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The herald-advance. (Milbank, S.D.) 1890-1922, December 12, 1890, Image 5

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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ties ai:l
before MAF?YE'S
TspU"*" "f
lUBCM-k*" JUvitioll*.
„„il Men Went )in«n
Tresis Assoclii
^HKS thoArai'. n?
I'uWwnw was
]y Id by don. I'urn-
K' Pt
Y IliKIlK-'"k. "J'lxwitl!
•7 the Con federate
camps nt reder
icksbnrji. it took
i siiioii on St a I
I j-l Heights ujd
c-• nli look. down
i *insum« of the
uiOHi. formidable
oi 11.10 enemy's
G.-plieru denr, the
I, snd it was ftisclua
ii'idy 1he {rnjiitiil at safe
v play
things that
as. The ground wa.s too
from aU»vi*. to give nt
itsslopingfrout looked
far as natural olistruc
i 1 i o i i o
exception of few 'guns
orieR, was masked, ami
vnirtii of life to be de
iit-.'/.T lies w.is taken into
.seem uruifiu.-il thai- tlxijj
should be so moderately
h, 1 he coiicluMotis v.-e nr
down upon the
II, when* we wore to meet
till to 1m U]sot, on closer
posit Kin. To I lie crossing
:,n -h!e but little opposi
The ('onfederates had one
e. ill the town, which
hank where the ground
bridging, aud while our
hrowins? across pontoons
times driven from their
i bred from th« houses
u.illy, toward the closo of
l^W. volunteers from the
in, Nineteenth .Mii'.-aqlm*
'.-ninth NV.v York brave*!'
V lire and pushed across
oiV the rillemei), Harks
lift:/, f.'.deujuplcUdv clear-.
tin em:i liters.
nearly all across by mid
iind deployed on the plains
*iu" the town. A heavy fog
valley during the, forenoon,
..•urd away wo saw for the
irn which way we would it
uJult work to dislodge the
.-l'rom the point of view
the plains what lieforo had
'11* became hills and hills
.nUthis. Hill, or
i -t lYiemi over more thm a
•if car troops, anil a 11vi.-iou
i"ititv:ii part of th" arm.
ifii it- a'vieanil «_• -irs-*t the
nid of hillside it* sitiiiit ion
ills, Taylor'., mnil Tehvraph
e'l made it i hey.ani!
tiipr with it* evident int
s'nAVli by 1bo cinv ex
in» roiiMdereii it is a point to
•HiTM-atany Inixnrt!, to semi it
i tiifl Ji(!t eii n] -.iv with S' i!lh
laryliuid, in height, nor in
ml Mu. riisjority of tli Tn hn• i
tLc i.wnultH t-here, n few
ni »lic AiiMn'am -.»n) :i !,'ii.
(M'siim wltiioiu at-
v-'liolr linr u.'ts s' !iji:c!i-d t.)
K. rly oil i In- I'M th, I'nii.n
.v«nti*[ {luv-et, in front umi
i ralo battle with "ritonewuli"'
I\' u:l-«eil. While ri:'-:
iw i:i pr-Tj r\'ss r.i,' I.
li. tni.i!) in ft .iii (.(' M:
n ordei'ed into readiness *j
in suscensv, Ti-.ey wuv I li
I'r.' i !i aii i Iln!.,- i -|. ili
.iit thi.-s inve eu(u Jiamii'.l by
"Ueh. The order t-: nrl vanr#
about noon u.s lu y u ere
iun on the eilj^e of the tiovn.
•-virife of he ground to be it.mi'
li m."Si 1(5, fur the li-:i-ou that it.
re'if in enemy and was u\
rutiuy through thr
u U
to uncover every ob
itacle im
1h) roii.siiitTid. Apparently it
iieid iMi'i'/'ij he umhu lenc
••udiinms, a'ld wi)en thiseh arc
tild N- passed n short !i 11 i
'"tie tii"a.'ssaila.-t
'•slwate iiiies,
C-s* V y. *\s
1."^ Lf^ 4. /*". "ii-J.
.- -"vW'V' s»,
-*-f *v
... .!•=. T.'ie new movement ex
posed Iks Hit n to 1 lie liru of artillery on
ihe heights. Hut shot and shell, though
p!oii'_diii: their rank.s, did not stop them,
tn I hey went, to a slight, rise of ground 150
iriln to the front, whi-ro they ret'oriued,
and then for tin char«jp.
The vn'Mny oil Afarye's I, ei ^!:t« have lmti
wuitiny hours mid hours for ju-t tiii.s.
I.onu'i-trv ef "s exfellcfit. ilivLsinn, iiiidi.'," .M
L.W.S wiih tiii famoiis \S"iiutrr• ii artil
lery, have the tronsibold in their keep.
Kimball's men move on with a "Hi! hi!
hi''' bayonets «r. ti charge. Iiatterin.' down
fi':nv ivilh eliibbt-d musket i ,is thev ^o.
Seoris of our cannon from Falmouth Jitid
St-iffcrd Heights llri: u{on the iifcdi rate
(Ttuis nti the hill. The f-.r,xvi?:iin'.:of sliells,
the roar of e'irnon, makts a terrible din,
but the men have (heir orders aud see
their oal and picss on without specific
commands. Soon in- riit*
.• .tnmiern
eh.in^re 11 eir •unmuijiiion from shot, and
shcil to e. «t.i an 1 spread «rcat havyc in
tho •.](!!-:s of the i! •vm, ori.'
ie, but, the
survivor- u o on until they i.."^ered
by an laiexjiectod volley of musketry
moBt in their face.-,. Th" second hidden
ob-tach-, most de-r^-rite of all, lui.s 1 ren
met, the stinker, road and stone wall alive
with ('otiledentr rH'cmen. who till now
have dd 1 ln-ir live. KitlibaU'a men look
around lor t-h ir s,'i por s and none at
baii'.l. ll:i!!'of t! e line hn-i lalicti on the
way arrows tne f.'l dn, r.:i 1 n-uv the
inenls la. iheir coinr.-, ai.,1 lie ihe.vn,
roverinu henisi-i ves a-i best hey m:ty in.m
h«s wi hcriii^ lire and awaiting fcmnf re
e.nforci i e:it.s. 'i'iie brigade.- A^lrcivH
and I'ahe.er foliouitl K.'.:!i i-i's with th'
s'liii! peri-uii e-, ,i:,d tluy. too, halted
and lay in their tracks.
To thi- em my on the hill aud behind the
stone wall Iii.s appeared bloody work in
deed. They noied and "dmired the re
markable coo!i:e.-'..s of Kinibaii'- men in
plant in colors to mark their alignments
wit bin stone's throw of tbe wall, where
the muskets were i^cpl hot with tin- rapid
tiring. when Kimlfall's line van
ished, the colors -uil sr.'Uliiili id held by
stout, h.amls lyiiiu: pro!-tra ,u on tiio tfround.
their c.iinradi s of Anur.".vs' arid l'.iinr- r'.i
brigades '.'ejii-aU' i i hu d-iritig «h.ip.i'i'. re
eei vitii the puni-hnient of tin ir '.einerity
with ma !.i coolness. Tlu ('"iifeih rates
(ill of thi-- i ie hi.e'A' the r)i-:i hopeless
t.essoftlie l.u k In fore their oppiiie i!s.
At. the Im.sc of Marye's a sunken t".id runs
the whole distance [Mtrallel with the crest.,
and on the side toward the tow n this road
is pvi tected !y a. hiiili stone wall. There
U-irr e'ith- terra'
.' from the base of the
hill to the cin st, tin.-. b.v iiv. i i th.' •eiriace
is not duvovcr-ibie for i he eye at a casual
irlance When Kimball's men reached it
and recoiled i h" 1 nion army knew ihat
the enemy had not permitted the easy
crossmpr of the river and the fspproaeb to
the heights without a purpose. Marye's
Heights %vjis a "slaughter pen," and but
one division of infantry and a battalion of
artillery was r-'jtiired t• held it a: ainstun
army of ngtouhuits,
"i'he 1 nion oith-r a,"id been
that, li.tncoi 'r-isi.iii i I'oo'.w
BYeueli, and dh"! ii." the exiierien,
of that di'.i -ii ii'se noble troops
up ti'i- li.-'iit. ii :i. John ((.'ald.vc!! 1
with his l.-ri.c-i h'. the l'ifth New I lamp
shire. Seventh. Si.v v tirs,. and v -f-.iii th
New ^i-rk. mid Kichly-iin-t m«'. Uec linn
dred and I'orty lilt ie .pennsylvai i 'ol
lo\vii»( him wis MtTiTherwitu
.he i ".ty*
eigl.tn M:,ss-i! hu tt-tliif'., -iy
ninth and Kighl y einbih Mew VorU, and
(ne 1 lundn Sixi eent l'e:ir\syl
tie I ri- ii r: ade at iis be.-t. ,.'u eame
CnJ. K /'o.-' Tnty st venth o i '."
tie'.lt. id 1): If tvare, l')fi -third, li
f-evei,. ii 1 t• I V'-i k, I
Fifty-third Fetin.',
It Wt.uhl .-imply i r.iultip'ieation of
words t• (-tii mpi -.'fipiiou lit ingwhat
followed, /imk sin ].i along with a line
a»- even m.s in 11.srli on parade, and at e\ery
t.t,ep tiie inen of 1-reneli, who had covered
[i 'uscives on the livid, arose and leil in.
.'..•••••ally takingtl- ..'.ai-"i' tl..-.- II
c,-cs"'s-men killed i..e v. .\ U.:..
.-.A j, *.'* 'iy
niiing column wus lea by yea,
', Then fo!lowed
mur's brigade., the I'our
"t'li.eticni, Om.' llnn.ireil and
Vl tl
Hundred and
IVrnwyh-nuia. Col. ,! •!:n \V.
hr.gadc, the First Delaware,
i lIU
1 1 ow
Vork mid Oae
y-seeoud IVnnsylvania,
division of i'rc-.'ich, \,h peU'.'d
iiHivit, m, what cr.lk'd brigade
O'S hcvtAr:,! regia ents of each hr
1 :i1
Kimball had not proceeded
arils Ik'Jore the 1 rst, Jii.iden ob-
tl,e ,k 1(l
dtott-o ,-d iu-i f-irnui-
ins was a «uial too wide a i 1 de-.-i
i-assed without breakh.g up 1 !ij eol
bv lie flank a'M"OK.s sotne
i\ j*
S v
v.'. «•.*,• v r-'
£.- v. i,' .. 'j'}- ffi:
._ j. y a. 'J.'' ktf *1IV"
4 y-Sir*
V /i' "v^
THK 1111*11 nU!G.\l»K.
bail's ftiw survivors, st-ill clinging to their
colors, were I lie last, to fall in. ltut the
Confederates have l-ccu t" enforced at the
no wall find rheir nmmunition replen
ished. isurli dariuL, as i'rench'n nien hive
shown and 3ia.'i'-o-l/-. will imitate hna
fairlv alarmed t!ie Confederate command
ciy, iud 1 lie st. ne wall aim sunken road are
strengthened for the ne\t ei. iTge. Zook's
men recoil be/ore i.o sloi.e w aii aiter going
in lib ol shot,,"it'll I hen conies the li'i.sli
idewilha rheer. From the heig!\t.s
e thegn^'n lla. of Kriti is recognized.
After '..lii-m ',' d-l..ell sv.veps up, gather
men In all i he other commands an i
uii lo i-.'ifiiin twenty and even fif
teen yards of the wall. At. his point dead
men of the four brigades
of Kimball, Xooi.,
Meagher and Cahhvcll were found at llio
t' tv:o of l.-iirial.
iiebal] s brignde, he Foiirfe^tith
^'entv-ii'urt :ijk( Tvvenl v-eighth
'vy. Fourth .ud K! .h".h ()h and
Oth"r charges were rn.'tue by Howard u
division of t-ue Second cor s, aud by Sykes'
and iimphre}of the 1'ilth. 'I'licy wc:v
br.iV" fi'ovemi i:'s in the face of the dl\." ui
fitl havoc hat had gone before, but. I!K
dccilsof Fre.-n.h ,r:d Hancock could not be
M-rr.afsod (heir heroic dead marked the
)j«u's ni.tde in the advance. No enibel
lishiTii'Ut, could be added to their sirrpio
tvnrvl niO!-" s.'ari ling than the actual lig
ures of losses in Hancock's division, wbera
they equaled tho.se in any two ot the.i oera.
Hancock took into action j,WW mfcu and
Io.m t'.t.'un in killed and wounded. The
Fiftv tt.inl Fenti.-yivatua lo-t "Hi'-ers out
of 14 and or,e v!i ,s i
"New York hwt, 5t* f-'lU'crso-' o!
tiewiy Hair lis iii'.'.i. The i Nt.w
llamp-hiru lost 17 o!li-'-ei•-! out of J.'} and
over lialf its men. It, hail livecomnuindcra
during the action, the first four neing
killed ttr wounded. Tlie Sixty-niuih Nl-w
York lost, lrt oihrers out of 1! and out hnlf
its men. ai.d had four eoiiiniaiidi in n 1 !il»
aef.i.it!. The i.
hnlf its eoiiiph iri' n:.
The )ti(. i lutal red and 1
I vania I i.-t near'e r.n i»f
th New York i
Ilmtdrwl and
ing four dili'er* ,.
Gbgkg'I: 1. H.I'M
i i. inii for the IViii:les.
Tl 'i 1 iv-iving" hank line adopted
a iilan wii'.eii i novel i tin.- country,
i but isiu us- in the 'postal t-ai"ing.- system
in Ktirope, for gathering little savings
ami bringing tlie ailvantago of the hank
witliiiuvvsy reach of o'i rybody. Agencies i
arc M-le'-red in various jjarts of th' 'ity, i
sufli as drug stores, groceries and oilier
rejiutabl" i.laees. wia r.' aiihcsivo lal»?ls
of diirennn dciioininatioiis .-i: I colors,
rf'.stmihliilg I»:4age st !llij..s. Yv'iil be Sold.
Cards eorre,s}uiiiiiug in color with ti..
labels will b" furio.-hvu, upon v.-h.i !i the
i pos-i'or will uillx ill© lalx-ln ,-.s tl-.ey r.•
]nrcli i ed 1','itil til-* twenty .-• i:k,".hoh r. .'
i cards are tilled. P"!- iustanee. suf]"-,'
i that, a dejxiMitor ac- 1 i save livo
o-r. i jn win nrnihed witli a
e.trd coiTesj, 1! i '"r with the live
cent, labi'l:-
Ho j»urel.a.-".s i j.. hi he! .'
in- in*ht agency, an.I aili:- ii i •e-.- !.
"Wiieii llu-i-urU i.' ft.i! it is v/.,rtli $1, aim
in then .sent U» a ravings hank for dep
it, when the anuunv ue:it -r'd «]nm tne
i tn-ual liepusi hook. Laixds wili he fur
I varioiiH coiivi iiien: ih-nojuivitions. liiak-
ing t!:e cvird -i v.-h'-n ihU-i v. ,i uiuoviiil^,
as 1, A.". ami h» o:i.
It is that .* nts wili 'lo
the work :w fi labor oi love md public
iH'iietit, though small eoumiis.-ioii.s may
I bo wild. This system brings tho .-avings
bniik t- tii'* people \vh ne»i«l it most.
We have live-i "?it s-'avlngs bank now,
I o v n i v w i
'troahleto t..- -it
e\V eent-H, 1 •,.• .11 ,i *.,
r, huwever, to go to iiie n-' i:• r".
Hioro -r gr ry and purchas-* t' 'ah
ami ti e nn thol involves no ruk, e
th.it '.'tiled ii"
til it i.s li:
i A Scntc'imaiiV I'ei-sjiiciilty.
i "(\iiumend iue to a »S-unhn:.in f-ft',
fv-t^ejifl i
4 i!
M.-wli'ii }-ic:,itil.i i. tlijor.rr.alist. wliil
h.'.iugiit I lie Li-laitd h..t -muou :h«*
iiicidouis (,.f fn
v,. th I v.:
i.Tl tin .€ M.'
n'.s: e- i i, ,* f-ir 1 i
iiavo I'.iy veins full of yoml
i and
"Exe !. !.:•, in w:i a'.:!i
"I !:aw t!i. !"r I ivoVe-d. v ivr
upon ji .-'(* it .--tfried hi. I
overhear i .some i-l" i:a i ."**• '--.Mlnii dti.
ing iho ,iuurue wn'.'g- u i t- wea.l
ingly nnd wnilin.«rly .'aid:
**1 thoeht 1 could f..res]v in ye ah hit
o' tho twang-g-g."—Citie:'go iYi.-t.
M?rt^:ic'^ Salo.
V !!KU".',M. Di !lt! hl'S been r.e:
c,,'.ditiot5fi if ne !l'."!.'" c.o l'.H.u 0
osoitv, then Ti o-i
f-'oi:t!i D"t.. t»l, by v.h
l.'flf iicrf f?ir i V"*
oqtiltv l« t« N *!l »tie-1
Ht*cnr i* Micrt'I.r. or *.
I U* hv ditf «JM
Orili i'«i- 'ie I'lir m!
'J'lit! Twi uty-ciglitli Ma-saehusetts h-st
nearly ball" its uumlj'-r, aud the ht."..!.d
peiawrtr.f suffer. .1 --vv v!y, hiving tv-.
its comnnaidi ind-d. The Kirlitv
1 tirst J'enitsylv .:. 'St twelve oflitels out
of sixiiv.li and .-v. 'm!f it-* men. and had
hree coiinriaruhng oHhcrs Wouudc.i. Tliv
i I'ifty seveutii ew York lo.st nine ohieers
i out i,f fchnen, L.vo of its coMiiuani.lei'.
an.or. them. The Si.., ..i_\th New York
lost heavily and had t.hree coniniaiidcrs
killed or wuunde.d. Then* was ijmk of the
exeiti iaent a hotly coil!i^ted battle to
inr.pire the.'.e m.-'.n, no daz.'.liug j'ri..e I ul
i auced in the air to lie seized hv th« lira vest
and 1h» (juiciu-st. ii.- ,re tlie.ui lay th
stubborn hiiLs, i In Ui.nt caution anil t!,
I .sullen enemy. In marching ou them th-".
ir :r-bed into the jaws of death as grandly
i .'••- l-'.e !M «J' .'Jtrth.
"I i«n for li'i.'.'n
l'll)!Hi»l, sli...
33orl t:
f'a!" uf i,i,ii i
.-(• i.
in hu.
»i. at j.ii'.l
i utmtv i.r j,.
''i, ill 11 n'
I'tnirt imus.) I
t'ounty, oi tjiu Ian,
.'11.' 1 til" s
,{t.alter of se
]y at tl
1. '.it l.t 1! oYatek
emtri boi In
I'oimty. of the hie
it rd sa! i.:-
-I- Spnugti.-hl Union.
v vnnly. una U.t':
jthifc for turn
en tinri»ficc thermit
n O-!. tins
•••i... ^e»i l'v Ir\iliL' 1'iOh «el! It
Jits, iwife. laor'tjiifors ,tn It. rj K. Si i. mu. n
fNt-pe, flnted 7iev"m,,ir'' tb. and r»'cor,
Nmi-irWl '-t I1*.' in the '--iHirv id (•.'
O.-ifit rlv tbms 1
eriit.ei,ni«Shite of s
i"o ntis.rt ot i i U n bei k
iiuwnof, u K o) Tvetv i
\, o i '•*, uii- o ..f MiPv
.ie rei
(, i (...in:
Urt'r. 1
ttm!--- !n-
,'VI the t1
f, and I'll
n i A or\ i
oiiicers and men.
•rty-f.fth IVnnsvi
i••••it•. and he Uln:
Ie j.
lUjyiik, i.
i ilest'rihi
.. l, ni ul
'lie imHIi
•••»-!fU» one
c- |l
ef Alei-
r-|' \a. obsi r\e-l
'ihling li.'t.-".'b:.U tour
-..f the world, i. i. i I:.- a jutrtici
1 pant. "I am .-i-.., .' ,-tirh .tn
i txu'nt i.-i not nsuail,. i
to the Smutch
ch.'ir.'i'.'l' :*, wh.oii I ha!', have li ... 1 .• 1
i yi.u w ill see that th-' fuilnro to do a
k-n!i'li blood,
my name is St oicli, r.u 1 i-.s I look not so
very imieh unlike oae it r.ot st ." iigc
that I tini occjiio i l]y t.ilfen i'.,r one.
And Scotch I \v io suppo,-ed to Vn' by
most of my traveling (.-ompaniouH on tlu
day in i]i eMion. 1 i'l nut undi-c. iv,•
th- iii until iaiar tho mi of tho jonrn. y,
\.hen a big. brawny son of the Iligli
hinds. \vIin 3 rich lirogue i:t.'il" his w,ar
i ittg kilts iimKT'-.»:?rv t-» tiesigunti* hi
n iivife. ].«t'i !-i- bund on my shot.lt.
i-aid reiii.t
AV of ik-eetii'

i M.
First I'libhoftti
i .loos I.. 1.
It tin
uie i I
conuU- on S«'iiri!:»y
«u three o'cl -ek j. I
ell, of Mi
I hank.
atrt D»ki tis. ,M'
v of Ni\emhi'*
i.. i :J.
I" t,
e„t o wiiieli is
(,j,e :'.e lO-fitid «r"t 1 i:
i cent*. '.»! I'-' !',l
imttue of "Bid defi.e'
i Xotice i,1 hereby LUVetl
he fnr I'Vii fte of,
h.li'I'.'i. Vtl e«t ,...|frrtr,.
i Iht''«'tth rtnv of .Titiitinvv
u» .jit (be fro
it door ot tt
'itV l-f "M 'Iblipk, II' «l»l) l-'H.' (il I'-IT -»!.'ll
I 'ride 1. j,f|orl i *B f, e of th" fin of ir'J t,v.'
(hiihtr'J ere t!f
!iir«-rn-eiito ailoweil Itv iio.i. nte'
1 lh«' fnrtb' osiiii i Tn.i .'o r' rnd fert v i i
deltars iin1 fifteen
S lo
11 ,'ir!
ors f-oatuii.eii r, 'Hid le..e' •/.
'. it 'Hid the wlinle itutit'tedi
id a.irrlKiii'e i» *i-i tile! ui|i
'i will
1 !ren)Ki a
W heieii-.. there is elicmed So I
tnort^aije id the l!)l(e ot
S,x i!,:ii(ti-e(l liti ev'ity li' I
ii.teo'st, niul the w-tu ot 'I'i.-•.
i- i..-v"« fn« j«•
f,,'» ie tin- !i' O
'f l.eo
.')! o-
i t'li'd l'ir iniei, and ibtutovt on I r.- on
dci ril e.' uror«
I Dated, December 11 th, 1« »,
Jrt.trs 1!. ST'-V'-torr.
•,.'iiir: irator ul'Ui'^ry K *eynioi:r, Ia-i eiiged.
1 V I'l -«t'ee
k. IVi!.'.' 1' 1' i.IN"'''. A 11 'J)'.-"
d.-ilH ll!
it in v.
v utven Unit i'V
oh nd .«•!'(! Wm,
I. i
IliirktH the -i'
I 1,1-n tt'. imiiiW 'ill. I.bi o I.a
lr '71 hi in orlpree '1
W i sell
flUi- the fu of Mohnv.k.
Jra?tt. s*ate of S»"iah Dnk.it i nt
oVIei k j- -. en »-rtnif!,'«v. i
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rosui int-i' "i -r.ii ie- I- ., k ,.i'
one blai i, 11,:
r'lrst l'liUliciition 11. •, ta,
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ti niiirtajfge ceniHlitiiit' i
gncii ny Hiilmin vl. Kvan* gins i.
'iiT, Ins wife, lunrtwt^i'if, !.. The t,In ,,id in ,i
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th i, in th -of ile-'iif. ,f
i.ty. ttieii Terr.tury ul Daketsi, nt MiaIo'c
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Auatiw l«t IKblt, to i ea)lii«r
wetit of lhe i.ute set'uwd
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it Hu* eunihiu.ns uud i'it-.'ifiiiij oi
w !iit'll e 'i i\ n* txv
i! Jw# tn i (n 51
:i li t, t'. '.' fear, i
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tie -.-ttsei", MW .. -J, luonc:.,.
est imit, Vi '-Jj, uf bei uuj) i-.,evt'U i i
I'ov.-Jisioj, (ne lunidreii numnewi, j'l'p ii I
lijH'-"- urtv nine, iK 4)-, i imtfinim.,'
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nniK 1U ti.i.rrii', la i wilt I'oiney
ri.'i.t* ul i.uw Slut,-uf ^iiai|i liakoln.
wbiel) default 111,' power el .--ai'. 1ms hi riHii.i
erami-, a.ni tin netd:i .iv »i hi .-{oily 1ir
lt-etl Iti-*,. ,ti'(! tn leeover the (lelit »wt)!eil Uiel'e
hv, et uii\ p.in tUvreef, Htai therein elftiirieil lit
in*. Uue ill. s,i-.,. v.u r:_a,.' at tills ilnte tin* ^uin lit
Sixteen huiKire.1 ami forty uolluru niul twenty
st'vea ceiitii. i.yHilu 'i'.i
Notice is heieby t-'.veii lliat. ?iul i)iort2»Se wiil
he furf-t k«w-t liy n oi siml pri'ltusuH at pnhlli
biM'tiwU by tlh' i-lii'ii!!' uf said cuiit'ty on Sutlinlnv
..th (in oi'thuiiutry al itir.-e, o'clock
Ht the ltoui .liiei- .fth« *onri houi-e in tho
sis of MiititiL'k siiitt I'uUTits-. to psv ssuri dcol,
ni -I.
miuji.i'i fi-eolji.iiv ouiiiirs Bin. Uiaburm:
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,'iiiJiei nth i*
a:, ami I Nil i
i Oll'A\V, I-UH.it'll.
Ih'i.s A. l'Mi'M.is niiill'. 1' I.
in ton. Attorneys
'i' hiHlUi oi
Kim rui'itiiitlon. Dec. i:
Mt mi MOYNA(?ilt:—
•'•i. oi-- Iierehy iiolineil that on the 3rd. day
of 'iol)ij A. 1) ishT, the fellowiiiK ,iwrfbe1
ii ee or jim:i'l oi lieui Kstnte taxed tn the name
et Itiipli MoyiiiniL'li mid siliiitietl in the r.nnity
"t iKi-l. sict- el tli ImkoUi, ,«.? fi'Howc: l'uil
•n ilie Nits, xt
S'ee. IK, Iowa 1-1, liaiiHe 4-s, coll-
iioiiiii In Merit, whs Mild tnr nixes then du« aud
iteSiiiijUfUt tor tht yi-nr isse, atluv s»ie by tti«"
1 itHMirtr ot H»iil fnuiity to ('.runt Comily und
a,« by «B)d j'urs luu'er duly assitsiwl lo tt f.
Helen aim M- s.'ioi !'.!•. rteleii tn Kale
Welch, wl^
is now the Ikw lid holder ol thecertiui nte of jui
t:!iiu.'. Aim (tint, the miit ul i-,ietii)tion w..
'.i.'! '"'O' .1 ft MUil Uimi be Uitiiie MiCitii
i,i i..r eouijileto i-orviee ef tlun
Ity F. B.,11
ohi'vts. Agent.
i Kluimi.i: sKitviNn Notice.
:i IiAki/r.i, t'uimty of llrHtit
i ni ithin notice ettme Into mv hanilit on the
liittl ta* of t.Hee(i.l»T, A. I'. t.-'J"'. (Hid 1 heli-l.y
eel tity that alter due and dinnuit neaieh and
iiietdiy. 1 iiii, unaVtSe t'» Und the above named
Ku^! Mi Kaiii'ti in (.ratu (tmmty, state of t'outh
i I'lfkeTH. '1 liai 1 iliiive jbi n mlnrini ti.at said
ih It-t.dilit t.an ij«:j ul ted frmii .iflid t'oiiniy awt
i Miue. which lufniiiiiitioii I believe to lotrin:. 1
further eertily iliut the ahove debi-ribed tract of
hind in uaoi'i i: ied and that 1 am unable 10 find
any person in jHttiMsxion olthe same.
i llated necornher Isw*
ii ,l iu m.i• :?. sheriff lirant Co,. S. 1.
I y John A. Williams. Deputy.
I .r-t i'T, ii'tuion Dec. lith
efflce Hit V.'Btert iHVfl, S. Ij,, N
HV. 5t ll, 1 S'Jt)..
"tU-f. is liet-chy tn-fii that the follnwmjr
aainetl 8 ttler h:ifi (Uim! notice oftus ndel)
', tu lualii tiiilit jiroof in Biipiiort of his claim,
hut Mini j.roufwiH beniNite before llie Jtldffn
i ei
e i.'.it ol-in his ah-setiee before the
ef I'ii'i'iiii i,'i.: n at MiSlmiik, H, Dak,, on
'..aitry Slth, I!M. vi?:
MV'4 and i of .S*Vl4, of s, r.
i iblsite -is.
i tin* tuiHiwiiijL' wHltefM8 to (.rov-- his
.- -f* ujMJii. loiii ctvltivsitiHu of,
i.i! (.avajifn tb, T. (•'. Hagaa,
!.: -I-. Af.iaewA. Wold, all of Wil-
I'. .. Wu.I.IA.Ms, K.'f.ster.
ker* wan find the Sa^t id
-li^'TIWR' l""'
tlunisin of a^iii'jinira' rncfc
vitne Mionir the (.real I til HP
ty. n t':o. und lilont. i fcAfw®
b' i-r nioie. nlusuth« (jriat North
{t rn Hy. Line Jiusiiu-s Inineefi.
T'iVV&.i twr"'e !•'. I. Whitney, st.l'aul. inn.,
iwueO tfor l:oi. k:-, Miij-s. At. Write now.
eHiers on lo e oovei-nmejit in
nc tin*'-'real Nottbern Ry Mr
Kb iJr.Kofu und
and line marUeta
'i.t reports in Amerii-n aioiij
iRvi"rcnt Northern Ry. line in Minn,,
liiiKi'tos and Mont/iUfi.jg Be®t
mute (or health seeker*.
I Monini'.'i produces the tiue-t. lio.s-1 {tfJDCCC
uiiiiesttif. Free raiiifes vet .: jnURuCw
M'.ili uini sua Itivur Vaili
a nu ftvveel tOass lliiifi.
V-i Tl-'
a liihii jtttWlaud-.-'-"-
v.-ii by 8
J- 'll
lie :a.- -T,
li.,: K. oi:
New Railways, Nuw .Mines.
1 v 1 !l
l-'-i'.'. st nr. a of touil
*'U" t'tass Uills, Milk Mini Min
,. ..t'eys. V,.i ,tsiui, redeb.ed uiiiy S V. :Lk.l
I tsp.flC
k w w w
I oci-iiu ti-ib-.lfiry t.i rc«i
!'aii«ay i.ii.e in .Mi titunu
Uiv pTeejotir and haaer
••••-. tiiwiss mid lit ,i
-ni |...-i --iiii n-Kl Noi !i
uo now.
he,'. made Montana t'I'
|i (H|»ta id the i nmu
I'n-iitj 111*11..i 11 (ornntre n.iner* ami
•oiUra.sei-, Now it.the lime.
•nt Xortb.-'-ii ltn
SHU" fr-e riliieli.
f, rStivr a iv ii«11uirnlan I
(25h!4T "fn to mi net ...
tpHUrtl- I i-- JUt'l.'.tf, po^i
5 "tor j.'iii, uneyiiiilird
i riLk.O a it Mui.ta'ja'is u«!nwnitj
"ave:'f»'nrd Ti/ule-Mai' obltonr slid all
I'-tel !.U:--1I l-ol'ile. I .-(I t"T modi i/ite
ll' lii' I- Is I'V-ife 1'afeiit (.'(lice and
weeitii seci.rc jKilcnts in les-i t'lneiuid at iestl
1'11,-t than tie ,~e I'eni'dc Irotti \V:i liirmfon.
ia! nioitei, lii-nwi:,: or plioio witli de
ecrij tioti advi.se, ii ]«teutoMc i»r not,
tii-ei,| 1:a) _c (Jut- Ice 1.1,t tine un ail putPtit:
Alltfie I.o, k, ti. Ohfain Pfttfllts,"
w ii !i ii:mir-i5 i-i un: i-- v...ir stTlU', couiitv,
i i. :i ,.i \.!.Jii's».
I A. sNOW & CO.
ie at *e it'ashn'jjloii, ty (j

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