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School No
alao the patrons
qoaitder the time welt
inillllilt irr planning to invito
5r*OTMon Wallet we
9w sobool was subjected to i
cleaning last Sal tor
all very thankful.
.. IShOftge the County qiub
-sgsst waa hereJfiriday Mar, 4th,
**&«at»*lL intereatlng demon
theaeboo! on the
~~ioMor children, proper
lafcor saving devices and
4MM deooratln# Ikr demon
.is wege very iateraating
& sMif matly enjpy^d by the
00jgMr]*a& visitors f« were
tali too highly of Miss
work, and consider the
favored with these
tkM«, T*rr fortunate,
lo thank the ladles of
Birten Stevens,
papMaof Alban No. 8 re*
perfect attendance certi
for the fifth month' of
were, Earl Norma and
MPerkner, Irving Kaebel,
lki€ Arthur *eesweln.
its receivedihe gold
Ihe reqtrtr^d imin
ctaorea for 15 sue-
tig tLe past month we have
'Mttrit ciphering contests
kjtonng the good weather.
Cpaiflr-.1'Current Events'* very
and interesting to thfc
Margaret Tyne,
Mar. 4th finished the
.of, school in Melrose
radcis Korstjens leads
in having the best at
tflsdinnr rrnnrfl during the five
«Mttlhs school haa been in ses
lias ftopt only one day on
irof the storm we had on
Miss pvpba neither absent
/a+rlsrdr^fop the month ending
lipnr 4U» jrere Eleanor*, Francis,
#*A Gbristina Korstjens, Beat
Jfifaabeth, Pernella, and
SMfHe Skaarer, Louise Weatphal
agttllMel Lutz
o s e v e W a s i n o n s
trfrflidajr by singing patriotic
M|gs and writing compositions
miim$ Ufe of Washington, some
Mm*** were very good. The
iMMMtft M^ied to see bow many
in making 280 and a
papU Basel Lots mads
tta&most of the ladies in the
vac# present and also a few
who no donbt enjoy
itdiest fte
of cat?
wenaaervedyand a
:mm plessantiyspent.
ity mntse comes ant V give a
the 25thot Jt|ar,
'No. 0
Is going far tso' fMt
snch a
t^ tias co^talhed the
io iioany famous
fHUve oomplet.
defdl^g! with' *v
ttv«n. On
a hardly realise
short Umi left.
Krntsr "visited
rerejriven jthat were taken from
most of them take great interest
Stert planning on attending
Ihfe'KitbOrn social and program,
it's on it's way.
We are ail on the look out for
the first birds, everyone of us
waittato be the fjrst to givse a re
port oh the first bird.
Thepupils are all enjoying the
beautiful weather by having an
hour noon, up until recently we
have.had.oaly a half hour.
4 1
")th gradene Have t&en up
dy of Si Br"Hiator*v ^and
Blossom Stephens,
'Pupils of Alban'No.' 7 ifrhohave
been neither absent nor tardy
since the beginning of school are
Irma MieliW, Alice Demke, Lee
and Boward Whiting.
We finished our 5th month of
school, taking exams Thursday,
and Friday, Feb. 24th and 25th.
Last Wednesday p. m. Irene
Lai-son, Martha, Lydia, Herbert,
Edwin and Arthur Mielitz visited
The 7th grade wrote composi
tions on our two great states
men, making booklets and de
signing appropriate covers.
Esther Miller,
Troy No. 3 finished our third
month of school last week.
Our has five pupils less
since the Peterson children have
moved to Boyd, Minn., the total
enrollment at present is 22
Pupils having perfect attend,
ance for the year are Sidney and
Edna Lundquist, Walter Ander
son Mildred, Theo., and Lennart
We have twelve extra copies of
"Rubber," a wonder story and
are glad to send them to any
teacher who can make use of
these interesting books.
We observed Feb. 14th by hav
ing a valentine box, and taking
pictures of the school.
We received our order of "Col
gate's Classroom Helps," and the
Physiology classes have made
use of them
Our little French school-house
is if rowing heavy with pennies
evidently the boys and girls have
not forgotten the slogan, "Be a
t|«v* v3 MarionK. Brown.
ft Teacher.
The ^pupils and teacher in
Georgia East school spent a very
pleasant p. m. at Georgia Went
school Friday Feb. iSth. A pro
gram was given by both schools.
Industrial maps of U. S. have
been made by 6th graders.
The Holland scene for our sane
table has just been completed
Mesdames John Syrstad Har
old Cook and Anna Foes visited
Georgia East school.
,. ..•» ...v.
RoMe Foss,
i». Teacher.
ii iifeijuiiii. i ii
We have a new scholar Ralph
Beck, this increases our attend
ance to nine.
Ws are working for a picture
for our school, to obtain it we are
to sell Iz dozen pencils at .05
each, we sold part of them. We
are to have the picture of "Sir
The 6th grade is now studying
fcbOut Wheat, we have leaaned the
chief enemy of wheat is black
rust, Jts cause is the common
ra Barnes Norgon,
Atbaii^ !$o. 6 —It tfas been
some time since we greeted our
friends in the news column.
We were shocked when we
heard of what befell our friend
and schoolmate Herman Schweer
about two weeks ago, however
you have heard or read about it
so it will not be neoesiiry for us
u* Good Judge
genuine chew
wfam jrQw.iw
.dM iulft rjcfe,
iHti to
gives more
evfsr did.
'.snws HBU
CSUT is a. thort-cut tobacco
i r-r -f
to say anything further at this
The 7th grade has been figur
ing interest. We have decided
that if all rich people have to
figure the interest on their riches
wnv we prefer to remain out of
the rich class until we under,
stand a little better how to take
care of our wealth, which we
lope will be soon.
At a recent meeting of the^Hot
Lunch club of Melrose No 7, it
was decided to continue serving
the hot lunches for another
Word has been received from
the superintendent's office, that
sctiuols in Grant county are tp
compete for spelling honors, we
hope to get the work under way
within the next week.
While working partial pay
ments the 8th grade class in
arithmetilp Jiave come to the de
when they contract
will endeavor to make
ayment the full pay*
We enjoyed M. M. Guhin's
*One Day of Appreciation in
America," in the Mar. Educator.
It takes a write up like Mr.
Guhin's to make us appreciate
the privilege of being Americans.
Louis Germain,
Lorena Swan son,
Mary Thomas and Rosa Chris
tians handed in the best arith
metic papers in last examination
held at Alban No. 3.
The spel ing contest has been
explained to the pupils and all
concerned seem to be interested.
Agnes Vogel,
Corona i
Mrs. Ralph Phillips and baby
Dorene went to Ortonville Tues
day for a visit with relatives.
Mrs. F. M. Crowley and
T. A. Belgum went to Sioux
Falls Wednesday returning Mon
Mrs. Geo. Lieb visited relatives
a few days this week iu Owatonna
Mrs Tom Lambert and two
children went to Milbank Satur
day and visited over Sunday with
her daughter Mrs John Saeger.
At the school election last Sat
urday, made necessary by ^he
incorporation of the tpwn
Corona, the new board
stitute* five members natpel
N. Phillips, Morten sen, CI
Soule, Geo. L. Lieb an& Albert
We understand tbat
Phillips goes to Aberdeen M^r
20th, for a tryout with the
deen baseball team? lor
1921 season.
Bernard Rademacker went, to
Wilmot Tuesday to consult
tist White.
Mrs. John Smith came down
from Wilmot Friday for a
with her daughter Mrs.
and family of the restaurant,*an
to take in the prograini at Inde
pendent school ,Np. 1 in Kiiborn
R. E. White anil Warren Jones
with their wives and children
autoed down from Wilmot Frii
dav evening. ,_
W. D. Chellfe- and wife were
down from Peever last week,
Monday and Tuesday.
Lyle Sweeten of Hitchcock, ar
rived last Tuesday week for a
visit with the Staple ton family.
Lyle is a nephew of Mr. Staple
ton s.
Monday Feb. 28th the stork
called at the home of Mr and
Mrs. Eppah Robbins and left a
new nine pound girl.
A Kordquist was up frdm Chr^
ton ?ilie Tuesday on busineiss
Clyde Hamilton made a fcrw
days visit at the home of his pair
lents last week.
Several of our formers are
^busy dragging and disking their
land, getting ssady for seeding,
some of them have sown some
grain already.
Don't throw your' waste paper
4ut in the streets to be blown in
to your neighbor's yard,- it is
Very agravating and besides
4hsre is a law with penalties at.
tached prohibiting Such practiee:
for a few pennies enough woven
wire can be procured4o make a
safe rack in which to burn such
Mrs. Fred Retonnd whtt- has
been with her parents most of
the time since Ray's death, went
to Sisseton Saturday, her cousin
Lyle Sweeten accompanied her.
Your regular correspondent
left last week Moiday for
deen, since which time we
seen hide nor hair of her and
old man is "going it alone,"
don't expect too much.,.
Clyde Hamilton left Friday for
Chandler to resuirie his work
with the telegraph Co.
Will Cheney who has spent the
past five months with his brother
J. S. Cheney., leit l$*t week for
Haraden was down
to Troy Saturday on business.
T. S. Ryan and Mrs. Nick
Strichertz drove to Watertown
Friday to see Mrs Ryan who is
still seriously ill in the hospital.
A. Green and Wm. Henderson
drove to Milbank Monday oa
Father Keefe of Waverly visit
ed at the Nick Strichertz home
The Misses Larson, Mabel
Kuckes, Fern Alexander, Mrs.
Chas. Alexander were Water,
town passengers Sat. night.
Stanis Her tig returned from
Madison, Wis Thursday where
he has been for the past four
months taking a course in cheese
making. It has not been deiin.
itely settled when the cheese
factory will open for work.
Loren Misener spent Sunday
in South Shore.
Mrs. Nick Stricherlt spent
Monday in Madison, Minn.
Thos. Henricksen and son Her.
man arrived from Colorado
Springs last week. Herman
does not plan on going back to
Colorado this summer.
Geo. Hanson spent Friday and Sat
urday in tioulh Shore.
The Ladie* Aid met with Mrs. It. it*
Force last week.
Mioses Bessie and Mary Yazeic a©
in vVatertown working in the dartoa
Wiliard Oneal was quits ill tor
several days ia»t week.
March 4th.
Evangelists Johnson and
Clover have had good attendance
at the revival meetings held at
the Baptist church the past two
Andrew Rydeen of Langford,
visited his sister Mrs Sjovall a
few days of last week.
Norval En gels tad of Revillo.
visited Strandburg friends Sat
urday night.
Con right of Milbank came
over Saturday night to spend
Sunday with our champion
dsherman, Wm. Lingren.
Harry Nelson spent Sunday at
his home, returning Sunday
Mesdames Neh» and Axel
Anderson served a large number
at Ladies Aid Wednesday at the
Lutheran church
The school had a vacation
.Tuesday while Troy township
had -its annual election.. The
following were elected for the
ensuing year.
O Super visors—C. Milbrant, O.
Lindquist Clerk—S. R. Dahl
berg Assessor—Elvie Lundber*r:
Justice of the Peace—Rev. G.
Rydquist Constable—William
Miss Minnie Nelsonx'ame .up
Saturday to spend Sunday at
Chas. Anderson returned from
Worthington Saturday after a
months visit with friends there.
Miss Anna Nesberg and Alphie
Peterson were Madison visitors
Miss Bessie Adams went to
Watertown,Saturday evening.
Some of our High School girls
attended the home talent play at
"troy Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Melin eh
tertalned the Land ine and Rev.
Rydquist families Sunday.
Mrs. Wplmar Lundquist visif
ed the past week at the home of
hier parents Norman Nelson.
Miss Troseth took teachers
exams at Watertown Thursday
and Friday of last week.
Quit? a delegation braved the storm
Monday evening to attend prayer ser
vices. at O.,P. Johnson's at btock
Supt. Nettie Johnson' and Miss
Skouge visited our school Monday
Mr. and Mrs.' Edwin Dahlberg are
rtbe proud parents of a boy born last
Excited groups bave been noticed
on street corners during the' past
week, but investigation snowed that
boibin? more serious than taxes Was
the subject ofconversation.
Village electron faext Tuesdav.
Mrs. Axfi Dahl berg was pleasant
ly surprised on Friday last by a num
of tbe ladies, it bein* her bii-ih
day, a gift of money was left vair
memento of the occasion.
Rev. ttydquist, sod Emil Berg left
Tuesday evening for Still#atsr,ldelj
gates to tbe district conference.
Mrs. A. Hegna catae.up frotn Mad-i
son Saturtiav lo si'errd a week wifiii
the Moe and NeUon fuuiiile*.
Mr». Victor Lindberg u very
seriously 111 «t Luther hospital, but
hope* are held tor her recovery*
Pearl Lein's condition remains
abut the *aine.
Prof aiin and wife left Summii
Saturday evenintr-
Mis. O. K. Steamy it spending the
week w«th her daughter in the country
v. Jones is still holding services
io the Bnptisi church.
Mrs. Kude of Marvin was a caller
here Saturday.
John Kolberg received word the
past week of the death of his bruther
Peter at Volga, S. Dak.
The towfi friends of Mr. and Mrs.
C. J. Stromtnegave them a farewell
pariy Sunday p.m. at their lunch
Edwin and Helmer Herried and
families drove over from Watertown
Sunday anl visited at the Schuler
and Herried homes. i
Goldie Thompson has accepted a
position in Melby's drug store.
Miss Seide spent Sunday ia Mil
Miss Beagin gave a demonstration
of her work at Farmihgton No. 'J
school house Tuesday p. m. for the
patrons and pupils. A good number
were in attendance and showed uiOd'
interest in Miss Beagin's work,
Mies Staiey veiled Saturday snd
Sunday in Aberdeen with friends.
Alvin Lein returned from St. Olaf's
college Thursday. His health is not
very good and be has been advised to
rest from his study.
Mrs. Hickman a Missionary gave a
talk on the work and aim of the ''cen
tenary movement" in the Methodist
chut't h. Tuesday evening.
Cora Anderson was taken -io the
Webster nospitai^Tuesday.
Rev. Nelson held services in the
Methodist church Sunday.
•lake Schad Jr. and family of Ros
lvn, spent Saturday and Sunday here
with relatives.
Gilbert Mogen and family of Wau
bay spent Sunday here with friends.
Mrs Jake Sehad went to Milbank
Tuesday to atteud a family reunion
with her mother Mrs. Greening and
help ber celebrate her 00th birthday.
John Kolberg returned from Minn
eapolis Sunday where be had an op
eration on his limb.
Mr- and Mrs. Herbert finglund and
children visited at the O. P. Johnson
home the first of the week.
Ftnil Berg left for tbe cities last
Tuesday to attend a church con
Miss Judith ffedman w*s a Water
town passenger last Tuesday.
Clarence Lindquist visited at the K.
A. Lundquist home last Sunday.
Fred Hal berg came up last Tuesday
evening to visit his parents Mr. and
Mrs. Aug. A» Hall berg.
County Agent Swift was la our
burg on Thursday of last week.
The Krick Jensen family has moved
into town, they are occupying the
Holt house.
Miss Lillie Berg spent a few
in Minnesota last week.
Miss Agnes .Johnson Arrived home
the firstof the week from Pierre where
she has been ••mployed during the
Mesaion of the legislature.
Algot Moll berg visited friend* in
town last Saturday evening.
Mrs. R. A. Lundquist has been to
the cities to see tier sister VIrs. Al
bert Lindquist who is ill at a hospital
there. She fnmd her sister much im
i Twiti Brooks
Mrs. Fred K'guger was very agree
ably surprised la»t Saturday evening
when children 4nd grand children, 23
in number gathered at her home to
help her celebrate her birthday.
Oscar and Roy Olson were down
from Aberdeen for an over Sunday
visit with their parents, tbey returned
to their school work Monday.
K. W. Cook and family returned
Wed. from a short visit with friends
in the cities.
B. Fletcher spent a day or two a!
)fie Geo. Stevens home ihe first ot the
The Ladle* Aid met
Mrs. Chas. *oeffker.
iHlbnl Sckwl Nttes.
The play given by the Junior
cl&as on Monday evening of last
Week, proved a good success and
the class netted about two hun
dred dollars wljiich they will no
doubt use to give the Junior*
Senior banqutt and for their
spring party. The Junior class
always s the greatest expeuse
as it is on tht that the expense
of the unioi Senior banquet
falls and at the prii-.e of eatables
nowadays it takes cons derable
amount of money to finance such
an occassion.
On Wednesday afternoon tha
Senior class held a mock term of
Circuit court before the assemb
ly, which was enjoyed by all
present. The case up for trial
was that of the theft of the
Warren Antleman Cigar store on
the night of Dec. 10, 1920
Reubin Bury was the plaintiff in
the action The verdict of the
jury was that of not guilty which
seemed to please the listeners in
Ou Thursday and Fridjtf
morning* Mrs. Ethel Smith Mc«
iGha6fe'fravfe a series of lectures
to the girls of the school whioh
were very interesting and in
Miss Elrod has been confined
to her room for several days the
past week with an attack of La
Grippe but was able to be back
at her desk on Monday of thta
Martha Ferber has also been
on the sick list for the past two
When it comes to speaking of
real class in the line of putting
on parties we have to give the
bacon to the Sophomoie class.
On Thursday evening of last
week litis class gave their class
party and everyone present had
an enjoyable time. The gym
where the games were held was
neatly decorated in the class
colors of Green and White with
the class banner streaming from
the ceiling. Many other pen
nants also decorated the walls
which together with several
divans padded with pillows and
the piano and victrola made one
think he were at home nestling
in the parlor, aud then after en
joying several hours of sport
playing games the class and the
teachers who were present went
up stairs to the sewing room
where they were served to a real
banquet, the menu consisting of
chicken salad, rolls, olives, choc
olate cake and maple nut ice
cream. If
Thursday with
The little son of J. Shafer has
been quite ill the $ast week.
Walter Meyers and family vere
down from Mazeppa for a vitji over
tfaoday with relatives.
Mrs. F. Kruger had the misfortune
to run a crochet hook into her hand
Monday, Dr. Flett removed the hook
and the injured member has since
been doinjg nicely.
Chas. Chavet was on the sick Itet
for a couple of days the firstof tbe
M. Resde carried mail for Mr.
McCrea this week so that he might be
free to look after his sale and move
his family tp town.
E. Lindquist was a business caller
id Milbank Wednesday.
Mrs. G. U. Rttoge was a passenger
jtp Webster Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. H. Roberts took one of the
twios to Webster Monday to consult
adqetor^p rrgiU'd to tbe little ones
want some in-
formatiou on how to have a good
time go to the Sophomores how
do they do it? Why! by co-oper
ation of course, and that is what
the whole school needs more co
operation and the sooner they
get it the sooner there will be
more of the good times like this
one. Let us remember that old
maxim, 'United we Stand,
Divided we Fall." One author
has said 'Co operation" is the
greatest word in the American
language, let us make better use
Strandburg, Si Oi
Fifth Sunday in Lent.
Lay Services at 11 o'clock. W. H.
Wester in charge.
Sunday Schoo) after morning ser
Choir rehearsal every Tuesday eve
Wed. evening, March 16th, Prayer
meeting at the home of Andrew Nord
Thursday afternoon, March 7th,
Lenten service at the church at 2 p.
m. Palm Sunday, March 20th, morning
service with Holy Communion at 10:30
also reception of new members.
Grace Lutheran Cfcurch, LaBoU.
Rev. Hansen of Marietta will oc
cupy the pulpit ne*t Sunday with
service at 11 a. m. Sunday school
after morning service.
All are cordially invited to either or
both of the churches.
Gustaf E. Rydquist,
Attend Spring and Summer
School at tho A. B. C.
This year, as usual, the
Aberdeen Business College
will conduct a big spring and
summer session. Scnool open
all summer. Send for our
new catalog. Enroll March 28
(Publication Feb. 24 to April 22 ine)
Notice is hereby given that on Ap
i ril 25th, 1921, all Af the unleased
State lands in Grant County will be
offered for lease at public auction be
tween the hours of 1Q o'clock a. m.
and 5 o'clock p. m. at iMi Vourt 'house
in said county.
Dated at Pierre, S. D., February IS*
Commissioner of School
v, and Public £ands.

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