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Wm.W WvMK, Publisher.
The Chinese hare control of the ca
bles to Eastern Asia, and as they have
rot been able to send any definite war
nows lately it is probable that the* Japs
are more than holding th-'ir own-
Portugal has a s» na1t% with 100 peers
appo'nted by the king for life aud 50
elective members. As It never pretends
to be able to originnte an idea, it com
pares favorably with the other senates.
Cecil Rhodes, the South African "Dia
mond King," is a confirmed woman
hater. He will talie any amount of
trouble to escape appearing in ladies'
society, and he is an active and deter
mined opponent of woman's suffrage.
A case of yellow fever has arrived at
Cape Charles, Va., quarantine. It will
serve to warn the sanitary authorities
to look out for Yellow Jack, who may
try to sneak into the United States
for a Utile revel before Jack Frost ar
The Zimmerman family is on the
trtp wave this year. Arthur Zimmer
man is winning laurels on the bicycle
track, while (Jus Zimmerman is win
ning fame by piercing the bull's eye
with rifle balls, and showing that he is
the shooting king of the world.
When a Milwaukee ball player was
presented with a basket of flowers
by admirers, his gratitude welled up
to such an extent that he responded
with a three-base hit. This is entirely
miusual. Most players respond to
fcuch a juncture by striking out.
The Princess Eulalia, who is not
having so pleasant a time now as she
had during her recent visit to Ameri
ca, is said to be very proud of her
hands. She wears gloves all day and
all night as well, so the story goes,
and is an enthusiastic patron of all
the new lotions.
The old Indian woman who warned
General Canby against meeting the
Indians under a flag of truce in the
lava beds during the Modoc war, the
disregarding of which cost him his life,
Is still living in Klamath county, Ore
gon, and receives a pension from the
government for services rendered dur
ing the war.
The postmaster at Hammonds 'ilk4,
I hio, who is 8*2, and has held the office
gixty-ft ur years, was just reaching for
the championship when the postmaster
at Ntrth Lansing, N. Y., pr jdue his
commission, signed by 1'res id cut John
QuiLcy Adams sixty-six years go. If
either of these public servants was ever
guilty of pernicious activity it didn't
count against him, for both are Demo
It is in evidence that one tobacco
firm sold 900,000,000 paper cigarettes
during the year 1889. There are five
or six other firms who do an equally
extensive business. The genus dude
must be physically a tougher specimen
of humanity than he is usually credit
ed with being, or there would be none
Of him left after such a consumption
of those little health and brain and life
The yearly salary of Ida Lewis, the
famous keeper of the Lime'Itock
Lighthouse, at the south end of New
port harbor, is $750 and two tons of
coal. She is past 50 now, her hair
Slightly streaked with gray and her
face somewhat rugged and weather
beaten. but she is still alert and
strong. She began her wonderful rec
ord of life-saving with the rescue of
four small boys, whose boat capsized
In the harbor before her.
With the growth of the new taste
for cua flowers the cultivation of small
flower gardens may become a source
of unexpected revenue to countless
homes. Many valuable plants can be
made profitable with care, even in a
small back yard or in a sunny room,
and certainly no more agreeable home
industry for women can be imagined.
The work demands fitness, patience
and unremitting care, but it pays rich
dividends for the amounts invested.
A New York druggist recently de
fended his store against burglars by
dashing ammonia in their faces. One
of thm suffered such intense agony
that he jumped through a plate glass
window his cries attracted a police
man, but before he arrived at thi at i
tion his head had swelled to ueuly
twice its natural size and he was i
pitiful looking object. It is doubtful
if such brutal treatment is justifiable
even against burglars. The pharmaco
peia affords some drug that would be
equally effective and less painful.
aiiehukkk, s. o.
One of tlic Early of St.
Fnol IN ('ailed to Hi* Eternal Kent
—Hi- \\ii« a Well Known Character
in the .Northwcut.
St. Paul, Sept. 17.- A telegram from
Aberdeen, S. D., announces the death
there last night of Lyman C. Dayton,
formerly of this city. Death resulted
front the amputation of a leg that had
bt^en crippled for some years. i he
operation was performed at 1 o'clock
yesterday afternoon, the ieg having
been cut off above the knee, and at 10
o'clock last night he died. The dis
pateh further states that Dayton owned
a large amount of property in Aber
deen. He also held heavy property in
terests here and in .Minneapolis, but
the property is all tied up in the courts
in consequence of litigation.
Deceased was the only child of Ly
man Dayton, who came to this cl^y
from Providence, K. I., in 1849 and
acquired ownership of 5.000 acres ef
land, much of it lying on St. Anthony
a portion of it being included in
Dayton & Irvine's addition. The son
had a somewhat checkered career and
was known as being considerable of a
sport in the early days. His faiTier
died in 18 5 and the son inherited a
large portion of the property. He left
St. Paul some fifteen years ago, going
to Minneapolis, but. two or three years
latt'i* he left there and went to Aber
deen. He was about sixty years of
age at tile time of his death. The re
mains have been forwarded to this city
for inlerment.
A Unit? I.nwjer
Charged \Vi«l» Try­
ing Fix u Jnry.
Butte, Mont.. Sept. 17. -While the
trial of Martin Stephens, charged with
having shot William J. Beager, a street
car conductor here last winter, was in
progress in the district court, (Jeorgo
llaldorn, the lawyer who is defending
Stephens, is said to have attempted to
bribe the jury into rendering a verdict
in favor of his client. J. It. Wharton,
manager for the street railway com
pany, who is assisting in the prosecu
tion of Stephens, made the charge.
Court circles are greatly stirred up
over the atTa.ir, and an interesting finale
is expected, as the matter is to be in
vestigated to a finish. Haldorn is ac
credited with being tlie shrewdest
criminal lawyer in the city
Killed Hinioelf.
Cleveland. Sept. 17.—Milton A. Bell
killed himself in New York last night
He was well known in this city. He
had been engaged in business here for
some time as a broker and money
loaner. He went to New York last
Monday and nothing had been heard
from him until the news of his death
was received by his relatives. Mr.
Bell's brother, who is a dentist here,
said that he conhl think of no reason
why his brother should desire to kill
himself, and the ouly theory he ad
vanced was that the man was tempo
rarily insane.
Double Trnjfedy.
Portland. Or., Sept. 17. -J. W. Stan
egeis, a civil engineer, shot and killed
Mrs. Mabel Colvin on the street this
afternoon and then blew out his own
brains. Mrs. Colvin was a handsome
brunette, and came here about two
years ago fron. Woolwich, Mass. She
ond her husband did not live together,
and only a few days ago she tiled pa
jH'is in a suit for divorce. Steuegals
was an engineer employed at the city
park, and it is said he was desirous of
paying attention to Mrs. Colvin but
she declined to receive him.
Boston, Sept. 17.—-The central labor
union of this city at a meeting yester
day afternoon denounced the A. P. A.
as an organization unworthy of the
endorsement of organized labor, and
claimed that its aim was to start a
religious war among organized labor in
order that it might become an easy
prey to the capitalists. With this end
in vioAv it. was voted to withdraw its
delegates from the union of practical
progress oa account of some of its lead
ing officers being affiliated with the or
The (Unlet L:nv Conntitiitional.
Cedar ltapids, Iowa, Sept. 17.—In the
superior court of this city the question
of tlie constitutionality of the Martin
mulct law was raised before Judge
Giberson ou a demurrer to the prosecu
tion pending against a saloonkeeper
for violation of the liquor iaws of the
state, and the decision handed down is
favorable to the law, sustaining its
constitutionality on all points raised.
Wei I in
Coming Home.
Ixrdon, Sept. 17.—Walter Wellman,
the leader of the American Arctic ex
pedition, whose plans to explore the
Far North were frustrated by the
sinking of his vessel, the Ragnvald
Jarl, which was crushed by the ice,
sail from Southampton for New
York on Wednesday next by the steam
er Spree. He will be accompanied by
the American members of the party.
Struck, iiy a Cyelone.
Baraboo, Wis., Sept. 17.—The Tillage
of Helton, ten miles north of this city,
was visited by cyclone which did con
siderable damage, demolishing several
buildings and other property. A rty
acre field of standing corn was entu ljr
blown awav. No one was killed, but
several persons were more or lev, in
lured. Some stock was reported killed.
Latent Quotations From tirain and
l.i\e Stock Center*.
Chicago, s.-pt. 17. \\lieat lower,
September, f».»ar"51 -Sc December. i*»a
50 1-Sc May, tilaGl l-8c. Com lower
cash, 54 1-4c September. 54 l-4c Oc
tober. 53 7-8a54c May, 53c. Oats—
September, 30 3-Sc October, :U7-8c
May, 35 5-8a.V» iMc. Pork lower Sep
tember, $13.75 January, $13.80. Lard
lower September, $8.70 October,
$8.(571-2 January. $7.95. Short ribs
lower September, $7.tK January,
$7.(2 1-2. Rye nominal at 47 l-2c.
Barley quiet at 54c. Flaxseed lU'in at.
$1.39 1-2. Prime timothy seed firm at
Minneapolis, Sept. 17. —Wheat—Sep
tember opened nt fit 1-c highest, 5 »e
lowest, 54 3-Se closing, 54 1-2c Decem
ber opened at 551-Sc highest, »J l-2c
lewest, 55c closing, 55 Me May
opmed at 59c highest, 59 3-8c lowest,
5S7-Se closing, 59c. On track—No. 1
hard. 5C»3-4e No. 1 Northern. 55 3-4e
No. 2 Northern, 54 l-4c.
Chicago, Sept. 17.- Hogs Market
slow and weak prices 10a
15c lower.
Cattle—Market dull on account of lim
ited supplies prices unchanged.
St. Paul, Sept. 17.- Hogs 5alk? lower
Cattle steady good demand for fai
cattle: common slow bub of receipts
Poison in lee Cream.
Tampa. Fla., Sept. 17.-The family of
Mrs. C. B. Fitch dined with the family
of her brother-in-law7, G. W. Allen.
Soon after dinner the members of both
families were taken violently ill and
arc in a critical condition. It is thought
that two of the children will die.
Physicians say thai the people were
poisoned by ice cream, of which all
partook heartily. The ice cream was
made from condensed milk.
Van Lenven'M Case.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sept. 17.—The
celebrated Van Leaven case is again
under consideration in the United
States court at this place. As several
witnesses an1 now here there is no
doubts but indictments will be made.
They will not, only include Van Iveuven,
but also Dr. Kessel of Cresco and other
members of the board.
Smith Dead.
Duluth, Minn., Sept. 17. Day K.
Smith, president of the Duluth Con
struction company and the Duluth &
Superior Belt Line company, died last
night in Kansas City, whither he went
last week for medical treatment. He
was forty nine years old and had been
at Duluth at the he-.ul of these com
panies lor three years.
Received toy the Emperor.
Budapest, Sept. 17— Emperor Francis
Joseph to-day gave a formal nveption
at i.uda castle to the members of the
delegations. His majesty made a short
speech in which he dwelt upon the
peaceful aspect of KurojK and the
friendly relations existing tietween the
Truant* Brought Home.
Aberdeen. S. D,. Sept. 17. Edith
Smith and Emma Nilson, who disap
peared from their homes last Tuesday
night, have been found and returned
to their parents. It was their intention
to leave the state, and they were evi
dently being assisted by some person
with evil intention.
Result of the Election.
Paris, Ky„ Sept. 17. At Riddles'
Mills, this comity, at 7 o'clock this
morning Ben Duvall shot and fatally
wounded Ed Faulkner, aged twenty
two. The trouble originated over the
former challenging the latter's vote at
the election.
Political Testament.
Paris, Sept. 17.--The (iaulois says
that the Comte dTlaussenviile has in
his possession and will shortly publish
the political testament of the Comte
d'Paris, head of the royal house of
France, who did a few days ago at
Stowe House, England.
Rarvrlars Helped Thcuielvei.
Preston, Minn., Sept. 17.—Hamre &
Scanlan's store at this place was bur
glaiized last night. I'heir clothing,
underwear and shoes were all in a
heap, showing that they fitted them
selves out with a new outfit of cloth
Aqua I'nra for (irniul FtrU*.
Orand Forks, N. D.. Sept. 17.—The
city council awarded the contract for
tlie construction of a new filtering
plant for the city water works to W
I'. Alsip for §28,i00. The work is to
be commence.] by Nov. 15. The filter
is modeled after the Lawrence system.
Convleted of Murde*
Reno, Nov., Sept. 17.—The jury in the
Case of Mrs. Alice Hartley, charged
With the murder of State Senator
C. Foley, returned a verdict to-day of
guilty of murder in the second degree
recommending the defcndein to the
mercy of the court.
Hammond Hnyi the Tribune.
Crookston, Minn., Sept. 17. The
Tribune, the Populist organ of the
Northwest, was sold to W. A. Ham
mond. and it will be conducted as a
Republican paper.
Mowen for CimjrreiM.
Pueblo. CuTo., Sept. 17.—Ex-Senator
im.-mas M. Bowen was nominated for
congress by acclamation by the Second
district Republican convention.
Will Rebuild the Dura.
Bloonier Wis.. Sept. 17.-Our village
has decided to rebuild the dam taken
out here by floods last sprUig.
ConcrpiiniiB Bre« kiitrlilsre De
feated a* ttie Prl marie# *»T Mr.
eon-Tlie redlt for the Ke»ult
la Iven
the Kadieit.
Lexington. Ky.. Sept. ii W. C.
Owens has defeated W. C. P. Breckin
ridge and E. E. Settle for the Demo
cratic nomination for congress from the
Seventh, better known as the Ashland,
For months the district lias been agi
tated in the most bitter persomtl man
ner. It was not a political, not a fac
tional tight it was a moral contest for
months and months, and during tlif*
last few day* it became intensely per
sonal so much so that tlie nomination
was not the only issue. Col. Breckin-
\V. K. Onrna,
r»dge was fighting for life, and he never
before made such speeches or displayed
such executive ability in organization.
He marshaled every man he could com
mand. but he could not command the
women. They had no votes, but
were the controlling element in the
fight At the Owens headquarters they
say in their rejoicing, "The ladies did
The ladies could not get ward work
ers to their prayer meetings or other
meetings, but their organization of com
mittees of one generally got promises
at home out of voters, who needed no
watching oil entering the booths. With
the saloons dosed, the women praying
and the best mf'tie^ces all used,
there was a quiet election with excite-
W. C. P. Breckinridge.
ment and bitter feeling at their highest
pitch. The greatest surprise of the
daj was the good order everywhere.
1 here were some personal encounters,
but not as many as usual at closely con
tested elections. There was, however,
great precaution to prevent trouble!
Old friends and neighbors have been
having their inning, and they wanted
only the voting now. If the Breckin
ridge men had enforced their challenge
Sirn tlv, as they had expected, there
vvould have been trouble. So closely
had the canvassing and polling been
done, that the challengers knew how
almost all the Demotrats stood, and
they could have prevented many from
tionorally understood
that the Republican managers fa
vored Breckinridge, and they thought
the event of his nomination their
candidr,te weuld not be hopeless. Very
few Republicans, however, voted.
Lexington, Ky., Sept. 17. 'Hiere Is
aoth,,« ,,(.fl„iu.
Ohio. „f
advm nt•!
1 nri
of r(i(ur
Jilt. OW...1S men dtiini the clwlion of
l.v 410 |,l.,r:,litv.
0,'iiv' i£»" i, T," l'1"1"1
O'dj it®, it is believed many well
men that Breckinridge
contest the election, but he de
ques to talk for publication. T1 o of
heial count he hehl to-morrow, and
lotion commute?
U i8
ad\.intag« will be taken of every con
tested vote to seat the colonel.
i, oriner HeM,lel,f
Ohio, S^nf 17 a.
eomplue in the murder of his wife l«
i,.h 1 v,r,
s u i n i
1 U U
a o u n o i i
*Wt* DlMHet Pop,^.
Fourth district ,m,t
night and nominated i
Ramsey county tor coi,- 'i5'
tempt was made to
the Democratic candid•
T1"' pll"t0rm
"Wo believe that thelw
Republican parties have
basic principles of their f-.i'i
no longer the partis
Lincoln, but are the piia,,^'
corporations saul trusts
"We believe that th^dvafofl
•wuntry d, n. ,,ls radical
the governllii i should issi
money, direct to llie I**
intervention of banks- n,«
should be remoi-.eiizcd
'.d i"'
adopted that the peo.,],. ,htJs
lowed to vote directly i„r 3
dents and senator* m\ nJl
portant laws that the cmnlt!
ot constructing public
abolished aud all work: :,]]
ployed by the government
l-ectly from ti„ treasurj- tiiatll
ernrneiit should own and mJ
pulilie utilities should t:«b.»jJT
of and run the Union Pm-iiic tafa
once, and should purchase am
value all desirable railroads
as practicable and operate th?J
"We believe that the govern^
this country ought to be a pmd
of the people, for the people a
people, as it was originally ,™
but it has been treated iy themtj
are at its head as a llifng apari
and above the people, in olipiKi]
by a plutocracy, and that thtwi
corrupt workings aud class 1^1
it has made the people of this r'j|
a nation of beggars, tenantsands
"We pledge ourselves, if pi-nr
gain control of our p-wrumim]
store it to the people ami mak
sponsive to the public will.'1
oil, TA\K KXPtOSIfl*.
An Aeelilent on the Omaha
Xenr II11
dnon, Wi«.
St. Paul, Sept. 17.-^Higbt poop'. 1
badly burned by the "\|losiii
oil tank near Rolterts stntion,
miles east of Hudson. Wis. A
bound freight on ihc 0uiulut it
wrecked at that point, in tl
were four tanks of oil, three o:
took fire aud were dostnyol.
bound passenger was blocked N|
wreck. While the passpnjtep
bebig transf*rred arourd the
remaining oil tank explodtd, ffl
air with a shower of burning «i
of the passengers had appmacS ij
to the wreck out. of curiosity 1:
were badly burned, 1 i:ig uink
cape the blast ef llanx. Won
accident was at once vrimltoi
a n a s e i a e a i n I- o s i
Johnson was hurriedly dispai
tlie sc-iio of the wnclv. As
the burns of the injured ones
dressel they \vc e pu' «'ii
some being taken to lludsoa,
were br. ighi to this city, 'fl
of the injured are:
Cotiduct.-.r Thomas Fft»d
hands, face and head l»adly
William 1 "on way, 11 er! rt. Wi
and face burned. It. M. Uicfa.
land. Ohio hands an 1 head
L. B. fiudjger, Metioininci', Wi
and face burned. .lelin B(
Minneapolis hands hnrtiwl.
Meyers, consul 10 Yict..ri:i, *'J
bis home at Wapello, Iowa t'
face and clothing all l»uni«'
Ivvaal, Hudson, hands fait1 a
all clothing burned off- J05111
Hudson, hands burned.
Tfce Aretle E*pl«rer» Arrh"
JolutN. P
St. Johns, N. 1\, Sept. 17^-T:^
or Falcon, ('apt. ibiu'.v bar
returned here, bringing Iwk
personnel of the Peary ''^1"'
a s y e a e e i e u 1
Lee, a companion, and Ma
son. a colored servant, alio 1
main at Bowdojn
year, hoping aecoutph^
of the expedition which
,s s 1
finished. The tirst incM.tw
was the birth of Mrs. P«'aj»
Sept. 12, lS» i. a month
con left last year. During I
fearful storms swept over
bor, smashing the napli',1
washing away large
intended for lighting
poses. The various smIjUflT|lt,v
lions were most successtUl.
taken by Mr. Baldwin.^
w"% e"l
Meet in T«r»'"
Toronto, Sept. 17.--i'1*'
deep waterways couveu
meet at Toronto to-moii
to be the most Important
of 0hlo
the kiml ever held on
Its efforts are e\pt'c'»l jlfi
mol.ers to be
deid.v died that alTwns not^U^0 Th
Wra ''r',7 ""7 in looming
nli-nvs r™, !'.'1[ Th'?
matters right at his nj.i home.
Western states and th ^)ab(,
adian provinces to the
its influences on the prcs
freighl from the West 2l Ifi
be verv" important.
St. Paul, Mi 1111 enpol 1*.. V
n0 |aiiij
luth, Toledo and ,.ve ivpi'l
ters have
promis«'d t»
tives lu-re. One of ll»(1
to be considered is the
canals aloug the SJ- a»d'
connecting Lake .vji!i tN
great lakes in the
lautic ocean to a dep'1 .i
so that they will juiutb
ocean going vessels mini)J'
UllJHU SVilUfc
er American ports oP

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