « f the rt a-ts t etwecu the Missouri
river am) the Paei ’c coast have gone t<» San
Francisco to att nd a meeting inihat.ity
h r tbe nuroose ot re irguntzing the Califor
n a freight pool.
1 At a r< cent meeting of the bene fit associ
ation of tbe riitebuig, Foil Wayne A Cbi
Clgu ruilroj lat K ie. Pa., a membership
°1 2 1(9 was reported. 11 Wykoop oi
Crestline, Ohio, whs *fi c ed prasidetr.
The W. st Sh re AOi tario Terminal com
pHtiy, a corporation existing under the
laws <f Ni » Jerser. efter several negotia
tions, hsve stt -ceeded in obtaining a lows of
sl2,<xiO,U!o upon its trancfdse.
The gross earnings o’the Milwaukee
Lake Shore A Western for the second week
in Sej-te nh r we e $2 (fiR5. again* 12d,455
for the corrcspondii g week last year.
The Milwaukee A St. Paul is engaged in
the preliminary work of improving its la*
• e*t pu,cliHse, the Fond du Lac, Amboy A
Poona narrow-gauge.
Tlie Criminal Keeord.
A cowboy by the n me of Tommy, re
cently shot and killed another cowboy by
the name of Charley, about twe ve miles
above Ch-luberlairi. Dtkota, on tfie rejerva
lio’i Deputy Marshal t'allat.an is in pur
suit, hut no ttace has yet been had of turn
The hoys had been drinking and it ap
p*itr- that Charley ’• nd aern’entaby shot
a; o her c iwhoy. they cailed th- Kid,
through the foot, and the boy Tommy was
s friend « f the Ki Is. Heat once, without
word or provi ca ion shot Chsrley ihrough
the he«rt. and ne died almost instantly.
Toe murderer put tq ura to bis horse and
rode a way towards Pierre.
* Parties doing business in the feed and
produce line In Butte, Mont., under the
firm name of Plntz, Mahaffey A Co., hare
made the nselvea scare*. much to the regret
o* several parties from w .oni fhey have
been bur Pig their steck iu trade. Tney
leave behind them as souvenirs, accounts
wuh the Northwestern Forwarding com*
t any fur il.TuO, the Montana Lumber com*
. pany 42 (Ist. and Ogden parties about s2,*
wj*t It >8 thought that they cannot have
lithe country with U-s than slo,ObO.
excitement was occasioned at Val
ley Citr, Dakota on the 20ih Inst, hy the
arrest of Heibert Root, president of the
Farmers and Mtrchtnls' National bank of
that city, on an indictment tor perjury
I und by the grand jury of Barnes county.
Ron' waived argument ar.d entered a plea
ot guiltv. He was held to bail in the sun
of 4>l tOO for his appearance. Root is plain
t IT in a libel cast* against the Tunes ot that
cdy. in wntch case he places his damages at
$117,000. *
2 On tbe 24th inst. at Council Bluffs, lowa,
Dr. A. B. McKune was shot and instantly
hilled by Dr. E. I). Cross. The murder d
msn was on his way bon.e to supper when
he met ( rots Between them an old feud
* xis'ed. Some w inh passed. when it is
siid they c one to blows resulting in Cross
drawing a revolver arm shooting Mi Kune
through the body. The murderer gave
himself up and is in fail. He claims the
shooting was doat* in self-defense.
Ed Short, who, ne r Whitesboro, Tex., in
1875, ki leil hi* step-father by splitting his
head oj*m with an axe, severing his back
bone, las just been arrested. Alter com
miring tfie murd»r Hhort escaped to South
west Texas, living there some time, then
drilled to N* w Mexico, thence to Wyoming
ai.d finally back to the scene of his crime.
A Lordabury, N. Ms*., special says: Five
Mexicans had a tight with four rustlerß who
we e running oil their bora -s near ClFton
I’wo rustlers were killed alter two hours
lighting. Subsequently tbe rustlers re
turned with reinforcements and tit hist ac
counts had the Mexicans surrounded in a
I lie J tekboro ( Tex) stage was rolihed re
cently, iglit miles out by a lone highway
man, one of the same two whirobbel toe
same s'age some weeks ago. Tt.e pssßei gets
three ladies and one gentleman, were not
molested, the robber demanded tne mail
Frai.k A. Hayward, late of the fn ut ot
Thomiison A Hayward, carriage tnanufav
Hirers, Oshko sh, V\is., cut his throw 1 with
a t«zi r recently in the pre.-et ce < f hi* wife
mid four children. Business trouhbs
caused temporary insanity, waich was the
Miss Alta Fisher, fifteen miles south < f
Dexter, Dallas county, 1 >wa, was outraged
by an unknown man. Tne girl’s p rents
were absent. The fellow called at the house
diheovered that she wasalone, overpowereo
tier and accomplished tiis purp .s*.
The trial of David Fraley, alleged moon
shiner, at Raleigh, N. tor the mur.ier
•*l H. F. Walker, the revenue othoer, Feb
H, tias been c included with a vtrdic of
manslaughter, Hejwas sentenc'd to tweive
yeurs in the petnten.iary.
A wry drunken mm, who had a pocket
boot marked “Tommy McCauley, Drea
bftch, Minn ,” fired five shots at his own
head, in LaCrosse, resulting tn only a fle>b
wound. He sobered up in the lock-up.
Jacob H.|t'roi)ise, mailing clerk at tbe
Roanoke. Va., post ffice. has been arnsted
on a eti rge id robbing the mails. He con
ie-std bis crime. Over s3<Kf was found on
his person.
Edward Bellington of Ellsworth is in
tail to await trial on a <ha ge of a iuliery.
Ca'iiiaUioM of the Week
Joeeph Fowler, thirty years ot a ;e. a
resident of Brothertown, Calonient county,
Wia, while returning frt m the Northern
fair at Oshkosh on the s'etmer Carter,
walked off the boat and was drowned iu
Like Winnebago, He was intoxicated at
the time.
James T. McKey, late of Philadelphia,
and only one day in the employment of a
Urge notion house i i Chicago, while going
up in an elevator a few days ago attemp'td
to g**t off at the fourth floor, w*s caught and
g ound to death between the elevator ami
At Manitowar, Wis., on the23linst.,
Schultz's tannery was discovered t<» ne on
fi «*. Theetilire building and c intents w»-re
t..tally dtstroytd. Loss, 12 tiki; tm-ured or
ft (HJo in tt:e agency ot John Franz, atid
42 (Mi in Paulis' agency.
Fire recently at Memphis burned the
buil ling 318 Main street, occupied by 8.
Levi, *runk mu lufacturer. Loss about sls, -
U 0;»; insurante, slo,uoo.
From Over the Ocean
Advices from Indian Territory say: Four
men, name 1 Sidler. Tipton, and two hr Hir
ers named (irav, from tbe vicinity ot Par s,
Tex . camped on Rig creek, in the Choctaw
nation, to hunt and fish A lew days ago
their ramp was raid.d by a party
claiming to be a posse in search of hors-a
thieves, and theii suriencler demanded.
This was refund and a hght ensued, and
one of the Cray brothels antlSaUier w. re
killed. The other Cray and Tipton eacajs d.
The posse th-n plundered the carup. taking
11 v< luables.
The government of Hayti has augmet.ted
duties 33$ per cent., in addition to 50 p, r
cent. iucrea*e msde sometime a go. The
money thus rzised has been employed in
paying loans from merchants. Advices
from tbe south report that a terrible battle
was fought last week before Mingdm, the
government troops sustaining s-rous dc
fe-.t. Jcremi was surrounded hy a force o
40 UOO. The ties eged number 15 (MX). They
are now mix ly provisioned and anticipate
At laxirgten, Ky., a few days ago Col
R. L. Sirader, a well known horseman, shot
and kill'd Rradford Foster, a negro em
ploye. 8 rader was told thut Foster had
turned a stallion it* with a valuable filly
He got a shotgun and went to 11 «* stable
and tired st F .ster, who Hared to run. hut
turned, and, while advancing toward Strad
er, tne lauer fired twi e, killing Fos'er
Strader gave himself up and was admitted
to bail
The Moniteur de Rome learns that the
negotiation between the Vatican ami France
have reached a satisfactory conclusion.
The French government lias re-tored the
suppressed stipends to th • Ca'h dies, and
lias given formal atsarance of it» pacific in*
lentioa toward toe ho ; y 9.-e,
Rism.irk. in a letter to the mayor of
Frankfort, declining an Invitation to a ban
quet, snys he is only just beginning to re
cover Ins Lea th, and express's great tegret
that his nifd.c tl attendant forbids his being
The Netherland Triding company has ie
m tte.l 137,000 fl iritis to Batavia to the suf
ferers by the catastrophe at Java. The gov
ernment ot the Straits settlement, bv au
th.rityof England, has advanced 42. r ) «M)
for the same object.
Advices from Madagascar state that a
lar*:e number of French troop i there have
sncctiiubed to ftVi-r, and reinforcements to
the extent of s* veral thousand men will he
ueedtd before the,forces cju be subdued.
Speculators are {introducing American
railway stocks in the Berlin bourse, but
their admission meets with strong opposi
At tbe centennial exposition at Hogue
United States exhibitors obtaine • 57 of
2 553 awards.
Tbe widowedOomtewefhsmbord will re
tire to s convent.
Personal !>!ontion.
The remtins of Judge A. C E lis, late
cashier of the Northwestern Lumber com
piny, arrived at Eiu Claire, Wis., recently
over the Omaha mad from Kenosha, where
he di-d. and were taken in charge hy bis
relative* and a committee of Etuis (tost
No. 52, O. A. R He died at Kenosha, and
will be buried under the rites of tbe Q.
The funeral of Junius Brutus Booth took
place at Manet ester-on-the-sea. Mast., on tbe
2«>th. inst Tbe attendance of relatives and
professional hhnds were very Urge. He
was interred in Rosetidale cemetery.
Lieut. fPanehowtr, who lost an eye on
the Jeannette excursion,and Capt. Tyson,of
The De SmGt Lo^dor,
the Polaris, offer to go v.’ter the Greelcv ex
Gibtielle Greeley is described a 9 a incom
ing brunette, and a Woman of great nerve.
MtaoHlniiwm* Matter*.
Minneapolis Northwestern Miller: The
mills of the city are this w»ek greatlv bum
pi red by low wate:. Twenty mills were in
ot eratiutt Wednesday, and tiny would i ll
produce fair amounts of H ntr had ttiey the
|H»wer to do so with. But as it is they do
not run to over ball capacity. Though tbe
production Is made har t to estimate, w c
believe, notwithstanding only thrio wut ot
tne twenty*:hree mills have remained idle,
that it will average over 10 .Sts* barrels jar
day. against 12,000 boreh la%t week. Our
millers report a duller tl ur market, an t
some make lower qttolatt ns. The wheat
stored in Minneapolis elevators, including
the Tratisfer e evator, on Sept. 18, was .'>2 r *.-
000 bushels. There were about 4"<»,ts.<i
bushels in the mills, making the total
amount of wheat in store in the city 025 000
bushels, agiinst 780,Isst week fbe
wheat stored iu Bt. Paul is about
bushels. The wheat in sore in Dunth
elevators <n Monday was BV2 277 busluls
agsinst 118,528 a week ago.
K. Jacobs, reporter for tbefla’veston Daily
Print, an evening punlicafi »j. h»s ben ar
rested f>r criminal Lb I. the c mip'aint be
ing that he published a state .nent convey
ing tho idea that Mr-. Ada Spencer bad in
ter-uiarrted with Mitchell Bradlord. a tie
gro, and had continued to bv.* with Bra f
lord as tii" wife, an offense t ie T, t
a* statute. Mrs. floenc *r who ahs once an
exceedingly ft ndoume woman, is I»arty to
a divorce suit mtill t ending, w lildi •* couple
of years ago rct.d.'nd metnorahlebv the
revolting testimony intro ’uced Mr. Spen
cer had long been prom'itint in mercantile
circles of Galvea'on, and ts at pres, to man
agirofilie two leading * heaters. J.-nns
gave bull in $1 (| 0 for his appearance on
Pap*r- in the oa-i of Micl ael Scully vs
lie North* rn Pstitic Railroad coni puny
have been p ace I i i Hie sheriff’s bands, ac
companied by an < rder of the cou t return
able S* pt 22, to shoe cause why a temper
ary injunction should no» he is' umL i fie
com pi nut sets forth that he is the owner o'
a arm in Anoka county, and that S. pt. I
tbe roud entered h;s premios, cut down
trees and excavated ear'll, winch dama n
him $1 <r 0, and tie ther fore asks fur that
amount and an injunction ega nst luriher
The board of aid for the colleges and
academies of the Pre-hvterian general as
sembly of tin‘Doited States held its biennial
Itieeti'g ip Flucsgo on the 20th inst The
board in arcret t-e.-Hon Pon-ld reil appli
cations for aid from tlie collegia in the
W’e-t After a long < t'cuss on a resolution
wis ,ia-s« i p c lei' i wimtcver aid the board
migtit be able to giv- to the rolieg.*- a’
Pierre, Dak , and WaOsburg, Wyo, and
the academy at Fergu-i Fails, Mom.
The t"tith annual conveutioo ol the broth
erhood of It comotive hre.ucn of the DniteJ
States and ( anada hive been in session at
Denver, President Ar-.o'd «*f t ohinibus,
Ohio, n estdmf. There were abo ,t IB't de.'-
•vates present, representing the ‘•am*' num
ber of lodges and a tuemnership or 8 bn(i
The old Fellows in session at l’rovi
dince, R. I ,on tiie jMth inst., refut-ed to
strike out tb»> word “ * hife’’ iront the con
stitution. Minneapolis, Mi in., was chosen
fu • the next antitm meeting in 1881.
Anthony A Kuhn, prominent brewers
of St. Ixniis, have suspended. The
liabilities are hetween s.l 0.0 hi and i t hi.ihn)
The princij h! cr. uitor- are two local banks
ami a large saloon proprietor.
Scbutte A Backer, furniture manufictur*
er» of rincimi-tti, Ohio, have assigned to
Kr.-siik limner and George l*. Tupp. I,'.anili
ties. $2 ',o00; insets, s22,'nW».
The K< • sis corn < r ip is officially eitima
ted at 414 bushels per ucre, or a total of
2* fl Otkl,(ms» bushel*, nii increase lor the
year of 50,<XM,0 si.
The IMoneer association of Oregon will
leave Port and. Ore. f r i frin through Die
Eastern IS'.ates by the Nor hern l'noifi t, Oct.
Fatal Dia later at riit-lmrg, I’u
Another disaster l-as b. en added to the
list of accidents that has from time to time
(pread consternation and grief Hiuovg the
ron and steel work rs of I ittrhurg, l’.i .
ind th. ir fatuilie', temltiHg in the instatu
L:xth of three men an! serioua am! prob*
ihiy fatal injury of twelve others. Oi the
dternoon of Bept, 2):h a shock was felt
itirotigh-mt tlie city wl ch shook many
Holding! to tlo'-r iouii ta’ious, smastn 1
win/ows and ternnly Iri. loene-i tn« rt-i
--iitnia ot the south aide, who rtohed from
ueir bou.es into the street in terror. Ini
mediately after the shock an alum of tire
-truck, and upon investigation, it was
ouud that a la ce b filer in
tbe fianviii g department of the 8!igo Iron
wurhs had exploded with tearful vnde ice,
n attering fly mg trag.ue' ts in every direc
ticii, setiii g tire tir the Like E-ie railroad
sinq*a ai.tl a numb*r of tiwclitngs in itie* vi
cinity. The j ews of i lie disas er spread
rapidly, ami soon tnou-a'idi of }M*opte
wire on tl.e teme ot destruction. Up»n
arrival there a tearful sight met tbtir g z».
1 lie boiler department, a brick structure,
ahs a c< mplc-te wr.ck, as w«s a
nu über ot pas.engtr and freight
cars, and the mas er lutchu in’ shops of
ttie Lake Erie railroad, while a r »wol dwel
lings on the opposite ride oi the street was
in flames. Aleu, women ami ch'ulreii were
ru ning i burn wriueit g tne r h tbds and
al-ing tor iriemli wru in-y suppoxi 1 .vere
t-ulier killed or wou.ided tn rue rums ot
tne tl u giiig d ■patuii ‘lit. Scattered ar ,u ni
w re uemt an i tiyuig some with ar us iid
.»gs If, s me disti; e 1 b-yond recognition,
m ioiuer-. s itfu. tt.g-r *ai pa n n hums and
scalua. It am-, fou.oi tuat at the time <A me
*ipo-ion e%»my men A»rc at work U.
i me htc rei,.*ri*tl oil ngtn; three were
killed and eiglu Ut hy i tj J:el, lour ataLy.
while lour children ot Char es D. u.lwse,
aho lived across lue a ay, wre a.so badly
1 urt.
The following is a list of killed and in
J.mu W. Allen, top of bead blown * IT
Ctiorl'K D »u-id's, S'fie >f Head blown oil
,lt»s:e Dmg ass, Md.e giri, lutaliy seamed
L >ui House, l*g *>i*d a.m broken a.id otb
erwisv fata iy i ju ei. Jo.iu M>(iirngau,
•raided hiul st-i*s cm filed in. Tie mjure.i
ore: \\ on. ni Ht wait, hob legs broken,
itijur.es fetai. VVulia n Hodei-.ian, com
pound fracture of right leg and other in
juries; pro -atfiy taiai Ttioiuas Hmiih,
tiMiid blown oil a* d o. her i ju ies, prt*ba uy
I.dal. Cnrisl Mi 11.., talaliy beaded. Ed
w»r l M Hey, il.ad hurt bv fa! mg d hns
Patri- k Leek, i*g ;.mt ur u mo \n « tl; s. rn us
i'atri k Aelcb, shudder blade lracur.fi
Join* D u.ittss, t»ov. scald *l, »* riu(i' J . Wil
lie Douglass, injured an ir toad Bo by
Dougia.-s. scalded with s’eaai; v«ry s r
it us.
I l»e w<»rks were owned bv Philll.s, M»-r
rick A Co. Tutir los> is esliui *ied at |ltt
iXO itie loss to the Like Erm railroad
coiiijittiy and dweiii ig< is annul >3 t*-o
Soldier-* Home kbunea.
TheMi w.tue* Fa tinel p.hi henanac
C< nt t of the vi-it t*f the beard of manegers
of the N itional SiM.ts honi* 1 1 »h" Mil
waakee brnch on the 21st insv, giving in
detail the niovementa of the insjertors
whi’eonthe grounds thnwingupthesii
perficia »ty of the it spec Lon. T is will he
ffi lowed bv charges to (he ♦fi »t that the
borne is run by a ring, .oraming oftlie
! provos’ re-geant, quarternifts'er eergeai.t
coniml sary sergeant ami engineer. It will
l>e shown that fien 8 ar|>« is |wrf«c ly
helpless from paralysis, and unable to st
or hear, except with the gr.weM diflirti tv;
that v. I. r-ii a are t.ever ado* cl to re«ch
him with cot. plain's fo" fe*r (he excitement
may kill him; that Provos! Sergemt Hale is
tyrant.icsl a ti ir.t!ct» gtiaid «.use punish
ment f>r minor otfr-nsev thrt ttie surgeon
jot the hofpital is incon pe ent am lias
i never p r ormed an ojeritton on an in
mate sit cebia appointment. Mvu.h men
were obliged to have surgicil operations
; perfotnied bv city physician'-: t at rtbe
farm on the home grounds have gofi to
ruin because ot imffk’itnt mati gi met t.
The Beutinel will a'so give rp rial com
plaints bv i • matesof t*'e hmp’tal wl o have
be»n forced to make beds an t clean cu-pi
dons wlten at the point ot deal It. The
officials themselves deny everything in the
interviews ol these tubj-cts.
O|M-ri*ll*lll t o' till- 4llll«lllt System
1 die ('h.cam, St. Paul, Minneapolis \ Omaha
Railway e>m patty luih remit red it - annuel
report for t'm year «tiling June lit*, lwsd, to
tlie rail), a I commissioner. Tins sliiwn
that tho company has in operation, of all kinds
>f iraik, in Wi*c msiu, 172 tmiis; in N•-
braska, lf*!1 tu le-; in lowa, D‘J miles; in Mi t
tio-o'a 118 miles, and in Dakoti, f»8 mb s,
m.ikiug a to'ai of 1,1210 nulea. Tito total
number of pH--cngcrs carried on the whole
hii“ was N72.N7K, and the total tons ».f freight
.'attic l otto tu»ic, 282,2(><],2D1 The to *1
ar. u p 'r.>ni tic pa-senger di partiucut were,
its Wi i'(i -in, .f>77l .litio, and on tho whole
li c, !fi1,012,H04, win e the total errintigs
ft. to t -o fr i'4 t de; atiuii-nt were, in WtseoU
*m, .f 1 ,<>011,7.* 1, ami oi tho whole llu*-,
t'd, *»72.D ID. maid ig tho gran 11 >UI of exi oi t
:«:ion ear. in.;s !f i 2,l{7M, 1 111 in Wisco sin, an l
f0,D80,07;i on tit" whole line. ”J lie receqti
ftoln a l tchcr stiiil'e •* Were .*li I _',Dtll, in il;
lug ti.e total tlie nin front all sonre s .*2,721.-
list) in \\ tSi'oiis.n, and
oil the whole line. Tho t >ul ia ll
mgs per mile in SVisconsiti were .+•!,;{;> 1,
and mi the whole lute, !j*l,t)7<». Tit to al
opeiaUligexp nsi s and taxes were -Tit, *82,-
780, I' iiv.no die net earn ng- if>l,Bi l.”» 7
I'o dtnou it of rentals i aid was
il.e utn un.t of interest paid, less than p oeivi d,
wa- *1... 12.71 K, Davmg a lulanee of
.**.*>;» i t.o tidal dVI lend * tad w te .'f7.M!, -
Do.**. It aving a surplus of 8 Jin av. r-
Ugeoi mtl iX.ins 's per little were tfli, I2lt
Toe t» at ain ui.t paid for construction
outi g tin* v ar was $11,4. I ll*4, an.i for
• quipliieiit Sfi 1 ,Oi*2,dot*, ut ikiig the total ex
p 1 itnre* ct il to p opeHy ancottut*
•Yd lItD.DOD i tie lot il nt hag• In U’lsConsin
diiitu di" vest vas 2,171,2.10, amt mi the
w Pole lili 1,888 722 i lie Total cap t»l stoek
of ilie c nnpd.,\ s .T2D.IU2 027, aUt ie t-da
"t *tock uni d'-bt i- -t-ID,.■>',»**, 11 t: w il-« tbt
'Mai inuneitiat 1 ulu itios h m aim
the lotu
I'Ve MtH-t n:< r» and e.glit empion * wen
kided, besides 127 be. sts of various kinds.
The wteg It* Horror.
H-rlln SpocUl: Sieging i* a lavorito pin •• >f
t*« H *i t for It i in"iaj ami ne* on tho I’oisdini
A Ma.,di*lniiK railway, throe milt'iMo ili 'H utii
wo t Toe a v li-ntj which may ho called u
hifMitei'o, * a tl* probably ii ! ' (ju m tlio an
hali of lailway <lisuHtor*. VieterJsy, being
b itli Mi , ‘ay ai I thu Sudan ainuv tsai y, tub
I lac i wax cc wled with exeurnini-ts t> th •*
fichu / nfb-t u nl o her festivi ton in honor oi
the day. liy 1U n’ol e.i ycah r lay evoui a
crowd of ."Oi i> r*uin til e I too [inform of
ill" iai.wav *at on wuiutig for the re urn
trai i. Wli"ii tio la 'or » riv il a t r s>m
'l-1 1 v on tlio tin li n the turners -t.ll leniiiu d
p niint ’<> await tin- passing of ihe l I (go©
cl ht x’im'h*, which lotto* lierliu at * p.
in Ni'hlb dv, howi-vcr, tin pressure or tlio
lmi'.i i.i.it piMW'd fore d t it* hart lore aa.d -,ti ui,
deap t the »ffnis of the rail way iflioia a, . uu
dreds in-i.oj acres* the itowu lino to
enter the oa ,- a. At tint very nioneit t o cx
|ir '—a catue h-atinx along, and, nl ii he
di vro - seeing the da r-a gna s display-d
at th * a-it tn in lit w Pi ll d toe bmk !*, Ui tra u
d» i d rix t r,i r nigh the iii.h of | eoplo c ,vor-
t!i • line, and BtiiiUiilatj t ev ryu.ui>; n its
way O.ie tcrritile cv of anguish anno even
aloVi the t.Hinder of the rain, aid a.i waa
over, l'libdoaiiio! ud» ten ible *o hip, la-ting
only a few second!*, a* iwrunl hy ey--w t
: «, are a mod o • harrowing foi r pt ti lou.
I n tv p irt li!*, of Wliolil ki ve del'll welt* lu U,
eig .t *bii worn a. il'id tiro children, w-r© ii
•u ...t.i k .le I, an i aboiM twenty fi re woi.id d.
All the v.rt im (el t.ig to ihe ar :aiii and iao.ir
mg cl.ian t* I’o. a dh* a u‘e of 100 ) ird« Uib
Hi win i ov.trc l wit i bo 1 •*, all a n»cki iglv
mu i a •I,a id humin Ira-incut*. Of onla n
li. of liv |ii;r*i'!i' 'lily oi.i oy cHcaji' d I hi
ll l i d me ii :e four mar n il c .u’,d<'<, tito m-m-
L» r* of ilib Mioot. ib’ c'in a v, w t■ > ih" i!a;
ii a »r* and thro t arijh'ry c ij.nral*. On ol
th" ia t r Ii id both leg* ail lint ii ‘avy alire
tii .br nigh »h wit i u k 'ifo Oic girl al
..early r«a iioJ the l.nal tram w.u i ih>
d.uii iH caused b. the ex r> a incwh ril'd r
t!i - loe uno'ire O e woma i bad hot i ieg "tu
if, ulmib -ng carried t» tie wati i; nuu
gavjpHth to ad al child and expire I An
• > u i w in hi a id a is.t I >r ui t.u i u|> o ial navy
wore c mip.etety decapitate 1, a id in* vesti ;o o
Ui In ada nave been f dtud A dual ha lon i
hau l cut ..if, .in I ono body at* t ulnt-iy dtv «t
c,i of cl thing lhbdiivei of the bii| r«»* t. am
hhd o be i hi v'd, bmg unahlo to nroee •>!
a! i r witni’aai'g tuo m* -n < »f
.ocomotivc was red w.th j» econ of tl. »h,
boas, lac*, all I (lr licll.td Wit.l hood Ilu
I nc reniaine 1 b.o.ked lor h )ur<, while d tum
nn u b of tirunieu and ** >l u M <» hoicd twe re-
Luuna of the vutiuia by t rcniight.
Hallway Mali Association.
Th*» railway mail association, which
has beoti in session in Sc. Paul, Minnesota,
niter transacting a large amount of bmi
mm in the interest of their society, «*l
- ion the 19th inst. The officers for
the en*u ng year are as follows:
Preside t —M. A. Butrirks, New Haven,
Conn. •
Vice Presidents— Fi'»t division, P. H.
(larrity, < hatham, N Y.; >nd division,
P. P. Waring, New York, N. Y ; Third di
v lion, Thomas Leahey, Kictimond, Va.;
Fourth division, R K. Man field, Charles
ton, H C ; Fifih division, C. N Story, Oe*t
line, Ohio; Sixth division, L. L. Troy, Chi
capo; Seventh division, E. W. Pierce, Bt.
Foil’s-; Eighth division, K. B. Evans, Sacra
mento. Cal ; Ninth division, W. W. Allen,
Ha'avia, N. Y.
S cretaty—George R. Steele, Decatur, 111.
Treasurer— J. W Sbawhan, Columbus,
Roar tof I)irector*—F. 0. (Jove, Harris
burg. Pa . Second division, C L. Tat*-,
Washiiig’on, I>. C.; Third divisiov, A. J.
Miller, Buffalo, N Y.; Fourth division,
(Jeorge Mhi n, Chicago; F’lth divis on, .1
V Henry, Quincy, Ii• ; Sixth livieun, J
K Baiigham, Camp Point, III,; Seventh
division. John Sa'getif, Chicago; Ninth
<1 vision. ( The numbe * of Illinois men on
His board i* exp wined t the fact chat the
laws o* Illinois.under which the a^soriation
is incorporate*! requires a majority ol the
board to be refill* ms of the state. i
IMilii'f Moan Him.
“Takea square look at me!” hi com
inande I, as In.* Inilte*lin front «f a police
man oil Michigan avenue yestenlav.
The policeman looked him all over,
lie whs a pretty good chunk of a man
carrying « florid face, a protnln *nt nose,
and an air of general innocence.
“f don’t pee Hiivtliiug wrong about
you,” said the officer.
“Do my dollies lit? Do I wobble when
I walk? Do I wipe my mouth on im
co it*tad? Does the sight of me remit.d
von of cabbages and other green
“Well, no. You look to me like an
lion* at, good na'ured fellow .”
“Then,” sai'l tbe stranger as he
brought his fist down wide a thump,
“there’s going to be bloodshed in the
town. I came in this morning with an
excursion. We had Pearcely landed
when a man called out; “Did you bring
along the keow?” “Did yeu mean ihat
for me?” says I. He said he didn't and
I passed on.”
“He might not.”
“ 1 hen, as I was going tip the street, a
chap in a door says he: ‘Ah, smell the
carrot crop!' ‘Do vou mean ttiut for
me?' say las I walks up to him. lie
savs he did’nt, and 1 passed on.”
“I presume he didn’t.”
"Well, I got up to Griswold street, and *
I was looking for th« poatoftice and a
man calls out: ‘l'll bet tie brought along
raw onions and turnips for his dinner.”
•Do you mean that for me? says 1 as I
walks up to him. He tava he didn’t, and
I parsed on.”
“He must have referred to some one
else.’* I
“Well, I walked through the postof
fice and sisrted for the city hall, and 1
was almost there when a young fellow
in the door of a Burlier shop calls out:
"There goes flic biggest c.*b"iige*lieHtl ol
the season!’ ‘Do vuu mean that for me?’
says las I walks up to Inin, lie sayshtt
•lnln't, and i passed on ”
He could not have imant you"
.“'Veil, as I w a walking thr-guli the
eitv hall, a great big over Town chap
sings out through his nose: “Behold Hie
second crop of dandelions! Oh, my!"
“Do you mean t uat for tne?" nay* las 1
walks up to him. Me said lie didn't,
in I 1 passed on.”
“Ttuit’s right "
"Mehhe so, hut you look a-here! I’m
to th>* fetry dck The first
•tutu or hoy whoeallsom cirrus pump
kins, onions, turnips, s are c ow. green
horn, pig .veed or huekUdiei rv blos.-uui
to tne won’t have no chance to lie about
it. I’ll turn on him and rend hint, and
slay him and hammer him stone blind!
Mehhe nobody means anything, and
mebbe its simply tlu-ir wav, hut I've got
nty dander up, and if von hear a roar
ing sound like a cyclone you m ty know
that I'm cl inbing fora min who hui
called out "*riminer squiilt!’ to mo"—
Detroit Free Priss.
Illtton tiy a Taratiiiila.
From Ca’avents (0*1.) Oitron e'e,
l.ast Ritturday a man bv the n itne < f
Mttetiell, employed by Mr. Rattve at Ins
ranch about live miles ft\,tu this place,
was bitten by a tarantula. Mr. Mitchei
was engaged in pitching It ty inio a wag
on at tlie time, and it is snppo e l that
he took the tarantula off'the ground in a
forkful of Imy, and when tie raised Ihe
hay over his lien t for the purpose of
pitching tl into the wagon, the t iratitu
ia fell oil the hay into the in- de of his
shirt, w hit'll was unbuttoned at the ii i.e.
Mr. Mitchell felt sunn thihg crawling on
tin* inside of ht> “tiirt, hut before he
c udgel Ills hum! in to liinlwhat It
was. the <a iin'u'u had Imten him
twice on tlie IB side, the bit*'M being
about six incites ap tt. Mdche.l imme
diately stripped oil bis hoic , atid sii -
reeded ill killing t he liangerons ItiirtMer
without Ining nipped again (u less
than fifteen seconds from the time lie
W.iS lutteil Ins whole side turned us
nlu kas a niece ol i oal mi lhe was una
ble to walk. Ilis companions, who were
working wit i liimat ttm tnuc, carru- 1
lli’ti to the In M-c, llCoiiph of hund -d
yards di-tant, and applied hrtindv us a
restorative, internady atid exlerna ly,
»nd tmeceedi 1 in saving the man's 1.?*•
Nieu lOlcctric (Dirt.
M. (’lair, a Paris engineer, has an elec
tric gun of Itiu invention exhibited in
Amsterdam expo-ition. The gun is a
hrcceh-loadcr, un ) meta lic cartridges
are used, hut tns’ead of having a cap,
has a copper wire which runs ttirougn a
wad und eye, and is connected with a
platina wire. When the button is
pressed, tne current, which is derived
iro::t an aeeumulutor in tne stock of the
gun, heats the p'aiiti i to a red heat, and
this sets fire to *he powder in cartridge,
rite hut rel may contain several car
tridges, which may he tired oil succes
sively as follows: The diameter ot tlu
platina. wire ol each cartri ig-* is snghtn
larger than tHot ol the cam idg in trout
of it, so that the thinner win- bv healing
first tires off the Ironi cartridge, und tin*
others follow in the order ol thickness
ot their respective wires.
With\ j R cciptaate nl.e d, and country m"ve
menis i.r* aciive. I lie v irions wlnut mar
kets l ave weakened, i analog cau'ion on
tlie jiatt of operators Imre, so that
the local market lias been dull. The
4eclities in prices have be ui gi-.elual, mn iuntbig to
sN'Ut Ac all around. Tuesday tin' fe»l't;g was a
Umlh hett-.-r, and price* showel a lit le m r<
s'renTth. Tne mi ling d-in Hid m f or, lut in Hi
fled by the course of pric -siu tie* uiit'k ; t,)id
i»y »n receipt* shows Inipr vetnent. Uiosing pi •■*:
.Street w ilt s'. !»oo'.lnc; on nig". N ' I l. ird. )ji| ;
No. - hard, o.*>c; No. *-7 "‘J Jc; N* J, Tn.i's ic—
all hi Is.
Corn—This mark©' isiigdn devi lot.ing strength
•fter after at) ea-y decline early in 'he w■> k.
Stock* and receipts have bee 1 ligiif. und the d
maud ha* heen tner a*mg 4 little. I'nc>**hav • be hi
regulated iu part by Uh!c .go doings, but n w the
light supply seems to be lii" principal cause for
Brume**, closHur as follows: No. -, 4*ic hi 1, Nile
asked; No. .i, 4 »c bid.
Oat**—After a week < f comparative quiet, *h'*
nr* rk<‘t closes more ■ti \ e an I at linn r prie- a
Stocks are run down mil the .'emaiid is wont,
Prices are strut g.-r by lc since la-> weekly review.
On Tuesday there w. r*» 1 >*i» lew « ff fin.s and has
pressure to s- il. Closing tl 'ui s: ,N 2 tnive.t,
2fl’*„>*• bid; Hepte in Iter, 2He t-.-ked; (*,♦«.lt r, 2*>c
bid, 2He asked; Nov-mb-T, 2- c bd: year. 2<ic
bW, 27c asked; Mo, a mi ted, 25c; No. 2 white,
27c bid; September 29 l gca«k.''; No. I white,
20c bid: rejected, 21*0 bid. Tie s-hr.'« mV>» ; l■ ar
No. 2 mixed. od, :toc, f. o. b; I ca X . 2 mixed,
November, 2WS«c; 1 »\*r con lemuel, 2<i *<:.
Flour—Has r lap* *1 <uto i s forme; dullness,
owing mainly to tho fact tiiat buyer* are at raid
there i* too much new whe nin it. Miiinosota pat
ents are quoted at y7.50iH7 7.~i in Button arid at
♦7.35.*! 7 tio in N-w Yotk. 1, >cd qieeatinns are;
Pat nts, #<ilu-iliiO; straights, $5 20.'t.3.70;
ciear«. if I I.Vi 1 «*>; |..w ur.ul -s tf2 •< 3.
M lIXsTI’FF 11a* been very linn throughout ’he
week, c using at ton |.rtc- s On 'l ie s lay $7.75
was freely bid for spot bulk bran, wiio no mTer«,
and there were-ales otitvdo at that. Quotation*;
Itran, hulk, *7.75 ’•*; mc!c iI, #9.5*» ier ton.
Short*, tl ,e, *1 lc* 1 l.5o; coarse, #ltt.2s" 10.75.
Mixed feed, #17c'10.50 per ton, limited corn
m-*l. *2-4; coarse, ir'jo p«-r ton.
Wheat— The week ha* wi’Tsssed a net decline
of sc. with a w-an market ut the . 10-e.
Tuetniay’a *al* s *.f N , I haul were at
*l, with tihntit for spot de'ivery; tree ,n trick,
s ;| r tin j.ar. fl n.': seder o,'..it r,
*1 01. 1- r selh-r s. pvtnbcr, *1 ol wa, It i in
store, sud 02 tskcil: f«r ae;i i Nov. m» er. 9»c
was hid: for seh r l.lrua-y. *1 > 3 « * bid. and
f*1.0.5 was bill for 5,000 bn. sell, t May. I'or spot
No. I hard, in store, *1.02 w., a*k-d and >1 o|
b'd. Nt 1 Northern sold at 93 n 11a< k. and w*«
..(T re i »; -la' i nee m sto-... No. 2 N’*.r hern ».»<
offered at hHc in s*.>re, with h'm- It |, No. i wi*
i ff-r <1 at (He in a'.tre Qi> - u ion*; N- 1 h<r i,
*|t f. *1 <»1: No. 2lt »rd, ••*„ ; N j N>• rh- rn.9.i ;
No. 2N- rthern, N *e: No. 1. tM,-; o. 2. mV ; No.
3. , »o<\ Millers’ a-*oeia ion t.rve* are re, t, >
follows*: No 1 hard. *1: No 2 l-atd, 95c; No. 1,
91c; N * 2,89 c; No. 3,79. .
1 OKS —lla» Ite.-n stiff--. log all the week, an I the
a*oik I ere has been i.retty wdl c'e.tned ice. On
Tuesday 5Uc was aske l for N t. 2. seder II ob-r
Qi|..tstioU*: No. 2,49 c; cuuJeoiued, tool *c, by
r Mii.WAUKEK Market—Fiotir, qn4et and un
chaege t. W . eat, sttetiw r: 92\jc c.isii m S |>*<-in
ber: 04Uc O !..!«•-; tip's, \ v mt> ; <mi,. ; ])...
ce tuber, torn, scarce and win e.l; N 49c,
Oats, scarce and higher; N■ > 2, 3 < 32c. l; •,
I"*, r; No 1.54 e; No. 2,53 c. Farley, lew It r;
No. 2. 03'a ■ 1.4 ; O.iolter. til'vc. Pro\<*ons,
irregular; ru-«s p. tk. *10.5 t r..^-j or Oc oter;
fll 25 January Lari, urine steam, *7 9o <-«*!i
and October; *7 ho Jatoiary. liuOer, fresh, tr >•
and wanted; low gradesdd I. C’h . ■«<•, in g.o I tie
tiund Kgg*. qu et ,t IH I -; -' 2t»c Iteoluts—t' . nr,
15,000 itb * 5.000 tm; barley, 27.tRHI hu
him m.'U's—Fleur, 23,000 bins; wheat, 5,0*t0 but
barley, IH.OOObu.
Ciiicaoo Market—Flour quiet and un
ch.Olg <1 \\ jieat o|" lied I »• r, l.t.cd t:igher; regu
lar. tR!A< H-titrmb»‘r; !i|'«- Oct..U'r; •*
9«i\f Novenib-r t*n •*- -/;»-• It.-ceinlw-r; N>. 3
•■ring, k*2"93- l » ; No. 2 red white
9Hc. *(’<.rr, demand setne; onsettlcd;
|H C.d 4«-\.-. c.iah sin! hot'etid er; O. odi.-r;
Is.> 48!*<• November; -Hid- * 17c v-nr; 4H**kt Jp|*y.
Oa»s fair!v active and u » ade I igher; 27.: nea;
27'hc hrit moer; 27*-. ** I !t r;‘2H. N ivonlmr;
27J»c year; 2H>-y January: 31 *4 ":tl2 M*\.
Uje tower at 54c. Itif ey dull at 59Sc. Flax
.•wl steady with good demand at *! 30 'J im*
. thy, w< ak and ea»l* r; untn • *F23 .< I 2tl; extra
bright lota, #1.27 " 1.32. Pork opened w-ak and
lower, but closed firm at on side pnres; *lO «;o
*'l I<Mls ct»!t ami hep’emb r; *io *.5 * 10.t*7 a
October; #lO 72 ! v'' 75 Noveinb r; *10.45'#
*IOSO year; +ll Pi 'll F2»g J.m Lard de
mand aettye and hi her:#7 9> tin and S-pt. m*
Iter; +7 95 .»7 97*« 0.-tole-r; (7 7 1 * 1 7.7. No
vember; #7 ti7N>"7 70 year; #7.72*4 *7.75
January. ltuik m*at», fair demaiul; > .. u dcs,
*5 25; abort rib. +<i; ah*dt c e., , ».*; |5. Fggs,
active, firm ami h:glu r; 2F V2l '.j<v ilu"er st- ttlv
anti unchanged. \Nh«kv steady an I uncltange.l
at #1 Fh>. Cal! —Wheat ate.ojy and ucciiancrd
Corn lower; S/q.'e niter; |9 l kc O to
iler; 4Hr4.li,iwk,- Nuvernb r; t7‘i: ye r Oi'«
higtier; 27S>c October; -.'C N >vtdiit.. r; 27 :l x':
year Pork firmer; not qn :ably 1.-w-er. Lard
we»ker; t-7 92'« h- p*ernber; +7 92"7 95 Oct
b*r; #7 72 1 a Novem'-.r; *7 li.'-j i? li t *e..r
Ite -eip's—Flour, F/.o.nt HI I-; w.iejr, F* 1 000
bu: c rn, 40ti.0 o In: < 113.009 bn; rye. J 5,.
O Ol.u; bar ey, 50.000 bu Hliipni* no —Four,
9.000 bbl*; wnea', HO.OOO hns c*> 11, 70,000 bu;
cats. 210,000 bu; r.e, s,oim» bn; I arley 29,-
Oo bu Oram In t'ore in this mark 1: wh' at,
0,103,000 h 1; * orn, 2,7H«*..‘.0>* bu; oats, 525.*hh»
bu: rte, 60H.IKH) bu; barlwv, 4 I.ihhj bu. Ts’al,
Jo, 15 4,000 bu, agaluat 4,590,000 bu for tu«
aatue period latt year.
Ptocx Fau s, Hpee al Tel-gram, Sopt 18.—
Tbe constitution of tho Stxte of I)*k"tu is
ready to go la?'orw tho people for ratification
or rejection. It was pruuounood a thiiatiiHl
(•oenni<»nt 4"> nftrM after adav of aim >»t C'*a«e.
I's- to ling. Ah stated -n ti c Pionkkk Puehs
i-pa eli last night, tbe bulk of import
ant ma ter was ttiou complete t, a id to dav tin
!< *u c.itisoqlienl l al article-* wore ground out
wi'tt a ru-b. il.mover, ttm constitution as it
now i-, i'A mot bo icud to bo a burrivdiv
'oiihtruct d oac, by any moan*. Oa
ibe cent av. it has beau pro.
far'd wi'h all tlie nicety of e*>« that HIT*
of the brninie-t ni"li of Soithi Dakota could
giV" D J here are no t xporuncrital feature* in
it. ai d \ i t it is i nt v ithottf origi ,al td* H-, as a
r vo w of the document will ili-elo*-. The
vut ed eonntry, und tlie uiotiv t a ionalitiea of
lit-* *l di* and kinds of iu'er sta to t o fostered
md anticipate I compelled Die authors to go
into a'tno t « v ry eionciel ilm lias ever l>**s»i
followed l*y constitution tinkers'. The pro
to'h> lnt pnKMV’ed ill those disp* eh'* wa
« optid wi l ont anieiiiliiV'iit, as wore al-o the
'ctnarka of tin* commi t o upon report ng it,
tod t! *'otisei vat'O is ttf the Commlttes will go
ut with, but not It • incorporated ill, the ecu
•ti 0 ion to the pe pe.
■ II h ( ONSTlTt’tfOJf
N til'', lioin clurv an! «. »*. of g yt-rnu ut TL
iisun -ha lh<*tL " 8 it" i f D*k iu; Hi" both dan's*
tiegui where for'\ - x'h *!egrec ot north 1 • * l lti ts*
tie* rn* ilie western t*»uml tr Him of tl <• Kin's of
Mi d-'-olh, tli el i i.e vut Ii to N hr t-k i, theiua* west
■ l.g the no: her.i l> lllltlirv » f <b.c S am im i to
the wellty-m-ven'h deg "t west lougi u le. (Jv lice
north to tii" forty-sixth parallel, and east to the
i I ie« i f beg ie i ■ ; ih • *■ ni of g*»f • rninent sludl
be and fi tinti" ;• \ mitt n until r- moved by law.
Dl i i \l: \ Hus of im.ms
Tl.e rig'itot M ini by jury shuli iiin . n Inviolate
ml i xternl toall eas. s at Uw wulemt r garU to tlie
i.i' iini lit c ii'rovetav; but a jury trial i».iv be
waced by r .ir'.e* iu .« i civil c.** '*, and in all critn
ial cj«e» less th in felony. No religions testa or
nn mm of property slia'l ever bn r> (pined ns a
tu ilill 'a!'on (oruriv olttcs of trust under h« Htate,
«n t Uii per M.u rliail b » reruli red hiC"iti|ietont to
give evidence hi any lOurt of ia<* of
■ anity tn c» osequence of tit* otiinlons on
the subject ot religion, nor shad any
tn tn-y lie or iwn from tt;« trea*urv for 'lie benefit
ot religious &< <'eli »or ih'-ologu al aetninariea: no
'■* x post fucto" law, nor Imynlri g the obligation
of c ntiai i». or reiroiiemtive in it« operations, or
tn.ikit g any trrevocabt'. grant of tpacial privilege,
luiulrs'-s or imindaitie. s all ever bo passed by
ill" legislature; no 111 w er dutv aha'.l be ltntio*ed
without the consent of the pcoplo or their repre-
Set l.ttlVi'S in the ii'gialatitr**, h'ld all taaiiioii sliali
t>e i ipul Mild ttuiforini no Uw shall lie pasted
gf cuing to any cit f. n of class of fi'iitene pri• !*
letfelor tntraunt l«s which. Upon thu t-atno terms,
felia.t not equally I*l mg to «l rltirmg.
1 Kuist ATIVE.
The number of niendiera of the hou»* of repre
feen'ative# alt. dl never (»e le-s than fifty-fir.' nor
more than eigh;y. and the mitntier of aena'ors I as
ttian tw nlv-five pur more than ttntti-two. The
■•nion* of ilie hvi'ia'iiM* <diall b» biennial. Tie*
legia cure >tiii I provide for au enu'n«*rat|nri of tJta
liihab.latila of the btat« in ntid every l»*t
v*vits thernafu r, and «l itm first regular aeK*ion after
each ei uri.erad. n, and also utter each enuinvrauon
in nl.i by tie. HiithbiPy .d the United Ktati a, but lit
no other limn Tln« legm atiire Hindi appordoii tin*
►enatiu*' and r.'pr* hentatice* according to the num
ber of ill .alnta'it', eidudiin/ l'i>lli«ti« not tai'-d and
soldiers and otliC'-r* of the United ftutca army and
navy The terms of un-mhora of the legisluture
hliii be two years, mil tliei* salary ikM a day on 1 lu
emits mile.ig each *av: that tin y shall roeeive
pay for no mure than forty days at one session,
except in |»r« oeedlngs for Imp'acliment,
and they aliall receive no other per
<>iii*lt'*s. The legisiature stiall meot at Ihe *"»’
ot government on tin* first Tui-sday aft'-r the tlr?
Meiidav ot J niuary. No hill except apprupriali>«
tc is shill b • wisso l coipgi.ii.ing uu/e. than one cult
f* O’. TTie T> cfsta nrs thail nofaotln>rizeanv gillies
of diance, lot ery, or of gift enterprise under any
pretense, or for any purpose whatever. Tlio legis
lature shall never giant any e«tra cmtipetisition to
any public officer, agent, servant or contractor
uf ef the re, vieo* sba.i have been rendered or the
cm tree enter- d Into; nor shad theComi»cii-atlon of
any public offic r be increased > t diminish d dur
ing bis *erm of offt e '1 he leg.M.attire wIimII
not pass ar y meat >r special isw aniuorißing the
rrcstioa. repair tig or extension of lion*, giaming
livorees, ( h uikiiiu' names of nwrsonsor pUrss, lay
ii g out or o|e tiiilg logtiw ns, tgca'lHg grounds,
providing for tin* election "f municipal officers, ex
(milling property from taxstion, gr -n'ing to auy
pi \a • corpi r cion, a«»ociattoo or Individual any
-i" c al or exclusive privil-g '*, immuuiii sorfnn
rlns"S whatever. No a"i shad lake effec until
ninets days afier tii < adj.iuruiijen' of the s-.-sion at
which it passed, iiingsain ca*«ot emergency. Every
member of me legislature who ii'k*. receiv s or
agree* to receive any bribe up iti auv underatand'ng
that Ilia i IH' i.il vote, opinion, iudgment or action
shall Ih- influenced tip reby. or wln> gives or promi
se- any i fileiai vote to anotner m 'triber of the l> g-
I- iture, shall be deemed gull y of a telony and b»
puniahab eby impris >nnieut. The same extends
over me uw of snv State orti ial iuffueuce to effect
lasiiding measures in tlie legislature.
Jt'Dll lAb.
The autireine court shau c uisist of three jndg- s,
to Im* chosen trota districts by qualified e ectors at
large. After tve years the nutntter or aupretne
Judges may tie increased to five, aud their terms
ahull be four years. In case of re-election, it shnll
b*- clg -t y< ars, ami the third successor'* term shall
be twelve year*. Provision may lie made for the
voluntary tcttreni' t ol supreme judges at any
tun after they iiirive at the age of sev* uty yea**,
l r .viil<*3 that ■'. u they have been in the actus, dis
charge <3 du • ,*s such judge for at least * xteen
jc.rs until"*! .t■ • y preceding such retireuivut.
’ll.t- atiprt-aie court <ll tricts are:
First Di-tnc:—Ad that portioa of the State lying
west *3 the Missouri river.
Ho* n - A I that portion of the Ht**e lying <-v.t
of the Missouri river f:d west of the Dakota river.
Third All that oorttou of tho State lying eatl of
the D k. ta river.
1 in- etm of * judge of the circuit court s hall be
four tears.
The juUcial circui * are arrange t a* follow*.
Firs' tin uit Ihe counties of Union, C.av, Lin
coln. Turner, liausou. Lake, Minnehaha, McCook
and Miner.
H" otid—Yn-k'on, B«n Homme. Charles Mix.
Doiigla-. Hutchinson, Davison, Aurora. Hrum. Bui
ta; . a id Jerauld.
Ihiid—Brookings, Moody, Ki'g*bu*y. Clark,
H nilit, Deuel, Grant, < odington, Da> .U .hen*, the
.tin .‘ton Htid Bissi-tvt:i re—rvation, ami all that
xtr.p of t*-iritory now included betwet-u the north
Hue i f ti.*’ c unty of Day and the forty-sixth paral
lel 1 f i.nrt h latitude
Fourth Beadle, Hand, Hyde, Hughes, Spink,
Brown. Fu iy, Sattltorn, Potter, Edmund-*. Faulk,
Wa.wortli. < atm3t»il, Mcl hers n, an t in. luding all
that pott on of :i.e Sta’o lying north of those
count). * ami south of the forty-sixth parallel ol
U'.rtlt atitude, and Including all such portion ol
the bta o lying b' twt-en tnese couuties and u«<
forming part of «-i'her.
Fifth- Ml 'hit portion of the State lying west of
th« Missouri riv.-r, provided that all parts of the
hta’e not included in the foregoing boundary and
description of circuits, shall be attached and form
a tart of the Second diatiict.
1 »e *3 tie et. cteT In ea«'h organis’d county
a r 11 y judge The legislature shall tlx the sal*
ur o >d jud ea and ■ uirt (.fflcers Justices of
th 1 .1 -.- sit. 1 have jurtvlic’.i .0 tn all case* not lu
x'n.. 111. >v r #]<K»
F r*t Di-tr ct lie com.ties of Union, Clay
Yankton, Bon Horn me, Cbarle* Metx, Doug!**
Hutchinson, Turner, Ltncoln, Minnehaha, Me
<’- ok. Hans n, Davison, Aurora, Brule, Buffalo,
J r.iut'l. Hanlmri', Miner, Lake and Mo< dv.
H. cond—A3 «ith» r portions of the State not iu
c u’.'il in tip First diifricr.
Ft 1 atorisl l»i*tr|*.ta— Diatrlct N>. 1, county of
1 tVno. 01 e senator; No. 2. Clay, one senator: Na
3, Y itik'on. 1 wo senators; N<«. 4. Bon li< imnt*. one
», ua nt: No. 5. Char es M x. liruie ami lluffalo,
o e *enat< r; No. ti, Douglas, one aeiiato* ; No.
I 7, Turner, on • senator; N>. h, Lmculn, one
*eiia'or: No 9. Mm T'haha, two senator*; No. 19,
M i tly, one senator* No- 11* ilsna- n and Me
lon*, one senator; ;#■> 12, Part*ou a.id
one a! nator; No. 13. Aurora and Jerauld, one *en
a'or; No, 14. Lake and Miller. »n- a nator; Na
1.5, Brookings, one senator: Na I<J, K'ng-ltury
*nd Clark, one euaiur; No. 17. lleadie.
one s-nator: No IH, Hand an*l Hyde, one
senator; No. 19. Ildgti**. "m- senator; No. 29,
Sui-y, p liter, W , worihaud Campbell and ail that
| poriMU ol territ .ry north of sai l counties anl
south of forty-six b parallel of nor b
j latitule, one anttor; Na 21. Faulk. Kl
- ntunds and M Pieraon aud ah that portion
l f tio> Territory inn tu of oaid counties and south ol
tii« 1 went v-a xth tivra lei of noth li'itule, onr
s-nator; N ■. 22. Spink, >ne senator; No 23. Cod
dington, one aena'.tr; tt 21. D ue! anl llatnlm,
one -•nator; N •. 25. Grant and K >bertH. on«
•anator; No 20, Browu and ail that portion o
-rritcvr lying between aaid oounty and
'h- f<>rty-»'*t|| parade! of north latitude, one sen
»ter; No. 27. Day and all that portion of the Ter
j ritory north of tai l coun y and a<iuth
>! the forty *>ut:» parallel of north la'l
tude, one wnator, Na 24. Penning
ton. Cn»ter, and Fall Hirer, one senator;
No. 29. Lawrence, Ba*te and Mandan. two son■ -
t..r» li-i reset; tat ire districts—District No. 1, Un
ion, two represent*’ re%: No. 2, Clay, two repre
•“tita'irea: No 3. Yankton, three repr»sentatlre»:
No. 4. B *nt ■ ranie. thf'-s retirewebtstives; No. 5
Char *••. Mix, llrule ami Huff iio, t'iree representa-'
live*' No. tl, Doug .ts and liutebiaon. three re ore
sects’tve»; N 0.7. Turnrr.two representative*; No h
Lincoln. 3 repre*eiitati’ , e*: JLc 9. Mtr.n> bah«. 4
rrpre*- «: V i**. Mocwly, 2 rej y %«■■■**.
No. 11. RtMbufM Met’ooK, 3 rebre»«nta.
tire*; No, 12, Darlaon and Sauhoru, 3 repr-tenta
tive*; No 13 Aurora am* Gerauld, 2 repr- •enta
il ve*; No. 13, Lik< and Miner, 3
represen'atire*; Na 15. Brooking*. 2
repie*emauvea; Nalti.Ktii.*bury and Clark, three
rcpwfs-ntitive*; No. 17, B*adle, three representa
tives; Na IM, Hand, two repre-entaiires; Na 10.
Hide, one representative; No. 29, bully, Potter,
Wa worth and Campbell, and a!l of that
, portion of the Territory lying north of
< the said counties . sad aoutb of the
thrall**! or norm fat'tme. trip-* ispr«*t*n ntlx***;
No. ‘.'l Hui't ck, two representatives! No. 2‘J.
Ktu k, K<luiuiid» mid Mcl'tierson, amt ail that por-
tion of tin- Territory north of niil fount!*-* and
ao’.'th *»f *h» fortyaU.h |>arallel of north lati
tU' i«». t*o fe i> rt-v ft»ttt I ■»«*** i No. '.'3. Hpink,
tlit«*« renrev-titatires; No. 21, I'ondiiur
ton, thru* represents l l vrfj N(*. #3, bur: I,
one rvpri‘er.tat » ; No. VJO, ffatnltfc, one r*pre
»ent*tiv«; No. '-'7, Grant, one reiiri-aetltntiy;* No.
•h. Koit-rn, one reiireacntatifci no. .7*. urowu.
ai><l li Mint lortlo’iof the Territory north of
am I county am] nouth of the forth-sixtb uarollei
of tlio north Utitti'lo; three repte<mta
tlvea: No. », !>.*>'. and alt that portion
of ih« 'territory north of said eouniy
and aouth of the forty-aivhi'ara'lelofnortUliS?*
itti'le, one r'preventative; No. 31, IVnnirnrton, two
reprea ritauvca; No. it*.'. Outer ami Ex I liver, one
rejiri‘M«nta'i»e; No. 33. Lnrrenct*, Hutte and Mau
dett, five ronreaentatives.
All school lano* may be ofT<-re>i for fi.ilc »>r rent
after one year fr« tu the aaaembllng of the fiat
h-tr elaMire, t o auperinten lent of public inatruc
tion, » a’e auditor and treasurer const itutimr a
bo»rd to appraise na I tlx the miuitnum prtcr for
sale or ren ai, but in no ct'O can laud b« soiil for
*eM than #lO i>er acre, and the amount
of school lands offered for sale within ten
years from date of n»«t eale shall not exceed one
third of ah tlie lands *"t nuart for the Use ot the
public s' ‘ noia Sixty days’ n dice roil«t **e mad. o'
sabs if mj 00l lands, the notices to be It# uii tli* .rgn
newspapers of ui-nural c.ioulai ton u the v.cimty •>f
the Inn Is offered for aale. ’iholatida shall he ap
praised for four years.
All laws now In ft ree in this Territory not re
fiU.'tiant to tbia Constitution shall remain in force
mml they expire by tit 'irown Itrnir or be al'ered or
repealed bv the tr»sr alatore. A I Aries, penalties,
foileliuros «n I esch hu accruing to the Territory
< t It.ikh'a cliall at'ern to the Use of the St;if«, Ah
officers, m il and military, now holding their offi es
an i appointments m'lii* It-rrdory under the au
thority of ilia Untied Ht.itea or under the
au'hortty of this Territory, shad continue
to hod atif? exercise their rrsnecttTe
offices and appointments r*otll superseded under
this constitution. The first ir.eencg of the legisla
ture shall be at the city of Yankton, oh the first
Mon Ih> ot |> cetnhir next, wi.ti power to a>lj mm
to at.v other |il >ce. All county and township
officers * all continue to hold I heir respective
i (11 es. mill s- * **-o»iU l.y cotup tent authority,
un p the legis'att/rc aiiftil; In conformity to the
provisions of inis c institution: prnrttlw for the
l.o.ding of el c'.ions to 'III -U hi otli -a *■ swrntirelv.
This cfitiditu ion shall b*» submitted, gt * li*-
election to h • held on the 'Jucsday next after
the fi;at Moml.iv in November, A I*, 18S3, to
the e.ecors qu itifled bv thi> c nst.intio i to vote at
eil ■■ ec tjiu If it stia I appear that a majority of
the v« t*-» polle lati he said election are for the con
stitution, then It -hail ha the constitution of the
State of !>,ao al but if it ahah appear tint a me
j. ri yof ihe vote* polled are against tiro constitu
tion, then It shall bo rejected and l»s null and void.
No long in this cons nut.on or schedule contained
shall t»e so cons ru.’-1 os 'o authorize any officer
elected tie ler tiro pr oi-i mis of inis c institution to
undertake the exercise or discharge of
ltia official duties, or lia entitled to
any pay or by virtu* of such office until this consti
tution shall take effect by the admission of the
ht oe into the I'aion, except only tl gt the legisla
tor- tiny meet and afet two Tufted Ht rtes senators
amt tli* pr q er H a'e officers may od uy their elec
tfrsii. AM Mtate officer* ni.a’.l be elect'd at 'h - net
genera e ectton ft d ttic election of Judicial officers
• hall be ir vided forbylJie flrft legi»iature utier
this constiiu.ion is ratified h congress.
The ngnt t" divert and appropriate the unappro
priated waters ot any natural stream In the Htale
to b tt"flcial uses shall never be denied. Priority
of afipropti itl.uis s'cilt give the better riebt to the
extent to whf. n Midi waters sliall be used, or
.nteuded in good f»ith Irt be used, for such bene
fi tal PU poses. Vested itfrd accrued water rights
•bait l*e recogulied and pfotec'ed} provided that
nothing m ttiis article contained shall change the
ruin of riparian ownership In that portion of trie
State east, of the Missouri river. All persona ami
corporative** shujl hava the exclusive right jjt way
across pubile and private corporate ianua, for the
construction of ditches. Canals and florae* for the
purpose of contvying wat- r for doin' atlc purpose,*,
for the irng itton of agrl ulttiral Uuda and for nun*
ing, nit lmg an I tng'ul icturing purposes, and for
drainage, upon piytu rat of jus’ c rinptnsation.
If 5,000 legal voter* thill petition tin first leg
islature sitting after this constitution shall be rati
fied l.y congress, to anteud toe constitution in any
particu ar, th- n 'he legislature shall submit such
proposed aimm tmcul or ameti i.ueuts to the peo
ples' a general or apecial election thereafter, in
such minm-r hs tbo legislature shad pr*scrlt>e, and
If the people shall approve and ratify sU li amend
ment or amendments by a m ij city <»t the ele tora
Voting thereon, such amendment or amendments
•hall b. cotn- lurt of the conatiiuMon.
All nllroA'K emu ». »utl utLor transportation
companies, nr* <l<‘cl*re<l to lx* ceunmon rarrUrs,
*n<l ciihjHCt to Ugisl* ive control, and fie lagisU
-111 re »li ill hav.« pow.ir to onset la»h r< gula'lnir and
coirr dllnii th* rate* of char**** for transportation
of puiiauiurora or freight of a icu common camera
from ou>- point to anotimr in th« B'nie. The lejfta
iatur>- shall provide by law that in all elections
for <1 lector* or manager* of tncorporaiad
eompautea every atix klmloer shall have the right
to vote in pefaou <>r by proiv the number of »hsro*
of stock owned b> him for at many persons as
tin re are directors or muratt-ra to tm elected, or to
rutnuuie «aul anarea and give one candidate aa
m*n> vole* aa the number of director* multiplied
bv the number of h * aliai' S ol atock shall equal,
or to disirihutn tnetn oniheaauia principle among
the tit inv Candida'' a a* he ahail aeetli; and auch
llrectors or mr.nagera ahall not b*t elected In any
oiher manner. The property of all corpora’iou»,
Sleep' relikd >tis and charitable, (hall be subjected
to a iirr.f rrn rate of lax d'otr
The aalaiiea of executive officer* ahaU.be;
A Knar.
Governor iFJ.OOO
h'ate Treasiiter, Auditor cud Attorney
General 1,001),
Superintendent of Public luairu tio« and
8 cretary of State l.fttH)
The leg) I a'lire will tlx the salaries of judge* of
the aupr raec 'urt
There *lnll be two represon ativea to congress
from a» Urge, and the legislature shall choose tw >
Ih™ ro-utne oovors the •tlietit points of tho
cmietrnt on, a id given the r> oiler a fail com.
pr. hciiHio i <>f w hat it contain* Ihe document
would occupy eigut or utuo column* of the
Honker Press, and f* beitiK cla**'.fle«l into
ah ,ui twohtv live articles. The convention
ha* ordered 10,000 o>pi aof the couaiitntioii
to be printed iu tho English laugtUKe and
1,000 t acliia the KcAtidinsvuii and Gorman
l m ;u*k< *, to be dis nbu eJ among the voter*
of the proposed Hist*, with the following
We, yonr delegates, h*ve done the work which
you committed t»» o.rr hand*, and as n result pre
sent the rotistUuiiou whlc:i is now sort forth for
your approval or re|sc'ion. No aniio-i was tikeu
in forming the constitution uadi hy careful re
s'arch tn’o ail auhorCies a-id pr. ced-m * we
w, re tul y satisfied that we had the
tight to take every step hero provided.
There is no d< ub remaining that we have full war
rant for all our actions, not only in our sense of
jus'h e, but in formal enactments and decisions by
the highest authorities known under our courts
nud cons'rut Inn*- In the progress of our work, a*
was to be expected, o,,po*ing views have b«-en
warmly urge l. but the revolt fi ally rescued h>s
been h-artily adopt'd. It ther-fore remalos for
yotx to *et your seal upon this Instruments b
declaring through your f»a''ot* that you acoopt this
as the constitution of your State. You ar<d you
alone can breathe the breath of life into this work
which w* have d >rie In your nam*. By your voice
of approval y u make It instinct with life, and, at
the same time, in ' ourselves out of bondage into
the condition of freemen, exercising all your own
r ght * of ae f g .vernuieut, w re no *,ne<au abridge
your enjoym nt of hie, liberty and the pursuit of
wi* select <1 to-day, and is cotup tatd aa fol
S. la. Psk'T of Aurora county: K. M. Ilnwtnsn,
Butte; 8. W. Duncan, Hi ul-; Jam s 11. Ht-vens,
It->n Homme; L»*»v VV. Whit*, llro iking*: K.
A. i eim.n, Huff air. 5 John II Drake,
Bowen; K H. Fly.in. t’us'er; A. B
I.ucis, Cluriev Mix; C. Hherwool, C ark; K H
Daws a. l lav; C. G. William*, l’odington; A. W
I lager, Davison: It lii.’g««. Day; I’. A. GaUhell,.
liuc ; J. F. ( a'.ih in. DoucUks: 11. K.
ilech. K<lmu»ila: A. 8. H ewar’. Fall lllver; F.
F. Knox, Fault: N t. L,othlan. Orant: Henry
Mire”, H.n I; K. C. Johnson, Hyde; F D Foster,
liana n; J. K. f.'heever, ilanjlln; Sum M. Daboll,
Hutchinson; Jam is Ward, Hughes: C.
W. McDonald, Jerauld: C. B. Mac-
do aid, Kingsbury; Arthur F. Hmirb,
bake; Fr»nk J Washahaogh, Lawreu. j:
O. 8 Gifford, Lincoln: 8. 11 Bronson, Minor; It.
F. Pettigrew, Minnehaha; H M. Williamson,
M >o<ly: J K R.t.tn. McCook: C. 1,. Wood, IVn
nlngton; I). M Hunt, Spink; J hu K. whiting,
Ba*ib *rn: Jam s Bryan, Potter: J. 11. We* over,
Hulir; Vail l - . Tbielaaan- Turner; V F. Waiuhan,
Union; W. 8. 11.. wen, Yaukion.
The c .pvetitio i virtually close I op all tbe
work to nig: t. and ma iv of the d degatu* w ill
bavothe cty < n the morning tiam* Ih.
rep r. of the cdiimnt eon arrangem’tit aid
phia co'cgy will b‘made m-m >rr.w, how *ver.
rentioi ing the const tutio-i in us onu c.unple
ijoii, ami it* adoption will bo bat a
nn'ter of form. At to ni'ghi'* a* **i in tbe
mat «r of the elcotbm of hts'uaul legislative
oftic r* win r c •n*ider *d, a d d legated ti the
arbitrary power of tbe execntiv* committee
for determnia 'on, and ct a inidmgbt aeeeionof
the o nniii.t ee it wae deeded to poatpone the
elecion to a tints b-youi that when ih*
constitution will be submitted for
r »titic >t,on t > In fix«l by tbs committee at a
meeting to be held at Ifii. oi at some fnture
time. Although ibowe who had moat strongly
nppi.aod die elect r* h*d become rcco idled to
the d'tierniiuatioo t« do eo, an I there appeared
to lie tr "><l f..cling ov .r the outlook. It ia be
lieved to bo wine o Withdraw th e.the only ob
j ct> nab e fea me of th* oonveukon'a whole
The exhibition ear which was Ailed
at Sioux Falla with rpoeimena of Dakota
products, etarted on fta trip throusb the
Eastern atate* a few daya pro and was
a source of credit, not only to to Soatn
eautwrn Dakota, but to the railroad com
and to those who arranged the the die
Swelling ttM Mfcota Ceasas.
Milwavkke, Special Telegram, B*pt 20.
Hod. 0. F. J. Moiler, who bag bean working
daring tbo past year in Eupland and Europe
io (he interest of tb* immigration daparmenf
of the Chicago, Milwaukee A Hu Paul Railway
company, be* returned, and the company •
office at Copenhagen, Denmark, of which Mr.
Moiler liaa been in charge for aoreu month*, t«
•rinsed. Mollor bee for fourteen y*-ar» been
Ihtiish consul for this Htale *»»1 Michigan, and
lat-r was Htato emigratiai agenl here nuder
liov. Faircbiltl'a admiuistraliou, and is prob
ably one of the beet ported naeti ».i inattrreper
taioiiii; to European enugratiou iu tbo Weef.
Mr Moiler stated >hia afteruoon tkatibexmi
tjiatum from Oermaujr, Denmark, ."Sweden and
Norway to the Tfoi itiwest—principally to South
east ru l>ako a—w ill| tu *1 probability, be
greater ibe coming year lhaw ever known bo
fore. The into reef that ba* been awak nei in
ti:o-o count ti eiu regard to Dakota is some
thing surprising. Tlio stcanianin compaixios
Ate el cady getting tu their work tinougti tbeir
%g.-irts in aii'knpaiioii of the » xodu", aud a riclt
liarvciit is m store for tbo rai waJ aud eteaui
sbtp r-tupanies that esu secure the prest go of
die lirsl paWouago next season. Mr. Mo.ler
bad printed alfd distributed nearly 100,000
i ampblete deecriptlr* of Dakota _ throughout
Mr* four countries uanicU iu the diffownt lati
gtngee required, and ts iu r e ipt of many
letters since reaching home asking for further
Beiesford, the new f**wn in 1 nion
county, is named in honor ot Lord Chun.
Beresford. of England, who “gained
much applause for litHjdare devil bravery
Mt the bombardment of Alexandria.
Pete Morris, w ho lias been on an expe
dition west of the Mouse river, found,
about thirty miles south of the interna
tional boundary line, the body of a mi n
clothed in a black suit and dark slouch
hat, which must have t>eoii there several
weeks as the flesh had fallen Iro *. the
face and the hands were «H dried up.
Bailors on the body w’ere a bill Irom \V.
If. Nelson, general storekeeper of th«
Canadian Pacille railway, dafetl from
Winnipeg, Man., June 11, IHKJ, and the
other was a note made by James Hay In
favor of John Mooney, dated at Virdeii,
Man., June 9, 18HJ.
Peter Morris has discovered a large coal
district of twelve miles in extent on the
boundary line, seven days’ journey west
fr mi Modse river, and when las' seen it
was burning fier elr on the Mnnitotw
wide. It crops out or the soil all overthw
district, and resembles the coal found in
the Turtle mountains.
The farm residence, outbuildings and
100 tons of bay ot C. G. Burdick, on the
Cannon Ball river, were burned by a
spark from a Northern Pacific locomo
tive a few days ago.
Ole C. Lund, who is alleged to have a
wife and children at Fergus Falls, has
eloped from Minor with a fresh young
Norwegian gitl named Annil.
Casselton Reporter: A Casselton mer
-hnnt, standing in front of his store on
rues tay morning of this week, counted
tilly eight steam threshers ail at work
within tlie range of hi* vision, and turn
ing out 'lie No. i hard at an average rate
of l.ftoo bus fie Is per day or a total ©I 04-
j()0 bushels per day.
The Northwestern Railway company
will bridge the Missouri at Pierre.
Clark county wheat weighs sixty-two
pounds to tlie bushel.
Cattle men in the neighborhood of
snake creek, Charles Mix county, are
uneasy at the rapid progress and fatat
i.y of a disease that bus broken out
among their cattle. The Turgeon Bros,
have L.st quite a number of cattle bv
the disease. Vtilliarn Emery three, Fil
licia Falla* and Joe La Roche have each
lost several head.
“Billy” Wilson, who is known to most
everyone in the Black Hills, was shot
iu a probably latal manner a few daya
The total amount of wheat raised in
Moody county this year will not iall
stiort of fWkt.OoO bushels.
rho Syndicate block, Grand Forks,
said to he the finest building in Dakota,
is now about completed, ami will Soon
be i ccupied by leaning merchants.
The Grand Forks university building
is being pushed rapidly forward, and
w ill soon l>e above the first story.
Secretary Teller has settler] the dispute
regarding the western boundary line of
Ihe Devil’s laike Indian reservation in
Dakota. The treaty provide* that the
western Ikukhlh-v of this reservation
should start from the roost westerly point
of Devii’a lake and follow a direct line to
the neaest point on the Chevenne river.
Under this treaty the boundaries ot the
reservation were surveyed and estab
lished in 1H75.
The Dakota Colleßiate institute ai Sioux
Falla was opened for the first time on
the 18th i»Bt. First-class inetruc’.ora
have charge of the never.tl department*,
aud the students already in attend
ance ensure the success of the institu
Frederick Zeitlow, the last of the vic
tims ol the tragical fire near Athol, Aug
21, died from the effects oi his injuries
a lew days ago.
Rev. I. T. Miller of Ames, lowa, will
take charge of the church tud school* at
Poplar River agency. He goes under an
appointment of the Methodist mission
ary society.
Hugh McDonald,one of the Dioneera
of Hismarck, died in that city recently.
The Bon Homme comity fair has been
postponed to Oct. 0, 10, 11.
Rapid City is to have an SIB,OOO school
The F. F. is the name of a mysterious
organization of musically inclined young
people of Jamestown who recently made
their first public appearance. They de
sign giving a series of musicales through
tiie sinter.
Discovery In Indiana of the Bonca
of a man of Gigantic Stature.
George Arnold, a farm ban t in the em
ploy of Franklin Boots, made a discovery
w hich has excited widespread intrerest
in this country. The object of this in
terest is the skeleton of what onto was
a man of gigantic proportions, which
was uncovered in a gravel pit on Mr.
Booths’farm. The skeleton was found
in tt hitting posture, facing the east, and
about six feet beneath the surface.
Some of he bones were badly broken
by a caving of the bank, but tho skull
and some of the larger bones were tak
ing out intact, ana from them may be
easily realised the gigantic stature of
the l>eing to a horn they once gave sup
port. A measurement of the skull from
•root to rear, the rule passing through
ihe eye socket to the hack of the head,
-hows it to have l>een about sixteen
inches, while the breadth of th« inferior
maxillary was eighi on«-half inches,
showing that the braia must have
weighed from four and one-half to five
pounds. Careful measurements of the
otlnr bones establish tbe 'act that the
man, when alive, was not leas than nine
feet in height and large in proportion.
From the appearance ot the teeth, which
are very large and do not show the
slightest sign of decay, although they
are worn down almo-t to the bones of
the jaw, the man coaid not have been
levs than 100 years old when he died,
and of course he may have been much
older. The bones of the borer jaw arw
very large end thick, showing an ex
tent of muscular development in «hat
organ which ** far beyond any thing of
the present day. How long ago the
bodv of tlda giant was interred where it
was nnearthed. or to what tribe or na
tion he he onged when he trod thw
earth in all the majesty of his strength,
it is impossible to say. but it must have
hfen age* agj, aa nil tbe indications
show t at tbe soil where tbe remains
was discovered bad not been disturbed
for many generations. Steps have been
taken to have casta made of the bwnw**
and they will be placed elthtr in the
state collection or me of onr cqMMm

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