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The herald-advance. (Milbank, S.D.) 1890-1922, July 18, 1890, Image 1

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•01,. XI-. N°-
v..I. VIII, N"
Furnival hail left
side He
to her father'H
staring out. of tin- window, and
:itirjiMtitll of her .'ipjiriwli was
of her lingers upon his hand,"
v, (Vil Thoruo was not d.nion
if altWtion, finpecially toward
ami just now, while he was
fir the niriHterv of hi.- leelings,
id to be alon«, and be shrank
touch saying, coldly.
play, Winifred you u.i mipt
i tir-t
on as hf spoke. was-'onsoious
ii^g for thic* sympathy e.\ pressed
-ip thoae suiajl fingers. aul
ln put i nit the hand he had
,v withdrawn, put, it oil! n,
treaty f«r tii»- canh ha•(
Hut it if h»* fat i :.'
to be misunderstood !i:- I:.
sli\ness had led nini HiMiipiil
rtunity, and Missy ynascent ten
one rebutTed, was not easily to
tuew. iShe saw i:i her fat .•,'•
-bed hand on! a n'.-nal f»-i
•, and her induinant spir-.t i..
a j.rou.-t a.- hit. i .i I
A* °s''"
lo" r'stf**' 1 'r» I',
her tunul'-tl, r?l r»tr.t
wit lit
he genial ^it'i of expression.
Tliorntj sighed, aiul locked. tlift
nd bhiiH se.-tired a^ iiii-.i iinwanied.
n, he .sat before tii«- (ire with his
and eave himself up
1 relets. liis little world m-i'UH'iI
•••A from his prasp, In the sunt of
ys and sorrows, bis MtbmisHive,
sister had never euunted for much I
by that hateful inarriaL-e was )."t
lint Mi
ll• "•vl ia h:.s hand
ite v
I f- 1
Tn desire to ha ve )ier witli him at
|taa 'aoinent was just not stronp eiiouph
make him willing to risk a refusal
^^llinp ht back, so he consoled himself
1'} inakinp pilan.s for her future. His
little daupht4'r'n education was a prob-
I' ni that htul vexed lii.s wul not infre-
of lat/\ and knowing well Miss
Khira's incompetencv he re,soJ\ed to
turn tutor himself.
And now began an era miserable alike "She's wa
for Misny and for her father. It lasted
coat. Meantime Missy and the
colonel enjoyed a rest.
Juno had come again, but Nicholas
""t been heard from, nor had old (iilbert
'••lunied. The two names were instine
*i'eiv avoideil in the colonel 'a presence,
'"it otherwise life at Tliorne IlilJ had re
.1 its accustomed ,-ourse. Compatiy
^anie and went Misn 1^1 ira bought new
finery and gave parties, paid and re
ceived visits, and went to (linings, and
'""rough it all read her daily allotment
tyishop Ken. Kv4Ty Kunday, if the
was line, she lrove to chui
^v'th Missy, At long intervals she went
'"^ted upon going to Mrs. Herrv's,
feA Beautiful "War-Time Sfoiy
|j| JLlzAii:r[i YV. DELISA^Y
fif f-brfer^f Q$$£ Tsjitrk
^annsT* Efc.
T" 5?^
{CopyritrMftl. A'! l. ruhlishiM by Special
A-rr-.iuvrmua with tin- Ik ltorl f. onireuiv. New 'i^rk-l
governess should In* discovered.
To Lottie ami Hews, Mr«. Hnrry'p w •.
young granddaughters, .Missy was al w i\.
a w e|eonie gu'-i, and she h.Tsielf desired
nothing better than to
he "turned aloose,"
»h (.ilory-Ann phrased it. in the lumber
An.id much titter.
tion from Lotii" aixi
la r-eii" in thu» unit, and
endowed \utli ihtvtire ol
id to )!:pi'o\l.s.' a dranui i.'w^d oil tJ
u O fa lost i
i I u I.- .ii Sidy lat 1" a": t:.". n
rtl.Ui i'i- pel fort .1' 'i
Lottie, w ii. i ,Ui»? naw the h^ijt (•••-inrn'ni^
to lade, ixtlliil.il til" Jroi i^-"lll-: tll.'lt
-.ii.'t.i t., jeirry tii-' i-atastrojiii" in
rviv-ed for tea.
'aui it- ••'-.£*»* it
hb itl ie*
\V* vl! I Mi^-y had hcain
s I e a i i i s i u i i n i s i
/4' ^x-» i s painful .^niiieaii.
U .tKAX n O \vv !U •'!, is
(•tie Cl'i
l)mv« :«p!
thtiii bri'iv-ia h
abrtijt 'onchisi.ci.
Hat V
)»efor In' eip 1
11 fr /ii-'iii.
-n't hop as you're so .1 n. 'it •. .»•• I
"'liin* 4n.il of tlie xv in.:• \!.d
lie yard went .-.in*, inutier. ',•
"I ain't pin'to try no n.•
her, and one of ill ,e da\
I n
i lirer Nicholas i \i: i,:ni
-. Brtr Kiclto!:i w i. II
us hand."
:yfnd 8«ire, Missy sat luf n
Me kj-if.. bitx-k undertlii' ma. 11
owinu p'reen in the winir «ua-'-(
and w. pt for the brother who was
blown locks ii
u/ls fell aroim 1 1
Hhe threw dnw n tl
was to be the etld of this es 'apade.
Hut Mi^.v outran them. They h6t
piffht of her bej olid the row of fjuince
buslicH, near the feiici\ and thi reiipoti
abandoned the pursuit. The dv, that,
iuni been close upon her heels, turned
lack, when he saw l/it'.ie and Hess and
he twins no longer following hetliou^ht
the ^ame at an end, and he wjl-. not 11:1- i
wiiiiiiK' to nst un-l jant in the broad!
walk, while hid .playmates sat upon the
bench under the beau arbor, and waited
{. for Alissy'a return, v
1 They waitel then, until tho crescent
rtioon lirighUined ill tho west, a^ thejstitrs
eanie out, and the shadows gathered over
1 the pardon but Mi say did not return.
and wiien the tea, bell rang, the chiidren
went baek to the house in fear and per
e i y
"Where is Winifred?" Mt'*. Herry
asked, as they filed into tiie dminp room.
•Miss Elvira, being at that moment ab
sorbed in the ]ernsal of the last few
lines of the day's appointed portion of
t-i i.itii: he would remember Niehoias no
nior. and now that T'lora was the wife,
A (ijijre she could never atrnin b.
tiie June l-'lor:i: there remained only
Jh^\, and lier lie had driven away! The
Bishop Ken, had not observed her niece'd
She's wait in' for her iiatr to prow, I
iid little -e, with an hy»teri
'hf months. At tho om) of that time -:,.~i,,
the colonel abdicated in favor of vaca
'ion, tlioroughly convinced that for a
littie giri 12 years old a vigilant gov
'•rness was an impenitivo nccensiiy, to i
'»e sought for diligently and secured at]
to wW«?|i his brother and his-
kon," sai
tera joined,: .. ...
Thtiit tiie fr
S'liiu' iiiio ran
in al tli'1
"•iiuijx'd he
had i'iinirr
ionated her
rooiu miMiair.^.
a stage on which
vonte iierot .s at.d
and liiw H*-rr\ ae
liroiii.f -, '.t^iin timi-,
timenan eoadjutor-..
couid ol ).,t' mure ,iji
ity. who uften tli 'i ii
reaiisu- imp. i
torstht u i". un-jv
The" ehiJdr I,,.-.
theatrical uai
hut tJie-io had v i
thiri p..' I. .! I
over til i.
?u. nai.. .. a :ii.t '.a'
lmitf pi •!. i. i
gotten in an unex pi,
nufai tii .l
velty. :f
iv e juhihuit
1 and .^iiruiik
i I Paul
a,- it iiUuUetuy
i tiiu.-t prot c\ ii-
fired mnart'
hut the win
,.a uas n. r. yet over:
!i coui i divine what
hajl Prized a pair of
1,1 tii) or thr. swift
:cl her tangled, red
.1 her hi iid. The ri^ it oils
\i tho tloor, and
and ran—ran
'.-s. ind •.
us if for life, down i,,e ae!c .-tairs tmd
into the garden. h-r coii-dns folliiwiuj
after, haif afraid, and we.ndcrin^ what
aver the fe
as JaMfjh.ib,
rod i:i
'•()),, very well,** saM Mrs,'Herry, who
did not understand this joke "we will
hot wait, for a lappard little pirl.
.• ji,-ir! Dear! sighed Miss Klvira, as
she shut up Bishop Ken "I never will he
away from hotw with that child ag:uu,
unle.-s I have (dory-Ann.
When Mijiper was over ana Mirsj did
not appear Mrs. Herry demanded, witii
vi-ibie annoy ance:
"\Yhv does not Winifred come in:
Then'lx.ttie told what had happened.
"Except for cutting
was line, she drove to chtneli
MrS. Herrv, for the colonel hal I won't coioe luitil hhcMiiov»ncs.
^•"lidrawn his prohibition when Flora
married but tho intercourse w w „,i,yisiric8s s)ie susjiected a ei j«
as of old, and, except for
niall al!
visit her cousins too often, and on s neighliors.
^rtain day near tin end of June—it was All thi* inade Mis«
anniver.sarv of Nicholas'departure,
iu ,!
Ur- t'l,s
behavior notl.inp out of the way for
Winifred,"said Min.s Elvira, placidly- I
never know what to do with such a child,
her alone. 1
.she 11 grow
jHcr an «he grown old»:i.
about her, (Ynuun Myrtiha, Mic
Mrs. Herry «.uJ«ll»ot resist a.^ray,
j„ Missy's flight than mere
importunities, Miss Elvira had p|ay, mnl she hastciit" tosni'
her \i.,its not only few and far
,l her dnimp room
n, hut of short duration as well. tiie premises, while two
held the opinion that she could 1 were dispatched to inquire
only tf» spend the 4lay but to remain
.,va„ drawing n.vn to
Miss Elvira sighed and r*nb- }lonl
iutt..i(| Klie was tool,inp forward to that over,"
time coming, when the inexorable m.
Herry was sine -In.
v jx rwuis. «nd she began
Missy made no allusion to this- flcx',r. wringing her hands,
I ni-t Mi- -y '".'t
|,o said to hersell'. for this seemed
formidable da«=^r that could
Mil.HANK, S. 1).. 1'li! DAY, Jl'LY If, ls«M
tlir- at a
I'h is tin iiight had not Io ,j occurred
her wlwn tiu-r« wa., heard i -hullling of
many feet on the kick piazza, a murmur
ot many voice.-) in subdued lament. and
Larkin, tin.- carriage dri\er. followed by
ev.rv i!..-ro on th.' t.lari. i-inu-hurry
i. to arm
jji-thin' ,.r.
j. ii
.. heard to hlam
sU'ph, rustled
iii=.i .nr.i. Horn wa^
grandson's st.n.nif!
least, w a-: safe! So
i'aul, tins ^'orioiLi
her fond old eves
I iiann had iietr
1 bov of 17. on w
rt-Ftud with proud delight.
Hut thin u a
''Soinirthiii^ is
Illothi-r," Slid I1::
Kt'*iJ).-d to ki1*-. 1.
and siHt."r^.
to Winifred i I
her in her.-.'1
it for rejoicing.
Ijiert.-d. dt-ar uriui.i
.. jrravi-Iy. liefI.re he
e.uuiiorous iui il Imth
By dint ot v. culmng-h came at last
to the pn-t c- in fro:.: of whi- the
stage bad just stepped. The sight of it
thrilled her with exultation. She felt
herself at last, mi the way to rejoin her
orotii. r. Ther could be no hiudraiico
now, she felt Mire, to her journey. She
dashed across the tared and ri ael*,il the
stape coach u: ob,-ef". ed. for ail the by
standers were patkeivd around the post
oiTice, e.Npf'C'.ant of t.ie mail. A (juartet
of voung lads were dragging another
lad from (lie coach with hilarious greet
ing as Missy clim^'d up )y thi- hind
wheel ontheoppo ite-i,it and«"stai,iir-b'
herself Oil top.
Tliere a terrible i...|,-,e of iso!..ti.ii
Kt^sed her. .^hc stretched herself out.
face downward, and to keep from wail
ing aloud, st.UlYd the skirt of her nan
keen blouse in her r.ioiitii. loathing e
cowardice. Hut her urpo.-e gave \. ,i\
at last. After all, she was only pn t. :.d
ing to be a »y: how could she, ap -'i.
(piakinp little girl, ever hoi*? to find J.:.
Nicholas unaided and aloner
In despair and
No one recognizeil the child, and n
looker on had jiir-t hazarded the coxiject
lire that tii" "Utlmdish tlo creature
iiiiiFt. huvoarrived on the stage, unknown
to the driver, when Larkm camo upon
the scene.
"Lf.'jiiino see!" he shrieked. "Fur de
love o' heVen, inawsters, dat chile if
Mawse Jasper Thome's darter, little Miss
Winifred Thome."
There was a murmur of incredulity,
hut Lr-rkin insisted, apologetically.
"Tuhbe sho. hit doan look lak hit, but
hit's so. ITtikkom she's in sich a rig:
p. r, ......u
larkin wa.* i .. t. i i i
Mis. 11,-irv.
Paul 11--n. :-..i.
mother what he kin-vv
•when Misny wa^ brought
Wh. -e -h. lay, deadly pal'
i. and jnuatiin^ piteou-d\.
s Klvira ranie and looke
11 ippenel
u» nnging
iT 11A1)
WJi rr t-
V 'T'-
Winifred,she la'nentei
your father say?M
'{ush!"' llr-i. Terry v
y lic-ard ':,v! •,.
pant. d.
i 'oor i.'lino Mrs. i Terry
I .1.' falling over iter eiieel,
inp that agony of
and regret .. iia-1 pi:d
f(.»r a '.'"ir j)«.-»!. Tii«) nit-ntioii 1.. 1
1 h-rt •. 1 irn had. l« en !it e a mateii t"
a tra powder: Mi.s-v'- nwlw was
.pp .ittitalv, her
It was
1 cut o!f
io!t si)''
:th, be},,
lent win.:
at of
,e ijuinet
uint, hts
,.ieh to
w ut.-n
it Jlersei
known or
h" p'l.j I
fitflue- |4an
ts for here
her b' '. slie path. .'
-. Utiseen, Tier U.lii
1 he ^tapo in which Paul
ted and by some means
hi rein. Once a" v
been piny in' suecuss. Lawl! Lawd! 1
she killed, iiiawstf.rii'r''
lliey lifted Missy from (ho pround
and carried .her into a nejgh!«ring drag
Store, when- she recovered consciousness.
"I'm Winifred Thorne," s!i(( said, and
ensaved to move, but fainted apain.
"Any bones briik'.'" T,.*ukin a -ke,l anx
iously of fie etor bending over r.
The d.- ihom ht uot: hut there wa
likf ruin.
v lo tho St
Klvira Mae^.T.-d ha
i-i i[e pan"!'-t and v. j: ,ti
Some 011- 11 ro 1. i
Mrs. Herry wai.l.
'lie of i'alll'
lielp'-d to I war 11
to Thorne Hill. at. i i
iiijrht t'ol. Tiiorin. ..h
TV's Kate.
1 had ridd"ii hard and he had rid*
'ic. i'or lie would not nil, i\v the hrea
int'wiii ei-\\ brought tin.' tidii
if Mir.-*j's liiii to return witli him i
w w it u iinii'h the iiiHtinet of jiospita,
that mado hmi in'-irt upon tlie \.i
]«st miti
1 rs. 11. i-
How remaitiin^ he m»rht at Thorn,
tile d.'niro to '-KCape ail witness of I
an^ui?-)i i,ould not hide. He had
dered rilTen Jim to make ready
double buegy and follow imtiiediat
vi-.ii (iJory J-' ioe.^-lf rod.*
in the ni 'ii u tr .. i.i s..n i
ri ilka aw.iV 11: ,1 !..•!, 'I
1 titir, itail
too, with a hh
1 he uilld te
tlireihold s
it and the eai:
to Mrs. I]err\.
in burni.:.
and tl
loom e
'lloWltP i i!
mi wit), a
'ieclarat -i i
.1:1 crtiss Mrs. lier
•as..' of Home calam
had come, but
i'he lights we:- 1
.•ior and in tli'1 hi:
!ii al.^o in one
i nloliel. as 1
windows ot t: 1
at to read
r\. 'ie!!!i :il tlloi:
ne him at the
impenetrable, «li
ulv, av.s character
of feeling lie l,,HVeil wa.-. ll'i
ability to fr.'iTue in word* tint
that burned in his eyes.
"I am of the opiuiin
he physician i
he presented
it esneanor that h.
.1 him the only
utt.-r i
v. ill not iieeeMsarilv
Th col
"But lruu-ie -,
An i-i.^ry jSusi ...
ICC, In:! lie .i 1,' i'
1SCC. ml then, ni
.:.t up ti ii
A e i 0 1 1
y llfv ll.-rrv met hit
is the matter
tu'd U,
he d-
A\ ha
Has 1 r.
yes To a
fjizc.3 too I:'
inp du-!i sin p.
warf to overtake
He,TV was cxpe
to hide herself
from Tailaha 'Vee, Missy felt tiire of h.
nuite, for uith 'f all roads led t,
Tho (juiloiiel refused: lie v. aiiU'd noth
ing, lie *&Sd bin l*c woaM s.c th- jid
H" by the bedsi.Se and looked
long at Mi.1"'^'. The doctor had j.,iven an
anodyne, and she lay a. Ie, p, with lier
hands crossed on her hrea-t an 1 la
father, ovi rjiowejed by the M^.h-J* tU'"l
away and left the room.
contempt she
be. ..',
to climb down w.th pieriloiw lisiste tb
driver cracked his u hip, the coach gave
a lurch. Mi-.sV lost, her bold and fell, with
a wild scream, between the wlii-els.
Tiie horses were checked instauily and
there was a rush to the r,pot w hence thai
framic cry proceeded. Paul Herry. who
had started to wall home accompanied
by hi- yoiinp friends, turned Iwk to join
the little crowd assembled around Mis-y,
lying unconscious in the sand.
a •.
'1 will havt all tin tin,
"vi* the in
won't In
w a u
in the tat. I don't i.n iii
will result in hum-mss 1
anything of the kind.*'
"My lear eousin," 1 Mr-, i rry.
we must hope for ti I .• m.
give you finiii' culTi e after ytiur long
night, ride? a piass of wine:"
came again. Missy
had in stirred.
sh" wak
ngaii/r" he asked, despairinply. Hut
when Missy awoke lus distress iiicr' asei',.
She had been so little carcspeil by him.
so seldom noticed except
be repri-
iua)id* 1 for none cbildiHh fault, t!,.-.: ic
w w the laot lr
she wished le '.v
"Take him awa\ i.ntreated,
him t()Ucb It hurts me
to touch me: and it, w ..n't
For answer Mis-sy covered her faec
withherhati.Ii and screanu and sob
bed, that i: b.-.r-am-- n,.-.-ary to take
th41 colonel away.
Hut remain away
and would
worowa.s nut calculated to win smiles.
"Where hurts ymi, Winifred?" he asked.
"Don't you "feel better?"'
•"Nowhere hurt*," answered Missy,
"And I don't feel better,"'
The colonel sighed. "Is there anything
you would like* to have" ife struggled
for some term of endearment, but hi.
lips, long unused to alfertionatc utter
anee, refused to frame the words he
."ought. "You shall have anything ym
ask. Winifred." ho declared, parhetically.
Missy closed hi eyes and did not an- 1
ir-wer. She was silent BO long that her
father thoupht her asleep, and he wan
growing uneasy at what he fancied mipl.t
be a fatal symptom, when ble: suddenly •,
opened her eye.-., and looked at hint with
great, earnestness. "No, you won't," she
said, "no. you won't."
(Continued next
a mile of
good to scold me."
''Winifred. 1 will Mot touch son: wi!i
not scold yon," the colon._i a.-sun-i her.
When she was quieted
lie Qino again arid sat down with hi^
hands behind him, iri order to show that
did not mean to touch hi r. If sh
would only smile! lint, the troubled
1.. 1
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mice, rats
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