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XVII. NO -15
o" C. M.
st. I*, lta.ilway.
iiy 12 86atn
Dailvex. Sunday 6:»i0am
fpnily ex. Sunday 1:30 in
-Dailv 3:04 n
Dttii'v i x. Sunday, Arrive.. 4 ?r in
.. .11 &o a
Ti mot o .'.fi
c'ton ft ni
-•ton: ..:
lilhank 12:ft0p
,n9 run Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Jicach week
Jin'-wr No. 15. Stated convocations sec
Ifc.'irth Thursday of each month, at 7: so
companions cordially invited.
K. EI.Y, High Priest.
IF. £BR. Sec.
,?d meeting® at Masonic Hall, on
lur-iay evening of each mouth. Visiting
•ire cordially invited to attend
Ks:h«»r Chapter "No 20. Stated meet
ly Second and Fourth Monday of each
Masonic hall.
-SYLVAN LOlVi-B No. 54
t" every Tuesday evening at Schafer's
»:tiB? brethren cordially invited.
If RHBEKAII.—Meets second and fourth
(Thursday of each month at I. O. O. F.
v i
Mus. W. F. ^CET.N.Q
—Banner Lodge No. 51 meets every
Wednesday evening in Woods hall.
I He lumen, K. of K. & S.
I W.—Meets first and third Mondnv
nings of each mouth in Woods hall,
brethren cordially invited, A.T. HORTON,
iiKE OF HONOR—Protection Lodge.
•n in A. O. U. W. hail first and third
(Jtr' tch month.
MKS. W. W, MOHHT,C.of H.
i lin THATEK, Rec.
Mn'te every second and fourth Thursday,
-liarp, at the Court House. All com
ifiMig oar city are invited to m«et with
YOUNG,' Commander, GBO. C.
MHF CORPS—Gen. Humphrey's Rehe
meets every second and fourth
fd»y of each month nt the I. •). O. F. hall.
piss I. 8. BOSWOKTH, Sec.
Uaigh, Pastor. Public Worship, Stin
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school
Junior K 4 p, in. Y. P. S. C.E.6:-t."j
1'rnver meeting, Wednesday 7:3(1 p. ni.
(meeting. Saturday p. A hearty infi
ll to these services is hereby extended to
ltrange,rs in the city will be cordially wel-
[Class Meeting Sabbath Morning, W:45, Jas.
deader. Preaching Sabbath mornimr,
10 :w.
line Sabbatl}
evening, Sabbath School.
J.C. Wood, Supt. Bible Class, conducted
On. N.I. Lowthian Kpworth Leasrue, Sah
eveniug, 0:30. Miss Hattie Horns. President
pf League, Sabbath evening ti:W, Mrs. S.
ir, Snpt. Choir Rehearsal, Saturday even
UK, J. 11. Buriran director. The Method
plscopal Church of Milbatik, cordially in'
lilie public to all their services strangers in
fly are always welcome. All seats are free.
O. WIM.IAMS, Pastor
^—N TIP.—Black mare colt abont three
tears old. Owner can have same by claim
property aud paying expenses.
IKEn UP.—Come to my premises on June
»th, one bay mare abont (i years old, dark
Ihorse about 10 years old.
P. M. Christinson.
4 miles caetol Summit, 8.
K.lND -pi°kedup on the road between Big
•stone city and Milbank on Wednesday even
Holy l, a double breasted black frock coat,
circular letter in the pocket addressed to
f/ ""rcli, Ortonville, Minn., and trom Baz/.ett
I in'('dcago,111. Owner can secure the same
'ailing at this office.
FLeat —Thursday-— No. 1 Ifortbern
No. 2,4lc,
creen Doors at E. Emanuel's.
to Watson's for aa A No. 1 Pump.
Iws Eda Yenny Las gone to Biff
U®. to make a visit to lier aunt, Mrs.
E. Emanuel and fainilir have
.|Q *Djoying a visit from Mr. and Mrs.
Marte, o! Madison, Minn., and Mrs.
Marts, ot Augusta, Wis.
Mabel Lund berg left for Minns
last Wednesday on a month's
with her aunt and nuoMtrous
•ttvssia the twin oities.
Beet Screen Doors IW cents at Wood
Mrs. Theodore Farrington, of Orton
ville is visiting with Mrs. G. W. Prevey.
G. G. Oehler shipped three cars of
wheat to Minneapolis one day this week.
Do you want clothing? We are mak
ing a special reduction in prices for a
short time. Erlandson & Johnson.
Mrs. Fargo and family, of Aberdeen,
are siaking a visit to Mr. and Mr* J. H.
King, Mrs. Fargoa' pfirents, in Melrose.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Movius, ot Big
Stone City, spent yesterday in the city,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lockhart.
Mrs. Jas. Winch. Mre. Taylor and
Mrs. Thomas Smiley have gone on a two
or three weeks visit to Eagle Bend,
The regular services at the M. E.
church which were discontinued during
the camp meeting week, hav3 all been
resumed as formerly.
Mrs. A. J. Bleser has been quite
seriously ill of late, and Mr. Bleeer had
to be sent for last week. She is since
somewhat improved.
Mrs. A. Spellman and family of
Montevideo, are camping with Mrs. E.
Healy at Big Stone lake, where they ex
pect to remain for a couple of weeks.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
Fanset on Tuesday afternoon, July 7, at
three o'clock for the election of officers.
A good attendance is desired.
Miss Achsah Wiseman returned Mon
day morning from Montevideo, where
wh« hns been making a two weeks visit
with her sister, Mrs. A. E. Hocum.
Master llarvy anil Miss Lottie Wil
liams have gone on a visit to their aunt
at W'essington Springs, where they were
taken by their father the first of the
M. II. Wisemans' family will leave on
the Fourth for a two week's outing at
the lake, during which Miss Ada and
Miss Achsah will take part in the insti
The Codington county populists in
selecting a central committee, elected a
man to the chairmanship of the com
mittee who had been dead for nearly
two years.
Master John, the little son of S. S.
Lockhart, left Tuesday night for a visit
to hia grandparents, at Portage, Wis.,
with whom he will remain during the
summer vacation.
The firm of Wood Bros, have mended
their ways or at least made an entirely
new way by tearing up the old sidewalk
in front ol their store and replacing it
with a new one.
Engineer 1'aul Jones, who has the
passenger run between Milbfmk and
Montevideo, is taking a lay-otf, and with
his family has gone for a visit with
friends in Southern Wisconsin.
WTm. Rnebel, of Melrose township re
ceived a message the first of the week
announcing the death of his mother-in
law, Mrs. John Dietrich, of iilooming
ton, 111., who died on the 23d ult.
Hon. N. I. Lowthian and wife re
turned the first ot the week from Gor
donsville, Minn., where they were called
by the death ot Mr. Lowibian s sister,
Mrs. Mary Bickell, aged 77 years, who
died on the 24th ult.
Those attending the fourth ot July at
Big Stone City, will do well to bear in
mind that the Ladies Aid of Big Stone
City will Berve a 15 cent dinner on le
4th at the M. E. church,
o'clock. Ice cream and cake 10 cents.
The democratic doctor tour years fgo
said that it was free trade that the coun
try needed to build up a
oolitic. The patient has been taking
t^he medicine for the past three years
and now the doctors
that free
silver should be added to the dose.
Grant county teachers' institute
commences next Monday at Simpson
Park on Big Stone lake, continuing two
weeks °rom the 6th to 18th. The school
promises to be one of the most
ful and interesting yet held and "0
teacher in the county can afford to miss
One of
°f teHtbe heightto which a man may
®l)* ijcralft Sl&tmiiec.
I lie nuMiiijeri of the Kustern ,^tur en
joyed a picnic to Simpson Park Wednes
day and a very pleasant time was had.
They were joined at the lake by a num
ber of the Mootovideo chapter, among
whom were, Mr. and Mrs. W, Crooker,
Mr. and Mrs. Dunbraok, Mrs. Aggas
and Mr. and Mrs. A. Spellman.
Brookings Register:—Supt. Aldrich
recently prepared a map of Grant coun
ty lor the use of Prof. Shepard of the
U. S. Experiment station at Brookings,
who will soon issue a bulletin on ilovv
wells ot Grant county. The map ia well
gotten up and will surprise even our
people who do not really know how
many wells there are north of this coun
One of the two men who were
drowned at the lake last week was re
covered Monday about neon, that of Rev.
Williams, and the other was secured
Tuesday afternoon, that of Mr. Jones.
The latter gentleman was a resident of
the township of Kilborn in an early day,
having taken a claim there, and was
well known to many ot the older settlers
in that neighborhood.
Among the Milbank people who were
enjoying the lake side at Simpson Park
last week, were the families of Mayor
Ely, J. C. Wood and G. L. Wood,
Henry Schafer, Rev. Williams, Joseph
Fanset, M. Ivelsoe, W. Vandervoort.
The families of S.M.Pasco, Geo. S.
Rix, E. S. Healy, J. W. Johnson and
Addison Conright are there this week.
There is a great demand for cottages,
and the buildings ate filled up by dele
gations of pleasure seekers from Aber
deen, Bristol and other towns to the
w-est ot us.
At the home of the bride's mother in Milbank, S.
D., on .July 1st, 18Wj, at ft p. in., Rev. Jeffrey
George llaigh and Miss Edith E. Port, both of
this city.
The ceremony 8s above announced
was performed by Rev. O. Williams, the
pastor ot the M. E. church of this city,
only the immediate family ot the parties
being present. The groom is the pastor
of the Congregational church here, this
being the second year of his pastorate
at Milbank. The bride is the daughter
of the late George Port, and is one of the
young ladies who have grown to woman
hood in Milbank. and whoso many
amiable qualities have won tur h6r the
esteem of all acquaintances and endear
ed her to those more intimately associat
ed with her. The kindest wishes of a
large circle ot friends are with the newly
wedded couple for their continued
happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Haigh took
the midnight train for Chicago, intend
ing to visit friends in Illinois and the
east, returning to be at home about the
second week in August.
A Bad Uuiiuwuv.
What might have proved a very se
rious accident happened last Tuesday
evening about six o'clock. A number
of the German people to the west of
town had been enjoying the hospitality
of the Albau Evangelical children's day
picnic,and were returning from the exer
cises, when some of the youne men who
were driving started racing their horses,
and in coming up the road running past
'J. A. Wood's house and attempting to
turn the corner at Fifth avenue, the
wagon box slipped trom the wagon of
Herman Bohn's team and the occu
pants, consisting of the driver, Mrs.
Bohn and baby and Miss Eda Boerger,
were thrown to the
ground, and the trightened horses gal
loped up town, smashing the wagon into
little pieces. The woman and baby
the parties who was recently
bro^ffhl down from Roberts county to
out a
sentence in the county jart
hTre was a populist candidate for shenff
S& "ot? •*ti,,s
thA. (rt At
world with populism.
Never in the history of Grant county
hMr.M pN.p~" crop
present. Many ot
fhi field* of small grain surpass any
S?og is have seen for years, and under
^Uoaablj fair
ions a magnificent
e*op will be harvested.
taken up and carried to Mr. Jas.
Watson's home, and Dr. Daniels sent for.
Upon examination the parties were found
to be without any serious injury, except
ing a bad cut over tbe eye on the young
lady, but both suffered so severely from
the shock that they were unable to be
taken home until the next day. The
babe seemed to be in tbe same condition,
but we understand all have since recov
ered It was a mlraoulous escape, aud
tbe participants in this misfortune may
consider themselves very fortunate tbat
no serious injury was sustained, ihe
affair will certainly be a warning
against the practice of horse racing on
the public highways.
A great many people are taking ad
vantage of tbe big reduction ia clothing
at Erlandson & Johnson's.
Watsofi doss all kinds of tin work
iti i»i iu,i v i:i t.
Tl»e Srioud Con volition Iielil this
Year, An Kiuliusiastic tiatlicr
iiig of Protectionists.
Last Saturday afternoon the republi
can convention called to select fourteen
delegates to the state convention to be
held at Aberdeen July 8, to nominate
presidential electors and state oliicers,
was called to order at the court house by
E. D. Ely, the chairman cf the county
committee, and after the reading of the
call by the secretary of the committee.
S. M. Pasco, L. S. Boyer, of Big Stone
City, was unanimously elected chairman,
and F. E. Roberts, ot Twin Brooks,
secretary. The chairman thanked the
convention for the honor which they had
accorded him aud in a very happy man
ner presented some of the reasons for
his faith in republicanism, and the nec
cessity for the triumph of the party in
the coming election.
Cpon motion carried the chairman
appointed the following committees:
Credentials—E. I). Ely, II. E.Jones,
John Gold, F. W. Mohan, George Stod
Resolutions—G. W. Prevey, H. S.
WToodard, G. C. Nixson, J. I). Smull,
G. A. Lawrence.
Permanent Organization— L. H.
Bentley, O. Scheie, Dr. W. A. Day,
John Hardy, John Neuenberg.
Rules of Order—G. S.Rix, O. N. Nel
son, A. G. Somers, Wm. Graham, S. S.
After a short recess the committee on
permanent organization reported recom
mending that the temporary officers be
made permanent, and the report was
unanimously adopted.
The committee on resolutions offered
the following, which was unanimously
The representatives of the republicans of
Grant county, South Dakota, assembled this day,
delegate convention, reassert our fuith in thai
good old party which has given to the American
people protection, sound money and prosperity.
We believe the election of Win. McKinley aud
Garrett A. llobart assures to us a return to an
administration of national affairs that will be
debt paying instead of debt making that will
in still confidence rather than donbt and distrust
that will employ labor instead of discharging it
that will give employment to the American rath
er than the foreigner, thus increasing the purchas
ing power of our own people, thereby giving a
home market for all American products.
We heartily indorse the platform adopted by
the St. Louis republican convention, and point
with pride to the plank which says:
"We believe in the immediate return to the
free homestead policy of the republican party,
and urge the passage by congress uf the satisfac
tory free homestead measure which has already
passed the house aud is now pendiug in the
We express our approval of the manner In
which the present republican state administra
tion has conducted the affairs of the state.
We aie proud of the record of our fellow
citizen, the Hon. John L. Lockhart, commis
sioner of school and public lands, and we again
renew our hearty support to him, and instruct
our delegates to the State convention to nee all
honorable means to secure for him the nomina
The committee on rules of the order
recommended that the several portions
ot the county be entitled to nominate
delegates to the Aberdeen convention on
the following apportionment:
Big Stone City and Big Stone town
ship two delegates Osceola, Blooming
Valley, Farmington, Troy and Mazeppa
two delegates Grant Center and Mad
ison one delegate Alban one delegate
Milbank three delegates Melrose one
delegate Kilborn and Twin Brooks one
Vernon one Adams one Stockholm,
Trey and Georgia one.
Alban—E. A. Buchanan.
Adams—H. E.Jones.
Big Stone City—L. S. Boyer.
Big Stown Township—Henry Bartz.
Blooming Valley—J. D. Smull.
Mazeppa—T. L. Kinney.
Milbank—G. S. Rix, N. J. Bleser and
G. C. Barney.
Twin Brocks—F. E. Roberts.
Vernon—O. J. Scheie.
Troy—G. A. Lawrence.
Melrose—J. C. Reeve.
Madison—Peter Nelson.
Tbe delegation is an excellent one
composed ot representative men from
the several parts of the county, and
the several townships then made the
followiug nominations, which were rat
ified by election of the convention:
Tbe following alternates were unani
mously elected:
E. Smith, J. T. Gold, A. O. Somersf
Geo. Stoddard, John H. Neuenberg,
Wm. Graham, E. D. Ely, G. W. Preveyt
W. M. Thomas, A. B. Smedley, Jr., M.'
W. Cross, L. O. Aldrich, M. H. Thorn
ton, W. O.Storlie.
Consolidated April 11, 1890
Aitmn—Wm. (iraham. E. A. Buchanan, J.
W. Leggett, A. L. Vandervort, D. Trapp, Ben
Adams—H. E. Jones, Geo. Friday, Pierce
Cahill, Tom Christinson, T. O. Mabnst, Phillip
Port, John Hilstrom, Nels Seime, Gust lieeia
John Koclle.
Big Stone Township—Henry Bartz, Alficd
Swanson, hrnet Ci Waydeman.
15ig Stone City 1st ward—L. S. Boyer, W. A,
Day, C. A. Oleaon, F. M. l'archer.
Big Stone City i!rd ward—-J. T. Gold, H. S.
Woodward, W. D. Worthem.
Blooming Valley—-John Fritz, John Hardy,
Nels Fore, Tom Stevens, W. Matson,J.
Georgia— Not represented.
Grant Center—J.H. Neuenberg, L. Lind, G.
Kilborn—A. K. Crawford, W. W. Reeve, W.
Jennings, M. W. Cross.
1.ura-A. G. Somers, Jacob Johnson, Newel
Ewerv, Fred Russell.
Melrose- Frank Meehan, A. B. Smedley, Jr.,
F. J. Smith, John Reeve, A. Schaffer.
Milbank 1st ward- Smedley, L. H. Bentley,
Thomas Fitch, K llnsby.
Milbank 2d ward—Wm. Thomas. S. 8. Lock
hart, K. 1). lily, G. C. Barney, Geo. Prevey, H.
J. Benedict.
Milbank 3rd ward—
E. Emann ), Emil Johu
son.tieo. Rix, J.C. Wood, II. T. Abbott.
Ma/.eppa—Bert Kenny, Frank 1'uniy, UeO,
Osceola—Geo. C. Nixon, Geo. H. FenckBey,
(He Wright.
Stockholm—Not represented.
Troy—(i. A. Lawrence, N. J. Prior, N. 5.
Eckland.A.M Boston.
Twin Brooks -A. Talcott, P. E. Roberts.
Vernon-L. O. Aldrich O. J. Scheie. K,
Engebritson, J. L. Scheie, Joseph Olson, M. 1*.
Madison—Peter Nelson, John Swanson.
At the conclusion of the business of
the convention, Hon. J. L. Lockhart)
was called for, and in response "Jack"
said that he felt a depth of gratitude ho
could not express for the many evideucea
ot friendship and good will which the
republicans ot Grant county had so con
tinuously given him, and the remem
brance of these he would carry with hi in
as long as he lived. lie heartily thank
ed the convention for their action at the
present time, and assured them that his
Grant county triends would never have
just cause to regret that they had so
signally honored him.
A number of other speakers made
short speeches, one of the best being
made by John Koelle, ot Ilevillo, a for
mer democrat, who told how he had all
his life voted the democratic ticket and
hoped to see the party triumph, but that
one victory was enough for him, and ho
was determined hereafter to vote to
place the government in the hands of
the friends ot the American people
rather than the foreigner.
The convention was one of the most
enthusiastic republican love foasts that
has been held in the county, and the
feeling that prevaded the convention
presages the political victory that will
place William McKinley in the presiden
tial chair, and that tbe republicans of
Grant county will do their part to bring
about this result, and make the United
States once more a prosperous country.
We have an overstock of mowers
which we shall close out for $'.10.00.
Creamery lfeport Cor Alafi 1890.
Butter sold in N. Y.,
17038 lbs. $2208.65
Cash sales at creamery Ill .-',i
Sold Patrons 55.s:i
Total $2375.82
For sundry supplies $20.:!1
Coal ."m.GO
"Salt lS.r*)
Draynge 5.50
Tubs 7C.52
Postage and stationary 5.50
Labor 110.00
To Patrons 1885..'.!
Sinking Fund 10U.73
Balance 5 21
Total *2,375.82
There was 385076 lbs. of milk and 2855
lbs. of cream received, and 147236 lbs.
Butter Fat.
Average test for May 3.7 per cent.
4 per cent, milk bringing5G cts. per cwt.
Bids for Bridge.
The Town Board of Melrose town
ship, will receive bids for the construc
tion of a bridge at Fraipont's plac?,
trom now until Monday, July 13th, 1896.
The plans and specifications for said
bridge may be seen at Edgar Kelley's
The Board reserves tbe right to reject
any or all bids.
3w Town Clerk.
Fine pasturing,
shade, water and good
Money to loan on Real Estate at
current rate*. Office over HERALD-AD
tf W. C. HICKS,

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