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vVm, Vt. DOWN'IE, Publisher
Many orators
era of phrases.
Irregular honesty is harder to kuiiul?
than regular dishonesty.
is nature for a
some ugly man
The reason that Italy's food supply
is insufficient for home consumption is
because the people are mere fruitful
than the soil.
It must always puzzle a landlubber
to understand why, after a ship has
been duly atcepted by the navy depart
ment, the next thing heard of it is that
it is in a dock somewhere for repair?.
It is announced that the endewment
fund of a New York city parish, known
far and wide for its good works, has
gone beyond the one-hundred-thous
and-dollar mark. That noble provis
ion for Christian helpfulness began in
striking way. Twelve shop girls
gave a gold dollar each, and on that
suggestive basis rests the superstruct
ure which is to endure through the
generations. They did what they
could, as did the woman in the Gospels.
The nation of fhdians that beet rep
resented the warring element of the
race of red men has made a significant
appeal to the government. The rem
nant of the Sioux has asked permis
aion to erect a monument to the braves
slain in the battle of Wounded Knee
In South Dakota seven years ago, and
to inscribe thereon, in the Sioux lan
guage. "words that shall proclaim
Wounded Knee the last battle-field on
which the Indian shall show hostility
to his white brother."
The riots in India threaten to take
on the character of an insurrection.
The agitators are endeavoring to In
flame the native population by repre
senting that the sanitary measures
taken by the British goverrment to
prevent the spreading of the plague
are in effect desecration of Indian
temples and a trampling upon tradi
tions. The people of India have un
doubtedly many causes for complaint
againt the British, but the vigor or
thoroughness of measures to stop the
spread of contagious diseases cannot
be put in that catalogue. There al
ways has been opposition to drastic
sanitary measures among Asiatic peo
ple, and every famine in India, every
year of cholera or plague, has been
followed by irritation and resentment
on the part of the ignorant and preju
diced natives.
Spain, so long mistress of the seas,
and the pioneer of national advancs
ment, has become degenerate and a
fast waning power. Its industries are
suffering from lassitude of the most
pronounced order, and threaten to be
swamped in the serious C3mpetition to
which they were subjected by more
energetic cauntries. Spanish agricul
ture is not excepted from this general
decline. Up to the present day noth
iug in the shape of farming machinery
has been introduced, all farm work be
ing still carried on by manual labor.
Such a state of affairs could only re
sult, as it has done, in a sort of na
tional bankruptcy. But the example
and contact with other nations and
people has led to a sort of revival of
the ancient spirit of rivalry which
dominated the Spanish race some hun
dreds of years ago. The revival is as
yet but in spirit, which, although near
ly crushed with the weight of impover
ishment. now seems to aspire to better
things. The agricultural condition of
the country has indeed become so de
pressed that the government has had
to look the matter seriously in the face.
In the estimate of 1896-7 the sum of
£240.000 has teen voted for the relief
of the agricultural industry, and for
immediate use. The form in which it
5s to be given is to grant temporary
freedom from succession duties, anil
on the transfer of property. All cat
tle, implements, plants, seeds, etc.,
imported from other countries, for the
improvement of agriculture, are to
come in duty free. "Cheap money for
farmers" is to be provided for, by eri.
couraging and promoting facilities to
companies for obtaining loans for agri
cultural purposes, presumably on a
combined or co-operative mortgage on
the farms of the members. As most
of the farms are already mortgaged,
the government will accept a second
mortgage to meet the case. The Span
ish agricultural department will also
purchase certain plants and seeds,
which will be distributed to the best
re mere QiL.c:.f-C.*:r-
woman to think
is good looking.
Tbe most utterly lost of all days is
that in which you have not once
The Minnesota Indians who drank
painkiller didn't understand that they
would die along with the pain.
kin 18T1.
Comprehensive Review «f tllf
Important Happening* of the
F*»t Week Culled From the Tel
egraph Reports The Notable
Events at Home and Abroad That
Slave Attracted Attention.
The Nation's Capital.
with them in the arid
regions of the west.
William Lamb Pit-knell of Boston,
the celebrated arti.se, died at Marble
head. Mass.. suddenly, lie was toity
live years of age.
Sylvester Scowl, the well known
New York World correspondent, is on
his way to Alaska in the interests of
his ]taper.
The archbishop of Toledo. Mgr. Mon
sillo. is dead at Madrid. He was born
in Spain in 1811 and
Archbishop Keane, late rector of the
Catholic University of America at
Washington, arrived in New York on
the steamer Trave. He has been del
egated by the pope to attend the an
nual meeting of tiie archbishops of the
United States to take place at the
Catholic university in October.
Accidental Happenlnnra.
Willie ami Mary Yogel. agetl four
and ten respectively, were drowned in
the Blue river at Crete, Neb., tailing
from a narrow walk.
The Peter Adams paper mill at Buck
land. Conn., has been destroyed by
fire. Loss upward of &ir».000." The
mill was owned by J. D. Pickles and
The engine of a passenger train
struck a buggy at Est ills Springs.
Tenn., killing two of its occupants.
Another occupant was badly injured
about the face and head.
A twelve-year-old daughter e-( Thom
as Langston of Galesville, Wis., fell
from a hay barn twenty-two feet. Her
arm was broken and her skull crushed,
but she is still alive.
W bile Hying a kite during a heavy
electrical storm. Walter Vinson, a
twelve-year-old boy who lived in Kan
sas City. Kas., v.as struck bv light
ning and instantly killed.
By the burning of the Webele block,
on Ninety-second street. Chicago. Will
iam Carroll. Mrs. John Gross, Nicholas
Powers and Henry Mvers were in
Near MeKinney. Tex., a petroleum
train was derailed. Two tanks
Crimea and Criminals.
The government has decided to try
Golli by court martial, lie
lianHy declares that other
crimes will follow.
Secretary Wilson, who is touring la
West. says there is now an agent in
Siberia investigating the grasses of tlit*
elevated j)lateau of that region. to se- vices at Butler Church. near Star City
urt' seeds, if possible, aiul exieriment
and semi-arid
People Talked AWtit.
The wife of Senator Stewart avows
the intention of chaperoning a party
to the Alaskan gold fields next spring.
was created a
cardinal in 1884.
Wallace Campbell of New York,
known as "Wally de Forrest." an act
or. died suddenly at the Pennsylvania
railroad station at Chester. Pa.
Count Morozzo Delia Koeea. the dis*
tiuguished Italian general and a pre
mier aide-de-camp of the royal house
hold, is dead.
Philip Korn. a wealthy coffee plant
er of San Salvador, died at Talkie
Lake. Cal. The value of his property
is over .«r.OOO.LMHi.
Mrs. Frank Busli. vrtfe of the com
edian. was stricken with paralysis,
and died in New York. She was form
erly a well known vaudeville perform
er under the name of Isabel Ward.
At the annual meeting of the hoard
of directors of Wells. Fargo A: Co..
held at Sail Francisco.. Sir John Birm
ingham was selected to the vacancy
created by the death of Mie late C. I'.
Edward H. Bush of I.a Crosse, aged
thirty-three years, a passenger conduc
tor on the St. Paul road, brother of
Supt. David Brush of St. Paul and
Yardumster Brush of Minneapolis, is
dead at Beloit, Wis.
Commander Phillip Hichborn. chief
constructor of the navy, has presented
to the city of Hartford, through Sen
ator llawley, the figurehead of Ad
miral Farragut's flagship, the Hart- I
President C. P. Huntington of the
Southern Pacific railway has presented
the University of California with a val
uable collection of old Spanish manu
scripts dealing- with the earliest his
tory of California.
There is a plan on foot in the Play
Club. New York, lookiug to the
purchase of a bronze bust of John
Gill»crt as "Sir Peter Teazle." It will
be bought by subscription. It is life
size and the work of J. S. Hartley.
Agriol Paur. who organized the Lie
derkranz society and had been forty
ffven years its leader, is dead, aged
seventy-three years. He was instru
mental in bringing over the first Ger
man opera company that visited this
still tie
start ling
Henry J. Recti, a money lender, and
his sister. Blanche M. Reed, tvorr
found dead in their home at North Ad
ams. Mass. They had apparently been
murdered by burglars.
Inspector George W. Hazen. of the
of the secret service
ta. MPtllre(1
i international i'cpu-
a eointcneittpr
tat ion.
William G. K(
Carl 8. Neubergei
mitted suicide in
count of business
:i stockbroker, and
an imoorter. coin
New York, on ac
troubles, it is sup-
I'olyeramis. otherwise known
as "Greek George.' a notorious New
York counterfeiter. who broke front
Ludlow Street jail, was caught in Chi
Michael 1 -vine fatally shot Alexan
der Gowr at Colon. an Oskaloosa. In..
suburb. Seville's wile was also slight
ly wounded. Devine charged Gowry
with breaking up iiis home. He sur
rendered to the sheriff.
Thud Hutler and Jesse Pearson, two
white boys, aged fourteen, became in
volved in a fight during religious ser-
Lincoln county. Arkansas, and injured
each other so badly that they may die.
Charles M. Clifford of Chicago mur
dered his wife by cutting her throat
with a razor, and then committed sui
cide by shooting. Clifford was a baker
and li\ed at :{oi» Hush street, where the
tragedy occurred. The cause un
it ii'iwn.
Foreign Uamlp.
It is said Bulgaria will declare com
plote independence from Turkey on
Aug. 14.
Emjjeror William of Genua ly has
apjK.inted Grand indie Nicholas Nit
olaiviich to the honorary colonelcy
the Magdeburg hussars.
United States Minister Neill. at
Lima. Peru, reports to the state de
partment the conclusion of a treaty of
arbitration between Spain and Peru.
The Cauauir.n government has ad
vised all collectors of customs to giv
France the benefit of the preferential
clause of the tariff. This makes three
countries- France. Belgium and tier
many -who are now enjoying the ben
etits of the reciprocal agreement.
The big wall paper factory at New
ark will soon begin operations and
there is talk of starting a shoe factory
Watson, the Yacht designer, denies
that there will be any challenge for
the America's cup.
Countess Cowley has been granted a
decree of absolute divorce from Karl
Cowley, and has been allowed alimony
to the amount of oo a year for lilt
The F. W. Dampman Cycle Company
of Philadelphia lias made a general as
signment for the lienefit of its cred
The entire underground force of the
Crystal Falls. Mich., mine struck for
higher pay. but staid at work until the
company could be heard from.
Dr. James Lonsdale and O. C. Trace
have been appointed meml»ers of the
board ot examining surgeons at Lit
lie Falls. Minn.
Solly Smith, the California bantam,
has signed articles to meet Peddler
Palmer beiore the London National
club Oct. IS for a purse of
i lie London Times says the net re
sr.lt of the reports and 'figures before
it seems to indicate a harvest of fair
Muality and quantity in Great Britain
The Riehmand, Ya.. loard of alder
men coucurred in the resolution of the
common council inviting the (J. A. it.
to hold the next annual encampment
in that city in 1*08.
In the special congressional election
to elect a successor to Judge W. S.
Holmau in the Fourth district of In
diana Griffith. Deai.. is elected
Lee, Hep., by l.oOO majority.
Star Pointer and Joe Patclien will
meet again at the Washington Park
clubs track at Chicago, on Aug. 21 to
tight out the pacing supremacy of the
country. The race will be for*
of M.OOO.
ploded. scattering flames in every di
rection. destroying a portion of the
bridge. Two men were badlv burned
and mav die.
ha ve
el lie
rowhawk iiavt
a purse
After a shut-down of six weeks the
Delaware iron works at Newcastle.
Del., have resumed operations, givin
employment to between 4H) and .'(MI
persons. '1 he welding and two bend
big furnaces weiv started.
The attorney general of Texas has
oijrht suits ajrainst th* HoustnruK
Central Texas railway charging tlis
crimination in freight rates. The cases
«-e the first of several hundred that
are to be filed against different roads.
I he controller of the currency has
declared dividends of 1o ,ilM. cent in
lavor of the creditors of the insolvent
National Bank of Sioux Citv
Icw-ii and the Columbia National Bank
of .Minneapolis.
The Morning Times of Cripple 'reek
olo.. has been sold by J. p. i{ji,,v to
Frank J. Arkins and Gail iioaj
well known Denver
iw.,1. newspaper men,
both o whom have IMMMI connected
^ith the Rocky Mountain
News of
ongressman Cook of Neenan. Wi«
has purchased the Paul paper mill ai.d
w ill operate it as soon as he can get it
Hi working order. The mill was built
two years ago by a stock eompmv,
of Twin
capitalists ai
Ml. Gilkey ot Oconto.
I' I'oni information received from the
oflnes of tile different iron manufac
t'.rers the Mahoning valley, in Ohio
is safe to predict thai next week will
be the bus!
one this valiev in a
long tune. Kvory mill will go to work
several departments and
some in
pursuance of the British
ort'ers the Viiago and Thrasher
been commissioned for the !'•,
tat ion ami the Quail and Spar
wk have been commissioned for
North Atlaniie .stations.
of SUKKHKIO. ttml tl.o A..urlc iii Air
lower company, capital fl.ittuNin
Interesting Nejr« Item* Wmm ill
over the SMata,
Mis. William I'akler of Wellington
Was instantly killed while attempting
a runaway team.
Ti'omas liooney of Xortbville, lately
employed by the Northern Pacific rail
road. was robbed of $200 by a hobo «t
Altei Jecii.
A fanner by the name of Ma-rung,
living near Vermillion, was stabbed in
the back by his hired man during a
quarrel. Manning will live.
The sheriff has arrested Joseph B.
Kenniinan at Madison, who committed
rape on the sixteen year-old daughter
of II. C. Cole, a fanner.
The artesian well at the Indian
agency has a strong flow of gas. A
match applied to one of the pipes le
sulted in a blaze some six feet high.
It is quite a sight at night.
The stale equalization has been com
pleted by placing bank stock at 50 per
cent. The levy for the coinin gyear is
placed at 2 mills general levy and 2
mills bond interest and sinking fund.
Asa A. Grant, ex-president of the
South Dakota Firemen's association.
1.-. a state delegate to the National As
sociation of Fire L'ngineers, which
meets at New llaven. Conn.
Joe Whittiker, residing on tin- J. R.
Knapp ranch in the Cheyenne valley,
near Forest City, was burned out
while in the hay field. The tire is sup
posed to have been started by an in
The Y. M. C. A. of Yankton college
is now making strenuous efforts to
ave gymnasium work for girls intro
duced as one of the principal factors
of college life there. Some #2,000 s to
be raised.
The educational regents lune ap
pointed a subcommittee, consisting
Herricd, Hare and Blair, to check up
accounts of Treasurer David Will
iams of the old board and
charges of shortage.
The jury in the Wamsley case at
Vermillion brought in a verdict of ac
quittal as to Anna Wamsley and nan
slaughter in the second degree as to
Ma i ion Wamsley. The court sentenced
tlie latter to three years at hard labor
in the penitentiary.
The body of an unknown man was
found under the floor of an old cream
ery building a utile south of Water
town. The body ami head were terri
bly mutilated. It is thought to have
been the work of tramps. A coroner's
jury has leen summoned to investi
gate the case.
The damage caused by the fiood
Hot Springs is now mostl yrepaired.
I rains upon both roads are now run
ning regularly into the city. Wat-r,
light and telephone systems are all
completely fixed, and the big plunge is
expected to be readv for business th's
Articles of incorporation have beet,
filed for the Dakota and Alaska Gold
Mining company at Sioux Falls, with
a capital of *HUNMI. Incorporators. F.
C. Whitehouse, G. 11. Fulford. L. S."
Jay lot, L. J. Gilbert, It. S, Steams,
Alpha 1*. Orr, C. McClelland, James
W. Hartley, John CJIeson and
Met Jarraugh.
Kedfield and
Department Commander Clark. G. A
L.. has issued a circular in which lie
designates Saturday. Aug. 21. as the
°Hi,'i('1 ''''burtmeut
tiam Of South Dakota will be run
e '"re is stated to lie one fare for
tae lound trip to Chicago, and 1 cent
Wa*V fl"0,U Ul,n'('
Manager Wejls.
.ight and Railway companv. has
•lie application of the
ht of way to build
1 ha
f.?'."1 'i'"
111 elect rie
an el
motor hue upon the Fort Meade
vat ion has been granted. The
,S "J*' '»««le application ror
Matson. executive committee
•ludge Smith, at the recent term of
eourt at Vermilii,,,,. sustained tL
taclunent of the
11 udsoii-J toa ue case
hit was ar
small vessels will be conveyed to their
stations by cruisers.
Negotiations looking to the consoli
dation ol the General Compressed \ir
*ower company with a capital
Vt rmillion The
f... n I Iw brtiught
tne fall term of tlit
iv iiir«i.in r,f.
in progress at New York, and the 'COP
soliilation may have an important
bearing on the future development
street railway systems. The
& burns
»P at
son attached the goods of if
r,.1 I'l'.ela^er was abtui, ttVUvr,'!
that the lumber sales ti s «!.' 1 'nv
than in the boomveiM-s''AH bi^V^1
dealers say that tiie fn... lumber
afin" i,u^vi"ri
»i ws
and liv
MM:: ™*..!
,„„i unwi1 r*
ongrcssnian As|i]ln b'M|
found dead in the s\ut
A,lams V"
wife. Physicians
Among the
the steamer |w?
years old.
settle the
were the countess nf iif
'arnegie. Prof. \,
the American cricket
John Jacob
the report that he
James Bussell Low,.|i\
Astor wishes it ,iistiUl.t [:1!i:
that lie is not encom- i'C "J'
ball proprietors,
in v, 1
ot nervous trouble. n«
Berlin fifty four vears ns*
t» the
United States
Kev. Dwight L. Mood, i.
the report recently circul' ,'!
out New Kngland to tbe i
iniei.ded to
to be succeeded by l»e?i
terson of Toronto.
The members of the Po ,,
London have caused
medal to be struck for pr..1
the Canadian premier
Laurier. in formal iv,-0'.
attachment to free trade""
Samuel Chester Rei], j,
yer. writer and the nt-pi
Heid. the naval warrior
mantled the privateer Bri i
strong in the remarkable",,
off the Azore islands it, iv
"Washington, agetl seventy.,
Gov. Budd of California lin
ed Mrs. l'hoebe A. Hears
the state university to siu
C. F. Crocker. Mrs. lleaix
the university with a st
niticent buildings, licginn.:.,
for the mining departiiieir
William Watson Woollt:
npolis has bought a fc
tract of hind in the wild.-'
beautil ul part of the sub
city and will give it to In
a public park. He intend
it in its wild state and to
many birds as possible 01,
Prince Louis Napuieor
the lai'cers regiment of
Russian guard at St. Pel
asked the czar for leave i
the end of August, in o
may not have to wittier
Fa lire's visit to the lbu
The request has been uni
J. J.\
An important change has been made
by all the railway companies west of
the Mississippi ,jVer in their methods
of making rates for shipment of all
live stock. Hereafter the charges will
be made per 100 pounds instead of by
the car. Shippers will l»e benefitted
by this change, ami can figure accur
atelj the freight cost on a consignment.
1 ramps broke into six cars of mer
chandise on the Northwestern 'racks
at liedlicld and took drv goods gro
ceries. fruits, etc. No arrests liave r.s
yet be.-n made, but a number are un
der surveillance. It is report vI t! at
jtoo tramps are headed that wav on the
Mitchell ':lihV:''V*
Latent QmitntlnnN From r.rat
1.1 Stock OBIIM
Chicago. Aug. lti. Wl'
retl. S[0iS 1• No. retl.
spring. S4foS4 1 2c: No. 'A
82c No. 2 hard winter. Hv
hard winter. lUfuKU-, :i
27 1-2fil27 f» 8c: No. 3. Wli-vr:
-No. 2. 17 l-2e No. 3. 151.
Chicago. Aug. 1». H-.
mixed. Sa.Tr-H
rough. .S'i.'i.Vtr
Beeves, cov
ers, .$1 ,!»^H.40: Texas sl
«MH) Westerns. $."1.4(^4
and fectlers, n
tives. Si' .-i'/. t. 10: Wester: V
la mi is. kv/ r».nr.
Milwaukee. Aug. 1(5. 1 i
Wheat lower: No. I NY
No. 2 spring. 87 l-2c I
70.'{-4c. Corn linn: No. .'
steady: No. 2 white. -1'
steady: No. 1. 4c. Bail
2. 42c: sample. 4(^t42r.
MinneaiMilis, Aug lb Wl 'U! A
closeil at 88 1 2c: Scpteiah.
SI r»-8c anil ciosetl at Ti* 1
IMM- opened at 80c and
78 l«|c. On track No. 1 L'li
No. 1 Northern. Sl» b-: N"
crn. 84 1-2rff 87 l-4c.
Sioux City. Iowa. Aug. l':
I'M. Cattle Cov
yearlings, $4: bulls. .2.7.')w.'"
ers. 4
South St. Paul. Aug. 10
cattle stotN'i
AXu: heifers. SU.".: eows.
calves. Jp:L4*T». Lambs. $.'5.!'*-
St. Paul. Aug. 1". Wh"
ort hern. OlCc/b'Jc No.
crn, 8Sf,/!Mi 1- IN*. Corn—No.
(/2ic: No.2.'{(ii24c. Oats- N
10 l-2Co20e: No. 1
the Sturgis Elec-
t1"' ,M'st
lights and this will also doubtless be
ilso favorably acted upon.
Huron Council. U. C. T.. has been in
fulgurated with these offices: 4
Mi Adams, post councillor: Charles F*
R.u lows, senior councillor: How
junior councilor: H. j.
N. Mclhain. sec,-e an'
treat-surer: I). Saner, page s
Hutchinson, sentinel: j. Cleivei-
Rye Sample barley. 24th-'"
rye. ur»/41 1 2c No. .'5 rye. f'"'
Seeds-- No. 1 flax. 8."»Ca80c tiW"
(L/1.20 loyer, $.'!fo4 20.
Prof. Mnruln Injort-d.
Madison. Wis.. Aug. Id. I'1"''
coin, of the state university
ing from the effects of
wl'itdi occurretl w hile he i1.
in the chemical laboratory.
thrown across the room
plosion nutl was found two l"lUr'
by the janitor, still unconsi i"'1"
will be disfigured by the a"
Ont on n Jilrllt**-
Faribault. Minn.. Aug.
l»er of the male attciithnit
school for the feeble niindl
ctline dissatisfied with the I
tiny have been receiving
gone out tui a strike. I''"
were refused by the officials''
a counter-
Fergus Falls. Minn.. Aug
is no th living now
has been greatly overestiniat,,illthethat
which looked liuelv ami had a
stand have maiiv heads eitlier«
filled. H"
less or only partly
price is the only tiling
farmers from the
ami O
has the best crop in
St. Vincent. Minn.. Aug-
tinned wet weather of the
days has softened the ground'
no cutting will be done
days. Nearly all the g»'»in
is rp

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