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1- I
Absolutely Pure*
A cream of tartar baking powder
#it?hestof all in ieaveoiug strength
[j I taut Waited Stntes (joecrnmeitt Food
Koyal Baking- I'owder Co.,
iu w«n St., x. v.
Walter Corliss is erecting a shod over
his thrashing machinery.
Dr. Clark is delivering a series of lec
tures oa chemistry in one ot the secret
Dr. Flotelier, our new physician, went
down to 31 intiesoia to take charge o» a
bail case of cancer.
Mr. epe and family havo ir.ovel from
their former place of icsidemo to the
lYoeiuinfj building.
I»3*vis Ilalversoa the hardware man
/nuds a brief business trip to Ilectoii
Minn., last week, via Miibauk.
A large and warlike-looking ero\vd ul
sportsmen made a crusade against Ihe
rabbits Saturday, slaying a score or so.
Citizens interested in educational mat
ters are invited to atteud the teachers,
meeting to be held at the school hou?e
Rev. Thorn peon has been having good
success with his religious meetings at
Eimira. Me continues his good work
there this week.
Mr. Sutclifl", of Milbank, has been can
vassing this vicinity, soliciting names
preparatory to organizing a lodge ot
United Workmen.
GrifSt. John ot Clear Lake, who has
many friends in Revillo from having
Jived here a winter or two in the old days,
was among us a day or two last week.
A sister of charity was around solicit
ing aid for an institution Chippewa
Falls. These biack-robed ladies are
like relics of a former time. How potent
they are in reminding us of the old .days
.of glory and romance.
Lew Carter, a post-garduate student
rJ Brookings college, is teaching at Al
J^ee. Carter is giving special attention
Jo the science of botany, in which he is
particularly brilliant, being a personal
Jnend and correspondent of Proi. Wil
liams and other eminent botanists.
Since election half a dozen shrewd
Jjubinoss men—O the travesty!—have
been looking about llevillo, contem
plating the putting in of sakons it it
Should prove lawiul. Oh, you'll get it
gentlemen you'll get what yon voted for
beyond a doubt. And I don't pity you
vou gat what you wanted. You deliber
ately crucified the heaven-sent law ol
prohibition: May its blood be on your
heaiis. But all 1 say is, may God help
your poor wives. All through the hard
times they have labored—out doors
hanging up cloths in the heated summer,
and digging potatoes in the cold fall, and
tending calves in the late, wet spring—
making a happy home. And all that
itmie, because rum was banished, the
roses have bloomed in their cheeks, and
they have been happy. But now their
cheeks are beginning to blanch with the
thought of returning liquor. You may
see it any day on a drive through the
country. In a little while they will be
pale aud faded enough and the old hats
will re-appear in the windows, and mis
ery will reign again. May God help
your wives.
Deo. 16,1896.
Wm. Daliman and family came home
Monday from their visit to Wood Lake
jmd New Ulm, Minn.
School closes jn the yiliage school,
Friday, for a two weeks vacation.
Geo. Jenkins, who lives in the western
part of Grant Center, has been verj
*iuk tor the pasit 10 days with typhoid
jpneymonia. Axox.
Dec. l'J.
Mrs. Will Ltfountain is on ihe sick
Miss Eleanor Putnam of the Milbank
schools* Suncayed at lume.
Alba Perkins of Madion,
visiting in our neighborhood
Anthony Latountain is visistin^: l.i.s
father and other relatives in our burg.
K. W. Spanton returned,on Thursday,
the 10th, from Mitsouri, where he hus
been for several months past.
Among those who have been visited
by measles are John Loogneckers. and
Wiiliam IJurkners. All are recovering
Harry Spanton experienced quite an
exciting runaway recently, also enjoyed
a walk of something over a mile i get
his horse, No damage.
Alton Hamlin of Iowa, grand-son ot
Mr. and Mrs. K. Tuttle, surprised them
by calling in the capacity of a peddler,
ami secured lodging for the night, before
they discovered who he was.
The special meetings held in this
place by t:ie Rev. Thompson have been
continued for another week. Much good
has been done. Several new conversions
are some of the results and many of the
older members who have sunk into leth
argy have received an awakening. May
Uod prosper tlie cause is our wish.
Adams Twp.-Kcliool ,\o. l.
December 14, 1S'J(3.
We had our first examination last
Monday. Weilon'b like to tell what some
of us got.
Dannie and Georgie Quirk have lost
some time the past week on account of
sickness. They are attending school
again now.
Ira Clough and Oscar Mclntyer gave
a f.irewell party to their friends last Fri
day evening. Oscar expects to go away
to school, and Ira thinks ot going south.
We visited our Georgia lriends Friday
afternoon, December 11. We enjoyed
ourselves ever so much, and we hope
thev will return the call in the near
We thank the board very much for
the new stove and other things which
thev brought us last week. We would
thank them again it they would bank the
school house.
iS. J. Hail was obliged to discontinue
school on account of poor health. We
all miss him very much. We hope he
will still be able to help us in our enter
tianments, as he is ihe only tenor singer
we have in school.
John Paulson met with a serious acci
dent Thursday while thrashing for Peter
Peterson. While attempting to throw
the drive belt his foot became entangled
and before he could liberate himself his
leg was broken.
Our school met with our Georgia
friends of No. 4, last Friday evening,
to practice singing for our joint enter
tainment which is to ba given the 18th
of this month. This is our first step
toward a school library.
Little Brother to "big sister" after her
return from practic—"Say, Clara, what
did Manny say st night just after help
ing you out of the feleigli V
Big Sister—"Here, Willie, don't you
want a nice warm doughnut?"
One of our seventh year boys, while
returning from church the other even
ing though it would be a good joke to
tip his passenuetsintcasnow drift. The
joke failed. To day he was absent Irom
school and we thought we saw him re
pairing his
sleigh. The stono rebound
We are sorry to relate the .death of
Miss Bertha Johnson, of Wilson. The
deceased passed quictiy away, last Fri
day night, after a long but patient ill
ness. The funeral was held at her
nephew's Neil Seime, whore she had
made her home for the past three years.
Some of our scholars attended the fun
\v iiuoi
Reporter, Saturday Dec.
It is understood that Rev. Wm. Bur
ton will sever Ins connection with the
Presbyterian church and society of Wil
mot, January 1st
E. A. Whitford of Hastings, Minn.,
was in towti between trams yesterday.
From him we learn that Clarence Whit
ford is now at North UelU attending
school and making his home with his
Republican, Dec. 13,1896.
Dr. Fletcher, who practiced medicine
at Browns Valley tor the past six months
passed through the city Monday on his
way to Revillo, where he will locate.
The latest development in the county
seat n atte was the tilling ot "an order
for leave to contest" with Clerk ot Courts
Mori is, iaat Monday. Ihe orde? was is
sued by Judge Andrew?.
Geo. Sly, a newphew ot Mr. and Mrs.
John Artman who spent the past few
weeks with them, started on his return
11 his home at Baltimore, Md ,, last Mon
day. We are informed that he will
turn to this citv in a short time.
J. W. Mftlwdof Corona, who is MM-
ciated with Geo. Merry of Milbank, in
the cattle business, was a pleasant caller
at this office Thursday. Mr. Maleed bad
just returned from a trip to Sioux City.
Iowa, where he had disposed of four car
loads of stock,
Three sleigh loads of members of the
Rathbone Sisters' lodge and several K.
Ps. spent last Wednesday evening at the
home of Mr. aud Mrs. F. M. Gutherie,
in Grant county. The evening was very
enjoyably spent and all returned to the
city much pleased with the evenings
Dec. lo, 18QG.
John Kirtzner is building a new
house on ids farm
The mild weather has made threshing
possible, therefore a number ot Ma
chines have started up ia the township.
The Jones brothers have purchased a
threshing machine rather bite iti the
season bl:t the price probably was very
There will be a debate at district
No. 4 school house on Saturday even
ing, Dec. "JO, at 7 o'clock. Ail are in
vite d.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Buntrock are
going to lay :isido the cares ot farm life
and take a trip to isconsin, their old
home. They have not had the pleasure
oi seeintr their lriends and relatives lor
a number of years and will no doubt en
joy their visit.
Who says Santa (".mis i ns fori:o'i.-n
Blooming Valley? To be sure he hasn't!
Why, he has even begun his annual
round already. Tuesday evening le
dropped into I. O. Berg's house and
loft a bright little daughter and if every
body is as pleased with their Xmas
present as Mr. and Mrs. Bevg this will
indeed prove to be a merry Christmas.
Mother and daughter are doing nicely,
President Cleveland in his message to
congress commenting on Ihe report ot
tho Secretary of the Interior says:
"Our public lands originally amounting
to 1,840,000,000 acres havo been soie
duced that only about (300,000.000 acr-s
still remain in government control ex
cluding Alaska. The balance, by far
the most valuable portion, has been
given away to settlers, to new states,
and to railroads or sold at a comparative
ly nominal sum I agree with the
secretary that the remainder of on
lands should be more carefully dealt
with and their alienation guarded by
better economy and greater prudence."'
From this the president evidently en
dorses in toto the action of Hoke Smith
in making the unfavoriible reports on
the free home bills that were before
congress during the last session. The
opposition ol the president probably
will manifest itself in the form of a veto
should any of the bills be passed this
session. However Grover Cleveland
and his Democratic friends will retire
to private hie on March 4th and Wm.
McKinley will take the reins ot govern
ment—then the settlers cn .public lands
throughout tho United States can look
tor that just treatment which the Re
publican pacjty has always given them.
We are pleased to note that the citi
zens of Big Stone townslop, headed by
Messrs. E. Wideman and Henry Bartz,
are showing an interest in the work ol
the coming session of the legislature
there are many things that we have al
ways believed could be done by our state
law makers that would benefit the well
fare ol the people of the state, and we
believe thai- the people should express
to their representatives their ideas on
the more important subjects and hold
them to strict account tor their work.
We hold that the reason that there has
been so much slipshod legislation in
this state is because the people have
alter electing their legislators lost sight
of them and paid little attention to
their doings at Pierre. Ho.v tnanv
voters in the county can be found who
can tell the position ot our members on
any important question in the last ses
sion of the legislature? Prohahlv not
one ten. We would suggest the
various literary societies in dilferent
parts of the county set aside a half hour
each evening for a resume of the work
of the legislature this winter. Wo
think the people chose (he representa
tives wisely at the election and they
are. good, true men. Let tho people
keep posted on th^ir doings this winter
and then they will know how to vote at
a future time and not be a prey to any
demagogue who tries to slander honest
men and make light of their work and
should they be igcompete&t they will
know it.
$ I have for Hit holiday season
fine stock of
Books, and
i (liristas Trees.
wavs in stock.
I D. E. P.E1K,
is now IochUm! in nimn in, i7i
formerly carried on by F. E.
w JC
He has for sale all the various kinds
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Meats
in a first-class Meat Market, and in
vites ail of his former friends and
trons to call on him at liis new place
of business.
I want to "buy a large amount
Pork for which will pay the highei
market price.
And one of the lielpg to do this is to keep
the house nicely furnished.
I have just received a car-load of new i*oods
••md I cordially invite the people of Grant
county to call and
a S1)p,
A complete line of drugs al-
Revillo, Soy!!] Dakoia,
I 6(111*°
MonW*. We(l
lor mU on
Tt^re ohi'.K'
j)K. it.
MX* "'lHt.'lO'
•BiJ thi* war of 1
to ft"
oi study atirt
the od*
ftud 11
mv complete stock
the holidays I can supply you with
something- useful as well as orna
mental lor the home, and at prices
that are right in every ease.
Co nft aml th(l
riAJNO I have for examination.
Fur MittciiH at 30 cents and upwards.
Can nave you money. Call and eeo.
We Keep Leggirts
of all kinds.
Shoes of
all kinds.
Slelsii Belle,
meu Indeed. f»
w. Merry
•a a trip t(
dues of I
ft Fitdi
v.ith the
7 Ziegl
lion with 1"
itives in I
•rone to 1
L\t to the
Odd Fc
tier in t!
o bo
•he Roa'
lave hi
V holi'
lis rto
Ihe a
iaf w
k, a]

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