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r^»L. vin.
College Bf lh« ^limit'Nofn
Dakata CoHl ii -N of Hie
Eraafellcal A*-»o«'imlni».
lereas, we, the undersignexl, were ap
ed aa a committee on high school
last annual sessions of the Mmne
ind Dakota confenncesof the Evan
n^al Association of North America. to
iderthe expediency of establishing
lege within the bourn's of said con
,ces, and to di-ojss preparatory
lures pertaining to the same there
respectfully sulmiit the
wing to the ministers and members i
^artC conferences, and to everyone
terested intheinte'lectual and n: rui i
otOVci'eM of our youtti, viz:
rat—These two conferences, which
esent over one hundred ministers
a membership of about eight thous
have decided to take preliminary
3 toward 1 he founding of a collects!
hich a good classn at, scientific an i
ness education can be obtained. at
sneral such bram hen taught as u.
Pi tfht in institutions of like* grade.
»-iscond—Said high .school commit'.
fteen, appointed by Hie above mo i.e.
erences, reeolveil to recommend
Mlivjwment of said college with a
,t least $50,000.
U3J]:hird—This institution of learnim
ll not be sectarian. in character. i..t
«y,» 1 be open to both sexes regardlt-s
religious faiths It is nevertheless
.idedly understood that this school in Gibson.
-iciplea of our churdi. Every student
attends said a^&ool must conform to nient
rules ,and regulations of the same. tliO.
rs school shall be!con»iucteddeeidediy 1 ,n
tjhristian principles It «hall stand
ler the influence of our churrh and
mi be managed i« accordance w i'h our
:ipline, without •beiiig.as above s-tateil,
tartan. We believe that tliis arrange
nt meets the wishes of puient? who
ire to give their :hihir"n h'" edu
'ourth—The atw» -e.named committee
otnmenda to Hitiii nunuai eon fen*
tie es
erection of a massive building, of
mt 45x90 foef, tlif'e'* utories hiwb. w i i
asement (four »totie» incliKiiu^ i-i.
fifth—Whereaa, thia eomiriltiee i* u
j-uctad by the conference to eolh
private individuaU who may d»«ire to
lure the school, therefore we invite
5h parties Uf
end their oilers to-the
Miident nf ttie esocutive committee,
V Brill, Mankuto, Minnesota, on or
fnre tha first dnv of April, A. D. 185)0
conference represented by
1 ..9
T\, H. E. Liirtv, H. ISKKK,
S ttw,Suonow, K. .T. HIKI-SCHEH,
O. W.
J. ZlMMl-llMANN.
8. HOY.
TkelHllI will bt- llullt.
Hi CCTk« work of securing tie' bonus for a
jMt week. The tc.tal amount pledged is
JUarly $1,900 which is satisfactory to Mr.
igh. Mr. Movius went to Minneapolis i
-^Mtotdagr lo examine the late improve-1
Jerator in connection with the mil).
ind«ri HJ6 loundation will be completed Ky
1*1 and the mill in operation by Se?)
imbtr Ipt.—Lid^erwood llroadaxe.
The Caal i* There,
Rapid City Journal: J. D. Mc Nickle
urned from a week's trip to thie res
rration. The locality vinited by hita is
,0k tbtt hMdwatera of the Elms, about
mi)«s as the crow flies from Bepul
ity. Hta miasioc there waa in quest of
•nd he w:«s successful, and brings
drith bin several specimens of the
W b* feund there. E. H. Murray and
fndPBlMdman, who have been in that
[ieflf pu^'tcinlty for some time past have done
jinji't euid«nble work on a couple ot loca
iOMt Md have uncovered a vein
/C y\t •zoelleat Coal. The vein uncovered
I from tour teet to eighteen inches in
rfph.^fhfekMN, with erery prospect of another
£()F6*uid larger vein underlying it. The
,» character similar to
tal (Mod
at Newcastle, and Mr. 31c-
Lljc'riekkMys there is an abundance of
ill the
locality risited by hiui, and a
(Mt deal of the land has been staked,
wrly all in the interest of Rapid City
•Vfbs. Resides the coa Mr. MeNickle
sa\-i i'* •.iiiniiy atf-oids every f'» i'y
farming, in well watered and the soil
very neb. The bnsHiiow at the mine**
are feeling troubled about the Indians, a
band of which nr. '.mped ih.it vicin
ity. A few do fore the ai n\ of Mc
Nickle's party the Indiana sent word to
the camp that as soon as the grass In?
to grow it is their intention i" *isi( the
mines and drive the white- out oi il e
country. The bovs have la ken 1 of
the warning, and everywhere they go
they lake their guns with them. Hefore
the grass has irr"wn very i i'11, however,
a large population w Ji be at 'i.e i.i.nes,
it in thought.
iiK in «i it i
The Calt iidar ijjHiii Cleured.
State of South li.ikota vs. John iv
Ilans ii. District attorney for slate.
Indicted by ijrand jury, arraigned and
.1. W. liell appointed to defend, De
fendant ple.nl guilty, and was seiileti
ced tootie year in t..e state prison.
Walter .Mann vs J. \V. Utisliy
Law and fact lv Jury. Dion A, Dodj^e
and F. L. ('lift' lor plaintiff lieil 4
liouck for defendant. Continued.
Isabella Fry mire vs. Augustus J..
I'lyunre. l,nw and fact, by Conn.
II. Owen for plaint iff: Hell ,fc Houck
!oi liet'endaM 1 oi e ui.nit«• 11.
1! rinah I •. i i oi I -». W \V.
.1. t{. i a\ lor. W Hawes
'and It. (jibson. Iaw I Court,.
W. S. and Sew.iid ,v laldy tor
plaintiff Uion A. Dod^'e for H.
Demurer over ruled deteud-
i inls given iVt d.ivs to hie answer.
fV OOCe under the management of the alme- ....
i i i i i i k y n v s W i i a
conferences, and Bhnll be gov• Kll .tsl,y
'"id accortnur to the fundamental I
K. M.
i i
acial offers from wucfi citie«, lojulities.
Hen net lor plaintiff
[.ii del. ndaiit. .1 iid_£«?•
iiii'M,! of Sf.'U'J fo: plain-
linnet: M. Hrown v. illiiimC.
K• e11^ei. Liltv and fact l»v jury.
Hell &, JJouck for piamtiti l'ion A.
Dod^e tor defendant. Continued.
Thus. 1'. Dewees vs. .John r. Host
wick. Law and fact by jury. Hioti
A. Dodne and Little ,t Munn for
i plaintiff: .1. if. Owen and It. H. Smith
,-i ,ni defendant. .1 ndkT' tneii! for
|,!,,[• SToa.i',:,.
lieillV aUdUotlel, liebpoleb'lit. V1^.
Kii.il Meyer. Appelant. H. 1$. Mon
aiiliaii tor respondent .1. 11. Uwen
lor 11' i e 1! i 11. .ludgeuH'iiT
Jane's l.ock'iaii. lespoiidctit vs. D.
i{. I• i ev. appellant S. S. Lockhart,
•"I the right to acceit any one or reject
of suoh offers at their next annual
«iaioM in May,
jO. BRILL, Pres. W. OEHt-r.rt, Sec.
V/ \I. O. SIMON, Tre&s, II. Bm.se,
Paul Fire Ji M. In
St. Paul Fire &. M. Lis. Co., appel
lant, vs. T. C. Ilagati. respondent.
II. 41. Potter and s. s. Lockhart for
appellant: J. 0. Owen for respondent.
II. I. Ti
... ,, ,, i Martin, apj
ill has progressed very well during the
n s
(ovius who informed us yesterday that
i« work would t)e pushed us rapidly as
"iMible After the frost was out of the
round. The stone for tlie foundation is
aw beinf hauled. The plans for the
.ullding are not completed but it
respondent vs. Henry
ant. Win. Moore for
£J. Ow en for apindiant.
(1|1( (nt
A. II. 1
•e\v, respond'*nt
Pew, appellant.
liint. Continued.
James Can ick. appellant vs. Ilenry
beinc hauled. The plans for the Zilka. respondent. J- H. Owen foi
I .ullding lire not completed but it will appCihint, H. 1.^ Smitlx foi
robablybe 40x60 feet and four stories i
1 0,1
A term or the supreme court of
Dakota will open at Pierte the 1st
April. For the information 1 attorneys
tlie following new rules of the tiire e
court, furnifahed by the clerk, are pub--
jtli v
er and
Hell A.
It, ii. Smith-
I i i o n o u y a i e a n
.John Nagle. respondent. K. lh
Smither tor appellant: Hell a I'.oii'K
for. lespondent. Continued.
Dwelt for ap-
pe l.int. Contiin ed.
M. Paul 1- ire
M. I :i-. C"-. app-'d-
lant vs. William Toms, i
II. II. Potter and S. S. 1.
anpeila-'it. Continued.
Co., ap
pellaiit vs. Frank /immeruian. res
poiident- S. S. Lockhart and II. IL
Potter -'t' a] pelhmt Hell Ihiuck
for respondent. Continued.
St, PauJ Fire & M. Ins. Co.. appel
lant vs. Win. M. Evans, respondent.
II JI. Potter and s. S. Lockhart for
appellant: 1). M. Evans for respondent.
IWT/J lilGIfT Fih'S'/'. Ml LB.LYK .IXI /.\"/' CC,YT Y.Yi:.YT.
i W
All or tin- Dculi rk SiKH an lronclttfl
oiUrJM l— ln ir INisilion.
Aberdeen Ntnvs: The following named
druggiM* of the city have sinned the
•agreement not to fake out a permit for
the ol -Is- of au\ kind
pro!..!- ted t'v i bv t!.« last
legislature s W. Narretraiiir, V S
Mills, .Ino. II 1'irey, II. F. Scott. Ii. A.
MilN. s. La v. Sverru llirsch, 1'.
Lac- o K. I II.,: 1 i e i i com
])lele IiII 1 Mie'U.ie- eveiy deiief 111 the
city. 'I'hero is no desire on the part of
the druggists to make the law obnoxious
or to worn against its general provisions,
t.tn aft' thorough de m'mii tla- de
"ii ii is lieen reiicbed 'ha ihe -i-uute
is oppressive and cannot bo conformed to
wit bout considerable difliculty and hu
miliation and without some loss of busi
ness principle. It is Ibo aim to act fair
and manly in the promises, and so the
unHiiiinoiia agreement lias been made to
dewist from the trade
than to Mtbtnif t- tlv
rights \vhie!i the law is re.aided as au--I
In 'i e 1
itrht of 'he present outlook the
.ii,' ndation governor that the
iiandiinsr of intoxicants be placed with a rail
commissioner or otlicer seems to
been an excellent one and may yet be
adopted 1'iie matter %ei |,Kel to as
sume many interesting j.l.ase-. but a'd
difliculties will he met and :-olveU as they
come along.
A .ireutleman in fr"tn Ipswich last
evening said tie- «ira.agists in that place
had determined n,'1 to secure permits
while it is known that a number in Grotou,
Columbia and elsewhere will act similar
ly, At Mitchell the dealers are divided
at present, but i come to an agree
ment. A number consiifer tiielawan hu
miliation, while others believe it is not
aimed at those who are disposed to carry
5ii a legitimate druir busine^M and will
not, therefore, enter into any tombina.
T. 1\ Department.
and !t. 1 N.ltive I,: lid.
e are in receipt ol Lh
port of the National Worn
lau Temperance I'liion. To attempt,e,,,
... „. ., Ballot Essential to the MiCces.»ol
a review oi tins repoit \\otild le a
port, by
work of
khait foi
I nion. and especiallv
any one so poorly informed as to sup- ^j
The Kansas Conference of the M.
E. church, in its recent session, pass?
ed the following resolutions.
Resolved, 1. That the success of
piohilution in Kansas, though
vs. Cleteus
E. M. Bennett for
respundetit Bell and Bouck for appel-
nT n
... ,. 'i ne gritmi jury trongnt, in two in-
ir.st A. S. Benedict on a
(.|,.lVjr,. (,f
tents in machinery ami methods ot con- defendant, plead not guilty, and was
admitted to bail in-the sum of -55(10
for appei ance at the next term of
truotion and to arrange for ti e location
ia hi* lotention to builif a bu.'.K'd
grand larceny, to which
Siirrrne 'ourt
tted to the peopti
two in-
I ding.
a e e
lished. ourselves to all needful care and acti vi
Fifteen days before the eommen e ty to prevent the election, ostensibly
nient «f anv term of this court, all civil on other issues, of a legislature indiff
causes shall be placed on the calendar, erent or hostile to prohibition.
bv the clerk, in the order of judicial 5. That as the General conference
circuits, commencing with the rs
Causes coming frotm that circuit shall
be placed at the head of the cal-
ie im
ondar, in the order of tiling the origi- is SIN" therefore, if anv political
na! papers, or copies. These having party shall adopt a license policy,
Iteen placed upon the calendar, ihe clerk either high or low, the enforcement
shail proceed to place the causes for the of such policy should e construed by
second judicial circuit in the same man the ministry and laity of Methodism
ner. and soon until the vauses from all as an invitation to them to withdraw
lie judicial circuits consecutively, have their support from such political Of
been placed upon the calendar. ganizat ion.
No case shall be placed upon the cal- That %ve earnestly oteat against
endar unless theorignvil papers, or copies proposed action in congress by
are tiled fifteen days liefore commence
meat of the term. After the calendar
has teen made, it shall be printed and
distributed among the attorneys having
causes upon it,.
The calendar, as printed, shall indicate
upon what, day eoeh circuit is liable lo be
iutely complete, has been beyond the
sanguine, expectations w e per
mitted oui.sel v i to cherish when the
constitiitiomii amendment W'.is adopt
2. That no insurmountable difliculty
exists in the enforcement of the law
hen the local otlicers are diligent in
the performance ot the dutiesdevolv-
ing upon them. fo e*jn lands,-why not let woiirm co
That al hough we are firmly per- operate? w hy not call upon the reserve
suaded that if the question were sub-
our citizens who ha\e nsnioved to tl
territory to endure the curse of the
saloon without their own consent. i
7. 'I'hut we assure our bretheru in
Nebraska that they have an interest
in our prayers, and v\e juoller them
our help.-so tar as may be practicable,
in the luave elloit made to delivei
that fair cominoiiwealth ii 'iu the in
cubus ol the saloon.
?. That our senators and n presena
lives in the national congress be ui ed
to take such steps as may be iiecees*
I sarv to render illegal the sale ot in
toxicants of every Kina upou any
military reservations within the
S a e s
om s
ltted to the people, tree fi'om polit-1 are in the same Ship of S ate.
ical complications, so that it could he ,- .(piiresno superhuiiiaii force to
decided upou its merits, it would pre
battle over again at the behest ot the ,|
South I would be able t,o buy all purchasable jforiulv elevating ill new civilization,
of votes and to bribe every corrupt
which the Nebraska code, with its
license system, is to
iU', Mir scliatois »!»l rjpnwntivw I
altogether, rather It. Wake. Secretai. W.Clms
•e.'aii 'ii ni eertaits tian Advocate.
re aide,! as H'.i From the Womai.'s Journal:—
Wal". Not one of them luis be
come "unsexed." so far as is known.
and Mr. (iladstone says that they ba\ e
exercised the suffrage "without detii
nient. and with great advantage.
Mrs. L'icklei,
u s a
mother. Her t«xt was. "Woman s
iemperance Hetorm.
presumption on our p.ut. But we 'iVmperance and suffrage being
would recommend a study of the re-i very near the speaker's heart, she
ne interested in the argued in a manner practical, logica
i U v a n i u
o help throttle the enemy?
vail by a tenfold greater majority welfare or our coming
than at the first vet we are opposed
to being comp lled lo fight a well-won
U u s
rum power that that power may be Wallace said truly, "Yet these same!
able to ad veil i-e the tact of restib- i rty politicans are husbands, the
mission to aid it in its nefarious, fathers of our sons, our friends and!
efloris to fasten the saloon to the neighbors. We have to live with
neighboring commonwealths when,
too, we would have to contend against ,,p Iler record shows a beautit ing
the immense wealth of the wluskv j1l(p1P1)(,tli one truthfully says: 'Asj
I combine in the nation, by which I the influence ot woman has been
and who have
men more at heart than the mothers?
As to the threadbare objection that
would degrade woman, Mrs.
Woman 's mission is cleaning:
politician in the state to do its ibd- jtl schools, colleges, literature, and
w e
of the Methodist, Kpsicopal church,
convic.tions of
in Oklahoma during its terntoiial ..^
period, thus fringing the southern
penou, inih umninK
border of Kansas with a netwoik ot
»ary work in heathen nations,
e n e a
That heeding the lessson taught that politics would prove no excep-
[ect»(.11 in Iowa,
society, it is fair to suppose
IIu!rnan whi]e a
the plow factory, the sentiment beirg
borders of lu.s state »i it against any more bonuses. i turefrom the immense mass of snow in
home near Leavenworth, Kansas.
V 'I'll it he secretary of this con- From Koutli liuliuiaiofown. the mountains west. The same conui
ference be instructed to send a copy,
the secretai ol
,,r l,i,
in congress, to the New ork Chi is- jm
eiident of the 1 lubiiipieuivision.
tian Advocate, the (*ntral and Nottli
western Advocates, also to tne secre
ii ies of other Kansas conferences.
asking concurrent, action on then
p,ut. W. II. Mi in i.!,. Chairman
Otlicial statistics have pist been pre
sented in the Hritish Farliment,
showing the number of women who
have the inunicial and county suit
rhere are now fisfj.'JO'i women
p.p.u i ou the i.st of voters in hngland and
The Woman's Cycle gives a pleasing
picture of Mrs Alice M. i'ickler.wue
if the South Dakoti congressman.
Major Pickler, who was the chief
•hampion of the woman suffrage bill t-?f"'I'bis is the oldest Hanli
un er
^h,ng opposition and
i convincing even against one s wilt,
pose,the Union to be weakeninjj.in its growf h, since liist American women,
hold upon the great work in hand. deprl\ed ot their
This report contains pages uf the
most interesting matter.
|i ice marked the temperance
liberty and birth­
right, were thrown upou the scene ot
action sixteen years ago when in the
name of (jnd and home and children,
earnest supplications were made
against the liquor tratlie.
"Piohibitton is not to be expected
from any one party," said Mrs. W al
hice, '\nily the massing together of
all the moral forces of humanity,
irrespective of section, religion, or.
sex will deliver us from this bond of
i death. Though the mills of the
gods grind slowly, yet the coming of
I a more perfect day is assuredly near
i er."
i men are powerless, as they assert,
i to eh eck thisdeadley evil, not nation-i
Sal but exotic, born and nurtured in
ihe above title since H81
in Dakota's Legislature.
from her home in Washington, I), in addition of doing a general Hanking business, we loan money on Farm
is taking an active part in the suff- curities paying the mortgagee t'rom 7 to8 per cent, per annum, no charge tor
rage canipai"i. The Cycle says, lecting and remitting interest,or looking alter the loan during it# life.
"She anil lie'r
.d live in a Out of hundred* of thousands of dollars loaned by us, no investor haa «r«r lo«t
nuietw-iv in lodgings near the capitol. one dollar of principal or interest.
\lumt'her desk are great piles of We sell exchange on all eastern cities and ou every foreign country ia tb*
documents to hi* sent, out to her state, world.
w cleared Pay taxes for non-resulent property owners.
and the moment the 101 Collect at reasonable rates, and remit [iroceods the name d*T.
ot men wanting p.istoflices, Do the largest Fire Insurance business of any agency in Kaatern Dakota.
mentling is done, she take.-, up Milhank is situated in (IrantCounty, in the famous Whetstone Valley, th«
and addresses bundle* until Die a ^ar^n njtot of all lb" Dak«itits, and bordering on the Sinsetuii iudian ReHerv»|um,
either wake.s up or becouies
i which will be opened t* settlement in t.U« spring of
amusing himself." outfitting point lor eottlers takiim hornes on its h»rtile acres.
us. wAt.t.ACK IK ATHMKA With the coining of statehood lands will tie materially enhanced in valtm.
I'.ditOiS Woman's .lourtial: Febru- i South Dakota has entered the Union with Prohibition in her Constitution, anil
made memorable by .tbe this will atlra''t the very bcht clasa of immigration from the East to her fartil*
ary was
lecture of Mrs. Zerelda Wallace, at
Aurora, ind. Iler coining had long
been looked for with increasing in-i the urchaser a handsome advance within a short Um«.
ningtol We refer, without permisMou, to Bank of New York.
e annual i I t«*rt*st till we sat eagerly listening to u e refer, without permission, to Hanli or ."New i orK. A. 1
nan's Christ- the w'mls of wisdonffroui JWu Hurjs
of six weeks
Mrs. Wallace spoke of six
travel Kansas, wluc' armod with
women's municipal ballot, is an
Elysium compared with license States.
Iler lecture was clear and forcible
not strictly on temperance, for, as she
s a i
h, has placed it upon record
believing that "any form of license
the subjects are so closely con
nected that she in never speak ten
minutes on temperance without fall
ing head foremost into the ballot-box.
A pleesant incident occurred during
Mrs. Wallace's brief visit. Her kind
motherly face, framed in short silver
ed locks, brightened at meeting with
descendants* of a!i old friend, Jesse
L. Hoi mail,—whom years ago, with
Judge McLean, both then Judges of
I the upreine Court of Indiana, she
i bad entertained at her home. Her
father had named her Zerelda for the
heroine of a novel written by
young man.
nd now if we pu
i things together,
national government, and c«uipellin
two good
together, women and liberty.
„i j., ur..
'how can evil
asks Zerelda Wrallace,
iiuO i i-
inkling Watertown Dakotan re
minds the lurniers of the dry seasons of
1878 and I87i#, and suggests that after
the winter of 1879-80, which was a diy.
()i tonville Herald Star
The town clerk of tlie t"«:i o! Almonii,'
having faiUnl to note the vote en teens©
in his returns to the county audit r, tlie
commissioners granted the application of
Campbell & Depohler for a liquor li- snowlesn winter, the ground was so dry
eonse at Clinton. Later, the full r»turns that farmers hesitated to sow their
'•utile in, and t! e, mimissioners were w hen they did sow, the grain
compelled to i c. 'ii-iaer their actioi -ui.i t,»» u finely and tine showers occurred
rescind their intense. every night until harvest time, when a
At a meeting of tic ".»rd of ti ide splendid harvest season followed. The.
Monday morning, it was \nted not to at vegetable as well as the grain crop wa*
tempt lo raise a bonus lor the rebuilding tremendous. The Dakotan attributes
tll s rftiu to
of these resolutions to the president W. Staplelon, of the James Iti ver ilivis-1 west and north west and the two preoed*
ol the I'niled
evaporation ot the niow-
tiona exist now. Heavy snow in the
Milwaukee, received notice ing years of drouth. The outlook isc«r.
y fav„t„|,)«
Advance Oliicc will be moved to the
Building. Next door to Cannon &
Letts Blacksmith Shop.
Eastern Dakota, established 1879, and operating
W. have for sale some ot the finest lands in th« State at prices that will ufforii
Secunt) Lank, Minneapolis, Minn. Correepondonco aohcited,
Perring and Kirk,
Fine ('rayon nnd Oil Tainting Any Size T7r*
From Ijife,Pencil Sketching. Etc vvKl lCllirt-S 11"
1 1 I i e i o v i e w s a k e n a n i v a s i e o n y e a e n u
,trtiHts in the city, tiet your Pictures from natural artists.
Babies Pictures Taken Instantaneously.
& KiRK,i\Iilbank,
Insurance in first class companies
J. XJ.
Having purchased the cosl intercut of Mr
public soliciting a share of your patronage.
coal in the market, and all grades at reasonable prhves.
quantity and quality.
Milbauk will ba tha
N. B. A. N«w York, er
S. D.
$50,000 to loan on Farm and City
property. Low rates, no bonus.
A. Ttirkert we come before th»
carry the best quality o"
W® guarantee iu

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