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XH., NO.48.
k:\uL a NO. 4'J
Feed' We have few tons of
at cost anil on time. Call
(prices. HOLLANDS BBO'S.
iDnk'-tft Press Association
Mauison on Aug. 13th.
|rmun Saunders is enjoying a visit
lis father, Or. Nelson Saunders,
lolph. N. Y.
0.0. Port has greatly improved
to of his residence this week by
fit a fresh coat of paint.
G. Statts and wife, of Clinton, waste their hen houses,
we in the city on a visit to his
iMr. Dudley Statts of this city.
|ie horse sale last Saturday, J. D.
uetioned off 24 head ot horses and
A. Story officiated us auctioneer
,D. W. Diggs is spending thesum
lith friends from New York, at
fMinnetonka. She is at present at
(View House, Excelsior.
S.Perkins and son, of tho Wilmot
ter,came down Saturday night to
I the evening
iin Mil!tank.
with their Ma**teir
J. Peterson, of the Wilmot Record
S. Proctor IB gradual I v selling oft
ve stock having disposed of a nuni
|f colis and young |horse& the past
Feeks, and has others that may be
loeil at reasonable figures.
I't. of Telegraph lines Earliug, oatue
iyesterday afternoon train with the
ineman, Mr. Johnson, who will take Pr,)Ce^leu
place of Mr. Beymer, recently
to Sioux City.
(N. Davis of the Watertown hail aseo
[on passed tn rough town yesterday on
to adjust a few losses that bad
unsettled owing to the absence of
[parties who sustained loss at a pro
pa Visit of one of the company's agents.
|uder the last law the state charges
county with its pro rata expense of
ptaining the inmaten ot the insane
pital, according to the number from
county. There are ten Jrom Grant
and as the rate is $1( per month,
jwpense io this county will 1k §1,J)20.
N. Beemer, tne line man who
pearly two years past has made his
Quarters in this
city, has been trans
to the S. C.
& D.
fcilo west of the city to G. Neuen
f?«fthe Yellowbanks country, who
l*o*session this fall. Mr. Oeh-
lou can get anything and
everything you ihvd in
the line of CLOTHING
lor Harvestinju and Thresh
ork at Bottom Prices at Borgm-sonV New York Cloth
York Clothing House.
\r i. jcompiratively few are to be seen thiB
Oil Gail get a good outfit cheap at the i week all being busy with harvesting
operations. The grain haa ripened verj
Episcopal services at library hall next
Sunday at 10:45 a. tn. and 8 p. m.
Soma one is
they slaughtered the feathered friend*
At the meeting of the Miibank auxu
iary of the Bible Society last Sunday
evening addresses were made by Rev's
A. D. Dexter, W. H. Kaufman, A. P.
Lyon, and President G. A. Wood, and
the following officers for the enduing
were elected: President, D. W.
... cutting off both lower limbs and one ot I
tho residence of Mr L. L. Connghf and
eded to tho homo of Mr.
Mjga MyrtioWUS
Party consisting of Mies Jennie i)Ut was equal to the occasion, and all
I, Mrs. F. J. Paddock from Big were highly entertained by her. At the
Gaud a number of friends from Gro-1
drove up from Big Stone yesterday bountifully prepared by Mrs. Johnson,
'it with the family of John Burgan. I j^jps Myrtle was presented with a beauti
Kinney, a brakeman on a pac-
on the H. & D., fell lrom the cars which she is held by her many friends
tli© train was near Webster last
and was sevwrelv iniured. He this anniversary.
was severely injured
Itaken to his home in Minneapolis.
wish her many a app rt
branch of tho
paukee road, and took his departure
pou.x City yesterday.
Pir'8 Oe'iler has sold his farm, located
"'8 to take a tnp to the Pacific
run over the countrv before
K '-Wn again.
Mrs. J. Manning, of Mtnne-
l8' are
on a visit to friends and rela
the city and vicinitv. A little
Mr A B. Randall and wife returned
from the agency yesterday, where they
havo been for a tew weel^ past running
an eating house for the accommodation
ot the Indians gathered there to ^cei*®
tl,,ira,M.r..,.r.ntio„6. Mr. Rami,, 1
that of till tho (Isiinties
he embraced it in large quantitu s a
love tor Kr°en
fciild form. apple pis.
The enterprising firm of Erlandson
& Johnson are adding an extension to
the rear of their general store, which
will i will give them 42 feet of additional store in the county. With continued favor
room, the full width of the building and able conditions for a week or two and a
with large cellar beneath. Their con-] fair price for .wheat—which all indica
stantly increasing busing- h:.- p-re- .--,. jtions point to this year—the farmers of
tated this improvement. Grant county will be in a most prosper-
Messrs. William B. and James L.
Powell, of Shadeland, Pa., who are exten
sive importers and breeders of live stock,
were in the city last week. Messrs.
Powell Bros,, have quite an investment
in South Dakota lands, and were highly
gratified at the splendid appearance of
crops in this vicinity.
While last week the streets were geo
jerally crowded with tanners teams, but
to be minus »»'«•»««!«», «.d burinew "fall kin*
chicken do* or .Iocs, il the r, )Ml, »ill rece.ve a moat welcome tmpelm.
wrath of some'of our neighbors can reach Disbursing Agent El rod was in the
the canines who have ravished and laid city Sunday, accompanied by Special
Tuesday night agent Allen, the latter on his way back
of A. Lamed, and on Wednesday niixht his home in Clark county and from there
more than lmli of the flocks belonging to i to St. Paul, Devils Lake and Santee
Chas. Cannon and Jos. r.ns.-t were «Wn":\ at each of which places he has
foully dealt with. certain amounts to distribute among the
lecoutsand members of the Sisseton and
DiggP vice president, C,. A. ood .,ecre-«rewvali when the Sanborn difficulty
tary, Mrs. W, 11 Kaufman: treasurer. I
Allie Horton. (to suspend further payment pending the
town on ay on ns waj to hi i Robert WHs^y, a brakeman on' the II.! opinion of the attorney general. Mr. El
ie representative
of the
& J). and a former resident of this city, rod asserts that he has acted throughout
Epworth League. i who moved to Minneapolis about two the whole matter within the strict letter
(icecream social will be given on years ago, was instantly killed near Bird of his instructions, and to the best of his
^wo at Mr. G. A. Wood's on Thurs- Island Tuesday afternoon. He slipped judgment in everything where he has
|#\emng, Aug. 0th, under the auspi-! and fell while running on tho top of the had no definite instructions. He feels
iff (lie Ladies Benevolent society, cars and the wheels passed over him, confident that his position will be sus
w cordially iovited. I severing his head from his body, and tamed by the government.
his arms and otherwise mangling him in
a shocking manner. The unfortunate
man leaves a v\ifo and three children.
Last. Saturday evening a number ot
Milbank's young people assembled at
table, which was so nicely and
ns a
Blight token of the ttein
Negotiations have been in progress the
pist week, and we understand are now lour Opportunity
about completed which will result in the
years to John Proud the propru iu^
tor of the Park Place hotel at Abenleen.
favorable lease of the premises, and trip at any time.
tho new proprietor is an old hotel man
of manv years exjierience, who, as pro
prietor'of the Park Place, enjoys the
reputation of keeping one of tho best
hotels in the state.
out the ma
every hand.
slowly the last few days,
chine!-- are at work on
Splendid harvest weather is being en
'joyed and the end of tho week will see a
i large amount of grain in the shock. Re
ports from al sections ot the county are
to the effect that the yield is the heaviest
I that, has been had for many year1* if not
the heaviest that has ever been harvested
Washington. Mr. Elrod was going to
Walipeton tribe, who do not live on the
agency proper. At the above points
he will take a census of those entitled to
receive the appropriation, and expects
to return about August 15th and fin
ish disbursing at the agency. Elrod had
"TT*', i paid about ?160,00(. to the Indian, on the
unJ nrderg came from Wftshington
An Open I^ctlcr.
MILHANK, S. D., .lune 26th, 1891.
To V .\MITON FIKE INS.CO., Yankton, S. I).
Gkmi-KMEN: 1 received to-day from
your agent A. P. Lindquist. one hundred
twenty dollars, payment, in full for
loss by cyclone, insured under
A\ra I your policy 20.782.
j' '1' I am obliged to you tor the prompt
J- Johnson to celebrate tho b.rthduj |pay,fK.nti and shall as soon as rebuilt,
of their daughter, Miss Mvrtie Johnson, i take out a new policy in your company.
!l fully appreciate your promptness in
1 paying my loss six days after same was
completely surprised 11 fully appreciate your promptness in
Yours truly,
I Money to loan on farm security aud
improved city property,
Wanted--A new milch cow, gentle and
easy milker, good price paid. Inquire
of W. F. Rust.
To g0 1o
lt'uninff of the .Etna hotel for a term of itowoc or Mil waukee via the Hint ct
leasing ot tne .IAIII
p0troit and return from Man-
l'ere Marquette Railroad for it.lo will
meetinK !lt
Robinson, who is the owner of j. ,l}rollCy for information a'^mt this
the building, Itelioves that he has made a
Wood Bros,
e. lor the
Indian palate nothing seemed to MI the
I,ill w tboroughly us greon apple jne-
Detroit are sold. W rite St.
any Michigan, Cauadain or Eastern
with great ardor. This is hopeful, as a __Aberdeen News.
a le 1
that the inula ..f ,)riv of the Sisseton Indi
reached a high s.ale ol oiv.li.at.on, and, the 1^ -"^'s„nl„r„ ..f St.
Indian likethe tvhito man Is w. 8ys that, it no, .nte» ed
just unloaded another
car with all styles of line buggies and
road wagons.
Buggies! Buggies!! and Road carts in
everv style at ood Bros.
For sale riicap!
One good second hand mower and one
second hand harvester.
Word comes from Huron thar Alonzo
Wardall has probably "pulied up .-takes
in this state and is peeking pastures new,
oerbaps on the Pacific coast wher.-ue
in"- It a»«v not be true,
o s e i n i a e ly
acquainted with atluire.
or Pettigrew is protesting against
Flcldcr'a Views.
Elder Fielder has been interviewed in
regard to the Plowman decision, He is
not surprised, except at the small num
ber of the adverse decisions of the lower
courts. A Huron special to the Sioux
City Journal reports ns follows:
"'Do you think that the supreme oourt
will confirm the decision of Judge Plow
man V
"I do not. This question was thor
oughly considered when the law was yet
in the hands ot Its special friends. Tho
opinion of some of the ablest lawyers In
the tate wns obtained on it, tne result
being that two sections of the original
bill were put into a separate act and the
rest left as it now exists. The utmost
that I apprehend is that the court may
possibly decide that section 24 is invali-
t»ly decide that section ttt n.vali-
mings opposed the passage of the bill
Excursion Kates.
For the Annual Encampment, Sons of
Veterans, at Minneapolis August 24th to
29th, tickets will be sold at fare one way
for the rouud trip, on Bale August 23rd
and 30th only.
Tickets to the G. A. R. Encampment
at Detroit, Mich., will be sold Julv 31st,
Aug. 1st and 2nd, good to return Aug.
4th to 16tU, with
a farther extension to
Sept. 30th by depositing ticket w ith R.
E. Downiog, Joint Agent at Detroit.
Fare one way for the round trip. Be
sure and purchase accident tickets be
fore starting, 25 centsjper day, 5 days for
SI, for sale at the ticket office.
Halt tare tickets will le on sale every
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, good to
return until Tuesday following date of
sale to Big Stone City and Ortonville,
until October 16.
Hardly a day passes but we ore asked
"will we have that new railroad this
year?'* In our opinion nothing will be
done. If a good crop is harvested in
South Dakota and another spring the
prospects are as encouraging as they
have been the past, there undoubtedly
will bo a strong pull made to build the
Egan, Brookings and Miibank road. The
Sioux City and Northern are unable to
take tb© matter in charge on account ot
the stringency of the money market. It
is simply a question of finance with
them. Its officials are enthusiastic over
the project and would like to make it
a part ot Ihelr «p!em. Can Brookings
afford to wait, is th© question. Then
again steps might be taken and really
should be taken io secure the right of
way over the surreyed line of the Egan,
Brookings A Milbndk road in order that,
it the Sionr City A Northern does not
see fit to take the matter in charge, the
company may be able to float the neces
sary bonds and complete the road them
selves. We believe this can be done.—
Brookings Hegiater.
Anent the effort of farmers to hold
their grain for higher prices, and not
rush it Into the market, or store it in the
elevators, a Korth Dakota farmer of ex
perience eay«: "The man who owns a
oar load of wheat oan, under ordinary
circumstances, save enough by storing it
at home until he can ship it himaelf. to
build a granary to put II in that will last
for ten years to oome. I know that
there are othe* reasons beside lack of
store rooms which oompels the farmer
to sell his grain as soon as threshed—
the chattel mortgage crowd perhaps—
but the faot remains that many sell who
are not ohlig«si t\ and if that class would
hold, as a general rule, it would have a
tendency to help their less fortunate
neighbors, as wHl as themselves, to bet
ter shipping facilities anil prices.
FatSfev riftr lea re.
Mr*. Wufsuow's
"An English syndicate," remarks the
independent Groton Leader, "has been
organized for the purpose «f buying up
the piue lands of Minnesota. Ilere is
where an alien land law ought to be in '^0 '{'~t ''aVHairTbecause he VeTl's what"he
force." 1 he Leader then troes on to be-,
rate the law makers for failing to lia\« ltities, while tlie farmer has no more to
such a law in force. The Leader is here-
children teething, is the prescription of
tne of the best female nurses and physi
ciauB in the United States, and has been
Used for over fifty years v i»h never-lail
iog success by millions of mothers for
their children. During the process of
teething its v&lu© iDCuicuIablc. It rc
lieves the child from pain, cures dysen
tery and diarho a, griping of the bowel a,
and wind colic. By giving health to
tiie child it rests the mother. SOcaboti^s Rep-i ter.
Consolidated April II. lf)0
The Alliance Press Bureau of Informa
tion is sending to every farmer in the
country a statement ot tho wheat mar
ket of the world, which shows that a
good price ought to be the rule for this
years' crop and reasons that it will be
unless farmers "bear" the market by
rushing their grain for sale as soon as it
is harvested. The circular cautions the
producer against this suicidal policy,
and urges farmers to combine aud hold
their wheat till the speculators are com
pelled to pay a fair price for it.
The circular has created a sensation
among wheat buyers and mill men all
over lUe
dated, hot that they will declare the (opinion is that if farmers can and will
whole unconstitutional 1 have not the
remotest idea. Nor do I believe that
any considerable number of gentlemen
of the legal profession expect this."
'ho consents of
hold their wheat this year it will com
mand a good price.
The circular says:
"The Farmers' Alliances' demand
unanimously that tho speculation for
future deliveries of cereals shall be pro
The greaiest competitor of the farmer
is the speculator, anil his competition is
gCl ilu] ,.Hn
offt,r Umu ntttnre
by informed that a similar law would) The speculator sells for deli very in anv
havo been enacted in this state 18W
had it not been for the interference ot unnecessary for the actual consumer,
Bro. (Jammings and a few other staunch
alliance men in the legislature. Cum- L.,ch
unlimited quan-
grants to him.
ot the year, aud therefore makes
thft nii! er nnd lhe
exporter, to lav in
8tlM.k |lH he mav eonBU|ek
because, as he said, the alliance company 'pjie farmer coming in with actual
secures Its money through an English I
grain findg niOHt uf
syndicate and if such a law were enacted p]le(j by the speculator with promises to
the English capitalists would refuse to
furnish any more monev to be loaned or,
South Dakota realty.—Iftedfield Journal.
,.i i a m.i °t the best in manv years, the circular
and 24th, good to return August 2Wh
sufficient for his requirements,
his customers sup-
He has no choice but to sell to the ele
vator man at a lower price than thw
Chicago speculator has cfTered* his
It is a competition between ^raln anil
wind in which the wind has the advant
age, as the wind crop is never short.
After giving the condition of the crop
in this country, which promises to be one
then shows the disaster that has over
taken the wheat fields ot Europe, and
presents the situation there as tollows:
"St. Petersburg, July 17th. The crop
reports exclude all hope that there will
be a surplus of cerea!s for export. The
importation of foreign breadetuffs is un
Austria is the only country, which tin
til receutly hail crop prospects not muih
below an average, nut an Associated
Press dispatch of June 13th states thar.
even that government is now alarmed
about the food question on account ot tb»'
destructive frosts in the second week ot
In Italy and Spain measures are un
der debate tending to protect people
again*! a famine.
In Germany the advisability of calling
together their congress on account of
failure of the crops has been discussed
in a long meeting of the cabinet,
which votes were divided. The wboh*
pre«9 now unanimously demands this
measure and the council ot Berlin has
petitioned tor it, and on account of thi
last disastrous June frosts this extraoriii
nary step is considered unavoidable.
In Prance grain duties have been re
duced and taxes remitted to lurmers on
account ot crop failure.
In Belgium the most sanguine estimate
is »o more than one-third of a crop, and
the English crop is very late and there
fore uncertain.
All this does not moan a small dam
age, which in tact no one would notice
until after harvest, but an alarming fail
ure, giving rise to the most serious ap
Europe never raiseB as mm wheat
it needs, and with lair crops during the
last three years it has used up its re
serves and all that America and India
could supply.
Now it caunot draw upon its reserves,
and consequently this year it would be
short even it its crops were a fair aver
age and ours as good as we have reason
to believe.
Our exporting capacity has greatly de
creased by the increase in population*
and we would not be able to spare for
Europe from four good crop years what
it will be short this year alone.
Under snch circumstances it is certain
that the true value of wheat is greater
than ever before, and it is astonishing
that speculators should dare to bet on
low prices.
The lock-up at Sisseton Agency wa
the recipient of nine white men on Tues
day morning. They were arrested by
the Indian police under the instructions
of the Agent, for trespass. The gentle
men arrested were from Britton, S. I,
and among them was the treasurer of
Marshall county. These men have sold
a largo number of horses to the Indians
on time, and were at the Agoncy locking
alter collections. After enjoying the in
terior of tho red man's cooler for about
an hour, they were released with th
promise that they would leave the reser
vation and not return.--Browns Y4]iSy

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