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The herald. (Big Stone City, Dak. [S.D.]) 1883-1890, November 26, 1886, Image 1

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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sin roiius in i
iuHi .'
}tu.v- just laid i
-. of Mori's, Hoys a
SuiN. Tho h"ot
t- i i
y n i
\v prices thai you v,i i
1 (t Jt»\vi!lg UOW 1'.
jctls 11' V !.' i! at
Odj 0
Ladies' ClorA
The remainder of 'ur s'
»f La«-lie's Cloaks u are
iug out at cost for cits!
I n a e v e y i n i n i i
line of Dry ioo'' (iroc-eru's,
Oloihiui:, Jliits, ('hps. Hoots &
and Shoes, Crock r.. Sewing
Machines, etc., etc., nli of tl
cst quality and ut tvason
•price s at
i"*y idf
%ta ii
f% n
i ~T3 Sir TTT^^^r^'P
C. C. €.
out for this space
Bek for an interest
xl profitable adver
c. c.
111 HI
cull I I
w !••,
houcn.i (.'arc- .•.
itiir up hnif a I
sav to
'He tarm-
I oft 'i A ,..•
i:. •.
a n
i farm•!• -mid
arm i rainIV.
unknown, it would he 111
dueive to its-* Health and li
I tu that of iii- wife. It won
1 illtciVM to I. would
!H»\V «en*a' and
for Ik' iinr tie! i i 1 i:
til' 1 Iiitami tlit* -It:
on which the. ordhii'
lie I
M'hh :i
of ntlbrdit
days p.jiie
I/nyioj.* T'
It is an old s:u::i^ '•iionriil W!' tli'.i
Wt if you do pot pay t-'» d.carlv for it."'
l-'ro:n!ne failures of our own live* we
purchase very v \i.
wlii iii may tnii\ ne --u i
dearly, It. -is- Very en -v to
patii for- others which wc !. i: i
travel oursidves.
\S'e assume, to commeae
the lieails -f tlie household
i in the.r dev.ro. am
sheep in
lieeii wi
'•u.* wool .1
1 -cpin^ in
Do riot oyer
them make. a
d- not atteni'-:
iu surnmer ii
i::.)d-rato cotp'
u a
•with, tiift?
:\re united
rmdeavor for an at­
tractive homo. "Ui which !-. 1
hoipfit! aud Ju 'ui)c*s +"*r
too ofiiui liu!. oi:i of uiind alt.-:: -i.a'r
tin1 fact tiint iu tiio irrowini: imv :«ud
jrirls of o\\:- own fnmilios an- the fathers
and mothers of ti.*• future .'jvur-a!iou.
One, •'Jf tin1- e:iriie.-t h's.Mri:i of oiiihl
hood should lie a ivijnnl t'
in lii« (••.teem (not t" -:e
l)y the grandparents.
note that, the present Lrenerru n, stimu
lated perhaps hy eus'.oms and fashions,
are not on!v euit ivatin^ a tas'.o Jor old
china, furniture, etc., hut. v/i !i it a ri
ard for those, who iiave pre--.:rved s.»
carefully these relies of a previous »:en
cration. it is no lonp'r considered ihe.
tliiu£T to iirnore l!ie elderly prcple or
put till!m in the corner, .so that \ve couie
feci thai the future present.', a more
hojmful outlook for the cultivation of a
proper treatment -f t:.e wlin-h
as il should be.
lint with ali thi, tl e will «h io»l al
wav.s be in every homo where love,
abides, memories which chumj aeliin
heart-'. Of the irrief we liavt cause. hy
faiinn^ to comply vviti: wishes seeming
fooii.sh to us in our ignorance, hut wLo.-u
ful!iilm«Mit we. would gladly |n'rform a
tliousanu limes couhl we live, our lived
over a^ain. 1 know a lady wiio jscM.jiu
^iniles^ and ahvavsvery sadly- Kvery
one knew her as bright and ^'ay, hut at:
the collin of her mother *:ie said: "I
would irive ail I ]f•s.-.i-rj- to call her hack
lonti' enough to ask fonjivein'Sit fur my
inaiiy thou^hlle.s.-, words and deeds."
liut all the world had called her a de
voted daughter, and none but the homo
eii'' ie knew, or fancied sue had thus
laid up sorrow for all her future lite.
L'iicft j7
i^f.s held
•div so)
rlud to
Uuoh'cr, in UuuU Iluus.a •.
1'K i:d M»
Is cooling and sootliinp: when ap.plied
to sensitive parts, it promptly relieves
inclination, cliailn.u" and vnreness of
of tliH skin, and all smarting und itidi
intr diseases. It has cured cliroiiif.'
inlhunniatit»n of the eyes, when every
other treatment had failed,
in a
ient tor
:i i •.•••: hav.j
w i:: a ivantage,
:u! the «hee''
e y U i s v
growth pos.satle, but
::iak! t!e,:j fat. Fat
A good
Kansas fan.
.it. r,: -."d broom
corn last season ami held it until aoout
Jan. i received iroui .f'1-7 to
ton, ui*ar'v twit*" as mne'i per ion as
i!:.*y ever ijeioi'e received.
Kefirr.inro l'clds in sir
-i wav as to
rediiee fene:n to h- 1 m.'M ]oiiit, and
cot. of maint-'iianee o:i many farniai
will be reduce'! eno, ui iial 'te-' :ui
nual ciaim-' b\ tin- .theivr.
At !lie {'iriu'c i !J.try r.\h,!.-i
tion, lately In-id in J. i prize-, w^v
preserved M'st prt/.e
Went to e-nfvs •p'leke-' -alt: ?it-
['lie of
a I ifornia has ed iin
eesbli I lot! I to i ie Uiailil.
s iar Ueel.s.
A fai sktil" or c,!. ahir.tal intended
f.-r tlie butcher will •_ or! r.-ad.iyat any
i'l.c. Ut it-is-li '. I to put fill 1 i
re..uirco fal in a 1'ew if there is
tue inl* 'o'ioii to .-m l'-• .!-Jleeuing is a
A Wisconsin f:.rvi s that if th
tlert are cut oil' ev.-u with the ^rouml
and salt placed i n 'Ijctc. fast us they
anpear they can be destroy*. I, but that
watel.fulness and indii.-try must be
cxLJ'ciseiI in keepin llcm Milled.
Many nurserymen advise transplant
ing evergreens in late summer rather
than .-.priiij as the olensant moisture of
the autumn enurestl.eni to root well
fore winter, and they are not first t«\
od to endure the scorching of oy rly
Jf one takes a little pains and time he
can r» adily raise nearly all the trees
ami shrubs he needs bv transplant!!
to a nursery patcii from the tore^t when
Rmall or bv buying them from tlie nur
series. where they are grown from seed
very cheaply.
Plans should lie laid to prepare th«
ground to be planted wilh raspberries
or blackberries, next -priiig this fait, tf
the ground is plowed at any time after
this'and thoroughly cultivated about
the close of October, raspberries can bo
planted as soon as frost iu out without
organs ar
•jr too it:
on ii -r:!ii• •:t arid frc
bine. !iii'\s, ™r:ios uno
or lm: vtiii t.
r'-neraiiv* 'ttiiuir wroiii!
itl thai i* the otic tV v.it--
•O -h wh-it -l OUsiiel •.
.il'iii ui v. lial
i Ooll\ 'ito it \& n»' .t
tran-- mure leadi
uhSe. ilmi of ctnu
.. s left on the
i--l.i:', i.:.i'ried hw:»v,
soili in its grain form.
".ntaure of the creamei-y
.' -1 milk quic-vly
I.,as gfta
i ail--I uiiiint.il ol cit'aia. It is
V e V V
in-portant t'iat :i e milk he put in 'he
creamery while yet warm f-oin t!ie c.\v.
"ar^edairyi niiik shuuid
t-r.n eil a was .raw*. a
man ci'i-. s
•'1 t'lirlalii
I .. alarm
a ''p- i:of t-'.e I Icatfiatl
which was never seen in the countrv h.s
fire the orcsciit .st.-aon. It is t.icjic\e.d
tl-at th" mk.v! was brought to the coun
-'i for packing ^Tood-- i'.i
.a, or the Cmled ates.
Iiiis straw, u prcs::nieu, was uvd for
f. e«i n^ l-.orses in l/m-luu s and
e u i a i u i e a w a s i w i i w a s
earrif w i re i in ...
appoare ..
L'roie.-s.-r L. 1
i. Arnoel wisely n.'
inark.* that tlie nutrient propcrtio- in
irrain t^f corn are passed t!uo.
ec.li. \Viien ^alnered in an imma
cob is loaded widi nutr:
oti its way

tlio :i eriH,d-3
*as the
.-'i?tw or
iffeen state
lestiniHl for
is arrested,
,.w when th
tiie su
»nd it iv
i atler
M. of sol: -rii !-iay il re
e 1 withot^er u .:v.r .•
near lie licie thu ssod
The latent e-tiiii^.t's
lile. yield-of wh'-a: in *•••..
countries place thp [r'.•
T/niied Kiii^doui at o7.' to:
or "Jo.i*••!!,n.'
-hels h' ". ..-.n in
Serioii- dai .. i i in
iius.iia 1- i1 i .• :i-: in •!«•!l.i ..
tiie yieid is di-appointi'!^ in boii.i.i"
wet weati:er has delayed tlie iiaru
(ierniany al-o the weatlier has bom
unsettled, but an average wi.eat
i.rop is c\pec,td. while in France the
.-lock is low and the crop is variously
reported. The India exports are expuo1.
ed to be about equal to last year's.
soM i- i i-:s ti
i k ka km kks.
The average yield of wheat per aero
in Missouri has run down from twenty
five bushels per aero on virg'n soil to
eleven and u half bushei.s, the average
in the stale for the past ten jeftf* but
I'rofe^-.or San!orn says in his la.--t Imlle
tin that, according to his observation
and experience, it is not the wheat that
is running out, but the farms, and some
times the fanners. Of the yields of tin
Full/ wheal,
the college farm he
acre, in a p«w year. Tin
i .\i» aide chan
i• "r in
il-lli W
sou an.
iai.v .-lie-''
ururs ...and
"i lie. iatt"
i I'alsj i
The fi*st crop that, 1 cut was beu
Kown when 1 took churg-' lour years
ai.ro. it n:»d» lo bushels of wheat per
second crop
*. a Ijetter
o? system 'of
i a purLiai !ii
fanning eiop,
Tne third
i.-usi e
roj) was under a fuller change of
Vm and upon on of t'.ie worst wi
.-canons knov\n to ,*,! soti.-i croo
bushid- "r'ate average. •.)-..jtlnn jr •.
blifhe• Crop til..--yi a i 1-- ie
els per acre. The full t'^lauiJ.dimen:
the system of fanning proposed wi.l re
quire s ,\ years i c..»n-pl« t«', wee:
bushels per aei'o is looked f"i" .i:.
average year, with the. coulidom
certainly. Indeed, the crop oi v: -i
this year n the section of grontid no
following very ciO-s' iu point of tone ii'
wheat was nearly 4U bu-hel» aero.
"Wrt can run wheal in again,
the rrofes-or, "by running our fertility
\Vor*e tiian u. Fire Alaruj.
One of the most dreadful alarms
that can be sounded iu a mother
ears i:i rod need by croup d:eadi s
because it is known to be dangerou
the more dreadful because the life
a loved one is in jeopardy. Chamhei
Iain's (,'ongh Heme ly is a never fail
ing safe-guard against this dangerou
disease. Its reputation fM a preveu
ivi? and cure of croup ia fully and
tinnly estatdished. In fact it is the
only remedy which can always be re
ied tipon.

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