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[iJfortliern, 75 cents.
pegsalp of plush cloaks at Elliot's.
jinias pre9ects at Elliot's
are finer
e#per than ever before.
should not
ave You Seen
the Immense Stock of
Cisn 2 W fc
at tlie
miss the wonderful
day at Elliot's.
log man wants to do choree for
while attending school.
Jit this office.
Jaufi has surely
b»t Elliot's. He has stock. enough
fly tLo whole country.
*1 cloees today for a two week's
yhodv is going wild over the hand
(display of choice Christmas pres
Thomas Thirsk of Grant Center,
jTaesiUy morning for a visit to
pis in Canada.
b.0 X. Eastman ot Minneapolis, is
tgIrieods and relatives in the city
Lowthian,of Melrose, i* attend
to *Ete iao«ting ot the Grange,
»ii being held ut Nortbfietd, Minn.,
jtewsUiock ot Christmas goods
'flty is at Elliot's. Everything
*Mwny toy to an elegant expeusive
W? Defipld has boon laid up
'•'jjsiaedlimb, having met with
M®&ut at the Montevideo round
the photographer for particu

to the guessing mutch.
half dozen pictures taken
f«n be in It.
*o thfl crowding condition of
j^eriisinjf columns just at thopros
I «ine we are torcod to leave out the
'Qient of a "Prisoner ot War."
be published this week.
J(nes, (laughter ot Rans
Stone island, was visiting
lb-ink yesterday, while
,^syi° MadiKdii, where she will
normal school.
^'^•Suiither left this week to
^hrtstmas holidays with friends
and the captain is moping
it he
in a condition to give
8 n s w
o e u e s i o n U
'Wl,"li hvirifr.
Riley Sniriiff returned this week
10 Eau
i u n n
Claire, Wis, where
!y "ie serious illneesof his
that-you couldn't
v e n
W i s o n s i n a e a v
"to in South Dakota.
E i e n u n o o w A e n e v
home to spend the
I,0''l'!avs with
Jones, and other friends
r'b!"Jk yesterday.
}& ®. launders returned from
first of the week, where he
Ki .er
time at t!ie ledsid« ot
w:ig recently stricken
ifctrJ *V. Mr. Saunders left his
[TC^'ubly improved, but still in
Rervc°nditit»n ft* to permanent
CfcPS, an
Everything new, of the latest styles and
beat manufacture. It will pay you well
to look these goods over when purchas
ing your winter Clothing.
Attorney J. W. Bell lifts just added
eight volumes of Lawson's Rights, Rem
edies and Practico to his hiw library,
standard text-books in lagal liter
Most of our prominent citizens have
been sutiering this week more or less
from the '"grippe," while a more than
usually large number ot children are
also reported ailing.
Attorney J. H. Owen expects to start
next week tor the Hot Springs, Arli.,
where he is in hopes of receiving bene
fici.il treatment for his liuibs. lie will
bo accompanied by Mrs. Owen, and dur
ing her absence the children of ihe fam
ily will be left in tlio care ot Mrs Owen's
mother, who arrived the first ot the week
from North Dakota for this purpose.
An important real estate transaction
was completed last evening by whish the
Hotel Proud property of this city passes
into the hands of Charles l}*Mcher, while
tho former owner ot tlie property, Mr.
Geo. J. Robinson in the deal secures tlie
St. Charles hotel property in 13ig Stone
City. We understand that the
transfer of ownership will not in any
manner affect tlie management of the
hotel at this which will continue to be
in the hands ot the present proprietor.
Mr. ltobinson, however, expects the
course of a week or two to move to
Big Stone and assume control ol the
St. Charles.
States Attorney Bennett is away up in
this week, the cause of his exultation
being the arrival of a magnificent addi
tion to his law library, or what might be
termed an almost complete law library
in itself and consisting of 00 volumes ot
American re|orts, 100 volumes of Ameri
can Decisions, 3 volumes ot Rapalje's
Digest, 21 volumes American State
Reports, and 6 volumes Digest Am. Re
ports and American Decisions. Mr. l.en
nett now claims to have one of the best
libraries in this portion ot the country,
a claim which as a layman we should »n
airine lie could substantiate judging from
tho 'handsome display made by these
latest additions to the shelves ot his
The increasing value of farm lands in
Grant cauntv has had a tendency to cre
ate a demand for this kind of Property,
anil during the past week a number ot
transfers have been made, tho moso of
which havo been from non-residents to
actual farmers who will improve and set
tle upon their newly acquired properties.
Following are some of the sa.es:
John S. Loekhart as agent sold to Win.
Paul the SWfa Sec. 20, T. 120, iv. 49, for
i n^o
]i Gibson sold a quarter section
Madison townshtp. and the 1 a™"*8
Bank sold a half section in Adams town-
Waldo sold a quarter section in
Alton" townyhip 10 Paul Pinkert for
*'L(R E«B'I»M
his parents at
t. .y*'enjoying a visit to his

"lander, a
section in Grant On.or ior
'joTii Ko«m3 a quarter section in Grant
Will. Mertens.
E M-vers has sold his big Urm of 040
acres in'Troy and has secured a section
"soId' his quarier section
on the Whetstone, and the Charles Bu
b?w olace in Melrose township was smd
to Mr Wentlarul, a resident farmer,
while Register of Deeds Martens has also
become the possessor of another farm
in the same township.
i. o. o. I
Jefferson LOCIKC NO, 114 Instituted
at ICcvitlo.
District Deputy Grand Master J. W.
Bell was escorted to lievillo last, Wednes
day afternoon by a delegation from Sylvan
Lodge I. O. O. P. for the purpose of in
stuting a lodgo at that place. The bovs
upon their arrival at Revilio found that
whatever those who were active in start
ing the now organization might have
forgotten they had not neglected to noti
fy tlie I. O. O. F. world, or at least that
part of it in Grant and surrounding
counties that there was going to be a
birth, for upon the arrival of tho Mil
bank contingent they tound Odd Fellows
from Nassau, Odd Fellows from Madison
and Odd Fellows from Gary with all
their war paint on and ready to assist
at the event. The work of instituting
was accomplished with great eclat, and
the machine for manufacturing Odd
Fellows out of common, ordinary mor
tals was sot In motion an't worked at high
pressure until nearly daylight, with the
result that nearly a (score of those who
were "void of wisdom" wore advanced
to the imperial color, and these new
workers, with the six charter members
and others who joined bv deposit of card
givo tho new lodge a fcood start as re
gards numbers, on its forward march.
The name ot the new lodge is Jefferson
No. 114, and the officers eleete wore
Amos Potter, N.
Mrs. John T. Jones, tho lady who is as
sisting the family ot Mr. J. W. Bell in
their sickness, is a sister of Mrs. Bell,
and has but recently su fie red bereave
ment in the death of her husband at
Dodgeville, Wis., her home. Mr. .tones
WHS county judge ot Iowa countv, and
tho confidence and respect in which he
was held may he surmised Irom tho fact
that he had 'held the office for fourteen
years, his election generally taking place
without opposition. The Dodgeville
Sun in the obituary notice paid him the
following tribute:
'•With his death the.family lose a true
and loving husband and a kind andaflect
ionato laiher, the community a most
highly respected and popular member
while the entire county suffers tlie loss
of one who has administered justice on
its bench for tourteen years so satisfacto
ry as to win lor him universal respect,
esteem and coutidence, it having been
said that there was not a man in the
county who had so many personal friends
as udgo Jones."
Science ef Bread Makiuff.
At the recent annual meeting of the
American Chemical Society, held in
Washington,!), C., the question of the
value of carbonate of ammonia as leaven
ing arzent in bread, or as used in baking
powders, came up for discussion, in
which Prof. Barker, ot tho Universary of
Pennsylvania, and President of the so
ciety *Dr. Richardson, late of the United
States Deportment ot Agriculture in
Washington: Dr. Win. McMurties. late
Prof, of Chemistry in University of
Iilionis Dr. E. II. Bartlev, late Chemist
of Brooklyn, N. Y., Board of lloalth, and
Prof, of Chemistry of the Long Island
College, and others, took part.
The consenus ot opinion was over
whelming in favor of the employment
ot ammonia. It was stated as a fact
that ammonia rendered the gluten of
the ilour more soluahle than the origi
nal gluten, and that bread in which this
action was produced by carbonate ot am
monia and its complete expulsion from
the bread in tho progress ot baking, it is
one of the most useful, most healthful
and valuable leavening agents known.
These conclusions, are borne out by
the very elaborate and exhaustive«exper
iments made by Prof. J. W. Mallet, of
the University "of Virginia, which show
conclusively that bread made with a
baking powder in which one percent, of
carbonate ot ammonia is used, in connec
tion with cream of tartar and soda, is not
only of uniformly better color and tex
ture, but a product, more wholesome, be
cause the ammonia serves to neutralize
any organic or lactic acids present in the
S. D., FRIDAY, DEO. 18, 1891.
V. G.: A. H. Dafoe, secretary, and Kobt.
H. Clark, treasurer, the appointive
chairs not yet being filled. About 1!}0
visiting Odd Fellows were in atten
The credit for the preliminary work
looking to the organization of the new
lodge is chiefly due to Bros. Amos Pot
ter and J. 11. Cavanaugh, each of whom
devoted considerable time and energy to
the accomplishment of their purpose.
The new lodgo starts off under bright
auspices, and if the proper attention is
shown to tho principles of the order,
there is no good reason why Jefferson
No. 114 may not prove an active working
lodge in tho household of Odd Fellow
All persons who have bills against me
nre requested to present them at, my
and have them properly leceipled
during the next week. Also all who are
indebted to me will pleapo call and
make settlement and save expenses.
The best is the cheapest. There is not
n stove made that is better than the
Klmhurst, or Jewel. A few left, after the
rush at Forley's.
Old gentleman Webster who liven
about four miles north-east of this place
has boon sick for some time and appar
ently gets worse. Disease not exactly
L. Ottendahl made a business trip to
Madison. Minn., last week, and says tho
town is booming.
Mrs. J. A. McBride has returned to
her home in Minnesota, where she in
tends to visit lor a couple of montliB.
A good many people are on the sick
list just now. Bad colds and sore throats
A small party met at what is known
as the Hoxey farm, and enjoyed the even
ing by dancing, all of which occured on
Friday last.
Jack Meyers drives stage instead of
Fiank Shears who was promoted.
Charlie Clifford, son ot station agent
Clifford, is visiting his father. Charlie
1ms a istation at Little Falls, Minn.,
and expects to return in a few days.
Proprietor of Iloxseys store to small
boy entering store, "Hello! kid, where
where did you get that rabbitt?" Oh,
I kotched im this mornin.'' "How'd
you catch him? asked the landlord from
the other side of the store. "Twine
string," said the boy. "What are you
out such a cold morning as this for." smd
the proprietor. "Well yer see there war
two uien, six boys, threo dogs, two guns
and a horse and buggy after this jack
yesterday and I thought I'd kotch im
this mornin an see if he got hurt."
"1 recognize the rabbitt," said the pro
prietor. "So do I," muttered the land
lord. And the small boy lelt his rabit
and took fifteen cents worth of gum and
went home, while landlord and propre
tor went out in the back room to hunt
up some strings.
Horse distemper seems to be rasing in
these parts now days.
Christmas is near at hand and the wo
man are busy making preparation for a
Christmas tree to be held ut the Riley
School-house Wednesday evening Dec.
Miss Lou McDonald returned from
Miibauk last Tuesday.
Win. Myers started his threshing ma
chine last Friday. Bill has had quite
a time getting his grain threshed.
Deputy sheriff Williams was a Mazep
pa caller last woek.
By all appearances there wi 11 be another
wedding soon, in the town of Mazepia.
Iltlitlsr Excursion.
For the Christinas and NewYears holi
days, tickets will be sold to all stations
within 200 miles of Miibauk at fare and
a filth for the round trip. Sold Dec. 24,
2.1,31 and Jan. 1, good to return until
Jan. 4th.
Go and se-r- tke auto-harp, the greatest
musical noteily ot tho age, at Rose's
drug store.
I liad a very severe cougb and cold
One bottle of Bleser'a Iioarhound Syrup
cured me.
Rogers genuine triple plate knives and
forks §150 per b*t— 83.00 per uoz.
Everything elee in proportion at the Mil
bank Jewelry store.
Wood Bros, have just received a sup
ply -.f'storm sash which they are selling
off cheap.
Call and see the largest music box in
the country at Rose's.
parlor stove for sale at the Bank of
Milbank, in good condition, hard coal
baso burner.
A line stock of brush and comb sets,
manicure se:s, &c., ut Milbmk Jewelry
SUre. Get our prices before you buy.
Select holiday gifts early, while the
assortment is full, at the Miibauk Jew
elry store.
Now is the season for corn shelters.
You will find them ntWood Bros.
Call and see the tine (took of robes
and blankets at Antelnian's.
Every thing in our line at bottom
prices." Milbank Jewelry s'ore.
zmBBmawrsraBamcieaeema ILW-gTI^.
Dec. 10,1891.
P. W. Poor of Codington county,Sun
clayed with his uncle Len.
Alban Stoddard and wile were sur
prised Thursday evening by having a
crowd ot about thirty people coming in
and spending the evening. Before go
ing away they presented them with two
very nice chairs.
Supt. Sargent & Diggs Home Farm
If you are good at guessing a splendid
opportunity tor you lo exhibit your
aaient and secure a life-size $15 crayon
and frame or a beautiful Photo Album
U otfered by tho Photographer.
Consolidated April 11,1801
liii'i's.i !*.
JIEVILLO, Dec. 16,1891.
A very pleasant dance was enjoyed at
St John's hall Friday night.
Mr. Philip Port has repaired his
broken windmill, and is now grinding
feed again.
Miss Vina Halverson has been quite ill
for the past week, but we are informed
that she is rapidly recovering.
Rev. Geo. Doty is taking a fortnight's
trip through southern South Dakota and
visiting his former home. He is expect
ed to be present to occupy the pulpit
here next Sunday.
William Joliey of theS. D. A. C., who
it is hinted, is a relative of Congressman
Joliey, was in town Saturday shak
ing hands with friends and uininir with
us. William, like his illustrious kins
man, starts out in life by teaching school,
being this winter employed in the Lone
Tree Lake district.
"And now when conies a calm mild
day, as still such days will come," all the
juvenile hunters of this isolate! burg
shoulder iheir small arms and hie away
to the hills to hunt the wily ji.ck rabbit,,
which harmless tnimal is found there in
great numbers. The other day one ol
these youthful hunters killed five rabbits
in a single afternoon.
While we write, sounds of revelry come
from the Odd Fellows' hall, where a new
lodge is being organized. Many strangers
are here Irom other towns to witness or
participate iu this organization. The
particulars of the event will be given
nest week.
ffllfi STO!*E CITY.
Dec. 10,1891.
Whillie Edelman came home this
afternoon completely surprising his par
ents, he spent the last lew years ut Crow
Agency, Montana.
A new well is being dug and has nearly
been finished at the parsonage of Rev.
II. E. Strissel is death on jack rabbits,,
he shot and killed six in about 30 min
utes Tuesday evening.
Mr. Betcher took a trip to Wlieatm
and Graceville last week.
Dr Karn was called a number of tim£s
to see baby Martens which was seriously
ill, but is now fast recovering.
Many of the early residents of Big
Stone City will remember John S. Beau,,
who after a residence of about a year in
Big Stone, moved to Minneapolis, and to
all such the announcement of his death
last Saturday, which appeared in the
Minneapolis papers will bring a leeling,
of sadness and a tender sympathy for thes.
family of the deceased. The Minneapo-
lis Tribune announced tho sad event, as
follows: Lieut. J. S. J. Bean, of the
East Side police station, died this morn
ing at 3 o'clock from blood poisoning,
caused by a fall about a week ago. He
had just come out ot a severe attack of
pneumonia and the injuries had a more
serious effect than ordinarly. At the begin
ning of the war he enlisted In Company lof
of the Oth Minnesota voluteers and served
until April, 186G. lie was thrice wound
ed in battle. He was appointed to the
police force in April, 1884, serving as
patrolman until May. 1887, when he was
promoted to seargent. In September
of the same year, he was again promoted
to lieutenant. Ho leaves a wife and threo
children. His sous, A. Lincoln, and
David I. Bean are ir. the pc-lice and fir©
departments respectively.
Tho funeral of Lieut. Bean will be
held from his home, 222 4th st NE, Mon
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. The iviasonic,.
Knight ot Pythias, Modern Woodmen
and G. A. R. lodges, of which he was u
member, will attend.
Ortonville Herald Star.
Dec. 17.
The Christmas trees have just arrived
at the post oflice, and are very nice look
The infant son of Mr. and Mre. Wou
Geier, living three miles norlheist, of
Ortonville, died Saturdav afternoon very
suddenly, and was buried in the Orton
ville cemetery Sunday afternoon. A
goodly number ot our folks were there
to attend the funeral aud heartly syuvpa
thize with the bereaved parents.
Tho three year old boy of M. P. Mar
tens' was bitten by a dog, Sunday after
noon, in the lip and band. He
to Dr. Karn and is now doing *v.oll.
The eight months old ohild of Matt
Fink, living three miles southeast of
town died last Suuday and was bureied
Fritz Pllueger has been sick the past
week, but is now ubie t» be about agair.
Mrs. K. B. Shall was takensiok with
la-giippe last Monday.
The board ot education badHepecinl
meeting bitt Monday evning. at hi i
I iini" it was decided to change tlie vara
tion it will now be froia »-ec. 14'vl, to
Jan. 4. '92.
Mrs. Gillett bus been very low the pn-t
week, and for two days between lib- and
The German church looks mndi better'
since i's its n« w dreMs is finished.
The scho louse ait-nd* a new stove,
in tne upper department it is said to

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