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Wm. W. DOWN IE, Publisher.
An old coin bearing the date of 17.J8
plowed up by ^r- Wade of
Boone county. Mo. The Inscription is
almost undecipherable, but It probably
carno from a Spanish mint.
Texnn recently lost his flue fnrtn
and all fate stock of implements at a
-game of poker, and he Is enthusiast
onough to be quite satisfied, regan*ng
fh« loss u a perfectly legitimate one.
By order of the German emperor
there has Just been placed in one of the
cabins of his yacht a plate recording the
ffcct that "Marshal von Moltke lived
here from the 3d to the 10th of Sep
tember, 1890."
Some 7,000 members of the British
Volunteer service have served contin
uously and efficiently for periods of
from 20 to 33 years, and it is proposed
to bestow a medal or badge on them
far long service and good conduct.
Ihere are more Swedes, Hollanders,
Bohemians, Norwegians, roles, Danes
and Welshmen in Chicago than there
are in New York. In all other elements
of foreign population New York is
ahead of Chicago.
The United States is the soberest
and most temperate country in the
world. The compact population of
England and Wales has a public house
for every 202 persons, while the United
States has one for every 450.
Another expedition of white people
left England a few weeks ago for Mo
zambique, Africa, as an advance party
ef settlers who are to colonize about
800 square miles of territory between
the rivers Zambesi and Sabi.
Excavations are now being made In
the famous two-headed hill mentioned
by Virgil, about eight miles from Tunis,
Many interesting remains hare already
baen unearthed, the largest being the
famous temple of Baal Saturn, in
which the Carthagenians worshiped.
The most fabulous gold strike
made In the Northwest is reported
from the Grand Summit mine on
Palmer mountains in Washington. Al
most a solid body of pure gold was
found at a depth of 200 feet A seven
pound piece of ore assayed produced
two pounds of pure gold, which Is
eoaal to $175,000 to the ton.
In the prison statistics of seventeen
itates, collated for the special purpose
ef examining the oft-repeated allega
tion that education increases rather
than diminishes crime. United States
Commissioner Harris proves that the
illiterate criminals are eight times as
many proportionately as the educated
Wood pulp is rapidly bccosnbMpr
jf the most universally used of manu
factured articles. Not only is it found
available j.or making many of the neces
saries and conveniences of man's life,
aside from newspapers, but it Is also
appearing in artistic cofflns in which to
bury him. It is interesting to note that
th'-re are very few areas of spruce
lumber in the United States west of the
The per capita of money la the
United States,, according to the statis
tics of the director of the mint. Is
$25.17. The debt, less the sinking
fund, is $12.12 per head. In Great
Britain the per capita of money is
$1$.00 and of national debt $87.79.
These accounts vary from month to
month and year to year, but tbe ratio
continues about the same.
Brilliancy of color Is obtained by
placing complementary colors together
and a combination of uncompleiuent
ary colors sulxlues them. Thus, when
given and red are placed side by side
each becomes brighter, but if yellow
be placed beside green It throws a blue
shade on the green and the green
throws a red shade on the yellow, both
thus losing some of their brightness.
A man who had lived much among
the negroes and observed their ways
declares that there are no people who
pride themselves on their social ranks
as they do. In the same tenement it
Is possible to find all grades—"low
down nigger," "common nigger,** "gen
tleman nigger" and "yellow fellra," to
uote their own nomenclature. The
are apparently traditional.
Home mnd Abroad.
i v w i v i V i n e e e w e a o n s u s e e i n
AH tmpnrtflnt Orrnrrence® of the
Pnwt Week, Rolled Down and Arr
anged for Bonding, From
The reserve fund of the
States treasury is increasing.
script ion
plete the Nicaragua canal
The acting director of the mint, Mr.
Preston has been authorized to make
counter bids to holders of silver.
President Cleveland has congratulat
ed the Italian representative, Baron
Fava, on his promotion to an ambassa
Important changes are to be made in
the eight military departments. Some
of the division commands are to bo re
Mrs. Frank Leslie is divorced from
"Willie" Wilde.
The work of rebuilding the burned
district of Fargo has begun.
Mrs. Merritt, wife of Gen. Wesley
Merritt, commanding the Department
Of Dakota, U. S. A., died at St. Paul.
Mrs. Martha Haworth, mother of
Joseph and William Haworth, the act
or and the playwright, died at Cleve
land, aged 72 years.
Mrs. Proctor, widow of the Richard
A. Proctor, the famous astronomer,
and the principal assistant in bis pro
fessional work, has been appointed cu
rator of the Proctor observatory at
San Diego, Cal.
Dr. John Mackintosh, author of the
"History of Civilization in Scotland,"
to whom $750 has just been granted
from the royal bounty, was originally
a working shoemaker. He struck lit
erature as a last resort and stuck to it
Count Leo Tolstoi, who has long been
a sort of elder brother to all distressed
Russian peasants, again signifies his in
tention of coming over to see the Chi
cago fair. He greatly admires Edison,
and says he would like to meet "the
The new prime minister of Norway,
Emil Stang, who has just undertaken
the arduous task of governing in the
face of a hostile majority until the gen
eral election of next year, has been
lor ten years the leader of the Nor
wegian Cuutttrvatives.
An insane mother in West Virginia
murders four of her children and com
mits suicide.
Macaffe and Parker, who killed Drug
gist liyster at Indianapolis, were sen
tenced to hang.
Irving Atkins, aged 19 years, com
mitted suicide yesterday at Dubuque,
la., by shooting.
August Chris, Charles Smith and
Charles Edwards escaped from the
Southern Indiana prison.
At Palmyra, Mo.. Adam Young, aged
twenty years, has been found guilty of
killing and robbing his father.
Harry E. Holmes, treasurer of the
Pittsburg Land Company, is believed
The grand jury investigating the Bush
lynching at Decatur, ind., indicted
Charles Brit ton, William Vest and
Thomas Att rbury.
A mob took William Shorter, colored,
from a sheriff near Harper's Ferry, Va.,
and lynched him. The negro Was ac
cused of assaulting a white girl.
A motion
Graves was
his attorney. It is based on the ground
tnat two terms of court have passed
Without the accused being tried.
for, Th?
Robert E. Buford, who murdered
United States Deputy Marshal Le
•tran^e at Webster, in Sumter County,
Fla.. in November, is*.HI, surrendered
end is in jail. He made a full confes
authorities of Brownsville, Tex., upon
the charge of robbery and desertion
from the Mexican army. When arrest
ed about $l»i,500 belonging to the army
was found upon him.
lllh ^I'i^ S IN A ISLlSIlLLL" lioth men were literally and frightfully
hacked and the recovery of either is
considered improbable.
The director of the mint rejects all Ala., by his friend and
offers of silver but one as being too ert Hudson, lhe slayer tttd th* oun
wh fry. but ventured to return last mouth.
i. proposed to n,be money by sub- 'vo^?£«£
rintion in the Ltnted States to com
to have committed suicide at Niagara »Peru, Ind., basket factory M. J. Pratt
Falls. ami his young son were instantly killed.
Convicts in the penitentiary at Colum- Henry Landkoetter, an employe of
bus, Ohio., tunneled under one of the the liiow Pipe Company of Chicago,
walls, but were captured while at- was drowned at (Juincy, 1U., while
tempting to escape.
Babe Hawkins visited Shelbyville,
Ind., to
brother, and a pitched battle between
Albert Wilson, formerly of Topeka,
Kas., who killed Richard L. Peyton in
a dispute over a claim a year ago, was
convicted of manslaughter at Tecum
•eh, Ok,
John Son tag, the notorious California
train robber, formerly of Ma nka to,
Minn., is mortally shot iu a light with
officers. Evans, his pal, escapes,
though wounded.
Harrington and put
four bullets through him. Harrington
died instantly.
A desperate and bloody combat took
place nt St. Joseph. Mo., between two
tailors, William Walsh and John Mo-
1 a 3
The grand jury is investigating the
Koesters family poisoning case at In
dianapolis, Ind. Annie atsky said that
she. and not the suspected muredeivss,
Anna Wagner, purchased rat poison
from Druggist Burst the day the last
member of the family died, lhe diug
gist denies her story.
Twenty-four years ago George Mor
ris was shot and killed at Wheelerville,
ag(Hl and
blind woman
named Amelia Chatham, and his arrest
Prince Ferdinand and bride were'
given a royal welcome on their arrival
at Sofia.
Emperor William will command in
pei-son the Sixteenth army corps at
the autumn maneuvers.
Turkey has declared a quarantine
against Marseilles. Two deaths oc
curred in France on Sunday.
Counsel for Great Britain and the
United States have closed their argu
ments in the Bering sea 'ase.
Thomas Sexton will not retire from
parliament, the Irish party haviug- re
scind^ the offensive resolution.
In the city of Mexico the report is
again current that the government is
negotiating for a loan of £2,500,000 ster
It is reported that the czar has decid
ed to abolish transportation to. Siberia
as a punishment for political and other
It is anrtontved that Canoi I'aolu
Emilio Bergamaschi has beju made
secretary of propaganda for the affairs
of Canada and the United States.
President Ezeta of Salvador has been
granted six mouths' leave to visit lhe
Chicago exposition and make an extend
ed tour through the United States. Con
gftss voted him jj!luu,ouo for expenses.
William Beardsley was drowned at
Buffalo by the capsizing of a boat.
Five men were killed by the ex
plosion of a saw mill boiler at Barnet,
The little town of Liberal, Mo., was
almost destroyed by a blaze of Incen
diary origin.
An Ohio Southern train was wrecked
near Jackson, Ohio, and ten persons
Were injured.
Leonard H, Tales, colored soldier at
Columbus, O., was drowned while bath
ing in a creek.
Ida Hamm, eight years old, was
burned to death at Trenton* |li, by
gasoline exploding.
The paratine works of Merriam &
Morgan at Cleveland were destroyed by
lire. Loss, $200,000.
R. T. Dameron was drowned in the
Saline river, near Saliua. Kan. Ills
home was in Franklin, Tenn.
The village of Rockdale, la., Tas in
undate^. by a cloudburst. Over a mile
of railway track was swept away.
The steamer Winthrop, of the Mal
lory Steamship line, New York, valued
at $12.",000, burned at Eastport, Me.
By the bursting of the boiler at the
The bodies of a woman and child
who had evidently been drowned were
found near Buffalo. Not far distant
was an overturned boat.
Patrick Lannigan, of Buffalo, had an
arm cut off in some manner unknown
to himself. He picked up the severed
member and carried it home with him.
The old Lei and castle of New Ito-
o avenge the lynchiug of his ch«lle, near New York City, the prop
and a pitched battle between erty °f Adrian Iselin, Jr., was partially
members of his band and citizens took ^stroyed ^y lire. It was occupied by
place. V S. Roberts as a boarding
school for boys and young men. The
Adrian iscim, jr., was partially
loss is $50,000.
A tremendous slash in passenger rates
Is announced by the great Northern.
The Pari® City Bank, of Park City
Utah, has failed with liabilities of
The suspended Canal Street Bank of
i* Dr. New York will probably resume busi-
made at Denver, Col., by ness in a few days.
It is reported that the Grand Trunk
Railway is likely to purchase the
i Brockviile, Westport & Soo road.
Col. Louis Ochoa was arrested by the by the adoption of a nine-hour
lhe new battle ship Machias made
15.404 knots an hour on her trial trio
a remarkable speed for a line-of- bau
tie vessel.
The remains of Gustav Ivoenig, a
well-known young man. were found ly- built by a Boston syndicate to defend
Ing beside the Hannibal tracks at St. Jo- the America's cup, was launched at
eeph, Mo. lie had been murdered and Philadelphia.
then robbed, after which his body was
placed on the tracks to be mangled by
the cars.
"Jim" Harrington, who had killed
twelve men, killed a dog belonging to
R. A. Cunningham, a cook at the (Jem
mine, Wallace, Idaho. Cunningham
"got the drop"
A census shows that the population
of Des Monies is 75,540. The figures
last year were 08,547, a gain of 6,072.
lhe stiike of Standard Oil Company
employes at Whiting, Ind., has been
The yacht Pilgrim, which has bee*
The Viking sjiip arrived at Naw
London, Conn., The little vessel ex
perienced some severe gales, but ba.
haved admirably.
The family of John Davis, seven In
number, residing on Jackson etreet,
Allegheny City, are suffering from
some kind of poisoning, believed to
(have been contained in some cheese
There was a lively scene in the 1111
nois House, two members eharriu* th*
speaker with using unfair methods to
advance the bill creating a department
i of insurance.
Many Hems of Interest Gathered From
Keffable Sources—An Era of General
Prosperity U the Universal Verdict.
The city council of Madison refuses to
pay extortionate rates for street light*.
The Brule county bank recently closed
its doors owing to the failure of the
Union Stock Yards bank at Sioux (ity.
Willie Hammer, of Herman,S. aged
19, and Miss Gay J'.ve, aged 18. students
in the state normal school at Madison,
were drowned in Lake Madison, a few
days ago. Both bodies were found.
Fears are entertained that a tanner
boy named Newel Haker living near Gary,
8, 1).. is drowned. He went tishiug two
miles from home, and at last accounts
liad not been heard from, although two
days had elapsed,
Wessington Springs fa now ft full fledg
ed incorporated town. The board of
trustees consists oi J. H. Wood burn,
chairman: F. W. Wliituey and H. ,1. Wal
lace. J. K Freeland is clerk and Ii. C.
Stephens is marshall.
L. Karr, of Yankton, S. D.t who was
severely injured in Kansas some two
months ago by falling sixty feet in a
mining shaft, has so tar recovered that
bis physician has d»«kled he can bfc
brought home with safety.
All of the Indians on the Sisseton
reservation will celebrate the Fourth ol
July at Sisseton, S. D. Thecitizcns have
purchased 20 beef for the great Indian
least. A large n umber of Chippewa* from
White Earth, Minn., will be present.
A few days ago the supreme court
denied the writ of error asked in the
Thompson murder case from Kingsbury
county and affirmed the finding of
the circuit court, which found the prison
er guilty and imposed the death penalty.
Donald E. Higbee, a student of Yankton
College, was drovned about six miles
from Yankton in the James river ,i few
days a,\ o. He was one of a surveying
party and started to swim theriwr with
a chain wlcu he was taken with cramps
and went down.
J. A. Perley, a promh' nt Elk Point.*
8. P., horse raiser recently received prob
ably fatal injuries from a maddened
broncho that he was Irving to rope in
his corral. The horse reared and jumped
full upon him, tearing the ribs from the
spine and inflicting other serious wounds.
A 2-year-old child of a German family
named Fay, living northeast of Red Held
has been missing several days. When
last seen the child was plnying with a
dog near thn river. The river lias Wn
dragged and search made ever since, but
the child had not been found at hist ac
The Governor has issued a requisition
for Dr. Fisher, of Canton, who was
captured at Doniphan, Mo. He is wank
ed for murder, as the result of a criminal
operation practiced upon Miss Minnie
Oleson, of Canton. The enm- was cm
mined shout n month ago and the
doctor has been a fugitive since that
Commencement exercises at the South
Dakota university at Vermillion were
held a few days ago, in accordance with
the "ogrmnme recently published. The
bnel/ lor degree was conferred upon ten
tWn, t'I
ft!" life™
ate judges of tv ail,..
land, Wsdnertnv, gj
county will be aliow^"^
larps and one for each 3
tion ther.K)f cast for p„t"
governor last Nove!tl
srere chosen e|mirn)(
committee to call
°n "I
A new hoard of trustees for Redfleld
college has beer, Voted as follows: Rev
Burtt of Huron, Sterns
Wood of Aberdeen, Robbins of Ashton
IjOottiis of OoltimTiin n i tt»
awheel are
For the month of May tlifl
entries, 24 more ihun (br
maximum made at this office,
of 40,000 neres. For tbe y
•July 1, 1^i)2 there were
entries or an average of -103
71 more each month in they
Chamberlain claims to lift"
greatest run made in the «f tfr
eluded, of course, the reserva™
ing in April "92, but already
fiscal year there are .'(,181 WE
average of a month.
tttul It. B. iwi SR^aold.'^There1'are
four new members.
Clark boasts of havmg more bicvcles
a,nd cyclists than any other city of fa
the state, there being nearly !00
Everybody rides, both young and old!
In giving this decision the court
ed to hold that all laws pa»w,!
last session, without the «"1'1
clause, w»ll not take effect uatil
The deei.'j'nn in this light at once
important and far-reaching i'1
There were 100 new lawn pas^
last session
templated during the summer Som^of
the young gentlemen have
considerable speed and mtuated
challenges from amnion °T)on to
point in tl.»SSto.
from an,
ratio,nl CoamnB A,B„clntiont.n»notifl.
rftti.. HnponlowU commits that the
association win
tlwit city in October
•rent great preparations k
Representatives "l ro™-,Z Tde'
a n a s o E u o e a n
Will be here. Arrangements '1
T)., was blown open a few nitrh+o
tat th. party did a han„li„B j„hV„Vdid
not secure anv bootv tk
the building and safe xr^ton i
nothing was disturbed No eh.^
leave it there Ti,,.,. "'seeurefo
worth of postage vtZnmin !\h°ntr
to the
"ate toaomln.
to accommodate 1,500 to 2,000 peopK
and consequently will not tnke
til July 1. Already sortie of tnjw
have Imn u acted on as though tw
in full force and effect. Here
the most important laws affected
Void tax sales, attachment
iugs, delinquent tax sales, «|U,(
•uranee policies, requiring re#*
deeds to turn fws m'eived
stracts into the general fund* Per
townshi])8 to organize insiirao
panies, the new school law, tn&
thirds of a jury may render
certain cases, judgments of
land. W. H. WilHor,
Si i
i I'lec'' ii
Planktngton. lsnne v
L. 1-. Wl.il,her, HkiZ
Wood. Rapid City \y
The South I» ikok
consists of sample „jWr
Wessington Springs
son normal, the Lmh,.^
the common school^,,
-The elect*
kb' The
then lac
^\uru- mty
but tiK-y
1 School E*hij
U pK'ctedJ'
voto f"r
with the exhibit of tb"
South Dakota at V.^
alcoves. There are ltm
of pupils work ouex!iil,illljnj
cases of excellent boinmca'
thing is now in pia„.
from the university, wLjvbJ
reach Chicago this*
the entire exhibit, m,]
com mended for thep.,,
its arraugemeut, is
jj -srhieli tl
68 Socii)
The First South Dakota*
Yankton Press ami
first homesteader it jipilarsi
kotu man. A Chieago dLspal
world's fair grounds of
that the man who took
homestead was a caller &t|
Dakota building "Wdmsda
his application the first day!
effective, January 1, 18G3,
million United States land
tract of land in what initowll
ty, nearly opposite Akron,]
leavit.g Dakota he has b'*nij
the vSioux City Journal, wfei
founded. He now reside in fl
southern Florida, arid Inis
cago to see tie fair. He will
til September. The inn'1 y
Mahlon (lore, who in 18fi2 'I
dent of Richland, now in ["nil
and was afterwards, for a few|
sojourner in Yankton. H«
xneinbered by the earliest
South Dakota'# Prospel
Sioux Falls Press:—Tim
business done by the land of
utate is a question which is
itatistics galore, fhnmbcrki
that her record of 229 entries
the boss in the history of the*
now comes Watertown with'
ing statement, which driveaCi
to the nwssity of inakiDf
The Watertown News mukes'
iug showii^g:
I the
bill. 4 1°
"nt Clericals
lHlate ic
vi\\ be
s ,inl
I s
'.v,rtM ito
•k„,p the
kit the n
-t.r the see
•i,E DUO1
|i .: the SV
Ib-atsof tht"
the boat
158!!* &hout a
,I?d above
up in an
,.tber thri
80D of
iy, iiboi
,\Uand i
b*!,. N.
8 found
city at
coalition, 1
i and dann
fee Brum
i was fc
a lbw
..rs wen
h: night
ted unt
rem. .U
re itnm of
fc-i-r the
I Siller. 1
A special dispatch from Pierre
supreme court has handed do*
port ant. decision. The case fl
brought up on motion to docidf
law passed by the last ieq'»lat'J
the emergency clause requiring
who desire to be admitted toff
this state to pass an examination
the supreme court became a la*
days after its passage nad &PPn
the governor or ninety days a
adjournment of the legislator
court held that the law did nct
effect-until .July l,or ninety d|l.vs|
the legislature adjourned.
ituy Biz
i* tO-dl
lie priii
not in
Important Declalon
•lowers 1
it works
ind enn
$100 i
v Isl
of pr
tiie sli|
the emergency
court, taxing peddlers, transfer0 1
funds, raising the age of
organization of state banks, j"r^
of city justices, relating to 'r
and execution, appropriation
ney'n fees, divorce, discharge oi rj
Rages, and appointment of atat
The law creating the offl™*0*
veyor passed without (lie «in'
clause but provided that the
nlujiild immediately appoint suco 1
J. Wallace of Jerauld county
appointed. It would s-ern '"1
the ruling of the court that "iwu"
ly" imuhI refer to the 1st ol July*

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