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Is Nominated fop Preil.
Lie lit the First llullot, llecciv.
,ilmou!»—Uarrett A Holiurt of
jTfew jr I» Nominated for
•Vice President on the First Hal-
t_fi*-ttulorii Teller of Colorado,
[prtHgrew of South Dakota and
INuaiber of Other Silver Mem
l.cave the Convention.
Louis, June 10— Atiaplclotnly and se
ly, beneath a sky across whose arched
not a cloud floated, the chli'ftalns of
party, from the pineries of
to tli» orange groves of California
i tbe everglades of Florida to the placid
i-rs of
For rn'-re .. »i
and yelled and shouted
Vote# Out of D'-ia-The
0 „,iujitlo
JiMilifn clubs which had marched to the
to tho clangor of martial music were
beat In uniform and a very large pro
ton ef the spectators were ladies. The
In tho gallery over the platform en
nrd tbe brilliant gutheriug with pop
airs at intervals.
Louis, Jane 17 —Th« Republican na
I convention Hwtred the deck for action
ly. Two sessions were held, one of uti
in the morning and one of three hour*
be afternoon The permanent orgnulza
was effected and the permanent
|rman, Senator John Thurston of
MskH, assumed the duties of presiding
er at tbe moruiug session, and thu re
of tbe committees on credentials and
ware received and adopted at the af
»n *essl»n. The battle royal is over,
[platform and nomination of candidates
occur to-morrow
striking contrast with the dull, feat
sessloa of yesterday wer® th»
animated and enthulastlc sessions
to-day. The vast hall
'^'d to Its utmost capacity with
of spectators, keyed to the high-
of enthusiasm aud responded with
••'id hand clapping to the electric
every word or suggestion. The
.r'»ar of 12,0i)0 voices, as it. came
"Un down to the pit from the
of people on all sides, accotn-
waving of handkerchiefs, hand
Br i
8 ,umu
noise and motion
|im». i Pu'sl* beat a fasti^r tune
Ir T» ^',E P,!r,"anent chairman,
u ''"raton, whose warm, magnetic
'ourso of Republicans, and with
aroused every Incident evoked
As jig recited the fact that lie had
vic.torioua ticket of the
predicted that tin was now pre
which would nom-
president of the United
«athu«iaaoi broke ail bounds.
contest* o^?r?hVm?eiri
land and r.clo.aTe'
met in council to-
aad lu the presence of about 8,000
•ators. eiitcriM upon tho task of select
•HwlMatrs and cti'iuciatin policies for
,'aiapuljfn of lSlHi Tho tirsl scssiou of
Republican national convention wad
ktfore formal. I'halruian Carter, of the
jonul committcc. droppni the ijavel at
k) o'clock and sixty minutes later an ad
Jum^ut was taken nnl.ii 10 o'clock to
jrow. There was not a jar during tbe
bftedinfx, there wore no .sensational in
tnta to arise, nor any demonstrations to
|lt tbe vast concours# of people.
),» teiDporury clinirnuui, (7. VV. Falr
ks of lndiunupoll*. delivered his ad
a strong, forcible statement, an ar
gument of the prt^Mit administration
a 'ieflnement of the Issues the eoui
jtce selections of tbe various delegations
|p announced—that was all.
lie galleries are adorned at Intervals
tbe roata-of-arms of the various states,
in conspicuous places hang portraits
praut, Lincoln and other heroes of fhe
l'bo naileries to-day were well tilled
not crowded, it being estimated that
jut 8,HK) persons were
rn 011 s
th was a
0!lv ntio
ed 'mila lint !h
like Jiutr i V
I» Afterward Made
the first test of
Strength between tbe MeKlnley followers
and those of Heed, Allison. Quay and Mor
St. Louis, Juno IS The Republican na
tional convention nailed their principles to
the mast htxads and placed in command of
the ship which Is to bear them on to for
tune or disaster in November, their popular
idol, Wlllia.ui McKinley of Ohio aud Gar
rett A. Hobart of New Jersey.
But. there was mutiny abroad, and at the
last moment before tbe lines were cast off.
part of the crew who had shipped lu
many voyages refused to subscribe
to th® new shipping articles and
walked down the gang plank. Tbe
convention was held in session for ten
hours to accomplish th© work cut out for
It, and several different times was tragic,
dramatic and Inspiring. Fully 10.000 peo
ple were In the vast audience to hiss or
cheer by turns. The bolt of the silver men
from tbe West was fully discounted, but it
nevertheless furnished the most dramatic
incident of tbe day. Led by Senator Tell
er. they had yesterday declared their in
tention i refusli to subscribe to the gold
plank in the platform, but to-day after
Senator Telle- had made his final appeal to
tbe convention not to take the step which
would drive him aud bis colleagues out
from the ranks of the party, which iti tiie
past had honorod tbem aud they had de
lighted to serve, ami the convention had
•voted--H1* 1-2 to 103 1-2 to stand by the
gold declaration In the platform, they left
the (,'onventio-i hall.
MeKlnley Nominated,
It was a foregone conclusion that Mc
Kinley would be nominated by the pen'up
enthusiasm of tbe friends of tbe Ohio
candidate which found full vent. The
speech of Baldwin of Oouucll Bluffs, nom
inating Allison of Seuator Lodge uomiuat
ing Itced of Hastings nominating Quay,
and of I»pew nominating Morton, were
eloijuent and masterly effort*, and were
received with the greatest eutbiMitaauj by
their respective supporters but the aouii-
nation of McKinley. by lor.iker. tnd
the convention into bedlam. Save foi tin.
I Id tumult that followed Senator Wol
colt's speech placing Blaine i»
at Minneapolis, four J""

H. Alexander of A!abama
Slr'wJuld'be'for "protection and sound
ready sympathy in the
rrfwenty-four minutes before 5 the roll
but wii "jw* iSoSJiS
mans «ar
convention of 1H8S which
8 for McKinley.
the roll aave two
McKtnley Oeorglo
t,mt was 1rr,
*gular aud
until the
S mbor# lia
'l hocn pass-
«tests were swept aside
like halt before the wind. The convention
brimmed over with enthusiasm ami was in
no temper to be delayed.
The rPTOlt
''^nion.strated to the sar-
Ufaction of all that MeKlnley has a clear
major tv of a hundred In the convention.
The question was the adoption of the report
or the committee on credentials, which cer
tified the action of the national committee
on credentials in giving almost all tbe i:S
contested seats to the McKinleylCs anl
decided the Iexas contest in favor of the
Oram (McKinley) delegation and that in
Delaware, in favor of the Hlggins delega
tion. 1
he majority report was met with a
violent, minority report, denouncing the
ommittee on credentials for presuming to
accept unchallenged tbe findings of the na
tional committee.
Tho lines were not drawn absolutely, as
quite a number of delegates who are
pledged to McKinley voted with the op
position. They wci ij defeat ed 54*.» to
1 'l i ware
1* lel iitu
Idaho ......
JllilO S ,,,
Iowa ........
Ming SSipJn
New Hnmp-ihir»-•
New Jersey
N\v York
North Carol :n.i
North Dakotj
I'ennsj Ivania ..
KUivIe Island..
So'ith Carolina.
South I»akota..
West Virginia.
Wisconsin ....
N"w Mexico.
Iiidi.-iii Territory
Dlst if ("uliiml
Morton, 1
Th Idaho cast no vote,
inere was a monotonous repetition of Mc
Klmey until tbe grey-headed Henderson
w-.iV, ~ast
the 8,,!id
'""-a for
lUam B. Allison." General Grosvenor,
who has been jestingly termed the llght-
(kg calculator, followed the vote with a
whU Mr
Uauuii looked
over his shoulde-r.
The detailed vote follows:
No McKln- Mor- Alll
Votes, ley. lleed. i
tnii^ Quay.
ltf US
1J i-
-'j •J "J
..43 VI
io o
20 20
.28 2(1
It 4
30 2'J
2S 2S
IS 17*

.... 20 jo 1
7-' IT
i n
s 's
IS is
.... s s
•.'! 24
.. ,:io 21 ur 5
s S
2S 'l
8 8
.24 24
li e
2 i
4 4
922 6C114 84V4 oi
•1 stis^nt
ii'.iai^ron, 1
**.'{ atxent.
xxl a!"'iit
Wank. 4.
CI 4 35ft
Total vote: McKinlev 001'4. Reed S4
After the decision of the Piatt forces
not to present the name of Morton, owing
to tiie war waged against him by the War
ner Miller faction, the nomination of Ho
bart of New Jersey became a certainty.
Tbe McKinley influence was thrown for
him, and although there was an attempt
to consolidate the West and South on H.
Glay Evans of Tennessee, the McKinley
Influence was oo powerful. Besides, It was
the general sense of the delegates that the
logic of the situation required the nomina
tion of au Eastern man for vice president.
The nominating speeches were brief.
Bu'keley of »"onnectlcut, Llppeft of Rhode
Island and Gen. Walker of Virginia were
also placed in nomination. It ouly required
one ballot to determine the contest. Hobart
received 530V% votes, 00 more than a ma
jority. Evans, his nearest competitor, re-
reived 2S0t^. There were scattering votes
for Reed, Thurston, Grant, Depew, Morton
aud Brown.
Hobart I* Nominated On the First
It was 6:15 when Senator Lodge tnqde th«
motion that the convention proceed to the
nomination of a vice president, and that
speeches be limited to Ave minutes. There
was so little Interest In the Becond place,
or so prevalent an appeal for dinner, that
In five minutes the galleries had been de
serted by two-thirds of the seat-holders.
Hamuel Fessenden of Connecticut was rec
ognised to nominate Gov. Buckeiey. but the
convention had exhausted Its enthusiasm so
that the mention of the name of McKinley
failed to draw a hand clap. At the end of
the five mlnutea the crowd called "time"
enthusiastically, and the roll call proceeded
until New Jersey was reached, when dele
gates began to cry "Hobart.'' Q. L. Ho-
bart was nominated by Franklin Fort of
Newark. He spoke as follows
"l rise to present to this convention the
claims of New Jersey to the vi. presi
dency. We nme because we feel that w®
can, for the first time in our history, bring
to you a promise that our electoral vote
will be cast for your nominees. If you
comply with our request this promise will
iurely be redectip'ii. for forty years,
through the blackness of durkuess of a uul
versally triumphant. Democracy, the Repub
licans of New Jersey have retaiued their
organization and fought, as valiantly as If
rlie outcome were to be assured victory.
Only twice through all this long period has
the sun .shone in upon us. In 1SD4, for the
tirst time since the Republican party came
into existence, we scut to congress a solid
delegation of e-ight Republicans anl elected
a Republican to the Vnited Slates senate.
We followed tills in 1SS)5 by electing a Re
publican governor by a majority of 28,000.
And in this year of gr.n-e we expect to
give the Republican electors a majority of
not. Irtss than 20.IXK)." He then presented
the name of Garrett A. Hobart. the New
Yorkers joining with the New Jersey men
in the nomination. J. Otis Humphrey of
Illinois seconded Hobart's nomination. W.
K. Allen of Rhode Island nominated Gov.
Charles W. lJppett. Delegates from the
Southern states cheered when Tennessee
was called, and W. M. Randolph presented
the name of Henry Clay Evans. Kvans was
seconded by a colored dei*gate named
Smith, of Kentucky, whose ffl'ort was loud
ly cheered. Ex-Congressman Robert SI.
Lafollette of Wisconsin also seconded
Hvans' nomination, arousing enthusiasm by
his prediction that the party would gain in
the South, although it had lost ia the West.
The vote in detail follows
A!aba"tt% 22 10 n 1
Arkinsas Hi 10 5 1
C.ilifurm.i 18 It 3 1
C-)|.ir |.|.. 8
Oinii" fi.iir .... 12 12
Belaw ire 0
Klori.la 8 r, 7t
trHorKia 26 21
Idaho 0
Illinois 4* 44 "i
a Iiniijnu 30 12 Ki
orton M.Quay 01 '-i, Allison 3*Mt.Giimeron 1
McKinI ey's vote exceeded* the expecta
tions of his friends, as he received 001*4
votes. The nomination was immediately
made unanimous. Enthusiastic speeches
were made bv representatives of the op
posing candidates, and there were the
usual felicitations. Mark Ilanna was
obliged in respouse to calls to address ttie
Iowa 2« 8 io
Ka1irt.11* 20 20
K-'iitii' Uy 5 16
I/OUirtiHIIU in 8 S
Mh ino 12
Moinana 8 1
N'.'tir.iski 16 16
N"vu" .i :t
Nt»W H:IIll|)Hlllrh. S 8
New Jersey 20 20
New York 72 72
North Carolina.. 22 1M.
Maryland id ii "t 1
MussarliiisettS 30 14 12 4
Mi.'hitfan 2K 21 7
Minnesota 18 6 12
Mississippi .... IS i:i 5
issuiiri 34 10 23
3 3
Nortli Dakota...
)lli 40 25 15
S 8
lVnns.rlvanlft ... 64 84
K!iolw Nlaiul n *8
South Carolina.. 18 '.i is
Sontli Dakota... 8
Tinness»e 24 24
Texas 30 ii 12
.j tl 6 1
Vermont 8
Vir«inia 2t
Washington .... 8 *8 ,.
W^t VirzlQia... 12 12
I Wisconsin 24 3 20
Wyoming 6 6
Ariana 8 4 1 i
Oklahoma ...... 4 2
Inl. Territory.. 0 6
Dist. Columbia.. 2 2
Alaska 4 4
New Mexico..... 6 6
Totals... 922 533Vj 2SOV4 *39 8 24
Patterson, N. J., June IS.—This city Is
wild with delight over the nomination of
Garrett A. Hobart. He Is popular with
everyone here and all classes are paradng
the streets to-night and all the fireworks
In the city have been burnod. The crowds
around the newspaper and telegraph offices
became so dense that the cars could not
pass. When It became apparent that Ho
bart would be nominated on the first bal
lot, the crowd could n» longer be re
strained. Every Land In the city was in
waiting and thy poured Ijto the streets.
Processions spring up en ,every side and
every factory bell was tolled. This was
a signal for a general lllamlftatlon of the
buildings la the cltjK
Me I n Run to Karlli After a Three*
Years' Senrsli.
Kansas C'ty, .luuf _'1- The .laurnnl
announce* the jurist til Neosho, Mo.
by Dopmy I'tiit-Ml Sttitos Marsh,il
IV.irman of a swindU'f who has olud
-d tho agonts (if the treasury depart
Mont for throe years. Tho ohiof opo
rat«r. who is known as J. U. Bell, alias
,Iauu»H F. Swartz, is in jail in Spri'm
liold. Along: with him are M. A. Me
liinnts and Thomas Uobbins. hereto
fore n'spoetod citizens of Neosho, wlio
are saiil to have bioonie his dupes.
Hell claimed to bo a secret agent, of
President -leveland's administration,
and carried an alloyed commission
bearing tho signaluro of W. Q. tirosh
am. secretary of stab\ dated Aug. l.'l,
The pretendod mission of the
swindler was to distribute campaign
funds for tho national administration,
and ho claimed to be able to give out
to favored ones greenbacks that had
been presented to the government for
tvd'ouption and canceled, lie claimed
that instead of* destroying these bills
the administration stored them in the
treasury vaults to be distributed by
him for campaign purposes. From
each of his dupes the swindler exacted'
an initiation fee of $-50, and he rep
resented to theui that the number of
citizens admitted to tho brotherhood
was so regulated that each memlor
would be given annually to dis
tribute. Notwithsiauding that, tho
scheme was clearly fraudulent, tho
authorities have evidence that tho
swindle lias been extensively worked
iu Texas. Kanas, Central Missouri
and Tennessee.
An Inter
est tnie I.etter Kmm Conral
4«eiitral l.ee at Havana.
Washington. .June In a letter to
a relative Consul tieuoral Lee at Ha
vana says that I he insurgents are
practically in control of the island,
and he believes the entire native popu
laiion is in sympathy with them. AH
to the inhumanity of the Span-sh com
manders (Jon. I.ee expresses himself in
the plainest terms. They do not, re
gard the laws of modern war nor the
usages customary among civilized tui
tions at all," he says. "From every
quarter there is the same testimony
concerning the barbarities of the Span
ish officers. Some of the evidence 1
neard would be beyond belief
did I not know it to be most reliable.
Violations of women, the plunder of in
offensive citizens, murder, every form
of rapine, is tho unvarying story of
prisoners and natives of the island
who happen to be tm lor suspicion, and
It lake's very little. Indeed, here to
place you uiid'M* suspicion.*' The gener
al doubts if peace could be made i.ow
short of a basis of absolute independ
ence aud freedom from Spanish con
Gratifying Report* an to the Wheat
l*rMluetloii in Kudwh.
Chi'ago, June 24.—
After many vieis-
itudes during the period of growth,
the State of Kansas lias produeed au
eminently satisfactory crop of wheat.
From returns furnished from every
(ounty in .the state in answer to in
quiries by the Post, the total yield is
found to amount to about 4.'»,ooo.H))
bushels. That is almost double the
quantity produced in the same state
th" year previous, ll also exceeds the
average yield of the last five years,
which includes tho phenomenal heavy
crop of 1N!»2. It is SUM)0,X)0 bushels
more than was received during the
season of lK!)4-r» at the four principal
winter wheat markets, and
bushels iu excess of the quantity re
ported af the same four principal win
ter wheat markets since July I, al
most a year ago to the present date.
rhleauro Kailroiul lrn Will Sac for
Ilia. l)amim'H
Chicago, June L'4. Fi^hty railroad
men have made affidavits aud turned
evidence in their possession into the
hands of attorneys and next Wednes
day suits agt ro.tratinj hundreds of
thousands of dollars for damages will
be filed in the circuit and superior
courts against almost every railway
corporation having terminals or of
fices in Chicago.
The railroad men assert that they
were blacklisted by the railroads n
account ot their connection with the
American Kail way union strike of lN!t4
and their failure to secure employment
under their own names after telling
I he truth concerning their acts and oc
cupation a* the time of the gnat boy
cott they consider evidence of black
listing. In many instances the re
fusal to employ will bo used as evi
dence to prove a blacklisting con
spiracy between the roads.
I..ee Say* Wot.
Havana, June 24. United States
Consul (ieueral Lee, when islced re
garding the published allegations that
lie has sent a report to President
Cleveland on the Cuban situation, de
nied absolutely that he had sent any
repor! on this subject. Operations
against Ma ceo iu Pinar del ICio have
once more commenced. Gen. Munoz
with six battalions and four cannon,
has gone toward IJuni. (Jon. Melquizo
leads four battalions and two cannon,
while Col. Va lea red has two battalions
and two cannon.
McKlnlpy SpeakM.
Canton. Ohio, June 24.—Five hundred
citizens of .Muskingum county came to
Canton in a special train to-day, in
cluding the delegations from /anes
villo and Dresden. President 11. It.
Logan, of the Zanosville Business j.s
soeiation: State Senator Charles W.
Shyiock and Congressman II. Van
Vcoris were with the party. Con
giessinan Van Vooris presented the
delegation to (Jr.v. McKinley. The
major made a speech in whi
he said
the people wanted a full lollar for a
full day's work.

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