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The Grant County herald. (Big Stone City, Grant County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1879-1883, September 23, 1881, Image 7

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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„i. P'affsn^
y in the Comm.-: mi Timoa.
fofleph-Chaflt s- iMul, tho head
al part of the I louse of Borta
en but incorrectly been styled
ie Napoleon. I'm- thin (filling
himself to think. During Ins
it vu •bvioiisiy impossible
by his first Christian name
ight have led to confusion.and
teen discourtcous to the sov
acOordiDglv adopted the signa
-poleon (Jerome i," the lattei
his father's name, though not
Tien the republic n-emed to be
»blished,at least for the \slii!e,
the more Hpleiidid signature of
lonaparte." Since the death
e Imperial tie has dropped the
"ivd othev."
i e ven the plain
Q8 that if France ever returns
net form i.v i*uiu-ut, ho
"Cicsar. 1 liev hitle know tho
.Ireain that l!fc will abdicate iu
of his
n y
1 \V,|i
SOD or any other human
has an
ambition which is
lit ial considerations
s substance rather
ell whether we .shall
like the face of the
F.nough to Bay that
mi V. are not worse
all 111- w hell forty
i to hare tl
,dow of po
Alone can
tat face, s
jf Austerli ,t, on 1-reiich
of Napol
erf Napel
tefuture e pt-roilay in the forl
l,a prison? under life »ent nee,
seemed orse, cov ered with
licule. Ti
l'ri-ncn chuiucter
erially cha' ge I sine eight mii
Yenohmen ratitied the Coup d'
gtthenati hates and despises
nay love '-morrow. And vet
in the
in elemei
9 the pre
ic and rati
in his mh
lperatueut of T^ouis
of sir eess: wlu-'h is
lit eliirf of his Mne.
hi Louis had a (4. mt
lOH as tli'- he the,
N'apoleo:« i ,ts
and the i:-... of
ipp! -".i by tl.i e.Miti
I his own llbillfcrK,
moan ord. r. An
dain:u,rini» to the
too notorious to be
-J y, U.« Then." 1.-' every
as lneurtvd the
soldier an.i il iu
:T his brotiier I:JI
i P'-i n
i i nice as
war was ov.
mbriib.'" wit.
in t*' »,ib'd i
t:n-v si i
it poorly
ge are of
oepeots, i
I, rery an.i
jeliete, he
jst fatal t.
is to rale
ns not bl i
ye stigm
Crimea bt
the Duk
losing re
nesses w
reason, tfc
et their o'
SB 01 A
ife betwe
wu boii
e challei:
nt to be i
duel bet
ay and tl
*t, it is to
'B interes
ith the
it isnov
nth a hi
to place 1
*t» but
th miff
serve i
of then
d, to CM:
on Ul.
d, in rep
lim to
obis fa
that w*
the oou
tas sup
e wishe
i«d an
ests we
ie as. he
•v re
by tl
did in-
»noe *1
i! illa1
I IS-'
-nd ihe
.. J!
w hiels, in trum. w
*j itcd.
4'rnWll 1'!
Umbel a
t'ed. Hi 1'
.Ji.U-liblv 1-1
lii Is
i t»t
net a!
club f"
:in'.s niui k- I
i-.'- oulw.iril res
'1 S.ev ihi i
for di:deln
ii'jipwUeiii of li.'1
'J heir sens'- I
'•'Mil such sins at
Innei-p.ir.'y on (i
a bishop sturk .i
s of the hut pade
bs iht- prov' --vhicb
•\er nu n can Thai
s in.iii- than eh^er no
im-isd v ith him can
ud ul' .'.11\ (ib .i.-aut com-
li'uiu crut-king jokos on
make a good -oveieign
lij'pi, or 1, '.hl-the-
»r 1 IV.ris
1 1 1
it 1
ite.st number un aitndt1
I i
d-.-t' nd tho center-is
ad s-.iiuh of 1'rance. Ai al
that no future invader
his i.dvaucs-d pi^is
wnich,tJurinc» the siege of
"Sei e trf is were ijuai
nianijt r-m-chief of i'.tris
tend u teinh.uy of moir*
'juare miles, and lie v. i
:,1 l'
for re ,Blsi1
,, tor all that:
i 'isbiih'xlry V-
ing i
ftpiai i
and ,s.
iie eh
SUbje i .re!
try H- .!
lleedb'SS to
1 leini! able
w ill.
Mac or as
-U .•(!!•••
i 'il"e gi'a. V. \s
iu.'S, he would be under
in telliug svh.'i
ed tn be cniled "an ilo-
row w
t. !y
C* Mitt
jirgumeiit i
in-ijuii'i.'d t!
praise and i
general adoj
in phy-.ic.d
euinciit:- in its
SI iii in Woe he ti hi
.in whu li it
conipletioi: of this work,
most torniidabie i'ortress
1 the disadvantages which
advance of the (ionuan
(*a\e Htlliulled. Till
-. verv d- -.e.1
:h. d:--.a
sid", 'i'-id fl.r«
If this argnnu-ns
by vhich
••e surprised such a way
,'ussd'lo for him to collect
such a
violent .ittac k. The chances of a successful
siege et I'.tris are, therefore, very small, and
i all the more so as uiYnfure certainly not more
than a corps of line tro./ps
lim t()
1 arts, as was ih case in the war of 1870
It IH altogether very doubtful whether it
would in future be possible to blockade
Fans completely, even with help of
several great armies connect- .. th ouch
other bv cuvair\ divisions.
SiMlthenn-r S iyi I (,^ ,|
Cor. j.(. CohiinbuH i j•, Inq ,,n,.
It is a Hplemlid pla'»,. tl, Study the \'auk
ill his soeiiii aspect. Hero upou his iiati'.
heath and in thfl midst of his own pewpio
he is thoum hlv und entire'v himself, and
those who am may read the dilVeivnee be
tween him and the Miufherrier. in the
111st plueu, he is undoubtedly less genial
iUi w al ih-hearted tuan the si)uthern niin
It shows itself jn many ways, for inshmeel
1 notii'e that amoiur the V-iests at thesi'
HUiuixn-r resorts, tin-re is none of that un
rtsinmed. kindly, IK ral uitenunij.'liiix
and fiiendly exehaii^je of couitesies which
constitute the
reat charm ut
our soutlieni wateimu places. In
stead of that, ihesu people divide into
sqirate cliipies and parties, and make it a
point to take absolutely no notice of any
one outside of their own set. They won't
e^'ii look U a sinner, much less speak to
one. This is not the reserve of eii.juette,
but of genuine coldness and indilleience.
Speaking of ctnpieite, however, the Yan
kefs certainly ha\e, i
some respects,
better manners than hiive. They do
not talk as loud, nor lau^h us boisterously,
nor grumble as much as we do. They
never forget themselves they do not
ron:p they do not v.ush th-\ "are never
rollicking there is u iti.andon about them
even in seeking pleasure they go about it in
a nice, bu-inehH sort of \\a\ that seems to
me would takt away half tii- fun. They
are, as u cias.s, bt t'.-r educated thai) our
people they know more and they know
more aceuralely but
hdk ab-nit it with
interest and oniku-i:
talk politics very ill! i•
it! a party of gei
the N.-w \ork seta
they .do'--"-n
•near as' .on.
i- we, do. 'Tl.
happened to
li whets- the tii
election w,is
lved. It set iiieil He nil Intel
hatevcr. and seal it' ll :i i\ tm.
er pi 1! n fl p, ill
Si il) Ulel 1
1 lo-ir e n• 11 half so tty
'"hi- is laarkej. l»uring
k i tra ese tv\\» resi
iUnd"e en, bebillglHL.
to tb. orihern soci'
sd n*it
autil'i. mill
I'M the eye-
A (rCf'tnatt ,we[..|,,|
Pail stall
n i 1 ir '1.-.,
i.id. I'eetl
:t "it'l
..V. ,. !Si-y ot
:nd al
v steUl.
,'id ill
$6,u0u,00ii the n museum of Victoria,
Australia, S.-.uo.eoe ihe Maison du Koi, in I
l-rusbcls marketplace, SmMUiUO the new
llriihsols mint. the I'alais de dus- I
i tio« at Lrussels, We may com
parf with tho :ihovef thr rost (»f tht fallow
i jug buildings in the I'mted Kingdom: The
i houses of parliament at Westminister cost
^11 ,^Hi!,nnti the new foreign olhce. White- I
hall, $2, i .lOjiiiu undtlie law courts are es
'•fuateil, exclusive of special littitv^s. -it
"irly $4,')iiii,nno."
s.impU's ill Mail .A I utter Daily Alilres«el to i
the .\.«,sa-isiij ol'I'resjilfiit aiiiel(l.
Numerous epistles are reoieved daily,
IVH the Washington Star, addressed to
|uuittau. One morning, among the many
postal eards received, was tho following
lat«'d lialtnxiore, Sej). '2 "Your old
carcase should be donated to some medical
college for dissection, ami joint by joint
taken ott until life became extinct. •Justice
would then b-* done."
"-). II." writes from Jialtimore: ''(.ruiteau,
we are waiting for you. We just ward to
Met our hands on yon and to kill .HI.
We'll got you, you dirty wretch."
A. liuli-t writes from Willi mantic as fol
lows:--"We are having a glorious camp
meeting here, and thousands of prayers us
cfcud to the throne of grace that our dear
president might live, but iujt one of all
those praying saint think it worth their
while to insult «od in praying in your be
half, and I don't think your life would bo
S any more oafe in the praying cirolf than it
would be on the streets of U*aKhiugtfL
iu a dark comer vith me."
A.N Ky rivoiwi, 1X\ ITA 1 ION TO ANN.V I' LX.S.
Annapolis, Mil., says: "After you are
hung will you be kind enouuh to pay the
city of Annapolis a vii.it. A delegation
will uieet you at tho depot.
I'mivilii', Yd., counts the follow.
"How are you inv viper
How isi your guilty thro*:
IH) you think u is ready
To accouunodate tke rope,
BCCHIII -te it it is not
The advice from a fritsin!
Is to hurry and to lix u
For the world without cud
A end I aaitl abovo
it tliat I do not mean:
If you wili nut it th" reverse
You will understand the Scheie
day's mail contained a |f.u
ard dated "lbides, August 2'b l^^l, which
e.uls: "('omrade (.iuiteau' How 1 hmg for
•our arrival. Never, when you shaii have
b-en pitched into tin- bowels of the et. rmty
will tln re be a better piece of tire-wood for
the !ie\t-r-ijurnchwig furnace, I shall be
e-tdy for you on or ai-out the day of your
rial, All orders received will leceive
prompt attention. Satan." This is post
marked I birr
"-YO- s ii .i
\tchison county,
'.elUptlblo Wretch,
with hopes of life
Verdict o! the w
had for tratiski
W oif and the
•. attack
«ut that
i y o i
Villi V,
is follows: "Con
!ve not yov.rscdf
C'. ..riiilv believe the
will be death by hang
i:ateiial ./o you shall
i ou eat
r. i a
our w
V will
'Otn'' a
.. .socially
and si cure
)s the b( sf
ose w ho have
•ndest in itt
.dv ncuting iis
.f instruction
.,i' otli'T ar
i.dvanced by
he education
of p'UaUri--.
io- thi! vveaiiei
il cirottuaiioii.
it is a ^-iv
lextrous prac-
one P.i .av
ut oi "lotii'i ii Hulliliiips.
1 h-r
]hxildi of Louden gives KOiiio lu
ll sling ti^'iiOK about the c^t of m.-u. n.
t« s-.vs "The new tiia.nd t)p«ru
risScost the new Luit. de
v i u e n e w a i i s o s o u
I.sc., s.
thy e. rt
Nav! t,
I i
ostal from Lvuchbus'g, Va,, address
1 11 i u'lteau, the .-,sasin, is tlllbeljish.ed
wnn »t -i.eich of a gallows with a man
hanging on it. ami oiiivevs the following
message: "All's well tii it cuds welV Thus
do you end. Charlie, you are -a bud boy to
*o( ihe president so, for you know he
inight di.-. then to hell you're sure to go.
If the law don't take its course and should
let vou go free, an angry mob will take you
out and hung you to a tree. Thus always
Hith milts and murderers,"'
High ITiml Horses.
In lr»s. Mr. McDonald, of Baltimore,
iid s-"i,ei||! for 1'Ioia Temple. This was
then her measure of vaiu" as the queen of
.* ers of that day. In Mr. fpnu,Mt
•. hode Island, paid ^ll.'niii for t.'.difoi
lamsel, one t.d tho iiistest and hiuhi st
*riceiI (letters of her day. Inl^--), Mr.
l{..nncr. of New York, paid ivM.-Viw for the
\ubuin liorse. In 1 h. paul ^'ireouo
i. Young lVcahoutas. In
may be said to have made the country pay
him well for his time. He is now probably
the largest private la
ltd owner on this con
tinent. He has 4,000,(100 acres of land in
one body iu Mexico, b0,000 in Nevada, and
2 ,WH) in California. His Mexiimn grant
be bought four years ago for $200,000, or
live cents au acre. It is sixty miles long,
and ccvers a beautiful country of bill and
valley, pine timber and meadow land. It
"Mines within twelve miles of the city of
i hirango, which is to be a station on the
Mexican Central. Mr. Murphy raises wheat
oil his California laud and cattle on that in
Nevada. Ho got .",000 sacks last year.and
shifts .iii,0li() head of cattle a year right
A n (.m Hi- ipture
islu :.iii's KxperU'e
Ami l'",»l'Mpe.
I The fullowiim details from Mr. John
Lfsti r, of Ij'.ivvestoft, of his capture1 and es
ca{e from Spanish brigands near Sebastian,
ha\-i been receded, Mr. Lester writes:
"I had walked about sixty miles through
some of the grandt st scenery in the north
of Spam, and, wishing to cross the French
frontier that nmht. was pushing on rather
.ate, when, about o'clock and in a lonely
part of the roud. bordered with woods, mid
way between Sau Sebastian and Irun, I
was uccosU-d by a Spaniard, who asked a
few simple 'juestioiis, walking along by my
side at the lime. .Some others ul "been
either following or had stepped out from
among the trees. 1 was suddtuly felled to
the ground from behind, and on recove ring
consciousness, some hours afterward, found
iiiys. If in u dilapidated botihO or hovel, tied
by the ieg to u fastening in u corner of the
snialli of its two di\ision«, stripped of all
but my trowsers and shirt, and with a bun
dle of straw fur my- bed.
Lis a
one li!
snatch i
You w.-ml 0 lecture. I.
raw iike a sticking plas
soon l.ave superior ad
'""tuiv i i the
this world
villi.m and
•il expe-
tv e,:k
out. and after w,.:
tains ii'ost of ti:
daybre-'.k on the j.wn
with the stones i-mci n
uu-unt ins of 11
eminent have th
tion but. as the,
demnify p«*ison
*ap fn
should glic
that w
r, d-i l.o* ic
ror tip
1 it, then, Gariidd'a
the bitter CUP'*
v''7, he
linn for Hej.tcr. retired him from the
in, turf to ,» private diiviug mui^ter, when
ill the prime of "life and in the palm of his
i g!on us 'he champion of ti otters. In IsiiO,
Mr. Yanderbili ]aid fc.r Maud S, at
i 4 years old a niaro of great promise, that
has clecliitied admiring crowds with^her
•.:n sampled speed.
Tlip Largest land Owner.
|. Col. Pan iliupliy, of ilailcck's Siatitm.
Elko co:mty, went to California in 1S1 i, tn 1
will not at­
tempt to describe my feeling on finding
.myself iu such a position alone with and at
the uiercy of a pang of bloodthirsty rob
bers, pi.-rhaps infuriated at not gaming as
lunch 'is they expected.
"l av succeeded day without anything of
note being said. 1 was (supplied periodi
cally with bread and water, and I found the
gang to consist of live men three of whom
were but indiiYereutlv armed. My capture
had been elVected on the night of liiday,
•Julys, tin what I fjuud afterward to
have been the night of Friday, .July 1"),
having lost count of the days during my
monotonous incarceration, flunking 1 hail
bail siiflicieut of that place, and. lnoreovei,
being tonnenled with a feeling of hunger,
not having hud anything given nie since
the previous evening, and Having an idea
that their m-glect was a preliminary to mv
death in some shape or other, 1 resolved to
strive for liberty. Having worked out a
stone which I found rather loose in the
wall near nie, and /,'living taken advantage
1 lie darkness of my corner, I guawe.l
asunder the cord that bound me. I made
to the door which opened into the other
apartment, and there bt iwg but one guard
left over nie, ihe others being oti on s^me
expedition--1 watched for an opponumtv.
l'resentlv it was atlorded inc. As the fel
low sut with his b.:ek tov.aid iwe, resting
jpon his hands, I stole forward.
i.-c.iy. The S[i.ini-h gov
-.- m.ittei under coiisnii ra
y do not ,!in!etl:ike to in
f:-.uu ,my injury liertatrat-
ed by their u!ijecls. 1 um
aurhoriiy ihat 1 shall b,- lucky
oji ,,v
what 1 have lost.
*'l'ht in Doctors."
I h.ul j!e-1 unfolded the duly and settled
I buck in my seat for a pull al the news,
when she re ched over mid poked me in
I the ill ck with her yellow para-ol and called
I out:
i "Ha- them t:uiiei doctors kilted tbc-]rehi
-e Tet?"
-•he was o- ..erly wo
u.- :.. nev.-' .« .. phial
jep]i-rn:i-nt, and iving a hawk's eve for
ever-y i*.iti-• of Kma.iweed and bunch of
entnip along the line.
"The pnsiiU-nt is uble to sit up."
i don't Iclieve. it— lion't believe one end
of no such story!" she said as she left her
-handle*: and boxes and pal eels, and came
over to share my sa .it,
"Hut the pipers say .-a.,
"I don't keer two cents for no papers! I
tell you th'1 president ha n't bin doctored
right any of the tii.ie, and nobody kin make
me .iev e that he's getting better. Young
man, are you a doct r'/"
"No, ran:.
"You needn't 'mum' me, because I'm a
plain woman. It's n pity you ain't a doctor,
for 1 could prove ye a humbug in about.two
mini's! ]o you know what is killing oil' so
iuanv fo'ksin this countryV'
"It's death, isn f"
"Of course jr\- death, -death and the doc
s! And them doctors have done their
very best to kill the president! Do you re
member what they done the dav he wa3
I'm. Let's si. e! I'lvibr-d for the ball
atid i/av*' him morphine, didn't they?"
"They did," she replied, as ^he jammed
tilt.' j-t:asol in»'i my ri! •. That's jfri what
killed my nephew in {. v .iimy. lie was
shut by a cannon bail them dot-ton
probed and pr-djed and proved, and when
they had got around to decide that the ball
had gone clean throu .!, jam and knocked
off the roof of a barn lit' a mile awav, the
poor boy was dead. M'-orfecn! 1 have
baved over a hundred nay
Ian s from the
grave and I never even sot eyes on moor
feen.1 How ni'ieh I have pitied the poor
prt sidt nt, and how I nave wished to £0
"What forV"
'•What fur? Why turn them tarn.il doc-
JIS out doors, and have the president out
chopping wood in four weeks! It makes
me biling mad to read their way of! treating
"What would you have doner
"Don't ask me—don't ask 1 foe!
like spanking the hull crowd. H-.ve you
read the papers every day?"
"Well, have you read that they have soak
ed his feet one single time since the day he
was shot?"
"Of course you havn't! I: i
horseradish drafts on his feet?
"Not once,"
"Have they gin hm: a smart* I ?w.:
"Or tried ud poultices'
"Has he L.i.. one single driuk ol' catnip
tea since the day he was shot'.*"
"Ilave they used any flaxseed about
"Haven't heard of their digging any giug
sen, sarsiaparilla. wild turnip, sweet flag,
burdock or sweet Sicily."
"No you haven't! she exclaimed as sh"
just missed my nose with that amiable par
asol, "All theyv'e done is to talk abaui
his perspiration being up to 1.0'2, hn nor
mal pulse and his temperature from ninety
to ninety-eight. If it was me my tempera
ture would bo up to GOO and" I'd make
things hot! It's the shamefacedest case I
ever heard of, and you jist mark what I
tell ye- that them tamel doctors will sniif
at lobelia and number six and turnup
their noses at mustard flusters till ai! of a
sudden tho president will begin to sink,
and even cold sage tea and mutton tallow
won't save him."
readiness, and with
on the floor. Then
"uii th" table, 1 ran
my. •KtoiHvitr
w laid him
up a kl.
U among the inoun
lit, found myself al
-•i\. with my f',!et cut
r. strength gone.
I fai:ted. On coming round I attempted
in v.uu to rise, wii.-u two men, coming
alongin a bulb't-k .-ait. I asked for help.
All they did w is t- prod nie with thc-ir goads
and march on. he laborers now turning
to their work in
teUipt to regain Ul
5)elte(I n e with cl
left, but at last
mv feet, and i\ i
my wtrej
and v ie
ly provii
which I
ernor rf
Being tl
sary to enter
and am now
!!cld, and seeing my at
I'eet. sevt-ral of them
had il ft l« strength
1 an.iged t(.» get on
i- led awhile to retain
ered aioni.: to the to A:,
e \ice consul, wbokincl
ii food and -lothets, ilt
tli. sta.
i upon !1
.1 n,e wit
icci'i,.if..inied hi'ii !'efoi the gov
the prov inci tom k st:..teUji ir
en weak and ill I found it necc,
he hospital t*.v a few" days,
inning sts-i! .'th among tbe
Let I s Smile.
i Mc'ther of aisthetie young la.lv at Long
I Branch --"Julia, you haven't beeu in bath
Julia "No. mamma." Mother
"What is the reason'.''" Julia- "1 don't
like to tell, mamma." Mother "Stud! 1-r
me know at once." Julia .liliLshiug "He.
cause Mr. De Lacey's dog comes down t«
look at m» every time 1 .-• to tho batli
i house, and 1 know M: I v I^ucey sends
i him."
A young man, pale and visibly agitated,
hurriedly entered a drug store late one
i night ami accosting the clerk said. "tiiv.
me an ounce of chlorate of potash, will
you, as ij lick as you cm'.'" Onsening his
i perturbation, the clerk ventured to ask
("What's your hurry r" "Why, I've eet
kissing our Sunday-school teacher since
o'clock, and bho di-ln tell me tul ten min
ntes ago, that bht- w.is afraid i" had ti
i diphlheria."
What makes a newspaper: i he olemen•
that serve to uiiike a news}apt-r popular .u
very u.'iii'h diversitied. A man with \e v
short hair, who had evidently just bet u
pardoned out of the penitentiary, came iun
the SijtijiQs sanctum yesterday and su:
scribed. He saul he liked Ihe paper \e:v
i much, that be used to get it when he was in
the penitentiary. What peeuuiii lectures
i of U do you like most r" asked une of th
Sifters. "1 like your pitching into tic' lem
lature. I've got a brother who brought d.
grace on the family ly belonging I v
never had any use for him smc«.'
i S'/tii /.s.
1 A ijuoer looking cburnctet went into ,i
dry goods store and nnpiifed the pricM o! .•
yard of ribt'on. The e.ierk luforne.d h^m
that the price was six cents. "Sixteen? I'll
give you fifteen." *'1 did l.ot sny sn.tecn, 1
said mx cents." maid th- '-brk. "On1 six:
cents. Well, I'll give
I ply.--/' A s San.
"My daughter's painting,' sani jiiiinle
proudly, st.)frmg before an ull.ged work
art, "lii i.utiful. isn't it?" "Y\s." ,e[)l.
Fogg slowly, "but what do you c,dl it w
does it represent.-'' "Ah, well yes
fad is wu have not decided what to call
yet. put :sn't it lovelyr"
llit* Ht'iiil-Shaped Bodice
The hem t- shaped or V bodice which i
ich in vogue has brouuid into f.ivo i
pC-culi.-ii shapei eoliar of silk mull and la
very deep and long, re,idling »o the belt
front, where il is tied in a luge bow it..
hanging ends ed with frills of
is cut yachting shape iu the i v.
haiitlsomt lace medallions ia each i •.
i Another new and o-niy u.-'ce.-s-.-i oi tno
toilet is tin French gilet or vest intended
for u:"«o with high plain corsages. It forms
a 1, coining addition to tbe
simplest or most
elegant toilet. It is made of shirred silk
tull'i whit..- and tinted, and edged with wide
frills of A.mliae he-e. It has Sluart eol
lar faebior.e.1 to th" m."-k, also adorned with
lace, A pretty Vest in tins style is .dso
made o| {'.i.tlu-r grt.y suiah Irimiued with
steol luce and closed down the front with
dnps of tue mat-, rial fast
Medical Kislory
iiV :iv steel
"Whoever," s.ty the dislin^ui.^Lt Jer
mai authority, Yr.vhow, "vsilltaio* up and
read the publications of the Aim.ric.in mil
itary medical stall' w dl be continually
toiiished anew at the ricliiless of the
p. riences th-rein noted. The utm istcl.
ness and exactness of detail, statistics cur
lied down to the most minute point, a pre
sentation of facts gathered from all side?!
of medical experience, have hem hero
brought together, in order thd the knowl
edge bought at so dear a pi ice might be
transm.tfed in its most compi'-te form to
the world of the present an-.l of the tuiure."
European nations, he says in his lecture,
Lave yone through many wars to learn little,
while Am.urii aiis have made tho must for
humanity of their tirst war.
The Hub ts of Vountr Men.
From the New y,Jt ii sun.
"Th re are people right here in Brooklyn
who swallow whole houses." said Miss An
na Oliver in her sermon the Wiiknighby
Avenue Methodist church on Sunday even
ing upon ''lbinn* Duties." "I have seen a,
man who d"tually swallowed ft brown-stone
residt i:ce. his own house, ami not content
with that he swallowed his nice furniture
piece after piece, then his wife's jewelry
and good clothes a'"
his daughters, also.
The bricks with w. .1 houses are. built, I
believe, cost about one cent each. Every
time a ycui?g nr-in take a glass of beer lie
swallows about live bricks. Calculate bow
many you swallow a y« ar. Count the bricks
by the years, and you will find how long it
will take to swallow a house,, Hovs on the
street corner smoking burn up brick alter
brick and desirev their manhood."
The Hon. Martin I. Townsend bought a
farm of l,on acres in Iowa years ago *t
$ 1.10 per acre, and recently disposed u£ ail
but a smailpjgft of it at $30 per acre.

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