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|t Honors—WorM'a Fall?.
irape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
Imonia, Aluir, or any other adulterant
f««ober:i'm Ile*t hnrueteriat ii».
characteristic of Lord liose
lio least known and it is one
^]i I hesitate to write. It would,
be a wrong to tho public to
twin calling attention to the
although Lord Itosebery (loos
I lessons in his parish church,
much dominated by the ro
ust inct as Mr. (ilidstone hini
one is more conscientious
:iy or clerical statesmen of our
one, not even Mr. »ilausione
scrutinizes more closely the
:iv()reis of all his policies and all
No one would claim Lord
y as one of the conventional
ical Christ ia is of his day. Hut
us fearing (Jod and wo-king
jh -.11 ess goes there are few who
so much in their taskmaster's
lie young peer upon whom has
|. 1 tiie mantle of Mr, iladstone.
i \V. T. Stead's article, "The
Knglish liberal Leaders," in tin*
v of Reviews.
ovel WpdilliiR Prpient.
wel of the ceramic art is a
mtl ledstead made at tho fac
ia English potter as a wedding
tho duke and duchess of York,
ibed in an English print these
and frail pieces of furni
as perfect if not as useful as if
ro made of wood. The large
are wreathed in roses, and in
irts, so that they light the mir
ght, are tiny electric lights.
worklngmen train roost rs to
lu ust cadt other.
impound eye of the Mordella beetle
•|yoi^iy i4»ii\ w.IIOIIKis,
I V O I U K i i n o n
|uccessfully Prosecutes Claims.
Principal Kxanun^r T'S iVnsiuu Hurt*hu.
i»t win nl M:
•II SHIHIT, a i oo iv
a I IiO per mijI li,
if'.rn.a M'lul :t» pos­
t's f.-j til' i-artii- itais -AX l-'liAM'ISCd
I !'•. -.'(land -'I jii- IM .-k i N'cb
Bnva enr 9 drawer walnut or oak
'prorwd Wfb Arm hlmgerfening n^fhiw
Itlufly i j- kt-J i,a«l*f t' t«j iifcht
i an| h»avy wrk jjtu»rant»»««J for 10 Vrnra with
AaloaatleBobbin ind^r, 8f Jf-Thr^ad»ojr 4 y|Jn
ld#r hhuiiU. Ne^dlft a' 1 a niplcta
\*rt of
Ht##| ai ta*limfaU aLtppfd any whereon
30 |)av*a Trial. No rr»"n*v rr«juired iu advanrt.
fn n», fr air Medal a arded ma- f-ine a^«l aftach
fr»-nrj farhiry and aava dealer's a»" a^ei-t'«
ol Thfa (hit atnl a»-nd (»-dav rr.af hif.e l«ri-e fre#
catalog#*, UttlnieTi ani (, nr-«e» i the U ,.1'a Fair.
I fycu want wx, wr u» to
tii at
oticf, ii ycJft ar? full?
*:irrauu.t nt.d vuld'coft at retail,
Wogiva them
KKKK to introduce imr
wiii give ycu ore with
»-i a cer.t of monev from
v*Hjr pocket. At ttis time
o I (he v««ar *r*r b«dv wanti
a I- \*i and wf \t-u
(IIAM:H If you
•te t«'»!av. WUhy«Mir If 11* \i# 60c. silver
our f:»ui:iv and M-rv pai'*? i** and We
pel the nflv? at nn.f ail chnr-ea f.r, |.«| .1 on *»er* 1.* ycJe.
N. n SIIHAX, I'uh., & i Sl*trM., Ho«t(in, M»»».
our agent been in tow.i
yoj saen him
Jt, send for samples 1100i n a
can take your ow,i measure.
|ts of $18 and $20)
its of $5 and S6 TO YOUR
ireoats $15 upward)
& CO.,
w ashlngton Av. S ,M inncupolis, Minn.
Financial Reference:
We refer you to
,HOO patients.
Operation. No Detention from Business.
A 'tit'" guarantee to absolutely Cure ail
at upi nt ,,f either nil liont use ot knit'*.
to !h-„ weeks, n«i niaitn h.nv tin«
x:iiniiijitit»n Free. Send for Circular.
IE O.K. MILl.FRCO Suit 51 iiuiirattty
t-oan lll(l« MINM'.A r*il,is. MINN-
Money In si,r*| RnlMnff.
There is iiiocey in .sheep ruisin^ in
KiiKlnud, ami there should certainly
he some in the Tniied States. The En
glishman has not mity free wool, hut
free trade in every department of form
i««, yet his SIHM'p j,re Iiis proteetion
awilust bankruptcy. The lifferenei lies
in the fact tliat in En^lantl there is
great painstaking in the sheep imlus
try. Nothing is too good for the lloek,
which is given the hest food, rare and
shelter. As a result, million is hiyhlv
esteemed there, as it deserves to be
for s|ieeial pains have heen bestowed'
en its sweetness and flavor.
Ill the 1'nited Slates, on the other
hand, little or notheing has been done
for sheep. These animals will bear a
good deal of neglect and still live,
though they will not thrive hence the
farmers have proceeded to test the
popular theory that a sheep will live
»n nothing, by making it a general
weed and thistle exterminator. Such
food does not conduce to line flavored
mutton, which explains the unpopular
ity of that meat. Now the farmers are
realizing this, a superior article is com
ing on the market, and there is no rea
son why mutton eating should not in
crease to ten times its present volume.
ThouKhfful IJIrl.
Jacobs -1-3va. you
pect the new boarder to-night.
i i e
Thore is nothing m^re tnilv :i household
treusuri' tiiati a JJIKK! scwiiifr iiuu'liini'. To
l.- wit li.mt it is t« he willfully deprived of
the immense advantage of one of the jireat
eM of all in vent ions. A machine once
botifrht is a perpetual treasure, it demands
no waf:es, oci'a.-siu:is uo expense or trouMo,
and is UIWH.VK read.v without .1 moment's
notice to fender the work of the laborious
housewife tenfold more eflicient and expe
ditious. Sonic machines combine tho lies*
ideas and suum-stions which have been so
abundantly introduced in ihis remarkable
media nisni.
A machine which exhibits in liberal com
bination all the best features introduced is
the Oxford sewing machine made bv the
Oxford Manufaciurinjr company, "hicairo,
with lock stitch, shuttle running litiht ami
quiet. These macliines have the following
important features: Cheapness, peiiect,
self adjust in}.' and graduated tension, are
under control of iiie operator and an
always pusitive in their workimr. Tlie.v arc
entirely self ihrcadiny in all' points, includ
ing the -.hut ie The needle is Self-Set tint
the attachments arc quickly and easily
placed and fastened. The shuttle has an
easy oscillating motion. causiiiK it to keep
its proper place ajrainst the race. Their
Oxford, No. II and Columbian machines,
with attachments, were awarded the medal
premium at i!.c \V• »r: c.jluiiibian Kxposi
:km, Chicaffo
In I'-"rs!a. moi
be of medi'-m:
ars arc si.piiosod
llfgcman'at uuip
("in «-•»'liapix'it Ha nils a.iid l'acc, Ti-nilnr or s»ur* Keet,
i .'tnllilaliif, lilesi, &r. O. •. i H^ven, _'l.
r:ikrs an orange two years to grow ami
lUnnon'i fllag«c Corn S»l¥n."
W«,n-init«Hl lo cure or money retanUed.
drugt^t forit. i'nee IS ctuti.
E. It. Walthall (c Co.. Iniir:ists, H»rso
Cave, Ky., say: "(iitlt'w Cararrh Cure cures
every one that takes it." Sold by Drug
gists, 75c.
Warrior ants have regularly organized
For Snlo.
Over 500 farms for sale "n crop payment
plan. Send for my list. Uargnins in ci'v,
improved and vacant, property. A. Wa
ters, lt«» Fourth street south, Minneapolis,
In India 20.000 persons die every year
from Bnake bites.
!¥ever liny WlilfnVy fop Medici
nal nnrposes unless you know the bottlers
«f It to be reliable, as most whiskies sold
under celebrated names are ppuiious. cheap
iirtlcies. whose bottlers cannot ultord to
lia e their names on the labels.
(. nele Sam's Monogram Whisky Is bottlea
the oldest and largest tiriu in the liquor
line ill the Northwest ami the favor wit..
Which it has been recoiled is the best proof
of its superior quality. Ask your druggist
ti- letail dealer tr
The largesf liglithouse in the world is
near Havre, France.
All in a Tremble.
Nervous, elderly ladies use this phrase to
describe their tremors, and higlny grajt.nc
it is. Nerves "all in a tremb.e are best
nquilli zed a ml strengt hene.l wit i os
tettcr's Stomach liitters. 1 Hitt rs
is a nervine because it is a tonic for the
,reives, and tone is what the nerves re-
o u i e i e y a e w e a k a n s a k y
we ex­
put awavV
'"Vi| Better than that. ma. I have
left one of my pictures in his bureau
drawer, accidentally, and marked It
"o. h.ber l.'.tli, aged nineteen."
Growing rnpntnrlly of the Oxford
S^IVLIIX Mncliincw.
Ask your
1'aper pneuruatic tires arc in process of
In is.vi "Brown's Uronchial Trochps"
acre introduced, and their success as a
are for colds, couths. asthma and brou
chiiis tias been uniiaralleled.
The lirnlthi' -t
upations is sewer
J(.stion and assimilation are insured by it,
and it remedies oonstipatiou, biliousness
and malaria.
The sour gourd trees of Africa arc the
oldest living vegetation-
I The center otf Judaism now is ^cw
York city.
Tlie World'* Colombian Esponltlon
Will l»e of value to tlie world by illustrat
ing the improvements in the mechanical
arts and eminent physicians will tell you
that' the progress in medicinal agents has
been of equal importance, and as a strength
ening laxative that Syrup of Iigs is far
in advance of all others.
The rice paper tree of China is a sac*
«f.ii exotic in Florida.
I hey lte*ti*ter More '[".win Once mtd
*«'U Their llleu e«.
\\fiKhiiigio:i. Mity 7, The internal rev
enue officers have not received reports
trout iill the collectors charged with th»
lvirisiration of the t'liinese tinder the ex
clusion act, but it its expected that, a
tit id stittcuK'iit can Ik tnade very soon.
One matter that has Jinvn the coileetors
a vast iimounr of trouble lias been the
efforts of ('hiitiuneM to legister more than
"I'ee, and it is not certain that these cf
lort-s have not in many instances been
tici (fsful. In tlii'kly |)opiil ted portions
win re the collection (iisirii'ts cover ram
p:.r:.iively small ijreas the scheme has
been worked lo a considetable cxtenl. A
hiiiiimati living in New York would
have no parti- ular t|itli itlty in registering
under another name in any one iiimv
if the neighboring districts, and :ts the
photogra]ih of one ('hinunan inighi readi
ly pass fur tlmt of aiii'ther. tIn• fraiide is
not easily detected. The dapli'-ate cer
iiti-iites iife s:tid to bring a good price
among Chinamen who are not entitled to
register, and so trj de in thi-m is said to
be more or less lively, Fnder tlie law
these wh register t'M.re than once cao
be iirosecqted fur perjury as can their
witroses, and it is ihe intention of the
otln-iiils to keep n shatp look-out for such
idations of the law. :irid. if cauuht. ihe
oH'i nders will be vigorously jtm^ceuted.
1)1 TY 0* n\itLtn.
IVen- Yorkrrti l-'in«»re on Seen ring n
Washington. May 7. Kepresenl'itive
Loekwood, Traeev and other New York
n.iinbti's are closely walehing lis* barley
item of the tariff bill a id are relying
ii. inly on Senator Murphy's faniili irity
ith the brewing business to secur.* an
i.iii I'geinent. of th" barley schcdub- siit
ii-fi ctory to New Yirk. Sever ii con
ferences have bun bad wi'h the senator
diring whi -h the biirlev tariff lias been
discussed. The New Y'-rk brewers draw
tl eit supply of biirlev from the great
crops of Canada, and with a nominal duty
the Kastern men have a prospect of com
manding ihe brcweiy bushels of iho
nuntr.v. Hut the NVesteni interests. ]»iir
ti -ularly those centered at Milwaukee,
St. Louis and Cincinnati, draw their -oip
l-'ies mainly from Ameiiean f:irmei-s,
can get along without the low duty
It-rley of Canada. With the Caeadian
roji kept out by a high duty th" Wcst
nu rs have a prospect of commanding
the market. The Western men were
well satisfied with the high rate of 40
per cent iixed in tlie senate lull, but now
the Kastern men an .c work i !-ti: w !e
rate down, and t! I'd tha* :Li ill
l*|-«H|ic'» i v e Strike illo
DiinIIfm «»F (lie Country.
lvaii.»a City, M.-!\ 7. It is iven out
here on good authority ihat tin- l!' nr
jtiilhtig interests ihe '-uaiitry over fay
l.iive to oiitend with ii str,"! e 'f give in
to the demands which are to be presented
to the miller- .as soon as the oigiini/aiion
now being established among the millers
is on it iinn footing. It appears ihat
while tieijora! Master Workman Sover
eign was in Minneapolis, ostensibly lend
ing moral assistance t• (irand Chief lebs
in the (ireat Northern strike, his real
purpose was to organize lite millers with
in the ranks of ihe K. of L. He suc
ceeded in forming an assembly and laO
millers signed ihe charter of the "Flour
Mill Kinployes' Association No. tKMi." A
member of the hitter, who is now in the
«ity, but who desires his name withheld,
states that organizers are now or wiil
soon be at work in lhihnh. Milwaukee.
Koehester. RulTalo. St. Louis and New
York city, and that while there is no
talk of a strike at present lliere js a
pros-poet that the demands will be formu
lated and presented to the mill owners,
A lllfc Ht«i)iifn-(or.v Horned, CuiiKtiiff
I.OHM of ir..ooo.
Muncie. Ind.. May 7. The W'lliain
Whitely HeaiK-r and Mower works were
destroyed by tire hist evening. The fac
tory buildings covered fifty acres and
were located just north of Muio-ie. Tlu*
loss on the buildings, which were coti
stitieted of wood and galvanized iron, is
not great, but the destruction of Ll.ttoo
machines ready for shipment and 1.5'HU
almost complete, the patterns, which were
a i accumulation (hat have cost thousands
of dollars, ami the costly new machinery
that till ed the factory, brings til" loss
up to $245.1 MMi. without, a cent of in
sr.ri.i.ce. Whitely moved h:s factory to
Mi i:cie from Springfield. Ohio, two years
,'go. s ml has since furnished employment
to front MOO to 5oo men, a majority of
whom came here with him from Spring
field Mr. Whitely has arrived fiom
Chicago. He said the factory would be
pitbubly rebuilt on a much larger scale.
Floodi* on the Ked.
Fulton, Ark.. May 7.—The Red river
is encroaching rapidly upon the city, and
the rising waters now threaten to flood
the entire place. The water has reached
the business portion of the town ami is
running und"r the postoffiee and many of
th** mercantile houses. Some manufactur
ing houses on the north have been com
pelled to slop operations on account of
th" witter interfiling with the engines.
N ith of the city the linn Mountain road
is under wat ten inches for MH or SiM
yards. The bank in fivnt of the city is
fast caving in. Much loss of stock must,
necessarily occur, and the growing crops
will be a tor ail loss.
ItnliuH of Wide Scope.
Sicnx Falls. S. 1.. May 7. Judge
'tie' of the cireuii ourt. lias m.-td' a
n ling which will affect ail of the -ities
of this state. Tie- city of Sioux Fall",
lias appealed two cases to tlie in iiir
cot rt, one from the eity
mint and
one from the police court. In the lower
cot rts in both iu* anies the city was
plaintiff ami was
beaten in ihe ac­
tion. Judge .lones liolits that the city as
the defeated plaintiff ba no right to ap
»ne case was against Charles Bell
for running
The Comlilnntion Wlilch AVnn \re«
cs*arj to I'ull it M:iu Out of n
Henry Tarker. colored, an employe of
lh Fir tet Ire company's factory, Loui«
\ille. was recently the victim of an
nursing as well as a distressing ac
cident. says the Courier-Journal. For
two hours he was held a prisoner
in a large boiler, rnd it was only by tho
liberal use of axle grease and the loss
tif all his clothing that he was linally
i ued. F-rker went into the boiler
immediately after dunej Thursday to
clean it out, The ll'y.s inside the boiler
nr. arranged so that at one end there
is some pring to them. The other
eud, win re they connect with ihe boil
er. is n re solid. Fark- backed un
consciously between lh flues until ho
readied the end of the boiler. When
1h attempted to *01111- back, howexer,
he found to his surprise that his body
v s lightly wedged between the tines.
Struggle :ts he would I'ark could not
rdei.se himself. His calls brought s*-v
etal men to the scene. When l'aiker
ir'plained his situation the lirst impulse
of his fellow workmen was to laugh.
Two men went into th boiler to re
1* 'si him. but their combim-d eft'i ts
t.nJy brought shrieks of pain from the
unforlunate. Some one telephoned to
Dr. Mandeville Thmn. A machinist
A\as also sent for. and both arrived
about the same time. All soits of
1 tnes were concocted by ihe physi
cian. the machinist and the now thor
oughly frightened workmen. To cut
through 1 he boiler would take sevi ral
hours, so ihat had to be given up as
impracticable. With the most pitiful
groans Farker insisted that the Hue
pipes were slowly closing in 011 him
and squeezing out nis breath. Ir. Tlium
hit upon a plan. He sent the machinist
into the boiler with a knife. By tearing
and cutting the machinist succeeded in
removing most of l'arker's clothing.
A box of axle grease was then brought
into use and Farker's body was 1 hor
ouglily greased where the pipes did not
hold it. A rope was then tied just be
low his shoulders. All the men outside
then caught ihe end of the rope and
pulled. The hips appeared to be the
principal place of resistance. A shriek
came from Farker as the rope began
to tighten, and then his body suddenly
shot forward. All of his clothes were
left behind and the man was pulled
out of his prison as naked as the day
lie was born, his whole body glistening
with grease. Barker's hips and one
leg were a mass of bruises, and he had
to be carried to Ms home in a neighbor
ing alley.
If the following letters had been written
by your best known and most esteemed
neighbors they could be no more worthy of
your confidence than they now are, coining,
as they do, from well known, intelligent, and
trustworthy eitizens, who, in their several
neiehtiorhoods, enjoy the fullest confidence
ana respect of all who know them. The
subject of the above portrait is a well
known and much respected lady, Mrs. John
G. Foster, residing at No. 33 Chapin Street,
Canandaigua, N. Y. She writes to Dr. R.
V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician to the
Invalids1 Hotel and Surgical Institute
at Buffalo, N. Y., as follows: "I was
troubled with eczema, or salt-rheum, seven
years. I doctored with a number of
our home physicians and received no
benefit whatever. I also took treatment
from physicians in Rochester, New York,
Philadelphia, Jersey City, Binghamton, and
received no benefit from them. In fact
I have paid out hundreds of dollars to the
doctors without benefit. My brother came
to visit us from tho West and ho told me to
try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
He had taken it and it had cured him. I
have taken ten bottles of the Discovery,'
and am entirely cured, and if there should
be any ono wishing any information I would
gladly correspond with them, if they enclose
return stamped envelope."
Not less remarkable is the following from
Mr. J. A. Buxton, a prominent merchant
of Jackson, N. C., wno says "I had
been troubled with skin disease all my
life. As 1 grrw older the disease seemed
to be taking a stronger hold upon me. I tried
a n y a v e i s e e e i e s w i n o e n e i
unt:i I was Jed to try Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. When 1 l*?gan taking
it my health was very poor in fact, several
gambling house, ami th
other was in regard to the construction of
a building inside the fire limits.
srsons have since told me that they thought
the consumption. I weighed only about
125 pounds. The eruption on my skin was
a o a n i e y s e v e e i i n i w a s i s
confined to my face, but afterwards spread
over the neck and head, and the itcuing be
came si,nply unbearable. This was my con
dition when I began taking the 'Discovery.'
When I would rub the parts affected* kind
of branny scale would fall off. I
Proof From The Plains.
Suory of a Government Scout
and Interpreter,
K.k'k i)M) Toil inn Sagwa.a Valuable Kmb
»-d.v Known to the Indians for Year*
anil Highly I'rized.
Many of our readers have probably heafd
of (.'apt. Frank 1. Vales, whose exidoitson
the frontier have given liiai a national rep
Tlie testimony of such a man who has
lived among the red men is incontrovertible
evidence of tlie absolute gemii ncncs* of this
remedy, i.nd its repute among that race
•whose'iioiile health—whatever' may have
been their faults- has always been famous.
His endorsement of it is still further
proc of its effectiveness. Capt. Yale#
WriVs as follow s
tioRnox, Nebraska, .Tnly 26.
I takf great pleasure In recommending tho
Kickapoo JicuHiiies Hint have known of t.lieilt
ainon*r the Initiate), as I have lived on the ex
treme \v's| i ii frontier for the paM !Ul yearn an»i
am «t present a Sioux Indian interpreter ftn
the (lovfrmnent.
My persona! experience with Sajtwa—which in
Indian tongue means "T11E I5KST"—has lieeti
Considerable, t» one of tlie most wonderful
effects fri in personal knowledge in niv own raM
was the curing of Chronic Caiarrh viili which I
became afflicted, o« iitK to the great altitude o.
the country in which I had heen living.
it did not at lirst occur to me lo take Kickapeo
Indian for thi trouble and it was nut
til 1 had isilt the Hot Springs, and 1 failed to
obtain i cli f, and tlie disease had become so very
alarming that 1 was afr^d it would get
best of tiie mid develope ii.'o consumption that i
concluded to take Sagwa. I got one bottle of U
and a bottle of Indian Oil. The effect wa-»
market ti at I liuniediu'ely ordered twelve bottle*
of each, nd now Ides' the day that the Ihoiigl.t
occ-tirre'l to me, for I am entirely cured of thill
most eisagrecablc and dist re-slug of all disease?.
1 ai» satisfed I was cured owing to the pel feet
manner in which "Sa^'va" purities th»* Mood and
I eta.:n thai Sagwa. taken In connection with
India: Oil, will positively cure the worst cant, of
catarrh e\er known and so far as the u-e of
Kickapoo Indian Remedies as general family
bicntcitiifc are concerned, there is nothing oa
Sailh which can equal them.
IK VNK 1. YATKS. Indian Interpreter-
a bottle, 6 for ?*. ,00. SfM bv S'l
For a while I saw no change or benefit
from taking the 'Discovery,' but I persisted
in its use, keeping my bowels open by taking
Dr. Pierce s Pleasant Pellets, arid taking as
much outdoor exercise as was possible, until
I began to gain in flesh, and gradually the
disease released its hold. I took during the
year somewhere from fifteen to eighteen bot
tles of the 'Discovery.' It has now been
four years since I first used it, and though
not using scarcely any since tho first year,
my health continues good. My average
weight being 155 to 160 pounds, instead of
125, as it was when I began the use of the
'Discovery.' Many persons have reminded
me of my improved appearance. Some
say I look younger than I did six years
ago when I was married. I am now forty
eight years old, and stronger, and enjoy
better health than I have ever done before
in my life." truly.
Thousands bear testimony, in equally strong
terms, to the efficacy of this wondorfui rem
edy in curing the most obstinate diseases. It
rouses every organ into healthy action, puri
fies, vitalizes and enriches the blood, and,
through it. cleanses and renews the whole
system. All blood, skin, and scalp diseases,
from a common blotch, or eruption, to the
worst scrofula are cured by it. For tetter,
salt-rheum, eczema, erysipelas, boils, car
buncles, goitre, or thick" neck, and enlarged
glands and swellings, it is an unequaled
remedy. Virulent, contagious, blood poison
is roblfed of its terrors by the Discovery
and by its persevering use the most tainted
system renovated and built up anew.
A Book on Diseases of the Skin, with col
ored plates, illustrating the various erup
tions, mailed by tho vVorld's Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., on
receipt of six -enti for postage. Or, a
Book on Scrofulous Diseases, as Hip
Disease, "Fever Sores," White Swellings,"
Oid Bores," or Ulcara, tiuuiad $&g mg#
amount ia stamps.

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