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Miss Avis Redman, of Aibee, visit
ed the Dauman family- in thi^ citv
over Sunday, ,.-
A few of the rural ichtfrols* will open
during the first two weeks of Septem
ber but the majority of them will not
start until the latter part of the
month or the first part of October. A
few of the school boards have not yet
ripened a teacher for the coming year,
but no difficulty is expected in doing
Oldest and Largest Bank In Grant County
The Officers and Directors of this Bank modestly
yet with pride and satisfaction, call public attention to
its long and honorable record of thirty-eight years of
careful and conservative banking.
For thirty-eight'years, through each period of
financial depression, this bank has always paid its de
positors in cash for any and all amounts tney wished
to withdraw, no matter if their certificates of deposit
were due, or not, and we will continue this same fair
treatment to all our depositors.
iJSome of the reasons why your deposits in this bank
are absolutely safe:
Mr. Benedict has received a.card of
in vital ion to the annual reunion of
the i3rackett's Battaliqn. 1st Minnet
sota Mounted Rangers which will bq
held at the Old Soldiers Tent at the
Minnesota State Fair grounds at 10
o'clock Wednesday, Sept. 7th. It \\ill
be the ISth reunion of the old veter
ans. Mr. Benedict has not attended
the reunions for a number of years,
but may go down this ear, at which
time he will visit
St. Paul.
Farmers and Merchants
National Bank
1.!ZOur large Capital and Surplus $85,000.00
Stockholders Liability 75,000.00
Total $160,000.00
2. This Vank being a member off the Federal Reserve Bank
3. Experience, ability and reputationj'of Mir Officers and
4. Financial [responsibility [off our thirty-five Stockholders] is
We offer you every reasonable safe banking ser
vice and guarantee our officers personal attention to
all business intrusted to this bank.
Phil C. Saunders, Otto B. Schneck
President Asst. Cash.
Bleser, Arlo Allen
V* President Asst. Cash.
E. H. Benedict, Cash.
son who lives in
Look These Over
Some Shoe Snaps
We still have a number of pairs of Shoes, for both Men
and Women, left over from our recent Sale, which are being
closed out at Sale Prices. They are Real Snaps if you can g&
use them.
We are selling Peaches at $1.65 a crate.
Men's Overalls at $1.50.
Stark A Grain Sacks at' 45c.
Saturday Specials 1
For Saturday we will sell Pink Salmon at 3 cans for
50c. Only 3 cans to a customer.
New Dress Goods
Our new stocks of Voiles, Chambras and Crepe de |j
Chines are now in, and are 50(/c lower than a year
will'be pleased to have the ladies call and see them. li
"The Old Reliable"
Who. e Herald-Advance are YOU
Ed. Zemple, attorney, returned from
ihe Twin Cities after a visit there.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney, of
Troy, were Milbank visitors Sunday.
Empty vinegar barrels for sale at
$1.00 each at Thirsk's.
A. R. Gokey of Ortlev was a Mil
bank visitor Wednesday.
Dr. and Mrs. G. 0. Goodman are
spending a few weeks at the lake.
Advise your friends where you see
all of the news you will find in this
issue and tell them to subscribe to
the Herald-Advance and get it first
hand u^ter this.
will soon be here and our ad
vice to you is that you have
your Children's Eyes examined
and see if they do not need
Glasses for their study.
Consult us and we will frank
ly tell you whether they need
Glasses -or not.
Ask our patients about our
service and prices.
Arthur Jenson
We jjj
Local and Personal Paragraphs
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will hold a bake sale at the
Tessin Hardware store on Saturday
afternoon, Aug. 20th.
Fred Vogt had the mfafoitune to
sprain his foot Monday, which botn
ered his walking around for several
Chailes Pennev, owner of one of the
Corona mercantile stores, had an oper
ation at the hospital last week. He is
recoveiing nicely.
A brother and sister of J. J. Eisen
menger, the young lawyer who recent
ly came here, visited him last Friday
making the trip from Iowa by car.
Abuut 45 of the rural school teach
ers took the teacher's examinations
given in the county superintendent's
office Thursday and Friday of this
Miss Effie Murray underwent an
operation for appendicitis at the lo
cal hospital last Friday. She is do
ing nicely and will soon be able to
be out.
Send your friends a birth announce
ment. Surely your youngster should
receive that much and your friends
will enjoy receiving them. We print
A baby boy came to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hart Sunday
morning. Miss Margaret Martins,
who is spending her vacation here, is
nursing Mrs. Hart.
Howard Reeve and a brother-la-law
Ralph Erbe, of Miles City, Mont., ar
ived Wednesday for a few days vis
it at the home of the mother of the
former, Mrs. W. W. Reeve.
Come to us when you are ready to
get out your auction bills. We are
ready and able to get out bills on very
hort notice at a price that will fit
your pocket book.
Everybody welcome to the first
dance after the hot weather in the
American Legion hall, given by the
Revised Fox orchestra on Friday Aug,
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Miller, of Co
lumbus, Wis., who were driving to
Waubay, S. D., stopped here for a
few hours Wednesday noon for a visit
with L. R. Everson. whose home form
rly was at Columbus.
Mrs. Roland Liggett, who has been
visiting relatives here for the past
•nonth, returned to her home in Aber
een Sunday accompaning Mr. Lig
ett who came down for the day.
as been visiting at Volga, accom
panied him here for a visit.
Vic Amdahl of the Plymouth Cloth
ng store left Wednesday evening for
is home in West Union, la., where
he will spend his vacation at the home
his parents and relatives. He will
returft on Sept. 1.
Mrs. D. O. Nelson left the first of
he week for Aberdeen where she will
visit relatives for a few days.
Jack Lewis, who has been ill for the
nust few days is able to be up and
round once again.
The Herald-Advance, $2.00 per year.
Fried Chicken,
A. J. Hilts arrived home after a
visit of several weeks with relatives the main part of the church, and
i Volga, Elkton, Brookings and Au- other minor improvements and repairs
ora. Miss Alice Nelson, a neice, who being done at this time.
Special Sunday Dinner,
Served from 12 to 7 o'clock P. M.
71 Cents per Cover
Beef Lft Augl aiae
Dill Pickle. Sliced Tomatoes
Salmon Cake with Saratoga Chips
Roast Prime Rihs of Beef, Au Ju«t
Shortcake with Whipped Cream
Mrs. John Farley returned from St
Paul where she had been visiting rel
atives for the past two months.
Chas. McGee left for New EfTengton
p.nd Sisseton where he will look after
the threshing on his farms.
Mrs. R. A. Vashre and small child
left Monday for a visit with her par
ents in Minneapolis.
Have you bought your wife some
nice calling cards to use? They are
not so expensive and they will please
her. We print them.
Mrs. Robert Lewis and daughter of
St. Paul are visiting tl e Arthur Ben
nett family at the St. Hubert hotel.
Mrs. Lewis is a sister of Mr. Benett's.
Mrs. F. L. Nichol and daughter are
spending a few days at the home of
rs. Nichol's sister, Mrs. Wm. Mey
ers who lives near LaBolt.
The Misses Olga and Martha Buer
kle, cousin- of Mrs. Ewald Fischer, of
Gibbon, Minn., who returned with the
Fischer family about a week ago and
who have been visiting here since,
returned to their home Monday.
The William Ross family returned
last Thursday from Estherville, Iowa,
where they attended the wedding of
their -on and brother, William Jr.,
to Miss Rose Scholtes. "Bill'' and his
bride are expected back to the city
about the last of the week.
Miss Olive McBride returned witfc
Mrs. Emma Farnham from Watertown
and will visit friends here for a few
days. Miss McBride is a former resi
dent of Milbank, but is now located
in Chicago where she is a teacher fai
the public schools.
Edward Fenner, son of Mr. and Mrs
Julius Fenner of this city, arrived
home from DeMars, Towa, where he
is a student in
Evangelical semi­
nary. He made the trip by automo
bile and was accompanied by Mrs.
Black and Miss Lillian Fisher.
You will find the weekly menu of
the St. Hubert hotel cafe in this is
sue and you will find it an enjoyable
change to take dinner at the hotel.
The menu offers enough of a variety
to please anyone and you will not only
have a good meal but will escape the*
work of preparing it.
The Congregational church is be
ing repainted and papered during the
summer vacation. All of the walls,
woodwork and floors are being paint
ed which will put them in fine shape
land improve the interior of the church
A new furnace is being installed in
The land men of the city report an
unusual demand for farms to rent.
One dealer said that if he had ten
farms he could rent them all inside of
a day, as he had had that many ap
plications that he was positive be
could make a deal with. This demand
is quite the opposite "from last year,
when there were very few renters,
everyone wanting to sell. One of the
noticeable things is the fact that the
renters are looking for improved
farms. That there will be more stock
raising in the future seems to be a
fact and this country will soon be dot
ted with small dairv farms.
21* 1921
Roast Pork with Sweet Potato**
Masked and Steamed Potatoes Stewed Tomatoe*
Hot Roll«
Combination Salad
Andrew Ndtdquist, Corona, wiu
very ill the first erf the w,eek.
Robert Kirch of Albec, was a Mil
)ank visitor Wednesday.
A. E. Seitz was or|. the' sick list
day of this week.
Miss Alta McGrady was absent
'rom her place at the City Baker* a
few days of this week, being all.
We have a hand washing machine
which we will give to the first party
calling for it.
J. A. Fuller.
The Ladies Aid of the Salem Luth
eran church wiir meet Friday after
noon, Aug. 59 at the home of John'
Skoog. Visitors always welcome.
Word from the Downies says that
they have turned their faces home-''
ward. They plan to go to Canada,
where they will visit a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Thorndike and from there they
will start east, making the return
route along a different road.
Work on the Smith building ha&
been completed as far as laying the
first floor, but the work has been held
up by the fact that the brick and tile
to be used in the building has iwit ar*
Mrs. John Tessin had the misfor
tune to have her hand caught in the
electric wringer Monday morning
and having the fingers badly crushed.
The hand was pulled into the wringer
before the machine could be stopped
and is very painful. An x-ray pic
ture was taken of the injured member
to find out whether or not there were_
any bones broken.
J. N. Safiord, deputy county trea
surer, left Tuesday for Great Falls,
Mont., where he has a farm. He will
stay until August 27th and will be
there during the time they thresh.
According to the reports received, Mr.
Saflord hopes to realize a good crop
from his land.
J. W. Liggett left Thursday for
Roundup, Mont., where he will visit
his son, Archie. This is Mr. Liggett's
first visit to Montana and he writes
back that his son has planned so many
trips for them that he doesn't know!
when he will get back.
The aspirants for the high school'
football team were out a few nights
of this week tossing the ball around,
and getting used to handling the pitg^r
skin. The team will be under t've
coaching of Dr. kirchner, who prfc
diets a speedy team. It will be the
first team that the school has had
for 3 number ».f ears.
Mrs. Helen Gamble, who has been
visiting the Thad Fuller home for the
past month, went to Ortonville Tues
day where she visited Miss Madjjer
Kelley for the day. Miss Kelly is the
secretary of the state Women's Aux
iliary whose home is in Aberdeen. She
is camping at her cottage on the lake-
Mr. and Mrs. John Saeger went
Corona Monday, Mr. Saeger returning"
that evening and Mrs. Saeger remai»~'
ing until Wednesday evening. Mrs.
Thos. Lambert, mother of Mrs. Sae
ger has been seriously ill, but it far
hoped that she is now beyond the
critical point.
Mr. and Mrs. Alison '^fl^bert re*
turned Wednesday evening from their
honeymoon trip to Minneapolis an$
other Minnesota points. Mrs. Georgje
Schmidt, sister to Mr. Mebert, accom
panied them. Allison reports a fine
trip. They will make their home with
his mother, Mrs. I* Hebert, for the
It will pay you to buy good letter*
heads and envelopes, especially whew
they do not cost a great deal more
than the cheaper ones. They are
your smile, your handclasp of greet
ing to the man who gets them ancfi
he is impressed or not by the looks
of your letterhead. Come in and let
us tell you why, how and how much.
The bridge contractors on the Yel
lowstone Trail have been shipping: m*
their sand from Watertown and Ap
pleton for cement work. Something
must be wrong, as we have pjenty of
good sand within from a mile to three
miles of Marvin, that would have sav
ed them considerable money if they
had only inquired and investigated,
Petty thieves broke into the YrfW
lowstone Trail garage Sunday night
and pilfered the till of small change
left there amounting to perhaps four
dollars, and carried away three one
gallon cans of Mobiloil. They left in
exchange for the oil and money a
screw driver made out of a piece of
iron rod, which they had evidently
used to pry open the windows with.4—
Marvin Monitor.
Seth Teesdale, Aberdeen attorney
who has been detained in the county
jail of Aberdeen for the past several
weeks, under bonds in the sum of
000 to await trial in the circuit court
upon a charge of embezzlement, pre
ferred upon complaint of Barney Mc
Veigh of Aberdeen, was released fron
custody last evening after a bont
which had been aigne! by a broth
of the defendant and Jay Wilber
this city, had been approved by
A. L. McNaghten of the Municfyx'
:r rt.—Aberdeen Nevrs.

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