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A. NELSON. Editor
JUILBANK. S. D. JAN. 28, 1921.
"Good Men ami bud Men are eachj
.less so than they seem."—Anon.
•j THE citizens of Moody county have,
Stalled a mass meeting to protest a-j
jgaint high taxes for county purposes i
JUDGE UNDIS of Chicago, be
lieves that tne lav. on the statute
|»ok.- shouhl be enforced, and is not
favor of setting vio'aters free on
tjuibbling technicalities. When the
*onn.-el fo»- ''tft.n.-e n a !Hotleif^ing
a s e a e e o o e i a e i
^juor his client wa« .-elbni,' wa- not
whiskey, he .-ampletl it by# smelling
5 ipf it. and ordered ti e stuff admit'ed
evidence. The court.- aie pir-ttv
e n e a i n e i n
o v e
e o e e
©f di^chargin*.' defendant- on techn caljtion
applied would substantiate a
of guilty.
FROM tiie experience® of the pa*t
Competetion, high priced land, ami
fluctuating markets have forced the
dinner to place his business on a strict
ly business basis. The first step is to
%eep an acurate record of receipts and
«Very few farmers kept records and we*
i iwonder how many farmers in Grant.
|exp«iditures. Figures in black and 'Satin day evening. G. A. Wood is as-v
%hite often show astonishing result- -ociatei with his* brother, J. C. Wood
«u»d many a farmer will find that he of thi. city in business. Mr. Kliiot is
lias been raising his product at a great
*%er expenditure than he thot for. Dur
the .spring of 1920, the farmer
planted high-priced seed, he hired highi Santa Cruz.
ricr',.help rea?y
fields, and the harvest added n,«te|
TohiF eort, Static, ans who lathered
memAy ran tell to the cent how much:
St cost him last year to raise a bushel
*if oats, or how mucii it cost per head
fco feed his cattle. Without facts andi
farmer has been waging an uphill
^battle to a living return from his pro
jrfucts. The buyer must be confrontel
with figures in black and white, esti
mates do not carry weight when used
to hack claims. Practically any busi
nessman can give every cost that
enters into the selling price of his
product and will figure it all out for
'you if you argue with him. What
farmer can do that. A record is not
hanl to keep, the banks have books to
fh'e away free, any reputable book
concern can furnish a complete cost
Record system with instructions and
#my businessman or banker will be
giad to lend a hand or advice. Why
pot start one now, Mr. Grant County
jFarmer. It will repay you many times
«rer for the small amount of time in
Wted and will enable you to tell
Accurately just which products are par
a dividend and which are not, and
will place your farn. operation where
it ought to be, on a business b^tsis.
Bowman (N. D.) Pioneer: The clus
ng hours of the old year bore wit
Stm to the last feeble gasps of thej
Old Nonpartisan league machine in I
Jtoth Dakota. Those of the orgaai-j
who wan holding on to the frag- i
as a drowning man grasps at
a straw teU us that a new organiza
tfoft Coi^jited by tKe farmers is soon
i» fine. Pffkapi) Time alone will teU,
to" ll it may—the league in
Nntb Dakota iuw served its purpose
lo its Swiders. They have already
Hffiires to back his arguments the! from that country tne first of e
I 4
V' 2
aside by the very men who fathered
it and it- hitory can be recorded
ill the one word—failure.
departed for a land where the financial
stringency is not quite so acute^and
where there line of gentle persuasion
may «till retain its magic effect upon blizzards of it upper Minnesota
the pocket book. Ipv year- ago, when the inhn »i-
Development* of the ~past few tants of OitonviJle. had 101 days dur
weeks will moif than bear out th« mr,that winter, that the Milwaukee
-tatement that the league is nearing! road train- failed to connect with thai
i- end a? a powerful political machine place, and in the spring: when the
an organization which once held the blockade wa? finall. raiseu. local gn"
-tate with a grasp of iron. But. that jeers were not complaining about
Our Files
Ten Years Ako. Jan. 27. 1H1I.
SOCTH DVKOTA as a str.te will
Foon be iJiak»n? cement for its own! relatives
li-e and for the builjer« throughout'groom i- in the employ of the! away from home to take part i|i the proms^sory note
the -tate. as a bill locating the plant
lit Rapid City, has already been mane rived
into lair.
'f St. P. having recently ar
:oj*i B-tker. Montana.
In Milijank on January 20th by
Rev. Holgate. Mr. John Peters and
Miss Alvina Loof, hoth vseli kBtra
oung people of Corona.
Ed John-on sold his building on
Main streel to I/uie VanA ch. Th^
consideration was $K,000.
The Niies -tudio iornnsriy located
on Second street tia-s moved to the
buildinc fomifily occup.eii by Mis
street. The building has Ijecn re
modeled especially a a studio, recep-
nom ani
|wo years the American fanner fta-jous exercise. It brought to mind the
learned that he must keep an acurate ancient proverb, "the wicked stand
account of his farming costs. Tho
farmer has been nmning his farm
"Dmch the same way as the old-time
fnerchant in the country cross-road
ptore. without any record of his re.-
,ia,k rwm!!
put in.
IPeipts or his expenditures, and with-! Tuesdav 110m Hot .Spring where he
iut any idea of his losses. Business, lias been attending a meeting of the
irompetition, business training and ec-. Soldiers'. Home board. He sa s
4nomic changes have forcel the busi- that the alTairs there are in good
Hess man to keep an acurate record of
tlis business, to enable him to tell just
what his year's business has cost him,
What line has failed to pay, what line
Jhis netted hina the largest profits and
\ftamerous other details necessary for
'isuecesg. Now the time has come when
the American farmer must do the same
havin^ be-n
verdict! The January thaw which started
the first of the week left the side
walks in an icy condition for a day
or two and made walking a precari-
We didn't
Fifteen Years Ago. Jan. 26, 19(h'i
Thomas Fitch returned home
shape, with 22fi inmate.-j All com
rades from this section am doing
A change has been made in the
Milbank Creamery, E. S- Pullen
has resigned and R. L. Cigle\ who
has had charge of the butter making
for -ome time has been appointed to
the managership.
Santa Ciuz. falAMr. and Mm. C».
A. Wo^i. and J. C. Elliot, cf Milbank.
Sot-ih Dakota, arrived in Santa Cru.i
preside of'the Farmers 15ank at Mil
i.ank. Thcr stay some time
here ami are favorably imo'^ssed wifr
W, umlei-stan,! that Karl Theimar
llw Tvvir
fflf a
fcwhe!I of wheat ranging from 12 to $.i.| ,m„r
Twenty \ears Ago. Jan, fBk 1911.
Mr. WilliaV. liallman who went up
to North Dakota !at vear and took up
homestead near Bowbells. retumed
week, having proved up on his farm
ami rented it for the coming season.
Mr. Dallman is very enthusiastic over
that country up there and thinks it
alright. He was offered $2100 i'or
his farm but he think* it worth more
than that to him.
The mystery of the orMn of the
fire that destroyed the Webster Hotel
elevator and vacant building is still
unsolved. The toss aggregates $41,
August Mittelsteadt left the first of
the week for a business trip to the
Fred Schneider returned from his
trip to Iowa.
—Ortonville County Journal.
his ca,hi(,,. of
,, „„ks
banll. aD(i
,al tJ
Kelsey, the present .ii putv county au-
wil, take his
Dally TbavgM.
Wo do that hi oar seal on* efcft
would bo afraid tf answer.—
The six inches of snow that fell (Publication Jan. 21-Mch. 4—7w)
here Sunday, accompanied by a hi eh!
wind, was a gentle *ennnder of the real
The- Headlight is very sure that the
many friends of the Aldrich farr'lv
will be deeply grieved to hear that ihe
hand of affliction has been laid upon
not all. it was wrecked and' ca-1:tcessive stocks of goutLs or war prices, Sw'lrit' Co. a corporation. of Mil-j ty. and when cm "J*
A very quiet weV.ing took place ati take of entering into an argument Half of the South One Half (S'iS1*)|
the home of Sheriff Jennings, when! with a dog several sixes too largf 2, Section Twentv-Two (22), all in|
hi- daughter Wennin Jenning-, wasj K!m to handle and leceived injui .«?*1 Township One Hundred Twentv-One
married to Tlvunas L. Cramer. Rev.j that re ulted in his demise. In ai«i!-{ ^an?e fifty 0), as secuv-i
Blank officiate'. Onlv the immediate tion to this some of those low-down
and friends were present. I I'ierre felines enticed the family
(Publication, Jan 14 to Jan. 28*-2w. )j
Notice of Administrator's Sale ot
Real Estate- Private Sale.
Stile of South Dakota, Count of
a n I n e o u n y w o
Grant County.
In the Matter of the Estate of \ds
Johnson. Decease*!.
pursuant to an order of sale made on
the 13th day of January, 1921, by the
County Court of Grant County, South
Dakota, the undersigned, as adminis
tratrix of the estate of Nils Johr.-on,
deceased, will, on or after the 31st day
of January, 1921, Sell at private -ale
to the .highest bidder, all the risrht.
title and interest which the said Nils
Johnson had at the time of his death,
in and to. the following described real
property situate in the Count of
Grant and State of South Dakota, to
The South half of the northeast
quarter iS'-NE1* and the north half
o e s o u e a s u a e S E U
of section fourteen (14), in town-hip
one hundred eighteen (118), of ranee
fifty (50), upon the following terms,
to-wit, Cash.
All bids must be in writing and will
be receive*! at any time after the first
publication of this notice and before
the sale is made, and may be left at
the Farmers State Bank of Strand
burg. South Dakota, or may be filed
in the office of the Judge of the Coun
ty Court,of Grant County, South Da
kota. in the City ot Milbank, in said
County of Grant. S. D.
this 13tia day of Jj^uary,
Administratrix of the Es
tate of Nils Johnson De
(JHib. Dec. 31, 1920 to Feb. 11, 1921)
Whereas default has been made in
the condition of the mortgage
containing the power of sale
given by Joseph A. Putnam
and Nellie A. Putnyjn. his wife, mort
gagors to the G. L. Wood Farm
Mortgage Company, a corporation,
post office address. Milbank, S. D.,
mortgagee, dated on the 1st day of
March, 191 and recorded in the office
of the Register of Deeds of Grant
county, South Dakota on the 13tli day
of April 1918 at S:40 o'clock A. M. and
which mortgage was duly recorded in
Book 8." of Mortgages on page 4*7
mortgaging the following described
land situated in Grant County. South
Dakota to-wit: the NW1* of Section
9 and the W'u cf the SW^ in Section
9 and the SW'( of the SE1* of Sec
tion o and the NW14 of the NW14 of
Section 16 except the right of way
of the railway company all in town-l
ship 118 north of range 48 west of the
5th principal meridian, containing 314
acres more or less according to the
United States Government survey
thereof by which default the power
of sale has become operative and that
no action at law or in equity and any
proreeding has been instituted to re
cover the debts secured thereby or
any part thereof, and that there is
claimed to be due upon said mortgage
at this date the sum of $2,071.83 as
principal and interest.
Notice is hereby given that said
mortgage will be foreclosed by sale of
said premises aC public auction by the
sheriff of said Grant County on Sat
urday, the 12th day of February 1921
at two o'clock P. M. at the front
door of the Court House in the city
of Milbank in said county of Grant
and State of South Dakota to pay said
principal and interest and an attorney
fee of $25.00 and the other disburse
ments allowed by law.
Dated December 31, 1920 at Mil
bank, S. D.
COMPANY, a corporation,
GEO. S. RIX, Attorney for said mort
age#, Milbank, S. D.
Political (ssues.
Real political issues cannot be man
ufactured by the leaders of political
parties, and real ones cannot be
evaded by political parties. The real
Issues of the day declare themselves
and come out of the depths of that
deep which we call public opinion.—
it em and thev mourn the loss of lit-j®ne (N'uN1 of Section Twen-|
tie "Billy." He made the serious mi»-j
Default ha« been made in the con
ditions of a certain real estate mort
gage dated the 11th day of August,
IP!?1, ex*K*uted by Iee E. Gardiner,
and Kdna M.
wife, mortgagors, to
(juestionable pleasure- found in great Which mortgage was filed for rec
i i e s a n u s s y s n a e i s jjow o n y o w i n e o i e o e e i s e o
a memory in the Aldrich home. Win [deeds of Grant County, South Dakota,
still has the solace of his famous on the 28th dav of August, 1919, at
"M issouri Merchaum" and that }v -t- 1o'clock P. M.. and recorded gin
ly celebrated I. X. L. smoking.--Bir! Book
The North One Half of the North'
,'"?#?ven. (2T,,
and the
for tlle
doI,ars aml
Stone Headlight. That there is now claimed to be duel
I on said mortgage the sum of five
hundred dollars, principal, which
mortgage contains an agreement thatj
the* mortgagee at its option may de-
South One!
payment of five hundred}
interest accortling to five
of Mortgages, at page 1S2. 1
clare the whole debt due and payable,!
there having been a default in the pay-!
ment of taxes outstanding against the!
property and an installment note of!
one hundred dollars on November 1
1 9 2 0 a n e o a e e a i s e
full amount of principal in the stim of
fh*e hundred dollar- due, and in addi-j
tion thereto.interest amounting to the!
sum of two and 2^-100 dollars, mak
ing a total of five hundred two and 22
190 (?."v02.22) dollars, due at the datei
of this notice.
Notice is hereby given that said
mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale!
of the above described land, or so.
much thereof z* may be necessary to,
s a i s y a n a y e a o e s a i s u
w*ith interest from the (late of this
notice, and the costs of the sale, in
eluding twenty-five dollars attorney's
fees, by the sheriff of Grant County,!
South Dakota, at the front door of the
Court House, in the City of Milbank,'
Grant County, South Dakota, on the!
oth day of March. 1921. at the hour:
rff two o'clock K M. of said day.
That no otl er proceedings at law or
otherwise have been had for the fore-!
closure of this mortgage or for the re
covery of the debt described therein.!
Dated January 19,1921.
First National Security Co.
By A. J. Lindahl, Secretary.
Thad L. Fuller, Attorney for mort-i
gagee, Milbank, S.
Teuth Everlasting.
The truth was never born, and It
Will never die. It is as old as the
"nnlverse, and
the universe en­
dures the fact that love Is life and
bate is death will endure along with It,
rs, J" --1 -A v •*.
Hatne Rich In Twrmilin«$.
Nowhere Is there such a wealth of
tourmalines as in the state of Maine,
a^-ordine to a recent statement the
development of th«» re«onr/*» of that
ate. At Mount h. in the town of
Paris. It say
a. Is .leposlt of re«l and
ereen tourmaline um*«|ualed »l#ewhere.
Gardiner his They are. it would seem, almost In
First Nationals exhaustible in quantity, of rare bean-
bank, South Dakota, P. O., County of good demand, many finding ttoeiF way
Grant, mortgagee, mortgaging the' into museum collection*.
following- described veal. estate ituat-,
ed in the county of Grant, and State of]
South Dakota, to-wit:
Yeast Cakes' Many Uses. more e«gle-like th:in ever. Her voice
-It beats all." said Cinle Bill Bot- i assumed a cold, hard tone. JUer back
tletop. "how many different things stiffened.
yeast cake* are ?:o«d for. I under- "Benjamin she announced, "yoa
stand some folks even us*? 'em for I must tr^ agAin. 1 hjt ixcnsr for Stay*
uiakiu' bread I**
Put up in two styktt
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That Dodga Didn't Work.
His wife was one too many for Mr.
Hobbs, bnt nevertheless, he persevered
fn his efforts to get an occasional
niphf at the club.
••My desir." he remarked the other
day. "I bsive nnty Just renlized hovr
Imperfect I am in my knowledge.
His wife agreed.
"No man." continued Mr. Flobhs,
"ought to nE-nrtie that his edu'-afi.»n In
finished. As for ni\se!f, ntu going to
forjre ahead and fake up the study of
The look fn bis wife's eye« became
wt lute at
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