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The advance. (Milbank, Grant County, S.D.) 188?-1890, April 04, 1890, Image 5

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[Published 1'
W. W. DOWN IK. r,
fhiha v. A
For the informal
to the Advance win
with the fm-lrf in regard
made by Bauey A Gregg t.
lion iiht of the Advance, v."
contract under which Mi
This wo understand is all and the "i:iy
agreement eutered into between the Ad-j
vance company and Mr and
title, moral
ritiil Mi.
Witness-th,'l hat
first part in eonsside::. .-.u'
and covenants heivin.iiler mentioned il
hereby d''ini". lease and l»*i uuio th-
said party of Hit* second pari, and th-
Haid party the second pari does heic
by hiro mid take from the said parly of
the lir-t part, the foil \vtnn des'-ribe..
property situated in the County o! (jruni
and Territory of Dakota, vi/,: rhe Ad
vance Publishing Co'ci. printing outfit oi
plant oonsi-tim: of pieces, i\ pe, cases.!
to have ami to hold tiie above rented}
property unto the d'ud Les-eo, his heirs}
and assign* for and during thefuli term I
of one your, fom inonilm and t^'.-niy-j Coiieeted by If Hodeki
nine day.", irom the thir.*. dav of Aujjust i
1889, to'tlie thirty tirst day of I)c oinber,
1890, both d-'iyn included. And the said
Lessee airn-es to find with the said I
Lessors to pay as rent for the above men
tioned property tin-" uui of eighteen dol
trs per month, payable »piaivrly at the
end of each ipjarier, for and during tin')
full term ot this l*".ise, and it furtlierj
agreed by and between h*' parties tor:
this lease that should th« said Lesse"
fail *o pay th.e rent, spoeati^d above or
fall to fulfil any of the con venants isereia
contained, then it s.'i-t.l iio lawful for th»* i
said Lessors to re-enter at:d take po^.sctis- i
ion of the above renied property without
such re-enteriuii working a l"irfeitinj of
the rents to l.m paid. The nnove airre»
merit is subject to the following condi- i
lions: The Advance Pubiiahini Co. is
pnvilcpcd to uf*ll the above rented outfit
at any time by paying the said S. K.
Ore^n STj.OO ]ier month if the sale takes
place prior to Jan. lt lV.n. or
per :i:onth if saletnkes place after dan 1, I
(Th« above mi-ntioncd wa^es to Ih» reckon
ed from Any. .'5. 1JW. uj tmlaie of saie.i
Further, the Hiiid S. K. (iretrir a^teeH to
collect sm account: as are now out-|
stHndiiij due the Advance Publishing.
Company and pay over such sums col-j
lecteil to the treusurer of said company i
free of cliartre.
It 1H further asreod by and between I
the parties hereto that the mid S. K.i
GreL'ir n111y purchase from time to time
dnrintr the year material .such a* type,
etc., etc .. to be added to 'he plant, to
an amount not to evoeed twenty live I
dollars, thf same to bo allowed on rent. I
at time of (settlement at ttie eml of t"..e
under it Messrs. Gre^i: vt Uattey have
the cheek to priMend Ihat they are now
and money to secure, but which by some
jegerdemain, MCFHIH. Buttcy & (5r.?ir
claim to have come into possession of
without an expenditure of any kind. If
Mr. Uregjj' was owaier of the paper what
neccessity for any condition that ho should
be paid a stipulated wa^ea should the
oflice be sold before the expiration of hia
lease? It was. simply to protect Mr.
Cregg from IOBH when the sale should
take place, if in running the paper it
should happen that it would fail to
pay him good wages. Mr. Gregg knows
this as well as any one, and any at
tempt to cover it up under a wholesale
abuse ol the Advance company or any
member of it, has no effect upon reason
able men, except to disgust them. Mr.
Battey's tilade of abusive epithets and
insinuation!? are but a poor answer to
cold facts, and eotne with, ill grace from
one who has pretended to Vie a teacher
of humility and apreacher of the gospel
of forbearance. It Bat lev could forget
hiniBlf long enough to smother his de
sire for revenge upon those from whom
he never received anything but kindness,
he would see what an exhibition he is
making of himself, or if he had (ought
the devil half as hard as he is now fight
ing his old congregation he wouldn't
have made such a miserable failure as
a preacher.
The saloonkeepers of South Dakota
are organizing to test the prohibition
law. It is declared that eminent legal
authority have assured them that there
are several very wide holes in the statute.
They will not unlikely find some very
deep holes in it if they attempt to con
tinue business. It is to be remembered
that there are two phases in the cons
truction of anv statute—your own idea of
it, anil other folks'. And if the other
folks have the administration of the law
their idea is likelv to prevail.— Sioux
Falls I 'less.
The twine discussion in congress arous
ed the Western members, whouretryin^
to get some reduction in the schedules of
raw material, as well as upon the manu
facture of binding twine. The fanning
ptates have gathered themselves solidly
In making representation tothe ways and
means committee upon several arli' les of
•upocial interest to them, and thev mav
have been convinced by ultra hi^li tariff
®en that thev are not to be whipped into
uuppm-ting any bill as a whole which uiil
not he lor the West, us well as the East.
Representatives Gear of Iowa and
I^nfoilette ot Wisconsin are memhe-s of S
the ooin nut tee w ho are alive to western
inie»ests and may he able to hold tile
hi^h protection :i Isolates I^yel,
OU rirr fi sTiTi ti:.
'•rnut romit)' l'«r« :ir«t* a Car f.oai
Of Seed Wheal l« Her I tif©r»
t« !i.1.1 I'lahbc *•.
•it**. has alrea
pplie-, which
ie Ciu
ti t' iin*
w bet her
running idie Advauv. ana n-n
judgment of any umuid man,
these. men luivo any color of
or ley.il.tu tin- 1 this i.
lowinjx is tin i^'ned
Advance (JIitJ»
btiiH'i, arm
Lor.: and don
.e are as foilo
'lli#i 1 mu nture, made th. _• :.
Au^u-i. Is*1'.', by n"'! I».'twi-n tin* A
vance Pub i-iiin- party of the Im
part Lessors, anil I*. Iv. tiresitr party ot lie
second part. he-see.
Jon 1
)f Wlte
Oi Wl.t
'. K'sepky, 2
15- .swiTtll. "J
ollM.il I )c!ili
1 S-.eli i.f
!. I-M-otl, 'I s.i
T. Uehler, 1 .-:ielv
Vim W:i: I, I
lei-led by I'. II
11. iSrhvorder,
sv net
K u wh
Si ht'oede
i »H
xiui- i Uri'.-der, 1 s-n-k -f n
(I". Morion, I ?iick ot (i»i
»". Steinni't/, 1 saek of u in
.ei:ted bv Fiatdi V l)u»
'fill Iveeve, j?iud s of oats.
II. IVw, v! -iiik- e-f \\i,e
(V i'evv, 1 sack ol wht'a*.
Frank VaiiDuH-n, s.-n-k of
A. K. Van Duseti, I s.
Julius Kun^f, 1 sa k
Then. Webc:, I .sack or'whe/.
John I. Hrown, 1 sack ol w:
Kim Smiiey, 1. saciv i whea'.
'u. I-ham,^ s.*jc!'s of oats.
i ios. Tiiirsii 1 s-n k ot 'at-.
II -tiry Hc leker, sacks of o-.
Fred 1. Koepky. I of o .:
Benj, biers, 1 bu. of «heat.
Coiieeted by Win. Paul
John ILc'ks. *J lei. of w
W. Low thian. 'J bu
F. Weijiitlant,,if'J.no c,..-
Jaun, 4 bu. ol oats.
Nick Doc-ryer. 1 lu of i*
Nils IIaldoraon.il bu of v.aea:.
H. ']'. llaw-on, 1 bu of oats.
John H,i-ieu, !u of wheat.
Frank 11, White. 1 bu of mill.-'.
('hristojilicr And'-rson, 'I !u o:
Henry Voiirht, 'J ba ot wheat
(JiMav I.iebe, iiu of v.-1.
if. Boh:1., "J l)ii o oais.
Win .Fenner, bu of w\. -.?
Wm. i'aiil, 2 bu ot win..
Co.Iect'd by .). I. l-'oine.
V\ in. intiord, 1 sack, of
Charley Hern. 1 sack of oats.
Andrew Her^r. 1 bu of wl e-.t.
(.), P. .loiii'jsou, l1., bu of whe:.
N. P. .Joiiiixjn,
imi i.f wheat.
1/. \V. IOi ikx.ill, 1 M-'lt k ot wheat.
Ado'pli Jutiiison 1 sack of' \\hc :f
A. A. Ibdil.erir, 1 sacii of wh'-e
Pet U^dtnan. I1., bu of wheat
O. li. Form-ll, 1 sick of wheat,
Collei-ted by Xels lier_"jre:,
John Kkbon,' 1 bw of vsi,.
I-. Kkber-. 1 bu of win-..:
L. Wei!en. 0 bu .it' w ."
():to U..i!inan,'J bu of w
('has. Hodman. 'J bu ot v .•
P. Iv'klow. 1 bu of w'tn-a:
X. ii. tereti, 2 bu nf u!i.
Jo Frit/.e, :i bu of wi i'.
Xe!s Xclson. 1 bu ot !,.•
T. X. Uodeen, 'J bu of wheat,
ui|e,t(Ml bv
sole poBsossor, of the most valuable pans Wei.sVr. 1 lia^ .-iedled corn,
of a newspaper—the subscription list i S. P. Simrrocks. 1 s-«-k of wlie..*
and established business-• something 1^. PWiit^tl sae.K of ^vlii'-it.
which it generally takes time, tnersv
i A. JU. I allli|i,
h'iCKs o. i.ea
Co„t,1V s Mnuvn_
Carl Lorritl! 1 sack of wheat
sack of oil's.
A. Sharuatta, 1 sa.-k i.f oats.
Wm. ilabein, 1 sack "Coats!.
M.J llo,t.,IUM. "J saeic-. of oats
A. Olson, one sack of wheat..
.1. I). Lindberg. 1-. tck of wheat.
I. Yelander, 1 sack of oats.
If. Fahtner. 1 sack of oats,
Wm. Hall. 1 sack of wheat.
A. Lueck, 1 sack of oats.
U. S. Brown, I sack of outs and 1
of wheat.
Xels John-on, 1 sack of oats.
Collected by Ben Mower-—
W in. Tu'.ovetzke, "2 bu of oats.
K:nl Wessollek, 1 bu of oatB.
Herman Meier. 1 bu of wheat.
August llaiier, 2 bu of oats,
Miehl Schuliz, 2 bu of oatB and
of wheal.
of oats
John lioth, 4 bu of oats,
Klias VVise, 4 bu of oats.
Valentine Rawher. 2 bu of oatB.
Ernst Miller, ti bu of wheat and
of oats.
Gotttre.l Stengel, 2 bu of wheat and 2
bu of oals.
Ben Moser 4 bu of wheat.
Fred Moger. 2 bu of wheat,
Ben Jinri, t! bu of oats.
ohu Wagner (.J bu of oats,
Collecied by Jacob Sartf
Jacob Sartf, two sacks of ofit.-,
(in), Klcht. 1
.u:K .M
'CVti U
B, but
E. M-1.
t'. I'r.stt, bu o:
I'oppe.man, i.'H
V, "lli.-S 1 .-iil'k
He Km.
I lo!» 1'
1. lie
IteW 1 I- i
i i V
iV. Jojl! -A
i' 1, Aas\.
.s, Haws i
t'oliei led by o tei
John Mart- n-. «ack ..
Peter \'..n -SI oo.
T. i I'ili'Mnans. 61 •»i.
I i i e 1 s a k o
K. 1'iaoi man-, 1 bu of
Anton llermai.-, "1 bu of w t.ea'
M. I'l .inier. 1 sack ol wle-.tt,
P. Juriten-, 1 sack of wheat a:..
ot oats.
.!. Haiu-u'ei
ti. Mite.he.
P. and -vti'irevo.• rl. 1 s:i.-k o v,
James lb ffcrnaii, 1 sack ot w he •.•
Anton Van fioin, 1 sack of out
Flover S'egen, 1 sack ..f o i-..
Arn-'Id -I uri: :is, 1 -ack of he .'
Charlev Fonder, 1 sai k of whoa'
V. J. Fonder. 1 sack ot wheat.
John Tillman, 1 saek of oats.
Frank Holer, 1 -ack of wh.»nt.
Peter S triders. 1 sack ot wi eat.
Kemp- Brothers, 1 -ack ol whe.'
Anton Warner, I -ark ol wheat
oileeti'd by L. M, Daiilberg
Mr-. Kii:i.-oii, bu ol' wheal an
J. X. Abrabain-oti. bu of win-.."
)!e I'ahLnen. 1 bu ot
P. II. B-ard-U. .....
of oat-.
Hani"', ipperman. '1 s e-ks of whe
J"o. Jt-nken-. ~1 sacks of wheat.
1 P. He.-ord, 1 sac'., of oat"
Julius Fetuvr 1 sink oft):'-.
Frank ''onstatine. I sack i-1
2 sacks ot oats.
Fred 11, me.
Fred AU:j(sltiofer, 2 bu of wheat and 2
2 bU of
()f OHld
ot oats.
saides of whe
ijo't'op i ierhau-ei-, 1 sack w'\.
Jworge Bower. .-neks nf o -.
Albert Venny, 1 sack of o i
A. (irahow, 1 sai k oi'wi ea»
Ja:nes Kinir. saeks of bail-y.
I. !•". Hikky, 1 sack oi barley
l'ar! Brache saek of oa:-,
August Fenner.
bu ot oat-. day it has developed Kt-rengih until it is
antl 2 bU nf 1
*riry Hacke, 2 bu of wheat and 'J bu and combinations of a similar nature.
They assert that the common I uvp ro
perU- applied is 'Abundantly sufficteitt.'
and the Sherman bill is unnecessary. A
bu i sufficient answer is that the common lavv
has not prevented trust-- combinations,
of wheat.
I. F. SarfF. 1 stick of wheat,
Collected by .Tames ('orskie
Mrs. J. F. Cor.-kte, o bu of wheat.
It. Farnham, 5 bu of wheat, and 5 bu of
J. L. Frick«on, 2 hu of vheat.
A. A. M«'(3ollum, 2 sticks ol wheat.
CoHer fed by John I^igtritt
Carl Rinkf, 1 sa^k of wheat and 1
sa k of oats.
J. W LijfiO'tt 1 saek of wlie^t.
Wm Mci'arland 1
.sack ot wheat.
Win, Coi-hran, .1 sack of wheal and 1
sack of oat,b.
Wm Tultle, 1 sack oats.
V. M. Wihutins, 2 sacks of oatft.
•las 'Fa-hand. I s ie',{ of wheat,.
Jack McFarh-iiul, 1 s u k of wh^af.
lUm Tattle.
ot corn.
John Funk.2 sacks of wheat.
Frank ('lark, 2 sacks of oats.
Joseph Ede, I Back of wheat.
Joseph Kosse, 1 sack of oats.
sacks of -at.
A Tempp-'ton, "J sai ks of wheat.
Fred fjiebinir, 1 -ark of wheal,
"ari Brar'ie and friends, s i i of
A special collection of 17 bus. of
and -ST .00 cash for frei jrhf wis cull.
from this list for friend-! in th'» «T:
l.ct the AntiTruni Hill
Aberdeen News: When Senator .Slier
man's anti trust bill was introduced^ it
only provoked sneers and ridicule. It
was regarded as a mere kite-flyer to for-
ward los political fottune. From day to
liow regarded as a measure of great
Louis''liubin, 1 bu of corn and 4 bu P^nce and it begins to draw the tire
of oats. of every monopoly organ in the country.
llohevt Buchanan, 4 bu of oats. Xhe people are genera !v in favor of the
Henry Warner. 4 bu of oats principle of the bill. Oidv Sena.or Vest.
in. hebatfer, 2 lu ot wheat and iu I
tin ila few others have dared to assail it.
Dillman Trapp, 2 bu of wheat and 2 bu The newspanfrs ot the opposition have
been carelul in decry ins it. They dahn
there .'is, law enough already on the
statute book to remedy the evils of trusts
Wm, Mdi*. I bu of wheat.
Rudolph (Jreenintr, Jr 2 bu of wheat
]{udolpli (Jrecning, Sr. -i bu of wheat.
I corners and other 4®ytees of orgauized
robbery iq vogue, it, needs appliances
more modern than common law' and it's
i mus'y precedents, to sooceastuily coin
but these (jroliaths ot trade and comniepcfe
All the important cojiveniences of the
generation are passed Into service of tfve.
i manipulators ot the products of holds
and mines and the slow going methods
i of a former age will not answer .the ptijs
i pose of controlling and regulating the
ingenious creation em
ployed by the mi
I aci upulouf operators oil the modern
boards of trade and exchange. Besides
tin addiiionai statute to reiniorcc the old
laws cati':. do no hartu, These. lega:».
swindle '. mnfd be ,'..pf'e'vent.«dV "'B«:tm»or.-:
S hertnan'g
f-iomiaei .to'lend-:efffc ient:
nid for this j.iurpo-e. There is no danger
that Id'jitl mate commercial transactiont
w ill l«e trammeled Ho 4rue aierclvao-V'.
has any such Jear. It is only the sharks'
I.1 t'omaierce.. w'htv are concerned about.-,
the tmaonstdy-tiohality ahd'"-'4'ijisstn«i
effecU of the law. The p- ople say
Ui-l sLu
•s.s l,.-»
Jut I c:i:
N. IJL-HliX.Jiii-t. ld'ci "i'
X. A. Dalip.er-x, 1 bu of v.1.
Mrs. Kriek-on, 1 bu of w!.,•
11. M. Hah ierL "ij cents.
.!le-:ed by V. [. L.iwMiain
H. C'lnnitiiiharn, I l»u of (v
H. VV. flailey, 10 buot'oat-,
A. Kat l-iii. 'J'I u of wheat.
Charles Ssiatfer, 3 -a k- of wheat
.Vu!.r!i-1 I'rt'aponf. 1 saek of v. he.-
K. Vulley, «c'ks ot v. he,.',
F. Hoc ks. 1 e]i of wheat
I1. PI aim. 1 i sa -k if he
•lo-eph Smitb, '1 -ai-lwri of wliedt.
tnlins l-'it/. 1 "jjck ot v,!e-at.
X. 1. r.-c,vthin. 1 sack of wheat.
Collected bv Bear i-. o- .in i «»,.• e::n
ifi t'i i r. ''anii. iieke.1 .v •-,•
i was ••.' .. roken hack.
Farne-i that nil fh"eat
i" like to go aroun I the horse
with h:rn, and tb.e lmrse en
intil they had c.iiifitleiiee in
!.•* would
ti i.. w.:t tli and
... !. let go.
i..-i in. il ue-i'.il cats were filltilil in
stall n'i .iitr nori'.ii_"i iluntij the
uter,—l.ouisvii -ier-Journal.
en no
i- i'd hrui^s
narket tn
-a-o N-.
I'-eii Hnr .in.l i«
.- curious thing 1 !\a
I do not ktsow a •,»
•it it i.1 CtiriotH jttsl
have a call f..r "Iv.-tuui
'I'.i'Mitly. so 'erfiui will 1 iuiv.
a Il.-.r" ivu hi,, f.,rty h"
in tin
wir.ci .
end I'.
Jueat iu
a n.-.- .r 1 and t'o:
a eu'd f- "1 van
Ti:.- hr-carn-i a sunjiet of c
-ise, and i.ie-ut my iri--n k
1 that, ahno.-.t. mvaria'
w u s i i i i Y o n
'Ilea liar," and by diiTere
:ew iu Cni.'u Triiiiuie.
verted l.-u-K' ly in iii-h prlee.l, dividend ]ay
iu^ securities, which hnn^ her a very large
income. She pays, it is reported, more taxes
on i»-r.-onal f.r.,|,.-rty U.an any other woman
in New \orL.—M. E, t.'oidin's Letter.
A curiou- u«» has been found
Thill niiln'l Lilie Oil..
•i-er, oi Jlaurice, Ptt. a
•. 1 hifj Sutaliiori'm
w llii It." ii"i-s^
to be fnea li
i.ls u i luttin}
I't'leitlioiiiiii in Uiuisi i
txjH.riiiients we:- i
w to estatiii-iiing lei. h"nie com
n hetw*e|i Moscow ami St. I'et.-ls
in ans "I ti:e ordinary tei.'^tiipii
I heini
•'ste-n «.f teleiil,
-. K tin sitelf,
uharitv of .Mr 'I", system
the fact that muiiirtor em
iron, whereas- ,. hitijerto In.vn
mi] ..ssiblc t' u ii'ef.r l.iiig
telephony. The itm .a -fileial*
hat a hii" iietween M. .ij.} St.
g. e .us ntcte-i with ir. .woui.i
i-eii is
S. Ki'-naa-, 1 bu oa:
T. U--on. bu of 'A'heat.
II. Nelson, 1' i of wiieat.
Xels li. I'oss, -, t.f wliei'.
K. li. Hterd bu of ,v V,
M, H. Tiioniton, .o.'.
Jo'i:n I),
All l.\t i ai»rti wKtry I
the most extraerdiuar
:o- s is ti.a' known us th" h. 'i
a fore-.t ia itseif ai, v
piute sylvan palace on
Rarely growir. more tha*.
it branches ex ..n 1 :r
.• a trunk which hss a gh",.
ie il, than that of any
O..--,-of these estraoriliss'i•
on nvasnreni'-at. i h" f.
The axe another—euuj: .
n u v i o u n t-
was toari.l
in ih.mien-r.
,e coneetKriO
ie.'-' Von Tcliv.-.-un.
How to I'Hltcii rhieUeu.
T!ii- is fhe w:iv a chick'-u ur '.iu. k i.~
teiie-i: Thrust itif-i a cylinder, it i* k.
darkness ftr thr«* n-wt-: tnrice per ili
pat.-i ..
is f. -I
paralyzed by
aiid tj-nder, and in
a hail i.f l.iiti,
•r ci.rn
pie —In'
Ten TKoumiiul llnllart a Day.
Franeiaeo Stitu-he-/,, alias LaRarti., is prob-.
ably the jnns.t daring, skillful bull fighter i
that ever li\e.i. Hi- handiinj i.f the wild
and s iv i^i huil.s ot irauia is vjinefuing
marveiuus. fie now is.i.i .ai ajip»Lars,
Ijeiiijr the n".ee tlenian-iis] un-1 secured iu a-1
vnnce for ea'-li jx-rf-.ruiaae.-. Jf.. i„ ft very
great net with the Sj.aniyii nobility, is very
rich, anil v\ as tin) wiii'iii [ii-rsoii.ii fneiid of
the iat,e Kin^ Alffitiso. —'or. New York Coin
tncrcial A her User.
The Cxai's i nifori.is.
i he czar ].o!5^t's,si s forty-four uniforms, one
of winch h" has never worn, viz., that of a
Hu.wian ('lei.l marshal. Ah.liounh he is a
coinmaniier in-ciiii-f of the armv, hif inaj"
has, tlie continental Kiory go«.s, voweii ni.'v
to wear the uisi^iua afield marshal miMl
this izrade s iall have h.-.n conferred upon
him by his brother field marshals after a vic
torious war.—Montreal Star.
nun HUTS
Ail at je hers.,
i and .... "iv I "a'
.' tho s' L'be ea"
U!ld' •ill thi
it- hail
aim. st
.-at iu
a! ten
u was lii i
•. dfnpi
I p.-c 1 1
s i (general Hanking Business.
Ac iAuints of BusincS Men Solicited
I 1
si V
A Woman Worth T«n Millions. i
Mrs. liinily II, Moir, who inherited fim
RVeat Morgan estate, lias her fortune eoiitit©d
asii^has ten millions of dollars. It,
i.s in­
To Test Watered Milk. i
A i.r.lished i.-nittin- needle ilii]»ed into a
vessel of milk and immediately withdrawn in
an upright jioMt, ,ii. will tell ynu whether
your milkman is hr.ue-t or not,. If »J„, milk
in pure, a drop of the fluid will hanK to the
needle, but the addition of even a small jior
tion of w uter will pn-veut adhesion of the
uroj..--Xorwich Uulhtin.
From the German,
they would
on the sum-
tourist—llw-se are beautiful
but how much more picturesque
look if there was an ancient ruin
Hotel Keeper—Yes, I believe an anejfint
ruin would draw more tourista. Next, vear
nojrriph. It wa- -o(iuce-i at. he funeral of
a i-:erjrynian iu order that, a sermon of the
decea^-d upon himself might, ba heard by the
Thr cheapest phic« in Missouri to ",iie i- at
the pewit, nuary. I'tie .lai'y .,,ht
am going to have one built. -Texas Siftinga.
An electric vegetable is said to have been
discovered India winch has the power of
affecting the m.ignetic m*.Jle at a .JiMamvof
twenty fuet when the weather i.s fuvorable.
In rainy weather it has no electric influence
the pho-
r,f m8JiQ.
taimog convictK at that institution is only
••yen and oue-haif cents |»rj^jitrft.
lntcrcst_ laid on nmc Deposits.
Irorcion l^xchanjrc Sold.
iv- ulrni
Other over Old Post Office.
Evci-gi'een Nurseries,
U! I'lVorifrecn Wis. claims to be the larg
est nursery of the class in America. It
aow cnutaitiK several millions of Bmall
Evergreens' comprising Home fifty varie
ties, and about the same number of Or
namental Trees und Plowering Slirubu.
Xurtseric^ now nerve about three
hoiisand cusiomerB anuaily, wliose -or
e'ers nui(|e all in'way from one dollar to
one tivonsvnd dolbir« or more each. A
toiio^rnpher and type-writer is employed
'or the correspondence during the dig
:inland packiii^ Kea»on twenty live to
thirty men are employed and about lif
i••en to tweniy fire i(i)tiired to take care
the 11et.s ditrin^ 'he irrowinc reason,
e-e Nurseries a re mak i n a specialty
i••'anfor lOver^reen 'edueH,and have
r.d n.illi ns reaily for s
tc lot Salt' nutl iixes i
Everybody can afford to pape^LT!!
Fresh and Clean. Call andi^S'
spect the new styles
learn the low Prices.
I'iauiinn an Everj»re'*ii Hedge, or any
tii' i- nni ir.n'ii'al ire^s ur slirubs to
i a postal ml to Dursertea insk-
Kiev ILL'
liOl uu i
i o n
!«et d*Uy
Trt««d»y, Tt"«^
town Bmnrli.
depftH from Adp
.enget ng
freight going ea
'ivcn Special Ait.»!?S
a n i a n k
an Milbank.
at Corona....
at Corona
i 11 i ii i
U v I "MIL,
,1a t«n cents
ir eichaulMWQiK
tenant—J. H,
of State
rinteudenl ol
L. I'inkham,
tant Superitv
lctlon C.
Free, Yank
cIH—O. II. 1'
I Circuit—J
th Oirouit
i Circuit—1
nth Circuit
th Circuit—
,erty. Abo
ic Kxamb
riuary Su
•oad Cam
n, Chairm
A.. D.^bti
ed States
ed 8t»tef 1
ling, Hur'i
ed States
eyt»r Gene
ed States
Iwood, ani
of Oaatoi
Milbank, S. D.
itor 3lst
'ok. W. 1
jgiater of
nty Juds
istrict At
rk of Cir
eets ev«
g« ezten
I membc
lar e»ai
rdar e'en
O. (J. w
or L. I
Meets la
So. 479.
A. R.-C
p, *tthe
Of Hig Stone City, have »1ilde «DBR 0
mentH with Leonard ,Johnson.o Mlltenk
\V. Dn[ ••'•nr•«
Held, Minn., formerly
buyer of French horsee, w
keep an aasortmeitt of their
af three
lour varii'iies, I iieir prices of seed
ii.s me much any othciB we have seen.
'\o| pay «ny ol our readerw thinking
Farmers will find it to
A. M
r«Uy ia
3H9 B.
to call and eee these horses beW ——j
any butinesB in this line- A

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