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The herald-advance. (Milbank, S.D.) 1890-1922, October 14, 1921, Image 2

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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€i ^£&*de$> v*
^f"1' -1'- i
flfsnry atlK
Silrer Dagger
£'.-• CMAPTCJt xili—CanCmwta,
*in»t «dl«r MOMTf
*T!uf rfcfffc I* from «rw tbe
MT (AT liit eabse..*
"Wb. I tkrt MNC ««f»g
Uw |fM 3r»i» w« tfcf twiBk.
**fXw«eo «ifht tad r.inr Hb««r4:
fa #re.iloe tbr**» nemtb* oow I
fwariw to p»y ft afl op tflowrww*
"(*, yow (Jfd, bur! oat #f that
flMfl. I jwpfioNc**
"Were eiJM? I get ft, f«a tblnk?
Mrff» (tort I hare im ifuwre."*
b«m Wit WaWrwo JW«p4
nUmKSf. ail riirfet. r«t what
fcatfirr* a»e wbj tf i« art rl »b«W hit
f«*» few It at t« ftei* fatrtlcsiar
Krmntz fr,mt
',:'" •-•fjr- -"f ---v ..
•M .• -.
_i& $s«L
3Thi s«-.
ha«re h«r.
an ban**
Is D—1» w'sfht emart-
•f flan yo« think. He flt»f at
•H. If you ewir uc bl* rli^tt oam*
Harria, as aJ^rk a mMik as ever
"Harris? eroofet What was It I
to tbe J*s Waw't be flse
my wbat wm» croaked las'
"Too bet be was that's wbat Fro
tettififr you aixntf that's why I e»*rn
b«!* to «e: this olf uiy che*t. He
litis fallow Homer emmitg orer.
In with all his papers, an' art
m§ nepwUfttfn' Wth Krantz and Air a
M' A'ri got awful thick."
1 wbat was the gameT*
get that ebeefc into cau^h. of
He ban# around for tbat
i^parput for weeks, an' then missed
"Alt' fv knew bin, an' oerer mid
-A WfTOf
I knew bin. first time I
hot what
m&*f# tf:«t& }*rt had »rj
IHnrt it mif very Siketjr tbt-y wa»
Jaat dtan«-«, is it? I betide
ftaf K at* a —r? He: tt-^r 't
"How ffcey itat^ot thfltf
*t"#n rh fft+. W'l* I'tHy
I krtf'W »h#»re I# a h—I of a It* Z0
tg 00
itwleT tbe surface. It ?iK.*t
jrood to me. tky jwapim y«o
pm at tUs time,"
"Whw jm mr«nf Ton bare not
4pf»erf nothingT*
be lao^wf fTWijrbfy. *T»—n
if. In not tbe *rif?'r»ar ktnd. Ti e-e*»
Nwi p*exrty feff«»r* aft»?r, the dop^.
Iff Mr 1^1 fOA, bar I've let 'eta ha'it.
y I V e i a i a n i w e
9«| Wtey're N*m f«»M. oa ko»«
tlil my who '-aiilH h?m«elf HonMfrr
*m»re—» «*nari f*-f!«w.**
tbe bloater bat wbat was It
fa me? I'm not in this bnsine^i for
W9 b^lth. Wine. 1 never gave a
4 vbo got hands on that ttoff, so
htut rny grab at it. Harris an' 1
ft trained thrt's why I was utit
.'0mm. waltin' for s signal from him.
^.|H «4MS jros bast him to It, I'd Just
lm jw running mate as
tfon't talk so owll 4N
Harris is deatJy
•*Aa mackerel be coulun be no
If. But tbat was my lwuse where
m\* rroaked. an' w 1 got to get
& ICWL Tbe police ^in't wise so
Sit rbejr might tumble if I bang
wbjr yoa come betef
Ktttfljr l*t» got to har^ some
«fft* svrsy, «ud it's up to you to
la jkpi I'm heeled. You know where
hftjjpl Is. and how to get It quick."
TpiUii't dare ose that money
l^jiiyp'f even opened tbe bag."
|H you wouldn't! You are
*p enougb to pay tbat
tomorrow, sln't yoaf That's
fM premfsed tbe girl. Weil. I'm
.U taqwrttM as abe Is. I reckon,
ffei g^ln' to bsve my sbsre, you
«toe rn nmke it feet for you—
fsv fcavMTt nofblng hmt yo«r own
Jf Av, Wine, don't be s
SfW otbers beside «s tbara
In fids sOslr. TWre'a a
down on Hlxtb mrenue,
who'* got sU o' Ilar
be's goin' to keep on
'fins tiiere's snotber fel
,W_J. I» Mtse li—I. I tin
Hlf fit, bnt lie's
And being
He was •miKlwi wb«« v« damped
Ma then uri later, *1m a»y wtfe
(M tUs gfri to MM «y**r—rbey
nUwj !ft rk Haw tr*rt—Harrtj b*
tnroed the isey on brr. Tl«y *u ii»
hrtaf thmsa
together the Mtt
I mvmiag. b«t wrtnw Sever* mast
have woke up. as' grA mt tf tie
rw»ii, fw the thing iv)*'4 ke
«*JM fisrfetfa* Hjrw «o! E® ?h* hall. aa"
«fl«f that 1 f'K &d the gfri fe-vl skips-"*!
-xtf daria' trhe
"Tfcey tw*?b g*X surayT*
leaving Harrf:* wtffc
«fcufi !»».•»? *d d^a-i+r thao a d»*r-|fHW-iaJrt
r,.*U wf-.ee E g-rt to ii-aL**
jtm faxit
to jRtj- fhe dra «f fw
faJk %*#mt Aira
'tt abflRit! brua. «f n«rt»
we makitl Iwlp if. hat *he srm
at Mbfnt ami ab* didn't a«k
«w fmfy ft «hrfiso ther^'e
rhirrg: ctmr hsm'f N*en
t»j f.»
—*f»*- knew
wfcaf b« waw killed with,"*
"»7f*t'» that! Kbe tM YWI wfcat
an^sc h?f»r
"Yt'i bef «lw 4M »f»e bad om of
'its h*r*lf, an' f«wk if *mt if ber
h»t, »nl pwt St r!rh» dowi* here on
ifef deak. I tt«*Ki«ff for a i
t»» ire^It* fo k#l m#v, hwt *h+ 'li'ln't
ftwi** )n.«» wroc on talkfn*. H»vw «fo
h*r, bow. It
wa* fh^r#» fn fb* 'fark. That
$m a^y trflr^ mfy do he rafdM the r*xai at a**»e
tblftk fb#y .ttAgiu*~rl
bt.gtit ba*e ar.fi
it **t»e way. and bfrt it til
tif» T«ii«e. Tb»t wa« what Har
K* nr» h* *s« in on tie Job.
?h* :h!nct**
"Ton don't fnasiie tbe girl ftp piay
is' «#r*
"I don't ima^l'e nothin'. bat I'm
fxfayirr safe. I don't krwrw what the
h—I either rrf them ar#» Bp to, hut I
figure thrj ^»«w to»» «i—o mnrh. ao*
I t!a'i 5'»lr»' to ?s any »5iaficw
ben^e' rmrwi till they noae oot fhe
rest. That my idea, to skip
wMfe th«r «»me Hiar e to
away. |x»ny up my «hare. Win*,
an' tbe« y^u ran d« wfttaterer yon
dara plea*e with wbat'a cpuln' to
What df» ym *ayT*
I ctm\d h'-ar the other tram»"nse
nmnajtfy back awl forth am** the
rr»m. HI* faittire to anawer mux?
Don't Talk So Loud!"
have angered the Russ'an, for. after
a minute, he burst out with an oath:
It. why don't yet *oy «ome-
tbing? I'art o' this Imotlie's mine,
ain't Itr
"Well, then, couxh It up! Where
did you plant the stuff?"
"It's put away In a safety vault."
Wine explalt-ed, Ms vol«*e almost fall
ing hlin. "Honest, Waldron. I enn't
get It tonight. It's too late. The bank
is locked, and I haven't opened It."
"You're a liar! Y011 never dared to
lug ibe thing around! You wouldn't
be «een wltb it In your hand in day
light. I know you. you sneaking cur.
You brought the stuff straight to this
office tbat night, and. by God. 1 be
lieve it Is here yet. Whnt do you
want me to do—kill you, snd then
bunt? That is what's goin' to bap
pen. unless you come across, too. I'll
sfvske tbe gtezard out of you, you lit
tle sneak. If you fry any trick on me."
He must heve gripped tbe otber,
for tbere was a struggle. Wine whim
pering ss though half choked.
"Speak op. you cur! This thing di
vides flfry flfty. Where Is It now?
What's tbsf—behind those booki?
H—I. wouldn't believe yoa under
oath, (io get It oat from tbere let's
have a took at tbe stuff."
He must bsve flung tbe otber dear
across the room, for be came down
sprawling, bis body striking sgalnst
tbe door of the closet, behind which
I crouched. The catch broke under
the impact, snd, before 1 could draw
hack, I was in fall view of both men.
«f Murderer.
on the floor at
st me. so
MihA ob-
PjPipWi .twnnnn*
i t&wjfh
knw whs this I CwmJ
*th ie*H t&j

Ue i» wlrhi tlw» jplrt alt rt^fct. #*id
k»»w» tw 1—n moHL Y&JI?'* wfbat
in mifi» imrivcK
«r itintt. 4vm&iB* tto «a t!» Soar.
Frr^iE. Miiad '&•»** be fe^4 re*i1f
4r«wB fortS tnr.o view fe«Ljt.*k Leati&er
»6ie» WLm f«jiicad ?ofc?e,
'r.j ftruige
of terror,
r. •*-..•#*{ h:ra t® lit
t© fcfs Ms e?«»
tBto Ki,ive. eo«
of a
I Ltri ao tlSE*. I
E «rra^-hr #t Ltmr *trik*ryf rta.-fl e- ^r.
a* we jrraj)fi»:«Nj &as t&e M»*w sent feifa
^*r-k ajpafuKrt f.l»* lK)*fcoaie. lie
ue »k#». ind the
with it a fury wh:-'-!t traa*
I f''.rrR"-«i ft* laro a *ii(i t#ajt
.«•?***» i* wfeaf be i* ap »»f U »M fwr^rH «iib k aposis of
~.\7. doc't. IVin*. bust fee's *«re g»w lierrrrj fa b»* ffrj crt% fee became
^jwv-e gsne ''xei,
at. z fterstm,.
tmj afj^rjt her he.ng bete
fMRnp we."
I f#-- him fo be. it*rm that
a e&a4 rk%, w&fwms ooljr »Je
«r gm fr» kKI.
"T'w re a aoaa tbbi tisae,
yer b—l-bmisKl. not a whiffet ilk*
Harm. Hi blow a hoi* dear thrwnch
Jft! Kiteakrd in. did yer? RH. jelt
iie-ser »f..ea*
a^ai.n Say, h»»«. »k.
jer H5s»» th^ ta*te tJiarT"
*od tried to Ntt into me wieb Uw
"re*', d. I ea^ht hi to Sn«rjn*ly,
•*i a frw? rocfeirsg hi* h«a4 bae's
aftd r-Tjtrir^ a gash txt hi* cLe«fit fr-jee
whieb W» xj «5srt*-d. If he possessed
any self-^njro! before, h* lost it then,
erazed with hate a ll« Retire to
5ci?i. If*- was a hamom fighter. h*vuod
by no reK of soy ferocity—
gouging, aMtng
l^ods a»d feet,
It wa# this which
defeated him, for while I was mefrher
ft*4 isor clear of mind, I kept my Lead
rj£irt«j!lj to mx^mber my ttaioiiiir
ai.»i ar*pt errry
that pre-
a#r»fed i'xetf mfjre thaft tr.at. the very
threats with *hU-h be tried to jeoad
rite were pkks to bis own actioa,
trvinz me the swift blot Deeded for
Ii«*a»fzfnf Wine was li«Ht of me,
I manage to vhlri th*- big bulk of
the botrling RnsMr.o aiKut so a* to
blo^k any srarpriw attaek from the rear.
Ti.1* mnvmebt gave me the *up(rt
fjf rbe wai». arnL n.*U.% it a« a de
ffn«e. I re^#r*ed fhe *am»* tacfSf»*
ad* by Waldrcn. as-auftiug him
with feet as weSI as
oat his ^tmngle bold *o my throat and
g"t S fof'ng h:rn Ks'iRav!. th.it a a*lft
ki^ rent »he fellow umttir.g over a
pi e of books, c-sawliig at f).e esnfxiy
air for support. He wonid have gone
-ywrswling upon hif back if Wine had
r»t bef-n directly it the way. As I*
wok he
»tni k fhe other, the force of
hi big htmly hurling the suuilter mac
he«v|ijr agamst tfe U-»!ce of the outer
window. A* the fellow struck, tbe
giivh shivered and T#shM Into a
thousand pie es. it before Waldron
could rejfain finn footing, or rea'ixe
what had hcj^i^ned. I was again uj^on
liirn. hr»Tik!rij: 'hrr.i ^h his di*ze«I guard
and driving my tmm straight Into bit 1
Th** rtvo?tIn WTnes T,»nd wa«
di»'*l argefl, the bullet wMxtflng jif:Ht
n»e. but -ven as th** rejKrt «*ra-k»-l, the
prepare of the Jew's b^nly forced tbe
ifmaHpr man relentleiwly backward
over the *fl!. He gave utterance to
one wJ'l ye I! of fright, releasing thf
gun and gripping fJe^T^ratt-iy at Wal
rlron'* roliar for sup^irt. then tippled
over backward and went down.
We l^rth heard the crash as the
•splinter* of gia*s gave way. and the
dull, 'lead thud of the body as ft struck
nomewhere 'ar lie!o.». The R'iR«ian
**•*•:i*«\ paralywd with terror, tmabb
to qnife cr#mpr»-hend what had occurred
behind him. But I had M-en the trag
cly, arid my mind worked Hke a fla*h.
He made ore weak effort to %pring
aside, forgetful of his own danger, his
guard drojiped, and I Set him hpve if—
ftraSght in the jaw. The clenched flst
enmched Irto hl« whiskers, and, with
arms fl^nf u*». he went over a* if
ahot. hi* fcefld striking an cdjre of the
overturned h*okca*e as he fell, and
lay there motionless, a trickle of blood
slowly ooxing out upon the floor.
I stepped back and leaned out
through fhe broken window three
storifc*' below, on a graveled rojf, lay
Homething black, huddled up grr
fesquely, which I knew was a human
body. cmshtKl hel|Jess, its bone*
broken. I drew hack from the griie
*onie Hjrht, MO sickened i ree!ei dizzi
ly, clutching at the sill for support.
As I clung there, uncertain, daxed,
my mind for the moment a blank,
gome one began rattling and pounding
against the door leading into the cor
I crossed the room, my liinbx trem
bling so I could scarcely walk, my
breath coming In gasps. They were
kicking against the wood and pound
ing with flstK,'seeking to break In the
lock. The xight aobered me, brought
back my xeif--ontrol and I threw the
door open and faced them alm'»st cool
ly. There were four policemen, the
flrxt s gray-mustached sergeant, re
volver In hand, and behind these a
jam of excited Individuals of both
sexes, peering over shoulders to gain
view witliin. The sergeant gripped
me by the collar. "Xow, you what's
up here? Have you killed somebody?"
"No," I answered, making no effort
to break away, still breathing hard,
but able to express myself clearly.
"There is a man dead, but he fell from
s window. I have nothing to conceal,
sergeant. My name Is Severn, and I
am connected with the United States
consular service. Give me s chance
and I'll hand you my card."
He must have been impressed by the
way I acted and spoke, foi^he released
his grasp aud accepted the card 1
fished out of a vest pocket, holding it
up to the light In order te read the
.yptRiit parsley peed la ae
bovise Jardfn$erea* It will make s
attractive plant fer Hi# house snd
when rows can be used' far (be
fill Least Damaga to Raatf Swrfaea^
Accosts ng t« Teats toy
Bureau a# Rca44i
(Pn%mr*S ?T tH* L.i «4 Rfae«a Dxepart
»»«i( A|mtr!f».»
Many r-'-a?'!* R'»f ori^ra'fy fnten»ted
t*» *arr7 b*-s*y trade «Mi'»+x«?y
4amsz^ darfrtr 'he p*Kl oi »f the
war by the import of heavy B»«rr
trorkx. *ne natural resvlt of this
hfrh *:ly ^ifje^^rs 'h*
imprirfanf* of annin» aH frrara
r««da »:*h ref^r^O'"* t*» th«» klol "f
trafBe that is lilsely t* ose them. Tbe
*-nz~'9fr* r**p*c4ed iiB?R*»«1fatefy by
Hm^dirijr 'h
rr«da *r*t of
atmct m'r^ d'irrj^. oar!a hat in fhe
with a kn*« In tbe st*«oa^h. ^rinnlr.f ahM^re of fleCnlte k»«wEw!gte «f the
a* I my grip on bis beard. prrtaMe nfrmrth of tbe impel they
hare not kiv»wn exactly bow thick or
bow wtmng the rowd* be id*.
Hereof tests of tite im[«d of ootnr
fnKts ma4e by *he barean «f pohlie
roads. Uurted Sfates f»eT:artnieot ot
Arrteaftore. de^el. tl.e fa^s that
wfee* a sMfd-tired tmdc strikes a
Pneumatic Tires Save
one-inch otstmdoa, tbe I
be a.« high as seven fTm*-* fhe
an average t-eir.g ah»»ot f-vir
The te(ts *ho*. however, that the
Imparl depends largely upon tbe k 'ad
and condition r4 the tire. I*neumatie
tir»-«4 r-«u,«e fhe «Jarnage to the
pond surface, the cushi"n of air re
during the inipa^t so thjt It is »ei»
d' ir greater than 1J4 times the static
lfl»d on the whee?s. A'fhooeh the
increase* with th*« sp*-ed
The tests *i fhe bureau of.public
r*ad« have pointed the way to m«»re
scientific de«isrn!ng of roads for mo- 1
y TT.e numl*r of Inr^tn^
in which very arge rue
8 n
kept continuously ^rking Is
retnely l.mtt.. .so a e e 1
hood of forthcoming motortruck dam-
Hge to public highways
ably reduced.
Federal, State and Local Authorities
J&n Hands for Great Good
Roads Campaign.
The federal government, the state
governments, and the iocal authorities
have Joined hands for the greatest
good-roads campaign that has ever
been undertaken anywhere in the
We are told that during the next
live years there will be at the disposal
of the state highway departments a
grand total of not less than $3.XJ0.
000,000. No fewer than 22 great na
tional highways are under const ruc
tion or planned for early develop
The aggregate projects call for tbe
expenditure of $600,000,000 during tbs
present year.
Imperial Comnr^mioner of Japaneee
Gmgsrnment Recommends Our
Type fer BuildiM«.
Prol. Takskuws of Klrlu univer
sity, In Tokyo, and Imperial commis
sioner ot tbe Japanese government,
sent sbroad. to investigate types of
highways In Europe and the United
States, spproves of the type of road
wsy used In this country for the Im
provement and road building program
In Japan.
Work in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania has 231 highway con
struction Jobs under wsy. These in
volve a totsl of 4,946,012 feet or 934.73
at a co«t of $51,731JS2Sii4.
|ms Along Highways, V
California, Oregon and Washington
are sstabllsb'ag laws for preserving
trees along the highways «s a Jceolc
Pivs Fowls Dry Mash.
Keep the dr/ mash before tbe birds
ky II CMtar Wtf Ti
When the tirs« came to feed tbe
animal*, though, bis nerve faiterei
cs{)e(JaF[y when be was obliged to open
ibe Jion cwge.
"Oh. Lawd." he prayed, "as yo'
was wid I^n'l In the lion s oen, so be
wfci me no*.'*
V*here«pec a votee Issued from tbe
king of beasts:
"Nehbab mind de Lord and Dan'i,
big b»y. Dis yere lion's yo* own
country n tan. Jes" hc^le wid. dat
ebow."—American I-ejrion Weekly.
Kntrker-Wli.il is a cellar?
|V^*ker—A brick pocket.—New York
Bern Id.
firit"*. jALC
Men-Metallic Msrvaral Largety
in Manufacture of
the tru^k, arid It is therefore hSgtiiy *ou»e of the most common com
deirable to limit «ie*-d hv strict reg
ulation. the u*e of pneumatic tires
would make higher speed permissible.
tortrock trafficTand there is every as- Hayings. Leeds, Lennoc and Ren
-urance tliat engireers will now be
able to huild r«#adji with practical cer
•ainty that they will withstand the
Mows of heavy vehicles.
Further reassurance in this respect *"llilnK dlvisb»n of
Mes In the Information that manu- ^vhtT
facturers are not building as many
o. ba- a soft and apparently greasy
'rucks excee fig v «lijiiiery feeling. It if* a nonconduc-
For Cough*, Cotds mud CmtmrrH
ttr W- Mm&dL Bnaftoa. lOcMcaa. (raa Smwc Ca«r
Btai y»w Ural
From Africa.
Tbe "Ov-aresr s?:../.-. on Earth""—
of them—was tvuritf Georgia and
ha vixi^ trouble with Us »mal! hue se'ect
naeragerie. Therefore, the manage
me»t of the show advertised for an
assistant trairfr. A husky
black gentleman applied. «as a creat
ed »E'l went to work.
Mwick dMt naHat care ftt WtMr is
f« nut im ran I l«« km iniWI ta
Mr Minh3 n
fcxe* irr Dr I
Ac f«*t fc** y*ar».
by ___
v? 'W Pt-nt« aM*
Mck •oc.iiia* tsfleesoe afM tW
6t Mr hmm iwliirti
«f?ec .•-« r-*«•.-r -j r«t«f a/tefft after yramW
«ickM» tie pw or Sgawii"
What to Take for
Among Canada's more useful
metallic minerals talc is probably
the most adaptable and widely used,
of #-n?f-ring Into tbe linishog proves of
Talc, sometimes designated soap
stone. a»best«js. french chalk, min
ernl pulp, taiclay and verdollte. is
found in Cape Breton and Inverness
co«.iiities in Nova Scotia Frontfeuac,
of hpflf eJwtr)eity and u
ststant to most chemical action.
*X- 1|s #rc a flMtp Jn
Clf a
Seville, Spain, is said to have been
the first European city to have a po
frew **iiities and Kenora district in ing the law on two young and attrac
Antario Ii^auce, Drome and llegan-'five aliens, the oflicer not only per
tic counties in Quebec, and in the mitted them tne ri^ht of way hut
Leech river section of the Victoria took the trouble to point out the motm-
t»h Co'umbia.
rom whi'.e to
to the touch it
window blind cloth,
|arjrefy owJ
fuse of rubber goods.
Times for Gratitude.
There i* much greatness of mind In
fhe owning of a good turn as In the
doing of it: and we must no more
force a requital out of season than be
wanting In it.—Seneca.
The Man Who Said:
The proof of the pudding
is in the eating"—
was only half through
aunt 1 «m« imnu |tM
"Y«o probably »«n't agree wltb m^
-But what?"
"Any [«'itidin will tell yjpo tbat tet
-ion* rpe»k louder than words."—'Wmp
side Tales.
ttmp tk« Pataa.
a bum or a cut atops wnan
CartwISs^rve »ppti«d It h**is
«i. -klr wfeO'it Vjc sod Of
an of t*«4 y* !o TM W Oois
Co., I... —Axt #r
Open and Above Bear#.
"Johnbte. the stork has brought you
s little sister."
"A* g.t a a. Stork noth'n'. It was
tlte milkman br.mgtjt it. Ioesn't it say
on the wagrm. 'Fau.iiies Supplied
Uaiiyr **—Ifut Mawfi Marking hN.
Always reflect liial of course, aom*
Of the service* j*-rfiruie«J for you are
not so weii done as you could elii
i tbem.
Take a good dose of Carter'slittle liver PHls
—then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after They
cleanse your system of all waste matter and
Reflate Year Bcweb. Mild- as easy to
take as sugar. Cmmtm Um «g ishiw
Small PilL Small Dose. Small Price.
"Explanation" That More Than SntlS»
tied the 0ff«rcied Representa
tive of the Law.
A pretty young Swede and an Atneti*
can girl were cros«in^ the Ellipse, re
gardless of a lettered warning to keep
«»fT the grass. A bicycle po'iceinan
wheeled up to ask if they coiMdn *ee
the sign, whereupon the American
whispered to tl»e other to answer bim
in Swedish. The little foreigner hurst
forth in excited mystifying hiHiniage
axid the other pirl chipped in with the
few word-? of her own acquired «tock.
1 Realizing the impossibility of euforc-
ment, government buildings ami like
public views.
When she eo{ the chance tTie Ameri
can girl asked her friend what she had
said to the policeman—and that up
holder of the law aisy be interested
the answer.
"I was i»ei*i.us that all I CT»n»d
think of vrw the Lord's Prayer. And
I g!*ve him that from sturt to finish."—
Washington Star.
Going to the Root.
Tbe Anglo American Congress «f
ITIPtorians are of the opinion that Eng
lish history text-books are warped by
prejudice. Tltere is some talk of his
tory being abolished.—I^mdon Punch.
Also, a woman's face may be her
husband's misfortune.
He started a good padding-*
proof, but he didn't finish it.
fliere's a lot of trouble in
the #orld from puddings that
taste good hut don't do good.
They "eat" well, but
flpda the recommendation.
Snnitariuma are fuQ of pud*
ding-eaterswhostopped the
their food gave tbe body what it
needed—until the body rebelled*
Grap*»Nuts te s food that
tastes good and does good. The
proof of Grape-Nuts begins in tha
eating and goes on through tbs
splendid service which Grape*
Huts renders SS real food,
Grape-Nuts is the perfected good*
ness of wheat and malted barley
—delicious to taste,
to di«
gjbst, and exceptionally rich ta|
(Rouriahment for body and braizi
V -X V-
v.- •/.

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