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The Grant County herald. (Big Stone City, Grant County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1879-1883, May 08, 1880, Image 2

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Oondcnftrd Daily from the Most Reliable A»
•delated 1'rcsH and Special Telrgrums.
Opposition to TildtMi
Louisville Kv. telegram Iay 2: An
opposition to Tilden has developed amongst
the Deuicerats hen, headed by Louisville
Pott. Senator Beck, ex-Chief Justice Lmdsey
Oov. Blackburn, and other?. The Post asserts
that iiutirv Watterson, ha& promised Judge
Martendale of Indianapolis to support Grant
Tilden is not nominated, hei.ee 11 e kicking
i the Democrat camp.
Arrival of Emicrawt*-
Five steamships arrived at New York
from Europe, May 1, banging 4,3.11 emmi
gratns. French papers state there are 250.0C0
waitiDg means of transportation to this coun
try. Two thousand arc waiting berths in
Havre. Three trains w ere dispatched May 1,
and thue \t-.. trains of twenty-one ears each
over t'i Krie, Pennsylvania and N -v. Yo:k
Ceet'.. Were sent westward. May
Fatal Shooting.
There was a bloody af.Yay at Eilswoith,
111., on the afternoon of April J6, between
Frank Bailey and Henry Btoveneur on one
•ide and Abraham II. llendrickj on the other.
The former went to Hendricks' farm for the
avowed purpose of settling some old scores by
lhraahirr him. Hendricks shot both men
killing Bailey instantly, and Stoveneur hat,
»ince died. Hendricks gave hinm-lf up. All
were hard cases and drinker*.
Tornado in Mississippi-
Death of Hcintxeluian.
Major den. .uel B. lleintzel i...n
died at Washington C. on the morning of
May 1. The Gener. of the Array in a gener
al order says: "General Heint/.elman was a
man of intense nature, of vehement action
guided by sound judgement and cultivated
taste, universally re-pected and beloved. At
a ripe old age he leaves us, universally regret
ted. Well doer, thou good and faithf\! ser
vant: may our end be aa peaceful and mueh
deplored as his." Funeral Monday. Inter
meat at Bnflalo.
Riotous Strikers.
Oae hundred and fifty hands of the
Valley Field, Ontario, collier mine, struck
April 20, and on the morning of April 27, the
strikers blocked the street leading to the fac
tory, and tried to persuade those goinp^ to
work to join them. When the police appeared
the mob attacked them. After using their
batons they fired with blank cartridges. Hie
police then retreated into the mill where they
still are. One man is said to be wounded,
and one policeman badly cut bv a stone. The
mayor is endeavoring to prevail on the etrik.
er# to keep the peace.
Tlio Po«tma^frr'(3fn«-ia!-liip.
Postmaster General Key, bavins re
signed lo take a United Stales District :udge.
ship in Tennessee, much speculation is in
dulged in regard to hi£ successor. No f-eciee
eion has yet been announce d. The (riend of
J®ost master James, of New Yotk,
The WhiiUker I'ase.
In the Whit taker euquriy ut West
Point, April 30, Mr. Hogan, expert, said that
the hand writirg of the epeeimens numbered
St 9 and 10 is the handwriting of ttle perM:i
who wrote the note and contents addressed to
Cadet Whittaker. Iveplying to a question Mr.
Hogan staled tbsit he had noticed some at
tempts to disguise in one other handwriting
than that of the anonymous note bant'writing
ia cue of the s-entencei* submitted to him, and
lie had a-ked for additional specimens of this
hand and found ia it one or two resemblances
to'the anonymous note, but not sufficient to
warrent opinion. The recorder had no more
Witnesses ready and the coi:rr f.d 'r.'-!' to
next Tuesday
Adjournmc nt of oiigrens.
A Caucusot Republican Senatoi
held on the afternoon of May l«t, for th--.
pose of interchanging
*^o*. r-'-
mt (fo. Hcvalcl.
A heavy storm passed over Miicn,
Mississippi on the night of April 26, blow ii u
away twenty-two houses, including the Mubue |9?i*.8o7.
& Ohio railroad machine shops, round house
depot, telegraph olliee and master ma, hatiies
office. Seventeen persons were killed and
twenty-two wounded. Loss of property esti
mated at not less than $100,000. Meridian was
ealled on to send physicians, and .-ix or eight
having gone from there to attend the sutl'eii.'ig-
De YonUK arretted for libel,
M. H. De Youn^, surviving proprier
Of the San Francieeo Chronicle, was arrested
April 30, on complaint of mayor
Kalloch. charging him with libel. Tl'f t'ileged
iibel was reproducing in the Chnt. -f an
editorial which appeared in the York
WorhJ, which accused Mayor Kulloch nt sub
ornation of perjury in connection with the
testimony givtn by ("lemeutsliflw nt tl»* in
quest cn the body of Charles Y
©aer released on b' i.
__________ judge after examining them ealled attention
Oppomtion to Grant to the tact that sentence as received in the
New "V ork telegram, May 2 :—Horace pardons read "hard labor," whereas he had not
White, President o! the Indepewknt Kepub- used the worJ "hard" at ail. He directed that
lican association, now a State uigamxation they be corrected at th« State department by
says that they are unconditionally opposed to
Gei.. Grant's election, and if he receives the
nomination at Chicago the -Independent Re
public ms will put up auother candidate. New
York State will be represented at the coining
conference at St Louis, where a plan of action
will be agreed upon. Mr. White thiuks it
would be impossible for Grant to carry Kew
York. Fifty thousand votes are claimed by the
Independents and would be ca-t against him.
tliat he
could have th* place on civil seivicv grounds
but that he would he very foolish to take it,
to be a cabinate otlicer for a year and then
be stranded. The friends of Gen. Tyner. lirst
assistant postmaster general, think that he
has vc-ty favorable chances of -being prenjot-d
to the pla'-c wl.ii be one"
ment question. N* ou:» UoR at- r.«
posed or taken, nt entire unanimity of sect:
ment was
with what
pose of the Democratic leaders, to briug
about a lina. adjournment of the preeut
session of Congress by the first of
June. The general impression «eems to be
that ii. ease the session be not closed be
fore tin meeting of the Republican national
convention, there will be a strong probability
of prolonging the session for some tin. t-e.
yond the adjournment of the Democrat. n
An Irish Pastoral.
The Catholic archbishop of Dublin, in
of pastoral, says Doctrines destructive of mu
tual confidence are laid down by some public
speakers as the l'.rst principles of morals. Pa
triotism i- invoked as a spirit of disunion be
tween priests and people. The evil geuiu9 of
comunism, which has brought such fearful
woes on other lands, is only watching the oj
portunity which that disunion may give it to
try and establish its hideous throne anions us
Our people have yet many wrongs
ueational sy*tem is imperfect. Our land laws
though reformed, can still be employed us
instruments of great injustice, and we must
use every means in which God's bleedings
can be invoked to redress these wrongs.
National Finances.
T:,r 1 p.ited Statescomptroih- ot'tho rur
rf-n.y reported, April 30, that the totai number
of national r.^uks organized since November
1st, which was the date uf th" tables
the lust report of the comptroller .mgroV
Is f.r:y, with a capital of $5,312 Tt The to
tal number of bank gone into voluntary
liquidation in the taiie-i period is i, with acap
ita. of included among which are
thvc gold banks in California, with a capital
v'.oiiO, which went into voluntary liquida
•i .. and ere reorganized as currency banks.
Nt- tank- failed the la.-t nine months. The
comptroller reports additional bank circula
tion issued during the month of April, $1,01(5,.
£0. Amount surrendered or discharged,
i .!\• it-ted Bribeis l'artb-i.**.,
Adv:- i Irom Harislrarg, oi Aju,,
30, state that the board of pardons, after Lai!
hour 0/1' pilvate consultation, recommended
the pardon of K:-!nble, Crawford, Salter, Pet
roll and Rumherger, in so far as their imjris
ment Ueon.-trBed. Thy recommendation is
signed by the whole board, notwithstanding the
fa- that Palmar wasn't present. The rcvoui
meudation i subslaijtial.y as follows: That
tke act of 1^74 provide-s for simple impri?on
mcut and that there is no law ior the imposi
tion of additional conditions in a sentence,
such as imprisonmeut at separate and solitary
confinement and hard labor. The supreme
court have often decided those enlarged sen
tences unlawful, and common law iinpr'm
onment in the penitentiary has been re
gardedas n:'aru-'.u -. As these are otlenses re
cently n r-.-le punishable, and the first convic
tions under the new law, the board rccoci
inends a* a'?ove. The pardons iu the corrup:
-"ijcitation i a«es were made out signed by ihc
governor and taken to the sheritf of Dauphin
county, wh« took the papers into court. The
striking eut the word ''hard," and that on be
ing presented again to tiie sheriff the latter
should releas the prisoners. The papers were
then presented to the sheriff and the tine,-, snd
to,^ amounting to t6,t'2L having been paid the
prisoners were relea»ed, and departed ?'-r t?.( ir
Pi esidential Fieetiuu.
Tine bill introduced by Senator Mor
iran, April 26, to enforce observance of the con.
tit,utlon of the United States in reference to
the election of President and Vice-President
provides that if :ir y person being Senator ot
Representative in the Congress of the United
States, or any person holding an olliee of trust
or profit under the United States, at
the time of his appointment as elector, or at
lh»! time attempts to vote a* such electoi
shall exercise, or attempt to exercise the pow,
of an elector by voting for President and
Vice-President of the United States, or by sign
ing any list of eleeeoTal votes for President or
Vice-President, with the intent to have the
same transmitted to the President of the St n
r.e, to fie opened and counted as the vote
votes of an elector from any
State, he shall bj liable to indictment,
and on conviction sliall forevr be disqualified
from holding any olliee under the government
jf the United States, and be punished by a hue
of not less than ?500 nor more than $20
000, and
imprisonment at hard labor for not less than
live, nor more than ten years. The second
section of the bill provides that if any person
not an elector shali a.-sume to be an eluctor,
and shall cast any vote as L,uch with intent to
have the same counted, he shall be liable to
.ndiclment, fi»d on conviction sutler the pen
alty prescribed in the lirst section of the bill.
The third section provide-, that if two or more
persons conspire together to commit fraud or
to elect, any per.on or persons, or to commit
the crime defined in the second s'.-ction thall
be liable to indictment, and on conviction
shall be pull,shed in the name manner and to
Lhesaiae extent as if t*icy were convicted un
ier the second section of the bill.
The Kalloch-De Young 51 uuif».
e inquest in the De Youn^ case wrss
concln h-d «an rran-i»i o, cn the evenin.:
Apn'. -7.
Leaving a net increase of §020,34,1.
The net increase of national bank notes year
ending May 1st, 18S0, is $15,930,390. Increa-e
of legal tender notes on deposit for the moiit"'
of April, $525,90T1, and the increase for the yea:
ending May was$5,770,Ann'
of 't -lv: ijv.u-i now on dep,f
evident e taken w:^ snl.
staiitially the tame .is the reports heretofore
t':lr*graj.ihed with the -\ce .tion of a man giv
i:.g his name as John iemeuthow, vhotes.ii
that at the time of the shooting he was iook
!isj thr- lUirh the window th" h" rmic coun*
ing room iftid saw Kalloch- and l)e y«nn fac
ing eatb '.li:cr, tlits latter leaning again-t !:.
conntcu*. Directly Young slraij. ..'d
himself, drew a i ist his ovrco:r
ich was much clieered.
urilaiK e wilt.
ititaisuci of his evide:: e «i.s :n
the other testimony. The fact that ieirsenthow
developed in favor of co.
operating bad previous'y endeavored to obtain perm is
is understood to be the pur siotv to view the body o .i -..cased, bring-
iog a note to the core u.- th# iheritt"
tice, in which l.e was hr.-•• «'d as Mr. VN
son. tended to di-ered'.t h".- teftimuny with tut*,
direct ev'den. e of othe"
and the
fact that lb: Young'.-- pistol w:s- lound not to
have been dis barged, decided the jury to
tach no weight to his testimony, :ihd
brief deliberation, the} returned a vcruiei
charging Kaliocli with murder.* iementhow
exp'ains his change of name by stating that
he adopted the name of Watson as a matter of
convenience, his true name being ditikult w
A London lbun net-
The usual banquet given 1 v the coun
cil of the Royal Academy took place i*atur.
day night, April 30. The Prince of Wales, re
plying to a toast to the royal fanr.ly, alluded
to the work of the Duke of Fdinbii'gh and Ire
land. He said his brother had
opportiu y
of taking supplies from the Congelation that
Our ed- gallant ship sent ever by our
his, who are so noble and generous. Glad
stone replied to the toast, ":o her uiuiesty
ministers. The President of the academy.
Frederick i.eighton. p:opo",ng the toa«t "sci
ence and literature,'1 to o .-asitn o welcome
ftrft llartjjw ho r"sr0!!(1*m lt,iir:o,,oU'* sTf't*cii
Kritish Parlianit'i :.
Parliament was lbrnu-ily opened Ap:.
29th, by Lard Tel bourne, lord high chancel:"
the uuke of Areyiie, Earl Granville, K.irl
ney and Lord Northbrook, acting a- tije re
unmission. The |rocecding im n. !y coii.
ed iu summoning the commons to the bai
the house of lords, and requesting them
elect a speaker. There was a fair attend.!
of Sue commons, including many new m...
bers. There were fourteen liberal pecis, i
bishops and fifteen peeresses present
the house of lords, Iu the house of comm.
there was a meagre attendance. Tho 1
members' conference on the land question i
Dublin deatined ParneU end his adhere: ',
Some Irish members, including O'Donnell ,o
Genyon sat on the tory side, others on the 11
eral side of the house. The So'ir* and iraii
:e very rowde.i.
Burainc of' o• -i. ,.i i i i 1.
At i .• inor
V. V. :•... v.. •. 1:
f)aytoi-. y t'"~.
a time -.v. -t- -at.
,,1. The 1 .. urs..-.: :.
ouly tl:i- v
by the Nat
th" fall of I'O-. .t a ftv*
not inaur"d. Athoroui."
re left -t-.'idii
gcvcrni-.i'-nt 1
luad-1 to a- c: rain th
no y
cu out !..r..nj', re'-i, i-'i. a inri'c .on .1
abic war rfl whi-h we*e ston-d ir i-
scum are reported 1
aniorg then.
sr.l uniform of
Home f"r safe k"i i
the Army c.f the am.-', i.and .t-1 .iq ".
It is a scijou-i to the Hon-.". nd de» v
felt by th-,- .lic-r* with w* rr tin in. i
r-ouree of' !.'• .innient. and
ing Tt 1 that mei-i.r v*' i..
to rf'^M^d fT1 .- )•:.! it t-ac:.,. s
tl .- ..
English vti'ciii-
The Mark Lane Express says the weat
er the last two months has beeu ihe u.i't
seasonable known for live years. Spring c".v
ing has been 6at*factonly finished and si
cultural purposes are generuliy favciabx.
In consequence of the prospect of a good
crop, farmers have ceased to attach import
ance to the retention of the remaining ttock
of home grown whcid and siippilles in Mark
Lunt and cuuntry Uiuikcts havv- coti-cquciit
lybcenmo:e Lbe-ial. Aithou»h the conn'
tion of samples has l»eeu fair, talcs were ii
ly effected with ditlicnhy at i decline of two
shillings per quarter. Actuii imports of for
eign at Liverpool and London have not been
sufllcient to cause the depression,but numerous
arrivals at ports of call, and liberal shipments
and the marked decline in America have r*
duced business, to a state of panic. The op.
erations of holders have been utterly di«-.-.
ganized by the release of the immense accu
mulation on the Atlantic seaboard. Instruc
tions given to factors have been simply to
take the best price you an get, but sell. I:
such a demoralized state of trade, when n it
ers can scarcely be induced to look at wheat
it is not f-asy to chronicle the exact decliiuv
especially as the
lo have yet bcei. it..
ed that .lince the
the ri.-jg, white Am
shillings per quarter
ered t.t pn.se .t expo
i- very k.- _.. i-c
decline ok .Yi-
est point does not appear
1 ed, bu it may be t.
knowledgcd failure •'.
icun declined 6 and red 4,
-. As far as can be gath,
rts fi-om Tbj-":-*a will not
•j -. ..-lie'. ,-f this fact th
1., not: c\s. ded 2s Cd
per quarter, iiuhine.-s has been entirely of a
retail character. The dt mainl '•o far is not
:it a etanulated by th decline in prices and
and 1 lie fsture i- u. bi.t -b:ir
a rela se may fo(' wi u ty a oj -t
reaction. Arrivals at ports of eJtil have teen
large. The recent heavy de lin« of wlieat
brought forward buyers and there has
been a large demand throughout the week,
prices recovered Cd to 1 shilling on red and Is
to Is GJ oa white. Maize i« quiet. It has de
clined a shilling a quar- Oilers of wheat for
shipment frc.m Ameik.. tinned restricted
Some 'itile bu.-ine.-s lias been done in red win*
t'.r on passage at -13s fid, to CQs, 3d, but buy
ers aie generally indisposed to operate. Maize
and barley slightly lower. Sales of English
wheat last week were 29 "t] quarters at 41s
H, against f,3,1113 quarters at. 40s l!d for the
ne period last year. Imports
bailed Ki:i::d'.in for o week ending April
,v X'i ,t. wbeat ar.-l 11 1-S 2 e-.t
Sunday Tragedy.
llii Geii Micnities of Patte^on
on Sunday soth: :r. May",
(if* (iarrrt -Monnt, i:.i, to gre-
ti.eson us uf
^rty ot
"i Flonto .-
Ti party thei pc I' t«. tor howse,
where the polken... protect
him. They tired the -and ham and then
-eized Dalseli and wt .!«»ut to hang him to
.. tree, the rope eing already in position,
when a reinfo: ceiuont of policemen arrived,
^nd Dalseo and bis son, who was also itnpli
I eated. were re- .-d .n: *.!.• r"u''
I tt. New York.
Ilffcctsi of the Cyclone —Burial of th*- Dead.
A Macon, Mississippi, special 1 April
i ,7, says at a meeting of citizens called bj
the mayor to-day to adop' some plan of ie
lief for the sufferers from the. effect of tho cv
vlone S:.i:day night, Ajuii a relief coiu
mittee was appointed to raise funds to repan
the losses, |»rovide food, raiment and shelter
The committee have 'J03 on their list wh*
i are absolutely destitute, some not
piece i' -lothing m»r bread, niter
1 carefulh ^timati1. _r :ho urgent dc
mends saying nothing of reparation of losses,
•t was considered that $2U,00owould be required
Over has been contributed frum citizens.
including *r4Wdonat. l.-y C. Fleming, super
intendent of the Mo' -Ohio railroad, whe
wa« here to-day to witnetsihe ruin and devas
tation done Ins loaci, w nich will amwunt
about fJMMMy. A committee of whicli Robert
C. P-attv .- airman, will issue an adrlr
morrow from abroad, which lie
wo-.-.!d m-et a ready response.
s o'cioci. on the moru.ng uf Ap:. ivcrj*j
oell in town-oniuled the death kn .: eecti
when ti :i:-he.
iiriven -greed
Ih': process.o!. inovcu tt» the ."(in'tery. liu
agiite the tctac'.e, fift.-.«n w.«irons in a fine,
each bea» ing a corpse, followed by the la'g'.v-t
v ver atlended aburi-
died to
'.heir Li
dry eye
J. L. N
yard, the wagon*
d, were relieved of
the empty wag-.."
the. next. Truly
::u- father
-i *ely u
•ed i
old in the Head.
Mo&t peop.' ?ork upon a eoiu am
•small lu^ttc:. Or.,'' they
:i(-tliinp tmt a cold.'-' Ami y*t a -,I.i
uiuv prove spt'fdiiy fatal, or bo n 8urc*
of lite-long ham.. Tin- l:Ui£»'7 i ntoro
apparent when we romenJier that a vig
orous person but. M-hiora take« cohl.but
mainly thoso persons in whom tl.o pow
er of vital ro^i'-tj'.nee is alreatiy woau
A cold ru:iy rat. v »i«lly into pio-,
nioiiiu. It may t:v t- to rheumatism,
and thenoo to disease of tho lie.trfc. It
may throw itself wth dangorous syni].
turns on tho bowei^. It. may briitf* on
i kidney eomjjianit. It may intlarne
and close up tiiO pall-dnets, and rln.n
ciUso indescribable iitrf.ny frrm tl ,1 in
tention of the xnlJamed bladder y ihe
aecnnmlafetl biie. Finally, it mav r-
Milt in eoid in the- he.ul.
The original attack—it is alight ..
oriet ffver -is general. The po: it
-peeial harm is from tho consc'iniences
which remain when tho fevri- w over.
Of all eolds it is generally thought
that one in the head is of tho loast aig
Mfieance, beyond being annoying. J-.ut.,
nt a late meeting of the New York
ic-al Society, a paper was *ad i-y jJr.
K"Osa, in which ho declared it to ho .ho
ir.os-t frequent auKe of eerfain eliroine
diseases—and intlced of very many of
the maladies which terminate life before
the ap-o of 70.
He raided, "Tho firnt pre ,t. proeiiu
tiontobe taken by each iadtviduai
K(?n»f to tiie flinergency.
a n i o on theJo.rkj
ruilroad, was only Jive feet in I
i eight, and Mr. Hnry, r. pn«-oogor, wns
luiOst Ho fii'-py
hi.s hnt 1 u! r.nti itC(d up sti.ii'rht v.iu-n
tiie little conductor corno along, jiliss
ec.uld iif.t, l-eneh tho tiohof, even by
^binding on Lis toce, and his comical
el'orts made t!:e pac-s-ong^rj laugh up
roarionhly l.ut, witliout -i'.arigingeoan
toiiHr.eo, he brought a step] uldt rjea::-.:
i against tho log man, climbed up to
tiie ticket, and then -went, on ap though
nothing had happened.
i Young Ji.puneBe children Heaiceiy
(Mix cry, be
cause great earo is taken to
I keep out of their way every po.^-iKe
cause of irritation. It is pi' b.'.l, y in
f'onseqaence^ of this that tho ,7
beaming smile.
went .to .the:)
the ris-'ing of
no n th* 1, st Sit'id.ty in M.-y. i
iiinorjg them Jo?e, ii
-.••• ,,f Alderm-r.i Swift,
i. oiicipji: bnard, a'umpted
I- of Uassi ,i, b.rruei- owning
mount '.ill top. They were
The Penalty.
i or every hia commit ted, every error,
v. o aht p«y tho penalty. Tho const
ou,nc' s of reat miKtakes aro jusi a.i
^iire _aw thoso of small onea, and tho
i hapjune.sa of your whole life, and of all
tue irves over which you havo power,
i c!ept.jidsa3 literally ou your common
f-':hso and cliscrt:tion
hud order of tho feast of a day.
A pound n? sugar,
half a teaspoonfnl vinegar, tahhi-yptibn
ful of luitter boil niiir::,
•'tir ifc up only onee the fir
i se,.
i -tuned i su'-Uer In-,
Thai, our 'lull music never n,i)r
Woke such wild sweelju-sfru,,,^
Nor f'.ortal touch from himcnn,i
Ab' M-t him In the woodlands V
,Lenl heaven a mirror for its tlmj
Or wher- the o can evermore o,,'. '1
e lonely grandeur ef iunelitl
•i.r,,..... i.i... f..,i
These roust* him to full r.ipturt*
Into '.In' sweetness of an antrevi"
Who wakes on earth, now.faii'n
So the .lloliaa harp owns not 'i
«f 1 arp's fingers not the orderr
nf t.ingiiM sonata,
I- w'.de-:' h-,.:-
A Chance Actjuaiutii
'.tin- ot vur must it» mlar
jirising busitiehH nun Whsin
several weeks ago, ami gut
onto uuinc. The parlor a.
nut tin porter said
iake our seat any when,
w minutes. Some o"i tlltg(.
get out soon, and tlu-n
u a sc^at."
y t'r nd enter- i|ltt
ceremony s. ./.-! hirnt
ir.in^er who was reading a
mug pa]er. My uk'n
x:tiaitive .ibout ry
i:i£.r tn toil, aiul 1 .v.. j)«t tri
t'-.lt tin- Ml T'l. i,.£
ca!i hini i'oters. lie is.
.. man, a stalwart n pubii
ry woil up iu polim-s,
l'! struiit'er i.tui dovvr. Jii
ty feoon. ami engaiied wuf
I'ett the p,. »i tno
noss, ,.t culatior i i other
r~. ussem, ami natura
-ation. ran itu s, e
.stia:i .rc" not^eei
.'to: i lim hoi
,er rejj
\\i.j !o W asiiin^'.oti.
i/ivcj tiiere askni Petei
i e
n .u (dlice.
i men -,
-me in,'
i a -!n :e.
Ves," repii'
-ply think v.
1 muscles loi
'd tt lest fo! k
t• again.
lite army,
tix.isury, an-
.- I'xe
ut lull
.!! lo- 1'.-. i
i man
I rcahv -i
to keep himself iu good general eondi
tion, and, to do tliat, ho must atndiouK
ly avoid ail that tendn to disorder the
skin and the functions oi ail the organ*
of the Intdy.
"Childrt ti must be elothe^lin flannel
tho year round, and must bo mado to
know that the staples of diet are milk,
bread, meat, vegetable* and fruit, mot
that tea, eoil'ee, and iiastry of all kinds
are to be used ouly as the greater oi
luxuries, and there lore in small quanti
t:es and at long int'.rvals."
ni.e, ami i
liisu I'resitlf
•tr«-u: tl.."
'.ay II
.. gt-bleo
i'e.r.tionri lia-t been t«"Uij
tffii f-o that Jolui .sir vmt
.them d^h-'.'Hti'S TO ^'l
"A glei-.t in uiv things lih
iSe(ret.*ry Sherman's opp»ii
neither true or roa-on^ble.'
stranger, s uuewtia'
•1 iike to M-ti lla\t's i
'read," remarked 1'etera,
ivii-scrviee order c\«*r
to be enb rced it s-iiouM
now, whin- the tighl
nomination i? being
never meant to he entor
issued it to satisfy some of
])amtiy gilt-edged politiciiu
always lor reform when the
oftice. It never made stnvd.::
the political machinery ot
and it wis never in tended
than a pretention."
•'Tiie President was since:
that order," said the stre®
iinppen to know that thed
lorc ment.'
*•1 hope he isn't -lying
lrettmg about it,'1 remarked i
Tin stranger changed tb«
vemitimi, and prct:y soon
if he wouldn't smoke. Hie
gar was declined, and Peter
btnoking-ioom alone. Thcr
What 'O'litieman was thi
t^lkino with?"
"Dnnnn,'' responded I'ett
he ati Ohio congressman.
ni.me, blithe naid he W-
What were you talking
"Polities, niost'y. He st'
administi ition man.
Hherman nominated, and
t(Mi«-hy when I said that H»
vice reform business was a
faid he knn.'w Hayes w«?Si
-n Kn•
I i'! e'
No n.'ver -aw
N ftver
i as a race, almosfe exasperatingly good
humored, so that a servant severeiy
scolded will often me rely reply by a
vv i no i 'r"
lloiy b'
yui :i..n't b'O i:.'
(u't it dido't
wa i Iayes.*'
I tl
What did you s iy b» 'll!
"Nothi'rvj but I'M aa-'k'U1
b..' what is true but m*iylM
have exprense'l my views s-i.
id known who I w*
Look here, }iorter,
a M-a*. in th* other
tho cxce33en!e
Tm.ui't aro many har'i
vam-cti »u this world, n'
.oy jiud il impossibl0
h'till tliero r.over
i"dd hoop a fur-line"
.)ig open ami showing

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