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W. W. DOWiNIK, Editor hik! Publisher.
s Di
Epitome of the Week.
The suspension 1'. \V. Gallaudet fc
JV*., Wall street brokers, was announced
on the New York Stock Exchange. Tho
liabilities wero estimated at .*1.000,(WO.
iik Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago
& St. Louis railway recorded a 375,000,
(W0 mortgage at I'eru, Ind., in favor of
tho Now Y'ork Trust Company on all its
leased and operated lines west of Pitts
Tiik citizens of Mandan, N. I)., were
provided with arms and ammunition,
and wero in readiness for any outbreak
that might occur among the Indian*.
Tnic Michigan Masonic Homo at
(irand Itapids has been completed. It
cost #~x,000 and has accommodations for
100 inmates.
A Klin in a suburti of «t. Augustine,
Fla., destroyed lumber of the East
1'lorida Land & Produce Company, an
English syndicate, valued at
Comi'amics of troops from Fort Omaha
and Fort McKinney left on the 18th for
the scene of tho Indian trouble in North
Dakota, and it was said that soldiers
from Fort Niobrara and Fort Robinson
would join them.
iik attempt to remove the capital of
Oklahoma Territory from Guthrie to
KJ ngfisher failed.
1' 1.amks destroyed a large sugar re
finery on the Ponto Palms plantation at
Hon ma. La. Loss, Sioo.oou.
14. T. Meadows, of Itiedsoe, Tenn.,
Bold his farm and all his possessions,
and intended to make his future home
in Texas, but while silling by the fire
counting his wealth a door opened and
blew his all into the (ireand it was con
Tun gablo end of the new St. Mark's
Episcopal church at Cleveland, O col
lapsed, and Herrit Morton was instantly
killed and two other men were fatally
In Izard County, Ark., .Tack Brans
COtlib and two .young ladies, aged 15 and
17, respectively, daughters of I)r. Ham- inr. mm ui Jtagsaan
llton, were diowned by the upsetting of Oklahoma Citv, O who
boat. .1.
a boat.
Tiik Waterbury (Conn.) Button Com
pany have advanced the wages of ivory
button-lurnors 10 per cent.
At the meeting in Chicago or ihe Na
tional commissioners of the world's fair
it was decided that tho exposition
should bo located on the Lake Front
and at Jackson Park.
1st a runaway accident at Wichita,
Kan., Gus Uomerio and John Kimmorlo
sustained fatal injuries.
John Kki.i.ki:, a Chicago real-estate
dealer, was robbed of $100,000 worth of
deeds, notes and mortgages, tho thief
taking them from a box under a seat in
bis buggy.
Fisaxk Vokky, a cabinet-maker re
siding at Pullman, III., shot and killed
his wife and himself. Jealousy was the
At Springfield. 111., the National As
sembly. F. M. It A., elected W. J.
Still well, of Fort Hranch, Intl., as pres
ident. The secretary reported the total
number of lodges in the United States
as 4,047, with a membership of 107.785.
Captain Francis L. Noiiton'.h fifty
eight-foot steam yacht with ten persons
on board left New York on the I9th for
Toulon, France.
Joseph Boyd, of Kansas City, Mo.,
fatally shot his wife and child and then
killed himself. Poverty caused the
A fihk at Evanston, 111., destroyed
Turner's livery stable, and seventeen
horses were burned to death.
Tiik first annual meeting of the Na
tional Non-Partisan Women's Christian
Temperance Union commenced at Pitts
burgh, Pa., on tho mh.
Abb tho leading manufacturers of
harvesting machinery in tho country
met in Chicago and consolidated under
the name of the American Harvester
Company, with a capital of $35,000,000.
At a meeting in Cleveland the Nickel
plate railway managers decided to ad
vance the wages of conductors, baggage
men and brakemen.
TIIK members of the firm of Tong
Yoong & Co., an extensive Chinese mer
cantile house in San Francisco, fled to
China with JUO.OOO. the wages of "4)
Chinese fishermen who recently re
turned from Alaska, leaving the fisher
men penniless.
At tho sale of horses owned by ex
Congressman Scott at New York Bolero,
a 2-year-old, was sold to Philip Dwyer
for 000.
St iidEojf Oknkkai,
in his
annual report takes a decided ground
against tho existing immigration law
and makes a strong argument for the
restriction of immigration. Fifteen in
sane persons and eleven idiots were re
ported by the medical officer among the
immigrants arriving at New Yorit dur
ing the year.
THE jury in tbe Rev. W. F. Pettit
wife-poisoning case at Crawfordsville,
Ind.. returned a verdict of guilty, fix
ing the punishment at imprisonment
for life.
E. Skaoi.d, of Charlotte, Mich., at
tempted to kill his wife and then com
mitted suicide. Domestic trouble was
the cause.
A. M. Loftus shot and killed his
father, B. C. Loftus, near Gainesboro,
lenn., in a personal difficulty, accident
ally killing his brother at the same
Iiik International Law and Order
League met in annual session at Pitts
burgh, Pa., on the 20th.
Haknkv's Hotel and eight dwellings
at Nanticoke, Pa., were burned.
Ihk board of lady managers of the
World's Columbian Exposition effected a
permanent organization by tbe election
of Mrs. Potter Palmer, of Chicago, as
president, and Miss Phoebe Couzins, of
8t. Louis, secretary.
At tho session
of the Non-Partisan
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
s S. ,• 'f!!-r
.a ih« I iMiu' Cuy lianic at Rochester, N.
V., secured $20.0u0 in money sent to tho
bank by express and made his escape.
JOHN F. I'J.A K I :, mayor of Canton, O.,
a leading miller, made an assignment,
with liabilities of {?"o,ooa
TIIK, business failures in the United
States during the seven days ended on
the 21st numbered *i~4, against 2(i(5 the
preceding week and 277 tho correspond
ing week last year.
'111 k death of Maria L. Perry at Whit
man, Mass., disclosed the fact that for
twenty years she and Lucy A. Lobdell
had been living together as man and
Hkivman- ISkckkuts one of the richest
and best known distillers in Kentucky,
dropped dead from heart disease at
A.v Eastern commercial agency re
ported that notwithstanding the tlnan
cial troubles in New York the general
business of the country continued large.
1)k. CHAIU.E8C. Annoi r, of tho Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, in a lecture in
Chicago gave many instances that had
come under his observation of the abil
ity of animals to think and even reason.
Emm- freight cars were hurled over a
trestle on the Meriden railroad near
Meriden, Conn., throe men being fatal
ly hurt
AT Webster, Fla., Deputy United
States Mursh.il Samuel Le Strange was
shot to death by 14. E. ISurford, whom
he sought to arrest for violation of tho
postal laws. I
DISI'A T* m:s of the 21st from the Pine
Ilidgo agency in South Dakota reported
an extremely critical condition of af-
fairs. Tho Indians continued their
crazy dances, and several chiefs had ut- I
tered threats against the whites. The I
few hundred troops that had reached
the agency were said to anticipate n
attack from fi,u00 to 8,000 well-armed
redskins at any moment.
IT was reported that Jay Gould had
secured contiol all the great rail
ways west of the Mississippi river.
•Tark Mai-i.ivs (colored was hanged
at Knoxville, lenn., for criminal as
sault. and Dorsr-y Edwards (colored)
was executed at Ymzoo City, Miss., for
the murder of his v. ife September."* lust.
TIIK Treasury Department at Wash
ington has decided that grain taken to
Canada to be ground can not be re
turned to the United States without
payment of duty.
TIIK firm of Ragsdale & Co., of
have banks
at Guthrie, Norman, Kingfisher and El
Reno, in that Territory, failed to open
their doors, and announced that all pay
ments were suspended.
In a battle with horse-thieves near
Cairo, Ivan., two of the robbers were
shot dead by the officers.
A PicffMAis and fatal disease was
raging among cattle and horses in Ore
gon and adjoining counties in Missouri.
Over 10(1 horses had died, and tho dis
ease baffled the skill of the veterinary
A1 New Orleans the grand jury re
ported finding true bills against, th6
seventeen men under arrest charged
with the murder of Chief of Police
David C. Hennessv on October 15.
Commoioi i Im»i.wkh, of the ordnance
5 bureau of the Navy Department, re
ports that tests of nickel-steel have
!"'ov"d successful, and that it may l.o
confidently anticipated that nickel--"(eel
will enter into the composition of pro
I'MTF.n Status Maksiiai. Wihtk and
bis deputies returned to Charleston, S.
C*, from a big raid on tho moonshiners
of the interior mountain counties and
brought in forty-three prisoners.
1 hi*, boiler in Lupton s sa»v-mill near i
Catlettsburjf, Ky., exploded and killed
.lames Lupton, W. E. Morg and Smith
In a drunken row at Eagle Rock,
Idaho, Jasper Yarber completely
tramped the eyes out of John Bayliss,
an old citizen.
Tiik Twenty-sixth Ward Bank in
Brooklyn, N. Y., was robbed of $5,000
in broad daylight by the old trick of
calling the cashier outside on the plea
that a customer had a nervous horse
which he could not leave.
Thk base-ball losses during the past
season were: Plajers' League, 9135,000
National League, 8:231,000.
Nkaisi.y a million dollars in Aus
tralian gold sovereigns were deposited
and melted down at the San Francisco
Tiik Census Bureau at Washington
has paid 2,i,000of the 4\000
They have received £:i.450.000. at which
rate the pay of the enumerators alone
will amount to $7,000,0)0.
Tiik Wyoming Legislature on the
18th elected their second United States
Senator, the fortunate candidate being
Governor Francis E. Warren (Rep.),
Joiin IlrssKi.i, Yoi'N who is one of
the best-known newspaper men in
America, was married in New York to
Mrs. Mary D. Davids, of Philadelphia.
Tiik Georgia Legislature 011 the 18th
elected Governor John B. Gordon Dem.)
to the United States Senate to succeed
Joseph G. Brown.
Tiik official vote of Kansas at tho re
cent election, for Governor, was as fol
lows: Humphrey (Rep.), U5.l-„4 Willi.t«
(Alliance). lOO.lMH Robinson (Dem.),
71,208 Richardson (Pro.), 1,147.
Humphrey's plurality, 8.1«1.
Tiik official count of the votes cast in
Cook County, 111., in the last election
show the election of Gilbert (Rep.) for
sheriff over Lawler (Dem.) by a ma
jority of 817. Chicago will bo repre
sented in the next House by three Dem
ocratic Congressmen and one Repub
Chicago's oldest citizen, Michael Kel
ly, was buried on tho lsth at the ex
treme old age of 103 years.
Tiik official vote of the State of Mis
souri at the recent election gives (Jaunt
(Dem.) for Supreme Judge a majority
of 85,094.
Gknkhal Thomas S. Mathkk died at
Springfield, 111. He was Adjutant
General of Illinois during the war and
signed General Grant's first commision.
Mits. Ei.i-zaukth Fikiikk, an actress,
and an aunt of Joseph Jefferson, died
u V ^Kiun •"•«., aifca »u years. Mie sup*
at ituburgh, I a., Mrs. h. J. Phinney, ported Edwin Forrest as Pauline in the
dant *Clil
yoa™- She sup-
presi* 1 Aral production in this country of "Tbe
L*dy of Lyons."
ill Ml AliMllMI, 1.1 VI a S. i I. I s~
United States navy (retired), died at
Philadelphia, aged 81 years.
Tiik official canvass of the vote at tho
recent election in South Carolina shows
that R. Tillman (Dam.) was elected
Governor by a majority of 44,ii.'?l over A
C. Haskell. tho Independent Democratic
candidate. Democrats also elected the
six Congressmen by majorities ranging
(inVKUNon-Kt.Kf'T Horn, of Nebraska,
has received oflicial notico that hiselec
tion is to be contested by tho Farmers
and Independents.
Coi.onki. Hkvkui.v Ken von, of Wash
ington, tho inventor of tho circular
fort adopted by tho Governmert at tho
last session uf Congress, died in the
streets of Brooklyn, N. Y., from hem
A woman of Thann, Alsace, fearing
that her live children would starve to
death, cut their throats and then killed
A fioiit occurred
lona and Lunda, which arrived in En
rope from Canada, lost a total of 1.3+3
cattle overboard during tho voyago on
account of storms.
The brother
Tbe Ciazy Rtxtakiitft.
Washington, Nov. 23.—Tho war de
partment has authorized the number of
Indians scouts in tho Department of the
Dakota to be increased to 5()0 men.
1 hey will be selected from among the
Indian police and other disciplined In
dians in the department. The law lim
its the number of Indian scouts to
and the result of this order will be to
place most of them at the seat of threat
ened trouble. The latest reports from
Pino Ridge, Neb., are to the effect that
the trouble up there has passed its
most serious phase. Many of the least
frenzied of dancers have ceased their
orgeries and only tl." most vigorous
persist in the exercise. 'l'hoj still
danco with arms in hands or close by.
Specials to tho Bismarck Tribune
from Standing Rock agency are to this
effect: to-day, tho a^'d, was ration day at
the agency, and all but about fifteen or
twenty of the male Indians accredited
to the reservation were present to re
ceive their share of Uncle Sam's good
things. The squaws to about that
number came alone, but were refused
rations unless accompanied by the other
half of tbe (Household. The telegrams
say that the Indians aro all quiet, and
accept rations as usual.
A scout named William McGaa ar
rived at I':ne Ridge agency on the 23d,
and claims that he overheard some In
lians talkrng of a scheme to entrap the
soldiers. It is where the White Horse
creek empties into the Wounded Knee,
and lies in something of an amphithea
tre sh-ape. The only practical way of
leading to the spot, is by a road that
fol.ows along the bank of White Horse
creek. Upon either side of this road
and creek are dense clumps of trees, so
many as to almost form a wall on either
side of the approach. The plot is to
have a ghost dance in this amphithea
tre, and have the woods on either side
of the road full of Indians, when the
military comes up to stop tiro il-ince
ar.d they would be easily shot down by
tho Indians in ambush on either side.
Tin: King of Holland, William III,
died on the 33rd. For many weeks he
has been insane. He ascended tbe
throne in 1849. and was 73 years «ld at
bis death. He leares one child a
daughter about ten years of age. The
cause of his death was softening of the
At Berlin, Germany, Emperor Wil
Ikivn on the 22d conferred tho grand
cross of tho Red Eagle upgn Prof. Koch
for tho discovery of the consumption
vania, between the opposing members
of one of the churches there, and six
persons were killed and sixteen injured
PisiNTKss Victoria, of Prussia, sister
of Emperor William, was married
Berlin to Prince Adolph, of Sehaum
A pack of wolves in India killed and
devoured forty persons who were en
I gaged in watching cattle. The victims
i were mostly children.
iik court a Clonmel, Ireland, sen­
tenced Messrs.
O'Brien and Dillon who
aro now in this country, to one year's
imprisonment each.
l'liicsiDKNT Bocsban, of Honduras,
a general order thanks American vol
unteers for their assistance quelling
the Sanchez revolution.
Ihk cattle ships e i e
of the King of Corea,
who was arrested as the leader
recent conspiracy to
Bulgaria ,ve received
1 ,rcc, Esea-
murder tho Kin„.
was put to death and his head exposed
the chief gate of Seoul.
Gi:\i. w. Boom is stumping England
in the interest of his scheme for the ro
lief of eat Britain's poor. At Brad
ford $15,000 was contributed.
iiks received from the Congo
State say that the Baptise mission's
steamboat Peace, which was
on the upper Congo river, had been con
fiscated by the officers of the Congo
I State.
in Berlin agree a Dr.
Koch's tuberculosis remedy for con
sumption proves effective only in the
I tieatmcnt, of mild caies of the disease.
Louis Cyit broke the dumb-bell record
at Montreal by putting up 100 pounds
with ono hand from the shoulder
twenty-seven times, against 100 pounds
twenty times, the previous rneord.
Tiik Governments of
Turkey and
The two cashiers
that the United Slates will, create a
diplomatic agency at Sophia.
German Government, has decided
to provide a hospital for the reception
of Dr. Koch's consumptive patients.
Tiik Government has issu»d a prod a
mation forbidding demonstrations in
any part of Ireland on the anniversary
of the execution of Allen. Lirkin and
O Lrien, the "Manchester martyrs."
of a Warsaw nk
were murdered and robbed
rubies on a Vienna train.
Fifty seamen and firemen ..n o
o k Packet o a n y s v e s s e s i a n
mire and Cormorant were sentenced to
imprisonment for one month for break
ing the articles of agreement In joining
in a strike.
for the World's Fair Exhibit en
That Portion i)f Ihe Site.
iiii'Aoo, Nov. 2:2.— Plans and specifi
cations for the world's fair buildings
will be presented to tho National com
mission to-day. The local directory
adopted them Friday. Their approval
is the last act necessary to be taken by
tbe commission to secure the Presi
dent's proclamation to tho world an
nouncing that the world's fair is on.
Tho report of the directors ttte Na
tional commission says:
V an of builtltii
vrhi-ii pos.Hib.e,
the park com
From the la?oon above mentioned a canal
will continue the waterway southward along
the main liuild.ns* and into the lar^e basin
whim is to form the renter of a great court
aioiit which the principal buildiinrs of tlie ex
position are to be grouped. The banks of these
land locked bodies of water are to bo finished
in ways appropriate to the vai ions localities
through which they pass, llroad terrae-s and
landings win be needed wh -re the lagoon opens
in»n the lake from both the tlsheries and the
ioverr.nient erliinits, whilM the shores of the
is.and have informal ouliim-s maslieu
with foliage. The bord-Ts of the canal
and the ba
in of the court are to be treated,
formally with embankments of stone or
brick, surmuuntod by parapets or balustrades
of -lone, iron, brick or terra rut!a. ami opi ning
upon -top- and laudiu.'- hero and there where
boa: inp parties may land.
According to instructions we have ... ,i
the agricultural, and live-stock exhibits in .
Southwestern portion of the park, wlier t',
a a U v y i a n w e
e litttre a main biit
jnig is to be
and arrangement adapted to
1 nis artm.-iu and having an
pendent heating plant.
or li\e Mod tin- buildings are to h" a'. 1
ed to the needs as sh ili xpjivs .,
having this department in ir/e j.,
tlierewUl be housing tor a-. 1 1'
te-idants and hospitals lo tv- a .'.1.
the importance of the agricultural
live-Mock exhibits, it is the "intention of t'
•doners to make tl-ese «lep
carr-'-n .Hiul detail to
irt:.rm !nX
"The adininiM'-ation building is to c-.v.
man\ fuuctions. among them that of a station
foi ah transportation lines ent.-ri,,., the
a -ratio!' tm re extensive than anv"t,ow
This group of buiklinss—nampiv tho .»-t
ministration, the nuiehincry, ihf nnnr i-t
rtio bxhtiriR
ready to fight.
MartHng Kimioi s Iroin urions Points lit
Hie Drtkotn Kesprvntion- l»l«|:itehes Nut
HeasiiirniK Hccelvcil »t H'usliinjjton.
W ysiiiNoTo.N, Nov. 36-—The follow*
[tie* telegram bearing upon tbe situa*
at Pine Hidgo Agency has been
ved at the War Department:
1 qiftco. 111. Nov :.1. .1
It is intended to u»o all ef Ja I 'ark tor
purposes of the fair. le »virtj the imiirove.l earts
much as possible in th• 1 present condition.
Thf unnnproved part is to bo laid out hi a nrttn
ner appropriate to tlie wli
and at the s un" limp to fi
Hie lines uiready laid dei
"Iu Kenera! the .pres.,,
be further extended and to ti'V"inf an interior
lagoon. Inclosed in this lagoon is an island
covered with an extensive I
tody of native wood.
It is an essential point of tlie feaeral dedfrn
that it shrll be preserved and made the ba.sis
of natural landscape to supply an episode of
scenery in refreshing relief to the grauduur uf
the buildings.
ins' it will a.so contain the hi a iminlstra
ti,.n foic.'S, for hie.rmation, tor pola-e fire
transportation, public comf rt. exoerditnre
1'^i oses.
Ills tn« 11 .ore whe
visitors will arrive,
au fl
lo lllv
they may 1 ave and depart, ami where a.! f..
and employes report aud take their orders
lire machinery hall, which will be hir -er
Chme'ryli th.1"'' ""l '"'U' ™v,r
c.ilm rj in the ordinary sense, but will furnish
a gieat central open stjaco spanned with wide
trusses. Where there shall be the t'I .-'j
possible for the display of the dilj,
portation exi.ibits, '"'S"
"The main building for manufacturers is to
be arranged in plan to cover many func- iool
In it cither on the
ui.d-tlo. 1
canal ami'™ theiai-e'
ar. to be special, isolated rooms for judges or
or special societies or committees. HereVre
1 r0om, towarU th(
Hie ono for electricity is to lx» -1.,., 1
not only for povve house i -.ht.fau,!
but to be especially for all displays and' ,.„n
tt sts for tntiuufiieiurin* utui uf t»i
u i n h"
by daytr"iS
of the exposition will be bv
to be made under foundation's ,,nd
and p„ssn„y
uml llH lakfi
Until it IS determined how much Ivol U
be used on the hake Km,,,.
r'aced on the i^^.,
Illinois Oitdl''ell(«rs' Orphan H„me
HPni«FiKi.r». 111., Nov. 23.-The tr„»
a meeting Friday for the pur
pose oi organizing, fifteen of tho
sev,.nteea trustees being
1 reasurer, Mrs. Jennie Tickner, of
Rock ford. 1 be trustees decided to com
mcnicH the erection of the home early
noxt spring and adjourned to meet at
the call of the president.
iljutint Om-ral
liulile information
•ecened that the Yanktot.s anddrosven
-in Upper Missouri, a Wo thosi
I llelknap. Inni
Messiah cra/.e, and the latter art
ugly that Siuftu Hull bus sent
sartes to these tribes and the forty eight lodges
north of the Hritish line, exciting them to get
arms and ammunition and join the other war
riers near the Black Hills in the spring
effort is being made to allay and restrain the
turbulent, but the violent, overt act of any
mihftrn in lot is to
smalt party of the desperate ones may cause a
i general uprising. The latest reports from the
Noi tlwrn I'hryennes is that they have to aban
u .'. the reservation. There has been a delay,
however, in putting other tro ps than those in
these two departments In proper equipment for
the field. Mu ms,
i "Major-General Commanding."
'Chicago. Nov. 21. -A'JJuta-ita-n ril of A*
Army, li. The number of In
1 dians goin, from Rosebud agency to Pine Iiidge
ag' iicy is increasing. Reliable advices show
that this Messiah craze is extending to our In
dians near the mountain border and between
the Sioux nati a and the Canadian border.
Secretary Proctor says that the sugges
tion made bv lieneral
Wheu.ed chairs are to be always kept in attend
ame liore. The buildings will be impre-sne in i
.appcar.mc" when v.eweii from this court. 1
Oppox.te the great open court a pier, to be I
of such form and direction as may be hi reafter
determined, wdl proj ct Into the lake about
I..**! f-rt. It is to be constructed as to form
a harbor for the landing of lake craft aud fori
their tier safety. There is to be a large
restaurant and resting-place at the outer end
of this pier, with a band-stand and dancing fl or
in rentier lion. The pier is iiueuded to be a
most noted feature of the exposition.
"Without destr. ying the improved pn-t
Jackson Park on the north, the I10rt. ru
e\h!bit is to be placed ihero upon the ,.J
meadow. The buil.
ting will be largely of i'oii
aud g.as*. and furni,hed with a pian't for pur
poses of healing aud Ventilation. Tlie large
op.-n green in front of the build.tig will be used
for ti:e out-ot door horticulture- -eslii'- •.
iv, "•"""""i?
-Teir.'d iplo
rim«.tH intere
in plan and appearance by all the arts at
Ti.e Oovernme:.: furnish n,. ,,
buildings and exhit eri«j the
of battleship fullv .-i.i.ipea, A
campus will be left• near this point i..
Drm and Uipiay.
-Aero-s the inlet, from the Gove
r.ibit will Ik the buildings for the u
building here as beautiful as p.,,mi..
aacewbl M} erected of durable material.- and
U'll-detlnel rumor that
take rr.o war-path to
Of 11
tll Ilar
rison and llushville. sending a supply of
ntiskets and imt..uiiiti„„ for use in case
«in Indian uprising in that locality.
I I «»'K Kivkk AliKxrv. S. I)., Nov. «•._
i -eneral Hr.ioks is anxiously awaiting
1 i'».nietioms froM1
dep trtmi«nt ai
Washington, which w,ro due before he
he s, n"1
bll lil
whether or not
:t1, th.. -host dance
ln* U":"r
dancing at Wounded
Mne announce openly that, if the sol
hack p'V'T-i 'V
tUk Littl
there have been thou.^u
,th ,n,li ins
oS the soldiers' ears and othe,
wiseniaim them. Every offloer on the
i tho'nTy in au
verv crit I** 'T"
y ll.o.il, Ihe officers consider St
nort .0 probable that «,«00
or *,cm
s^eep down upon the agency
at an y moment "o,y
atany moment.
could save us
from (.usters fate" «.,i^
officer "mil 1
^ct Of
1 a
an 1 1
beau: v
he added "tint
"i orcements will arrive before ti',
'"ed devils make their break
°MMIV. Neb., Nov »•'. a
from Sprin" View vii "P'^ial
U to
lor their visits to Jackson Park,"
Ainsworih savs
that word was reenit-o.i »i
ivnu thrrc th »r tlw
Indians were b.uidin
na creek, abou
or ltl0
n an
settlements alon-r the reservation
'own is fuii of se, i,:
»^ed with household good. A?fT
Work of th« Kltini»« at Ie« nt„r in
Dkcatuh, m.
freight depot, with'itt
in*- I^oss, Si:,,odd Thl p"
Ihe board elected officers as follows'
1 restden,. Mrs. Li/.zio Morrison, of Chi
cago, Nice-President, Mrs Willi.
Funk, of Kloomington Secretary mI-s
Knocked fruiii Train.
Mkiudr.v, Conn., Nov 2-«
were knocked off
den, Waterburv
"Mll.Es, Commander"
1 Acting Indian Commissioner Itch Fri
day afternoon received the following
telegram from Special Agent, Cooper at
tho Pine Ridge agency:
I "Newspaper reports false. Agent Itoyer is
at his p- st. Indians still dancing. lY-lice re
port that thirty Kos 'bud Indians have arrived
at this reservation and till or 7u0 more are en
route to the agency. We hope to settle this
Indian craze without bloodshed."
All passenger railways, whether steam.
Cable, electric or horse, will deliver passengers
le the auumi
1st ration building. From this
place an intramural electric elevated road
will pass out through the grounds, entering
buildings where deemed advisable and having
coiivei.i 'lit st.Uioni wherever Le'cessaiv. It will
connect with the station at Milway Plais
ance and pass back to tho administration i
b:iitd na by another route, thus forming a com
lete ciicuit and making it easy to ^o from one
piace to another without walking. Visitors
in the fair wuJ collie out of the ad ui in is
tration station npoti the great square, where all
tl.e -paces are very broad. a.'Tordir.g an.pie om
for the gathering or dispersing of lurgo crowds.
Secretary Proctor carried tho dis
patches to tho White House when ho
1 at tended tho Cabinet meeting at noon
and lhey formed usubjoc of discussion
at the meeting.
Afterward Ma or 1, 1! h»field,
eomiuanding the army, was in consulta
i tion with the Secretary for an hour re
specting the condition of Indian alTair*.
SI, 1.0..Ht,d in Klln,
u Tr))|lble
Kansas Citv, .M
Nov. ,,
tonsivo bank failure
involving no less
lhan sforl
concerns in tbe Southwest. 7
all practically under
ono ln
Details of the
uro n
ble. ho far as known the facta
W hon Oidabotna was ,uade
U^rv the Newton National j'
near old
unanimously adopted the
Newton, Kan.
establish^] thB 1
cial National lliu,k at UufhJ
branches at Normal, El UenoJ
water. Tho same bank
An braneh at Whitewater, uutler
About two
was mado
°n th 0
no bank, but tho Newton bank
tho rescue with a special train
a»d mot all
1 inco that time the credit of ti
group of banks has been mot
impaired. Tho Kansas fit,
eamo alarmed at their condi
withdrew their support.
Friday the Newton hank w
possession of by the Federal
thorities. Friday tho (iuthr
suspended and its doors are cl
tho Whitewater concern Is iB
of the examiner. Nothin"
heard from tho CI I
Stillwater banks.
'1 he Newton National
capital of gloo,000 ami
000. John U'-ese is president,
I'lain vice-p-osidont, c. ]{,
cashier and 0. A. Mcci
sistant cashier. The Com men
tional Hank of tJichrio was 1
bank in tho Territory to nat
lis capital is said to ho SiJOO.OOC
liagsdale was president, (', H,
vice-president and W. l!luJ|
8P* Its correspondent
American National Ha:,.,
I York correspondent w
States National Hank,
Of tho Whitewater A 11 Y
president, Horace Met
dent and F. S. McCiain casLu
[capital is S.'0,000. The asse .i
that troops
oilier divisions than bis own coin
mand be got in readiness to reinforce
bun has been anticipated. Orders have
been sent to commanding ofllcers of
troops as far south as Texas
and Arizona and as far west
as taliforma to prepare their
linen for immediate movement if an
emergency arises. In anv event it is
the intention of tho department to
1 heavily reinforce the troops in the Da
i kotas during the winter, and they
will be moved in from other
I divisions from time to time, ko
as not to overtax transportation
and supply facilities. In this way it
is expected that the department will be
ab.e to mass an overwhelming furce of
troops at the agencies where the exeite-
Newton. (Jutbrio and VVhitewati
I are believed to be eijiial to tb
ities, and tho bankers here say
pect a settli ment will be n a.j
I for dollar. Nothing is
condition of tho
•t:" "vv sa EM |., 1
Mi-soi«ri. is
It was
1 i.- morning that -,,en ha.i !....
:nd sculped by Indians in Catup
ourity. but th s is not credited
The shenlT of Campbell Countv
large body of
the Missouri. '1
excited and aro
1 hat the:
oast sit
1 o a e i
P'lllltlg to I
Mayor Moody
hi.Ni iit,\, NVA, NOV.
in appear-
IJe-. ..
Stillwater concerns.
1 lie National K. »1. H. A. Amp
Spring Held, III,,
ScniMii'iKi.K, 111., Nov. -Ji-1
tiona! convention of the F. M. 11
journed Friday afternoon after
lays' session. The rest):is of It,
j-gaii ie summea up in Jew w
summed up in
ly suppress an Indian uprising in the
Ahki:IK:-x, S 11., n
from Eureka s
Emmons and Campbeii
fWii-iiitig in to that placf*
ons published was ad'opted. '1
"osotitatives to Sti:- !.• gtslatur
1 bain pored nistri
left to -iv ind
u-..nations. T:.e
"i tho order e\.
an i tho revision ...
s are
l? "f a
1 O
I most impoi
•e:n«n eligible to
i from 'il to I
of me 111 tiers.
-i years or ulde:
o order.
•i 'ill P. Si 1
•rt,..r Mo' o»to
I haver has complied wit:,
graphic requests from citiz-n,
F. J. CI 1 vti- hii. i:
Haynes. of K'-nti.
I Kansas, and .Jane- .1
were made a eomiu 11''
ot.iier farmer organi^at
confederated union.
will consult with the
at 1 cal.1, Fla., IJecem!
N ii tonal Allianeo at
M. I). Coffeen, of Homer, li
chosen National commissioner in
of a bureau of informal on and
circulation of tbe lii-ei
order. Tho next meetr of
tional assembly will be 1. i at
•polls, Ind., 011 tho in.hi '1 u*
November, mil.
Wound i T'^e
"V'/l'md. a son of old lied i
*oud,. I,:g Load
itt 0 I{
.north or peranco instruction
I' ceived dis
K'ood Indians
the peaceable
General l:.-,,0ke has
patches to separate the
«rom the bad and bring
ones into the agency.
Governor Miller "is in \i 1
Uapids, la.
lily mori
t«r. just completed at a
S iTooolthoh, ofo^b
the Wabash.
dtS belon
Ping to
T. t. I-
-Noil-l'nrtlsnii IV. C.
Mint III.bird's rrolcst
Pn is»i ii(iii. Pa., Nov. 'Ji•—Tb
''.•iiisan Woman's
aneo Union closed
North Avonuo M.
i s i a n
A telegram was received duri
morning from Frances Niiiard n
ing the secretary not to use tho
"Non-Partisan W. C. T. L.
was taken.
New York wan selected a.v tin 1
and November as the month f'•
next con veil tion.
'Ihe "Y" branch received ahea''1
dorsetnent in tho resolutions.
tnde was expressed to Congress
recognition of the evil elfects
original-package svstom. Tboi'"
tions also dealt with the organic'•
juvenile societies,the importance*''
the sehoo
n cessity of vigorous work alo
line of organization, tho dct-ia
that the opinions of individuals K
not be abridged and the indorsoffl1
temperance publications.
i ."-St.
Tbe following delegate
tional congress to be held at
"ext. June wero then chosen.
^hich the convention took a
I dinner: Mrs. C. Cornelia Alfor.
Urooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Josep
Weeks, of Pittsburgh Mrs. Fairm
New York City Mrs. Miller, of
Mrs. Mary J. Aldrich,
totally destroyed by y"\''
Tlie Firm Organized lulo a l.lin""'
|»ny witli I inreiMed
London, Nov. 22.—It is officially ar'
nounced that arrangements for c-ot
ing the business of Haring Hros.
have been concluded. A limited
puny has been formed and will
t«lred immediately, with a
tho Mer
ing, four miles west of ,i
morning and fatally injured
Capital exceeding JE 1.000.003.
Thomas .Haring, M. P., becom^9
wan of the company and deyot®^
whole of his fortune to the firm
6 men
Other directors aro Viscount *r"^ri
Haring, M. P., Mr. John Barintf
Kirktnan and Mr. Hodgoso%

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