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The herald-advance. (Milbank, S.D.) 1890-1922, August 15, 1890, Image 1

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VOL. XI.. N'•
1X NU 1
il lSlNl. UA'I'l".
1 iXI
I VI 3.10j 4.5U I.1.W
•J.imi 4.00 0
~~i sol VK) 7..0•«
"i |.(HI K 1*1 i
H.lKlj Itffil UU
i To HO! ».00i .W HO. UO.m
,,r fur littii'l
I 11 MI-: VII .K.
I*. tth'iniUH
tj \«r 1 A
Mu* e.vcpl
—li.ifly «x
tfill.Nit WKST
Ol*TV OFFH K««*.
i)is',J!« hii
:.i nitf'
,rt I. L-i'Ui.il
,..i i »V |'"evr
V' i-nPV —.1. II W
r_i»t r'v: inn"-
'-nrtN.,1- W.
IT «t 1
-lli-wy S. VuUn ar.
,i. \v. I *H
•IT \tl|(. l!telst,«'dt
f-JlUUI'S litTI'V
-S. W Pasco,
Alton.-v- 1 W IWdl.
riii'-ii tst Wart -•1, K't
i Moitfil, .'il Ward W I
n.inii. it vvin'-i-
a V
HOARD or i•''•
W llo", S Jones. .1 K 1
i i o 1 I i i n i
rlw lliu lmt-i*ii
"YAI. A:.
CllUfltu N
..rtniiU tnurtn 'i Imi'fc'J.iv
isitiog c«N4{.'.
itfj. .1 Llr
"s DviniLAR-s
F.\- A ,.U NK lAti'iil
Statedine-at at .Sclialer
i Tli11r^iiay 14 1 j
iting lirc'-livpu ui't .•onli'.'l Iviiivitrii
1, KAi'i'. W M.
TlldS. I.. H111 1 ri-t it*.
Mcflta ever
I Hull. Visi.
i5. LtSBKt!"
Meets evt
,at |. in.
I'uturadi .-i \i,~
ft with us. It
IW8, I'll*.II, A.'
0. u. \v. ursi -.11 I t'-ir
ilav PvetiuiLri ui «i«ii viu'uUi'»
nil. ViMitin^ lnvtlireii uirliuli v 111 v n'•'*«
\JOXKS. lWoru. r, t.. v .IK.IVI.K,
OK L. K. -SKI).,Wit.K n, VISioN N«'t
Meets in S liuUtr' Hull, MIIIMII**
ui. tli« lirst and tjuril Suinl'».v "i
C. Mattiibwk, 1 In'1!-
k o S e o
JHDKlt UK 11A11, WAV CONnL't 'TOlt^
MillviiiK Division .No. )K». Mrets nt M:i
lull evi'rv lei-iiiid x.nil liiurlti Suml'iV"
I'-ui. All iiicuilirrK ui tlif imler oorlii»l
.lonsfoy, Cluel olid'r.
iloiiSK, few. mid Trens.
0. (J. X.—Meets fvi-iy I'1 i'i
,1:1 r.'ll W lis
II" (M'lV'tSl' 'l! 1
"Wnll. 1 li
Kiid lr. j,'.
frifinl of von
'•V^r '1
Ill I
IllVlUtUlll ti k'IM'l 11
Wm RO. GBKS, C. T.
y,)l'l,'.--8ervic«f in St. Law rem
'"ii'i'li pvprj. Stni'iny a.n«i lotiv l*y
auuiiav at iii:«r, u 111. :mi 7::«i
'ul» LeuKuo (i: i) J,. Ill Siiii'tny
l'r*yri Wrim«l.iH at
^KV.J. SIIKI.I-AM', I'iiMliT.
ItAN Survirp o»H-asiniial 111 l"1'
"rw'sinn lun^uttgf at the Huin U
1 111
Ui i tbl
M't in
"i 111s 'k\ 1
a iii
a in
a in
1 1:1
I -I K i 1 1
...'v.!.]." I'M*-
lletiui i
.1 li-i
titirn -tu iri ui
'iM'urreu. thoui
Elvira fu.
dialli n'i|
i inicrl II
i-idcnt ha.i M-nt tuTiiurn.. Hill. "It is
ill.v a prent eml.nrra^stiierit," she la
putm', viur
MK'ntcd \Vi:u,
Au»it I'iti... 1 -,,i 1
"It i^n't i 111:1.
('.ipt. Fli-ti'lit-r )i.
.ui iniptitII-IU i^'
"Ttiut is trut\"
font* of ivlii-f.
Mis-i l..»
"\\\i 1,
holer it
Tliis vn
1 to Mr.
lie lifXt i:
ri* Si-Hi
]lt. t'loi
ri |]i.*tfd,
Mrs. Ti
w Tin•».
Marshal,Street (.""' i --,
•!.| !cr alht l'ire 'V e
iriuitu—rliarle- ~'i
'. i i
1 n u i
1 .i I. .lit
•,-i V.
i.jt lii-i tlo.ir uiothwr's ealic
tA Bcauhf^ V7cir^Tlme Story
can mv fi-r Kitn ~he- a ^.'nih'niuii.
Of" i-ourse." t^aid Wimlrod. crisply.
Mv Aunt VVinitrcd'u fnoml must be a
If it had not l»wn for the war! Mr#,
s 11 xi'taiai"'!. with a l.ittiT M^h. "As
v v husteii:.! suya. rapt. M-tcht'i' ht.
t.wbtrf.Ttlir* 1.1.1 tiin.-f, anil too
fv "»,i lor tin* lit^.'. Mr. iSf.'tt, y ou Lisow,
wear Mi.« Llvira. i» mcli a «.uff.-rc-r from
that wound liert--"'1!*- '''Irsjulv^li
,.v..rlo.ivoi tli^h-•.»- nn.l tlu-.-ai-tai"
w.km.lal.mt p:r .'h-ss villi him.
Of ruinwu av... 1 all -list-ussi.'"- "i
war, :uiJ««' I
t,tl Ut
Miss Winifrfl."
..| no wish t'» ilw'"-^
a v s u
Winifr.-ii rrplicl .-nMly.
with exc-pt my brother Nintula,,
CHAl'l i) I -XXV11.
-w VKWi Vi
•k, ),f 1
UEV. J. 11, c.'rnii.iK, Miiii-ii«*r.
IS(.OPAL— Service 111 Lilirurv llall tii"'i'
7.'i,? .v "l **iw*h mouth »t lit:
y'oit do.
...... ,i
». UKv.J.M.McilmittJ' olti"'"1
Juiiii Fl«" hei
After 1^. I,,, ajipe.-ini'"'''
.,u. i..'.-
four Ofe" Toirii
^°anns\'"' Ere.
(CopjTif !ite1. Alt Rights RewrrH. PuMlslwl brftpedil
wUb Uu- iicliurd Conirjuuv New Yurk.)
"'"'i li anl Wimfrt-d hoart in !«••. '.iimatat
1 ,f him. lit- wiut tilone, siml hlionaw
tliiil iniv, was her op|»ortiiniiy tospvak Uj
Liiu of Nicliul.'w !\inl yct siu»approiu'Vn1
liiiu tint M'ithout einlmrra^xiiifiit, for s|i.
1 u i i i n u v i n i l- a i i v u- i- i I
jK-ak to
under Mrs. lv»rr liner's
1 1 J'.lin ri. trh.-r forget
iiis ..tin^ la.iy had
u ami K i
ir.-.l t.
li.* pi.'si an iiin.Avard
".• t" i 1 a\ .*
,.i r.- i. *.v it 1,
asrreed. in
indeed. Mil
w.'i* :ilti,'_'i.tlt
A .f --Ilu
v. ho ealled
V- TI:.
i l- i n
llebowr-l 1,1- w ... :a, -..nm
what slif'lv when sin- said, witn an ellorl
l» ovrn-oin." a r.'rtain *hy ue-.: "I am HO
la.l that you are able to be out hurt
v hcii, on a smiil -n iu\pu!s. and with a
.ie.-p.-riing iv.nr, r-hi. htretrlird out her
aiui. In' smiled us hi* took it ami the
ii.iriie.vi of tla past vva* forgotten. He
t.ad been interested in Wmifred'H stiiry,
i'Ut hill., wrw la. king to interest him in
\v"iiiii're.l herself.
Shu looked at hini with a'! iter uoul In
iter ('U'S for the Hpurc of «e» r».l -»w»e«.n.li
tn'fori' she found words, and then tin-v
rame ail most in a whisper.
"You do re.t know how ruurh U means
iue," (-he said, "io -.hake h*rul* witR
.ou, who have shaken hands with Jlrer
in.- ..
11T Tfii me all
-lor 1 .ore 1 li
Ti..- captain .••••!- t«» .11-
titict Kentinietiti.earing n.-r t-xjn
(icrself lit this \*a' .ai irresistible irrita
lion that, she sh-i.i.i use tlie llergro t.-rm
••Brer" for "P.re!' and ane.jually n r.
-istihie irritati. -. '.id nnn feeim.
,ould 1 ,e l.t
v i.-l In .'II Nicholas Thorm-.
•Jtlll 1 i. back F-'Ilic blesHrd
,•, 1. i!i«l at la»t oaiix*
Mi-. Srou'H rhair slift
I impulse
1 am a Houiii'-tti'ii.
mimi-iits of a -''iitlici': -'VI|X
I",.?itiiiuoii. with soiiio .1 iiviit, as
,„t. Fl-'fli-r km,AS: lai I IF«-eive him
n s 1 w i a s u e n
hiUig" "I t"ii... "ii will come hack.
and Paddy (iilbert w ith him! Poor old
Daddv lilbt ri! ilovv it must havu
grieved him to forego liis little ponses
moiis here but he .lid it at my bidding.
1 did not know thai it would be for no
long. I w-as but a child, and it seemed I
an easy thing t'r to have my..wu
wav. Bui I inn n tire you." she in
terrupted herself. "I wih go novr.
Fletcher was glad ,-hc had npar.-d him
thanks. "U her hatred is p-oportloned
to her love," lie n-iid to himself, gtusing
after her, "with \\iiat Intensity MH- must
hate a Yankee!' -"I he laughed aloud.
In tlie dusk, tiiai evening, Winifred
went. mt to i ilory-.'.nn's house and en
treated the
old woman t- make the waffles
for nipper and Muni Bee grumbled.
"llukkoni 'lianey can't cook u-r sun
von liere lately. Missy." 1 eais ter n*
vou mighty notion.-.'.•• tul of a su.i.liri
"('hari.'V can'i. never could n,al.e
allies eipial to .i .doia Bee, coax.-d
Misv. And l'iet.-her i- d'.w n
-inir's today for th, -i time don't \«.u
I IKIW LI(. will IK U.'
"You is done put y o' vah fei'lillM inter
vo" pocket, is you:'" r-ai-i lilory-Anii,
Glory-Ann was Ue.^ing h. vigilant
evt-'tf verv wide open at this time. In
deed. Miss Winifred Thome's probable
attitude toward the Yankee captain pro
voked surmise on ad sides. lie situa
tion was freely discussed by Mr». Leon
ard Thonie, who. of course, avoided
T!i-,rne Hill, but who wa» therefore the
oftener at Mrs. lierry ft.
"It's a dreadful RtAte of things,"^she
aid, with romplai'cjicy. "B that \an
kce 'stiould lose hi.s heart to Missy, that
wouldn't so i.-iu.-h matter serve him
right I'm thinking but suppose Aliafljr
Bl 'iild take fancy to liim?
•*lt iKii't supposnble!" cried Be1"-,liotly.
"Yes. it is Siipnosal/le," Mrs. Leonanl
insisted, with ob.itinat» calm, "liieroia
no saving w hat Vvmnred Tb .rue may or
ixiav "not do. She nJ.vays was hea.l
bli'ong. vou knov." a nl nhe wouldn
care for "her fa'.iici'. insunt.
"lam no so s.in-. -s to mat. Mrs.
Herrv* objeet -1. .-••riritahly. "She al
,vav.i" payri her f.uii liie most respect "ul
,i .fcrence."
••I'm glad you it the right name!
iid Mrs. Thorne, with a chilly little
ia!I"h. "We can't say KIIC loves her
father, an voa've seen for yours-If,
('otiiin Myi". ilia
Mrs. ll-rry hat s --n i: a rl M.rn.wd
over it. When n-*\l \»itii.r-l lilt''I
MIU5ANK. S. I).. I'RIDAV. AlGl'ST 15, I8!). r»iisoliliilr(l
t.'U!, v i-.s" ,|" trrinM, si aiiI. n !n
atT' i-ti. -iiali ciitM-niv -n i.«, it tiint
youd» not love your latle rV
''But I do," said the ^irL reddening.
"At li'Mt, I love hint, 1 Hiip)*.si\ just a.-J
most girls love their fathers."
She had no mind to eotifess that she
had awakened to a Htran^i self knovrl-
dye of Into, 'I'ime had been when she
was sure that «he could never love any
one a.s Khe loved her brothel her very
lameness, the witness of the strength
anil di-voteduesH of that alTection, had
lend her alo.»f from tin love that enters
so largely int.* th«» dream-* of girlhood
hut now, her dismay and confusion,
Mie jiereeived that she was ra[able of a
seiiumtMii dillereui altogether from that
whirh she churisht'd for her brother.
The discovery lilled her with impatience
imkI indignation against her.s.'lf and if
her lijnij rebellious heart did not yet
throb with a damrluei 'S tender love, HIIC
had at least bc^un understand tioth
her father's nemi of «y mpathy and hi.-»
shrinkiUK therefrom. Ihn "t' all this
Winilied could not ajx-ui., and Mrs.
llerry forUvrc to urge her.
John rieteher's position at this time
vvas by no means .entirely to his liUini
So loii^ as his life hun^ truiublin^ in the
balunec, io lon^ as he reniaine i coulined
to hi, room, he felt tio euib.irnusiiient in
being the guest of .'ol. Thorny in mis
lortune he was
"a man
and brother," and
no shadow chilled the hospitulity hearti
ly accorded him but now that he was 011
his feet again there was an irksome con
sciousness of the chasm across which no
cordial hand rl.-wsp yet was jo.-,silde. In
a ihoiitnnd indefinable-ways John i'letch
cr realised the truth of Mr. Seou la
iiient, that lie had ronie too late for th»j
dil times, too soon for tin new. The
very care with which hi.s host ignored
all topics that could lead to heated di»--
cussion gnve him ail irritating sense «tl
being superfluous,
Christmas was drawing near, the flr*t
ChristuuiH i.lter the xwir, and the north
erner si
wank instinctively from sj.en.Ln.'
this festival with the Thorncs. Dr.
Lore however, insisted that his patient
oil Id iif.t yet. bear th-' journey to town,
and ("til. Tiiorne, IIIIII.- i.-i«--np!..rv than
vhe doctor himself, w u i i o». i,.-..r ot 111
^neMt'H departure.
"I have plediied myself to niy aunt
ami your old friend," lie said, "lor your
perfect reeovery. Ym must allmv me
th -.t.i.-faction -f 1JL-- *\..i*l.''
S'« .1 ihlt l'letchvr |.--i .!.• 1 liiii .- elf to
Tiiorne JJiil v. 1- 1. -t ii-v.I of in
l.TOhfcfor an ob-er\SM ised
to stiidv th.' transitu..', i. 1 s. iiithern
hf. The ,M.-« V Ci\ ir •. Mom Bee
thsit Jilti .y
too, wii.s I
ijv_r sMh that -i
lilt!.' did Join.
tar t" '.i i-. to give any sign of his
i..r nir.'red, in a way as mi
?j)jsja:, .jle a 11 ...as indefinable, had
given liLu to u.ider.,f.md that there was
an in.suriMouia.i i.arrier between them.
\rn:ii V I I I
tin: J!.©.vMi\o
J, A
At I K
Fletcher, v.
In-fore t!-.i
a|u»ea raiie.
.I and bungiy.
—•,r .*
to l'l.Uvi
The day was .at in -rkeil by theold
time hilarity tkat v.-as over forever.
There w as IIO supply of eggnog and gin­
ger biead.no jumping of lire crackers,
and the shout of "('hris'iuus «if!" was
feeble and infreqin lit. Missy dispensed
a few pre.-ents urivate'yto such of tho
old familv negroes as remained in her
father'* service, as well as to HOIIH' few
d.-x-rters, who had taken advantage of
tint day 's holiday to visit Thorne I till.
The colonel shut himself up in his
ollice all the mornin », and Miss Klvira
and Winifred went alone to church.
John Fletcher remained in his own
room it was hi.s purinso remain
there all day, but in the afternoon
(. ..v -A nn brought hi a a lit i 1-- i,..te from
I know why you s:.v I awav from
1 fast." slie wrote "it kindly
ID- but you are our gu and you
.i i dine with us. It will not ^ay.
but you will know how to pardon the
ab-eiici" of ...'aycty."
John 1'1' trher wa«i three and thirty he
th.-light he had outgrown all nti'liental
fc.oiishnifi.-., tut he put Winifred's notd
carefully awav it w.v: his nnly C!in-,tuia.s
presetitl And of eovrsf- he accepted the
ui v it at ion.
The dinner wa.i i ol. gay an inevitable
soi" u of Cinii-l'raint brooded o'er the com­
pany and u:a Hie rival a nice, and
each •. ..-• lao to ,II. ii,e
When the sun had gone down Wini
fred left Miss Elvira making up her a.•
count ith Bi-.hop Iv.-u, ami went out f. ,r
a walk. The air win chill and IL ht cloud
'ibscured the sky, hut Winifred fear
neither the night air nor th" l-t "idh.-i
ing gliKJin.
John Fletcher saw her asshe v -n: a-i osa
the yard, under the lcaiicss i hma tie.-^,
and an impulse lor which he did not seek
to account urged hir.i to follow. Where
fore should lie. because of a war that w as
over, be l'orever an alien? She had seat
him the invitation t» dinner rather would
he hate usted but because ahe had
asked it he did violence to his feelings
it wait too much to expect him to do vio
lence ti his feelings ii seqpmd time in oa
a y a n e o o w e e W i S W I
strides he overtook her just as she reaele ,I
tin- gatr* that led i'.to i he l.u.
Mlow me," In- sni'l, a- ill- 11 li
f, ,r wtu'd t» oiH'll it
sl.e turti' aid io..!,,-d at liiin u i-utl
deii blush \. |'t i.w'i his fac-' ... he
tiiai'ke.l hin
"Mav I O
I i
a I a-!.el. I K .I
iy. "It i loo iat oil be out
aione," ie ur^c.l, iag l.er !,• i :t•
i -W i-lifj ilarii. ...
"1 a,ii i ot al'rui s, sh-' -.. 1 1. "lam
gutng no farther t'a.iii i'. i iv i .abeit
Old cabin 1 i 1- no: a ]ii.,c ,u in
terest y on"
"But 1 may go ah yon-' lie reiter
Winifred smil 'd. arid tiiey walked on
in silence, lie had never yet been abl«»
to conquer the constraint that oppressed
him in her presence, and she had in. ver
learned the art of "making talk." Sim
did not speak until they reached the
fence inclosing old (iilhert's deserted
"This is the place," she -.ti 1, and
pushed open the sagging LMI* be,ore llle
captain could olTer to assist her. "', o i
will never see nil that 1 sea iti thi i .:
s|)ot." she added but she held I :i.» ja!-
i -1 •.
crow li II a: I.I I. t*',. I Ic .•
i-il. .11
ll t.
i i, i.- I i:
:i.iL ne a-, la
a 1 i-»r father and
ii'-aii -he jikit:d_ her
ii- isolated life but. lie
.•! tie ---I -ov. a i ..!:. i.
I I i i i I e 1 i a
o". II V. it a 1 kl.l.t el-, -.
.- e a a i a a o u
an 1 ..bailloi.. 1 b'.tle
l.-.l a niM ic- e,,lv
-I !ae fa -f
a: u. n:i"
-a t': i- 1 I i- lia act
"out i i., :-ie, it
\l!il ai'i l-i V. e I 11 l'l -t' her
i.s'.ed,,ilu|fl.: IV. I.'. .1 !v mp..
thy Ulilll lie am- 1 to ij-iv.
iHrtt«-ntpacihW follow, t!-.» *i
M: -y said, to a In hi tone, as a she
would iliMi:
l- I sub jec't
l'l.,-]-. i Iio Tea-1'III w by I uu!d In
\er ga_. just lio'.i
11. i il-.l cudul .liiee, he|- pi oil.
I l'l-
r\". toiielied
Juiin I i tehel' twre
'ban any e.-imjilaiiiin- An iulinite trie
'i'tiii -, t'Mik pi'S:,u:,.i!iii of him, a.i- he
coat. ni i'ii ed this eh.Id in- was more
than i. i ars her si-ni ethereal,
y oiing to be ilieu ovoryhadow by por
ro-A and inn: mt'v,
he r. «-at,i .|, wi'li a pas
-ionate w isii 1. i imitoi iiei. "But thin
v. id not la.it! Vo,i me t.o young life is
only beginninv. Tin-re is happiness in
store for you lam K-ure of it!"
Uven while lie f'poke lie jii-i i i ed,
with a thrill of glad wonder, thai Wini
fred made a slight involuntary move
ment. as if she would draw nearer to
him, anil on the iiisiii.it lie was by her
But she had not heard a uor.l lie paid.
She was gazing intenthy int the depths
of the plum thicket, witii panting breath
and ((uick beating Imnrt. "What is
that?" she ga-js-d, in a ti'irili.-d whisper,
and clutched the eaplain'ii arm.
"Do not be frightened." lie said, as he
laid his hand on hers, which was cold
and trembliic.:. "There is nothing h-re
to harm y oa
There! Do you not bee?'' she whi.s
pcied fearfully, "or ani going mail''
And wiili a stilled scream Winifred
Thorne hid her eyes against the Yankee
captain's arm.
i i s o n y a n o n e o e a n s w e e
as what hao m.-d a shadow i-pje'ged
from the thicket and assumed Ihr.te
"An old negro," Missy repeated, and
shivered from head to foot. "An- there,
indeed, such things as ghosts?" But she
did not look up until she heard tho old,
familiar greeting:
"Why, Missy! Missy! huh you do?"
The voice, the words, clcctrilied her.
Bhe abandoned fear she sprang forward
uhe seemed to fly to inert the apparition
coming along the grass
grown path, and.
stretching out her hands, she clasjied
them over old iilhert's toil hardened lin
gers. while her crutch fell forgotten on
the ground.
"At last! Oh, at last!"' ller voi.e
rang out Ufsin the twilight stillness, full
of an infillili. pathos of thankngiv ing.
Somehow, John Fletcher w as not as
pleased as lie should have been he felt
himself deserted. lie picked tip the
crutch and stoxl irresolute., loth to leav e,
yet uncertain whether it became hini to
"'fubbc sbo!" old Gilbert responded,
with n chuckle u£ supreme satisfaction,
"ilil's iue! F.n' you is dat growed. Missv.
en' prutty ez a pink! L.ivvd love ilcchil.
"Brer Nicholas? Where is Brer Nic'i
"Missy, ain't Slav, ., Nicholas lu re at
ii'.nec?" asked old o! a t. :ui.vi','!- '.v.
.\pril II.
,*. |. 1 Ali 'v, a 'l I Hi. wliv
i. ?.lissy, i -. I tluniio wh.-y Is
.u icttolas. .,1 t,,.• -I I man, i-low
1. .a,.: sorrowful ,..
Missy's head drooped her slight form,
s-waved like a reed. ('apt. Fletcher*
sprang forw rd ::",l kit. l-i i- from fall-
"Why. I iovve.l y. at vv t:z. inavvtr,''
•Bid old idliert, IK'V. II.lered "en prais.J
Is* ter glory—1 do bullievc—you slio'ly
is—Mawsc (iin'ral Fletcher, in le Fud'ral
"That's my name, hut not my rank,"
the captain replied, as lie pla, ,-d Wini
fred on the doorstep.
"Thank you I wasn't going to fall,"
said she. with averted b'ad.
John Fletcher fc'f snubbed decidedly
yi he did not like to leave Winifred,
though she ignored his presence—or
rather she was oblivious oi hini.
"It was on this very top step," she
said to old Gilbert, reproachfully, "that
you pro!hi-.,i 1,,-,-p Unci of Brer
Nicholas, an. lion ,n ,lo not know
tvhere lie i
"Honey ." o-oiriiei? old Gilbert, mildly,
'what kin a po t»l» no'count nigger do
in de Mir 'h Million. don' mv top
I. ter I. .-|. Maw out. II lie wall,
it be -.V u. I ii a• 1 y go he
vv oil id
"Of com M't 1 M:--y proudly.
"I tol' lillo lie vv il/ i A .ill git his- ,.
shutter Jileces. I-. lie' long o' dat wall,
but be ain't pay tention en" I lol
lered him. en' I c. ii up wid him when
lie wuz faerly riddled wid bullets."
Missv covered her face with her handa
and turned away from (.'apt. Fletcher
with a shudder.
The movement might have been in
voluntary, but il vv.is imp ,ssii,l" to mis
understand it. John Fletcher gave the
crutch to old (iiInert and went uwa
but he could not go fast enough to av I no
hearing old (ilih. ommeiii
"Missy. dat a iin'ral i. quality
is no'. liUcti t. be one
o de Tliorn.- g. net a
t.oii. Is yon knowin'h.a i,ewu/]i-iv ful
fncuTv ter Mawse Nic
"Never mind hini." mi- i rupt.-d,
-harplv. "IIov^ did y.-u i,pr- n to
l'.rer Nicholas?"
"Missy, hit w'u/, di di v.-r way: 1 dudno
liiikkoiu Mawse tSiu'iai i u-tuher bad
'•inng hit ter pans bir en' Maw-..
Nick, wew U7. turned ,iiitfn Nash
Vllle, whey we nv i -i pte-'n. en'
1 brung Jlawm* \i i *|. !,ou. i i di
Windy Valley, •/. o .-.»ii i,u, wiie. v.e
w ite livin' euduriu of de v. ah en'iue n
Mis.s l.'osia rii !. I% White we
aus.-.ed hini well agin en' uetl 1 wu/ tie.
fiat wid de ri'oiiiati.:, so ez hit wu/. oi.
posserliu! ter look atter M.iuii- Nick, en'
1 imino whicherwav he wen: s. •.•.. dat.
"He don,- l, Mi-,', Do.-i.l .•.:' ci .il,
ii' Mi.-s IJo\y, en' tuk tip hi- in ii i
iiunt de army Tubbe sho, de wtwu-say
in' how .Ic vvarn't no mo' army but all
1 know, Mawse Nick he went, en' boui
bve de I'oiue a letter t( i "a Do-iia vv h.ii
he wuzitik mighty h.ei -vvheron it.
road en' she fullered to,a. 'aid.lent en"
ien, pres-ntly, Mis-. Bo.\y she parked up
en' tuk de chile en' fust I kuovved di re
u uz I iloutcn nobody. *ce|4iu' det. buffo'
he lef, Mawse Nick e,, 111 en' tell ui.
'Daddy, de-,e is migh o, aitin ti::n.-,
en' 1 nioughi'ii nuvcrt.ee ,a no u»o', en'
h.-re a I. iter fur de col. .a t.
li give it to me!" er. -1 Mis-.y
"1 o:t him safe. Mi-- lad hit v. uz
fur yo paw det hit wtiz intrusted ier me,
cn hit's mavvster I'm gwanp..^^ hit tor,
"Then come, come at on.-e to mv fa
"Tnbbe sho! dishy er uigiil air is chilly,
en'mv roomatiz is a catilioii. Woner is
Missle-virey got an v mo' dat liuiiu-at,
Missy? You see I done de lies' vvha! I
"And I i" 1 yo-i!'.-,ii "\1 i -..--y, fer
vently. "Vou shall Miner io. u it liui"
so long as we have atiyl.hin .-. v'-nii. I
Come quid and tell my fatin-i
i I. I I e\t M.e,-'
New -at -,-.,!.. to ill
1.". ,\M I e o e I lie pi i 11,1,,
f-1.-: O Pe I e|e||.'-ni el. id o| j. jlniy
e n e i i e
ti.'.A gi.» III raiilliK, l»'g»« at lie- !.-•
of Ayer's Hair Vigor. This preparation
strcugUieiis the scalp, promote* the growtli
ol ucw hair, reslori's tlie iiatiuai color to
gray and fa.l.nl hair, and leaders il sufl,
jiiiant, anil glossy.
We have no hesitation in pronouncing
Ayer's llalr Vigor uuequalecl for itti-sslug
Ul: hair, and wc do tlas after loiii experi
ence in its use. This preparation preserves
the hair, eures (laii.triilt ami all diseases of
tli..' scalp, makes rough ami brittle hair soft
and pliant, and prevents baldness. Willie it
is not a dye, those who have used the Vigor
say it will stimulate the roots and color
glands of faded, jrray, li ht, uad red iiair,
changing the color to
A Rich Brown
or even blaek. It will not soil tlie pillow
case nor a pocket-liandkerehi. f, and is al
ways apreealile. All the illrtv. gummy hair
preparations should he displaced at once by
Ay.-r's flair Vigor, and thousands who go
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The Sunny Smith. Atlanta, C,a.
"Ayer's Hair Vigor is excellent for tho
hair. It stimulates the growtli, cures bald
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tions, It being perfectly harmless." —From
firnnomiril ftu*el-erj iny, by Flii'ii T! Parker.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
DE. J. C. AYEE & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by Druggists and I'erfumers.

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