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W. W, W)WNlE,Editor ADJ Publisher
A N K s
Compiled From Late Dispatches.
NuMKriotjs petition* were presented fa the
ftena'e on lu(- Ifitb opening the world's
fair oa Sunday. Hills were Introduced toes
teblhth a branch mint at Council Blufis, la.,
•nd for a ship canal around Niagara falls. The
following nominations for United States cir
cult judges m-re received from the president:
William L. Putnam, of Maine, for the first
Judicial circuit: Nathaniel Shiprnan, of Con
necticut, »econd: George Da.iaa, of Penn
sylvania, third Nathan Gofl, of West Virginia,
fourth. William It. Taft. of Ohio, sixth VVil
llam A. Woods, of Indiana, seventh In the
bouse tho speaker announced the committee
on rule* Mr. Taylor Tenn. announced the
death of hta friend and colleague. Leonidaa C.
Houk, and the Louse then adjourned to the
IN the seriate on the 17th the nomlna'lon of
Stephen li. Rlkfns for secretary of war was re
ceived from the prc-id*nt. .Senator Turpie
spoke In favor of tn»- election of United States
senators by a direct vote of the people and
Senator Stewart spoke In favor of free silver
ooinag-. The standing committees were an
Bounce-l and confirmed. Bilis were Introduced
to amend th! act of the last congresi author*
IzfnK the sale of timber on lands reserved for
the uw-of the Menomin'e Indians in Wiscon
Bin, and to remove the limitation on arrears of
pension.* Adjourned to the 21
THK senate wai not in session on the 19th,.,.
In the house a resolution was oflf-r i for the
appointment of a t-p.cial committee of five
memler* to inquire into the charges made
against the commission .r of pensions and the
aomini-itration of bis office. A concurrent
reroiution was agreed to providing for a holi
day from W**dne^dav, 2:id in»t. until
Tu"Mday. r»th pro*. Mr. Cuipman (Mich.) an
nounced the d«-ath of his colleague. Melbourne
II. Ford, and in respect to the mnm ry of the
deceased the house adjoume
1 until the :3d.
A BROKEN rail threw an express train
tm the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne road
from the track near Lima, O., and
three men were killed and twenty
other persons were injured, some
liOROi.Ans entered the dwelling o?
W. II. Rhodes at Altoona, Pa.. and after
chloroforming the family took $1,(iJU in
cash and many valuables.
AT I)es Moines, la., the third na
tional convention of the American Sab
bath union was called to order by Col
Elliott F. Shepard, of New York.
W. E. FIT/.GKKAI.O was hanged at
Youngstown, O., for the murder of Of
ficer \V. Freed on May 15 last.
MCDONALD BKOS., extensive lumber
men and shipowners at La Crosse,
Wis. failed for £250,000.
AN explosion of gas at the Cameron
colliery Dear Shamokin, Pa., fatally
in juced two Italians and four Hungari
A PARBENOKK train on the Southern
Sansas railroad was wrecked by de
fective ties near Cherry vale, Kan., and
twenty-six persons were injured, three
AT a meeting of the Sabbath Union,
in Des Moines, la., Col. Eili tt F. Shep
ard. of New York, was reelected pres
ident tor the ensuing year.
EOWAKD ML'LDOOX and Hiifh Reilly
were killed at the Manville (Pa.) coal
mine by a fall of coal.
JOHN L. FERGUSON, bookkeeper in
the National bank of Kansas City. Mo.,
was arrested for embezzling £20,000.
THE explosion of a HAW mill boiler at
Ridgeville, Ind., killed William Wise,
William Collett and James Clawson,
and fatally injured Isaac Nicholson
and Oscar Jones.
The baseball war "has ended by the
formation of a twelve-club league. The
twelve cities of the new combination
are: Kenton, New York, Brooklyn,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati,
Louisville. St. Louis and Chicago.
THE new Drexel institute of industry
was formally dedicated at Philadel
phia. Anthony J. Drexfel ha* given
#1,5WO,000 for the establishment of the
THE Union Mercantile Company of
Pennsylvania, doing business at E
and other places, failed for over
AT the leading clearing-houses in the
United States the exchanges during the
week ended on the 18th aggregated 81,
248,108,981, against $1,213,«70,872 the
previous week. The increase as com
pared with the corresponding week of
18WQ was 10.5.
FOUR alleged leaders of a gang that
had been flooding Philadelphia with
Counterfeit money were arrested.
THE dead bodies of William L. Spreg
fiT'ns and George Holliday, brothers-in
law, were found buried in a brush heap
Hear Urier Creek, Tenn.
FREIGHT trains collided in a tunnel
•ear Catawissa, Pa, and Engineer
Fisher and Fireman Smith were killed,
IN the United States the business
failures during the seven days ended on
the 12th numbered 3: 5, against 320 the
(receding week and 404 for the corre
i|onding week last year.
A riRK in the wholesale millinery
house of Porter, Donaldson & Co., in
Pittsburgh, Pa., entailed a loss of
IT wan reported at Omaha, Neb., that
the Chicago & Northwestern road had
Issued orders to discharge all their em
ployee who were members of the Order
of Railway Telegraphers and refused
lo withdraw from that body.
TUB editors of the national prohi
bition party press met in Chicago and
organized a National Prohibition Press
association, with James Lamont».of
|U»okford, lli, as president.
A AXO of silver coin counterfeiters
who had been operating in lexas for
many months past were nearly all
AT Roaring Springs. Ky., Hen Davis
shot James Dunn dead and fataily
wounded John Dunn, his brother. The
killing was the outcome of an ancient
NEW YORK tobacco importers, it was
claimed, had swindled the government
out of over _vof,0du in duties within
the last few months.
WKIOHT POLAND and his wife were
mnrdered in their home at Buckhorne,
La., y Jack Smith, with whom Po
land had quarreled.
MRS. SOPHIE ROMPT, who was serv
ing her fiftieth term in the Paterson
N. J-i jail for drunkenness, has been
left a fortune by the death of her
father in Germany.
AN unknown tramp was lynched in
Emmett county. Ark., for assaulting
Miss Bettie McGough. a school-teacher.
Two NEOROKS suspected of the mur
der of young Parramore in the streets
of Bran ford, Fla., were lynched by a
THE Federation of Labor in conven
tion at Birmingham, Ala., passed a res
olution favoring a woman's suffrage
amendment to the constitution. Sam
uel (»ompers was reelected president
GERTRIDK KCNKT.K, aged IS years,
was burn *d to death and her father
fatally injured by the explosion of a
lamp at Knoxville, Pa
GKOROE W. CHILD* has presented al
most his entire collection of rare prints,
manuscripts, autographs, e'c., valued
at SI00.000, to the library of the Drexei
institute in Philadelphia.
RAY RICHARDS and John Johnson,
two boys, were drowned while skating
at Deer Isle. Me.
AN ancient Indian burying ground
was discovered on the Pike farm at
East Saugus, Mass.
A OAS well wi»h a capacity of 15,
000,000 cubic feet a day was struck at
Muncie, Ind.
Lortsvii.f.E(Ky.) colored persons will
petition the legislature not to make
railroad companies provide separate
coaches for negroes.
THE Seventh ward livery stables in
New York were burned and forty-three
horses were cremated.
THE Women's Christian Temperance
Union at Yellow Springs, 0, passed
resolutions to boycott all merchants
and storekeepers of the place who sell
tobacco in any form.
A. L. FERGUSON and wife were in
stantly killed and their little babe fa
tally injured by the cars at Pawnee
City, Neb.
JOHN DODD found bis sweetheart,
Sophy Antony, in the arms of his rival,
Andrew Chancey, at St. Louis, and
killed both of them.
ELEVEN business houses at Croton
Landing, N. Y., were destroyed by fire.
REV. J. W. MORGAN, a Baptist minis
ter aged 60 years, dropped dead while
delivering a sermon at Mount Pleasant,
SIXTY convicts in the Kansas peni
tentiary are under sentence of death.
PHILLIP DAVIS and Robert Blair
were instantly killed and George Crews
W^B fatally hurt by the explosion of a
boiler at Springfield, Mo.
AN explosion of dynamite near Grace
ville, Minn., blew off the head of Ira
Bell and blew out the heart of Henry
THE dairy barn of Henry Hess near
Bay City, Mich., was burned, and
seventy cows and three horses perished
in the flames.
THK El Dorado and Ruby Bar
sapphire fields near Helena, Mont,
were sold to an English syndicate for
£1,000,000 in cash and an equal amount
in stock.
THE population of North Dakota, as
given by the offic al report of the
census department, is 18i.7i9.
REV. E. J. MA MUX. a Methodist min
ister en route Irom Jacksonville, 111.,
to Chattanooga, Tenn., expired on the
THE last spike in the main line of the
R'.o Grande Southern railway was
driven at Durango, Col.
DANIEL E. SOPKB. secretary of state
for Michigan, tendered his resignation
to Gov. Winans. Soper was charged
with malfeasance and misfeasance in
office, and-did not deny the accusation.
MRS. REBECCA SETH, the oldest
woman in Maryland, died of the grip
at her home in Cecil county, aged 103
Indian fighter and a vet.-ran of several
wars, died at Salt Lake City, U. T.
Quaker poet, celebrated his 64th birth
day on the 17th at his home in New
bury port, Mass.
DANIEL HAND, the noted philanthro
pist, died at Guilford, Conn., aged 90
years. His property, amounting to
$1,000,000, will go the American Mis
sionary association for the education of
the colored race in the south.
COL. J. J. HATHAWAY, governor of
the national soldiers' home at Milwau
kee. died of apoplexy, aged HO years.
MuWHY J. FOSTER was nominated
for governor of Louisiana by the anti
lottery combine contention at Baton
8. D. MCENERY was nominated for
governor of Louisiana by the regular
democratic convention at Baton Rouge.
ASAIL THOP.NBI'RG celebrated his
99th birthday anniversary at his home
near De Soto, Ind. He was in, good
U. S. N., died at his home in New
Brighton, 8. L, in his 70th year.
THE national prohibition committee
In session in Chicago decided to hold
the national convention in St Louis on
June next to nominate a candidate
for President.
PitKsroN B. PU MB. United States
senator from Kansas, died suddenly in
Washington on the 20th of apoplexy.
He wa* 4 years of age and his home
was at Emporia. Mr. Plumb had been
in the senate since 1877.
Augusta. Me., aged US .years.
EDWARD RrssELL died at Minneap
olis, Minn., aged yearn. He was
editor of the Davenport i la) Gazette
nineteen years and postmaster there
seventeen years
PLACARDS had been posted in many
parts of the province of Shan-Si. West
China, urging a general tnas&acre of
the Christian missionaries.
LEPROSY was said to be on the in
crease on the Isthmus of Panama, and
government measures for its preven
tion were urged.
AN incendiary fire at Montevideo,
Chili, caused a loss of $590,000.
IT was reported that a state of siege
had been declared in many of the fam
stric en districts of Russia owing
to the prevalence of brigandage and
anarchy among the starving peasams.
PETROLEUM equal to the product of
Pennsylvania wells was said to have
been struck near Sheerkstown, Ont.
TEN THOUSAND young seals were said
to have starved to death in Behring
sea on account of the killing of their
FRANCE'S imports decreased 7,107,000
francs nnd her exports increaed 4.405.
00) franc-, during the month of Novem
ber, a^ compared with the correspond
ing month one year ago.
GEN*. BOOTH, of the Salvation army,
says that during the first twelve
months of work for the redemption of
the masses in London he gave 2,500,000»
meals and 347,209 nights' lodgings to
the homeless. The expenses were 8500,
W. HA USER has been elected presi
dent of Switzerland to succeed Presi
dent Welti, who resigned recently.
R. OTEISA, late secretary of the
treasury in Cuba, has been sentenced
to eighteen years' imprisonment for
stealing §100,000 from the government
A PACKAGE con tain.ng a quantity of
dynamite but bearing no address was
found in the mails in the Dublin (Ire
land) post office.
A VIOLENT earthquake, followed by
a general un lulatory movement of the
earth, occurred at Corieone, Italy.
RUMORS of great distress caused by
famine in Mexico were denied by gov
ernment authorities.
AT Namur. Belgium, a shoemaker
w»3 sentenced to death for trying to
poison his brother. It was proved that
he had killed his sister and three other
ANTON RvB^NRTIKN-. the Russian
pianist,has accepted an offer of £1*25.000
for a series of fifty concerts to given
in the United States.
I* the United States senate on the
Sist the death of Senator Plumb, of.
Kansas, was announced, and funeral
services were held, after which Sen
ators Peffer, Palmer, Paddock, Dolph
and Ransom were appointed a com
mittee to accompany the remains to
Emporia, Kan. No business was
transacted. The house was not in ses
THE total value of the products of
Iowa soil for 1891 is §449. W,695.
DURING the week ended on the 19th
the issue of standard silver dollars
from the mints w^s $550,978. The issue
during the corresponding period of last
year was ?802,S45..
DURINO the recent severe gales along
the Bu.tic sixteen fishermen belonging
at Bt-rlin were drowned.
PRESIDENT PEIXOTTO has appealed to
the governors of the d.fferent states of
Brazil to aid in restoring order through
out the republic.
THE oldest cotton firm in Memphis,
Tenn., Thomas H. Allen & Co., failed
for S544,932.
THE hearing in the supreme court for
the release ot Schwab and Fielden, the
Chicago anarchists, will take place on
January 17, 18D-2.
THE banking firm of, McManus &
Sons, of Chihuahua,*Mex., was robbed
of $13,000 by two men.
KATIIERIVE ROGERS, the well-known
actress, died in New York city.
JEROME 1. CASE, of Racine, WTis., a
famous manufacturer and horse breed
er, died at his home, aged nearly 70
AN incendiary fire destroyed the
business portion of La Grange, Wye*
PATRICK SHEALD, an American sailor
who arrived at San Diego, Cal., from
Valparaiso, said he was recently ar
rested by Chilian police without cause
and beaten into insensibility.
ADVICE* say that a priest and a thou
sand native christians were killed dur
ing the recent Chinese riots.
IN the United States the risible sup
ply of grain on the 21st was: Wheat
4V,262,844 bushels corn, 8,915,022 bush
els oats, 3,843,344 bushels.
JOHN and Nicholas Raad, who re
sided in Elkhart, Ind., were instantly
killed by a Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern train in Chicago.
PRIVATE banks at Waynesboro, War
renton and Newmarket, Va., closed
their doors.
A MOB of masked men entered the
jail at DeWitt, Ark., and shot to death
J. A. Smith, Floyd Gregory and Mose
Henderson. Smith hired Henderson to
shoot his divorced wife.
Its Mott Noted Meinter* —Sudden Ie»th
of Senator I'lumb, of Kansas—A Victim
of Apoplexy—(iosslp Regarding His sue
eessor Hii Career.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 21. -Senator Pres
ton B. Piumb, of Kansas, is dead. He
was stricken with
apoplexy at an
early hour Sunday
morning, and after
i n e i n s o e
hours in an nncon
scious condition
d5e(1 a
^e^ore noon. The
senator returned to factory
this city late Sat
u a y afternoon
from a visit to his
son in l'hiladel-
phia. having gone there on Thursday.
His apartments are in the house of Mr.
Jen Dings on Fourteenth street
About 2 o'clock Sunday morning Mr.
Jennings was aroused bv a call from
the senator. When he reached the
apartment of Mr. Plumb the latter
was disrobed and lying on the bed. In
response to the inquiry of Mr.
Jennings he said *T have an excru
ciating headache." He was holding
his head in his hands and swaying it
from side to side, Mr. Jennings im
mediately called Snrgeon General
Wales. The doctor gave the patient a
hypodermic injection of morphia. The
senator in a few moments became
quieter, and, the pain decreasing, he
fell into a deep sleep, which coutinued
for some hours
Dr. Wales left about 6:30 o'clock, and
a few minutes later Senator Plumb
jumped up. Mr. Jennings sprang to
his assistance. The senator iwid a vio
lent vomiting spell and was then as
sisted back to his bed. He seemed to
le in great agouy, tossed his head
from side to side on the pillow and ex
claimed: "Mv God, my God, my head!"
These were the last words he uttered,
for in a few moments he again fell
asleep, breathing heavily and laborious
ly. This sleep lasted until 11:25 o'clock,
when his respiration became heavier,
and death ensued at 11:49 o'clock.
There were present at his bedside
when death occurred Dr. Wales, who
had been called some time before, Mr.
Jennings and Mr Flanagan, the sen
ator's private secretary. After the
vomiting spell the senator never ad
dressed anyone, and his last words
were those of pain.
The news of his death spread rapidly
through the city, and was a great
shock to the public. Indeed, it was
hardly credited by his associates, being
regarded as a rumor. The matter of
breaking the sad news to Mrs. Plumb,
who is in feeble health, was a delicate
one, and was done through a telegram
toMaj. Hood, president of the Emporia
national bank at Emporia, Kan.,wheBe
Mrs Plumb now is.
Undertaker Wright arrived soon
after 12 o'clock, and under the direc
tion of the physician and the senator's
friends the work of embalming was
begun. About 2 o'clock a message was
received from Mrs. Plumb requesting
that the body be sent home as soon as
possible. The sergeant-at-arms of the
senate had been notified in the mean
time, unci when he arrived took charge
of the dead senator's paper sand effects.
TOPE$A, Kan., Dec. 21.—Senator
Plumb's death created a profound sen
sation here and has been the sole topic
of conversation among the politicians.
The hotel lobbies have been filled and
every possible contingency discussed.
Gov. Humphrey left the city Saturday
night but will retu\ to day. Those
who know the goveitior best say he
will be slow in making an appoint
ment. Under no circumstances will lve
call an extra session of the legislature,
as it is overwhelmingly alliance.
Nearly a score of possibilities have
been mentioned about the hotel lob
bies. Those most frequently men
tioned are: Ex-Gov. George T. An
thony, ex-Congressman E. N. Morrill
and Chief Justice Albert II. Horton.
Ex-Senator Ingalls' name is but little
spoken of. Other names mentioned
are: J. R. Burton, a young attorney of
Abilene, who was a bitter opponent of
Ingalls- ex-Congressman S. R. Peters,
of Newton George R. Peck, general
solicitor of the Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe Railway Company J. K. Hud
son, editor of the Topeka Capital and
ex-Gov. Thomas A. Osborne Hayes,
minister to Brazil. The legislature
which will elect a successor to Gov.
Humphrey's appointee convenes in Jan
uary, 1893, and will be elected next
fall. 1 here will be no holdovers either
in tht lower house or senate.
{Senator I'iumb was born in Delaware county
O., October 18. 1837, so that he was in his 54th
year at the time of his death. He was not a
collegu graduate, but left the common school*
for the printer's case,and in pursuance of his vo
cation as a iourneyman printer In 1856, in tht
bloody days of the, history of the newly organ
ized territory of Kansas, he v alked into that
territory. He plunged at ctaee Into the thick
of the political strife which then was waging
over the slavery question. He at once
went to the Iront and soon came a
member of the Leavenworth Constitutional
congress of 18,9. He was admitted to the
bar in lsei, when the place of his adoption
became a state of the union served ir the leg*
lslature In 1863, was chairman of the judiciary
oommlttee, and subsequently reported the su
preme court. When the war broke out he
entered the army as second lieutenant in the
Eleventh Kansas infantry and served
successively as captain, major and lieu
tenant colonel of the regiment, and was
commissioned a colonel of the regiment
in August, 1869. After the war Mr. Plumb, re
turning to Kansas, was el cted a member of
nsaH hou8e ot
representatives, and in
li?76 waB chosen Unite 'Slates senator to sue
cee 1 James M. Harvey, republican. He took
his seat in 1877 and has represented his state
ail a senator ever since that time. His term of
omoe would have expired March g, I8M5.]
The fmmunn
Paaaei Away at Hi. II«me
RACINE, Wis., Dec.
Case, a famous manufacturer^"?*
breeder of this city, died at hk i*
on Main street at 2 o'clock thi. ""I
ing. Mr. Case leaves a widow an,!T"'I
children. His son Jackson k
mayor of the city. The Uav f(P
funeral has not yet been fixed
Mr. Case was nearly 70 year,
He came to Racine in the '40s.
from a small shop in which he v3^
one threshmg machine at a time
factory grew until it now covers
»«•..» of ground, besides this
factory Mr. Case was the controlli
spirit in the plow works here, i
is estimated that his fortune am,
tj $5,000,000 or more. About fift
years ago Mr. Case began hreedi?
trotting horses and his stable *5
leasts such famous cracks as Jay-Fv
Sec and Phaiias. Mr. Case
rugged man of his age, and until a ft
days ago personally superintended thl
workings of his colossal factories.
How a Rascally I'air Got the Be*t
EL PASO, Tex., Dec.
A Nebraska .Man, Ills Wife and Their In.
fant Child Struck by a Train.
PAWNEE CITY, Neb., Dec. 22.— A. h,
Ferguson and wife were instantly
killed, and their 8-months-old child fa*
tally injured by a freight train on tho
B. & M. Sunday morning. Mr. Fer
guson, with his wife and child was on
his way to Pawnee City in a spring
wagon While attempting to cross the
railway track the vehicle was struck by
the engine and carried
Mcilean Hank.
22.-The bank-
ing firm of McManus & Sons,
0f Chi-
huahua, Mexico, was robbed of r,'y
Saturday. H.Charlton, the telc^
operate* in the town and a man name
Silver berg were concerned in the i6
The lirtu, early Saturday morning
ceived a telegram ordering them top^
Silverberg SUir.uO, it was
by the Merchants' national
of St. Louis. McManus & j$0Ds
refused to pay Silverberg the monev
until they had telegraphed the a
Louis bank about it In the course of
a few hours an answer was
that it was all right. Chariton
had de­
stroyed the banker's telegram and
waited a reasonable time when he
answ ered the message himself.
berg secured the money and
with Chariton. Both then left
Silverberg was arrested a short time
afterwards, but Chariton has thus far
eluded the police.
A Mob Takes Summary Vern^nce on Al
leged Cntiilnxlft at DeUitt.
STUTTGART, Ark., Dec A triple
lynching occurred in the DeWitt coun
ty jail Monday morning, the victims
being a man named Smith, his son-in
law named Gregory and a negro, Mose
Henderson. The latter, it appears,
had been arrested for attempting to
assassinate the divorced wife of hoiith
and made a confession implicat
ing the ex-husband and his
son-in-law. They were arrested
and. with the negro, were confined in
the jail at DeWitt. Monday morning
a mob of masked ineu seized the jailer,
made him deliver up the keys, after
which they went to the cells of tba
prisoners and riddled them with bul
lets. Smith wa.s game aud tried to
.save the l:ves of his companions by de
claring that he alone was responsible
for the deed, but the mob would not
heed him and killed all three men.
a mile before the train could be
stopped. The engineer ran to the front
of his engine and found the wagon
astride the pilot and the seat with its
occupants securely lodged in the de
bris. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson were sit
ting nearly upright on the seat, both
dead. Mr, Ferguson's neck was
broken. No marks or bruises were
found on his person. Mrs Ferguson s
skull was crushed to a pulp and htr
right leg broken.
Tim Michigan Supreme Ccurt Altirins the
Senifiice of Charles T. right f«r
LANSING, Mich., Dec. 23.—The su
preme court has affirmed the judgment
of the lower court in the case of th®
people vs. Charles T. Wright, the Aral
Benzie county, lumber king,
is now confined in the state prison
at Jackson on a life sentence for
killing Deputy Sheriff Marshall aDd
Dr. Frank E. Tliuroer in August, l®88
The tragedy was the result of an at
tempt by the deputy sheriff to If *7
some logs owned by Wright The case
created a great sensation owing to e
prom in ence of Wright and his victims,
and the murderer has exhausted every
expedient in a vain attempt to gain hi»
Kansas Farmers llapioly Kedaclng Thet*
Mortgage lndebteilnes»*
TOPEKA, Kan., Dec 22.-The Daily
Capital publishes the eighth roont -y
mortgage statement from registers o
deeds in fifty-one counties. This rep
resents about one-half the area of
state. It shows a net reduction o
nearly 8500,000 in farm mortgage in
debtedness in these counties
summary of the eight months
ported shows a net reduction of
M4 in fifty-seven counties,
period of six and one-half i^onths,or
the rate of nearly $10,000,000 of the e
tire state for* periodoitwelvelaaonuv8-

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