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.ERAI.D VOL. XV. Nt 2o
.-^SfsaaMi' mi rniiiT
'#'r i
a "4.
"fTTANTRD -A to work for tin winter as
fV a laboring iuah »r at iiiim work, by a
voting int'ti ~3 .Vu'irs of ago. Con give good ri:fer
cutes. Address
Vo 'tiny tt
Li I
I'lanti, Rrown Ji, M. 0.
IBTHAY—Came on to my 'promises flt the
Thofj. xmihvy f&tm, tirtoi tVnti'r To\VU«
fhip. about December 15,18ti5J, one black fruiter 2
years old past
3w. A. A. Fki.TON.
„OST NOTB.-WI pcrsotin nr«5 cautioned
{turphnsihg a certain mrt* given by
"William Thompson to I'ioRinn Mov«'r ir $ I iOTO,
«ti(l diut'd July 10, I813» due Oct 15, lSt-3, lis the
Biime bus been lost.
•yy^RSR FOR HAi.E-Good work mure for,
Jrl: «aJo cheap for cash oc will tr dc fo live
Milbank. S. 1).
OR^ES AN I) OATTLlS, inditing a reeiB
choap oil tun
II iisVn otnllion. ^foV Bale cheap oil tune
or to for laud
OK HORSES—UK) iic.n-9 of llm- farming land, y
#r,rrf r«a.y to crop- near Big tme i itv, ».-*).
For particulars address
iii^ Stone City, S. D.
socjrt now milch cows
.rrnd on rrr "two 'ood itrmrt niftres for
vhich I will pay wilh l"*irm!n_r Innd in Urunt and
Roberts counties. For iriu'^l-ir* «!'lre?s
ltig Stone iy S. D.
Wheat—No 1 Northern 4Sc No. 2,46. 'order in the Dauotau.
Wiss Edith Bnitlett-, d«tght*r of B. S.
Bart'ett, was married to I'avid Tee], a
locomotive fireman on the H. & B., last
John. Packard was dow^a from the
hills fsrsf of the week. John is fcell
ittjt wff his oiock and with his father will
^»0''tly l?o to Michtiran to live.
Messrs. G. M. Clark and F. W: A.
fejppe, started tuT last week fof the
Missouri river countrv, where they ex-
jjuhlifheit next week.
Wi'l Foa^er and wife, of MinneapoTIt*,
made a short visit to their «ld home at
MiLlank the ^rst ot the week, coming
sn Tuesflav afternoon «Mid returning
^Jho'ne the next m»»rnmg.
Mr. A. Rickert and vife of Corona.
*flme down last Tuesday and enjoyed
the O0d Fellows in3tsi 1 tion cxercises.
s, R, Taylor,
Don't forget the installation and re-j Mr. C. R. Hall, the druggist has been
ubi'»n of G. A. R. and Itelief Corps, to- |«njoying a family teunion during the
iDOrrow afternoon. jlioliilavs, two of his sons having he^n
here to spend he past week or two.
Aug Ante.man, who has for some time
been working in WO'HI Bros, hardware
store., h'is gone to inne-'i(*olH to attend
the business college in that e'^y.
Mrs John Wasem started for her 'old
home at Tower (-iiy, N- D., tt»« ^.r|L
the week- where s.ht" ir.teudH to vtJJj^ a
O. W. Antelman, the
month oi with litr ^fiigijter a«ui^t'l^r.juiiis ar^jms-fltejoplojmeiii,
pert to do a l»ttS« hunting for chickens township and see how many cows eould
-jnul o'hT.sitraft'' he assured the creamery if one w is
•*". *he countv commi^mers Vandusen, James
session all last week, and v«sterdnv were Uanor. Frank Smith and Aug. *ruipont
i to visit the poor farm fo'r examination were appointed a committee for this pur
Vund consultation. Proceedings will
Or'onviile elected oflk-ers last week as
folioA"a Mayor, N. G. Anderson Re
corder, W. C. Fraser Treasurer, E. J.
Millet Councilm''tj. P. M. Orton, J. W.
"Bantley and A. L. Shumaker.
R. Mortell took his little son to Mia
in»apoii» last Tu«-sdaV^ where fh® boy
will undergo furtlier treatment for his
stomach which was injured lust summer
by accidentally swallowing some lye
-The coKnty judge lias removed his
office from the court liou«e to the hank
of Milbank bmldin-j:, and the room for
ttierly occupied liy him will bo used by
the tjlork tf courts, am' 'be latter s room
by 'he superintendent of schools,"
Young, and Messrs. Put-
naui, |Hason .Johnson
£l)c Ikrafy
I BA NK,,*. 1)., F1? I
Mrs. K'jelor, is enjoying a visit to
Sisseton, where hersott Herbert is now
W. B. Saunders is feeling very proud
just now over the arrival of a promising:
jrountr son at his home last week.
The W. C. T. U. will hold its ..next
regular meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 17,
at 3 o'clock p. m. with Mrs. Norton
A spepial train with land seekers was
taken up the Whetstone branch yester
day morning and brought back in the
eveninir. The party are expecting to
locate on lands northwest of Wilmot.
As an observance of the week of pray
er union services are being held the first
three evenings during the week at the
M. E. church and the balance of the
week at the Congregational church, Rev.
Nazerene conducting the servicts.
James Patten, publisher of the Odd
Fellows World of Aberdeen, a new pub
lication devoted to the interests of the
three link order, was visiting among the
Odd Fellows of the citv last week. Tne
new publication presents a very credit
able appearance, and contains many
matters uf interest to members* paying
,particular attention to affairs of the
One of tl.em, Claude R. Hall, is from
Duiuih, where he is in the emjjloy of the
American Express Company, and the
other, C'arence E., i« in th»* drug busi
ness at Yankton. 1'ne boys both reir.rn
to their duties this week.
Dr. liose came in from Vast the
I first of the week to spend'a short time in
Milbank. His lather whose recent ill
ness called the doetor away a week or MI
ago, Is now much improved.
who have been to Chicago of
doctor brings report of the extreme
destitution of large numbers of the
wording people of that city, whore thoii--
harness-maker, life.
fctarted Tuesday evening for Hot Springs,
Ark., where heexpec'sio remain for some
lime nud-receive treatment for a chronic
upon charity lor the necessities of
The farmers of Melrose township
have inaugurated a' plan to build and
o erate a creamery. A meeting was
held last TUfesuay at the home of Aug."
Fruipont with this object in .view and
the matter was talked over, A com
mittee was appointed to canvass the
al il
t(|0 lI
the Nassau
lodge,Vero also welcome guests at this
Dr. 8heH*ttd,yhi has .Wen Buperin
lendent at the Sisseton Agency for the
past- two yea'*, received notipd from
I Washington the first of the week that
his services were no longer needed at
the agency. The removal is for political
reasons undonutedly as these hard 'irnfes
(Jhtere are a good many democrats who
aw out of a job, antl a n«naber of ap
ptfbniionM hal been seat tn fi»r posi
ti«o. Dr. Shalland and wito came -wn
fNm II« Agency Wednesday on their
«af Aberdeen, wLere the family will
meeting to be held at
A U tl-io mot wliAn
A. E- Vandusen's on the 25ld inst., when
if the indications are favorable tnat a
sufficient nu nber ot cows can be secured
to make it succ* ssful a creamery will be
built at some convenient point and
•placed in operation. The enterprise is
a commendable one, and indicates that
to the
nocessit of diversifying their farming
operations and not relying"*upon the Mis*
I tig of wheat alone.
m,rg jf vinirose are alive
HiMiiliU of k*i thiiU.
Banner Lodge No. 01. K. P. "Of Ibis
city installed oflicers Wednesday ovfen
ing us follows:
C. a—Ed. P. Dore
V. C.—E, A. Benedict ...
Prelate A. Smedley, jr.
M. Ar.—Walter Burrows
M. W.—Wm. Eddington
K. H. & S.—
C. J. Smedley
M. F.—Harry Hoctim
M. E.—Geo. M. (. lark
I. G.—Patrick Dumphy
O. G.~ Fred Lindquist
•Q. L.'Rep—S. L. Lo iiliart and 0.,
GraiiK« I»*»^llaHa|i.
Melrose Grange will meet at the bottle
of Mr, E. Kelley in Melrose to^ns^ip
ut 11 a. 4«. o'clock, at which tjmef oilicers
thereat' will be installedf the inslal-
lacion to be followed by d.hnur,
Following are the observations of tern-'
perature for precedimi week, taken by
J. W. llurlbut, ouservor lor United
States signal service:
V" -v
The dMh pwce«ug figure* ladies kri&jm
I. O ». F.
N G—8. M. Pasco.
V G—G. VVoou.
Sec—Geo. Fanset.
.Treas—O. NV. Antelman.
Ward- Hans T«sdal.
Conci- lii Layman.
RS N (}-Ge.». Uix.
S N G—•Ed4jinan:
RSS—Vl.B Baird.
LS 8»—W. F. Rust.
I -B. S. I3artlett.
S V G—R. Hick*.
S V G--W. J. Carrick.
The officers of the Ilalwkah
were inst illed is follows:
N (4 —Miss Ede Port.
V Miss Lizzie port-.-,,
8ec—Mis* Mina Fanset,v
Treas—Mrs. S. M. Pasooi
'"iifard—Mrs. W. F. Hust
An liitereniliiis: I&etiC.
Chamberlain, S. I)., Ian. 4.—A tfpsf
dent of Madison, named Geo. Clark,
secured pyssestion of an interesting reltc
while on a hunting trip. On the Mis
souri river lives a ranchman and store
keeper named Skinaer, from whom Clark
secured the relic-a necklace atone time
worn hy the w.fe of Sitting Bull. The
necklace is composed ot seven strands of
white heads, whicn hang in a festoon
and attached at the hides to a leather
strap. There Is also a circular piece of
shell or hone about three inches lh
diameter, up»u which is fastened a
bright red foather.
The above is an ite 1 that is gomg the
rounds of the press, tJnd is correct with
the exception tnat the Geo. M. Clark
spoken ot should be credited to .Milbank
instead ot Madison:'
V, A N. !2, I H\H.
Where the
A J«inl Bnslallulioii of OfficW*
tin 'l'L» n'v- lii !i
Last Tuesday was Odd Fellows night
and Sylvan lodtfe together with Har
mony Rehekah degree l'di:e» hud invited
their friends and families trf be present
while they installed officers for the en
suing term in the regular fwm providw
tor public nstailation, Mnd wi'h 1), G.
M. Downie acting as installing oflicar.
The officers of the subordinate lodge are
as follows:
C«%d-Mrs. W. W. Hownfe
RSNG -W. W. Down'#
ISN G—Mrs. J. D. Bu»|bardt.
Chap—-Hi f,ayman.
I G-W. Rust.
G--.T. 1). Bnrkhardt.
8 V G—O. VV. Antelmajfl.
LS V G—Mrs. E. irnham.
vlft-'r the work ot installation Mrs. S.
M. Pasco, the Misses Ede and Lizzie
P'ri and Miss Maud Rust, jfavored the
bulges and their visiting triads with a
number of musical selecjtons. between
Like all the rendering of v\hich Ur«j. |ii Layman
late the head a short essay on Odd Fellowship
and the Deputy Grand M^ter performed
a similiar service for the iiela-Uahs, h*
th« on umon of which the lotlges re
paired to the Hotel
Altroriivcd Letter Liti^
Letters remaining uncalled for in the
Mi'bauk Post Office,-,)an. 11, lblM:
Smith, Je.j .Mi,-..
In calling for any of ths above please
say ''advertised" and give date of adver
tisement. It not culled for in lilteen
days will be sent to dead letter oilice.
J. BL£SPB P. M..
We pay 20 cetita ffir e^gs find-26 'cents
for butter in goods at tho lowest price.
Mpnoy. to l^an on Yeal estate on the
instaiihittnt p.&B»
For larm l«»an»c»li at Farmers Bank
and get rates and plan.
Very desirable rooms
hardwaj* **«•*,
rent ever
Prud»# whee
th« friet theV «it, down- to a most
enjoya le supp»r. The partv numbered
between sixty and seventy, and the large
dining room yi'as j'jht comfortably fille'i.
The tables presented a very invitWiir ap
pearance, and w^rS loaded with delica
cies, prepared ard arranged in i» most
tempting mannei,i""' The supper ifl every
way was heartily «»njoed by all. and
evoked many compliments front those
who partook of it^nd the Odd Fellows
are indebted to Mrts. Proud for no small
share in making the occasion as it #as
one of thorough enjoyment an^ldn^to
be remembered.
Conic From.
Every year D. M. Ferry & Co issue an
Annual for the convenience and instruc
tion of these who plant seeds. It is ore
pared by the most competent authors,
and is tightly 'o"ked upon as a standard
authority on the most profitable things
to plant, and the best way to cultivate
them. This book is sent tree of charge
to all wl.o send their nnme and address
to the above mentioned Arm. y
#5.00 in Value for 8.30 in Ca»ll.
Look here. We have an offer to make
our subscribers that is the best of the
spfiso t. Come in and pay a vears sub
scription in advance to the I Tim.u.d-Ad
VANCE and we will send you the. "Dakota
Farmer" ft^e for one ear. For 25 cents
additionaf^Ce will send you al^o the
Farmers premium collection Northern
Grown rden or flower Seeds, which
would cost 81 HO at retail. Ff?r another
25 cents we will send another Farmer
premi'un, a boos of World's Fair views,
worth SI.00. The resrulnr ptice of the
Farmer is $1 00 n year. It comes twice
a month, and is edited entirely in the in­
of drUa agriculture' The re-
gu'iir price of the
8200. Of course vou know the value of
this naPer and want it anvwav. Add
these together and you "will find that we
oft'-r yon S-5) 00 ib vilue for 50 in cash.
Th«*.se things ar* what you need and
onirfit to have, andvyon can--certainly
aff rd them at this pri^e.
The Clark Pilot, Review, n its obitu
ary of the l«te Judge Bennett, says:
Tne Pilot Review wishes tr» be classed
among the mnnV friends who would pnv
tribute his memory. Judge Bennett
was a man of intellect, integrity and
sterling worth. His mind was broad
sruaged. and the width included in the
scope of his thoughts encompassed most
subjects upon which other master minds
have studied. His hands have played
unon manv keys and touclned many
chords. Wlul0 not a cenius he was, if
anything, o^isrinal. He was selfreliant,
hut not arroAfnt. By nature he was
di/nf?IeVi in s9li a manner as to fittingly
fill his last pjf'tion, and yet lie w»s as
easily approached as a child, and the
commonest laborer received from him
equal conl'fesv as was gi' en his peers
An indomitable worker, whether at the
plow, in his office or on th^^^nch. he
the ois'incti^ii'he attain­
ed. Although not c(H|terjf!6us ho stood
bv his convictions, and the onlv surren
der he ever made was at the death onni
versnrv, December 31s|, 1893. when he
closed the year, his term of office ana his
life. i
Besides possessing «H these commen
dable chnrrieteristirs ho was a domestic
man. Home to him was larger tbap
earth, and 1 ve greater than honor.
For him there needs b»* maue neither
excuses nor apologies. There is no
blackened pairo that must be taken from
his history and no if, great or small, to
cast a cloud upon his title to the highest
type of American citizenship. We rev
eren'lv place a flower upon his casket, n
tear on his grave and hang upon the
walls of memory the picture of a great
and good man..
The !fooon Itan firinri«toiie.
There are few persons in tlvi3 day .of
ventures whose noses are not on the
grindstone. A man lias bought a piece
of land without means enough at hand
to pay for it. He borrows the money
on mo::gage und hopes to pull through.
But. he must live, and many unsuspected
uses of money divert his payment from
the 'and. Interest runs on and accumu
lates, and turn as he may. his nose is
kept steadily on the grindstone till some
thing happens to relieve him—if it is
nothing betterth&& tho sale Of tl)e land
at heavy loss.
A man builds a house, counting upon
an income for years not less than he has
at present But the nnforseen happens,
and his nose is kept on the grindstone to
the utter destruction of the enjoymert
he expected in the use of the house.
Another man insures bis life, presuming
upon a continued inflow ot money for
years to come. But manv things con
spire to make it very hard for him to
wake the annuul payments, till perhaps
he irives up the unequal ellort and takes
a paid up policy «s the bait way out of
(be difficulty.
A young laly with a preca.iousi icome
from teaching a few* music scholars,
conclude* she must ***#•', ft piano, atrj
Consolidated April Ji, 1890
is persuaded to buy one on the monthly
payment, plan, giving iror note and mort
gaging the piano. !5he makes a few pay
menis and begins to realize that her nose
is on the grindstone. But she per.-evers
and saves, hoping to get through, till at
last the dealer gets the piano bnck and
is gainer by all the monthly payment#
the poor girl made.
The good housewife thinks she can hot
shine with tier neighbors until she gets
a suite of fancy parlor upholstery, to sit
like faded idols inkier best room. She
buys upon tlui J^klv or monthly pay
ment plan, aiM pays much more than
the cash price.* She now has' her nose,
il not her hardworking husbanl's, upon
the grindstone till the goods are paid
for or taken back by the wily dealer who
is so much the gainer for her folly.. So
the stone turns and turns and noses are
ground thin and H^t. People are living
too fasfr. Thev have too many wants
which they luingin" to be needs. Until
we get back to old-time simplicity and
caution, our whole faces will be ground
by the wheels of shrewd traders and
agents whose business it is to find aspir
ipg men and women of some present
income, bat large expectation not to be
realized.—W. O. To bey Herald and
Two Paper* for 13.69,
cago Inter Oce .n tor one yonr for $2.00
to all new subscribers.
i To all old subscribers Who are' delin
quent and who pay up for one y&r In
advance the same terms will lie given.
This clubbing ofler will hold good for
but a short time and subscribers wish
ing to take advantage ot it,
should do s«
at once.
A creuin of
Highest of all
tartar baking powder,
in leavening strength.
—LatestUnited Stqte* Government JKWxf
Royal Bilking Powder Co.,
Wall St., N. V.
Far Over Fifty Year* --c
been used for children teething. It
sooth*«^i*tlio child, softens thegums,allays
all yain, cures wind olic, and is the host
remedy for Diarrhmi. Twenty-five cent#..
a bottle. Sold by all druggists through'
out the world.
in«r To Loan,
v M-.Clark has money to loan
farm land for 1,2,3 or 5 years.
Buy Your
"\afid ROBES
Of O. A- KE1
The largest stock in Grant
county. .f"
All Brown Duck 'Wool-V
Lintjd Blankets at $1.00 each.
wool Shaixttl -Blankt
at 85c. e^cli.
All Robes giiarantt'Q^^ ^)e
the BEST in the
Harnesses of W(ywn
'•t,f to.
-a V:-
are made of tJr feto :I:
and are
S20.00 ^*tory

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