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[jjA.\s iAisi: l'i
jli» lad«'(»»)'"*'
niiil WliJeli \lni«:itt*» tin* l-ro-
.jni'al retl lij Ifnl
....it 2i. Mil.). Vorur/.iu.. Italy's
:poientiary fo ho Negus
Abyssinia. clogra|ill'Ml lit
». i ..V 11 il It'll .'IS follow SI
wiili great solemnity
:I IN-.TI.X of and a CHII
n |nr tlic ri-li-a-s** of ihc prisoners
iiclJk's hands.) Tlic tr-aty pro
(. fir ilif restt ra 1 inn of the status
.'lining tin" ii iim»i1111 •»t of dtde-
Ity lialy and Abysinnia a year
j» d* tennino tin* frontiers by
nun' n o
n t. It recognizes the
tr independent o of Kthiopia ami
"t. IVcialli treaty. Italy
I!• meantime not to
i.i iy to any other power,
-he desire s[Hutnncously to
I I iin
territory it would return
hi Miopian rule."
In- IVeialli treaty concluded in
•'Mvi'.'n Menelik and Italy Abys
iccame an Italian irotertrate.
•itlrinenf aniK uneed above is
coiue of the Italian reverses at
lids of the Abyssiniatis.
Verazzini telei:.n phs further. as
"'nio treaty piovides for the
a further
Isa: i -hall indemnify
1y a i w 'iieh lie Willis
I i:. ei.- .,f i i I: y !. .r tin*
i 1 ia !.• I: •:i{• a lice
Ho will contend that agri
1 interests are not declining
".! per cent of the farms in the
are without any incumbrance,
lie incumbrance nn the remain
per cent was incurred in the
-e and improvement of the land,
l-ort will state that llie greatest
mortgages is found in 1 he
Atlantic states, anil that New
shows especially heavy incimi
•. The secretary will decry llie
publications of tlie government
v pruning down t" the lit
i i I of ho dehjirt Hielll.
niininu i 0]iii I i Iiimi.
iJ-'o. Nov. 17. Nearly .*1 .• !.!»»( I
v aiready been subscribed
••ii:* ire being matured for the
i"tt la Chicago within two weeks
iga'it ,. i tin ii •ereia 1 conipany
to :'!.!• the tii Id of (Miiin'se
.ie.fi•]•(« .i 'h] of the meiitli as
il o)' the Auterican Trading
IV. and eventually to obtain coii
Ameri •an trade in China. (Ircat
plans of th" trading cmn
i' ''er. is a stupendous scheme
\.i'pitig miles of steam and
railways in China, lighting its
•iiics with elc'trh ity. d'ed^ing
'"I•:*-•. nt.d ergaging in pulilic
•e's i nis lhat ncan profits to the
"ii" niHllons of dollars.
Mi!''i )i Movi'incnt*.
ii v.,v. 17. No very \nlieif
I i ed troui Cipt.
'v I' i-. i in ii j- known that af
'.a-_eice:ji ii tlie Illthi il's
his liiiircli into the iu
.! 'H rntains toward Soroa
i i cei ded in penetrating to
i' rii oilier Spanish columns
v i- fit* has had sev
the insurgents
:?i the advantage of his
11:' they hold in these
!'trc,ngh :lds, but he has not
it. ("infri lit big any r.isider
of the insurgents.
H' e
1 :»r ^iiii-Jilt**
v 17. •. NV II.
i i'iit of Fhilmont. shot
1 1
'dry and is not expected to
I wo 11eis wM'(* tired from a
le'llots taking effect just
the ri-ht ear. He was in the
1 1
liis wife at the time. Ir.
iias been prominent ill poli
"d is well known in all the Hud
towns. lie is postmaster at
I-oMiit-r Tfri'tirljn'*.
rJ-efhiin. S lv, Nov. 17. A crafty
Indian, belonging to the Lower
agency, escaped from the resor-
1 1
aiid terrori-'od the white settle
a ong the White river. He was
overjiowerod by the
t:.!: i i !, i:m, i
li-t Invfutnr Said to Hon
lereti ,iiOO,OIM for the
lira.'i?bel i
eeiveil jet
gine r..i
era !.i
of Hiillnn II»• vor*fN in
Afrit", U Treaty I* Ar
Lp.,.,1 us Wl.lrli Italy IlfcoKiiI
n iie-
k*I n-
ii ner
I i« St I
of a
o. t!
11 111
•m aii
•i,-i hi
i amiiy
111 i r
1 S o
T.-I i
i s
1011TON lU.IMlUT.
:i *!iow lint ixrieu 11 ii rii 1 Iil
Art' Nul llrrltiiiiiK.
iugtou. Wv. 17. Secretary
in his annual report, vvlueh
ortly be made publie. will ro-
he economical features of his
-it rat ion and eite figures to
tat lie has covered back into the
y MHI.OI0 of the appropria
te the agricultural department,
the four years, or .SrVMi.ooo each
This is in the neighborhood of
out of the appropriations for
r. One of t!ie principal features
a lengthy refutation of tlit*
of what he calls "calamity
men- ir\aii
Brvan lfoiue
t:• •:i• .i. i i
lr,li'-'e before any fatalities
il»*en Of
Minn.. Nov, 17. i rant
i is place lias recently rt
i patent on o rotary en-
lii" has In :i offered
the pa St W "I'k. The
a entirely with the
the steatn engine, a
i io all intents and
npossiblo thing to d'
i y type of cylinder on
enters at the end o,
i- i'ip off and used a
cut-tiff to the end
Tii" r.i'Mi:ilvet rotar
a i* ith the craii'. Mi'i
own phmger f-.r a
i._in is steam th»iit ai,,l
:i. king. 11 can ho
a ud. of .-ontvo. can
imple or compound. It is
ii": cheap machine, although it cost.
much less to build than tlie ordi
nary engine. It w ighs less and oc
eiipi* s uiily a fraction of the sjiace of
the old-style, engine. It is a wonderful
machine, and the working model
weighed but twelve pounds and seven
outices. yet was of twenty-three actu
al hor.M'-power. Within the past few
days Mr. Hrambel has been offered $1.
titMMMJM for his patent. The offer
comes from H. l\ Allen of London,
Eng., the president of a British engi
neering syndicate, and it may not be
many days before the, inventor and
patentee closes with this offer and
liarv:•»!-. a reward for his twelve years'
stud, mi his application of steam.
HOOK 11:\ S\V I M)I,KI.
Ayi'Ht* lioolvM Ctilifi'ilcriilt'*,
liti 'I'lit'II DittpoMt* of
I! I
i: i irv. The -"lit treaty
iiliiiiealed lite powers
a month hence. The eon
detailing the nirange
i i the nrisoiie rs
lie in.
Vni'li. Nov. 17. Joseph Simp
a'j"d thirty, who has been resid
a iii New England hotel in this
i- arraigned before Magistrate
letTcrson Market court to-day.
!.• •1 V- iili larceny, lie was arrested
1 'lies! of the chief of police of
it is said lhat Sini)»son is one
that has been operating x
ii I lost in ami riiilatlelphia.
arC i I e I'd to he one of 1 lie
i!idlers headed bv
I •. i .' Y who are alr"atiy
a iiook t"i".i ii-i's were iln'it'
a. i ng to i story. Mi.'
•I... i nlil a posit i,m s
,i_' i" -'11 in .,tions on i.n
..i. -. i,'
w 11:11• a .st-i ot b"ioix?» Ihrtiiigh the
!»ogu- a :ent. whti would lliereupon
have ommission for the sale. The
eon!"- tleraie would then disappear with
the books and dispose of them to deal
ers in books or to junk shops. The
dealers in lloston and rhiladelnhia
have sustained heavy loss"s by their
o]ierations. Simpson admiiletl that lie
knew of the people who are said to be
Implicated with him. but he denied all
knowledge of the crime he is charged
with. He was held in $1.IN»O bail to
await extradition papers from Boston.
OF ItMin
Mr Hrooi Mnkc* Two S|it'i'fhe»
litis Iliiini' In \«-l»m*l»ii
l.incoln. Neb.. Nov. 17. William Jen
nings Bryan delivered two speeches in
Lincoln, which had previously been
announced as the opening guns of the
political campaign of l'.wm. Mr. Bryan
talked to an audience at the Funk
theater composed of 1.'i"»o members of
the Mary Bryan club (ladies.i Mr. and
Mrs. Bryan reached the theater short
ly before o'clock in the carriage of a
friend and were escorted to the place
of honor upon the stage. The presi
dent. Mrs. William Morning, of the
Bryan club. Introduced the defeated
(andhiale. The prt nur.eiation of the
ox-candidate's name was the signal
for ecutinuod applause from a foresi
of gloved hands. Mr. Bryan smilingly
acknowledged the ovation. The clos
ing se!ie)i.of Mr. Bryan's speech
were well ni::ht inaudible, his voice
failing him utterly at times. In this
(omieetiou lie said i«' ughiugly. thai lie
jt bad not given out during
t'm. ,•••, Mr. Bryan later deliv
er.,! a l, :. address to tlie traveling
dub. the veterans and
..uards at the Funk opera
ml late spoke to an nverilow
ling "t Uohaanan's hall. He had
a cuHiciently gained the use of hi.s
ical chords to speak long, lie tv
-i warm welcome and spoke
,i v bi-i"t!y, and in general terms of
i.,....'--iiy of carrying oil the work
(i,,. i j- ed ilea iotl attil
1 i i s 11-
Ii it:mIi!|i (o WusliliiKltm.
.r!. Viiv. 17. AiiK-ng the
the Hotel Cerlach is »orge
in from Belgium.
nm related to your Ce.ii'ge
iii."' lie said. .• "It. ..is.t»nly
i !e a i plication for citizenship
,,,. i.• w days ago that I 'have
realized there was anything of note in
lhat. My great grandfather was Will
iam Washingloii. a brother of your
first president. My grandfather.
William .Washington, was horn in
America. Inn my father, John William
Washington, was born in Belgium.
There is a portrait of Ceorgo Washing
Ion at my home in Belgium, and. I
think, records show'tig the relation
ship.'but 1 have.no documenis here in
rolat 'P to
(jei.e- 1 igi".-'. 1 aullK'nties tail to m"ii
Ii,.]i i ".• e Washington had a
I,, i her ilhani.
Port**'* I'roniiKCi* Vnliii'li's*.
New York. Nov. 17. The executive
committee of the Armenian Balriotic
1'uion of the Fniteil States to-day is
sued the following statement: "In
view of the apparent satisfaction with
which the latest promises of reforms
the sultan of Turkey have
been received in certain circles of Eu
rope. the Armenian Protective 1 nion.
through the executive coinniittee. de
sires to make the statement that there
has been no change in the political sit
uation in the Fast and that this union
intends to prosecute its work without
11\ reference to
may from time to
the porte."
promises that
time be made by
COL KXfjEL Dl{ m'M\
Kiuiiloj c«I nn l)»nlikrc|H'r In
llie ^clilltJ! Ilre*v«*rj and it Is He
l»nr(e«l Thill lit* Wn* Short In HIj*
ml .it- Haute ill Km-
ixilmitiu' Hit* llot!—( "I llum I:I
t»V. IlllillllH Sin IV.
a ••••. N"v. 1
Mi.-"!, a member of
stall. i- dead. It is nut
it Vwi,- a stroke of api.j
•»!. Eligi'l, who came
has been a resident of this city a short
time, and was employed as bookkeeper
by tlie Sehlitz Brewing company.
When lie arose yesterday morning lit*
complained of being ill. He went to
tiie bath room and. after a bath, sank
in: a chair and was immediately
sei/etl with ct nvulsions. He died be
fore medical aid could reach him. Ho
was in the best of health up to two
hours before his death. Dr. M. 11.
Clarke, who was summoned, refused
to issue a death certificate, and the
case was reported to the health au
thorities. They turned it over to the
coroner. In the meantime, II. L.
Thomas, an undertaker, was called to
take charge of the body. He had it re
moved, and when the coroner arrived
on the scene it was claimed that the
embalming tluid had already been in
jected into the body. Last night Mrs.
Thomas, the wife of the undertaker,
denied that her husband had em
balmed the liody. but would not call
her husband from the post-mortem
which was ordered by the eoronov. and
which was being conducted
Washburn and Seifert.
it is reported that Col. i
short in ids accounts at the
but 1 his cannot be verilii-,1.
JujMtn a Rlvnl
Washington. Nov. 17.—Tlie report of
the commissioner of navigation for
lx!*"i. after referring to the necessity
for the passage of a free ship bill,
states that our maritime rank on the
Pacific is now threatened by a new
rival. Japan, which, tinder liberal and
progressive laws, has just established
a trans-l'acitic si.-aniship line to the
Fnited Slates, and with the co-opera
tion of American capital, is preparing
tii extend rapidy llie service.
Dt'iil It ol' ii I'K'i'ii :i
Hillsboro. N. D.. Nov. 17. do O.
Arnegaard. a prominent veteran and
farmer residing ten miles from hero,
died suddenly to-day of heart failure,
lie came to the Bed river vallcr eigh
teen years ago and had amass.-d a
small fortune by his farming opera
lions. He lo." v s a widow and nine
children, nearly all grown He had
four sot?- 1 If lali llie Uliivel'sily at
lirand Fork-.
e ii I lo Dllllllti
S ['aid. Ni•• v IT The Ureal North
ern is projecting a new Hue to Duluth.
A surveying party oi i *velve has re-,
ceptly 1 u e7i at wor!. b'- ween 1'osston
ami lii'er Uiver. di-lanee or Un
miles, csialilishing ihc location of ihc
new line, and it is now wiihi! a few
miles of Deer I'iv.T. ii ving aImest
conipleled the sun
'I'lie Al»«noiirl I-'rt r/.e n I |i
Sioux «'iiy. Iowa. N o v i7. i e Mis
souri river is fve.yeu Iiere from bank
to bank. It is eighteen years
(iniiH IJiii! I':it a llot.
Owai 'ima. Minn Nov. 17.- As a r*
suli of an anie-eleeiion argument
young l.ind. son of Hon. John land,
wheeled McCabe, a fellow student of
Pillshur.v academy, on a very dilapi
dated i Id wheelbarrow from the acad
ea.\- down town. i'i )Wed by a stpiad
of riiis'iiiry cadets h.iaring arms.
Severe on Shl|ii»iiis:.
Halifax. N. S.. Nov. 17. High gales
accompanied by snow Hurries have
prevailed hero for the last forty-eight
hours, and from what reports have
been received the dainmage to ship
ping lias been heavy. A number of
vessels were wrecked, but as far as
known no lives were lost.
Killed Instantly.
Willmar. Minn.. Nov. 17.
(Jov. l'phaui'8
known wiiotiier
ilexv or suicide,
l'roai Kenosha.
v lioctors
lgel was
11off. of ilie brewing company,
asked about tlie matter, said
1. Engol was discharged from
•:11]iltiy on Thursday. In regard
rumors of a shortage lie would
i' ihiug to say. He admitted that
ifiliation of i he dead mall's
was now in n gress. did
this would ii.dicale tie was
i 'h in the rumors aboui a short
health Conimifsioiier Ivompstor
has issued orders hat any undertaker
who embalms a body before a death
ceiiiiicaie is issued by his department
will be prevented from doing business
in the city. Tin* undue haste with
which the body was taken to the un
dertaking establishment i:nd em
balmed. and the statement of Mrs.
Thomas that the body was not em
balmed. are regarded as suspicious cir
cumstances. The sudden death caused
no lii tie surprise in Kent sha. whe'-e lie
was held in high este*m. both In busi
ness and social circles. Prior to his
coming to Milwaukee he was assistant
cashier of the Dan Head Company
hank at Kenosha.
•".'ii InU'rpxt l*l icetl In
e l.int'n.
ij-rlty in .Mamo.-ota is
i' 1 'a id !ri- era i
item has re
the army,
is lhat the
Milwaukee. Nov.
Ser' 1 1:
a trust: will r. ally
n order to dri fn-n
•1 i. insiiie- s.
.v» been .• H'-luded
i1 a rti.-i Abyssinia. iie lat
itiiig .-'ihaningo.
pope. is spitetl. has advised
Archbishop i. laud to moderate his
attitude in certain particulars.
duce i
The interstate commerce commission,
will examine the rela
is to the beef trust.
it is rumored,
tions of rai'roa
old nephew
St. Paul was
Lake Owasso
Pierce, fou
rt eon-yea r
'haties Christian of
yesterdav in
An interesting programme has been
prepared for the annual Minnesota
conference of charities and correc
tions at Bed Wing Nor. 17.
Attorney (Jetieral Chihls of Minne
sota approved a writ quo warranto
against the Duluth (las and Water
company, ittuini de Dec. 17.
Consul (.eiieral Loo reports actions
in the part of the Spaniards in Cuba
which may indicate an intention to go
to war with the Fiiiled States.
The commissioner of immigration'In
his annual report says a better class of
immigrants are coming to tiie Fnited
Stales and h•• number has decreased,
Lillt'sl (Quotation* I'roie (•rain a ml
lilvc Stock Ct'nlfrit.
Chieaa.'d. Nov. i'i". h'-al Nt'\"'o
ber. 7- 1- i-: Decombej'. 7'.ii•: May. s »c.
Corn November. 2~ December,
1- le: N!av. L'S ."'-Sc. Oa i- November.
ls"»-sc ml.er. B» 1-4c May,
1--" I'M November. .SU5.S7: Jan
uary. S7.v". an! vemlier. $-1 J-in
uary. I.:'.', '.ib- November, .v.'J.so
Janua: i. 1: Cash and I)e
•cem.bt May. Barlev Cash.
i::ve. 1'Ia Ca!i. 7s
77 1 'J" Timothy Cash,
i"e i::
hi r. sj.December.
Iece 111
$2. I UK
live, weak
».i.". Canie
\i 17 o
e haver
:s Market ae
liglit. -So.-om
dull and un­
changed. Sheep Market slow and
Minneapolis. No\. 17.—Wheat No
vember closed at 7s:',-4c December
opened at SOc and closed at 7N."»-4c
.Slay opened at si* ,'5-le and closed at
SI (in track -No, 1 hard. S0.*{-4c
No. 1 Northern. 70 l-2e No. ii N'orllt
erv,. 77 1-L'e.
A o
the ru'11"I'
ll i11
o i: i
Paid are
del- llie
oiih' a
ha e.'
as j.r a'
Co" i ei
rit'l I e
great tha!
si" M.
river closed at tiiis season. Considera
ble damage mac l.e done to govern
ment and otlu river boats caught in
the unless ih" channel opens suf
flcleti Iy lo 1"1 1 I I a k e s i o e
beer, jivojirie:
Fails Daily
his V.'l Ii
lie paper I I
bill! e 111
n .."'i' i 1
-wife. M•
position w i'h
Keiley. a switchman in the yards hem
while coupling cars to-day was caught
by the drawbar of
car and forced
against another and instautly killed,
his body being almost
—Flour less
South St. Paul. No\
about steady: market
$2.!»f la.'Mo.
not enoutih
and feeders n
sales at .S2a2.l-o
Wheat steady No. sjiring, 72 l-8c
No. 1 Northerl). S" i-2 Leceuiber,
7S 1-2c. Corn scarce and tirm No. 3,
2oa2." 1-2c. (i :ts steady No. 2 white,
-lal'l l-2c N't white. 1!»a'2l .'Me.
Barley weaker No. 2. ."Hi 1-2c sample,
2ia.'{ti 1-2c. I've lower No. 1. .'].S 3-4o.
Provisions lower.
17. -Hogs are
slow sales at
Cattle linn and active
fat cattle, good stockers
supply .the demand
Tli« liiiioy H.'iiicliiTK Killing OiT
Iv SI or
U i I
Dak ia fan:
eagles are n.
and young
ram-hcr on
centiy killed
oil feet three
The b'rd w
a young e ib
to ha VI a
Llinde.. a-'
after ih'
eagle a i I I
a f*t'i' a lief, e
17. i:. w.
n that gray
ith poultry
laiiiiley, a
i Pierre, r«»
arsurcd sev-
tip to tip.
i carry, off
and seemed
-ess wi-eli
no. i veu
a shot the
u was only
ti." mm that
iivii V\ iti'nctl.
11 a iie says Yha't.
'"siiion of Arch
i a» diocese of St.
rue. because, nil-.
there iiasrl»Qe1f
'i ai. whj#fi' Was
a a w!|(Ji wa.s ill-*'
ev. i'.- suggest s
"hbi.-tfnp Irtdantl
p"lit!ej5!a s the ir-..
•an w^ouhl be s„
be inviletl to l'e-
I «31 niiiinsi.
a 5! S. 1
«if llih I'ain-i*.
N'.'V. Pi !•:. \v
"teen years has
tor of the Sioux
i to-dav publish
rol'ie c'shcd
i i I O i
The paper lias
red"!' the :."',V
t.: in i s
a 1 I well has a'- 'epied a
the Sioux City Journal.
I" HniK'liil Cnnictl)
Lei:111 a. Nov. 17. Tiie Daily Mail's
Ctaista: id correspfindent asserts
that th" si i an s••cojicessions of reform
to M. f: i: if Ml. the Fr-'iich ambasaa
dt'i'. i a ere financial comedy, with
a v' 1 -1 laisiru a loan in Paris to
f'vf ,h" Iierwise inevitable financial
I'"l i'e :it Hiiiitlnii.
.Mand.-n. N. D.. Nov. 17.—Firi- w
eu' rc'l io day in .Morck's grocery storu
in the MerchaTits' block. The Httn-k
and building were
damaged by
The hiiiriiiiin of llie I'tipuM*! JI
tioinil Commit lot* W r«te \*kintA
lr. at sou to Strike From Hi*.
I.i'ttrr of At'Oi'liliiin't1 II H«*t|ii«**t
That Po|iMll»t» llt*trjiln Fruui Vo
tiim lor St'Hllli l'".lri'ln!'N.
"Washington. Nov. 17.- In view
the fact that tlie letter of Tom Watson,
accepting the vice-presidential liomina
lion of the Populist parly lias been
published. Senator Marion Butler to
dav made public his reply, written
when Mr. Watson's letter was re
ceived. in which lie took exception to
its tone. The reply is as follows
"Washington. Oct. 2.—Hon. Thomas
K. Wat son. Thomson, Ja. Dear Sir:
Your letter of acceptance was re
ceived Saturday night. It bad been
delayed in the postotiiee for want of
sutiieient postage. You. in effect, ad
vise Populists not to support the joint
electoral tickets that have been ar
ranged in a large number of states. Is
it possible that you fnlly appnviate
the effect, of such advice? At least,
upon retloetion you must know that it
enough Populists should follow such
advice it would moan the defeat ot
Bryan and the election of MeKinley.
Besides, if your advice should be fol
lowed by enough Populists the Peo
ple's party would not have a single
elector in the electoral college. In the
states where we have joined el••ctoral
tickets, we will gel every elector tha!
we do get and. besides, it. is in those
states whore wo will get th'* bulk
not all the People's party congress
men. In your state, and oilier stales
whifli have followed your advice
against #»l• t• r:i 1 tickets, we will not
get a single elector, and I fear not
inane congressmen. If any. You ct
tai111 cannot mean, however much
you may have favored a middle-of-the
road policy in tiie beginning, to advi-e
our friends to do that which at fids
time would be tlie most elective
airem-v in placing in power Mci\inh
and ids backers- llie trusis and .mo
n o o i e s Can any personal or pany
injustice, however great, justily its
being responsible, either directly or in
direelh. for placing in power 1 hi
st oekjobhors. monopolies, trusts, the
British gold ring, and all of the com
bined robbers of the ]eep!e and ene
mies of gotxl government
"In the name of outragid and suf
fering humanity, whose prayers to-day
go up from millions of homes for Will
iam J. Bryan in his heroic and marvel
ous struggle against the ]uHh«U0 of
corporate greed ami the hellish goh
conspiracy, let us, shik every other -ojt
sideration and hold up ids bands and
do the Hull duty of Americans and
patriots. Let us remendwr that it is
a Kefforing people and a betrayed re
public, and not Democratic politicians
that fo-day call for our help and de
mand ohr services. Bryan will bo
elected a ml the government redeemed
if every ji*itriot does his duty. Let us
do ours. Therefore. I beseech you to
change at least that part of our letter
which gives advic wdiich. if followed,
would surely help the common enemy.
If you do not, then you. yourself, mm.
assume the responsibility of giving
site 11 a document to the public at til is
ti.: e. Yours truly,
"Marion Butler."
Tliey Can no) He Sold Without tlie
(•ovt-ritiiit'iil'M lamt'iil
Ohamberlnin. S. D., Nov. 17.—Coin
i.".i-sioner Lamorciw of the general
land ofliee, has made a decision in
loe.i) case that an Indian can relin
trei'di a a allotment: only by consent
audi i'i" direction of the Indian de
partment. Fi'til a reliniiuishnient is
delivered to tlit land office it is subject
to withdrawal by the Indian or by th"
secretary of the Interior: like a (1001'
it takes effect only upon delivery, am
1 ik• other relinquishments, must h?
filed wiili the local land ofliee or wit.,
the general land ofliee to constitute
deli reiy io i he proper officers. In th'^
ca^t/at issue it was tiled with neither,
and the general land ollice had no of
ficial knowledge of Ike existence *f the
reiiiupe !i?uent until over four months
after u had been acted upon by the
acting e.-retary of the interior. The
commissioner contends that in consent
ing to the relhifpiishinent the secretary
iicied e.'dv as a trustee for the Indian,
ami 11 ai the commissioner of Indian
affair- "uld only act in a like capac
ity: tell -ets in no way restored said
laud- to ilie public domain.
Tlie Sli !:i:it*n of American Miilast* In
I rj.ved L.v II Mis.sltinnry,
Louden. Nov. 17. A correspondent
lelc^rcpbs to the Times from Allaha
bad. India, as follows: "Distress is
beu'ini.itig to lie felt in the coded dis
tricts of Madras. Itev. Mr. Campbell,
a Bviii-di missionary, writes from Cud
dapen urging the importation of Amer
ican maize wdiich. he says, 'is half the
price of wheat and would find a ready
sale in our up-country villages.' It is
grown in many parts of the ceded dis
tricts and from its resemblance to
cholant would be preferred to either
rice or raid, while it could be sold
much cheaper than any of the Indian
grains. If the government will not.
untie! take such a work surely there are
merchants in Madras prepared to ben
elil the public with a prospect of a
fair prolit. Maize would also find a
ready sale in upper India."
This correspondent also quotes an
article from the Pioneer dealing with
the drouth. It expects a good rainfall
half of December on­
ward, but none before that.

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