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The herald. (Big Stone City, Dak. [S.D.]) 1883-1890, December 17, 1889, Image 1

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1 'mo.:3 rnon.
0 mos
|501 3.5
lno't'2 001
Iff): 1.50
9 00
Lc oo
15,00j 25.00! 40.00
Division 1'., JI.
& St. v. Ha'1waV*
^pst. (lOing East.
12:i5 a
12: JU a xa-
4:»M» ra
.... G:UO a in
learM tor Wiimot at 9 a
iT/irom VViliii"t at 11:55, erery
i Wednesday »«l
KOHTY orricr.Ks.
Lowrs_lst Dist.John Martens.
"d |)ist.,VV.T.Buriuatj,Lh.ni.
Id I)ist.,Ww. Jennings.
vV- Martens.
^,11'robate Judge-*-!'hoa. Bouck.
S. Farley.
u ,! enedict.
liiart—J- L. Lock
LXls-O, VV I'revey.
vt c^v-.l. H. Owen,
"br U U.C.Rose.
|«urvfjtr-W. S. CrowL
iHenryS Volkmar.
fr L. IKMI'K.
ir-.\ng. Mittelsttedt
-R, Rodgers
teiicf—s. C. Junes
joraev—'Tlios. L. Bouck
leu—1st Ward—J A McBride,
kr 2d Ward—VV Saunders, W
3d Ward—0 A Krlandson, K W
|rsh&l, Street Commissioner, Building
ctor and Fire Warden—J K Siiuuions.
Ian—Charles Sutclitfe.
npf-r No. 15. Stated convocations
Itud tourtii Thursday of each month.
|p.iu. Visiting companions cordially
A.BLBSKR, High Priest.
Stated meetings at Schaler's Hall, on
.Thursday evening ol each month.
Ig brethren are cordially invito! to at-
niscEL, Secretary.
No. 51.
Beets every Tues lay evening at Scha
wl. Visiting brethren cordially invi
|Meeti-1very second aiul luurth Satur
.|i. la. sharp, at the Court House,
waits visiting our city are invited to
is, VV. DitfUiJ," Commander.
VITCH, Adjutant.
W.-Me«'ts first and third Mon-
mint^s til each month in MaSon.
WuiRg brethren cordially invited,
Recorder, .M. W AT SON, M. VV
M. Meets in Sfhaler's Hall, Milhank,
the first and thini Sunday ol each
TACF. Foss, Sec.
MilUuik Division N o. Meets at Ma
I Hail every second and fourth Sundays
ifl- All members ol the order cordial
F11^. F. A. JOHNSON, Chiel Oonii'r.
IHOESE, Sec. ami Treas.
0. G. T.—Meets every Monday eve
sung at Court House and extends a
iuvitatwu to visiting members.
S. K,
(xtuvutf, C. T.
I® THOMAS, Rec. Sec.
ITHOLK.:.—Service St. Lawrence
uiurch every Sunday and holy day at
rwa. m. ITEY. JOHN HEKMELING, L'riest.
pT i*I. K. Church. l'reaching every
punday at li 45 a. m. and 7 :'0 p.
rrl» League 6::i0 p. ni. Punday school
''raver meeting Wednesdays at 7:30
J»v. J. C. SHKLLAHi, Pastor.
^JEK(iATU)NAL-R 11 Battey, po&tor.
Services every Sunday at 10: Jf a JII and
Sunday school V.l Y l'SC U Sun
AN—Service oocasional—m the
Norwegian language at tlie church at
J- 11- STOHUK, Minister.
|Pl|C0pAIJ__^prvj(,e in library Hall lirst
7-'J, -vot
month at 10*:tr» a. m.
"w P- w. REV .J M.MOBRIMK olliciat-
Office at Watertown. 8. D.,
r*t,y eiven that the iolloW-
l0u i- ,1rk
'"I'-D notice of his HI
to InjlL-£k i .... ... ...|
P'Wl til llli-ll 1IWIII1- in inr
lai ''na' l""ooi in supixirt 'o
|»u 'iat
prool will lie made
circuit court at Milhank, S.
rj ,ar3'»-•*», viz: Thomas Kijt
1 e(
the northwest
tion 2(i, Township 1»0 north.
.west. He ji.M,ies the hdluwing
P^ve his continuoues residence
Niaiii' ,tU,,
ol,said land, viz: Win.
uik's- p°
rt Ht'nry
Kohler, ol .Vul-
Authony Carter, of Milbauk,
C. G. WILLIAK8T Register.
Christmas trees of all sizes at A.
J. lileser's.
The little six year old boy of Hans
Glomstadt, of Mudison township died
Saturday evening.
The case of Ilenry Neill vs. the
Advance company is being tried in
Justice Jones' court to-dav.
Miss Laura Bradford was reelected
as teacher of the primary departmeat.
at the last meeting of the board.
The Catholic Sisters will give a
school exhibition on Friday evening
Dec.27th. at the opera house, to which
all are invited.
The State grange of Minnesota meets
in Minneapolis, Tuesday the 18th•
Melrose grange will be represented by
N. I. Lothian.
LOST -A gentleman's nnplucked ot
ter gauntlet glove. The finder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving at this
oilice or at Chas. Belcher's in Big
Stone City.
Major iJiggs returned ..from the
agency evening, and states that
the requisite number of signatures
had been obtained to the treaty before
he left. The matter will be presented
to congress, and there is no doubt
that will be ratified.
A criminal suit has been commenc
ed ia the justice court against a num
ber of parties in Alban township,
who a short time ago got loaded up
with sour beer aud attempted to torce
an entrance into the house of a widow
lady living in the neighborhood.
Mrs. Lawrence George, of Alban,
while in the city last Saturday, was
attacked with hemorraghe of the
lungs and was taken to the home of
Joseph Fansett. Dr. Daniels has
been attending her, but as yet it has
not been considered safe to remove
the patent to her home.
We are reliably informed that suits
will bo commenced to collect the de
linquent assesments of the old Grant
County Mutual ins. Co., by the trea
surer. as soon as Mr. Lowthian returns
from St. Paul. Tnose wishing to set
tle can do so at squire Jones's before
suit is commenced.
Geo. Merry returned from Sioux
City last week, where he had taken a
shipment of cattle, lie says Sioux
City is a much better market for
cattle than the twin cities, and if
direct rairoad communication could
be obtained with the former, it
would add to the value of every
head of stock in the county.
Mr. Hob. Major, when he had start
ed out for Ortonville last evening
about dusk, was thrown from his cart
and for a short time left senseless.
The horse took fright at a dog which
ran out, and suddently shying tluew
Mr Major from the cart aud galloped
off. The horse was recovered t: is
morning about four miles east of
town, with the vehicle slightly dam
The committee appointed by the
city council to go to Milwaukee aiudt
adjust the waterworks difference, re
turned this evening, and report that
they met a very kindly reception
from General Superintendent Erling,
and found him willing to make a sat
isfactory settlement of the matter
The new agreement annuis the old
contract and provides for anew one,
to commence with the new year and
to be renewed annually. The old m
debtedness is to be reduced fiom
$5,000 to S'S.OOO, and the city to pay
between S500 and £C00 for its water
privileges, the company to provide a
day engineer at the pumps, and ha\e
a man from the round house make
regular trips to th pumps during the
night. Our limited time forbids giv
ing further details of the contract^
i ut the above are the main points of
it The committee state that the re
ports of removal of the division are
totally unfounded, as they could learn
nothing of any such
intention on the
part of the company.
Scrap iron purchased at James
Lockliait's black smith shop.
August Schmidt, the Ortonville
butcher, was in town to-day.
Key. Battey and wife, who have
both been on the sick roll are again
able to be around.
Emil Johnson was confined to the
house with sore throat lust week,
aud his little daughter i3 troubled in
the same way.
Miss Sophia Tobin leaves this week
for Milhank. Our young ladies are
scarce and we do not like to part with
thetm, but our loss is Milbank's gain.
—Andover Gazette.
Prof. Prevey returned Thursday
from Nebraska, accompained by Mrs.
Prevey, who although not entirely
recovered from her recent illness, is
much improved.
China cups and saucers, water set
lamps, &c., appropriate and handsome
for Christmas presents at likser's
drug store.
Double Tracli and sill steel Haili»
A UcllKhttuI Kxcnr*ioii.
The following "train ordei No. 1"
has been issued by Sedgwick Division,
No. 313, B. of L. E. for a terpsichor
ean trip New Year's eve.
from your home to opera ouse extra
dance between »:30 p. m. ai.d 3:U0 a.
music by Slawson's or­
chestra: meet at the old Durham ho
tel for refreshments at 12:un m.
Flag against long trains approach
crossings with caution, and look out
foranotuer party following n»sxt year.
Be particular to enjoy yourself.
The trainmen on this run are: II
S. V oik mar, J.J. Ryan, Henry Port,
Mike Don r, Ed. Dure, Harry Hol
lands, John Bohan, Jas. Laughlin,
Geo, Middlebrook, Thus. King corn
mittee on invitations and II. E. Com
'fort, Chr.s. Matthews, Wm. Edding
ton, committee ou arrangements.
Handsome Christinas presents of
silverware, vases, plush goods, al
bums. &c., at Bleser's drug =tore.
The east bound mixed tram on the
Manitoba railroad was wrecrke last
Tuesday about two miles east of
S Hith Shore and just over the line of
this county, by the breaking of a
tiange on the locomotive truck, lhe
iengine-auda number of cars loaded
with wheat were hurled down the
embankment and crushed into a mass
of wreckage. The engineer. James
P. Haines, of Heading. Pa„ fireman
John Kivlaham, of McGregor, la.,
and a brakeman named Hooney were
instantly killed and ground into an
unrecognizable mass. Coroner Hose
land Sheriff Benedict were sent for,
but deemed an inquest unnecessary
under the circumstances.
About twenty-live or thirty old
soldiers with their families enjoyed
the army fare and other exercises of
the camp lire at the court house last
Saturday. The principal business
transacted was the election of officers
for A. A. Humphrey Post, for
ensuing year, which resulted as
Commander—Thomas Fitch.
S. Vice—A. A. Story.
J. Vice—Joseph Thomas.
Quartermaster—II. J. Benedict
(). 1).— Geo. Felton.
(j.—n. j. L. McGivern.
Ch iplain—V. VVarrin.
Surgeon—L. II. Shields.
Junior League.
On Monday evening last our report
er's attention was attracted by sounds
of hilarity from the M. E. church.
The interior was found very liberally
supplied with children of the Junior
League. Gradually the overflowing
spirits quieted and the large company
were soon singing, led by Mr Bergan,
with Miss Emma Carrick as organist.
Several "fathers aud mothers in
Israel" had provided a feast, after
which came a very practical and well
rendered literary entertainment in
which the young gentlemen and
ladies acquitted themselves with great
credit. "Fall in" was the final order,
and in a moment, with a Chautauqua
salute, old as well as young were
keeping time in march and song to
"We're marching to Zion." The prob
lem of how to entertain growing
youngsters seems to be solved by the
Some very pretty Chiistmas trees
at A J. Bleser's, also ill kinds of
children's toys.
M. N. Johnson, a defeated candi
date for tha U. S. senate irom North
Dakota, says that when it was gene
rally supposed he was going to be
elected he was offered 825,000 cash
and a SI0,000 consulship if he would
allow the railroads to name the dis
trict judges. Mr. Johnson doesn't
say whether he refused because the
amount of cash was'nt large enough
or the consulship did'r.t suit him.
Some men want the whole railroad
when they have anything for sale.
Governor Mellette and Ex-auditor
Ward are lighting a wordy duel, with
such choice expletives as "liar,"
"braggart," "coward," etc.. for weap
ons. The boya have evidently forgot
ten that they are not now living in a
wild and wooly territory where they
can indulge in ouch a bill of fare with
out giving the public the dispepsia.
Ward accuses the governor with hav
ing ardoned Oswald, the North Dako.
ta murderer, through corrupt motives.
While no one who knows Governor
Mellette for a moment believes that
he was actuated by any such motives,
yet the incident brings into promi
nence the liability to abus« which
this pardoning power is subjected, anil
the necessity for some restriction
upon its free exercise.
We understand that a libel suit is
to be institued against one of our
city papers for asserting that a young
lady appeared at the recent carnival
in a dress "shirt" and a silk hat. Now
we don't like to encourage libel suits
against newspapers, for we can tell
when our own tura will come again,
but it does seem as if reportorial in
quisitiveness was being carried too
far when it burrows down into a min
ute description of a lady's underwear.
We're a married man, and can with
stand the shock which the reading of
such a description causes, but the edi
tor should remember there are many
guileless young men in Mitbank,
whose modesty he should take into
msideration when he thus deter
mines to brave public opinion by
describing unseen things. For our
part we don't believe in going behind
the returns in a woman's make-up.
The Woman's National Industrial
League, appropos to the late Silcott
embezzlement arc out with a set
of resolutions recommending that
women be appointed as disbursing
officers where large amounts of public
money are handled. We believe the
recommendation to be a good one,
and suggest that the experiment be
tried before all our democratic officials
get over the Canada line with what
there is left of the personal property
of the American eagle. True, the
tirst offense of this kind was commit
ted by a woman who was too anxious
to go into the fruit business on her
own account, and which resulted in
loading us down with a mortgage we
havn't been able to lift since, yet it
happened so long ago, and the offense
has been so frequently condoned by
our marrying her daughters and ac
knowledging a family relationship
that we don't feel like bringing up
this old matter agairst her. Should
the ladies prove no more trustworthy
than the sterner sex, there would still
be an advantage in the fact that be
fore absconding she would necessa
rily take the regulation time to "tix
up" for so important a trip, and the
coherts of justice might thus be en
abled to swoop down upon her before
she could get across the border with
the boodle.
Dont fail to attend the school ex
hibition in the opera house Friday eve
ning Dec. 27th, given by the children
of the sisters school.
Tcaclier*' Institute.
The ninth Teacher's Institute for
Grant countv will be held in the couit
house in Milhank. commencing Tues
day Dec.
3 1
and continue four days.
Teachers are hereby notified to at
Co. Supt. Grunt Co., S. I.
ISO. 18
u i sr vnnoM.
December. 14th.
Jas. Farnham, of Appleton, Minn.
nephew of It. Farnham of this place*
visited friends here last week during
a vacation in his school.
School No, 3, in charge of Ceo. II.
Plant, is large and prosperous, twenty
six pupils being enrolled.
It is reported that indications of oil
and coal have been found a well on
the farm of II. Krueger.
Miss Addie Warring has finished
her school in Stevens county, Minne
sota, and returned home.
The infant daughter of So!. John
son was formally christened last In
day, He v. A. Kngdahi officiating.
Dec. 10 th, 1889.
Alfred Tennyson leaves Tuesday
for Minneapolis, where h© will remain
until spring.
Mrs. Plimpton has returned from
The average of our population is
kept up if some people do leave. It
is a girl at Gus. Sonnomores this time.
There will be a school exhibition at
Hevillo, Friday evening, Dec. 20, and
a kind of a soldiers reunion and a
general good time Friday Dec. 2, aud
a show Tuesday evening Dec. 17th.
The country is coming to life again.
P. S. Devino has gonefteast but ex
pects to return soon.
We will say again for the benefit of
those who are in doubt about itr that
the dance here will be Christmas
night, not Christmas eve.
The dance at Geo. Friday s turned
out pleasantly and an immense time
was enjoyed by all.
While well diggers were drilling a
well on E. Iloxsey's farm about 5
miles north west of this place, they
struck what seems to be a vein of
coal at. a depth of 204 leet. A sample
of it has been sent away to be analyz
ed. All indications are that it is
genuine coal.
]J() .1 11N.
A. J. lileserhas a wonderfully largo
assortment of dolls, which he is sol
ling at cost.
Tax Sale It riilicales,
The following communication to
the Sioux Tails Press introduces a
plan that looks like a practical im
provement over the methods* siuw :n
vogue for selling lands it tax sales.
The principal features are
'Piist—At the tir.-L Lax s.ue alter the
passage of the bill, lands or lots
should be sold to the party offering to
pay the taxes lor the lowest iate of
interest, the purchaser receiving a
certificate covering the whole of the
land taxed. The present method is.
to sell to lhe party offering to pay the
tax lor the smallest part of the land
taxed, the certificate drawii 30 per
cent interest. Under the proposed
law the rale of interest would not ex
ceed 12 p'-r cent in any county, and
would Las as low as S uci cent in this
Second —At each sub.-*
the laud or Jot should be st
an unmount as would pay
i hat ye«ir and d.» 1
issued the previoo,-. i-.ii.
sin pllfy he bookf, as iin i
only one eertiliviate oui .i«.
I• ut *,ah*
i..i lor such
111* tax for
'1 ui:-. Would
woiiid be
any me.
ecuiu ulated
-h a liguro
Third— W hen th'- a
taxes had reached so hi
hat no new bids could be obtained,
then a deed should issue to the holder
td the certificate oil his pacing the
current year s tax,
I'nder such a law no deed would is
sue uutil the full value of the land
had been paid in taxes and interest.
The ordinary 100 acres of unim
proved hind would not go to tax deed
under such a system lor lrom thirty
to forty years.
There would be no question under
such a law but that the taxes would
always be paid to the county treasnrei.
The book keeping would be much sim
pler, the interest paid would h« re
w o
-thirds it 1-ast. and bur.
Very few tax deeds would v be i-
11have submitted this measure to
many men who •understand tin' tax
laws, and they have wit hour, excep
tion approved i:. V "ir- v. i v 'rul ..
-n v
Cse liiesei's Florista lor cl.Mppei

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