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.uoif V'.W'. XIII. '7
voL NO
Merry Christmas.
No 1 Northern. 75 cents.
Snow was falling yesterday.
You will soon have to write It 1893.
Our merchants report a Tory good holi
day trade.
Charley K^ith, of Big Stone City, was
a visitor to Milhank Momluy.
Conductor Walter Rurris, is off to enjoy
tlie holidays with triends in IOWA.
Mrs J. Proud, ot Hotel Proud, was
called to Pennsylvania this week by in
telliirenoe of tbe serious illness of her
Henry, Glaseer, the cigar man, dropped
off in Milbank Monday, while on his
F. L. Cliff, esq., of Ortonvi'le, was at
tending to proteesional matters in the
«Hy Tuesday afternoon.
Conductor Will Crooker has gone to
An.lover, where he will take charge of a
tmin on the north and south branch for
•erne time.
Willie McCollum, who has been at
tending Hamlin# University returned
boiue Wednesday to spend the holidays
with his parents.
Mrs. II. Parker will lecture at the
opera house Mill»ank Tuesday eyening,
Dec. 29th. "Adventism Newly Defined,
orSpiritualsm—What is it*"
The Catholic parochial school has re
cently been supplied with new and im
proved seats, with capacity lor accommo
dating about 00 pupils.
Tbe Ladies' Benevolent Society will
hold a business meeting for the election
of officers at the Congregational parson
aye'on Thursday Dec. 31st, at-2:3U p. m.
John Wertz is taking a vacation from
ler, Wisconsin. I
Sheriff Benedict secured another
... I A.
Have You Seen
the Immense Stock of
at tlie
#kr AAlV^t
Attention is caHed to the advertise-
Went of H. T. Abbott, who represents
mer. Dr. Goodyear is spoken of ns an
excellent physician and a vwy worthy
gentleman iq every respect.
Everything new, of tlie latest styles and
best manufacture. It will pay you well
to Jook these goods over when purchas
ing your winter Clothing.
larceny to await the next term of court.
Mrs. W. Dally received a nice new one, and will require time and careful
th" n£hVw»",* treatment to preclude senou. disfigure
man a handsome secretary upon which ment.
to do his clerical work.
Jeweler W. F. Itust is enjoying a visit
from his big brother. Chas. Itust, who
has come down from Montana to eat his
Christmas dinner with W. P.
Engineer Henry Comfort expects lo
throw up his position on the road at the
close ot the year and remove to western
North Dakota, (vhere lie is interested in
a stock ranch west of the Missouri.
Clerk of Court Lock hart made a trip to
St. Pan! the first ot tlie week with his lit
tie son. Tho surgeon who pertormed the
'•pe rat ion on the bid's limb, states that
he is getting along nicely, and it only re
quires time and care to make it perfect
ly successful.
J. R. Eastman expects to make a trip
to Texas, about the first of the year, to
spend the winter there, but before going
south will probably make a visit to Bat
tle Creek, Mich., where Mrs. Eastman
will receive treatment for removal of a
The first of the series of parties to be
given by the recently organized "Terp
tichorean Club" was held last Friday
eveningat the Hotel Proud, and a most
enjoyable time was had. Tho next
party will be held on New Years night,
to be followed every two week* there
after by a similar gathering.
The annual election of officers of Hum
phrey Relief Corps took place Saturday
with the following result:
Pres.—Mrs. Oeo. W. Crooker.
Sen. Vice.—Mrs. Thos. Fitch.
Jun. Vice.—Mrs. L. L. Conright,
Chaplain—Mrs. W. Mount.
Treas.—lvlrs. O. W. Antleman.
Conductor- Mrs. Thos. Clark.
Guard—Mrs. J. Wilson.
Oscar Lender, the ten year old son ol
A. G. Lender, met with quite a serious
mishap Tuesday afternoon, while play-
"X' z
bft11 he W8S
Voarder this week. He gave his name stick by one of his playmates, tbe blow
*s John Leonard and was sent down fau,ng
one of tbe best nursery houses i" the ieasure of introducing "Belin-
r:r,: r": »v^:"ee'ityrr^L?g i ». w«„,
The many friends of Dr. A. M. Wang personal charms are only equalled by
Will regret to learn that he expects to jier ability to furnish the interesting gos
foave Milbank about the first of the|glp that neighborhood. If we can
year. The doctor intends to go prevent these two correspondents from
old home in Chicago, and possibly make, Prev™1
a trip across the ocean before again meeting and falling in love with each
settling down. Hi* practice here will be other we can depend upon two faithful
taken up by Jr. Goodyear, who is at ions to the local staff ot the HER
present in Ortonville and ^who was tor DVAHOB.
some time in Wilmot during the sum-
on..T ioe»
stooping to pick up tbe "shinny
accidentally struck with a
from Hay county on a charge of grand urea^inK that member just above tbe
n the nose with full force, and
bridge. The wound is a very painful
«w correspondent at Troy this
.ek sends in a readable grist of local
from that vicinity, and we also
Call and see the largest motto bos in
the country at Roge'a.
MILBANK, S. I)., FRIDAY, DEC. 25, 1891.
Post, G. A. Rm last week the following
officers were for the ensuing year were
Com.—J. W. Hell.
J. V. —W. W. Mount.
K. V.—Geo. Wesibury.
O. D.—Ben Bartlett.
Chap.—T. Warring.
Surueon—C. E. Daniels.
O. G.— N'els Jialverson.
Q. M. —Wm. Dally.
driving along he flushed a gopher that
sleeping away their lives under a cover
ing of snow, the South Dakota gopher
out rustling !or business nnd enjoy
ing the spring-like weather with which
Souih Dakota is blessed in the mouth of
The school districts recently formed
from the township svstem have got into
a slight tangle, owing to the vagueness
of the law authorizing the change. It
appears that the law authorizes the ap
pointment of the first officers tor tlie dis
tricts but makes no distinct pro/ision for
the division of the school raonev levied
of the district treasurer While the
districts of the township have agreed
upon a proper division of the money,
ihe auditor is doubtful ot his authority
to order the payment of ihe same to the
district officers*
The apportionment for Grant county
of the stale interest and income of uhe
general school land fund, amounting to
$1,015.50 has been received by the county
treasurer tor division among the schools
ot the county. Also $2,000 of tbe perma
nent school fund—of which about
$15,000 will probably le apportioned
to this count)'. This money will be loan
ed by the state to the county at (i per
cent interest, and can be reloaned by the
county for investment in school bonds
at not more than seven per cent interest,
the county commissioner.-, auditor and
superintendent of schools beingappoint
ed a commission to invest the fund. 1'he
township of Kilborn has already made
application for 01,700 of this fund.
Blacksmith Letts went home one day
this week and discovered that the hand
les ot tus much-prized wheelbarrow had
been sawed off". A prompt investigation
led to the discovery that the Lettsjuniors
had been suffering greatly of late for
want of proper implements to play the
exhilirating game of "shinny,' and in
their distress had appropriated the hand
les for "shinny stick*." A wheelbanow
ctispoiled of handles is a gastly looking
sight, but the near approach of the
Christmas festivities and the dislike ot
the parent to gie cause tor unpleasant
memories at this particular time, saved
the juniors meinlers of the house ot Letts
from enjoying a most exciting game of
"shinny," in which Letts senior would
have played a prominent and long-to-be
remembered part.
Preparations for the observance of the
Christmas festival are being made by1
the various church societies. At tlie
Catholic church midnight mass on
Thursday night will be celebrated and
mass also on Christmas morning at 8:30
and 1030 a.m. The sisters school will
have a tree on Christmas eve, at which
besides the distribution of presents a
programme of exercises by the children
will be given.
At the M. E. church the children of
the Sunday school will have a tree and
appropriate exercises by the .members of
tbe school on Thursday evening.
The Congregational Sunday school
will also have a tree on Christmas eve
at the church, aud in connection musical
and literary exercises by the children.
St John's Lutheran church will hold a
service at 5:30 a. m. on Christmas day,
and in the eveniug a Christmas tree
with the usual exercises by the children
will be had at the church.
farm far Male.
The East half of section 12 in Twin
Brooks towns!) ip. 200 acres ready for
seeding, good buildings, machinery, etc.
Apply to J. Q. TIIAYEB.
Now is the season for corn shellers. Frtnch and Austrian* Russia loses by
You will Aud them at Wood Bros. ransai^n., Today he* ina/y.ial.
At the regular meeting ofHumplieryj The guessiug match inaugurated by system is a hopeless and irretrievable
F. J. Lee, the photographer, was decided wreck. Her last issue ofnational bonds,
Wednesday evening. Every peison bearing five per cent was quoted in Paris
ordering pictures during the past month at 80 cents and even then half of the is
was allowed a guess for *-ach half dozen sue had to be taken off the market to
so ordered, question being as to tho nurn- prevent the collapse of the remainder,
ber of peas contained in a bottle which In South America paper money,
had been filled and placed for inspection cheap money, Peffer Simpson money, is
in the gallery. William Dally, J. H. issued about as fast ns modern machine-
N. J. Pryor, of Troy, who drove over to !c'a,,°d the number to be 4,732. A pres. three million people. According to Mr.
Milbank Wednesday, reports that while Ient
of a
way enjoying the balmy December I nearest to the actual number of peas in clothes. Most of them are glad to get
wea!'ier. Thus it is that while the go- *lie ^"ttle, and tlie prize was awarded to next the wool side oi: a sheepskin, and
pheis and other burrowing animals of i Mr. H. L. Plant, who gave the numbe they consider themselves happy it they
the frozen up stales to the east of us are
!as 4,825 thus coming within 93 of the get one meal a day. Their money is
actual number. There were over 200 worth about 20 cents upon the dollar,
guesses, the lowest guess being that of and gold is quoted at 350 per cent. Corn-
The Ortonville weather pr ophet, O. D.
Hurley, in the summing up of his pre
dictions for December, closes the uvuith
by the old school township authority, The new year comes in cold, with the writing a note to Mr. Mills asking him
and the placing of the same in the hands thermometer 40 beiow zero. On the 2nd to take the second place on the Ways
Call and see the fine stock of robes
and blankets at Ante! man's.
Wood Bros, have just received a sup
ply of storm sash which they are selling
off cheap.
The Peffer Dollar Abroad.
Minneapolis Trituno.
Messrs. Sim peer* and Peffer are going
to make every man a millionaire by run
ning off illimitable paper money issues
with no security and no promise of re
Russia has a paper currency which
has been issued in illimitable amounts
with no security and no provision tor its
redemption. Every time the govern
ment needs money it simply sets presses
in motion and three weeks later the ex
chequer is filled to overflowing with
crisp rouble notes—ot paper. Each note
has a large Russian eagle stamped upon
its fare and bears the imperial statement
that it is a rouble or 80 cents.
Notwithstanding the fact that Russia
is one of tbe richest nations in tbe world,
this paper money never stands at par
and fluctuates constantly according to
the Russian trade balance with the out
side world. Today the balance of trade
is against the empire and the imperial
fiat money of the Russian government is
quoted at 50 cents. When the czar
wants a new crown or an ermine robe,
his prime minister simply packs bis port
manteau full of this waste paper, takes
it down to Berlin and Paris and there
sells it at a discount to continental
money sharks. The moment the rouble
is quoted a little higher, back it goes to
Russia in exchange for Russian agricul
tural products to support German,
Kawson and F. A. Russell were made ry can turn it out. The Argentine has
judges to count the peas, and they de-: issued some three billion dollars tor
$lr life size crayon was to be Poller these same Argentines ought to
Mr. Lee to the person guessing be wearing diamonds and silken under­
Mrs. A. T. Tennison, who made the num- merce is paralyzed, nnd industry crip
ber 907, and the highest that of T. Mur- pled. Every outward firuiner is loaded
phy, who thought there were 16,000 peas with people who are trying to escape a
in the bottle. land where money is (heap, and where
it takes a grip sack full of Peffer dollars
with this touching commingling ot me-! preaeued by Messrs. Pctter and Simpson*
teorology, piety and business in one para-1
graph: It is said at Washington that the
"5. The 26th is a slight change. The friends or Representatives Mills feel that
month ends in the middle of a hard storm. Mr. Crisp has added insult to injury by
many have gone to ''fairer worlds than and Means committee, instead of offering
ours many before the close of the year hiiu the chairmanship, which, they say,
will go to join loved ones on the
shore." "The ways of the Lord are great ills, in his answer to the note of Mr.
sought out by all them that have picas- Crisp, declined serving on the Wavs and
ures therein." Means committee, nnd said that he had.
My storm caleudar for 1892 will be no preference as to other committees,
pubhsned in the Headlight in season He will probably be made chairman oil
for all.
The semi-annual busiuess meeting and
election of officers of the Y. P. S. C. E.,
will be held in the lecture room of the
Congregational church on Monday even
ing, December 28th, 1891. A large at
tendance is requested.
Stllday £xcur»ien.
For the Christmas and NewYears holi
days, tickets will tie sold to all stations
within 200 miles of Milbank at fare and
a tilth for the round trip. Sold Dec. 24,
25,31 and Jan. 1, good to return until
Jan. 4th.
Go and see the auto harp, the greatest
musical notelty ot the age, at Rose's
drug store.
I had a very severe cough and cold
Oue bottle of Bleser's Hoarhound Syrup
cured uie.
Lor is HF.BKRT.
Supt. Sargent fc Diggs Home Far
Consolidated April 11,1891
to buy a suit of clothes.
Yet paper money is wealth, and wealth
is happiness, according to the gospel as
lie would have declined anyway. Mr.
the committee. The rabid free trad#
wing of democracy receivod a severe set
back in the election of Crisp as speaker.
Naval officials at Washington will not
admit that a war with Chili is among the
probabilities, nevertheless the Navy De
partment is taking the preliminary steps
necessary to get in readiness for such a
war. Not only have all ol our available
war vessels been ordered to the Pacific,
but arrangements are being mace which
will give the department tho control of
a large number ot merchant vessels at
short notice should they be needed. Yet
all this is regarded as merely precaution
ary, as those who ought to be posted
are of the opinion that Chili will apolo
gize as soon she finds thai we are in
Made Happy.
Ones upon a time it was decreed that all
the people of a certain province who were
dissatisfied with their names could have
to any others they liked by
comfnjc on an appointed day to the audi
ence hall of the chief officer of the prov
ince and making their wishes known.
came and the doors of the hall
were thrown open, but only two men ap
"What is yuurnamef" inquired the chief
clRosr as OM of the two men came humbly
forward to tbe railing in front of tbe of
icial's chair of state.
"My name is Jerolomou Terwilligef,*"
answered the man.
"What is yonr objfeetion to it V
"it is too long, too bard to say, ao4 tea
anusnal. 1 presnme 1 am the only man ot
fche name of Jerolomou Terwilliger that,
ever lived, aad 1 am tired of it."
"What name do you wish insteadf**
"If it will please yon to grant me permis
sion to call myself John Smith henceforth
1 shall be deeply and humbly grateful."
"Yon shall have yonr wlxh. Clerk, issoe
the MMsaary decree. John Smith, you.
The man retired, and the other one came
"What la yoor namef" Inquired the chief
"My name, alasl is John Smith."
"What is your objection to it?"
"It is too common. In the city wherein
I dwell there are 877 other men bearijsg thai
name of John Saiith. I am tired todeuth
of it."
"Wbaft nam* do wfahf"
"Can I have any now* I deeiref"
"You can.**
"Then let me he kitewn henceforth as.
Jerolomon Terwilllger." Chicago Trib
Nurseryman, Florists and Seedscien
Office, Conservatories and Warehouse:
Corner C'omo Ave. and Klaventh St.,

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