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XII.. NO. 17.
isoi IX
N0- l8-
k D.
oohm.kast. 12:35 am
^I)i,.y «cepv
_Daily e* Ninday
i3 rjam
•^eept Suniav 4:10 pm
k duly ex'Sunday. 9:15 »in
Hlnii*—Q~1'• i:o2 a in
toBa" itil5am
,, .. ir.lSam
n"l— i il:,isam
b»n»- .. .. 13:15 i
«n"!0M"t ioi A.*.
U0IS8 wkst.
|u^"cLjVtWur aWv»iHt
loners—l*' Dist,.loUn Martens.
2d Dint., .'"1") lledman.
3d Dist., Win. Jennings, Lhva.
is -C. W Martens.
I'niUite Judge—T bos. Bouck.
1] Furley.
Court-.1 h* hockhart
M, (i.W. Prevey.
Llir l'* K. Daniels.
W. S. Growl.
rtrvS. Volkmar.
-s Berry
Itf- -. M. Pasco.
tv ,l W. Belt.
•t Ward -L Kaercher, Rim-
ii «d
Ward—W Saunders,
iri 3d Ward—U A Krlauduou,
J'llflfH. ,, ...
r»i,al Street Commissioner, Uuildtnfi
|tor and Fire Warden- K Simmons.
--Charles Suti litfe.
|Bell,Si" Jones, Eastman, 11
0 W
bptfr No. 15. Stated convocations
|Tiid lourth Thursday ol eac-li month.
Yinitiug companions cordially
A. J. IIlkskk, High Priest.
Ducgla&s, Sec.
itM meetings at Schuler's Hail, on
|uiir«uy evening ol eacli month.
I hretUreu are cordially invited to at
J. (J. Kna.W, W. M.
BocCK, Secretary.
Ifeu every Tuesday evening at Scha
Vuuiuig brethren cordially invi-
Ei. Kmamokl, N. U.
iLciiiita, Sec.
lert* every Becond and louriii Satur
«p.in. siiarp, at the Court House,
ifwiw visitiug our city are invited to
Uli us. U \V lni(i», Commander.
I'lfta, Adjutant.
p. I'. W.—Meets first and third Mou
|d«v evening oi each month In Mason
1. Visiting brethren cordially invited,
(wins,Recorder, C. E. (Juovisu, M. W,
313. Meets iu Schaler's Hall, Milbank,
iu. tlie lirst and third Sunday ol eucLi
C. MATTHEWS, Clilel.
Fogg, Sec.
Milb&uk Division N o. 99. Meets at Ma
null every second and fourth Sundays
®. All liieuilters ot the order cordial
't«d. K. A. Johnson, Cliiel Coud'r.
House, bee. and Treas.
0. U. T.—Meets every Friday eve
"'g at Masonic Hall, and extends ft
u invitation to visiting iuemlerK.
W*. lio^UERS, C. T.
Tiiomaj, Rec. Sec.
18TM. E. Church.—Preaching every
Sunday at 10:45 a. in. and ":4f j. in.
rth League Gp. m. Song service
W. Sunday school 12 ui. l'raver
ii« Weiluertdays 7:30 1. Ul. Kuv.
UivroKii, I'astor.
ITHl'RAN—^ervice oocasional—in t!ie
1'Norwegian language at the churcti at
p. Rev. J. H. Stoklik, Minister.
|I3(.0PAL—Service in Library Hall first
I ^unday °i each month at 10:45 a. m.
rJP' iu. IIKV.J.M.McURiL'iii officiat-
Seotho nicf line of toiiet and mani
cure Bets at the Jewelry etoto.
School books, slates unci other school
material at Rose's drug store.
H. L. Harris is spending a f»w iys :it
Will IlodgoraeamPup from sntoviileu
last Sunday to spend the day.
Mr. A. C. Dodge js spending a short
time in St Paul, whither he went last
Peter Vrtmlervoorf of MelroHO township
is on a visit to friends in Io Pern and
Green Hay, Wis.
II. K. Hurnell and wife of iiig hu»ne
City, camo up today to look over the
Episcopal bu/anr.
Col. Smeiiley and N. I. Lowthian will
attend the Minnesota state crange, which
meets at St Paul on the I6sh.
Jattes McCIovern.of Madison, Lake(,o
was calling on his old Milbauk friend
the first of the week.
W. B. Saund(rs huil tho good t»r
tunc to strike i llowing well on hiu titrni
last week while boring lor water.
Conductor Alex. Maichior will make
a trip to CbifiUTO about the 20th to be
present at tne wedding of his sister.
John Tillman and Mrs. Chns. I-'onder
returned last week from a visit to old
home and irioiuls in Hrown county, Wis.
'Ihe gentlemen friends of li. F. (Jibson i
Hiir[»rised him with a birthday party this
week, to winch the ladies were rigorously
excluded. I
J. C.Knapp is taking a joint *ir iii.l
the eountiv in the int' ivM nf the Mason-j
ii: lile insunin n'p:.:i\,l"i uliich he
is agent. I
Ir. Hoiine's celebrated Pepsin bitters,
for stomach weakness, dyspepsia, etc
for sale at Dr. How's drug store.
8 S. Lockhart, has been speuding tho
week at home, and expects soon to liave
a man at work lignring on* the mort
gaged indebtedness the county.
Jake Cramensof Melrose township and
John Vergeld, of Alban, slartod on a
visit to their old home .t De Pi-re, i.--,
this week
Don't forget the old soldier^ eamji liie
to-morrow, to which nil old .-ohlier
are invited. Election ot oflicers »vill
A very line collection ol picture and i
story books, ii-.t the thing for ho!ida
presents foi tin children at liose' d'. i'._:
Cassiuh Jiihua-iij, who has been at w ik
in the Twin Jirootis elevator lor mi:io
time iast is now btoppiug i his
parents iu ill is (liy.
The Epwortli Le!ti,rue, 1 the M. E
Church, are picparing an entevlainnient,
to be given on Dec.'Jf, to bo called the
Temple «f Fame, consisting of represen
tations, recitations and music.
Tho last regular meeting of the Ladies'
lienevolent society for the year 1S1H), at
which time the election ol oflicers oc­
will he held at the Congregational
church next Thursday, Dec. 18th, at
2:30 p. ni.
The three mor.tba old baby of Floris
Stegen, of Melrose township, died Wed
nesday morning, ot lung disease, and the
funeral took place yesterday from the
Catholic church of this place.
The late drop in the price of wheat is
rHOUC.-Service in St. Lawrence
Church every Sunday and holy day at
Sua. m. Rev. Father Stcj.han, I'riest.
a baleful effect on general busi­
ness, and merchants generally are com
plaining of light trade for this season of
tho year.
The invitations are out for the second
Annual ball of division No. oKi H. of E
E., which will he held at tho opera house
in this city Wednesday evening, Decem
ber 31st. The atlair promises to be oue
of the social events of the season.
Presiding Elder Jordan of the Sioux
Falls district has signified his intention ol
being present at the iinniversary ot the
dedication of thn M. E. church next
month, ami at. the same time will deliver
u lecture tor the bent tit of the Ep'.vorlh
MILBANK, 8. I)., FRIDAY, DEC, 12, 1890.
Mrs Eugeiii' Dim
gone to Madison,
iin and daiiL'iiter have
Wis., to spend liie
Rev. Mc Lain, of Wilmot, stopped over
Thuesday. and attended the social at
Rev. Gilloids. He was on his way home
from an extended visit to the eaet.
Rev. H. D. Wiard, Kupl. A. H. M. S.,
for South Dakota, will preach in the Con
gregational church Sunday, December
21st, morning and evening.
The day passenger service on tie- H. «fc
D. west of Milbank will be discontinued
after this week, ihe afternoon train from
the east stopping here and the eastward
bound train in the morning being made
up at tins place. No change in the
time is made.
The Hkkai.d-Advanck. to be in sym
pathy with the spirit of intrenchment
and economy abroad'in the land, this
week slightly changes its form and re
duces its 6ize temporarily. To give our
subscribers the benefit ot this change
the paper will be sent to th*e who pay
in advance for ?I.."») to all others the
price will reniaiu the same as heretofore*
Rev. W. E iifTord. pa-t o| the M. F.
church at this place, has a most excel
church at this place, has a most excn-
lect in nianv ot these small things
take place. A rousing good tunc is ex
Erick Hall, of Big Stone township, i*
on a visit to his lister Mrs. 1*. liiti
trtick. ol St Paul, where ho expects to
remain for (•ome tiiiie and ree.-ivt» treat
ment tor ileafness.
Owing to the tact tlmt November
term of the circuit court was not, held
this year a very lull calendar will be
presented to the judge at the spring term
commeuceing tne first i uesday in
March, if a special session is not eal yr,
before that time, which is not likely, as i Du
tlie judge wiil hardiy be prepared to giye j.*V•
the necessaiv tine-lor a p,*cial term to'
clear the calendar, md there
ing criminal suits.
Mrs. O. W. Anteltuan, Thursday Dec.
Kolirc ofl'iaciier*' luntituie.
The teachers of tJrant county are here
ment at the aforesaid time anil placi?.
(.1. \Y. I'kkvicv.
Co. Sup't, Grant Co., S. D.
Milbank, S. Dec. 8, 1SU0.
Notice front A: anuon.
comfortable home ihe possesson of
nothing less then a mob, the order and
arrangement of their household broken
into and their furniture thrown out of
doors to make room for the invaders
Ui/Wl vl IU
creants whom he believed were pillaging
o i i i i s
wife, who suggested
nj, Vlth
l«ntly prepared .and interesting ie-ture into the house, but instead ol capturing
onithat greatest of America's natural burglars, he and his good wife were taken
to by Col. Smedley in his usual! ihe 2.1th anniversary of their wedding
felicitous manner. These numerous' day. Refreshments were served and a
little failures on our part to do our whole most delightful evening ot social enjoy
dm v reiinnds us that we haven't ol late n.ent-nM:rit. Jr o!!ow ,„g is a list of those
received our periodical thre^lmi,-. and present, all of wh-mi wdl be n.c:UialM'v
o n s e i e n v a e e o i n s i i i v i e- o e e a n
recltless cnaraciers. n.- w.na'..
Manunoth cave, which lie is captive '.liemH''^es, while the liev.
prepaied to deliver at small expense.'(liilurd explained to them the ohjt-it of
Literary, church or oilier s• a-'.ie- de-ir the klu-klu klux-like call to which they
ing a good lecture will do w.. i to c-.n.-s had been subjected and presented them
pond with him. iwuha handsome silver tea set, ealce
In our report of -.d settle is n .et-. basket, pie kntle and card receiver.
-itig a few weeks ago v.-.- omilted n- of tokens of esteem from the friends w„„
tho ini'iortant toasts, that «»t "ur Stute," had gathered tocongratulate them upon
icelebialion roils around:
Mr BI1|, Mrs w. ,ioh.-..i
The Ladies Aid Society will lueet with
Mr 4na
Ol who expect to teach during the yoM
cause of education, and will be treated
Therefore, to Ihe end that |the best in
terests ot the schools may be served, and
that your
We uesire to give notice to all persons
indebted to us that ..wan: them to call
promptly auuaevwr.
January 1, 1BJ1, will be plaiod in the
... ainoa t!ll» noiincil at tl
hands of a lawyer for collection,
mean business.
Mdbank, S. Dak., Dec. 10,18U0.
Ktick!tii 'n.lrnlfa Salve.
Mr sr.il Mr-
Kerr, Mr. and Mrs A, .) ..Hilts, Mr. and Mrs, W m. i
Dally, Mr. »nd Mrf 1.. h. oi.n^ht, Mr and Mrs.
U. ilol!anU», Mr aud Mrs. 11 Hoctim, Mr
,! Mr« «». V.'. Anth-mau. Hcv. and Mrs
?i*r. aiid Mrs.
«t. Bei-"*'
HI»I Mr-. U. UickB, Mr. nndMrp.li V.'.
Mr. ami Mrs. It. T, Hoddens, Mr. a:..',
i rowl, Mr. and Mib, F. Larued, Mr. and
T, Aiihott yt
Mrs. I., l.ockhart,
Mis. .^ommervi"'-. Mrs. Nixori, Mi*, J. Thomas.,
no piesS- Ujr8.,1 c. Wood, Mrs. Uuy Wood,JMrs. Morrill
Mies Morrill, Mrs. L. William*, Mrs. Monette.
Mrs S. Mcl'ollunt, Kev.UtCss.iT,. Mi!8. Aumi
,11111?, Mr* K. U. Smillier, Mrs s A. Heelur,
Mrs u. w t'reuy,
l«th, at 30 p. m. The nrrangemeuts for the surprieo
Mrs. O. W. ANTEI.MAN, Peey. party were in the hands of Mrs. Hilts,
pjlltv «CtU lli Vil«
Rodger's tripplo plated knives and success which attended tlieir elTorts in
fork-, rfM.iHl per dozen, il 50. per set, at I,
that a Normal Institute Willi
bo h» hi in the High school building of
tne City of Milbank. commencing Mon
day. Dec. 2!ith, at It) o'clock a. m.
All persons
Consoliihilt'il April II,
Siii.-r Ui'diiinu. cavalry left Rapid City for the li id La vis
A quarter ofsacentury ot wedded life yesterday
is not e o s o o n e e i e n e i n O E I N I e a y i o u i i
American social life. Death or the divorce CHICAGO, JDec. 11. M-Meral Brooks
courts in the majority of cases «ever the has issued orders for the troops to be
matrimonial bonds long bt fore 21 years ready to march onto the Bad Lands
roll by, hut when neither of thi forces tomorrow and active preparations have
have succeded in dissolving tho tie during been in progress all the day.
this length of time, it mav be taken for
granted that the couple are pretty well
satisfied with each other, and so thought
the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitch
as they gathered at the home ol the latter
last Saturday evening while Mr. Fitch
and wife were absent attending a meet-,
ing of the steward# of the church. Itn
agin© the surprise of Thomas and hisami-
Clvlttg Canes Shape.
The cultivation of walking sticks for
the market has been taken up as busi
ness at some places in continental F.un po,
and special attention is often pi*kl t.^
ing the routs grow into shapely forms for
the handles. A London mauufsw-turing
establishment, the floor of which
covers nearly an acre, leu- ext'jnsivo
U^UJV »111? Cll illVIII'IU HUM IIIUHMM *.v»T*-Akj
able wife upon'their return to lind their storehouses filled wi'.l: fliitiveaiw.1 foreign
execution of their plans is bigiil)
the Milbank Jewelry store. (complimentary them, and explosive of
the old adage that women
iv. Dec. 2»th, at 10 ocjock a. in. and serve a New ear's Uinner oi ltoasi ruai:ee a pracuv
engaged in teachihg nowjT
keep a
^ien Vvar*1 K*•€• »(ion.
In he brick building formerly n-ed a
the Post-oRiee, the Lallies of the Congre
gational Society will receive iheirfriends,
and serve a New Veto 's Dinner of Roust
k Mil|(je Fies am\ other
cotnmoticin" Jan. I, l^.'l. are reijuired to i i i
colunijucmr ,.j«» Perfumes of the must delicate i.nd
.. 41... v„«r .. fair, and had his museum in a tent on

for 2." cts. Children half-price.
.1U i agreeable kinds at Rose's drug store.
Your absence wni he accepted as a
sign that you have lost all interest in tiie Spoiling lora I'iglll.
A Pioneer Press I'ine Ridge special of
the eleventh says: Yankton Chaiioy
ono of the Indian scouts who accom
panied the interpreters to the hostile
choyenn(J v lT)d thrtt Uv0 of
I.ktts A: (Jan.non.
promptly and settle. Ail bills not paid I Messiah. He says the time The Shatto farm adjoining Mill,ink.
ai.ain liy lUe
The Best Salve in t!i« world for Cu s and attempts made to
Sores, Totter, champed Hands. Chilblains
Corns, anil all Skin Eruptions, and pos
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
money refunded. Price 2o cents per j°r f'^'y
day in a final row. when guns were drawn
ul vl- u drum am it
BVicka, froin whk-h stock is drawn as it
is vviuitcd from the sh. p-i.
Tlie sticks us they grow are often very
crooked ami have to bo straightened. A,
heap of sa.id Is proTvkl on tlie top of a
hot stove, into which tiro sticks are
As Tom approached the house thoughts plunged until they Ix-cerae phalrte
oburglars, incendiaries and other eviN The workman takes the eix*ikedi stick
rose as he oeter.nined la rapture the mis-
his house. Disregarding the pleadings: fectly straight it is thrown down to
lint discretion
iu(.lin(a fnm hnu wllt.r0 }u} ]jeada
fln(j strains
Wlien it hrw becutn© per-
u s the better part of valor when ileal permanent in its lines. Heat is an lin
ing with reckless characters, he charged p. .rtant element iuthia »u»tter and pro-,i
which it lecomos rigid and
kinds of wood, tlie degree of heat neces
sary to straighten one land of stick being
often sufficient to spoil another kind.
The same power which makes a
crooked stick straight id applied to make
a straight oue crooked so wo find that
the rigid stems of bamboos, partridge
cane and all the various kinds of sticks
that are required to be curled or twisted,
are by the application of heat made to
assume almost any shape or fornu—
Youth's Companion.
s 1 1 1 K
1,,ne ,ot
Costly l)rug».
Among costlv drugs we might mention
tho following and the different sized
bottles md phials in which they are sold:
Agaricin, 4J ounces, costs $43.75 colo
cvnthin, 5.V ounces, $T14.7.) comine
hydroehlorate, 4i ouno**% $9X.4f- cycla
uiin. Si ounces, $11.0.1 digitnxin, U
ounces. $S7.40 gentvsin, U ounces,
helitropin, ounce", $61.21 «lydr,ist,ine
hydroehlorate. 6 V ounces, ^t«4.S0-. papay
otin, usivl as a silveiit for the diphther
itic nvmbrano, 13
oujico l.Kttle^,
per bot-
tie, flHO.lO. Bt^iiies the alKcre thdte
are various preparations ini*le f"nwn the
i C«lab»r bean the emt of which is iun»
ing. They are cliielly »liswwes
i of the eye.
i One is called pliysostigmine alkaloid,
i and cost* $137.50 per ounce pliiaL Phy-
Rustigmine crystals are still more exj*en
I fijve, being sild iii 2A oiuu'e lxjtth^s at ft
cost' of $.103.15. Still anither prepjvrar
tion of the Calabar is phy^ostigmine
Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. ConnglU, antl.iboi salicybiic* ervstals, an aristocratic drng
.r i :.. 1.. /.im.i.tViocs o f.ttiTHT1 run
that "surely fund.shes a fitting cap sheaf
for this pyramid of eoni.lv stuffs, which
L? fu uished to the customer who is able
to buy at tho reasonable charge of $1,810,
OSiO ,v a 2 ounco pliial.—St. Louis Re
public. __
tTo Wa« Not Anxloun to Learn.
IV .ressor Albert Boehm, of this
city, is
an ei.vhusias-tic naturalist. He has a large
collection of birdu ami aniuuils, and
ruakee a practice of exliibitir.i: them at
choic fairs. Tho prolc-ssor wa.s at the
i pm ieu lUC wiri|iinvi» I" IlIHUU LUOU «UJ V.. J,.-—
certificates may remain valid, several davs ago, returned early eors." The o£er was a good oue. out the
fail not to present yourselves for enroll-
this morning. He says when they
entered the Had Lands many of the
Indians wanted to kill them. This pre
cipitated a row in which Two Strike and
friends who wished to come to the agency,
n defended the scouts and they remained
fair, and had his mut^uui in a tent on
the grounds. Oiu day a gentleman
stepped in by tho tent aaiil looked at a
couple of coons which
Bruises, Sores.Ulccrs, Salt Rheum, Fever» u us weie oi et ani ie Vfr|tjiS(.(ij jjust a bottle of Dr. K
life. In this thev were lotieit anu tne
,v K.i.,v^cw« lIa.Z, .t I», i«a KW.M.C H«r «.! Iw .«• I-l
ILanO- .!• tvni.il..:-! I" lijM Hi'-: \:i.
The hostile? told of a skirmish over on Rose n thug store.
tied to a stako
near the entrance. Ho did not know
what the animals wire and Jisfeed the
professor, who told hiui they were coons,
and Buid: "If you will give me ten cents
and come inside the tent, when you como
out you will know more about natural
history than any of your normal profes-
BUI T*. Ai'V n
gentleman refused and turned away.
Professor Boclmi asked a bystaodi-r wii.»
it was, and was told, "Professor of
the Winona normal school."—La Crosse
celebrated trusses at
]jfe For It,.5l, or
since the council at the agency last week 2«) norm ready for seeder.
has been spent by the Indians in eoun- Wood Bros., for teims
ciiing and quarreling among themselves
as to whether they would gi\o up or not.
This difference of opinion resulted yoster-
A Snte lnvewimeiit
Is one which is /naninteed to bring
von Fnlistactory le^i'lts. or in case of
fni|nro r(.ti rfl l(.,lilsP r,vire.
h,n xou cnr,
v e s i i u u i s a o e o
riot that occurred resulted a division ot it
i N e w i s o v e y o o n s u i o n n
the camp, tho greater number joining 1o bring relief in cv»m i-t
Two strikes and declaring their inten-1when used tor any affection ofTl.-
'tot a
y from our
ale. are
o: Pi

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