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Vn.. W IK.r.f'ISiK, Publisher.
The Iniehess of Me.-kieiiburg-Strel
Itz, on the strength of her connec
tion with the royal familv. n c-e'veff
|15,000 per year.
The art of dentistry was introduced
into New York by John (Irenwood in
1788. He is said to have made tl
first artificial teeth ever manufactur
ed in this country.
The white rhinoceros has become
nearly extinct. There are two stuffed
specimens in England and one in the
Cape Town Museum. It is the largest
species of the genus.
The first commercial paper in this
country was the Boston Prices Cur
rent and, Marine Intelligencer, Com
mercial and Mercantile, issued in that
city •September 5, 1705.
Cast iron plows were first made in
this country in 1797, and were greatly
objected to from the belief that the
cast-iron poisoned the ground and
prevented the plants from growing.
The first fire brick made in this
country were manufactured in Balti
more in 1827. They were manufactur
ed for the ba ks of the old-fashioned
fireplaces, the limestone proving too
More than 100,000 pairs of shoes will
be saved by the changes in the British
army regulations, by which the
soldiers may wear their shoes until
used up, instead of having a new
pair issued at stated intervals.
The regal years of the British sov
ereigns prior to Edward I., date from
their coronation. Since the time of
that king, who was in Palestine at
the time of his father, it has been a
constitutional maxim that the "king
never dies."
A L'Anse (Mich.) Indian promised a
party of tourists that, for a quart of
whisky, he would take them to a place
in the woods where a skeleton had
been hanging to a tree for years with
out being molested. He did, but it
proved to be an ancie^f'Hkeleton hooj*
A Congregational church as a me
morial of John Robinson, the pastor
of the Pilgrim Fathers, is to be erected
at Gainsboro, England, where Robin
eon gathered his first congregation of
dissenters. The church will cost $30,
000, and Ambassador Bayard will lay
the corner stone.
The monument which will soon be
erected in Boston to the memory of
John Boyle O'Reilly, the Irish poet and
writer, has been completed. It is a
beautiful group of three seated fig
ures. larger than life, and so relieved
against the granite woik that the fig
ures may be seen from liind.
There are many authenticated exam
ples of increased power of mind during
sleep. One of the best known is that
In which the great naturalist, Agassiz,
•Oceessfully reconstructed from cer
tain remains the skeleton of a fossil
fish, at which he had been working un
successfully in his waking moments
for several weeks.
The dangers of ballooning are to be
•lightly mitigated by the invention of
A Frenchman, which provides for the
equipment of a cylinder of membrane
to the car, so arranged that by the
pressure of a button it may be auto
matically inflated with air in the un
fortunate event of the balloon falling
Into the eea.
Man Is said to be the only creature
that shaves. But this is not so. A
South American bird called the "mot
oaot" actually begins shaving on ar
riving at maturity. Naturally adorned
with long blue tail feathers, it is not
satisfied with them in their natural
state, but with its beak nips off the
web on each side for a space of about
two inches, leaving a neat little oval
tuft at the en dof each.
A strange custom is still observed in
ftoumania which reminds one strongly
of Robinson Crusoe. When a servant
has displeased his or her master, the
offender takes his boots in his hand
and places them before tlie bedroom of
his master. It is a sign of great sub
mission, and the boots aro either kick
ed away as an intimation that tna
fault will not be forgiven, or else the
servant is told to place them en his
feet, which shows that he Is torgiim.
A General Resume of tl»e Most lm«
porlant Noiri of the Week,
till Parts of the Globe, nolletl
Down nml Arranged In Con
venient Form for Ilaptil I'er
uaal oy llany People.
People In Print.
TIarriet Reecher Stowe died at Hart
®*,/d, Conn.
Peter Collier. PIi. IV. died at
Arbor, Mie. lie was the brother-in
law of President Angell. and had been
professor of chemistry and physics sit
Vermont university, chemist of the na
tional department of agriculture, etc.
James Appleynrd, one of the best
known contractors in Michigan, died at
St. Joseph Retreat, I»eariKrn, Mich.,
where lie had been for the last year.
Mr. Appleyard was superintendent of
construction for the Michigan state
capital. Fort Street I'nion depot. De
troit. some of the university buildings
and other large structures.
A hundred men ::re killed by the
caving in of the rc of of a mine n
Edward Walker of Virginia. 111., de
lirious with fever, escaped from his
home at midnight and was drowned
in Henderson Lake.
Mr. Haines and Mr. Buckley,
young men of
lnd., went bath­
ing in the mill pond near that town
and both were drowned.
The persons who were drowned by
the collapse of a wharf at Boston were
James J. Washburn. 11 years old
John F. Cole. 1) years old John A,
Leary. aged 13 Lawrence McDowell.
10 years.
The explosion of a boiler in the
office of the Evening Age at Houston,
Tex., killed three persons and severe
ly wounded another. The dead are:
Henry Lyons, engineer Edwin S. El
ery. telegraph operator Miss Mattie
M. Leon, stenographer.
Definite reports have come
cerning the disastrous cloudburst in
the northwestern part of Washington
county. Ohio. The fury of the storm
was along the little Muskingum river.
A number of villages were swept
Miss Carrie Edwards of Srurgis.
Mich.', was seriously burned by fall
ing downstairs with a lamp. The
flame ignited her hair, which burned
flame ignited her hair, which was
burned entirely from her head. Her
hands, face, neck and shoulders were
badly burned.
Four choir boys and the choirmast
er of St. John's Episcopal church of
Charlestown. Mass.. were drowned in
Lake Mattapan. The dead are: Choir
master Fred E. Brackett, 22 years
Thomas Parker. 11 years Harry
Laker, 12 years: William Watkins.
12 years Benjamin (Jibbs.
The afternoon east bound Grand
Trunk mail train jumped the track
about four miles east of Cornwalrl,
Ont., every car being derailed. There
were sixty passengers on board, but
none of them, nor any of the train
hands received injuries. They were
frightened and shaken up, but that
was all.
Miss May Balfour of New Orleans.
La., was drowned in Lake Pontehar
train while out with a party of thirty
who were enjoying a trip on a naph
tha launch. Miss Balfour was seated
in the stern of the boat, and. in
to go forward, lost her balance and
fell overboard. Every effort was
made to rescue her, but she never
rose to the surface.
ETII Dolus:*.
John Stalls was stabbed to death
at a poker table in Indianapolis by
George Barnell.
John McGinner and John O'Brien,
both nu'ii of many aliases and both
notorious bank robbers, were cap
tured in Vancouver.
J. H. Greenleaf is in jail at Newton,
la., charged with an attempt to mur
der Benjamin Barnett. Both are col
ored miners, working at Oswalt.
William Huff of Bootjack, lnd.,
while temporarily insane, shot and
fatally wounded his daughter-in-law.
and then instantly killed himself by
shooting through the temple.
James Romkey. ageci1 44, shot and
killed his wife and tlen committed
suicide at New London, Conn. Un
faithfulness on the part of the wife
was given as the cause.
Mrs. Frank Buskirk of Hammond.
Ind., took rat poison and followed it
up with paris green. The poison was
pumped from her and it is thought
she may recover.
O. Augustus Pago, cashier of the
Equitable Life Insurance company,
was jailed at Pittsburg by the cor
oner on the charge of having brought
about his wife's death by a criminal
At New York, Thomas F. Thornton,
a brother of James Thornton, a well
known singer and song writer, was
shot and instantly killed by Policeman
illiani J. Allingham, who claims he
acted in self-defense.
The body of Cecil Wayland was
found hanging in the woods near Han
nibal. Mo. Recently he assaulted a
highly-respectable woman, and it is
thought her friends could explain the
An unknown tramp attempted to
murcter Conductor Felker of the Bur
lington road at Pacific Junction, Neb.
He had been put off the train and
fired several shots at the conductor,
none of which took effect.
Madame Zeleych has been arrested
at Jui-iin, M".. ti the charge of using
the mails to defraud. She has many
aliases, and luid a scheme for dispos
ing of worthless lead mine share bj
which she defrauded people in many
William T. Reid and William II.
Daly, the Cambridge (Mass.) lireebugs
who pleaded guilty to forty-two in
dictments of incendiarism, the losses
.,f which were over $2,000,000, were
.sentenced to the Concord reformatory
for twenty years each, alter being
pronounced sane.
Frank Bish. a police officer, was shot
and killed at Colorado Springs, Col.,
by one of three burglars whom he
discovered trying to enter the rear of
the Gazette building. A crowd of citi
zens gave chase and were closing in
on one fugitive when he drew his
revolver and killed himself.
Edward Ryman. better known in
the theatrical world as Ad Ryman,
committed suicide at New York by
inhaling illuminating gas. Ryman
was one of the best known actors in
his line in the country. He was 55
years old. and always took the part
of a negro.
John Heilman and five children who
live near Damascus. Or., were poison
ed yesterday by strychnine placed in
a barrel of water used for household
purposes. One child is dead and an
other will probably recover. It is not
I'liown who put the strychnine in the
v Ater.
John Moser. an amateur marksman
known throughout the central states,
committed suicide at Cincinnati by
blowing his head off with si shotgun.
He was about 50 years of age and
I without known relatives. He made
his will just before taking his life.
I leaving considerable estate to his
I friends. He was despondent because
i of ill health.
from Foreign S3iore».
Another filibustering steamer has
been captured en route for Cuba.
The emperor of (J-ormany is diligently
studying the currency question.
As a result of the abandonment of
the educational bill. Mr. Balfour may
be deposed as Conservative leader in
The disease-of-eattle bill passed its
second reading in the British houte of
Dr. Jameson's brother, Dr. "Jim." of
the Transvaal raid, has been murdered
by the Mashonas in South Africa.
The result of the presidential elec
tions in Chili is 148 votes for Freder
ick Errazuriz and 134 for Yincente
The rebels have burned the village
of Cuearacha and five farms near San
Antonio, province of Pinar del Rio,
It liar, been decided that a review of
troops will be held at Aldershot camp.
Eng.. in lienor of the honorable artil
lery company of Massachusetts, now
on its v.av to Erglord.
There have been ro.ewed and seri
ous fighting between the Dutch and
Aehinese at the fortress of Anakglo.
The Aoinese lost 112 killed and the
Dutch had nine killed and thirty-nine
It is reported that an attempt has
just been made upon the life of the
shah of Persia at Teheran. The
attempt was unsuccessful and the as
assin was arrested on the spot. Ha
proved to be a member of the Babi
Mohammedan secret society.
A statute to Li Hung Chang wns un
veiled at the Villa Huegal in Germany,
belonging to IIerr Krupp, who made a
speech dwelling upon the cordial rela
tions existing between Germany and
China. Li Hung afterwards inspected
the great gun factory and other build
ings of the famous Essen works.
Lazard Freres has withdrawn $800.
000 in gold from the New York sub
treasury for export to Germany,
H. G. Thurston's homing pigeon Rex
has arrived at Fall River, Mass., from
Amherst, Va.. a distance of 500 miles
the average flight being 1,108 yards a
At Key West. Fla., A. W. Barr and
others, charged with filibustering in
connection with the steamers City of
Key West and Three Friends, was dis
More than 1,400,000 spindles at. Fall
River. Mass.. are now pledged to shut
down for four weeks, either consecu
tively or alternately, during July and
An adult tarantula and 200 young
ones were captured in a bunch of ban
anas that arrived at Cincinnati from
the South. All were taken alive and
given to the Natural History societv.
Shippers say it is the tirst instance of
North °f
y°UUg n'l'1ik's beiDS
Mrs. Martha Gullman ccmpeted with
fifteen men in a spike-driving contest
at Beaver Run. Pa. Mrs. Gullman.
who lias arms like a pugilist, beat all
the men and took the prize. She was
So elated over the victory that she
eloped with John Smiles, leaving a
husband and four children behind.
John L. Dube, a native Zulu, has just
arrived in New' York from his African
home, and is staying temporarily at
MK Eighth avenue. He is
of a chief of his tribe, and a son of the
first native pieachei of Christianity in
South Africa. He has come to this
country to complete his theological
studies, so that he may enter the field
as a missionary to his own people.
The women of Kansas have con
ceived a nov -l plan. Twentv-six have
banded together and will write a novel
containing twenty-six chapters. The
first chapter begir s with "A," nnd is
written by Miss Nellie Atkinson, and
M™ n
Mrs. O. i,. Beckham will write the see-
with the
httc B. Thus it continues for twen
ty-six chapters, the closing chapter be
ginning Kith "Z."
IN bO1111 1)Alv01 A. ROM s 1
liferent! New* Item* Prow nil
over the Stute.
The post office at Clark has been re
duced to the fourth class.
Water lias been struck in the new
six-inch government artesian well at
Yankton agency.
The teachers 'annual institute was
held at Miller, the attendance being
No liquor, even for medicinal pur
poses, can now be gotten at Millei, the
drug stores having tailed to get per
Of the apportionment of the interest
on the permanent school fund lor 1*00
Beadle county receives $2,3051.30 tor
her 2,404 school children.
A five-year-old boy playing with
matches caused the total destruction
of the barn and cattle shed on Frank
Arnold's farm, seven miles east of
Huron. Loss. $500, with no insurance.
Anna Waitemann, aged thirty-two. a
nurse at tiie Canton hospital, commit
ted suicide by taking strychnine. De
spondency in a love affair is supposed
to have been tbo cause.
A two weeks' institute, attended by
nearly 200 Beadle county school teach
ers. was held at Huron. Twenty-one
diplomas were awarded to those com
pleting the common school course.
aii apportionment of the balance of
15.000 acres to the Springfield normal
school has been made. The land se
lected is principally in Hyde county.
This compleies the total apportionment
or 40.000 ac res for that school.
A company, consisting of Prof. J. E.
Todd, state geologist L. W. Ellis. F.
M. Vinson. B. S. Payne. E. J. Wallace,
P. A. Jordan and M. Eckhart, students
if the university, have gone on a geo
logical expedition to the Black Hills.
The creamery at Langford is receiv
ing on an average 0.500 pounds of milk
per day at Britton. 5,200 pounds at
Newrak, 4.000 pounds, making 22.700
pounds of milk received daily. All the
creameries are paying well, and the
pessimists, even, say there is money in
A serious accident occurred to Anton
Hackers little girl at Tymlall. She
was playing in the yard near her fath
er, who was mowing. In some unex
plainable way she got in front of the
sickle, which cut off her right leg near
the kuee and terribly lacerated the
tTp to the present there has been re
ceived at Pierre for this year about
175,000 pounds of wool. The greatest
amount for any one day was 35.xo
pounds. The shearing is all done and
estimates now place the increase over
the clip of last year at about 50 per
Arrangements are complete for the
proper care of all who attend the Pop
ulist state convention at Huron on July
14. The Chicago Ac Northwestern rail
way gives a special rate of one fare
for the round trip to those attending
the convention. Chairman Null says
he exacts 1.200 or 1.500 people there
at that time.
The two-year-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. Patrick Connolly, living three
miles east of Elk Point, got a kernel
of corn in its windpipe and choked to
death Iwfore medical aid could arrive.
The residence of James Frisbee at
Carthage was struck by lightning in an
electric storm and was quite badly
The United States civil service com
mission will hold an examination on
July 22 at Aberdeen. Huron. Mitchell,
Sioux Falls and Yankton. It is to till
a vacancy in the position of farmer at
the Cheyenne river agency at a salary
of $05 jwr month, and to establish a
register of eligihles from which selec
tions may be mack? for tilling any other
vacancy in this position at any* of the
Indian agencies in South Dakota.
It will Ik a matter of interest to
know the names and present places of
residence of living ex-governors of Da
kota territory. They are: Newton
Edmunds. Yankton Ardrew J. Faulk.
Yankton John S. Burnank. Washing
ton. D. C. John L. Pennington, Ox
ford. Ala. Nehemiah G. Ordwav,
Washington, I. C. Gilbert A. Pierce
Minneapolis. Minn. Louis K. Church,
Taeorna, Wash.
The drowning season opened at Big
Stone lake with a most harrowing ac
cident. A. L. Jo ics, a hardware
merchant of Butter, and Rev. W. J.
A\ illiaius. the M. E. Church minister
at Bristol, were drowned about five
or six rods from the shore and a mile
above the camp grounds. They were
out in a small boat -with Geo. Sher
wood, of Picrpont. Messrs. Sherwood
and Jones were sitting in the back
end ami Rev. Mr. Williams at the oars.
lie boat dipped water on several oc-
and Jones started to swim to th°
exhausted, and'
s nk to rise no more. Sherwood hung
to the boat and was rescued. Mr
K \. Mr. Williams, who was attending
the camp meeting, was a young, uu
married man.
The Missouri at Vermillion threat
ens to
raiRt !lllvoc wUh 1)ottf)m
At the present the main channel runs
near the Nebraska bluffs, about fo!!?
,In' 0!t-v- Iuring
watpr of
Leading silver ,f
•tie mi A«l«lpl
stl 0B
sue I. the tireah,,
Arisen since u,e
Slavery W«.
St. Paul. July 4 —Th'
licans of the state to-:
following address to tu.' i
)f Minnesota:
'"I he greatest issvu? t^1
in this country since tii,
African slavery now 1
American people. The
save viewed with inert,
efforts of :i foreign mow
to fasten upon this nr
Rold standard of v ilu
they turned with the
faith to the Republican i
tection against that pow
to strike down
money of the world that"
may purchase douhlo ti
the products of
toil. T.
:o expect such protoctiin
lican party was
people. Its mission has
labor to secure to him
field, in shop or mine t!
honest labor. From t,
party's birth until ihe
article of Republican f:
more pronounced th.in
metallism. It is heei,
pint forms and taught v
leaders. In the nation)!! v
l.SS» it condemned 'th"
Democratic aduriirstrn
forts to demonetize silver
ts platform adopted a: 11
leelarod in favor of bc i
ver as standard nionev
Republican party of
'iftirmed its belief 'in
that the restoration o v
male money to the crnv:
world is absolutely net^a:
ness prosperity, proper ra'.
and the welfare of the
"Nearly every llepubl
rent ion in 1MM c-ondei i
"xpress terms or by .p!
single gold standard. .1.
well expressed the be!f
publican party when 1,*
believe the struggle n w
this country and ir otb-1
a single gold standard
produce widtsi
in and throughout tl."
world. The destructin
money and establishiii
sole unit of value must
effect upon all forms «i
eept those investments v-i,
fixed return in mojey V.
tie enormously enhance!
would gr.in a disprnpor
fair advantage over e
cies of property. If, :i*
i a e s a i s i s a i
ly ),(MtO.iK hi of co.::
the world, not very ub-i'Ij
between gold and silver n
bit to strike silver out
money without rcsnl
prove distressing to miil.-'R«s
ly disastrous to tens of
believe gold and silver
-v i
money of the constitut i::
money of the American
to the constitution whi !i
ganie law recognized .is
pendent of its existence
"The action of the natlots
lican convention at St
pudiaied this fu ldnreuui!
nur part}. The single i: li
lia« been indorsed. Tie
party no longer stand-
nml -ilver a* primary
gold only We
faith, and we will hold
the old one. The policy
metallism means prolor.'1'! a:
sifiod depression an pD'll'?'
less era of falling pricc- t""''
ers and otlie- producers
certainty of cmployinei'
ingmen, with lessening "'"p
ing the fall in
of 'hei!^
labor discouiagcnient ii
and iu the end unive''
and the gravitation of nil
the hands of money brokers.
the obliteration of ,tlie
rlass, the yeomanry of the
the division of the people Wi
nch and the very poor. 1"^
licans who believe in
gold and silver as the
mate payment, and their
in our mints, must eitlo-r
leuce, or speak out hoMlj
nation of this policy so
the people. On matters of
pie no man can reasornl'v ..
submit to party dictation
who places country
whose sympathies arc vu
u e s a s a a i n s e i n
and bondholders, owes ji

and to his
can only be discharge
forth every effort in hi* P]1
blight of tlie single g°J,!
the flood
or 1SS1 the river cut across the bot
Wl,l!llu'f'st t'd
formed a
du„ out several miles long, the near
est point, being about three miles from
this place. Near this point is a deen
ravine running into the Vermillion
river about half a mile west of Ver
million. i he head of the ravine is now
separated from the "dug out" bv only
has diverted the main
the -dug out" and the water
nm an
the water
toward this ra­
1 nuall.v
vine. In less the water recedes soon
T" 7,'," "s So'gh ,o
the Veimillion and damages footinir
up into the millions will ensue
n o i e a s e n e u o n u
The address is sigm'ii
Sanborn. Charles A.
Dav. John Day Smith.
S. Mlinger. I- F- •uor?:",'u
ard, I). G. Cash. JanHf
Frank M. Nye. II. E. H"''
E. Rogers. J. II. TrUP, ',
kell, 11. D. Stoeker and
St. Paul, July 4.-F. N• 9J
father of one of the
ers. called at the count
afternoon with his dautf
Laughlin. Roth live aM
Wis. They remained for
with the prisoner. wU" ..j
.. :.. v»el
affected by their visit
daughter know nothing.
crimes in which Cingwa

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