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ILBANK, 8. D., Jan. 10, tttft
Subscription 1.30 a Y«rt\
Dr. Ftott «u caller in town
Roy Iogiert arrived Wed. even
Hi* from Camp Dodge for lew
4ayt furiougfa.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor returned
borne Wed. evening. Mr. Taylor
had been visiting relatives in No.
Dak. while Mrs. Taylor was visiting
with her parents at Milbank.
Leland Jennings who has been
for the past two weeks
with his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Clark, left Saturday for
Ills home in Aberdeen.
Mrs. Cha8. Bohn and two
dren, who have been visiting with
the formers parents Mr. and Mrs.
Voigt, left Sat. lor their home
near Aberdeen.
W« Havo Also a Lot of Ladies
25 Par Cent Off
A Lot of Ladies Homo Slip*
pors SoM at$2.SO Now Soiling
$1.29 Pair
My Sate «f Furs
•rat Muffs Mfttg at
25 Par Cant Off
y -u
Miss Nettie Herrick returned
Sat. from a visit with relatives
near Milbank.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Pe
terson on Monday Jan. *6th, a baby
girl. Mother and babe Me doing
Mrs. Manly and bafey returned
from Chicago Wed. evening.
Eobt. White of
caller in town Fri.
WiJnMt was a
Graham Jenning came down from
Aberdeen Mon, for a short visit
with relatives
Miss Brennan who been
spending her two weeks vacation at
her home near Summit returned
The red cross met at the C.^W.
Soule home Friday afternoon.
M. A. Smit and wife left Wed.
for a visit with relatives at Lennox,
S. Dak.
Mrs. F. H. Voigt was a Milbank
caller Saturday.
Francis Jolin left Wed. for Min
neapolis where he fa to attend col
Dick Schulte and wife and two
children are ill with influenza.
During our taking of inventory
we found a number of odds and
ends in the different departments
that are as good as they were when
we bought them, but in order to
make room for other goods we
have put them on our "SNAP"
counter and are closing them out
at a sacrifice.
A Let of Mens Flannel Shirts,
HjwulStaMteCI— Out it CorMt» that ar. Selling at
25 Par Cant Off 25 Per Cent Off
We still have some of those New
York Baldwin Apples at $8.00 per
v 4
i -1
Miss Emma Schulte and father ae
also ill with influenza. They are
under the care of Dr. Cliff of Mil
bank. Mrs. Davis is caring for
Prohibition Ratifications
Colorado, Ohio and Oklahoma
legislatures have ratified the
national prohibitory amendments
the past week. The states which
have ratified the amendment
thus far are: Kentucky, Virginia,
Mississippi, South Carolina, North
Dakota, Maryland. Montana, Ariz
ona, Delaware, Texas, South Dak
ota, Massachusetts, Georgia, Louisi
ana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio,
Colorado and Oklahoma.
Legislative Officers Selectofl
Pierre, Jan. 6.—Republican cau
cus in both houses to-night selected
for the senate secretary A. B. Blake
of Beadle county. first assistat.t,
Charles Ashton of Lake county
second assistant, William Brownell
of Jerauld bill clerk, William
Lockhart of Cornhorn: proof read
er, Mrs. Marguerite Sahr of
Hughes: sergeant at arms, J. D.
Crams of Lawrence chief of en
grossing force, T. L. McKee of
Brown county postmaster, G. E.
Boys Flooco Linod Under
shirts Ranging in Size from 26
to 34, Sold Regularly at 90c
Now Your Choice at
25 cents
fn Our Dry Goods Km W*
have a fow Assortments of
Silks and Georgette Crepe on
which we can
We Have also placed on this
"SNAP" Counter a Number of
Mackey of Clark messenger, Sid
ney Harris of Hughes.
In th« house: Speaker, Lewis
Benson of Moody chief clerk,
Wright Tarbell of Codington: first
assistant, C. G. St. John of Deuel
second assistant, Roy Vancible of
Hyde, bill clerk, Mae Andrews of
Meade proof reader, Grace Hanson
of Stanley chief of engrossing
force, Harry Gardner of Beadle,
sergeant at arms, C. A. B. Fox of
Rise, Rise,
happy morn!
holy morn!
Draw forth the cheerful
day from night.
O -Father, touch the east
and light
The light that shone when
hope was born!
Maybe—And Maybe Not
The maid was very fair to see,
But staid, and not inclined to folly.
She stood behind the Christmas tree
And gravely hung a wreath of holly.
Himself passed there, by chance, and
Her all alone, and straightway, lin
And she. who had-been tranquil—pshaw!
Became at once must butter-lingered!
The mistletoe hung overhead
(.1 think I saiil the maid was fair?)
Her eyes were bright, her lips were red,
And sunbeams glistened in her hair.
The tree was large, the two were hid—
He turned tad left her?—.Yes,
The maid was very wroth. Oh, dear,
She ran away with 'cheeks a-ttaming
'Twixt anger and a touch of fear,
The scarlet of the holly shaming.
She told her dearest, friend, I've heard.
So, shortly, everybody knew it
The place whereat the deed occurred
Was near, and maidens flocked to view
Himself was there, engulfed in ghio&l
(Anil he was also good to see.)
The mistletoe its waxen bloom
Still daunted for those maids to WO
And so they each one ran and hid.
And scorned to tarry?—Yes,
—Beatrice Barry, In New York Times.
Letting the Neighbors See It
"Mr. Glithery gave Mrs. Glithery a
pearl necklace for a Christmas pre*
ent," remarked Mr. Twobble.
"I've heard about It," answered Mrs.
Twobble. "And If It wasn't for the
risk, I dare say she'd hang It In a
front window of their apartment in*
stead of a holly wreath."
Merely Pose.
"Those pretty girls who stand be
neath the mistletoe pretend they don't
know where they are."
"Umph replied the heartless cynic.
"They'd unow in a Jiffy if some fellow
came ulong with a harelip."
if* i s i, is
"We Pay Cash
Poultry and Eggs
Give Us A Trial
Milbank Produce Co.
Milbank. South Dakota.
Start your
account HERI
III. All dances and parties, whether private dr public.
IV. All public meetings and gatherings of every nature, such as special sales of
Begin to save TO-DAY#
no matter^how small your start may be
The World's Greatest Fortunes
have been accumulated through thrift and a sys
tematic savings plaa.
S N( 0 N t- W i
County Board of Health Notice.
The undersigned County Board of Health having held its meeting at Milbank,
South Dakota, on the 7th day of January, 1919, at which the mayor and some of the
business men and clergymen of saiid city were present and offered suggestions to said
board with reference to the matter of devising means and ways of combating and con
trolling the further spread of Spanish Influenza in said county, and having duly consid
ered the same:
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that from this date and until (he further orders of this
board, throughout Grant county, South Dakota, the following places be and remain
closed, and the following meetings and gatherings forbidden, unless specially permitted:
I. All places of public amusements including theatres, moving pictures shows,
dance halls and all other places fo amusement.
II. All pool and billiard rooms and bowling alleys, provided that such places may
remain open during the day for sale of merchandise ONLY but they must be closed up
promptly at 6:30 P. M., each day, and games will be allowed provided all chairs and
and settees are removed and no crowds allowed, and that they must be closed up on
Sundays and legal holidays and the proprietors thereof must not permit, persons to
loiter about said places. All stores and business places except restaurants and hotels
to close at 6:30 P. M., each day except Saturday night.
V. All lodge meetings and meetings of any^ecret organization.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that in all school districts throughout Grant county where
there are no cases of Influenza, all schools may be opened for work on Monday Janu
ary 13, 1919, and remain open thereafter for school work until further orders of this
board, and all churches in such districts may be opened and people may hold relieiou*
services therein on Sunday, January 12, 1919, and they may thereafter remain open for
such services until the further orders of this board, provided that the teachers of said
schools shall make reports to said board at the end of each week, and the pastors of
said churches shall make their reports to said board on Mondays, concerning the con
dition of the public health in their respective districts.
All the peacf officers, town and township boards and all city officials are herebv
called upon to cooperate with the undersigned in the enforcement of this order Anv
violation of this crder will be promptly dealt with according to law.
Dated at Milbank, South Dakota, this 8th day of January, A. D. 1919,
Thomas Mani, President
Milbank, S. D., January 8,1919.
Dr. Chas. Flett, Superintendent
*2 Church, Vice President

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