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a li MA iv.
\jJ ?, I it
No-.i L.- K.ii is: Shall tho Ilac
Chantcs in lull dres.s ho admitted to
tlic- new eo?"'rc--:-ionn! libra iy at W.-- h
inuti.n u. nratlou hall?
Tlu' pugilist. Sharkey, reminds one
of tho frog in the fable who, trying to
arrive at tin1 bulk ami ponderousness
of the ox, swelled until it burst.
The prince of Wales is fifty-six. and
lie thinks Ma (Juelph is a very selfish
old lady not to realize wla-n she has
had enough of a good thing.
A West Virginia man has been
matched against a bear to light to a
finish Christmas night for $."Vio a side.
Tile bear ought to be ashamed of him
It wouldn't be quite the proper tiling
to call the fellows who robbed a New
York post ffi-e of worth of "ad
la-si ves" philatelists, even if they did
c: 11 M• st a
i •." is ii '.- subject of an
a:- in a. it magazine, Pooh!
It magaz:. want to impnrr use
ful information tli .'"mid tell how
to flirt wilt ut y« it' ..•:fo linding it
Mr. William K. Vanderbilt. buckled
down to business again none too soon.
The late blow-out at Kleuheim ushered
lit lie Cousuelo right into the inner
temple of l-Jritisli high flyers.
A youni: woman, beautiful, of i-iiuiw,
has started as an undertaker in Stur
gLs, Mich., but nothing has been heard
jet as to an increase in the death-rate
of ihe town, There would seem to be
some very uugallant men in Michigan.
lo the Vassal* eoilege girls with the
exception of the freshman elass, are
allowed to indulge in round dances
hereafter! it is sfife to say no freshy
wiLI evi-r fail to make the sophomore
lias* from this date forward.
Adepts in palmistry assert that the
length of the fourth or little linger is i
the most important sign in the hand,
There is no man, they say. who i ises to
imparlance in any line of life without
a long a.id straight little finu
Ill Fngland more than ten million oil
lamps are used nightly. Lamp acci
dents cause about three hundred
deaihs annually in Loudon alone, one
hundred and sixty-live tins a ye.\r
having been traced to them.
The longest commercial distance at
which the long-distance telephone is
now opera ted is from P.oston to St.
1/ouis. a distance of l,4o() miles. This
line is more than twice as long as any
Huropean telephone line.
What has come over the fiery French
people? A cable dispatch says the
French minister of the interior, M.
Bar thou, is receiving much 'praise for
having refus ",1 to light a duel with a
man who had atrociously slandered
Now that Ihe rays have been rec
ognised by a. Colorado court, it may be
jKiSfdbip far thv layuiau io see through
Kome of the liner phases of the la w as,
for instance, why the nearer a man is
to being a diu:ce the better his chauces
of being selected as a Juror n a mur
der trial-
There is one good thing to be said of 1
the law iu Kentucky which provides
for the punishment of murderers by i
hanging. The dastarly slayer of Pearl
Bryan will not be pardoned out by a i
o e n o o i n i n o o i e a e e
public excitement occasioned ly the 1
awful crime h.ts died away.
The Inaugural of Diaz as president
of Mexico for another term insures, to
the southern republic a continuation of
the period of development and prosper
ity that has run through his entire ad
ministration. No modern ruler has
doo-e as much as Diaz to promote the
picgirss of his people, unless It l)e
the laslkado of Japau,
It is «aid that Queen Victoria has, by
frugality and paving and Judicious in
vestments during her long reign,
amassed a fortune of *00,00. It
would have been larger had she not
Leer, obliged to pay many of the debts
cf her spendthrift son, the prftjee of
Vales. The pr'uiec i? said to yet owe
(VKJ,WO or X).000. The queen
will be aWe to pay this off and have
plenty left
J.VEM Tin past v.i:
A liiii('r:ii llcHumc uf tUe lo*t
portrinS News of tliv WeeU, I-roin
all I'arm of Olohv.
Cans and Arraiisetl in Con
vciiicnt Form for Kupltl
itsal toy Bus?- People.
Wnnhinston Talk.
Th" f'uhn delegation in Washington
has received news to the clfect thai ii
things comiinie as lliey are in the I lnl
lippine islands, lliey will be tree be
fore Cuba.
January s ihe date being eon-Ul
ereil for bringing on ilie Pacific rail
road funding bill in the lior.se. A rule
fixing that day has been drawn by the
members of the committee on rules,
and probably will be recommended.
The pn sident has nominated IV nh
min lv. Kimberly of Colorado to be re
ceiver of public moneys at Denver.
Col.: also, .loim 1. nsuauder of Alas
ka... to be commissioner in and for the
district of Alaska, to reside at .lune-iu.
The senate, in executive session.
fled an agtvement trade bet wee s
retary Oliicy and Minister I'omero o1
Mexico, extending for a year the pre
visions of the treaty bef.veen ti»
I'nited Stales and Mexico l-,r a surve
and relocation of the international
boundary line west of the liio Urai'.dc
A. radical change in examination
methods has been determined ui'on b\
the civil service commission. and will
be put into immediate operation by
new rules, making age, character, o'ch
ni'-al experience, iinelliuence and pity
.sieal ability the tost for a plaee as me
chanic in the engineer branch of the
government service.
The postmasters at \\"a a! .- n. ill.,
and Kvanston. 111., recently removed
by the president, have refused to yield
their otiices to their successors. Their
action is based on a determination to
continue in charge until their success
ors can produce their commissions. The
department has been advised of their
refusal, and an inspector has been or
dered to assume charge of each olrice.
A. It. Fisher, minister of agriculture,
will l«* in Washington soon to discuss
with American authorities the ques
tion of abolishing the international
quarantine against cattle. If the gov
ernment of the I'nited States will
agree to abolish a quarantiee against
Canadian cattle, ii is understood that
Mr. Fi'-her will agree, on behalf of the
Canadian governmi lit. to abolish (pi-.i
aniiue agamst American catti -.
1'cople In Print.
Waller C. Ileinecke. tweiitv year
old, sou of Fdmund IleinecUe. -,vh•
claimed lo be a tieniian count, died in
Manhiiitau ho-jjital. New York, from
wounds he inflicted himself. The jmi
liec think there is a wonuui in the case.
.L P». Labouisse. ex-pri-sident of the
New Orleans Cotton exchange, and
well known in every cotton marker in
the country, began coughing and with
in two hours expired from heart fail
ure, brought on by ill.' violent exer
Mrs. Fannie TJeddiug died suddenly
at the house of her daughter. Mrs.
Harry Burke, in Derby. Conn. She was
pr_' years old. She was the nurse of
P. T. Pjirnum. the great showman, in
his infancy. It is said that she saved
P.ainuijfs life when a boy by throw
ing av.av medicine prescribed for him
while ill.'
A Kentucky mmor eotuing from
some of *ov. Bradley's close friends,
is that he lias been despondent of late
that he believes his throat trouble lias
been caused by the continual harrass
ment of his office that his ill-health
caused him to drop out of the senator
ial race and has cau^iil his hesitation
about calling an extra sesshvu of the
The will of the late William Klein
way, the New York piano manufact
urer. bequeaths nearly the entire for
tune to members of the immediate
family. There are some small bequota
of a public character and the Leider
kran/. comes in for a small share, as
do some of the (Jermaii schools, but
the charitable bequests are few.
Accidental Happening:*
Nearly .' lives were lost by the
linking'' an Italian steamer.
A head-on collision between two
freights on the Southern Pacific road
near Waelder, Tex., resulted iu the
death of two engineers, two firemen
and a brakeman.
The Solderholni block at Jamestown.
X. Y„ owned by .1. M. .loluisou. bunted
early in the morning. C.eerge lville
man. a lodger, was suffocated by
smoke ami may die.
Frederick Loveland. the oldest ami
best known guide in the Adirondack
has been accidentally killed by a fall
ing tree. He was a giaut in stature
and possessed remarkable sireugia.
lie was seventy years o!d.
A Burlington plug train ran into an
electric car on Choctow crossing at
Leavenworth, Kan., smashing the
front of the electric car ami severely
injuring Capt. Montgomery of he ien
sion department of the soldiers' home
at Fort Leavenworth.
Blanch* Bishop, a gin I fourteen, a
daughter of David Bishop, ami KUa
Alpha, aged fifteen, daughter of K. H.
Alpha, while skating on thiu ice at
Hawley. Pa., broke through and were
drowned, as was a brother of the latter
who attempted to rescue them.
The entire plant and buildings of the
Wltliingtoo & Russell company, cov
ering about six acres in Newton, a
suburb of Nashville, Tenn.. was totally
destroyed by tire, together with a
large stock of manufactured goods.
V-i "i"
V.'ito Killed
tritr- :i c. '.I
wife at L"ui Xeh.
and Scot? s
a knife. Sin
shot him in tin
toward lii-'
VlU'-'d "I V
The nhio State board i
refused, to make a rieemuie^laiion
elemeiiey in tile case of '1 H-rnej i,
1'h'ie county uuu'dorer. Me um.i
Dee. IT.
Hubert K. i-.-ie. attorney tor Al.en
Ilenze Powneti. the higirva\in..a
vieted at Denver for the murd"i
.Toel C, Ash wort Is. 1 s tiled an appU^t
tion for a new ir-al. iKH-k-d by an arti
davit by Downeii to the effect that oi
confession was untrue.
At Chicago, Aid. Frank c. \i.-.n.ig
has been arrested oil a charge y\ em
le/./.l'm" SM.nh) from a concern S ic
raii ento. Cal. The ease was cui.tinue.l
until lec. 7, when lie will be med tot
tl-e crime.
Mrs. ttrace H-dau. a v.:.'e
sltot and instantly killed ller.-y
sen at IndiauapiiUs. a negro. Mrs. -o
lan claims that .laeksm w:ts tryitn: to
i 1
ir-'uro who
•d one
wi ".nidi
e Williams
brut ner. in
Piue Llt'.ff. Av
le scene of !:i-
,-iisliip. real
it ii! "d U ar
1 ie was fully
night saj
the negro
identified. Kep'O
-and l.\
From F«reltsi!
The pla'-tie is spread m: e\. -yv
in India.
M. Mcline. the French premier. ..
clares for interinnioj al li in talli-iii.
King Humbert gave audience i
I'nited Suites Ambai-sador Veagh.
It is again said that England, Uus
sia and Franci- ill
Henry Fell Pea-e. Liberal ui mber of
parliament of the Cleveland division
lie n.u'th riding of York, is *ead.
The libel suit of Larl Kussell auaiu-d
Lady Selina S'-cii, his mother-in-law,
and three servants, was auam :e!
journed in London uu::i -I
Tho Brii'sh ••tennse'- t' 1
fn IU Sierre Leone, ^iii] .Several ...
tired labi»rers to work upon ihe i' i
ma canal, has arrived at Colon.
Tho I'rsuliue convent at
France, is restrained bei-atis-' •.
al to jiay Ihe new monastic sax. end
put up for sale at am tion. Tie- nuns
were the
bat'* the convent for .".oa.") iraues.
The king of Crecce has isu".l a ma'.i
ifesto deniamliua army maneuve*s en
a lai'^'e scale, and sutumoniug Io.shh
men from the reserve force for perma
nent camp. The selection of a new
ri tie for the army and other military
extensions long advocated bv public,
and military opiniors. lias i.-ueed $
The clothing store of 11. Selirad.iky,
one'of the largest iu In liver. w ts at
taehed by Kahn tV. Co.. of Chicago.
Sear-Faced Charlie, i noted Modoc
Indian chief, is dead of consumption
at Seneca. Mo.
The Massuchusetis Slate irange has
adopicd a resolution favtiring Col, ,f,
H. Brigham of nhio for set retary of
A joint convention of coal miners
and operators 10 formula .* a
wages in the Pit isbur^ dis
nexl year is in session.
Some time since Clini 1L Coulter, tlic
w*Il known Denver bicycle rider, cov
ered a mile unpaeed in 1 .V.» 1-r. esfab
lishitig a world's record w Im-p i1
biM'ti allowed.
Jcorge Thomas, a merchant of tirand
.luuciitui. Col., brought on an attack of
i nose bleetiit.g tiiree week«i ago by lift
ing i sack of lioer. The ideediug eoa
tinned iu sjiite of all the physicians
could do, and he died.
Inspietiou id' winter crops of celery
now iu the trencnes in the Kalamazoo
celery lields shows that fully one-third
is rotten on account of damp, warm
weather. The estimaied loss is n.~»o.
(MM l.
An exami.anion of Ihe assets t!c
retently failed liaxtei' Springs iKau.i
baid of xx liich Col. Alexander Wat ner
was presidt nt. reveals !ut in
ca.'h on liar.d. The capital stoi-k of
the l«ank was
i Jebn Ii. uichan. a w-11 known
1 mas.'iK colli .icior. v.Mio lias been in
biine-s at Uoele, sier, N. V.. for
'years, lias made an assignment. wiiM
oU! fer'.'UC".-'. It is e lima ted Ihit
i bis assets will fool up S1 To,t!(. while
his liabilities will reach .fi'J'i.O'Xi,
The Independent Club of Canada,
which has been in existence in Mont
real for some uvr months, and whose
object is the .ntaiumeut of Canadian
independence, is gaining in sirengih,
ami a convention probably will be h"hl
next March with a view to federating
all the groups and clube having a like
The Union National Bank of New
Orleans, which suspended payment on
Sept. 1. 1NJm having complied with all
the (iouilitions imposed by ihe comp
troller of the currency precedent to
resumption, is m.w in a solvent condi
tion. and has been crijjitted to open
its doors.
a e i i
Yeii-* It
The body of an old man named Koch,
who beca'me lost in the blizzard on
Thanksgiving day. was found about
sixty rods from his home mi Cliap
pelle creek near Blunt.
Wolves are quit nume, rain ih
winter around Miller, but limy do not
attack stock, as they can feed upon an
occasional fro/.en carcass on tie ptatr
Frank Mull.
bud Agency, L.i.-.
il Sta
-eP o'
•r. Pine
Ageucj has
At Kedtield
cat'-ohl sou
William I'a\is uffpml a large num
ber id' stamps to the postmaster at
Meekling at a decided disc.unit. The
postmaster, suspecting Davis had sto
leu the stamps, caused Ids arrest and
sent for Inspector Fosness. Davis had
i $40 worth of stamps on his person and
he admitnd that they were stolen
from the post office at Ateu. Neb.
A Lower Brule Sioux.
musical name of Her! .
Sounding Flute, was h"'d
States Commissioner Stuart
beriain lo appear before the
era! grand jury ou a chargi
ill\ bidders, and lliey boinriu the goveiiimeut physician at Lower
Brule agency and abstracting a quan
tity uf alcohol with which to get drunk.
•I i'.l.S
»11* in si „tr
nd builder
Of M:Uer. ed IV. •!.. I.
tive years.
i-'red St:" an
'lymlall. uas accidentally poisoned by
taking horse medicine.
A ui..
lent of
K. K. Satimarsh, who has some 1,500
niiei'p'in the vicinity of Miller, lost 150
during the recent cold wave.
May. which found few buyers at
Miller'Ijetore the winter set in at $2
a ton, now sells for *7.
,L P. Wylie. a prominent business
man of Vermillion, committed suicide
With a revolver. No cause is known
for the deed.
C, c. Cannon, a fanner living near
Chamberlain, .•ommitted suicide, lie
both shot and hung himself, lie leaves
a family. No reason is yet known tor
the deed.
:i sident commis-
k. imerer. s If 12
.:.criir-e:,-ei, was
leg Ity a playmate,
u playing with the
Hea!"'?v h'iv in d'v
i,.~ :t:" .,nd shot
Shot tet'oUgll
The boys had
revolver and
charging it
Lee instead.
Ill spite if the drawbacks caused by
earlv snow South Dakita is coming
rajiidly to the lionf is a stock pro
ducing portion of the Northwest. Not
only cattle but sheep
ig ih*
i'l'et V
I ui fed
lit Cham
UeXt fed
of adul-
te and larceny. Tile latter offense
consisted of breaking into the office of
At Chamberlain Judge Smith con
tinued the ease of the state against
Dr. T. A. IIa mill until the june term of
the court and iu the meantime the
prisoner will be taken to and kepi In
the Alexandria jail. Hammill is charg
ed with attempting to kill Kev. K. W.
.tennoy. The collapse of the prisoner
is understood to be the reason of the
continuance. Forty-four witnesses had
been subpoenaed.
Word has been received from Fort
Pierre that Dr. II. M. Kennedy, who
owned a sheep ranch about fifty tulles
up Bail river, wandered away iu the
storm and was frozen to death. No
particulars as to the delay in finding
him tan be learned. Another man,
named Koch, a (Jerman living on Cha
pelh* creek, in the southern part of
this county, has also been missing
ever since the storm, and it is feared
he is dead somewhere on the prairie.
In tin* circuit court at Sioux Falls
Judge Jones decided that a suit for
the value of liquor sold In this state
had no standing in court, because the
sale was in violation of the prohibition
law. The action was brought by J. J.
Douglass of Louisville, Ky., against a
local saloon man for the value of sev
eral barrels of whisky. The court di
rected a verdict for the defendant, who
had admitted the money was due.
Information has been received that
the architect of the Indian bureau i$
now engaged in the preparation of
plans and specifications for the Indian
schools at Rapid City and Chamber
lain. Money for the building of these
schools was appropriated by the last
congress. Commissioner "Browning
writes that the plans and specifications
completed as speedily as possi
contraets for constructing
can be let at an early.
so the
Hasinas Christiansen, u Buffalo oun
ty settler lias been taken to Kimball
a deplorable condition, left
... 11left a
hhors jdaeu about !l o'clock the
lught for heme, but got lost and
wandered ab-.n n iu,
until PI ,,, lock the next foreuon. when
he made his way back to the place h«
iad let 'n„. i icrinan socks and over
uivl.v worn away ami his feet, besides
it ng badly frozen, were terribly cut
am, lorn by the snow and ice, (nnm
':l!5"U Will umloubtedly be nt-cessarv
io save the unfortunate man's life.
Reports from the great cattle ranges
v.est. of the Missouri river are much
more favorable than a few davs ago
SttHknien who reached Chamberlain
it-pot, that ehuiook winds and warm
the past few days
1 -ugliilid s ei|.q ..
Will soon be evilai,
"liuli'|- i hsis |. n
ollt (it I |,o t„lUs
I'l'O lit all
otcr the }pat"
Mrs. Sadie Thomjis.
the Buckingham, in
washing windows, ?'rp!
ably fatally injured!
metallic .-op
be temporal
Samuel I'
free thoiiul
L. CoPi!:.
were kil!'d
attracting the
attention of loose wishing to engage
in a safe, lucrative business.
A car load of mineral paint from the
Black Hills will be ground up and dis
tribuied over Brule county iu small
quantities, for the purpose of giving it
a practical test. It is estimated that
there are tons in the deposit,
iu Two ilit ..ruleh, lying in a vein five
feet thick.
I viil'SlltKNT
New i,ik.
A Cuban h—
have been fori
A tiist edition cony i
adise Lost" us sold
tli'lore the otiier ,i
li u::r ukpc
l» .l
Chicago. Dee. 1-1 Wht
her. T'i T-.^c", May. ^o 7-N'
Corn- December. 'J'J
hits December. 57c
Pork Dc emb r, Jf".7 .l
May, ST.iil!. Lard Dir.
January. s::.s7 "day S4.(t
cembel*. i. httiiry.
,S l.2. live- i ,"ti K',
lis l-2o: ir|e
.'I. JMa.'IT 1
More inferim. arm.
supplied the
built than has
of ill.
•'•dill lliekty. Vrv.
motive flower of u1(
has resigned on aecoi.:
u,'h of
It is believed that
represi'iitcd in t^e
either in the
:iud iU
U vo cii.m.v i
Joseph L. Bunpsti
l'rank Cole at Hint*
tenced to eleven veaiv
11 an
,'atiii eveat mi
,v as b» »1»!!
•i^idii. has
bud. am
The St. Paid eU- n»,
commit ice u iH
the grt eiibae ks
national ba.nks.
i!s. Wi.. .|, i ,.v
ladies of :i'41'"s
heii., a .,i.. a liiivn)
fair, orked by herself.
i i lllt
uf free
liieUt the di
it v or
,, our nati'U
,Bsiiler these^
the peaei'i
heated chU
,, discover
country met
of the p^l
•ulled at all
i ill the ilgl4t
cuvcthm of
nine id.
nriotic di*
4»pe, of
lllltlee, luv,
ilress advi-'ii.g tl a' (in
n.T!!. j.
I'liT le..
I Sol
to demait
,, jn i Ue au
fid ami
v a. serious
\K[ ,-ont'ubav
pabiie dui
a»a!ys'" t.
The ap|di
publiean candidates for
to secure he jxsiie ji,
cafes of ele-'tioii !s: 'r-.
fore tie s, ).,.,, ,.ur
Kit C"-'^
u.-hd inio
iioisilloii* Froit
l.i e Mock I t'n)
i n u W i
li spring. The
so ~4e. 'ni'ii 'i•
la is negl *i '.
1-l!c. Barli'N .-icatiy Ni
.'»lc sample. i l!.o*
1, 4(»at«i l-'Je. provi.-iiiiis#'
Souili St. Paul, I D—li
to Tic higher: sales at Jf-'.Wi
tie steady good deitiaml
tie. st.f»ekers and fet d• is: fit
slow: sales at -SH.
('hieago. Dec. M. Ileus
higher, light.
o.-lo heavy, JS,'».*r:i^,-t*•: n
a 1 0 a e n i
sheep strong
1 lie Hnn l"'r«itt.|**» '«'rt
of a Crmrnt'i" Hoi"1
Washington. Iec. 11.
Waller Barrett, who has In
allied here with tiie work"'
teuton l{e»t*ue league. s|mkf
Mattie Overman, whese
connected with Dr. Brown it
Francisco church s-ami:'!.
whom it was stated th.n
coming to this city.
".Mr. ('ritfenttni gave im* i
said Mrs. Barrett, "ana
to Miss Overman to cot»'
since the press has aiinoiuuvt
that she was coming here, s!
elKi'where. and u hen her to:
lind out where she is. wo
Tipton. Mo.. Dec.
a v e
swept a greater portion of the snow
the anges and ail kinds of .stock
ate iapidly recuperating from the ef
fie s ot the stormy we,*itlu*i that nre
ailed throughout the entire month of
OS gUNl'tt'
it\! eithet
•.-' n-rm or
vy of Sta
with u
ves thal^
•ous a ml
ou the
the col
V.sii, 7i.
TN 1 'Jc I r. 74
TP 1 -lit'.
Ui.'.h go
lited St
i it has
'and citi:
Cout inn
,io not 1
e prosn
•-..lifted tt
",.e.m. 1^
the ch"!
ait it
it. W
To1 till'
1 at T'.tc
\... 1
4'-: N-
Mil ?|e.'! .' .1 IS. l»e'.
ceuiber opened at
TT 1-L'c May opene
at TI* 1-L'c. Mi
No. 1 Northern. 7",
em. Td 1 -ic.
h»ut. t1
•:ve tl
it Cln
t-u- giti'
Ml til'
MISS 0\ KICMAX s ft"
-a r, mi
W i
a 1
a roI
ii. he
i Us 1
i rea
iu h:
lot i i
a mi
l' gv
her somewhere else."
The meeting destroyed
man's jilans to come here- Si)'
eling iu disguise under tin*
Sister Martha, and will cou
work Willi the CrlltcinouM'j'/
was not coming here to j"'11
reft, as was commotilv aiut*1)11'
siie intt'iided to live here in
tional Ci'itfentou home.
H:it. g'
(t: I.ytoll H11"
pearetl at tiie county .i!1.
ami demanded to be atbin'1'1
cell of Lsani Vaughn, wlw
rested yesterday and whe
with ing miirdcrcd hts
Nancy Hrhisou. who reared 1
sheriff, fearing tutib vitdci.ee.
viouslv taken Vaughn
City, and u hen ssttred
that Vaughn was m»'
mob dispersed. Mrs. i,,ru's.1..
murdered l-'riday evening
four miles from here. heh'i-r
death while standing in JnT' ,j|,
Koibery is sujiposi'd to have
Ilflllirrulo •iiilob'^ ...
Toledo. Dec. 14. lmtind h
the son of Thomas H. 'rig1»*
incut insurance man of
mifted suicitle to-day by tho"
self In the henrt over the ^r
heart over
Mrs. Osborne. sujpoKed
.heart of his. IJe prepare"
going to comraunioii this

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