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.HANK S. J).
W. W. v 11:. Ivi 11 "i' and '1'
FliiDAY, MAY 11. !«S!4.
The democratic state convent
i held at Sioux Falls, Sept. 5th
K. Conwr, editor of the tJoiden
Sheaf, of Clark, died fit his home in 'lvit
c'.tv on Miiv -ttii. He had been ill but
couple of weeks wuh pleurisy.
I-'.vn the common whalers belief
hoping up with the procession, am
ctlioers of a California detachment, skip
pod out with the fund*. aniountimr to
about $000.
The latent edition of the tarift bill
makea some 100 chatters from the one
(ii't^inully adopted by ihe senate coni
»„ittee. The sugar trust gets another
donation, but the wool grower is lelt
here Prof. WiNon put. him.
Obiu^ .'•• i kles sugar irn-.t agents
K"|l off in* grass when i«-y visited
Washington, and they got what they
wanted from the seiiale committee, while
oxio with all his noise only got arrested,
The sugar trust had been to Washington
I elox'e, C'oxie hadn't.
The same old story comes from Sioux
Fulls, of charges that the funds collected
irotn the liquor sellers have been misap
propriated and used as a corruption fund.
So notorious became the facts th it ihe
laboring men's union the other night
assed resolutions demanding that the
monoy be paid in the police court, and
go from these into the citv treasury.
li will be remembered that a couple
were married in the Ferris wheel at the
world's fair last summer. The Chicago
ndee who refused to grant them a di
vorce gave Ins reason for
doing as fol­
tind by the testimony this case
is beyond uiy power to It* In the
evidence it appears that thr uj le was
married two hundred and hfly leet
.bove the level of the ground, anu there
s no authority vested by which this
court can assume jurisdiction over events
beyond this earth." Ex
A reeent oimetallic convention held in
London, is one of the uiont favorable
signs for silver that has been seen for
tome lime. It indicates that the Eng
lish people are awaking to the fact that
die demonetization of siiver by the na
tions is not even a paying movement tor
them. The conservative party, or at
ioast their leaders, are favorable to a re
turn to bimetulism, and as able a conser
vative as Mr. Balfour, at the convention
We [Great Britain] ought to enter into
an agreement with the countries of the
world for a bimetallic joint standard.
The solution of the problem is easier
than it will be five years hen^e. Great
is the responsibility of those who keep
England in stupid, Bullish isolation in
!his great question.
When Great Hritain, who was the first
to start on the road of monometallism,
becomes convinced of its disastrous
effects, and seeks lo retrace her steps the
other nations of Europe will not be slow
t) follow.
According to the lat census. Sor.th
ikota had a population of 3:!S,S!)8, of
which 180,230 vere males anil 148,558
were femuies. Of the 180.250 males,
110,151 were single, 50,947 married, 3,818
widowed and 42'i divorced. Of the 148
•V3 females. 84,778 were single. 58,290
married, 2,120 widowed and 328 divorc
ed Of the total population, nearly 55
per ceut is male and over 45 por cent is
female. Of the male population, 6o}£
per cent was single, 33 per cent married
a little over 2 per cent widowed and less
than one-fourth of 1 per cent divorced.
Of the famale population, 57 per cent
was single, 40 per cent married, over 6
per cent widowed, and something over
one-liftli of 1 per cent divorced.—Sioux
Fa'Is Press.
Nothing: Improper.
Concerning the discussion with refer
ence to Mrs. Lease's claims that she is a
Mason, a correspondent ot the Lako Cry
stal Union c-.tlls out the opinion of that
paper as to ,whether it is proper for
women to belong to the order. It con
cludes that it is not improper, and cites
a quotation from the Emporia Kansas
Gazette to prove it. '*A number of
women," savs the Gazette, "have written
to the Fort Scott oouimandery since
Lease announced her membership ask
ing if ihere is anything improper with
the initHtion for women. Certainly not.
There is some little inconvenience hut
nothing improper. Stwdley's Exposure
of Masonry, page 801, says: "The candi
date is stripped ol clothes, liis feet tied
Vueatli the belly of the goat, and his
iiiands to the horus. A cockle
then placed beneath the roat s tail and
th« oriental match begins. Every time
the goatgf es "bah, ball," the right guard
and the left guard smite the candidate
on the rear breast, "biff, biff.' with
bloody towels. Certainly there is noth
ing improper about this for women—who
like that sort of ihing."
Stall- Weather
Above the average temperature and
sufficient rain and sunshine have been b)
favorable for plowing, planting and
the growth of crops.
The amount of rainfall :i*
u v
below the averatre over portions of the
state, bu: the ground, generally, was suf
ficient moist, and fair weather was desir
ed lor the completion--in a few belated
localities of wheat and oat seeding
general planting of potatoes and coin,
preparation of soil for corn and flax, arid
sod breaking, A. few localities report
that rain would be beneficial because of
the brisk high winds during the week.
Potato planting is well advanced.
Corn planting is quite general, over the
southern portion ot the state is well :.!
vancod, and in some i the southeast
counties the plant ha- made suft'cient
growth fo admit, of cultivation
Wheat, oats, barley anil grass made sat
isfactory growth.
Grass appeals to be unusually advanc
ed and luxurant, in many lacalities af
fording ample pasturage.
Garden vegetables are coming n'.celv.
A light frost was quite general on ihe
morning of the 3d inst., but no injury is
On general average the weather dur
ing the week was very favorable and all
vegetation ic in flourishing condition.
A Losing
C'oxie'* Wheel*.
The best presentation of Coxie's ideas
we have noticed is that obtained from
him while in N^w York, whore he had
gone to sell a number of horses from his
stock larm while the "army'' was on Ihe
march. In the interview the general
said that he used to he a free silver man
ami would endorse the free silver idea if
the greenback proposition should fail of
passage. He said he was an advanced n y «,f its own issue.
populist. Of course greenback ism
meant repudiation of foreign debts, but
what dillerence did that make? The
banking community of the United States
represented only 2 per cent of the people
and should not be considered when the
welfare of the remaining 96 per cent was
atntake. Somebody wouh.1 have to be
hurt, of course if greenbacks weie adopt
ed. ''Let us get back to fir.t principles
and throw oil' the British shackles," lie
said, "and govern our country on the
theory of the greatest good to the great
est number. Of course" I'r.'eident Cleve
land would veto a greenback bill, but he
does not amount to a row of pine. The
people are sick of Cleveland, ami if they
could they would dismiss him from oflice
at once."
"I believe in reincarnation." he said
I don't go to church. I am imbued
with the same principles that character-
ized the liic of Andrew Jh
k s o
sclR'ine in ii (Ireiim—got ,t ly,narration.
i may sound ml,n.l„u8 to ,o.., but it is
250. Forty of the original recruits have
remained with us on the journey from
Masslljpn to Williamsport Md., where I
left the army last night. Sixty have de­
Our march has been a hard one.
Washington did not endure worse torture
than the little commonwealth band dur
ing its march across the mountains which
mark the boundary line between Penn
sylvania and Maryland. The march has
tune(1 that the arrny 0f
i tor
and I ip.,ri(.,,
believe' that I am a part of his soul. I hold mass meetin
conceived ihe idea of the good roadb
Ihe same wiU' t^ uou-iut,.rest,
bond m.l, Iiml is u.mlleni.w.l measure, i
It w.11 perum the c„l«, towns and villa-j It
ges to issue bonds and get money with
which to improve them. Demonetize
gold and silver, and you leave uo basis
for currency but the product of labor.
That is what we are seeking and that is
as it should he.
The idea of the march is to attract the
attention of the whole of this country
to the pressing need ol legislative action
looking to the relief of the
the benefit of
and ulitimately to ihe IwnemTr^thi'
country at large. We started with!
the com
mon wealth will arrive at the capital on
May 1. When we reach there it is our
present intention to go into camp on
'Senator Stewart's place in 'he suburbs.
Senator Stewart has kindly given the
army permission to do this, and has simp
lifted our work When we get thorough
ly settled in Washington v- expect »-i
uress to do something. The one id.' i
the massing of the army ol the unem-j
ployed llieie is to force congress to do
something. We expect that from 00.-1
000 to 500,000 persons will congregate
there on May 1. and that in Ibis manner
they will bring the stiongest impre
i to hear upon congress being the si:'
est representation the common p
1 given up t"- a simi' n- mi:-.-i.'ii in h.?
of tne country.
S.) Ion# 88 congress can k.vp til" p-o
pie isolated from each tuer i .vr to
country they will never grant ie in .n\
relief, but when they come in a body iiue
this peacefully to discuss ihe grievances
and demand immediate relief, congress
can no longer turn a deaf ear, :t will
I heed them and do it quickly. Senator
Peffer has introduced two measures
spired by himself—one the good roads
bill, the other tiie iion-int-. ',ar
ing bond bill. The former pn\i:e
that congress shall issue and appropriate
8300,1(00,090 of full log il tender treas
I ury notes to each state and territory
number of miles of
Paris, May 6.—Mr. Gladstone has writ
ten to the president ol the Political
Economy society of that city praising the i pro rata with the
efforts made by the society to bring roads in each state and territory, at the
about free trade. In liis letter Mr. Glad- rate of 820.000,000 per month, for the im- den
stone says he regrets that free trade has provement ot the public roads and to'
lost ground during the past thirty years. rive employment to iho unemployed
He concludes by declaring that lie be
lieves (hat Great Britain will persevere
and patiently await the day when ex
perience. combined with reason, will
again convert men to this established
economic: truth.
making these improvements. The
within tin*
ut 100 men. The army new numbers 1lndin*C
b|lla ,„tro1
Ihe following statement was prepared be a virtue. Do not place me in the
by Gen. Coxey for publication: attitude of issu.ng a threat that is far
With "Peace on earth, good will to from my mind. But reason teaches us
man'- as its motto, and with confidence that, a starving man has little regard for
the success of its mission, th? army ot, Sunday school teachings, and, while I do
the commonweal is approaching Wash- not anticipate trouble between our men
ington. Our plans are mat tired and we and the Washingion authorities, jt
are working with a purpose. The aim nevertheless, possible Hlflt {uollislon mav
and object of this inarch to Washington take place unless con'.nw.s acts sneodilv
has been to attract the attention of the Persoually, I brieve these two bilh, will
whole people to a sense of immediate be adopted by May 15. If thev are not
relief to the 4,000.000 unimployed men in there will be but one party in this count
tw inimeuinte ry at ne.xt eleotion-the
families, consisting of about 25,000,000
interest, bond bill grants to ail states, I
counties, townships, uiuncipalities or vil
lages the privilege to issue twenty-five
yesr non-intereet bontls, in return for:
which the government will issue more
paper money to the face value ot these
bonds in small denominations, minus 1
percent, treasury charges. This will
bi ing into circulation more money and
alleviate the distress of the mas^ while
benefitting the whob people.
It is not necessary to have the equiva
l"nt or any part of the S300,(KKU)00 p:ip»r
monev lor the improvement of the roads
deposited in the treasury This gi.vern
rnent is great enouirh to vouch for cur-!
I believe in the I
demonetization of both gold and silver
and in the greenback theory. This insue
of o500.000.000 of new money will bring
the country hack to prosperity and k^ep
it there for two years. By that time the
people will realize the immense good to'
oe derived from the adoption of this svs
tem of currency us a permanent policy.
The people now have a chance to make
known their wishes to congress-the I
chance of a lifetime. We expect to ab~
sorb all the scattering bauds of laboring
men by May 1 und to march into Wash
parti', i- i
mgton nt, the head ol :i,.::j.OUO to
people, who will com -by rail to
pate in the demonstration.
Wo are on a mission of pejrc
is not a firearm in our army.
every member of the commonweal bears
with him his membership card in one of
the manv labor unions.
We shall simply into camp in Wash
raits of the camp
rs and make addresses
o e e i e W e a v e e s y a y
atlj iim ot milnv
c0l,greJS ulu,
,otw,u u3l|
ini!,,0„ UDli, c„„,,r,ss
„,kes ,om,.
u.-o,l l,y Hen«lor IViler
ia,Jllst aj well
die out west.
Of ioutse it is impossible to predict
what, will take place if congress declines
to adopt Ihe "good roads" and non-inter
est bonds" hills. There is a limit to all
things and patience HometimeH ceases to
«4i?al Blanks aim liRw lfookM.
Por township, school and all Muds
legal blanks and records, uend to the
Publishin* Co"' Pierre-
lnw book
S. D.
The following named hoik's will
at the Whetston- Valley
.i :»c.
K. J.
Ri :U
Taxes p.in
o o k e n t-
Dallah Boy trotted in Aberdeen last i
drawing 12tli place and came in thir
2"29 1-4. This horse will trot fast this I
u i.
All in n
dispo-cd o!
be due mid
Work l-lor^es ^or Sale
For the next 30 days
we will offer every
thing in our mammoth
stock of wall oaioer at
greatly reduced prices
This sale is not limited
to closing odds and
ends, but includes the
finest new combina
tions as well as the
cheaper grades. A
little money will
paper your rooms this
spring if you call be
fore all the choice bar
gains are taken.
"Window Shades
12 1-2 c. to 35c.
E 1 0
IO!osiclci."o.£^ar'to2?.3 For
-din nl
li ait' l.
dl No
a i' il
"arm Lou i is and
I I 1 1
ivar mom.-'-
T. II. HICKS, 31. 1).
W i to pdt
i n
I5ank »f Mill) ii i n
uiBsier and Farai Pa
Highest crade of FARM TOOLS of all kind*.
The celebrated DKEiiK, J. I. CASE, and
Gang and Sulky Plows.
The famous JOHN DEEKE Walking Plows.

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