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p~,^L. VIII
pi latin? the- liiM|o«ul of the
Common School umls ot tlie
•I Siutc of Kuiiili Uukalu
enacted by the legislature ot the State
oath Dakota:
Ition 1. The governor, commissioner oi
land public lands and state auditor
1 constitute a board whirli shall h" terui
•The Board ot dcho-ii unl I'uhlic hands,"
the powers and duties /t which shall be
rovided iu this act. i
:c. 2. The cotumissitM.cr school and
lie lauds shall cause to lie prepared and
in his office a record ot each subdivision
le lands granted to tin* Mate ol South
ota tor all purposes. For the lands om
ed within each gram for a distinct and
itic purpose, separ te books ot record i
be provided. Such books shall rnn
a description oi each subdivision and in
I funs opposite stu description there
be recorded, as may be required, the
4ised value ot the tract, the date ot lease,
te ot lessee, term ot lease and amount o
lal rental, the date oi sale, name nt pur
ser, price, amount paid in o#
aid and when din*, annum
pest, date ot patent, nam.:
such other information as
to make a lull and complfl
condition ot such tract
jc. 3. The board oi s» liM
Is shall designate from law
ds as it may decide ^h i i tl I
1 establish such lcain.i rej,
insistent with tins act, as in
1 be necessary in orh-r tlu
be leased most pruliiahiy
board shall prepare i:s ilrs
easing as soon as prat-tu-itbl
gnatiou ot lands a- in tliis
d, the commissioner sch
s shall proceed to oil'm the
4. Whenever hints ail
•MMtty shall be design I a
a. such lands sh.ili be
|i at public auction hy pul
,jek lor at least sixtj- nays,
ill circulatiun publish*
Is, of a notice contuinin§
i»g the towi.slup anil rang
Is It) be leased are situati
and place at which such
begin. A notice ot such
i be published once a week I
y days in a newspaper
k i"
ng lor lease shall lie conducted by the
eriuteudent of schools ot the cuuntv in
a yii
ch tlie lauds lie, iu accordtuce with the
visions ol this act and such instructions
he board ol school and pubh.- lands may
nt t'^VP£m nece?:sary. In ca.-e the oliice super
i ths' ^faident ot scuools is vacant, or tlie incuiu-
thereof unable to act, the duties pres-
c-ied iu thu»aet lor said olticer shall devolve,
HOl^Ving such vacancy or inability, u:«»n the
^'f-^l-.tor ot the county
ec. 6. The lease auction shall continue
fj.ju day to day until aii tra.::s of laud adver
fur lease sliall have been oilered lor
te. The sujieriiuendcnt ot schools may
good cause, adjourn tlie auction lor a
iodof not more than three days. Wheu
the highest oiler for any tract of land is
itisJactory one, and the tract is reserved
..the bidder, such ladder must at once
fpot-it with the county treasurer the amount
cified as the annual rental lor the tract
jl take the treasurer's receipt thereior, a
y ol which shall be retained by the treas
»r in his office. The bidder shall exhibit
receipt to the superintendent ot schools
tritli ®fo shall thereupon prepare a lease of such
^feef1 't
duplicate, aircorduig to the form
ich the board ol .school and public lands
p^j.ROr'11 prescribe, and shall procure the signa
efiwi fl"! e, of the lessee thereto. Upon procuring
iiciMs'1'1,. hsignature, thesujerinteudeutol schools,
'r .fp dl tramsmit to the commissioner of school
!-t Uublic lauds the lease so executed, to
her with a complete report of the case.
coiuuiissiouer shall submit the same to
J)^!' gwvMUor for his approvid. Should the
ernor approve the proposed contract, he
^hij ll certify to such approval upon the lease
lupUsM*, and the coiumissnmer 14 school
,1- public lands shao tiureupon execute
(}MIP^ aaiae in duplicate in be hull ol the state
K,^eU-* tile one copy in his office, and transmit
other to the superintendent of schools,
tl.el'Bf'o stiaU deliver it to the lessee, and notify
treasurer ol
ni iroval ol the lease. The county treasurer
1!' tken pay to the state treasurer the sum
loaited by the lessee. Should the gov
oc disapprove the pro pi .-ed lease the
uiy treasurer shail return to the bidder
deposited in lull, taking such bid
's receipt therelor on the back ol the copy
01 the duplicate receijit issued to such bidder.
Sec. 7. Auy unorijaiiiae.i couuty contaiu
I.'. lands which the board ot school aud
lands'(hall deem advisable to offer
y ftV lease, flwll be attached for leasing
to fouifi tijganiged 1
I designated by the governor, and it sha'l
the duty ot the .superintendent of school?-
nil and public land-, to accept, a bid 1 a
v- ie covering a penod oi one year or more,
exceeding live yews, and in case no bals
roposuls are made [or any term under
jaibhcatiou herein ropun ,or in case id i
0 Iure, trom any cause, to complete a lease iu,„ia
iny tract otl'ereii, it siiaii, witliiu
iths tilerealter be la'iVhil to make n h- ise
dd lands undar the provisions oi tin-1 act
}', V iout re-advertisuic.U
so. & The lands i.ate.l shall be
ed lor lease at public 'aucUoii to the
lest bidder at the I rout door ot the court
se ol the county w iihin which the lauds
e leased are situated, or it there be no
rt house in such connty, thou at the
it door ol the building in which the office
!.«» T*ci«t#p ot deeils of such county IS
ted, and between the hoers ol tea o'clock
j., and five o'clock p. in., only. The ol-
treasurer and auditor of such organ.
county to perform the same services iu i
nertion with the leasing (if lands situ.. i
iu such unorganized county as they mav
reipiired to jieri'.irm in connection with
e a s i n i a n s s i e a I n i .- i
Sec. greate: •_.•!••• i I
otie section shall be .••••)». ..
or coin]ianv, and no i
with the original stati-s and i
the 'pifintify
which sha
specify the
ofl'ered tor
ed ill each
ot lea.-.eshall be valid wnicii Mi.iii seek jo
in any one person or conijiauv an mtere.
a tract oi laud the ijuaitUty ol which,
get her .• i, m. ..f s- i .: t:.
held b\ •. i
ceed one »i-i
for a longer term tin•:i i
Shall In leased ex ... I
meadow pur]
Sec. I
and no sati-al i
the 1 egal sub: n•
separately oil. i
ed in connection witn i-ontigii'-us ira. s v\men
have been oil'i-re I aint l'»r wnicti no a-vpt
ablc bid has 1 ccii rcouvtid, l»ul no ^i-eater
v» *uv WWUUkJ
to take :-l|i I
tlier use of
ge^ m, irci ia-
publisiied at the seat ot n.v -i mft it
shall be optional with the boap «I
i b\
Sec. 11.
sold until a
than on c-thc
ed to the st,-.-'
purposes si.
v(.avs :ui,j
years alter lie la'
thereto in the st iitr ?.c
ot the lands
of Fel.'runr t-.
erant lands *.• 1
Idaho and W'yi nam lor nmv rs
and vested in th'*
t:iti'Ol Son:}
section 11 nl'tlie ict ot con.rress
•22, iss',1, entitle,1: j.:
division oi I'akota
able the people "t ,\
M'".: \V--i
constitution- ia.d -tit'- :*•*,«-i• n.
I admitted into the Union un an
tions ol ubiw hiiai- to such
lie offered tor sale :i, .y one v
to the limitation I..•!• express,
tained the cuiistitiit oil o! 11.•
acts of congress, the board o! s.
blc lands shall d-tiniu:.e I nun
agricultural, and cause the proper sub livi
sion ot the same, order tl.at the
price luay be obtained thcre.or ie ex-
i^en1 es ol tlie subtlivision oi any tract shall
smallest subdivisions ol those so subdivided
shall be separately d»: iiuiated. The board of
appraisal shall appraise each separate tract
ol land so selected and designated at Its IfC
tlial value under the the terms ol sale, except
the execution and such as were granted by the alorsaid acts of
congress ol February ItyiKSl, and vested by
Section 14,ol aforesaid act ot congress,ol Feb.
22, 1N8U. Returns ot all appraisals shail be
made to the otlice of the commissioner of
school and puLriic lands. Descriptions of
such ol the lauds so selected and designated
as were granted by said act ol congress Feb
ryary 18, issi, and vested by section 14 ot
said act ot congress ol February "i'2, 1889,
shall be iurniahed to the governor by the
ooiumiSBioner of school aud public lands,
aud the governor shall rerpi st the secretary
i i s a -I U i i i & s a e s o o e n i o u i
a Ii.J
Ht«'lU I
shall i
anv I.
aids oi each classf grantet
.tiered for sal**, ana shal
in which tin* lands to
e Se
•a. hicli sh I'-.
of such comities, ""the.v.-iioarii
shall so aj'portioa the quantity to be selected
that the most valuable lands may iirsi be
selected and designated lor sale.
Sec. 14. For each county tln-re i he-.-' v i
board ol appraisal, ciniSiStnn: ol the
commissioner ot school and public lands, the
state auditor and the superintendent ol
schools ol'such county. *Yhenever the board
ol school and public lands shall diiect t!n:
sehctioii ol lands in any county to be uttered
tor sale, the board of appraisal of such coun
ty shall select the quantity required and
i designate lor sale each tract. Sai I boar-1 ol
appraisal shall take care to lirst select and
/~-J-=-.V•.-- !»*.?:•- ,T\. .-••" TV
I v
he appraisal of such lands and I
••onnnissioners tor such purpose*.
''. W'!:• ..-r lauds .'ed i»
Will i ted an i ... ignated
aU*, and the returns ot the appraisal thereof
lave been made to he office oi the commis
sioner of si hi oj and public lands, or when
returns ol tlie appr:.
uu..ier the direction
ten or shall have been pnicinen o
mi-.-ioiiei oi st hiiol and public
apprniMjd hind.- shail le h(jurti»i
he mtcTiort by
or :.f U ast s:\l
*ra' eifi'iiI
-a.e -i.-|, i ract in in.
j.o ni hi'. !i lie. i»ai11
la: i- -i.u.i prescribi
a 1 UM..V. la: i
I e al i
.- Hi It thf -an.'
i .\al. Should
s ale, he shail cei
in in.-talliuen'-, a
o the tijvi-riii'r
the governor, appi
ty to such appro\
the contract, and the Commissioner ol t- I. I
.•11,0 public L-tl.ds -litil tin relij execute
till- same. lie Ci.pv oi h.iid Ci Uiti'.e't s !ta i I v.
tiled IU tlie ol'tice ol lilt- sua i'.iliiiinsMo iei'
aNd the other shall be forwarded to the
)ie I inti 1111lit ot schools, to
designate lor sale the most valuable lands shall report such sale to the governor
and shall ascertain all such lands as may b*» JSli«»ull governor approve 1 he sale,
of' special and peculiar value other than
be paid out ol the interest and income fund be oxecuteii in the name ol the slate ny
ol the tract to which such tract belongs, on tin.-governor, under the great .seal of the
warrants drawn by the state auditor. Such sialo and attested by said commissioner,
lands as shall not have been specially sub Such patent shall be forwarded to the
dividedflhall be designated in separate tracts superintendent schools foi de'ivery to
oi not more than eighty acres each, and the
*4"? **, y
.U^-* v-- .\ **V
,.s in
fh«. vie
stat int
aia e i
in^' tin
nun I-I
sin U
Uid pla
f-j£ ffR A O
i e
v oi which 1'Cci-.,
tit iisui'» r:W!! hi
i exhiltii su.ch
U. lit I.I I U
Sec.: The v?.iv tre:.Hu:vr hi:all
keeji a distini't and t-.eparate account of
all moneys received a.- rental forthe com
Hi"-ti pchooi and e.-K'li other elas of land.
and i!so iteep distinct and separate ac
count-, bo I ii of principal and iuterest of
n: 'i account of e:. i i:-s
o: i i- i (!o sliall fur:.. 'he
lonviijis 'ion! and 'public lauds
i stater. .! oneys received on nc
ount ol e.icii irc.i leg-ed Ol'i-old.
Sec. 'Jli. The income from ll.e leased
ttul- of each eias.s and {'e interest on
., •, alii
:i l\ iu LL t!
The cyjatniss
shall, oil reel ipt o! a rep
it-en si-Id, cause to be n
rt that
iiarcd a i
See, -j-.
delivered to
tic- purchaser after the expiration of sixty
on from tiieuate of sale. Whenever the
s.ud ci).i.nii siotier receives a report stat
ing hat a tract has been sold for ca.-h,he
mmissioner sh«!l ca.e to be pre-
fo such tract, according
t(j a form whk tfae h) inl ()f M])()()1 ul
proscribe, which shall
purchaser after the expiration of
from the date of sale. Upon
the delivery of a contract or patent, to a
purchaser as herein provided, tin- miper
intendent of schools shall notify the
counly treasurer nt such delivery. The
county treasurer shall then pay to the
state treasurer the money t'opo-dled uy
such purclnMjr. Should the governor
clivaliprove the sale of any tractf the
county treasurer shail return to the pur
chaser thereof tne sum in lull deposited
for such tract, takinjr such purchaser's
receipt thereforpn t'nc lj-n-k ol the origi
nal receipt issued to Buch purchaser. i complete description of the land *old,
Sec. 20. Th« ar^r treasurer of ««oli«
county shall, tirst day if each
lunoys received by him during the pre- eullocteO und outorcod, like manuor us
•liuitf Timnth ui fi. eunnt, nf leased or luxes On oilier lands provided, however
ld inn
Ffrff ll-tVI*
than 'lie i us» herein
i r-.ecutr tnjHilHt| it
It 1 I' •-!." ii tU'6 pel'
:ie, 11 aiisuiit one to the
.c and public lands,
tin- other in hisoftlce.
Wiien full paymotit
of the
,-r. at se'n
has hr-i-n
iiiwie jci an) tract. so d, and not Oeinie.
a p.itfut for
tract, executed in the!
slata1 hy tlie governor, under
ot the ta\ ecrtiln-ate given at a n
itliO pel mullein, at. all payments
i,cti (i
of the
tl couii-
t..- purchaser
ii.-iv Ucv jiiinci i
i the stale
of the
-1 1
:lt the tract is
ii he .rosocu led
s of this section
'. moiievs paid
i t* baser, i 'i
ed to!
the state,
and attested by
'..i "1 s hool and public
Inii.l-, -.hall be issued So the puicha.-. of,
nl.- :i tract, his heirnor a-siyns.
So.. No claim to
puidic lands
:iy trespasser thereon by rcaaon of I
.ipaney, caliivation or iniirovoment!
thereol, shaii o recognized nor eliall
coiujieustit i"|i i• made on account of any
n.a ie by any
such tres-J
passer. I
Sec. 30. The lessee ol any land under
the provisions of i bin act may erect there-1
on such fences, buildings und well anpa
ratus. as may be nece-sary to fully carry
out the purposes of the lease, and shall
have the riyht to remove the same at any
time, prior to the expiration ol' the term
of such lease, and during a period of
thirty days therealter, and may sink
such neils thereon, as may be nee
e.-sary. Any person who lias
heretoiore entered upon such land,j
and IKC made permanent improvements,!
in good faith, fur the purpose of resi-j
deuce or cultivation, shall have the rigiit
to remove all such improvements th°re-1
from, in case he does not become pur-J
chaser or lessee ol such lands, under the
provisions of this act. Such removal to
be, made within thirty day» after such
i sale or lease, a the a*e may be.
Sec. 31. Whenever .1 County Super
intendent of Schools shall deliver a con
tract of •sale a purchaser of lands, un
der the provisions of this act, he sliall
immediately furnish to the county audi
tor the name of the purchaser and a
an(1 sU(
lmd shal5
thereupon become
fixation, tlie same os other
"*"««i9v :er all Laxeg shall be assossed theycon,
mi i i. i -,- i,•• i ..i ol, and provisioiiN should be luadtx for the ©arljj
u] \.. otlicer,
in case said land has not been redeemed,
\nd iu case .
.j sale shall
1 !c
Mich tax purchaser shall have the ri11T Mco ii shail
to make an\ p.iymenl of juini ipal, oi ii vjt]iroved Match
teieht.llien in default" uuou sucli coi
111 iu
i i i
,1 aft ni«
s takini.' hotm
*ute!u od
dereu th
est lass
r?ott lei
aiiy lessee
w ii ioml ii.-i mi,-.Mo!.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
•crior'vievvs taken e
,'ii tists in 1 !.t cit'
Insurance in first class comp
e in Court
-O w
f¥ -*5"^
In tesMnionv whereof, 1 have hereunto
si'! m\ hand and allixed tiie great seal of
Hie s aie of Souih Dakota, at Pierre, tliig
•iih dav of March, 1H'.M1.
rhT by Hash The »uly reuh
$50,000 to loan on Farm ap.d CitfA
property. Low rates, no bonus,
Having juirchased the coa! interest of Mr J. A liickert we conic b*for* rtft
public uolicititnr a share ot your patronajre. We carry the best quality otf*
coal in the market, and all grades at reasonable prices. We guarantM i$
quantity and quality.
OllDEllS TAK i:N
its which requires that
e eilVct tro.n ami after
mtl :iMpr'val, and it
ii.--:^ i*e there"!
-i id lami.
.der ol urh contract
redeem said land
«ed by law tor the
hind- xU!i| n taxc
.id proper officer,
I .- .eh tux fi
i• ii ipal and nt cr
n u]on such con
eat from the time
of 112 per cent
he holder a»l
•tifioate. upon the
tereon, uly ^iven,
A. O. KlNoi.Rt*t,
Secretary 'd State, of the Statfe oi
Souih Dakota.
1 )uko -lied 1879, and operating
est Bank in Has'
:„-U 1S.S1
a general Hanking business, wo loan money on Farm s®
tyagee Irom to per cent, per anriuin, no charge icr col
nereat.or looking alter the loan during its life.
tlun^aiu Is of dollars lotined by us, no investor has «v«r lost
or intere-t.
eastern cities and on every foreign country in til#.
e-ident projiortv owner-.
do rats, and remit prca-ci-ds the same day.
Insurance liusiness ol any ag.in-y i(S Eastern Dakota.
I in (iiant ('ouut v, in the famous WheWono Valloy, th# •.
Oakotas. and inteniuc on flte Sisst-toii Indian lleservatio#))
t') -et.tlenieui in toe sprint,' of IH'.H). Milbank will be tli«
on its lertilej acres.
NO, 33.
ami i he filing of ft certified copy of
the tiuauj with the comniissioner of scuool
that the purchaser of any tuieii iands and jmblic laudri, shall be given by th®
Hold for delinquent taxes, phall acquire. said cominiMiioner a
^special contract of
ur.il shall only acquire 1 .r-: »ucli salo of eaul lands, embodying the same
jViirchase, ,-uch riijht.- as lie-! terms and conditiods, And with like
bum to tin. party holding tnc eontiacl of! fierce and ellect as thi crlglnal contract'
'»e hereiul-ef'iiv pro-, ided tor, an.
1 tlie ot sale, and lieu thereof,
ntrht- to bo hui»stituied in the place of i Sec. iW. lierea«/it^ is
ieaBing of state lands, an
•-r Vi passiiijet.
hejr^by p)-Qvid®Jp',
I ilifed Slates of A lliericflfl^lfete'^t Sotiti|.
i )akuia, St'vcrc'ary"s|.Otiit'-V.
1. A. O. Kin^snnl, nee rotary ot Htate,o8
tlie siate of South 3io a,do hereby cer*:
tify that I have carefully compared thij
hu-c.-oinLr en) .if an act entitled "Ai
Reifiilattn^ he D{£potnl of the Cor
.n School and otti«r Lands of tli|^
.'e," with the enrolled original now o$
lib in this oilice, and-lhat the same is i
ciirrect transcrijit therefrou.-, and ot thj|
whole thereof. 4
inds wiil i:e materially enibraood in value,
I'm.MI with Prohibition iu lcr Constitution, and
of immigration from the fiasfc to her fertil®
lands the State a* prices that will afford
hiii a short time.
*.aiik of New York. N. B. A. New York, wr
brrespondcnce Solicited.
Perring and Kirk
Old Pictures l£n-
il Painting Any Siz»
1 'cticii Sketeliini', Hi.-
(jet your Pictures fr-m naturarartiste.
Pictures Taken Instantaneously.
& KIRK,Milbank,

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