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July 3.1805.
Mrs. Hart lias been spending a f«*r
days at Rev. SaUerlee's.
Miss Claire Daniels of Milbank Is visit
ing friends in Melrose at present.
I. H. Chapman spent Sunday with
his family.
E. Moulten of Warner, S. D„ and an
old resident of Ivilborn was visiting old
neighbors and friends in this vicinity
lust week.
Jens Peterson and family have moved
•vut from Milbank and will work the re
mainder of the summer for H. C. Pew.
Some of our young people attended
the I. O. G. T. picnic at W. W. Harpers
grove in Kilborn, Saturday and report
it a very enjoyable affair.
Harry and Hone Junkius went to Wil
auot Tuesday.
July 2,1895.
Hurra for tne Fourth of July and the
Jicnic in Mr. Siere grove.
Mr. Charles Buruian is at home at
present. He will remain only a short
time, then he Roes to Charles Mix coun
ty, S. I)., where he will remain during
«he summer.
Miss Cora Miller is making a short
visit to her aunt, Mrs. Lee Amsden.
Mihs Louise Kibbe is up to Webster
to remain over the fourth witli her sister,
jMru. Johnson.
The farmers are beginning to make
liay. Among them are Messrs. Manning,
Kibbe and ockmuib.
It has been a little too warm here ot
late. We ought to have a fresh breeze
Iroin toward the north pole.
•Iuly 3, 1895.
K.J. Foreman intends to go to Iowa
Haying, has commenced, but the grass
is light for the amount of rain we have
had this year.
F. E. Roberts went to Trov Sunday,
lie reports that the frost ot June
jured potatoes, corn and beans in several
localities near Troy.
Geo. Egrmayer has built an awning
over his store front which improves the
appoarance of his building.
Bertha Duraye has returned to her
home in Honry, S. D., for a snort stay.
She intends coming back to remain in
Twin Brooke the coming winter.
A goodly number of our citizens spent
the 4ih in Webster. Among the num
ber noted being the families of A. A.
Story, Geo. Breckenridge, John Rogers
ana others.
July 3,1895.
fh« small boy has purchased his sup
ply of firecrackers and is ready for cel
Mrs. C. A. Preston and baby were
visiting relatives in Milbank last Thurs
A party of young people from Melrose
«nd Corona are going camping at Hart
ford this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bryant arrived
last Saturday from Minnesota and will
$pend the summer with Mr. and llrs
J. W\ Malsed.
Mr. and Mrs. N. n. Ghoslin left for
Webster Tuesday morning to attend the
Miss Nellie Smith had the misfortune
to run a rusty nail in her hand last Pri
day evening, inflicting quite a painful
July 2,1895.
The Eimira post office will be in run
ning order soon, as Postmaster Geo. J.
Parmer has completed all the arrange
ments required by the U. S. P. Q. De
Miss Maggie Black finished her sum
iper term of school July 1st.
Superintendent I. D. Aldrich was home
Qver Sunday last.
Sphool in district No. two, Miss Moore
*s teacher, closed last Friday.
Schoolin district No. one will finish
July 3ri£. Just, out for the national
F^anjk 3. Young is taking risks for
^8 Mutual Insurance company. His
^Jwavs limber tongoe if more valuable
thaq usual.
Great efforts have beep made to destroy
wild mustard but so far with no uniform
quccess: Those, owning land should
look to,it Ui*t thp law is enforced.
&UD)tpet Ulkugieg. and finishing the
wrn at* the oad** of (he day, for baying
"UI begifi right after the Fourth! as
harvest MPDHASS tpbe a. tew day surlier
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder
Highest of all in leavening strength
Latest Cnited .States (Joctrnment Fuud
Royal Baking: Powder Co.,
10U Wall St., N. V.
July 3. 1895.
Grain is looking nice. The hail storm
did Adna Woolsey uo harm. It damag
ed Healv Bros., Eugene Stoddard, Hen
iling, Macklain, Somes3 and the Dechoe
Bios., but that was slight.
There.was a frost on the night of the
27ih of June that injured com and the
gardens considerably.
John Klumpess and Charles Hoag
made a tlying trip to the county seat on
business Monday.
The town of Lura turned out general
ly to the Sunday School picnic at the
lake south-east of Summit last Saturday
but it was very dry, there being no water
in the lake the Lura Racers played ball
with the Antelopes after the program
was rendered tor a very fine cake
baked by Mrs. Purdy. James Corskie
captured the cake, the score standing 20
to 12 in favor of the Racers.
David Rader has his hands full of mus
tard most ot the time, as he is trying to
rid Uia field of the yellow flower.
•ioonme VALLEI
July 2,
Mr. Nels Ford has returned from
North Dakota. He reports crops looking
fine in all sections where he has been
Town clerk Oleson is building a house
on his farm, Mr. Oleson is one of Bloom
ing Valleys most enterprising farmers.
Mr. J. H. Granston has gone to Lac
Qui Parle county, Minn., where he will
work during harvest.
Mr. A. Hovland is breaking on his
own claim with his steam outfit.
The Norweigan Lutheran Sunday
school had a very large attendance last
Sunday. It shows a very healthy growth.
Mr. Lars Tanberg is hauling stone for
his new house. From appearances we
should judge Mr. Tanberg contemplates
going inco partnership.
What are you going to do 4th of July?
This seems to be the all ohsorbing topic—
quite a number of citizens will go to
Webster—Some will stay home and
perhaps some will go to the c'.unty seat.
The town board held a special meeting
on Saturday last to settle up with the
assessor. There seems to have been some
nusunaersianding as to the compensation
the assessor was to receive. At the an
nual town meeting a motion was made
and carried that the assessor was to re
ceive $35 00 but the motion was not
made till some time after the balloting
had commenced and therefore was out ot
order and had no efleot. However the
geceral understanding was that the work
was to be done tor $35.00 and it is safe
to sav no candidate could have been
elected who would have intimated that
he would charge more—we believe con
sidering that the census had to be taken
and the heavy discount on town warrants
that $3o.00 is rather low, in fact lower
than most smaller towns are paying.
The assessor put in a bill for $60.00, this
certainly was too hi«h. We believe in
paying a lair price for any service ren
dered to the town as well as to a private
individual but not a fancy price. The
town board settled by paying $35.00 for
the assessment, and the assessor informs
us that the pay for taking the census is
yet unsettled. The town board, Messrs.
Bronson, Peterson and Janowskey are all
good, conscientious gentlemen, workintr
for the interest of the town and undoubt
edly any decision thev may arrive at will
be for the towns best interest.
Dr. M. G. Sloan and wife and children,
of Dexter, Iowa, are visiting the Golds.
The doctor is a brother of Mrs S
Mr. Charles Betcher returned to his
home at Ped Wing, Miun.,i*st Tuesday,
bul will be out this way again during
the sumiuer.
Arthur Bennett, who some years ago
I-nnn.OOQPeople Wear
Oil sole.W.TD.1)UU|[I»
$ ^00
For Bus
For Men ___
Wear fl*. Don
sin* sh
•l.OO to S3.00 pair.
nrice *it iiuk.-s l-ut the i|ti.ui y una i» oi
%V. r. Doufflait remain tlie •nine.
•TikenosuhMitiit.- name ami pric isstam|»
is and save from
All Kl.rlo* a:ul
_'auit'r imsnu n I lie
I.ut the i|ti.Ui y iniil pi
performed the circular work
HERAI.D-ADVANCE has taken a
The Headlight.
in the
sit on
City Marshal MUler tok possession of
the saloon fixtures ot the lato Charles
Pulver Saturday, under an attachment
for the benefit of John Fey, a creditor.
A horse belonging to Alderman Henre
han committed suicide yesterday, bv
walking into a trap door in Thompson's
barn. A short time ago a man hanged
hansel! in the same barn.
In the Minneapolis Journal a few days
ago, appeared an out-side story referring
to one of our business men. The sum
ot money referred to is found to be se
cured by good papers in the amount of
$12,000,00 and there is really danger of
the Big Stone firm being losers instead uf
Taylor or his bondsmen—besides the
money was never borrowed from tne
treasury but from the bank of Redfield.
The German campmeeting which has
been in session at Simpson Park, Big
Stone City, and came to a close today, has
been one of the most successful gospel
meetings ever held on Big Stone lake.
The attendance has been very large
throughout, and the services have been
well attended, and the work lias been
blessed by large acquisitions to the ranks
of the faithful. The names ot the minis
ters who have been workers at the meet
ing are given below:
E. F. Movius, U^rdeen.
W. Suckow, Scotland.
C. Oertlie, Fargo.
A. Oertlie, Cassclton.
Phil. I.aux, Great Bend.
Win. Fritz, Big Stone
S. F. Brown, Yankton.
S. Hoy, Irving.
W. Teichman, Cavalier.
F. Haueter, Beliinjrham.
A. R. Fischer, Madison.
B. 11. Fischer. Centerville.
dir. Lydow, Odessa,.
R. Strutz, Ciisselton.
L. Von Wald, Milbank.
J.Mevers, Aberdeen.
J. Bechtel, Grand Forks.
J. Kienbolz. Winthrop.
.T. Keller, Aberdeen.
D. Ko^nin, .Milbank.
•I. Knhl, Bijf Stonp.
Hingeman, Madison.
J. Zimmerman. Groton.
Wm, Blanchard. Watertown,
Republican, June 2 lb!5
Henr.y Sharbono and family left Wed
nesday for Detroit, Minn., where they
expect to locate fur ihe present.
A. H. Stay, last week, Friday, pre
sented us with a peck ot potatoes of the
Early Fortune variety, which were us
tine i potato, for an early one, as we
have ever seen or ale. Mr. Stay informs
us that he has been using.them since the
17th inst.
Bishop Haire of Sioux Falls and Rev.
E. Ashley, formerly of ihe Episcopal
church at the Mission, passed through
the city enroute houi«, atter a few days'
visit at the Mission and Sisseton.
Among the farmers whose crops were
entirely destroyed by hail in the town
shrps of Harmon and Bryant last week,
are the following: Harmon- F. II.
Fowler, A. Sybers, P. Guerts, C'bas.'
Stone, Geo. Gibsou, Jos Fernrite, T. VV.
Duncan, John Swanson, D. Sauby, Geo.
Wait, Phil. Nelson. Bryant—-M. Barker.
And. Kelly, P. Ness, li. Rollings, Z.
Wing, Jaa Malloy and (J. McKee.
Among the above are several who are in
destitute circumstances and need hylp
and the farmers of Roberts couuty who
are blessed with a bountiful crop should
give something to help them in their
hour of need.
Juno -^th,
This section received a visit from old
Jack Frost on Thursday night. But
very little damage was cone so lut as we
have heard. Seats Burdine reports that
his fields of corn aud beans on Oscar
Simonson's faun were destroyed and that
the Signal man's corn n Gilbert Gilbert
son's place was badly nipped. The frost
was hardest on low grounds and we
doubt if much stulf was injured se badly
that it will not come on again.
We always knew that our friend Jim
McDowell of Marvin was a genius but
we were somewhat surprised upon the
occasion of a recent visit to see the safty
oycicle which Jim had manufactured
himself. It WHS a perfect machiue a
little heaver, perhaps, but still a coun
terpart of the factory made article. The
frame is ot square iron instead of tubular
and the tire solid rubber instead of pneu
matic. Jim says his bike works all
right and he sees no reason why a man
should pay $75 for a wheel when he can
easily make it himself.
June Dress lioods Sale.
liKOCKTO.N, ilASS. aokl by
and Underwear
Special Parasol and
Umbrella Sale.
Macintosh and Gossamer Sale.
Having had a larc^ Spring
Sale in this department
Estate and
Sells and Buys Land.
Pays Taxes for Non-Residents.
Money to Loan 011 Approved Security.
Abstracts of Title of all Lands and Town Lots in Grs
To introduce our
we offer special Jn^
Silver Leaf l.
Correspondence Solicited.
Oflicc one door South of Farmer's
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