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NO. 13.
i NO 18
tU 11.V.I'' IAI M.I-:.
I p. U'» «*iOMj
IUsl»' «V.
v| BAST.
nnd iy
tf hST.
I. Ill.
,. 9 i 5 a
,. 9 a ni
.In-1.) a tu
11 I" a ni i
12: i
1 1
,l,',iirt»ys, Wednesday
joI lsTi-aK TAliUK AT
,1,0 JtAK
Friday llA. *.
454 P. M.
rsilav Kii'l
»t„ ,li till ih'dliiilO.
•i,, tV in. .'ciuuiigs, L'hm,
A Man
(id I'-
Lock tint
s i i:
.'••ale lit I
»r warld
rd sji'-n
ittiuk in .ipj-'.ct -'11-
a lira, of county
fir--t i'uesd iy I
JCK presiding.
l.ast SII'UIM
.s'ni m,
A !lt'-l lliil
nf Marvin, wn- i aiii'-ij
he i'il ji'»terd i*.
)f Ab' :i legistoivii
on i educed *}',
a diUK-e nt lvayuiond's
•ok*, i'ljri.stmjw night. i
tful wea.her" has lieeii
?xelauiai.ioii duiin^ tiie
nf tiie I'ig Stone I,eke
few days in the citv this
U' Kto
ic township
(ireen Ray
reef, of liig Stone, has
DolV for oven bodv fit. Elliot's. We have received a communication
A. L. Shields ol Twin Brooks, rejoices
01© Moe, who ,s traveling for the pho-
tograph supply house ol Albert Wonder-
leek, of MinoeitpoliH, bus been spending
jM u and left for the southern p-irt of the
thifi ii, returned to her home Inst Sat-
urdaj. She vvua accompanied by
father Mr. Lewis Mickelv-u, who goes to
lind anew local ion tor a borne
As will be Be,cu i\ reference to the i
,11 iaci
•V. S. Civs i
jl k mar.
V. itell.
,l--b Kaercber, lii-li
Ward— W S aHi«tei~,
At the lieuriiig in tio
cotitet ra-e ui W at'
court deciib-d that
IOIMJ- of f.,(- in
continue e .•
i returi: of bis Btomach
Hilts i* enjtying a visit
Miss May Crotutt fif
3 on her way to attend the
'and Forks.
cliaructer of the editor of
fully attested by the fact
he recijiient this week of a
of Norghum from his
in Minnevita,
i Jr., and John Tlfinen
llie young farmers of 15ig
"Pi lo't last week to spend
the Wisconsin lumber
e discontinuing (.f the day
-t of here (jinto a number
•'ats who formerly went on
v make Milbank their
glaasine, the very latest in
8 for Christinas at Elliots.
frou) l)
over new boy that arrived yesterday. *ud fined last week tor selling
Tho friends and neighbors of leoj
iJ5 a Stevenson, of Big Ston© township, drop- (The substance of the communication wan
r»«* f*niily last Friday night
until the house was pretty well filled up, WITH-
iroui tlii
Wlth ft
C.MI daily.
1P W
:t i!c noon i,
duster l.ddie Seii'ifer
no i witli a \cry
\". i. e ridin n s
11i(n Illilltc ccidec.t.
p- 1 loin li" coi:rt
i i -.i e., upon ot:
i oi -e home the
.!• i. e and fell, and
he ieft limb
1 .• Icj in
i i t'oinj tlown c.-hie
oj bin tidei. bic^kit
'I'i'S leloi\ the Ui.ce.
.. u i the young
.- eon id be ex
un injury,
ec!(ti after -UKtillMlU'' »uc.
The wile of.1. 1). bowiev
i^h. The (.mil
11 ii i-i citv lii-t
died on the
moved troiu li ibcrtst'o.
i I n v i i v i n
in ihe lirst ward. Dwt?©»sr.: ba.i. Iteeh
siifFerinir Tor some time and upon her
urgent request p.rtivbHis to: her .itemise aJ
post morteui exuHiinaiton -ft «s made by
the attending physician. Dr. Daniels, as*
w.ste-l by Dociors Wanji-attd Rtw. The
pi .si ii" li tem re\ea ed extensive cavities
MI the riuht lung, but tlie imtnediiilr
cause of death wnri a uialrguant disejise
of tlie stomach, tietlned fts: a eiirnHjing i
ub-er ol the ftoiuacbt The diMjeased was
about fi- years oil aae, and tlie burial
took place jestectJay. i
Ratiw iy Postal Clerk Hess isamonaj
those who can visit his Milban* friends
oi (-.« in a while since the new arrange
ment in train ninning. He»s is an old
newspaper man who fias gro^n sleek, f-tt
and good looking since
his red lor a nuniherof *ase (ind Icimevi to distihiue tuuil iniittor
instead of type. He says thai iTncle Sam
his lirst love.
to and E. Cook, two Wil
rove down to the metrojjo
and interviewed their
ring llieir nf.turaiizattoti
ure them at the special
"it court which will be
•"it instant.
Fine silk mufflers at Elliot's.
Burnett, the man who was ar-
K machine needles without a license.
that Mr. Hurnett was very unfairly dealt
atl(! tf !e
Hit!© music they passed »|a small piece of persoual spit© work on
few hours in the good old way. the tiart of the mayor, because he believ-
ln he lmd
jii canvass be-!
wrj n
i iiil a Special
lit..'' purpo-e o|
tapeilin.' i!,»
term in ibis to
detcriuining the i
i Miaiitor to i-oi
Sir. lie .. I i .•
(or til© HI-! in.-! *..i.
A Krlaiid.-uin,
U'jt' le
st" of eKwt'.on
t!, i,i •. ...
drei at the ever
of K.liotV.
I e Indies of tlie E. ctuirch of Biu'
M-i!,. City have been making exten.iiie
pn-jiiiral ion- of bite for a fair to he b"id
in S (,'iiarles ball to-night Supjier wili
served and
olfored for yaie.
The M«-tb"'.i vm'.I It-rv the
I '1 tliiels was
MILBANK, S. 1)., FRIDAY, I)K( 111. Consolidated April 11.1M*0
proceeding WM
P»M more thnn one of hi:
lett rom
who ha« hir Boine two nmiitliK pa§t been j^
visiting ber sister, Mrs. .fas. Lockhart. ot
a lew days with his family in this city i alter satisfactorily repairing the machine prb»bly oyer their capacity to aiow the school law fay#: The roi.nty super*
or w,inD1 11(1
fore returning'to Uiuueap'dis jthe done the work requesting him to (nient from active soldier -life. After a jcate cranted hy him or his predeeenor
liring her Home needles, and that o'itu i valiant charge upon the £0d things with |for any came which would hav# autl.or
Mrs II. Ibomlej, of Superiof,
n linv 0 }i er
)W n ftu
railroad tun© tub!' .-n-ioni! otlier changes '(.'itv.
tue daily train to and fioru Wilmot has!
been (banned to tri we kly, ruiiuin^ Church Fiiine*
Mondays, \V'e«lm^days uud Fridays. Thej On !tnday next Kev. H. W VS i
time of the early morning pasMyiger 1'reach in the Uon .'te.. i :oi ul
going went hjif! i!so been cbangeti to, mornimr and evening.
2:55 a. tu. 'l'!c. r. tram e ir.t. leaves at The fair of the ladies Gui'd last
w.is in every way ^uci's-fui.
lie„ v-noiig)aR society :i net little euni.
Tiown '1 liesday, li e
aa there were i
.!•• h- .vould bavo
A-tie. i'd meeting of Ladie." I,
nevoleu' -ui'i' ty. wili ii" I.'Id with M:
N. ti.ii .. u i"iid.,. :•xi
.M i -. I. I'
1 •:\uroKi).
Tho ('on'jrejaUoirii Miuday lum:
is preparing an ebiliorat" program fi'
("hrixtina.s eve, in which tin.' be oitifulcui
lftU"M"IT Ct.i.-tii. or a Vis/. *-r«-:u
Hatlta flill Will !.e 1 ':, .1 i e 1.
b-erv»' the n!-:•!
versnrv of the detiicat'im of their ciiuie i
on the 'Mb of Jjiimarv. 1MU. b\ appn.
printe service^. All former pastors
the church will be invited to be i.
am' also l'res'diug Klder Dre-stt -it '...
The Kpworth league of
arranged a coiux* of popuiar lectUTes
during the coiiiinu v.intcr, and the tirpt
of tlie series will be delivered Friday,
!.1 ntiuarv, !th, by Rev. W. 11. .Jouboi ol
Sioux Falls. Subject, I he alien Me
1 ho Mammoth ave, one of tie* ou
tii'o of the n.odem world.
Th© SundayFchooi of the M. E. church
tree, tableaux, Slc. «tc. For tha purpose
of nosing funds to .defray the expenses
a friend has ottered Vo give a stereopti
cmi xhihition for tlieir beiiefit. on Mon
day evening, Dec, 2-Jnd. at the clnirch.
The views are eniirelv new, and consis
IT 'of a variety of subjects, including soeuos
torsoon tlie i ,, ..
in Europe and the Holy land and hmnor
vi«ws. Admission, adults 1'icts.,
is a more faithlul and regular pavmaster.
i i e u u u s w i e n e a y a o n i z e i
than the delinquent subscriber, hut hj
still IOVCK the jileasant odor of the print
shop, and it the civil service law should
pome day be so tar violated as to deprive
him of Ivis olli"ial scalp ho will return to
I children, lOcte It is hoped parents of
(tellef orp«.
had no warn in e of the coming of the would perpetuate the principles to whi.-h r)g
a a e s s e n e a v i n e e n o u i i s a s s o i a i o n s a n s e e a n w o
during the day, and made no complaint
of ailing in any manner, and nad re
tired for the night. Her daughter, Mr».
John Sa third noticed that she was breath
ing heavily, and before assistance could
be rendered she had ceased to breath
Deceased was the mother ot O. Rreck
enridge and Mn. John Baflbrd, with the
latter of whom she had made her home
sinco coming to this county. She was a
woman of exemtdaiy christian character,
beloved by all who knew her, and was
about 08 years of age. The Itinera! took
place Wednesday morning, the services
being held at Twin Brooks, and the re
mains interred in the Milbank cemetery
Don't miss tho o^ort'.nity lor.ee the
line display ol CUrii'uiaa good» at
to meet
pay for the charter.
By order of committee,
Humphrey Peal W. A. M. Trnchrra' Imllinc,
The «amp fire of the Q. A. R. Post of Since the notices for the lynchers in-ti
thiacity, which was held at the court tine have I *en sent out a few leathers
mom last Saturday, was well attended by hate expressed strong desire be ex
the old veterans an«1 citizens generally. }c«*ed from atteudance. ow, teachers, I
and a moit enjoyat'le time had by ail would like to say a friendly word on thi#
Alter concluding the routine work of the Jsubjeet. Whi'e I do not want to appear
post, whicb Included inspection hy Adju- officious n«r cranky in tLe matter, ill I
tant-(i©n. Huntington, of Webster, and hare decided to be firm Teaeheisoiigljt
election of officers, the tab*©? were«pre*d not to be ah*ent, audi do not «e how
and the veterans riven a chance to show the su jierint^ndent can conscientious! v
neiirhttors did for the repairing of bis ma
'chine. The writer cava that thenexiday that although their tlahunir days were excuse any from attending Sec. 8$ i
his pay for it he received away wholesome victuals hail not tieen intendent i« authorized ant! required to
had greatly impaired by their long retite-| revoke and anm.i, fit any time, a certiJi-
-'j pjving wtth her request he furnished her i which the tables were provided, short ized or rei|n,red him to refune to grant,
tf worth of nefdlpj., and addresses were made by a number of the i if known at the time it was granted,-unci
that it was for this accommodation, upon VHteruns and others. (Commander Tnos. for incompetenc*, i»morality, ititeiupfr-
the wife of the may- Kitnli presiding. Re*. Ooitahman ot Twin anre. -rime against the territorial law.
tir »d|'il. !i© sava lie lirooks. spok© feelingly of tl e desire for cruelty, general neglect of the school cf
instance sfliiiation among tlio survivorsof the war
tuoijit-iH. sinters arii
fotigiii the rein»iiion by iie firesi.ji- ird
ii-t the home-of ::,e north. He ovd
th«t the debt w :h Hie ntt'.oi) nnmln
o iks, recited "A Dutehmtin
to w hat the firiwites were
and declares irap set for him to have of tho rebellion, and also of the sensation after due notice and the revocation of
it (ir-jiMrc to the I which took possession of bun when nmk* certificate shall termitmte the etnploy
I inu a charce during his experience ae a merit of such teacher MI the school where
oidser. I be or she may be emidoyed at the time
Kev. (rifford toid of the heroes who re of micu revocaii Section H.V Ail »,
instiled at home, and in an eloquent man
jne'-jsiiida glowing tribute to the wivee,
i-weethearts who
wear Bhounb straps.
Col. Smediey preferred tb.e !ar. wn
lead been provided that day n i.e l».d
ot fare wbicli the -o:tr."is liud to indulge
no end ot pretty things in at "Camp Mush and appealed to the
o i soldiers to see ihat the traits ol viclo-
.i' r\- on the battle field weie not wrestled
i' in :m by thote who bad been dis
.••al in days gone fey.
Mayor Volktrar ccKttpliinented the old
-obiiors on their achievements in the
'.-t, imd stated that the issues of the
.r were Ion since Ueal, ami launched
ii.:o a tirade iiguinst Jay (iould and the
•v eked railroad torporationa who were
piuicierini: the people. The rna)or'e re­
irks w ere not relished by a number of
tlie old soldiers who are averse to w riu»
itig in partisan politics in tbese gather
iuirs. Major IMgga took the man
teoi," a skeich of Xapo'eon the threat
„,I II U. in* I task for tins, and suggested thai it W««
The Fccond ui the course will be ty r*o\.
Win. K. (Jiflord ol this city, Subject.,
••1 w ,u
hardly fair for the vice-president
oration to fry to
tluurisbing railroad coi
••ije.'ir" the slock in that manner, ami as
-.xTiMiry of the same coiporution lie
l*'ollowing are the ta
of iie post:
proposes to celo'T.it"' (.. .ir.stu.as i\i 'o|lowing are tlietis.n elected ofli''(
w i e i u s u a e s i v i i e s i i n i n a i
Coiniuander A. A. Story.
Senior Vice—Joseph Thomas.
Junior Vice H. T. Abbott.
Quartermaster* Wm. l)a lv.
Olticvr of lay—Thomas Fitch.
Oiiieer of Guard -Benjamin Bartlett.
hi| Sain I-. II Sbielii».
Surgeon—V. Warring
Delearate t» State encampm©nt-"H. J.
Beuediet alternate, Geo. W. Crookefv
Rodger's trip
pie plated Mnites ajad
forks, ij?,'!.i)d per dozen, #1 .*0 per set, at
the Milbank Jewelry store.
All ladies in:©rested forming a re-j Mrs Win, E. tiiford,graduate in ntu
lief corps will please meet in the north Bic of the Northwestern University,
class room of the M. K-church, on Satur Evanston, Ills., is taking a few pupils in
music. Thoae interested may call on
day afternoon, Dee. 20th, at 2 o'clocK p.
Eligibility to membership. Anywo-
Death came suddenly and peacefully man of good moral character and correct
to Mrs. K. Fi. Rreckcnridge. of Twin deportment who has not given aid and
Brooks, Inst Sunday evening, The lady i comfort to the enemies of the I niori. who
I-'or Item or Kale
The Shatto farm adjoining Milbank.
has attained the age of lb years is ©ligi- i )«miNew Anatomical
"lie to membership. Please come pre-J Chicago News "He was shot in tha
pared to help raise the necessary amount Huburbs."
See the nice line of toilet and mani
cure sets at the Jewelry stole.
Notice from I.e»»« A Cannon.
We desire to give notice to all persons
indebted to us that A-e want them to call
promptly anil settle. All bills not paid by
January 1, 181)1, will be placed in the
hands of a lawyer for collection. We
mean business.
the expenses of organization and Hawkeye: "She whipped him upon
Ktilbanfc, 3. \ak., Dec. 10,1890.
I his return."
Jefferson Souvenir: "He kissed her
passionately upon h#r appearance.
r^iuaal to attend a lem-hers' institute
neii wiiosiived the union could never i schools renp tar^s and th,sti win-re tliu
puid, and denoui-ced tlnve -vho clioicet flowers and fruitx 1- iI 1 ro,v.
niipoRf ihn uittaine which the ir»-!"'lhe otiject of the in^titu.'.* ho'i v
is dodnj "'it f'-r.ii «if pensions school, atxl academic in^ti m. lion is not
ti.e defen Id- o! the i.irou
i ii e. iiiKade A A. iory
A -ii
Oig the tune that an
chases all schoob
institute i-i held.
Now, with this law lie
fore me, if i a I
low you to remain absent th#a iun a
iranagreHsor of ttie law, you are deprived
ot tiiucii ined-d infornitttiori and tho
theirioftheli.nl important. The ie icnei
Twin eiparted to luivo a* quired die u.ati
ry' I it is the m-ihod thut i.r lequties i.i
in a brief, the object is (1) n rra.se i. :i
!i thejeyby gjviiik (i»)a distiiieL nica ol t'-j
ii dtl't Ol oducidlon, ljl eltii.r.il 1 klj o\i
|ed4© ol edici!:on unu .-ciem e of te-icn
ni£, (c) )iiBtiuciitn in uiethCi I
v.e'ih ure greater umfomuty, (a. in
e i -1-ii, 11} b) ptofessionat i .11. .i
and i'ij to i orrect prev tiinu» c.r• o."
An to tho usf'uliit ss of itiese i
U.'.i .• Ill Oi l- t-Un'oi-Vrit'Oli tb'-re
no question. In the lirst place tiiei,. mu
many persons en^iged in school w r.
who tiuve received no special piepuraUon
tor it, and whose means ai o Imaied
to peinnt tie
ui to attend training
cn.»oi. l'tiesa leaeliers receive o» lue
nistitu'.es si.gge-tioiirf oti the iuo-t ap
pro\fd metiiods of m.-ui u!ion and are
i nu- enabled to incorpor-ite (li«iui :u the
*oi h. in the second place, by tbhj uie.'ii!
u uui hn luity iu scliooi rootn work it- sc
iCuieil throughout tlie coun'y. Atui
I Ubt .y, i ut ino-t iiiiportnnt perhaps,the»i
me©titi{ s attract attention to the Mibook
i and in reby (stimulate that iutoreet in
lo-Hicadoii whi.'fi is so much to he
i sired, and which would not hn accoj.i
jiiish- :-o web in any other way.
{'ii '. ii J. Vert, the conductor, will de
11 v«r a lecture on 1 lie subject "That Boy."
i The Hie and piat.e inie not yet omen de-
U'rin-inad, but due notice wi.I be given.
It- v W E. (btford will also occupy one
owning with an address to the teachers,
I he last nam ii tentieiuan leqiaies no
svord I or.iis© *n order to secure an audi
en» e iu Milbank, but I would say for tha
heneM "I ttii»se wlu have never heard
i him Hint, he luia lew, it any superiors AB
an orii'oi'.
1 he u'eneral public are cordially invi
i ted to at-tenu nny-and all sessions.
llespe tfullv,
i (i. W. 1'KKVEY,
I Co. Superintendent.
I JVotice.
Atlanta Constitution: "He kisssd her
Electric Light: "Mr. Jones walked in
upon her invitation.
Albia Democrat: "We thought she
•at down upon her being asked."
Lynn Union: "She fainted upon his
Public Leader "lie was injured in
the fracas."
and stood npon her coming in-
O n accwur.t of the little o k s that i ke
i purl iu the exercises at the Congrega
tional church en Christmas eve, the o
gram me will liegin 7 o't lo- k, sharp.
Kew Year** Iterrpiioit.
An advertised in las week's paper, th*
ladies ot the Congregational society will,,
receive their friends in tl.e brick build--'
iuu fori leriy used aa jn.st ortice.
A ihoice and substantial uiiiu«r will
be served at one o'clock p. m. lor 2o t-s
etiiidreu hall pru'e.
For all lovers ol the succulent hivaiw,
a hot o^uter supper will be ready at six
24t» acres ready for se«der. Inquire at lock Ice cioam, fin© candies aaJ
su:ar made pop corn b-dls wtil he on sal©
during afternoon aud evening. Vitu are
cordiady invited.
Ttae Huron \ationai Bank
1.1i:BO5, S. I)., Dec. 10.—A profound
sensation occurred here tins morning by
a notice on the dour of the Huron
Natiuual Hank announcing its suspen*
siun. Until laslwcok tii:s hank baa be -u
considered as one of tins most, sunstiin
tial ia Use state. Toe suspension was
forced by the withdrawal of |lepo-nts
during tue last tlflduv s amounting to over
»0, IKK), i'resiiient lia/eti is oomp tely
prostrated and Vice President Fowier i
oi a terrib.e state of .ervous eacitonient.
.loth declare thai provision lia-i eon
.nade to f»av every mdiar and »11 dralij
oid outstanding ci ©«'ks. io tjlaino
attaches to the Dank oli-t-rs there ia
not a word of truth n a report thi.t. the
oank became shaitt'ted by
ral coti' eat.
1»M» i

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