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r'*h~ J"«K
.V' &
tjast, ^unctHjK Dr. Perisho spoke to
JargW land, appreciative audience in
s^JMa/.eppa, Strandburg and Milbank.
^*Tht?" meeting at Milbank was held in
'"VA .*• the Methodist church which, though
very comodious, was far from large
enoujrh to accommodate the people
^'ho wished admittance and many
i Mere therefore deprived of the op
jjortunitv to hear hiine at this time.
V- Several communities have informed
v- this office that they wish to secure Dr.
t-" it wi
j, Perisho for one or more lectures but
.-ill be impossible for him to fill
"'liny more dates in Grant county until
'f some time in March, i.l which time we
s liope to have him address us at the
teachers' and school officers' meeting
io be hell in Milbank. If those who
|lan to secure Dr. Perisho's ?«ervices
«t that time will make it known to
this office at an early date, we can
fatter make the arrangement of dates
fhat will be mutually convenient.
While here the Doctor also address
ed the Milbank ami Big Stone High
fchools. Tuesday evening he deliv
ered a lecture to a large and delight
4 audience in Big Stone City and aKo
ilpoke to the patrons of Big Stone 2
School and surrounding community
In the afternoon. •Arrangements
have been made for a mass meeting of
the schools patrons of Hip Stone Twp.
be held at the sante school house
text Monday, Jan. 31 at 1 p. m., to
consider the feawbii.ty of attempting.
a centralization of the schools w.ta! (f
»r Stone City. The adj
would be mutually beneficial for the' jitm£rs
town ami country, especially for the
'latter, and for that reason the pro
ject now seems to be receiving almost
ijnanimdus^favor. All the people vi
tally concerned in the proposition
'n'hould make it a point to be present
at the meeting
Co. gupt. of Schools.
The County Club Leader came out
to Mazeppa 3, last week and organiz
«d a Pis Club. Miss Johnson^accom
panied her.
4 A canning demonstration was held
•n Thursday afternoon. Many were
yiesent and after canning a daintv
flinch was served by Mrs. Will Boi.o.
Ci*,*, .iftfiUlBilaOpi
Mb* Katherine Beagin, the county
'®ur»e has a class of 19 high school
£irls who are taking the course in
Home Hygeine, Care of the Sick and
i. JTirst Aid to the Injured.
.4 A" This elass is the first of high school
tiris that Miss Beagin has taQght.
"|4i8t year several classes for the wo
••••V men of the city were successfully con
«,.jflucted work ft in addition to
^, the regular, work of examining the
..j physicaLj^ndition of all of the pupils
*f the Gbahty. The nur.se has com
pleted the^eecond visit to every school
th4ix^blty and has started on the
third, of the cases which she
*^as *«pwCed'when she first made the
i' «\amin^ion have been corrected and
*y *how mMtlmd improvement. The gen-
Htral comition of the county schools
Is good and will steadily improve as
$he lesions of hygeine and physical
fManliness are learneti.
ja ',as ^een ^ere ^or
*"lhan a' year and will remain fo,r an
Other year. She has accomplished a
ViftrMi-•'#!'.^#o»»ideraWe amount of work lurinsr
the time she hks' devoted, considering
the fact that the work was entirely
fmiitty and a grebt part
of the wdrk was he erlucation ot the
f|«y^:%|k| «ieessity .of it,
#^M^.lM^jf^tiHlnatioi) she carefully
such as' weafc -eyes, Ue
i&tm hearing, bortsUs or adnoids or
with the advice
t^#Mi M^efltfi as to what should be
-dm!, ^fhew Tegopfls are kept and at
tfoe fNWi eicominatkm it is noted what
effect has been maife if the alvice is
HIM. Fully 1-3 per cent, of
the^Nwtire casei lrefwrtwl, at the end
1lr*t ttxantHMttion were found tof
of the
iiglruuil*n tho people
pre#t $
At tii« Bentley CHtend
j|atur*k' nfteroooa /U
(jl piocfeds to go to the
rf The ad
for. children and
a picture kn^ it,
help a most worthy
ti» MHtlesUetH,
at a sajf last Fri
tEvery af^e wa«
eUtting oyc
'^pmpwiy as to
will rebuiid.
pt-ant County HuraLSchoolj
Dr. Perisho
A new porch was built on the school
this week hv Kd. Bos and Art Wight
Mae DeG reef, Teacher.
money earned by the pupils and they
are very justly proud of them.
The art gallen* e\hibits this M'eek
about 25 Stoddaiil views of Italy,
which the 7th gratle ha« ^tst flnisheil
have been absent since vacation with
The school board ha^ purchased a
,. tfine, three-burner pil stove for our
The Meyer' family have moved t'»
Iowa, which means a loss in our enroll
ment. We iire very sorry to have them
leave oar merry throng.
Josephine Green,
Aw y Cesander, Teachers.
Foflowinjf is a list of tlie average :t
ondan/e for Grant County (Jural and
Village Schools as reported on or be
fore Jan. 24:
Preachinp- Service, 10:00 a. m. #•.
lay .ScluoI, 11:00 a. m.
Y. P. A. meeting, 7:00 p. m.
Preaching Service, 7:'i0 p. m.
A cordial welcome is extended to
aJl that wish to woi-hio with us.
Wm. Gaines, Pastor.
•-m vices at the Methodist chureh
Sunday will be Sundav Scluiol at 10:00
a. m. Morning service at 11:00 a. m.,j
Epworth Leajrue at *:30 p. m., Even-!
inp service at 7:30 p. m. Remember 1
you are welcome, ("ome ami brinjfl
your friends.
Rerl 4P.' H. Ray, Paitwr,
Sunday, Jan. ,'i0.
Sunday School, 10:00 a. in.
Morning Worship, 11:00 A. m.
Subject: "The Stone in the Road."
Anthem: "Send out Thy Ligrht."—
Junior Endeavor, 3:00
Senior Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.
Evening: Service, 7:30 p. m.
The evening service will fa* In
charge of the Senior Endeavor So
ciety. Jan. 30th is the anniversary
Sunday of Christian Endeavor, it be
ing 40 years since the first society
w*s founded. The service will be ap
propriate to the occasion. The aims,
puipo&e. plan and history of the En
deavor movement will be presented
hy different speakers. There will also
be soecial music.
The public is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Carl P. Bast, Minister.
i a u
ftett Fell ef tea Lien Seal pa.
As the sea Hen Is regarded as the
enemy of the salmon, the state
of Washington pays, a bounty of $2.50
Wi? every, sea lUrti scalp and recently
William Hunter, who devotes his en
tire time to hunting sea Hops, collect:
ml. $88jf for Sf»2. scaltts which he gaih
j^ied dwlug^the season. Tills man is
also paid hy the saluiOti fisheries for
his effdrl* to rid the waters of the
»ea lions. He is known as the "king
of the sea lion hunter#.-' 1*
J,n. A*
'-y i. •. ».»
•J.:v Black Opal Prized.
Afmost every known getn is mined
Australia. The black opal is the
mofrt beautiful of all. It has Increased
SiM) |w»r cent 4a**altie to the last two
yoars and the Insat quality now brings
nearly $40 a carat. It ranges in giie
from I #*»-40 iterate.
The Kids Know^. /.$•'$
"Tltere'a no use talking, the chll
dreu blek
the language very
*What'8 tit# master-now?" ..
"My eight-year-old jpin tv!0 ,ae th*
/t :p
•'. '1 *?,*V
•1 i sin lu'dre.—- in, Molior-e J, Giant ("Voter 100 per
our School last Sjrniay morn in? to a -ent: Twin Br-oks. 4K, 89.4 Grant
larjre and app*-«y£!«£w e andionct. Wo
hope to have th^ opcortunity of head
ing him a^ain at our school.
We have hot lunches each day pt
our school and the children enjoy them' eppa 4, 9('..fV J\illotn Ind., Kilborn
and say they cannot get along without
On Jan. 22, some of the interested
patrons of Kilbom 2, assisted in
hanjrinir and placing a hew tweTVe
inch suspension trJohe and a cabinet
of weights ami measure*. These new
things h£d been onrchased with the].
£^3, 'l,m
Mrs. S E. Kami, Teacher.
Georgia No. 1: Mi-s Green was
called home last Wednesday on ac
count of the severe iline^s of her moth
er. Mrs. Arthur Hedman is taking (jeonrja
We are Kml use
it an| th childreft I(eem
Tenter 5, Melrose 7. Giant
"enter fi, Rig Stone 4, Veraon
07.7 Alban 2, 97.& Mad is on o, 97.1
Mazeppa 5, Vernon 7, 96wS M*re-
WJ: Adams 1. 95 Osceola "94.r,
Big' /Itone 2, 94.5 Stockholm 3,' Ver
non 4, f4.L Twin Bvook- 4W, 98.o
Adam-! 3, 93.5 Troy 2,90.2 Big Stone
5, 92.7 Mazeppa 1, 92.7 AH:in K,
92.5 Kilborn C, 92.3 Vetnon fi, 92.2
Kilborn 2, 92.1 Melrose 2. 92 Ver
non 5, 91..5 I.lira 1. 91.2 Blooming
Valley 2, 91.1 Madison 2. 91 Mel
S, 90.(
Melrose 8, 90.5 Georgia
2K. 90.3 Blooming V-alley 3. 1W.2
Melrose 4. 90.1 Alban "i, S9.7 Big
^,|ams 4f ,,n
her place. .... 7^ Giant Center 2, 77.7 Troy 4, 75.^
Several-pupil.s from the upper room Blooming Valley 1, 72 6 Twin Brooks
2, 72.5 Farmingtofi. J, 68.2 Osceola
3, 43.
to reli.^li
|4jjtion of a Jiot soup to their-
Last Friday after school, a party
of children from the upper grades
enjoyed a skatin.tr party on the creek,
west of town, A hugh bonfire was i jr Ju have
kept burning s„ as,t„ out f.wn
toes and alfco to: twA
pupils for "the past month" amt wttf
l»e continuel thru the ^old •weather.
We have tried to serve a different
dish every day.
Plans are under way for a social
to be sriven some time fcext month.
Watch for the date.
One'* Viaiens While Aaleep Are Salil
to Be of Things iTe Would
Like to Do.
Wfteft you dream Wiat yon are
slaughtering a flock of'potentate* it's
more than probable that you're un
consciously expressing a repressed
desire to kill yo-ir mother-in-law. In
dreams nnm docs the things he se
cretly desired to do in rt'akiug life, buf
did not dare.
Osceola 1, 88.2 Farniington 2. Alban
1, JST.2: I.ura 4. S7.1 Kilborn 4, K'i.9
Mazeppa'2. 86.7 Melrose 9,86.2 Ma
dison 4. Si Madison 3. 85.6 Osceola 5.
85,6 Alban •'!, S4.7 Troy 3, 84 Kil
borto .1, 83.8 Vernon 8, 83.7 Madison
1. 83.6: Alban 6, S3 Melrose 6, 82.5
Madison 81.3 Osceola J. 79.7 Grant
(•enter 1. 79.6 W'avorly 63, 79.5
W, 7s.2 Blooming Valley t',
Village Schools: Twin Brooks 1,
96.6 Iievyio, 94.7 Adams 2, 94.4
Georgia 1, 92.3 Troy I, 90.6 Strand
burg, 87.3 Stockholm, sti.s.
Vernon 3, openett Monday, Jan. 10,
after a two weeks vacation wun a
prefect enrol Imetn. We're all glad to
to wor
been serfed thfe
Invitations were out last week for
a birthdav partv ^en to Keulah risk, hut investigation has shown that
Frazier one of our seventh graders.! thieves never realize anything like the
We had a rather sleepy bunch Friday! f"» value of their plunder. In Eng
but all ujrreed that it wa» the best par-1
tv all had attended for a long time.
Anna Sawat/.ke-. Teacher.
*1t*a got so these days that a man
can hardly wed unless be «M» abow
the girl tw» licenses." -, 1
"Two licenses?"
"Yes. marriage and automobile."—
New Haven Register.
|»®st of Caat%
This was the interpretation of the
Freudian theory ofpsycho-analysts
jriven by Tr. William .1. Turnnt, for
mer instructor «»f philosophy in Col
umbia university, in a lecture the oth
er night in Milwaukee.
"The musk of morality "I# tnken otT
In'dreams, iinrl nuui acts Ih the •prltu
itive animal fasliloti." Ioct»r I»uraut
said. "In dreams fhere is truth.
Man was not meant for cold delibera
tion. hut for the immediate reactions
of Ihe animal. By nature we would
knock other persons down without
thinking al.out it.
"Chilization. according to Freud, is
built-on the two great repressions of
pugnacity and sexuality. Monogamy
as a marriage form. In Freud's view,
is after all a lerribly artificial thing
and a great strain on all of us.
"We love children because they
have no repressions. wkiNaa,
know we're lied to nine times out of
ten with adults." The conclusion, he
said, la that "hypocrisy and polite
mendacity constitute the essence
Suitable Oemand.
A Hungarian immigrant tella of life
In his native town, a
what, is gone. In the World's Work.
"I held a good position In a bank
In Budapest. Every morning I was
driven to my work in a flakker, and
every aftern«sn I was driven to my
home. I mention that flakker because
it can be taken as a symbol of the old
life Ir. Budapest, just as the tive-cpnt
subway rlde'to business can'be taken
as a symbol of life in New York, In
Budapest It was easy, jay. frivolous
almost every one who made ft pre
tense of what we called living spent
more than.he earned. I do not want
to forget the good things in the old
life—Magyar hospitality was open
haipled. warm, fine hut financially.
Magyar social life was hjillt on straw
—almost all were llvi*^beyond their
incomes. If a family tried to reduce
Its expenses, to live truthfully*- it
Caste.—Bertalan Barna.
,*Vn 5 sJl* .&}'A -I oi'tviv",
f(i0l«m«nt 'Ui«d Wherever Roadl
Are Built—Rut* Are RentyMtfitf
Quickly by Its Use.
If there is a c*jt!l f«r a piece 4»f
'fiK'hinery to ecnrMnit!/ie the growing
nr of' eropj* U «e«'iiis lo be
rorthr«»h»iiisj Sooner or Inter. But it
'•i'uiaiiKjd for a f«Vm*r to Invent one
of the simple^ nil ihe moNt
Before it was invented the roads were
worn down only by travel and it often
took weeks to do it. Th« drag does
it irt a day.—Successful Farming.
Remove Grass or Weeds From Sh*i|. i
ders or Ditches by Cutting Away
With Sharp Knife.
If grans or we^ds cover th& shoul
ders or ditches"remove tiiem by cut
'ins: theni away fr»mi the edjre of the
road with a jrood sharp grader bla^je,
enttinc .lust deep enough to remove
the crown of the grass and weeds
and, if possible, use theni at some
point on the road to prevent the side
hanks of fills from' washing.
count of a Imrgiary where the thief
succeeded in securing to JRtO.OOO
worth of jewelry, one N apt lo tiiink
that the spoils were probably worth the
land it was discovered that out of 468
burglaries reported in various parts
nf the kingdom the proceeds netted the
principals an average of about $75
each. The value of the plunder was
many times that figure. In addition
tc this, each number had
t*e«n seal io ja^ for Ui« crime.
Hounds in Funeral Tribute.
Twenty-one' pairs of hounds flfed
solemnly past the grave at the fur.eral
of William Selby-I.owndes. a w*»H
I known English country squire of the
old school, who had been master of
the Whaddon hounds for 25 years. The
village churchyard overlooks th fa-
nious Whaddon t'hase. After the
burial servi«*»r the members Of the
httnt led the fatuous Wlmddoij C'liase
pack past the flower-lined graye.
of int|.'(»»!» nts from 11m
of tmiversat c*»iuf«irt
In fibotit by lis Use. It is used
\vi!»»i«*ver inen buiUI roads, miri ruts
lisHppcar after it has taken a trip
over them. Measured in dollars and
,--ents it rosts inly n trille, but meaH
ured by the st*rviee it gives, it is worth
million*. We refer to the road drug.
11.73 now 90c
Cleaning re»smi
s s
One Farmer Sold 200 Hens Out of 709
and Did Not Decrease Pro
duction of Eggs.
Too much of the feed and the time
that go to a tlock In which even a
fourth of .the hens are naturally poor
layers is wasted. One farmer eulled
his fleck of 7H» liens itnd sold "JOO liens
to the butcher without decreasing the
egg production. He says that the cull
ing saved him a day on feed alone
and made the work much easier.
Burglary is Not Profitable.
When one reads ihe paper an ae« fi
-L. ..
Custom Common Among the Igorob
Declared to Be Undesirable
for Many Reason*
remember the a'rffclfe
this majMiiihe a short lime auo it'll
ins of i'i»l erueltifs coiihccled with
I be killing of dojrs for fimd amotig the
Igorota, says
bc» uiii'I.
I»uini AihuiiiIs.
to know that it has
aroused surticieni interest to cause
the 1 iii,v Bulletin to say. a- i
cording to a elimin^ we haw jusi iv-
"The tif tlie hcpiirtnieiit of the
Interior i* eoiisiantly reeeiviny irotn
persons in tlie I'niled'Slates. n»os iy
women, letters ppnesiinj: against do«
Printing Brings
Not every business hu a fhw
window. If you want to win more
clients, use more printing and us«
the kind of printing that faithfully
represents your business policy..
You save money and make money
for your patrons. Ho the same for
yourself by using an economical
high grade paper-—Hammermi!'
Bond and good printing, bothol
which we can give you.
If you want printing service end
economy give use a trial.
now -4
Men's Outing Flannel
Pajamas & Nightgowns
Heavy material, Full Size and Extra I^pn^

$3.25 now
$3 75 now $1.90 "0 npw
uiountai.il.' province)
among the iVorofS, ff was deelare«l hy
Seeierarv Kalaw of tlie department.
Ail of theni. lie snid, urge th«t in the
interests «f eiviii/ation and ljetter
and higher niode of living, a law
should he {tusst'd hy the Philippine
legislature prohihitinjK the sale and
i a e a
"Aside tVom the faet that th,
he act
of eating dogs is highly, undesirable/
the leilers slate, it is very inhumane.
The ,Igorots, they state, like to eat
lean'dogs and that the limre bony
they are. the more palatable they
taste to iiiH Igorots. Consequently,
when- a do« Is bought in fhe dog mar
ket at Baeulo or at any other place,
it is left to starve" for many days be
fore it is eaten, the communications
"When asked if the passage ,(jf.
law prohibiting the sale and the eat
ing of dogs hy the Igorots was in or
der, Secretary Kalaw declared that it
might be done in an indirect manner."
Missed Hor.
•^S»w is your afternoon hrlrt®e chlt»
geWnir on?" J'yi
"«h. rather iiitoMyr Voii knb^, dear,
Mrs. Gaussip |»as left \ts."
K" I t'u«ught she w-.is art 'attorlon*
"She was bnt then, she altars ha*-!
so many d»-iicio«« stories 1.0 tell abou1
her iinlgtili•].' 1 -10:1 '1 laiiM-rlpi.
Hiid Our Good
Will Save You
The Piano Recotd
Is a Critical Test!
To reproduce the music
•f a piano is one of Mid
severest tasks you can put
to a phonograph. The re
sult is usually tinkly i-.rj
weak. Tint is why we
advise you to insist on hear
itig a piatu rttord, rs civi?
at othert, lefurt you bry.
I l«f**UHtHT C» flUil'TV J,
£0^^ CLI*I •Ct.b
The Highest C!tn Ttilkfwg
i/Udtutein the World
welcomes t!.23 terl because
't dLPionrtrater, ti e greater
beauty of t!ieSonora,wl:ic!i
renders ALL VCCAf.anJ
instrumk::tal sc-
Jections with matchless
beauty and faithfulness.
Playing A?-L MAKES
of disc rocorijr. perfectly
without t::tra attachments
and having tlie tone which
won the highest score for
quality at the Panama Pa
cific Exposition, Sonora,
clear, trut, and expressive,
it tht instrument you art
proud to tuun.
Prices $60 to $2500
Vonora is flcen«*4 opera(«t
under BAfU'J I'ATEw'fS ot lb*
phonograpb io4u*try.
^S?QQd patterns and good quality
M*jt imVMMl.,
Y„-" *-ft
Schajfner & Marx clothes
Shirt Sale
Band Neck and Soft Collars in size(
Jrom 14 to 19
Single lot of Shirts we are closing out at.
?v 98c :t ,4.
Laundry Servce
Hats Blocked
%-t -i

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