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lul, XI.. NO. 39.
IVoL. Vlll, NO. 40.
I o I MS
rr I I Si r1
"rbdj' a.no s:oo ~«:o
1,50j *.00| •.so' n.su!
S.OOj 4.OUj 18.ot
2.Ml 5.0U| 7. 0 22 0J
*4.eo 8 oo| u.ot| 3o.oo
6:00 12 ooj lS.OOj 50.w
10.oo! 20.001 flO.Wli 90.C
nt* per line hit thr firm «nd
:il»«cijuent inn«rti«»*
[|{0.\D 11
1,1,11. & n. niviaion U
A HI. f. Hailwar.
auiNti BAST.
12:35 am
iB-lury except Sunt
J. to U
|hi -D »i i y Suiid*y.... 1J5 tu
-Hiily 3.25 A in
-0..:lv except ?uiid*T.. 4:10 pun,
lli: I 'm! v ex Suinlay.... &:50 ai
jtn ,k—daily *x Sunday. #:I6 a tn
,,i ,t S:.'!! a
m'.'l- l(i'15 IT.
j,.,,- 11:15am
n,. 11:
vuitia B*«T.
|on W«d aud KrifU 11*.
ttOlK* *KM,
^knj. 4U r. u.
Tkurninv »tid S*v— BO
jr- Artliur C. Melleite. Pierre.
juit J. 11. Kleti her, Santa Clara.
of -Ute-A o Kmgaiud, Pierre
idii i
C. l'.yior, Pierre.
••li'.urer—»V. F. Smith. Pierre. i
It, n.i..ui of Public Instruction
Fp i.ktiam, Pierre. i
\t MI.lennteudeut of Public It
|ion--G. ^ouug, Pierre, ami:
Free. Yankton.
[•y General—Kobert Dullard, Scot-
.,ioiifr of Hch«ol stid Public
f-O. II. Parker, Brookings.
ji{ Judie Supreme Court—D.
fin, First l)istri Pierre
D.strict —A. O. Kellum, (ham
MDistnot-J. E. Rennett, Clark.
|t supreme Court—Ivan VV Oood-
CTBcrrr OOU*T«.
Circuit—R. O. Smith, Judge,
Circuit—P. R. Aikena, Judge,
icuit-—J. O. Andrew*, Judge,
C.ri-ait—Richard Haney, Ju d^e,
In ton
Lir. uit—A. W. Campbell, Judge,
Circuit—Howard G. Fuller, Judge
kh Circuit—Johu W. Nowliu, uiige
I City.
i Circuit—Chun. M. ThoinaSt Jii'lg®.
kiMii»n«r of lmmigraiion--r. 11.
|#rty, Aberdeen.
Ezaaiiuar—T. E. Blsnchard,
luary Surg'on—TJ. K. tUollinn.
»»'J CoinmUsionorB—H. J- Kice,
ji, hairiuitr. Joiiii If. Kin^. R*|''0
[A i). (ib:»se, Waiortown hacretary,
jhiDuon, WiUericwn.
States Diatrict Judg»»—A. J.
1 M»t»'« Hint riot Attorney—Win. B.
log, Huron.
»J slates Marshal—Cyrui Frye
iyor Uen^ral—B. H. Sullivan, Huron,
fed St-»to» SeuHt'»r» —1i. C. Moody, ot
jwooJ, and K. F. Pfttigraw,of Sioux
.eieutitlv** lu Conifr^i's—O. S. Gif
iind J. A. Picfcier, oi
|tor Slat Diatrict—J. & Proctor.
pscutatives: A. L. Pairidgw, Mil-
Qk- W. D. Lawrence, Troy.
c«r\Tv orncBBi.
nlMloHrrs—l«t •.
2d Oist.. Joliii ll»'(lma ".
r«l ltiHt., U'm Jtniiiiig«,Cbm
llnr—John I).IIIRI:I»I«.
Vt'r «t PC.1«--U. A Marten*.
fity and I'rulute Judge—Chou. Bauok
lurer—J S. Farley.
fitf—H I Ken-ilict.
ot Court—J. I. Lockhirt
Schools—(J, W Prevey
net Att.irue) J. H. Owen.
^uer— 1 jr iinni*l«.
fty Snt ."•» t—W. t'rowl.
l°r—Henrv 8 Vi.lkmar.
k—l. w:
.irer—A.iat. Mitu-isiawft
I U i i v K i i n n
chapter IV.
a Dirrt BoirNti.
.ni*Hce -I'iisco,
Attorn«-r .1 \V. IU i!.
/-ilBt-ij Jut Wil I, K .•»•! e. Ri'
Manhal, Street'Cammi**l»n*r,
p' -t'H ana ,,i«- Mon"1
S: rc v
ul*« t.
Um- \ai
"BWt a voir old GUbrrt
trayed into ejui'ula\n'j
jA BfauHf^WarjTirne §To^
'ar.nS" "E'ft.
p)teyrigllteL AJt Rlgtitu Re»crv«1. mbliahwl by
Ixrasocnuttu with LHE Uel/ord COUIIJSUI*. Krv YonJI
•rf N-
Not ftndins another stump convenient,
Gilbert crouched down at he foot of a
Giina tree, and resting his back against
the trunk, waited and tvati-ln-d, how lonjj
lw* did not knoa. lJut at last lii.i vi^il
was rewarded: the door opened, and
Nicholas Mood forth in the moonlight.
B' was talking to tunc one within, but
only Ills voice, not hU wind*, could lie
Old Gilbert's devotion to the "fairhiy"
made eav*dnppin« a duty. Crwying
on knfis in the shadow o* tlm fence,
aa near the gate a* he dared, he
crouched 1 maintained silence, he walked away with
in one of the angles formed by the rails, out further words.
and bent in* lwt ear. aided by his curved i
hand, Uieatch what Nichwlaa was sa lug.
Aud this as hat he heard:
"It is t« glorious a ni^lit to let
u« have one little stroll iu ti»« moon
"Hit's a cal!" old (}ilb»?rt wau almost
betrayed into ejaculating aloud. "Kn
he oru-r bt? savin' dat same tor llias
It v.-as a girl. Rhe wrao out int4» the
moonlight that HiHKletl the porch, a tall.
elender, dark haired girl, with a saintly
face and a voice like a tluta She said
something the old neg ro could not hear,
b»t he heard his y.jcn^ master's reply:
"Of coursi^ the colonel will make a row
—at first. You see, Dosia, I hide nothing
frocj you. But when they know all
you've teen to mo- how you hava re
d^etned me from my wild life, ob, dear
What more he said old Gilbert did not
know he had heard enough. He drop
ped ilat on his face in a great fright.
When he rose up Nicholas and the giri
had passed down the street, arm iu arm.
The old spy could see them as they went.
"Gret King!" he gasped. "Is I come
all din hver way ter see mawster's sou—
mawsier's onln'stson gallivantin wid one
o' deui Furnivalt? Sholy, sholy. Mawne
Nick am' gwan git tangled up wid di.s po'
white trash. I pray! I^awdl whatlgawn
do? I sun' gwan say nothin' ter Mawse
Nick ter no Uiek him iampin' mad I'd
a eight yuther maws:-r'd git mad with
me den'rile Mawse Nick. Hit s mawster
ter blame, keepin de boy in dishyer loiu»
smne place. Wish 1 win home now.
Dere's all my money—en' dat ole sow,
drat her! En' mv Dominicker hen "most
readv to come of Ten her nes'—whey's
my rumberilla? Lemme study ^l»eyis
the umbrella was not there. He
retraced his steps to the store, but the
cherished badge of re*]ectabi!ity was not
to v found for any search
Well well," he sigiied, "ill luck doan
nuver come single hand.-d. Maybe hit s
a si-n dat ole Furnival sow is rooted up
mvmonev, Dey is m.ghfly in de way,
dvui Fcrnivals. en de bes what I km do
beginst 'em is ter wrastlo in pi ah.
Thus eonsmuning with himself and ar
rvin" a dejected head, old Gilbert came
unawares, upon one of the citiz.ua of
Eden, who was acting as a patrol.
"Halt!" said the man of brief authority.
•-Yes mawster!" said old Gilbert, stop
1 ping short and takmg off his hat with one
hand, whiU with the other lie fumbled lfl
his p.H-ket for hi pass. "I'se Kernel
Thome's Gilbert, suh, fumover to.- Ix-on.
•come ter d* Sunrise piant.it.iori. Mawse
I iCick wrotenwl me p»-nnt^i-n t*,r come
t*:r d' ll:JV t(
'T^ur OaKs Tsilllt?
ligTit, iitul wLFle lio rC'ftl oT3 Qilljert aoAo
ned bis face btudiously.
"Aiu't you Mr. Job Furiiival, BUII?" he
asked, with far uioro deference than he
i ootisi'leretl the Furnivala entitled to but
Mr. Job Fiyiuvul's daughter was hon
ored by Mawse Nicholan' attentions, and
that male a difference: it wa.s the part
of wisdom, ap]arently, to keep on the
good su'e of Mr. Job Furuival, and get
ail the informatiou possible. "I 'mem
U«ra de favor of yo' puason 'bout Talla
iias»8e« Bti eetjj."
"Va-as, that's my name,'" »aid Mr.
Job Furuival, with a hesitating drawl.
Old (lil!ert grinned affably. "Is you
done quit Tallahassee, sub?"
"Well, uiy wife's health war brok®,"
•aid Furnival, "an' I got a job down thin
way,an' I bought a house an' lot cheap."
After a pause he ooiuiuuijd: "It war
plum lucky for Oil. Thorne'a son thet
uiy wife tuk care on him when lie got
that stab Marcus \Vhite'a knife. Mar
cus war the one ter blame, no he bein'
Wlien the voting man had irono in, the nir kin wo war boun'ter lo-)k after Nick
self appointed detective arose and crept
near the rail fence -that surrounded tlut
weed fjrown yard but the wirnlrrwa of
tiiifs hom e were hunjj with eurtainn.
"Drat V-?iTi!" he grumbled. "Ev'y ruth
er house has riled ine wM de Hi ht o*
vittles. en' dis one hides mc. funi w*?in'
alter Mawse Niek. 'S «act hit's dat Mar
oua Whit" crowd. p!'i"in" cyards, eu' liet
tln' high. Doan b'lie*e he's gone ter
Texi*. F.n' Mawse Nick—he means lijjht,
but do temptation is too strong. I gwan
pintly tell mawhter ter tek de b»iy out«i
dishyer place."
Thome, afirter. It war a close shava
'twixt hiui an' Kingdom Come, an' I
ain't adxackly ^ot ray furgiveness yit
thet I ain't told the colonel nothin' 'bout
hit. But Nie.k'li.H, I reekin, is skeerder
of the colonel than e- er he war of the
devil, an' ho woulln' let no letter b?
wrote, an' the doctor said doan fret him.
an' HO—an' no"
"Yes. mawster," said old OillxtrL
•*It'n hixnt Nick Thome one wholesotu#
leabon, I reekin.**
"Yea, mawster," «aid old(Jillertagain
hh? he.-ui WIIH very heavy.
"An' I reekin, maybe, he'll walk a
strai^htT track, ef so be the colonel war
minded ter Kettle him permanent onter
the bunri9e plantation. 1%'s a good pieoe
o' lan'."
"I duimo I dunao nothin'," said old
V i Nir.k'lis—war minded—ter mar
ry" Furnival renutned hesitatingly.
Old Gilbert waited respectfully for the
•rattenee to be finished, but Job Furni
val v. as only attempting a fiugjjestion to
llxe old negro's garrulity and as (iUbert
"He iiin't got no manners," old Gilbert
muttered, a.s he triidjr'd aloriir. "Maws
ter would a' said good eveuln', dough I
is a po' ole no count nigger. En' s'pos
in' mawat«ir do settle Maw.se Nick onter
8unrise plantation, is Mr. Job Furnival
gwan boss da niggers? De mo' I argy
fles, 'pears ter me lak de troubles u' dis
worl' i^ aecumerlatin'. I gwan travel
'long back ter Thorne llill, jes" ex quick
ex I kin git my pas*."
He could not get his pass until Nicho- ^011^
las had breakfasted, and then it was so
long post the dawn that old Gilbert, in
order to make a sufficiently early start,
was obliged to delay yet another day.
"Reckon it's time you were at home,"
said Nicholas. "The hounds will be into
your hen nests, and the worms in your
tobacco patch, and the grass in your i
giivdrn." i
"Yes. Mawse Nick I been here five!
days a'ready," old Gillert sighed, think i
ing of Dan Furnival's wandering sow,
and the hollow In the wood. "En' Fisa
had trouble in plenty 1'ae loa' my rum
"Aha!" said Nicholas. "Then yoa may
take mine."
"No, Mawse Nick, no suh!" said old
rt. putting tip his hands beseeching
ly, while his faoe turned that ashen hue
peculiar to the negro. "I ain't gw*n tek
yo' rumlx'rilla, nohow."
"Dat I couldn' do," he said to himself,
as he turned away, "l'se 'bleedged tei
go home en' tell mawster—what I i»
foun* out. But I ain' gwan tote his ruin
berilla, en' tote tales too."
He sat him ilowi under the work shed,
chiding the lingering hours. 'Pears
lak Jauhuay been meddlin' wid dat sun,"
he grumble*!. I
But the sun went down at last, and
i\«T,„»v I so sot on Mawse Nick I dis- when it rose again the old man was we..
Lmember whev I letTum." I on his way to Thorne Hill.
Sore dwturbe'd, the old negro hastened It was dark when he alighted at his
back to the stump where ho had sat cabin, which stood apart from the other
negro quarter*, and near the bead of tho
UUMJ that led from the hack premises
along the garden. The cabin, built of
loves, with a chimney of clay, occupied
one side of a small enclosure, surrounded
bv a wattled fence. Here old Gilbert had
his garden, his tobacco patch aud his
poultry yard.
"Plum' glad I is ter git home!" lie ejacu
lated. "Bet'o" I gw-s up terde gret house,
I gwan hunt me aigg outen my own heii
iif'ss*s 'pears lak I ain* taste naire aigg
te.r my notion sence I Iwen gone."
Now. while old Gillert was absent at
Sunrise plantation, several things had
happened to Increase the colonel's impa
tience at NichoU»«' eMn»e:it:ut-iit in exile,
in Hie first place, a sudden and violent
storm had unroofed Mrs. Leonard
that Miss Flora and
Tiiorne's hou
}er mamma
11'1'uge at Th
pleahiug to i i
not like
I- ii forced to take
fond of his brother's young daughter.
Flora Thorne, besides being fair to see,
had the serene manners that he admired
the danced with grace, she sang the
nimple songs ho loved, she was very do
Inestic, and not in the least "learned
It was the strongest desire of his heart
that Nicholas shot'l marry this pretty
cousin, settle on tiie Ferndale place, three
milos distant, and fulfill the dignified dee
tiny of a gentleman planter. But since
Miss Flora had taken up her abode ,.i i
Thorne llill. the colonel had uiadu a dis
covery that caused him much uneasiness,
That so pretty and charming
a girl should
have adorers was in the natural order of
things, and the colonel did not object to
the frequent visits of Miss Flora's ad- i
Uiirers but that Miss Flora should favor
any one of thurn all more than another
—Nicholas being absent—was more than
Nicholas' father could endure with equa
nimity. Mr. Aleck Gage was the one
anion" Miss Flora's visitors whose com
ing vexed the colonel, mid increased his
eagerness for his son's return. i
But how to recall his banished son I
without sacrificing his owu dignity-«!
point upon which he was su{erlativelv I
sensitive—was still the problem that en-1
gaged tho coloiiel'8 thoughts. Lie f-dt
that Nicholas under sentence of banish-1
nient ought to plead to return home he
was sum that Sunrise plantation must
have proved unendurable long ago but
Nicholas was giving proof of a more ob
stinate endurance than his father had
supposed him capable tf. "Confound
him for being so much like me!" the col
onel muttered, as he sat staring at the
thorny popinac, whore the accustoms!
mocking bird, rejoicing in the moonlight,
poured its unstinted song. In the parlor
Flora was hinging to Aleck Gage some
thing about moonlight and music, love
and flowers, and the colonel raged like
the heathen.
Old Gilbert's familiar greeting fell upou
his e,or with a soothing sound. Leaning
forward iu his chair, the colonel descried
i a t!::rk vis ige just above the level of th«
piazza lloor. "Hello! So \our back at
last, you oi runaway!" he said jocosely.
"And how Li Nicholas'?"
"Mawse Nicholos is peart ex a cricket,
nuh," Gilbert answered cheerfully, but
added immediately, and with strong era-!
phaiiii, "Hit's a mighty lonejjome plac«,|
tubbe bhof'
"Ha! Nicholas finds it lonesome!" the
colonel asked eagerly.
"He ain't complained none,"1 old Oil-1
bert sighed. "En' de craps is mighty
I promussin'," he supplemented, adroitly,'
though well he knew that the crops
I none of their promise to Nicholas.
I Suddenly he changed the subject. Al-1
though ho stiil had it iu mind to tell alii
I he knew, he found it very hard to make)
his report he could not come at it!
through the medi itu of tiie crops, and he
was fain to try another course.
"Whoa" dis de tell me, maw-ter, down
I ter de ijunrter, 'bout de storm done un
roofed Miss Pauline's house?''
Y e o o n e a n s w e e i n I
you have a blow at Sunrise plantation.'"
"Tuttbesho, suh, what you mou^htcall i
a high win', the day alter I got dere but
de ain' no damidge done. Miss Flora en' i
her maw. Miss Pauline, de is all safer"
"Oh, yes. only out of house and home
out of their own house and home, that
i is. They've a home here, of course, as
1 don't know how
long it maybe about rebuilding. 'I he
house is pretty badly shuttered and Fur
nival is not to be found in Tallahassee.
418 tl,e
He lias a job Bomewhere, it seems.''
"Mawse Job Furnival you is meanln',
mawster'/"' cried old Gil!ert, excitedly,
"Bless yo' soul, mawster, he is over ter
Eilen seed him myse'f had speech wid
What is he doing there?"
"I ain't 'ziM'.tlv made out ez lie is doin'
anythin' in tickler, suh," old Gilbert
answered, uneasily. "But I'm n-thinkin*
it mought
a-savin' you a sight o' trou­
ble, maw(er, if Maw»e Nick wuzhero ter
go back en' fo'th en' look alter rebuildin'
Miss Pauline's house."
"Exactly!" exclaimed the colonel, with
a feeling akin to gratitude. "I'll send
forthwith for Furnival, and I'll have
Nicholas at home. Go round to the
kitchen and tell Dicey to give you a tip
top supper. Reckon you're pretty tired?"
"Middlin', mawster thankee, suh,"
old Gilbert responded, with a sigh ot in
finite relief.
"I didn't want ter go tell on Maw.--e
Kick." he said to himself, on the way tn
the kitchen "not ef hit wuz ter be holp.
En' thankful I am de Iawd is pinted de
way der git him fotcli home 'dout mw go
tellin', praise be ter glory!"
The colonel called Tom Quash, and
gave him orders to take the double buggy
and two horses, and start for Sunrise
plantation early the next morning, carry
ing a letter to Nichohw, and another tn
Job Furnival.
The two days that intervened hefoit.
this messenger's return were bard to be
endured in patience it was more than
could be borne that Tom Qun.sh returned
"Mix Fiyrnivai, suh, is a-lyin' at de
pint o' death," Tom explained. "En'
dat ocount Mr. Furnival he couldn't
come jes'yit."
"And Nicholas?" asked the colonel
"Mawse Nicholas is wrotened a note."
said Tom Quash, fumbling in the crown
of hisluit. "He sojit his r.-e-epet/'si, (i.
he can't come at sicli short notice: is got
some matters tor sorter straighten, but'11
be along after a day or so."
The colonel snatched his son's note and
read it eagerly. It was expressed in
pji. i
cr.!c.ti',.:el 'r
•I fouuii it hard
Flora sang, and the
to lx? patient.
Tom Quash did not tell how Nicholas
stamped and swore when h. riiil his
father's letter and declared that Sunrise,
plantation was good enough for him:
Tom Quash kept all this to himself, titid
pondered it in his obtuse brain.
When Miss Elvira learned that Nicho
las was coining home she locked herself
v.ithia her room, took from a secret
drawer the note she had received from
Ro.'canna White and read it for the lost,
time. Then she burned it, and having
accomplished some extra pages of i
"Bishop Ken," went down to tea, look i
ing at least, five years younger.
(Continued next week.)
New subscribers to the IIKH.U
IV\NCF. oan secure the previous num
.ers to the Commencement of this sucy,
ree upon request.
N. J.
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With ih* comInc of KtH'ehood hinoH will t:e niaiei ially enhanced in vnlue.
South Dakoia Ivts entered th» I'nion «iih Prohibition in her Constitution. md
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