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April 27th, 18M.
Either your correspondent diil not
write plainly or the compositor was a
little off Inst week instead of the Big
Lion being on the rampage it should
have been the Uig Sioux. The only
freaks we have over here are gophers,
coyotes and a stray man ttoat, voted for
tirover in 181)2.
{Seeding s nearly done, wad breaking
is the order of the dsiy.
Nels Fore arrived from North Dakota
and has begun working on his claim.
Norwegian Lutheran church was well
attended last Sunday morning.
Mr. Lars Tauberg paid Webster
Visit Saturday last.
The schools are well attended.
There seems to be considerable com
plaint about bad roads and the lack of
bridges in this township and the^e com
plaints are well founded The township
authorities have done everything in their
power to remedy the matter but have
not the funds to work only in a limited
way. It Blooming Valley and Lura
townships must pay their share of Grant
counlv's old debts why shouldn't the
county help them out on a few bridges
over the Sioux
The writer has lived
here two years and lias yet to s^e the
first county commissioner in this part of
the county. Posttbly "out of sight out
of mind."
tor business here,
Wilmot Reporter, April 28,1H91
Juhi* Atkinson and his mother moved
out to tne claim on Vlonday.
Capt. McKusick has set out two more
trees in trottfc of his building on main
Mrs. H. E. Jones received a telegram
yesterday announcing the death of her
at or near Battle Creek, Mich.
Section foreman Reedy, left for Fair
mount, N. D., with his family yesterday,
where they will locate for tho present.
J. C. Knapp. of Milhank. agent for
the Travelers Life Ins. Co., was rustling
Cut this out and paste it in your hat.
It may come handv some day. Summit
is 2002 ft. above sea level and Big Stone
Lake 9SG at the foot.
Jno. A. Munro, Assignee, ha* closed
out the .affairs of the old Bank of Wil
mot, paid all creditors in full, and receiv
ed his discharge from the court. It is
just one year since the bank closed.
Foreman H. R. Drum has been busy
this week with a crew of six men remov
ing the stock yard to the west side of
the track—The 6pur track on the east
n de will be removed. The removal of
the coal shed, yard and turn table makes
A decided change in the looks of things
in that vicinity.
Mr. Hecht icf'WRied us that his early
sown wheat is coming along nicely. He
•ook some that was sown before the
freeze-up and put it in a box in the house
and it has grown to a height of five or
tix inches.
A. A. Hays, who has been out from
Minneapolis for a week, l'-cking after
liis real estate iutcresls in this neighbor
hood, departed for home Wednesday.
He is quite enthusiastic over the future
prospect* of the country.
Kevllio Oounuit, April *X,
llnw about the Revillo base
used up and way suffer tne amputation
of the injured leg. While assisting to
hitch up the same team later one of the
Bamberger boys was severely kicked.
May, 3,18U4
G. A. Yonker is around again.
H. B. Crippen has returned again.
He has bought the Furber place.
As soon as the weather permit?, the
brick yard will commence work again.
A. Gold is putting up an aditiou to
is house.
John Movius, who has been visiting
his mother, went home Wednesday.
The Big Stone City Band is making
rapid progress in playing.
A. A. Ide, who tradfd his hotel in
Summit for the G. Hawes house moved
into it Tuesday.
S. F. liadcliff is giving the M. E.
church a new coat of paint.
Wtn. Gregath, while working in the
brick yard had uis liaod badly hurt,
which will lay him up for a week or so.
F. Hatz is in town looking after his
interest here. He will shortly return
R.. HunziKer has gone to Bath, S. D.,
to look after his property there.
Wlio wast He!
Waubay, May 1. A man about 40
years old was found dead fourteen miles
souhtwest of Waubay on the prairie.
He had a span of horses and wagon and
$40 in gold, but no papers, and 8s yet
Coi oner Herman is unable to find any
trace of identification.
Minneapolis Tribune: Indiana is no
exception to the rule, and gives sweeping
Republican pluralities which are equiv
lent to a state plurality of 30,000.
"Carry the news to Voorhees!" That is
the cry from Voorhees' home city, Terre
Haute, which whirled about and gave
the Republicans 1,100 plurality on the
entire city ticket and every alderman ex
cept two. Old Jeffersonville, which an
cient Democrats say never went anything
but Democratic before since 1824. and
was looked upon with true Bourbon
couple of days this pride as the banner city of Democracy,
this aoamaf Wake up boys.
Mrs. Henriekson and children are
making a week's visit with friends in
Delhi, Minu.
Postmaster Tennenon of Albee is ac
count todatirg the patrons of that office
carrying the mail here during the
Oreat Northern strike.
Capt. Van Etten, sometimes called the
••j^aicotaCyclone," delivered prohibition
lectures here Tuesday and Wednesday
nights. The gentleman lias his subject
well in hand and while we believe that
lie (old much truth nothing was more
thoroughly7 believed than his own state
ment that he is a crank on his subject.
Signal. April 27. lttU
George 11
awes and A A. Ide consu
tnafed a real estate d**! thm wet-k where
by Mr. Hauea becomes possessed of the
ftuiumii House and Mr. Ide gets&ehoice
residence in Big Stone Cny. Mr. Ide
wilt move lo his new home next week.
Mr. Hawes says he intends to move his
family here aod become a bona fide resi
dent of Summit.
Quite an accident tmptjened to L.
I5oi e of Watertown while in Antelope
Valley hist Friday. A pair of wild bron
chos which he u u& driving ran away with
btm, throwing him out and breaking one
#4 his legs so badly that pieces of bone
twotruded through the tiesh and stuck
tftto the ground. Mr. Boioe was tadlj
took a freak and elected every Republi
can candidate on the city ticket and
every alderman except one. At Port
Wane the Republicans overcame a cus
tomary Democratic plurality of 2,5u0 in
a total of 8,200 voters.It is estimated that
16,000 Democrats were converted to the
Republican ticket and changed complex
ion of the state from Democratic or
doubtful to reliably Republicans.
America* Labor Interests und the Home
Industries Are Not Considered—The Ha
waiian Muddle Is the Most Kecent De
velopment of Anglomania la Washington
Since March 4, 1893, on tho incom
ing of the present administration, both
the foreign and internal policy of the
country appears to have been formu
lated with a view to a consideration of
the interests of foreign countries rather
than of our own country. This has ap
peared not only in one instance, but in
many instances. Setting aside such lit
tle matters as the exclusion of China or
Japan tea from the White House kitch
cn and the exclusive uso of Ceylon tea,
because it is English, you know, wc
find that a similar policy only on
The most important feature
Sot only has this most extraordinary
step been taken, which
uncalled for and merely an act to curiy
favor with what is English, you know,
but at the same time tho secretary di
not «veu have the common courtesy to
submit a copy of his report, even after
publication, to the lawfully recognized
of the Hawaiian Island,,
who is located at the seat of go\ era
meat. There was a direct insult given
to the other country
Such are some of
larger scale and one of greater signifi
cance has been carried into our affairs
of state.
tariff measure formulated on English
free trade lines, without any regard or
consideration for the interests of Amer
ican labor or American industries. Hav
ing changed our system of currency to
conform with that of England, it was
only natural that the same model should
serve on which to fashion our methods
of revenue. The result, it has been
found, would have been insufficient to
supply an income equal to the expend
itures of our country. This also is Eng
We also have the suggestion made to
forestall the revenuo by an issue of
short term treasury bills. This method
of spending one's income before it is
earned is also of English origin.
The latest Anglomaniac development
that has emanated from Washington
this year has appeared in connection
with the Hawaiian muddle. It appears
that the first published report of the sec
retary of state on this
subject was shown
to and approved by the British embas
sador at Washington before it was hand
ed out for publication for the informa
tion of the American people. We thus
have a plain case of an act undertaken
by the United States government and
supposed to bo for the best interests of
tho United States and of tho American
people first submitted for tho consider
ation and approval of the representative
of a foreign country, and that country
which the report was made, while ser
vile flunkeydom was effusively display
ed to the representative of England, v/ho
had no earthly concern in the matter so
far as either the United States or the
Hawaiian Islands were concerned.
gross exhibitions
on the part of the
present Democratic administration, as
effusively and offensively displayed to
the American people. For other in
stances we need only examine careful
ly tho new tariff measure, formulated
on English free trade lines and designed
mostly to assist foreign trade at tho ex
pense of our own. The
terances of Benjamin Folsom, cousin
in-law of President Cleveland, that A\eie
made on our national birthday to the
acturers at Sheffield, are too sure
ly becoming realizations, and his con
gratulations to tho English manufac
turers were by no means out of place
fro»n his own standpoint, or that of his
or their party. There
are no words of congratulation for
American manufacturers or for Amer
ican laborers. They may condole with
one another while waiting for the co*V
gressional elections of 1804.
Time Table II. A Division C,,
1*. Kailwuv*
I'assonner— Haily 12:01 am
Passenger—Daily ex. Sunday 10:80a
Freight—Daily ex. Suuday ... 1:05 pm
Passenger—Daily 2:43a
Passenger—Daily ex. Sunday i in
Way Freight—Daily 11 ..*0a
Leaves Milhank 10:11sa
Leave Wilmot 11:55 a
Arrive Sisneton 12:55 ni
Leave Sissctoii 8:00
Arrive Wilmot 8:55 ni
Ar. at
These trains rati Mondays, Wednesdays, aud
Frtdavfl of each week
Still On The Top
With a full line of
I always carry a full stock of
Hand Made Farm Harnesses.
Good work and low prices.
We aim to do good work on
(•heap grades of Harnesses.
We have, at this time, one set
of second hand driving har
Pioneer Harness Maker.
Car of Hour anil feed tlii Best
Daily Bread 90c. a sack Low Grade 50c.
Shorts, §12.50 per ton or 65c. per 100
Bran $21.50 per ton or 60c. per 100.
Prices alwavB he lowest.
For the convenience of those living
near Twin Brooks we have put in a line
of lanrly medicines, all of which are
guaranteed to be of the best in use and
consisting of Dr. T. H. McLeans
Sarsaparilla, Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Strengthening Cordial. Vegetable Con
dition Powders. Universal Oil, Tar Wine
Lung Balm, Liver and Kidney Balm,
Liver Pill*.
Also Begfrs Family Medicines, such as
Cough syrup. Blood purifier. Tropical
•oil. Diarrlm'.i balsam, Little Gi»nt pills,
German saloe. Wofm candy. Court plas
ter, Shaving soap. Ilawkeve condition
powders. Quinine, Ext. Vanilla, Glycer
ine, Benzene. Castor oil, Snirits of cam
phor, Hive syrup, Arnica. Borax, Coper as
Rosin. Carbolic ncid. Belladonna plaster,
Soothinsr syrup, Jamaca jimper, Chicago
horse liniment. Petrolatum, Ext. Lemon,
Lnu'lanum. Olive oi'. Turpentine, .Sweet
oil. Spirits of Mitre, Tine. Aconite, Sul
phur, Alum, peter, Epson salts,
assorted .Tug Corks, &c.
When you wish anything in this line
p'ea'e call and see us. It is always our
aim to please our customers bv giving
tli^m good goods and at such low rices
that, they will lie convinced that to look
further is needless.
Keep Your Eye on Rrd Front.
It is much the best.
Twin Brooks, S.
Real Estate and Loan Agt|
Sells and Buys Land.
Pays Taxes for
Money to Loan on Approved Security.
Abstracts of Title of all Lands and Town Lots in G*av
Correspondence Solicited.
Offlcc one door South of Farmer's Bank, MMm\l
We have commenced to receive an
and among these goode we liave a particular tin.- lot
Men's Youths and Boys
And Three Case" of
Of our own brand, and which we are enabled to
to be just what we represent them.
Call and see our
At Prices Lower than evsr.
Groat Semi!
Hard Times, High Prices and Big]
Can't Lxist in This Town Because
We have got the goods and make]
the prices
That Saves the People Money.
Have Yon Seen Our New Stock i|
Dress Goods, Clothing,
Shoes, Gents Furnishings,
Hats, Hosiery etc-
An immense line of new
seasonable goods at close,
money saving prices.
And Don't You Forget It.
Minneapolis Bargain
lAhl) VOL
anuk VOL.
v ijF. OK 'VI
•j.'.i '.-boicc.
immense sto.-k
)MK 1
guar ,::
liiirn 1
mouths i
"X' Samut
||i 1 into til
n havitu
her ok
•d Fitch,
sis in Mi
to A
c« week,
hi Lavoia
e 1. O.
Wi'Hli 1

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