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The newly elected members of the
city council took office Monday even
ing at the regular meeting of that
body. Mayor hi. F. Nelson presided.
The new aldermen are Rov Brannon
and Bert Voss.
The appointments were matte as
Board of Health—
At large—Dr. Cliff.
H. Lewis.
2nd Ward—Mrs. W. W. Downie.
3rd Ward—Dr. Hendrick.
Fire Chief—Kd. Schleisman.
Ass&lHant C'liiel—Ben Rosenouist.
Ti «ftcurer—E. H. Benedict.
Secretary—Fred Rockwell.
City Auditor—A. A. Blonu uist.
City Attorney—Robert D. Jones.
Street commissioner, fire warden,
wyter commissioner, building' in
spector and «iog tax collector —Chas.
Ni.-.ybt Police—Ed. Murray.
Welfare Committee—O. «L Coons,
Georyt! Jurgens, Earl Liggett, Mrs.
Albeit Patridge, and J. N. Sritford.
Offi'.ial Paper. Herald-Advance
and (jrant County Review.
Finance—Aldermen Goodman, Eiley
Water—Aldermen Jurgen Voss,
and Brannon.
Sidewalk.-—Aldermen Voss, Riley
and Brunrton.
Sewer—Aldermen Eiley, Grams and
Lights—Aldermen Brannon, Good
man and Jurgens.
The city flag pole will be vailed on
the city property south'of the City
The petition of the Mfttelstaedt
"Bros, for the construction of a build
ing on the site of the old Telephone
At The Clrarcftes
Next Sunday will be observed thru
Out our country as Mother's Day. In
keeping with the spirit of the day we
snail nold a special service in honor
of Mother to whic', all ai? invited.
"We extend a special invitation to
all Mothers to be present both morn
ing and evening. At the morning ser
vice the pastor will preach a Mothers
Day sermon. At the evening hour
there will be a Mother's Day program
at which time a number of local peo
ple will take part on the program.
This day will be full of interest.
Evciy mother and girl should go to
church. And every man and boy
should attend in honor of his mother,
if for no othter reason.
Services Sunday are as follows:—
Sunday School—10:00 a. m.
Morning Worship—11:00 a. m.
Sermon: "The Christian Mother."
Young Peoples Devotional Meeting
7:00 p. m.
Installation of newly elected E. L.
officers, 8:00 to 8:15 p. m.
The public us cordially invited to
•these services.
Rev. P. H. Ray, Pastor.
Sundav, May §th, is Mother's Dav.
In accordance with the general cus
tom. services appropriate to this day
will be held at the Congregational
church. Every member and friend
of the church should make special
to be there. Do this in HS- I
membrance of Mother.
Sunday School—10:00 a. m.
Morning Service—11:00 a. m.
Sub ject:— "The Mothers of the
^Baritone Solo-: "Little Mother of
Junior Endeavor—8:00 p» fft,
Vesper Service—f:00 p. m.
Note the hour of this service, which
-will he rrmdueted by the choir. A
splendid program has been prepared.
Look for this program in this paper.
The usual evening service will be
Senior Endeavor—6: p. m.
The change of hour from 7:00 to
6:00 has been made on account of the
Vesper Service, thus making it pos
sible for all who wish to attend both
«pf tl
^ese services.
Everyone moat cordially invited.
Carl K. Bast, Minister.
o o
Frank Nelson, the printer, was in
town Wednesday. He is now traveling
31s business manager for the Nelson's
^Aerial Acrobat Co., of Minneapolis
^Aberdeen and Fargoi an organization
jgiviag aerial programs with both
jnen and women performers. The
fompany ha- five planes giving these
attractions all ever the northwest,*.
To our citizens and to the Honorable
City Council of the City of Milbank:
Taxation and Finance
In any well governed city, taxation
and finance should always command
the most serious consideration. The
progress the world,is making iti all
lines of endeavor brings to view the
needs for many improvements. Money
well expended, especially upon per
manent improvements, bring many
returns which cannot be measured by
dollars and centsr Under the able
business administrations we have had,
it has been possible fotyus to keep
our taxes lower than 'surrounding:
towns of the same size have been able
to do.
Conditions now are Unsettled and
the purchasing power of the dollar
has been so reduced that for the im
mediate future, I would recommend
as conservative a policy as is con
sistent with tKie natural growth of the
Any desired infoYmation regarding
our finances can be secured by .study
ing the reports of the City Treasurer
and Auditor. We are indeed fortu
nate in having two such able business
men to serve us in these two impor
tant office
.1 consider thitt the streets have
been kept in good s-hape during the
past vean This has been accomplish
ed bv the use of the road drag by
appl- ing giavel and oil where most
needed. Especial attention has been
given to the highways leading into
the City. I would recommend a con
tinuance of this policy.
This is one of the most important
of our lojtol improvements. We have
seen to it that all the necessary side
walks and crossings have been con
st meted.
The first paving contract.- have been
completed, with the exception of about
a quarter of a '.dock in front of the
Court House. The Council has tried
in every way posible to protect the
city's interests and we believe the
Campbell Construction Company, al
though they were seriously handicap
ped at times, have given us a first
class piece of work. This is one of
the finest improvements we have ever
To be rendered at five o'clock p. m.
on Mother's Day, May 8th, 1921, by
the choir of the Congregational
Organ-Piano Prelude "Air from THE
Opening response "Tire Lord is in
His Holy Temple"—Rathl i n.
Hymn. "Day is Dying in the West."'
Invocatory Anthem. "Grant, We Be
seech Thee"—Fearis.
Tenor Solo, "Close to Thee"—Brings.
Responsive Reading Psalm 23.
Tenor-alto Duet. "One Sweetly Sol
emn Thought."—Ambrose.
Anthem. "Send Out Thy light."—
Choir Response.
Trio from ATILLA, "Praise Ye"—
Male Quartet, "Now the Day is
Hvmn. "Softly Now the Light of
Soprano Solo, "Abide With Me."—
Anthem, "In the Secret of His Pres
Baritone Solo, "Open the Gates of th©
Offeratory, "Moonlight"—Sargent
Anthem, "Be Thou Exalted, O God."
Baritone-tenor Duet* "God That Mad
est Earth and Heaven."—.Rathbun.
Hymn, "Savior, Jtepoih, an Evening
Postlude, ".March."—Stults.
A removal card forwarded us from
Los Angeles states that the Pacific
National Investment Co., the organi
zation which our former Milbank peo
ple incorporated, has moved to more
commodius quarters at 52d Wefct
Eighth street. The company handler
rfal estate, investments, loans, rentals
building a#d inMinuMia*
V -k Xs
had. It has created a great deal'of
favorable comment. We should never
lose our civic pride strangers always
judge a town by what thev see and
I am sure the appearance of our city
is such at present that ever one vis
iting Milbank knows at once that we
have ap active wide awake little city.
The cost of the paving to the city,
will not be large. The outstanding
registered City Paving Warrants be
ing nearlv ^offset by certificates
against the lots. These certificates
are owned by the city.
We constructed a water n-tiin run
ning' down Diggs Avenue extending
from Main Street to Dakota Street
at a cost of about $4000 Our water
system continues to be self support
ing. we have the water tested regu-„
larly and all recent tests have shown
that it is pure.
Oar sewer system built for san
itary purposes only and is loo small
to carry qway the amount of surface
water which empties into it following
heavy rain. Realizing the need
of a stotm sewer in the near future
your city council instructed our en
gineer to map out a complete storm
sewer system which plans have been
completed. By utilizing his spare
time in this way the plans were secur
ed at a minimum cost.
Board of Health
Only a few kntnv the good work
this body of men endeavors to do. Tt
seems very difficult to impress upon
the minds of the majority of our
people, the necessity of keeping our
City clean.
Wee Miss Nancy Ann Nelson,!
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. i. Nelson
has the distinction of being oth the
Syounge.-t membei ami the 100th mem
ber of the Milbank Women's Auviliary
her application was received yesterday
afternoon at the regular meeting. She
was on? day old and celebrated her
second day by joining the organiza
tion'of which her mother, Mi s. Nelson,
is the president.
The regular routine of business was
taken un after which a picnic lunch
was enjoyed.
The state convention for the Auxil
iary will be held at Aberdeen next
Wednesday and Thursday May 11 and
12. to which the following delegates
were elected some time ago: Mrs. W.
W. Wright, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Hiram i
Roberts and Miss Leona Jacouot. i
Odd Fellows Observe Anniversary
Sylvan and Harmony Rebekah
lodges celebrated the 102d anniver
arj^ of the institution of American
Odd Fellowship on Thursday even
ing of last week by a social gathering
of members of the order, Rev Bast
of the Congregational church and
Rev. Ray of the Methodist church each
made short and interesting addresses
on the principles of Odd Fellowship
and what the order stands fo" and a
nutnber of musical and literary fea
tures were rendered on a program
previous to the serving of refresh
ments. and a general good time was
Robert Jones and A. L. Nelson re
turned to Revillo with Evan Jones,
a brother of Robert, Monday afternoon
and from there made a trip to Madison
Minn. Much fine country was seen a
long the way, -the fields being green
somewhat ahead of the neighboring
county and the grain has a much
belter appearance. Minnesota has
Grant county beaten to a frazzel on
roads, however, all being graded ami
graveled and in excellent condition.
Annual Report of Municipal Affairs
G. O. GOODMAN, President of the Council
'wish to urge upon our
citizens the absolute necessity of co
ooeiating with our- Health Officers.
Our health laws should be strictly
Fire Department
Oi.tr fire fighting equipment has
been greatly improved by the pur*
chase of, a very efl'ecient truck. The
truck cost about $2000. The ability*
of this department has b?en e'erely
tested during the past fall awl winter.
I believe we are al) more tht.n sat:s
fied with the way thev have handled
the serious fires which it has been our
misfortune to have had.
Carnegie Library
Song Service for Mother's Day Auxiliary Has Youngest Member i High School Loses to Slsseton
Our libra sy lias maintained its high
standard 11 oughoui the yea *, thanks
to our librarian. Mis* Shannan, whose
ability is recognized throughout the
state. It is impossible for us to es
timate? the influence that this institu
tion has upon our citizens, both old
and young. I would recommend that
the library receive a larger appropri
ation for the coming year. It is next
to impossible fo»- the Library Board
to meel current expenses with the
money-ftvailable for this purpose.
Community Building
I have made a very extensive in
ve tigation and have found that with
out exception tur people want a Com
munity Building. The City now owns
one-half a block facing Main Street,
.•just north of the Court House. Such
a building could be erected upon this
site. The location is most desirable.
The lots have been purchased for this
purpose at a cost of $2r5:5.
I oelieve' that both County and City
should have an interest in this build
ing and that it should stand for all
time a1* a fitting memorial to our
brave hoys who fought and assisted
in winning the great World War.
1 am convinced that the time lias
now arrived when the City Council is
justified in securing the services of
an architect who will submit plans
and specifications for this building.
A?s *oon*as conditions are favorable
the City Council should submit this
proposition to our citizens. The
bonded debt ol Milbank is very low
ami we will be able to sell bonds at a
most favorable rate.
Welfare Committee
Acting upon recommendations sub
mitted to your City Council. I ap
pointee1 a -Welfare Committee consist
ing of five prominent and represen
tative citizen-. "Unsatisfactory con
ditions have existed no! only here
but throughout th whnla United
States Wtan we succeed in" control
ling the illegal manufacture und traf
fic ol into\-seating liouor, most of out*
local social disturbances will disap
pear. Thfc Committee can b.? a great
influence for good. provi« ling it s ac
tivities are properly directed.
Municipal Band
I believp that a first cla.^band is
an asset to any city and tji a one-
The High
school baseball
to the speedy Sisseton team by a score
of to 10 last Friday, after gaining a
lead in thp fourth inning. The game
was lost
errors and poor fielding,
while Sisseton played steller ball all
the way, making some grandstand
stabs. The game \va~ scoreless until
the fourth when bunched hits netted
four run for the locals. The fifth re
versed the score when Sisseton tallied
5 runs thru errors. A wild heave
over third in the eighth enabied Mil
bank to tie the score, but the visitors
again took the lead with two .markers.
The ninth opened wildly and Milbank
crossed home plate with two more big
ones, but was beaten again when the
Roberts county crew came in with i»
more making
total of JO to the
local's 7. M'lhank is one of a four
team league consisting of Wnubay,
Pisseton. Big Stone and Milbaiik..
Are Yo« (feed at Guessing?
Arthur Jen^on. jewler i: offer
ing a &•'!..">0 radiolite Ingersol watch
to the'person who is the best counter
or most accurate or lucky e ser of
the number of watches in his window
this week. The contest is made con
siderably harder by the fact that one
doesn't know whether or not the boxes
contain watches.
The contest will clo-e this afternoon
at five o'clock, when disinterested per
sons will be called in to count the
watches as they are taken out of the
window More than 250 persons ltad
registered a guess yesterday afternoon
and no doubt a great many more will
be added before the contest is closed.
The guesses range all the way frpm
SO to 250.
If you want interesting news while
it is news read the HERALD-AD
Tett your friends about ua.
ff you waafc interesting n#ws while
it is news and the HERALD-AD
VANCE. Tett your friends about us.
half a J'till should be levied and the
fund- seeiu?d in this way be set a
side for the maintenance of -uch an
organization. I think it would be
wise to encourage the younger music
ians by permitting the Boy Scout
Band to share jn this fund.
Camp Site
The County Commissioners gladlv
gave the City permission to use the
ground south of the Court Hou-p.
This space will be properly eouipped
and used as a free site for tourists.
Opening Main Street
Steps have been laken and we hope
to be aide to extend Main Sheet
straight north past the creamery un
til it meets the highway commonly
known as the Linden Beach road. We
should be able to accomplish this at
a comparatively small expense and it
would be a wonderful improvement.
New White Way
The City of Milbank should fed
proud of its White Way which was
completed a few months ago. 1 do
not believe there is a city of Pke size
in the state that has a better lighting
system than we have. With the in
Ptallation of this system the Power
Company placed the City on a meter
basis. This has not been satisfactory
and the Council is now endeavoring
to make different arrangements.
Since the new engine was installed
by the Milbank Powe rCompany our
electric service has been ver\ satis
Our City Attorney, Mr. Itobt, D.
Jones, has revised our ordinances and
brought them un to date.
Our City Engineer has provided u?
with a new corporation plat. After
certain requirements have been com
plied with, this plat will be filed in
the oftiee £f the register of deed
cannot c'ose without expressing
our appreciation for the hearty co
operation which the Booster's. Club
ha (riven us.
1 also wish to express my thatiks
to the Council and to our citizens for
the assistance they have so gener
i U- o-imn mo during the few
I have been called upon to preside
over this honorable body.
Respectifully submitted this second
day of May, 1921.
G. Q. Goodman.
William Letts. Passes Away
William J. Letts, of this city, died
at his home at 1:15 P. M.. Ma- 2nd.
He was horrt in Ben.ti Iowa county,
Mich., Aug. 25, J850. He learned the
blacksmith trade at an early age.
On October 15th. 1879, he wa united
in marria-'e to Minnie A. Smith. To
thi.» union v as born *'ive c'mdren.
Harry W., Giles A. conductors on tiie
•Milwaukee Ry. (Mayme! Mrs. H. G.
Burns of Webster, S. D., (katherine)
Geore-e Anderson of this city,
and one child who died in infancy.
He also is survived by one brother,
Thos Letts, Qf Portland, Ore, and one.
sister of Sunfield, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Letts came to S. Da
kota, in April 1883, living on a farm
two miles Irom Twin Brook tlie first
Mimmer, and moving to Milbank in
the fall where they have since lived.
Mr. Letts worked at the black
smith trade for twenty-five years, and
was in company with the late Chas.
a number of vears. For
the last twelve years lie has worked in
the local round house. Mr. Letts ha
been in very poor health for the past
si\ month:?.
The children were all at home the
last week to help care for their
lather. Mrs. Frank Sherwood, of
Iowa, Mich., sister of Mr. Letts wa«
here to attend the funeral, which was
held from the home at two o'clock on
Thursday alternoon under the aus
pices of the Masonic fratenrity.
i Pneumonia and complications fol
lowing an attack of scarlet fever re
suited in the death of 10 or '.1 year
old Fred Larson, son of Mr. and Mrs
i Lars W. Larson of Twin Brooks town
I hip on Monday of this week. The
i little boy was the last of the entire
family to succumb to the disease,
from which all of the others recovered
He was ill five weeks.
The funeral services were held from
the home Thursday afternoon at 3
o'clock find at the grave in the city
cemetery, MilbaJtk, at 3:80 o'clock.
Consolidated April 1890
Last night (Thursday evening) was
the big opening of the American Le
gion Hall, formerly the Harmonia
hall, and from the indications at this
writing, a large crowd was present
It certainly was well worth the time
of everyone to come and see the halt
and listen to the music. The hall fias
been completely repainted, the lighta
being covered with Japanese lanterns
and the windows and doors being dec
orated with lattice work, hung witSli
vines and artificial flowers. The haH
is a beauty now and we doubt that
there is tv prettier dancing floor out*
side of the pities.
Madera, with
the newest piogiam of the IJlain Al
len orchestra and his old time players
fun ni.-hed the music and needless to
say it was above par. Dances will be
held regularly during the .ummer
and it is planned to place several
fans around the room to keep the hall
cool, so it will undoubtedly be a pop-f
ular dance hall.
Plans for the exercises on Memor
ial Day are being pushed along. A
speaker from Aberdeen will possibly
be here for the program in th«» after
noon. The Auxiliary will have charge
of the Poppy sale. The poppies are
furnished by the state headquarters'
and the local post will be responsible
foi the sale of them. Lveryone shouhf
wea-" a popnv on this day ir. memorv
of dead soldiers. They will be sold
for whatever amount the buyer feeb
he can give.
The Post Historian, Ernest Adler,
ha* started work upon the service
and personal record of every member
ol the post. This data is being obtain
ed from the men, the discharges ami
the lecords of the war service book
at the court house. -It is planned
have a picture of even- member to
file with the record, so that the post
will have a complete record to refer
to. It entails a great amount of work
foi the historian and it will be some
time before the job is complete.
He $
Roy Madera requested u« to ask
that ail ex-service men who have
occasion to write him regarding their
disability claims, or any other matte
will please direct same to Minneapolis
instead ot Montana. Roy is now con
nected with the Minneapolis district,
and letters addressed to him in care
of the District Vocational office will
reach him and the delay of fonvard
tyg then will be done away with. He
will be\ glad to help any ex service
man in the county, so if you have a
vocational claim that is entangled in
the government red tape, send a tet
ter along to Roy.
Over two hundred service men hftv£
sent in their discharges for record
ing. There are as many again in
this county and every one is urged
to get his discharge in, so that there
will be no delay when the time comes
to line up for the bonus money. Doit'fc
put this off any longer, place your
discharge in an envelope and mail it.
with a check for 60 cents to the coun
ty Register of Deeds. It will be well
taken care of until its return to you.
o:o— ...
The Supreme Statutes require that
a membership card be kept for every
member of the order, part ot* the
fonrfrition being given by our rwfc
ords, the blank being as follows:
Born on the. dny.'of
Place of Birth
State of County.
Citizen of what Country
11 1
All members of the order are r(^
quested to fill in the an^werr- to
bove questions, cut this out and mag
or hard to Ear] Liggett, Milbank.
-o icy-
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 7* J. g.
Farley, the machine man, will have i
Samson Motor Truck on exhibition^
The truck has made its way ripht front
the manufacturing plant at Junesvilte
Wis., and an interesting feature- in
truck going is the daily record &t
miles made, gasoline used and condi
tion of road, all of which has been ac
curately recorded on the trip. Call
i 1
W-tt *1

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