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I c'.Ci
-tioodof"*. This is ti no oiily of
ii: Purifier.
jS cure biliousness. headache.
ri,« !«•»•»«•.
f|, vole fever is a monomania,
,! -or?''
),, i case it seems to be."
(.insiiiift is eloselj ailiod to
St not?"
I! I n. would you call a bicycle
iui of temporary insanity,
inanity. or-or— what7"
|nk would he more appropri-
i 1111 a victim of circular iu
uc 1.1 you'/"—Chicago Evening
Alment Mlnileil
!, here's a letter that con
ii ,i it-v-order."
i Tiust be from my n hew.
|]ii ...llcgr."
led la mi* in thr JMIIU Hl\«r
mnriy farmer's en ilit lies ai
ded Su the Milk River Valley
rid plenty of ehfinee* for colo
on free land and build ditches
be made at lit-
utlier than labor with plnwH
and then- is no ninny ground,
Grove* along the river and
ln Ijoinlng pnstuu- bench lunds.
.. for Irrigation farmer" in the
All the tMj•i• crop* produced
'tie mines and good shipping
I:.ist and West, via the (Jrent
way. Write jt. Thomas
i jub, Montana, fcr fuMlut in.
V J., boast*
riiMt KJ
u i rides a WheeJ.
|f the Baby is lifting T«eth.
hat id and
well tried remedr, UbA
l't M-i-5 ni.va SYRiii' for 4 hil:! reu Tvelbmg.
Kuropenn fount rim Itut l« 1*
\:ird. The rolls on a y..rd in
Id in net-Huns
aCold iuleke»
i ikt. Jt li- aiwayi- it iiai it). Try it.
weighing seven pound*, nrwl
|a lienvy head of hair and luo rows
wa born a few days ugi Loii.
Unit's Catarrh Carp,
nnstiiutional cure. FrJce, 75c.
lord is tbe smallest county in Ire.
potato crop of West fork has been
damaged by early front*.
idness Comes
Ih a better understanding 1 the
Jansient nature of the many phys
[s. which vanish before proper ef
-frent le efforts—pleasant efforts—
directed. There is comfort in
Bow ledge, that so many forms of
ps arc not due to any actual dis
but simpiv to a constipatedeondi
tne system, which the pleasant
laxative. Syrup of Figs. prompt
Doves. That is why it is the only
ly with mill ions of families, and is
[where esteemed so highly ly all
[alue good health. Its beneficial
i are due to the fact, that it is the
temedy which promotes internal
liness without debilitating the
on which it acts. It is therefore
fportant, in order to get its bene
effects, to note when you pur
that you have the genuine arti
fhich is manufactured by the Cali-
F'ig Syrup Co. only and sold by
putable druggists.
the enjoyment of good health,
le system is regular, laxatives or
[remedies are then not needed. If
?d with any actual disease, one
be commended to the most skillful
ciant but if in need of a laxative,
bould have the best, and with the
Informed everywhere. Syrup of
Itands highest and is most, largely
Vnd erives mfst general satisfaction.
Description of
Cripple Creek.
Illustrated. Price 50 Cents.
eut dut th)» ad and urnd with Z6 «nt
and tumk will be rouileJ
1312 Masonic Temple. Chicago. Ill
ien you comc in hot
thirsty,—HIRES Root-
t!?^T F„ film
6 |aUuoa. Bold
HI- "in
gallant figure
In iMiiiTiic buff sirid blue
A goodly sight his buckles t*i
And primly powdered que.
A more courageous qucster
NVer served Kidtwn or shah
i rT: |i( my |»r V,.
i ne*tor.
s lm,: t-gre»: ,ii.ilpapa!
And 11: t, iii his elation
l)il 11iy forcfatliev gay
SjM'ak out the word he'il 1 i 1
For fear she'd say him iy
And when he saw iio\v tnmh
Within her eyes the light.
II crinl: "In ynir wurrcudi i
1 ri K! w- win tbe light!"
And when the fretHl«n.i-iaean
Swept, surgclike. through the de!!^
A mighty clang whose ech»es rai:g
I n.in IMuladelphia bells—
F-ud from a stern old steep]
He hurled the pro-ud hn:r:.n.
The joy-peal to the ]eojtlc.
v great great gran (I pa pa.
Jle held the bnital Hriteii
A "tiling" beneath his w- in
A tory he c(»nceived ti be
The basest caitiff born:
And not a neighltor wondert 1
lb looked upm them so
l^ofsootb. that was »ne hui.o
And niut teen years age!
IP \v true the happy presage
iii faith, how real and true
Thv whole long life of love and strife
Thou saint in buff and blue!
Ft yond all touch of travail.
With great-great grand ma unna.
Now flooding time, slips by in rlytiK
For great-great-grand pa pa!
-Clinton Scollard.
Thrri iorc It Df«!n Kn«w Wiser,
VkiiM «.oinn
Several days »go the employes of a
local express (dti-e were furnished
considerable amusement, and all at
the expense of an innocent goat and
an aged darkey. Sampson some time
promised a Shepherdsville friend
•n"" nriiiuiil.
water and soap, was converted ito a
whiteness exceeding that of a 1
ticiau's conscience. A ncatl\ ptmted
was aitaciied to the goats ne-k
,d the animal started for the express
Affile in charge of the colored man.
He was led proudly into the express
otHce and up to the shipping
"I want to ship this goat, bcfe.JD
tbe colored charge.
"Where to?" inquired the deik.
•'I don't know." replied the man of
color and then, with a smile of sat s
faction, he reached for the goat s neck.
l!ut the smile was gone and in its
place was a look of dismay as the
negro saw only the string dangling
the goat's neck.
-Ivat goat dn't know where lies
.'(ling hisself: he's done cut up the
isvilIe I0
Solved a Lost.
-See here I've solved the
What problem.'
thing about marriage
married money and have found that
•i-u 'i f'lilurc That is to sa. her fat.li
ti nft'/
—Philadelphia North American.
escaped from chilt.
«'nr iie.i rosa the Mountains on
luk,n Si. k l»Uriise tht
From the San Francisco Examiner.
I" our yt-ars ago, at the time of the
trouble between the United State? and
'hili. as a result of the killing of the
•allors of the United States Steamship
ialtirnore, in the streets* of a Chilian
ity, many Americans were obliged to
**ve the country for safety. Among
hem was W, M. Lugg, the private de
ective and collector, whose office is in
he Crocker buiUling. San Francisco,
Cal. When Mr. Lugg left Chili he went
teroBs the mountains into Argentine,
raveling on mulehack.
Mr. Lugg says that the trip is a de
ightful one in point of beautiful
.cenery and perfect weather, but many
'eople dislike to undertake It on ac
ount of the unhealthful stagnant
vater which they are compelled to
drink along the way.
"I fell a victim to the injurious
qualities of the water," said Mr. Lugg.
It affected my kidneys to an alarming
legree. When 1 got over into Aden
ine 1 thought the trouble would gradu
ally leave me. but instead of that it
,rrew more aggravated, and I suffered
erribly from pains in tbe region of
ny kidneys. 1 was en route to Chi
•ago, and was determined to reach
my destination before tbe complaint
should grow so serious as to confine
•ne to my bed. Upon reaching Chi
ago I at once consulted a physician,
vho told me my kidneys had been af
eeted by drinking polluted water. He
reated me for some time lor that com
•laint, but I grew steadily worse, and
lew ailments were added to my al
ready serious condition.
began to
lave neuralgic pains in my head, my
pine was affected with shooting palna
md 1 hud no control over the urinary
irgans. It was next to impossible for
ne to get any sleep. 1 lay awake
nany a night suffering the most in
ense pains, and the physician unable
.o relieve them.
"But relief came at last. One day
•ne of my friends came to my room
•nd handed me a box of Williams Pink
'ills. Of course I laughed at him for
iaring to think that any patent medi
:ine could aid me when my physician
tad failed. I took the pills, however,
o oblige my friend more than for any
aith I had in them, and 1 was treated
o the most joyous surprise of my life
vhen realized that 1 was being re
ieved of my pains. First the peculiar
pains along my spine ceased, and then
ny neuralgic trouble began to grow
vgs, and finally left me entirely. It
ook a good while to improve the eon
lition of my kidneys, but after I had
aken a number of boxes of the pills I
:new that they had done their work
uccessfully, for then I had regained
ontrol of the urinary organs and the
'.ction of my kidneys was strong and
"When I thought I was out of all dan
:er I quit taking the pills The relief
hey had afforded was permanent,
•owever, and 1 have never since felt a
incurrence of the complaints. I hardly
now how to praise Williams' Pink
'ills as they should be praised."
Dr. Williams' Pirik Pills contain all
he elements necessary to give norw
ife and richness to the blood and re
tore shattered nerves. They are for
ale by all druggists, or may be had
y mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine
'ompanv. Schenectady. N. Y for 50
cnts per box. or six boxes for $2.60.
Ilcioio Trent
"You hnvrt oeon living too high." said
the physician. 'You'll have to stop it."
"I realize that." was the reply. "That
is why 1 sent for you. Now 1 won't be
afford it."—Washington Star.
A most effective remedy for sheep
scab and ticks is a preparation of pure
nicotine prepared from tobacco. Own
ers of sheep generally are using St in
stead of lime, sulphur and arsenic and
seem unanimous in believing that
sheep ticks and scab will soon be to
tally exterminated. Nicotine is a dead
ly poison to insects, but when diluted
for dipping does not affect animals. In
this respect it differs from the mineral
poisons. The Scabeura Iip Co. of Chi
cago are the largest manufacturers of
nicotine :n the world.
KiiiK I1!* s,l" iVor!«l
"What a heap of style .linniiie Wat
son's wife throws onV"
"Oh. yes:
hnnije started
repair shop last week."- Cleveland
If Remote from Metlieal Help
Doulily i'«sentin 1 is it tlmt yon should be
provided with some ri liable med
icine. HoKtvtter's Stomach Hitters is the
best of its class, remedying thoroughly as
it docs such common ailments as indijies
tlon. constipation and biliousness, and af
fording siife and speedy help in malarial
CJisc^. in iiniatiSin .tid nictivity of the
I'n 1st fully Frank.
"Arthur, dear, suppose 1 had refused
your hand-what would you have
"Gone into bankri* toy."
Piso's Cure for ('(nisiiinjilion has paved
nie large doctor hills. ('. I., liaker. 41i28
Ketrent S]., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, 'U5.
It i* estimated that there are 10,000 Chi
nese living iu New York and adjacent
Pi dip siion tins oflen been fined by drink
ing a glass of hot water (very morning
half au hour before breakfast.
FITS stopped fr^e ami erm-ini•» t'v ri d. No
fits after tiit il
:i j'-il' of Vt. Kllne's( »-e»t Nerve
Kestorer. Free 2 I-'"
thn-nuirhlv tested
elouncure». lft.KUXB.'JSl AreUSt.
The Rev. John t'aiiipbell, of Lexington
church, K!e\enth Mreet and Lex­
ington avenue, preached a Berrnon on Suu
dav night to bicyclists.
The German emperor has «5f0 carriages
In his stables in Berlin. Of these 100 are
for the use of hiw suite.
Awarded 1
Highest Honors- World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free i
from Ammonia, Alum or anv i *Vr adulter int.
,1.-1 V|. apt tmi: dTANOAKF).
Rnri«d the \Vrong Body.
A (German gentleman one day receiv
ed a telegram from the proprietor of
a hotel in the south of France, infoi-n
ing him of the death of his aunt, and
asking for particulars as to the dis
posal of the body. The gentleman beg
ged that the body might be rent to
Cologne, and, after lelegruphing to
the deceased's relatives to assemble
in that city, traveled thither himself.
In due time the eotlin arrived. On
being opened it was found to contain
the body, not of an aunt, but a
Uns^ian general in full uniform. Fur
ther telegrams elietod the information
that the coffin containing the body of
the debased lady had been forwarded
in error to the relatives of the Russian
general at St. Petersburg. Frgent
telegrams were dispatched to St.
Petersburg, and alter three days of
anxious waiting this answer was le
eeived: Your aunt has been interred
with full military honors. Amu^i'ig
The two volcanoes in Iceland are adv. i
Used for sale in a Copenhagen paper. T11
in ice asked is about 150 pound*.
I.' isot Letter*, rapi-rs. I'unlv 14
1':. -e story Book. Nov-
ies. etc.. send us
I'v and we wll jnit youi nam" in
our lir*e!orv. which we send to i I
lutili*h»rs uud supily houses You i
h1m net 144-PaKc Hook containing
7 illustrations, all «or lOo, Post
ace pn il. /Iti'l
/in urr Ail-
I'^S ,it ,, HUM K ASM K I I IN. Y
llui .Minneapolis. Minn
to quality and strength,
farthSr. C00 and «S0 feet to tbe pound, ha« lon^ fiber and is ve^y jr
They ar« f«rtil». well -watered. heaTily-Umbered. and produce praira. frianseo, fruits »nd re^c(aMe« lit
abundance. North Arkansas
laridf are subject to hoiuebtead eiiljy tif 160 acre* each. .*«« IS TIIK T1MK TO CtT A HOIK. For further In.
loriuatioD address
nriaaiM. iu««u u sutMk E. V. M. POWELL, Immigration Agent, Harrison, Ark.
%W luul*ra te Ba.Dk of Harrison »uU Couuty bank, Uari ikou, Ark.
Sometimes quality is sacrificed in the
effort to give big quantity for little money.
No doubt about that.
But once in a while it isn't.
For instance, there's BATTLE AX.W
The pier® is bigger than you ever saw
before for 5 cents. And the quality is, as
many a man has said, mighty good/'
There's no guess work in this statement*
It is just a plain fact.
You can prove it by investing 5 cents
tiver cars o* I'.imlina Twine. No. S. Sisat Standard Mixed, r.OO f«*et to the pound, per lb.. r('/£c No 87 M.,
S'Mtid'ardMixed Mntdlla. TiSOIt. to th«b., per lb.,
ii ('.'I'leu^e lifar in fuind. nil our Binder Twine has been bought thin year, and in made by the best twine factories
We recommend No. S7 Manilla Twine an the bent value and cheapest to buy and une, as It runs
nmoot and atrong. Terms CASH with order. No discount.
Have arranged to tt»ke prompt shlpujtLte of twlus. L«t ue tsar trvm yon aud your friends, as we expect to till all orders THE DAY received.
Patents Ifisned.
List of patents issued last week td
Northwestern inventors:
Henry A. Baxter. Seattle. Wa^K.
wagon'brake: John II. Blum, Butte,
Mont., steady-rest: John Burns, Minne
apolis. Minn., storm window faslener
Eriek II. Hriekson. Minneapolis. Minn.,
artificial limb Andrew Malm, Two
1 larltors. Minn., railway switch: Lu
cas Siversoti. Hothsay. Minn., rotary
engine Maria A. Stevens. Waseca,
Minn., composition matter for coloring
fabrics: Kion Stingely, Franklin,
(»re.. gate.
T. D. Merwin. Patent Lawyer. !M.
!H1 and 012 Pioneer Press Building
St. l'aul, Minn.
Oitln't Eat the Seed.
Little Mamie is sick in bed. but re
fuses persistently to take the pre
scribed pill. Her mother, however, re
sorts to strategy, concealing the pile in
some preserved pear and giving it to
the child to eat. After awhile mamma
asks: "lias my little dear eaten her
pear?" "All except the seed, mamma,
dear."-- i a go N e w s.
"Mend it
or End it,"
has been the rallying cry of
reform, directed against abuses
municipal or social.
For the man who lets him
self be abused by a cough tbe
cry should be modified to:
Mend it, or it'll end you. You
can mend any cough with
Cherry Pectoral.
yrup. Tai-tes
l! t»v ilniKKipt
I li« Ft
It tir
mm i' i
IIitltlf 4'ureft. K«t. inlsTl.
cui-ed. ChcajK-.-t nnd hest cure.
StmrcBsi'. I
Vui'icv X, iili.
From Uncle Sam.
Nearly 2,000,000 Acres of Government Lands.
Now Open to SetllemenLMMMM^f
are iiuted. The climate ix dcllKhtful. winters mild and short. lhc*«
No {»". Manilla Hinder Twine. OOO to 050
ft. to ttie lb jier

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