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''Every Picture ZX
*^Tf//i a S tory
Feel Stiff and Achy After
Every Cold?
Do You Have Constant Backache? Feel Old and
Lame and Suffer Sharp, Rheumatic Pains?
Then Look to Your Kidneys!
T")OES every cold, chill or attack of grip leave you
worn-out and utterly miserable? Do you feel old
and lame, stiff and rheumatic? Does your back ache
with a dull, unceasing throb, until it seems you just
can't stand it any longer?
Then look to your kidneys! Grip, colds and chills
are mighty hard on the kidneys. They fill the blood
with poisons and impurities that the kidneys must
filter off. The kidneys weaken under this rush of new
work become congested and inflamed.
It's little wonder, then, that every cold leaves you
with torturing backache, rheumatic pains, headaches,
dfzziness and annoying bladder irregularities.
But don't woiry! Simply realize that your kidneys are over
worked at such time's and need assistance. Get a box of Doan'a
Kidney PilU and give your weakened kidneys the help they need.
Assist them, also, by drinking pure water freely, eating lightly
and getting plenty of fresh air and rest. Doan't Kidney Pill#
have helped thousands and should help you. Ak your neighbor!
Mrs. Thos. Barry, 321 S. Mill
St., Lead, S. D., says:
Doan %99 Say These Grateful Folks:
settled on my kidneys and they
became weak. I had dull, nag
ging headaches that made me
miserable. Mornings I felt
dull and tired easily and my
kidney? did not act right and
1 knew they caused the trouble.
friend advised me to use
Doan's Kidney Pills and I took
his advice. One box
of Doan's
cured the trouble and strength
ened my back and kidneys and
I have had no return of the
How Noiseless Is the Growth.
Much has been accomplished more
than people are aware, so gradual has
been the advance. How noiseless is
the growth of corn! Watch it night
and day for a week, and you will never
see it growing but return after two
months, and you will find it all whiten
ing for the harvest such, and so
imperceptible In the stages of their
motion, are the victories of the press.
—De Qulncay.
Freshen a Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cutl
cura Talcum Powder, an exquisitely
scented, economical face, skin, baby
and dusting powder and perfume.
Renders other perfumes superfluous.
One of the Cuticura Toilet Trio (Soap,
Oiutuient, Talcum).—Advertisement.
"When is your new cook coming to
"Not for some time," said the pa
tient woman. "She demanded a
month's vacation and is taking it in
King George's life insurance policies
total something like $10,000,000.
J. D. Marvin, farmer, Spruce
St., Sturgis, S. D., says: "My
kidneys were in such a bad
condition that if I overlifted 1
would have an attack of back
ache which would almost lay
me up. My kidneys acted too
often day and night. In the
morning when I stooped to dip
up oats for the horses I would
have such sharp pains dart
through my kidneys I would
almost fall over. Finally I be
gan to use Doan's Kidney Pills
and they were the right rem
edy for me. I have never had
anything do me so much good.
The backache left and my kid
neys were regulated."
At All Dealers, 60c a Box. Foster Nilbuni Co., Mfg. Chem., Buffalo, N. Y.
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatteni
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Bandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
4MHH£ J* ths gait Mark
Spohn's Distemper Compound
to br»»ak It up and get them back Jn condition. Twenty-eight
years' use has mart* "SPOHN'S" indispensable in treating
Coughs and Colds, Influenza and Distemper with their reaulting
complications, and all diseuea of the throat noae and lungs.
Acta marvelously as preventive acts equally well aa cure.
0 centa and $1.20 per bottle. At aJl druf stores.
Different Reasons.
Movie Sign—"Why Girls Leave
Home Monday." That's easy. It's
wash day.—Chicago Evening Post.
Not necessarily, brother, there's one
"dear girl" we know who leaves home
Monday because it's Bargain day.—
lioston Transcript.
Each package of "Diamond Dyee" con
tains directions ao simple any woman can
dye or tint her worn, shabby dresses,
skirts, waists, coats, stockings, sweaters,
coverings, draperies, hangings, everything,
even if she has never dyea before". Buy
"Diamond Dyes"—no other kind—then
perfect home dyeing is sure because Dia
mond Dyes are guaranteed not to spot,
fade, streak, or run. Tell your druggist
whether the material you wish to dye is
wool or silk, or whether it is linen, cotton
or mixed goods.—advertisement.
Forty-six persons are said to have
died in England at more than 120
years of age.
A woman seldom knows Just what
she wants, but she usually gets it.
Mmstsstw* Mtwotwuiwumw «f Hlkrttcfil
News of
South Dakota
Western Newspaper t'nlon News SerTir*.
Gustave Wahl, son of Carl Wahl,
farmer of near Kmery, was accident
ally killed while hunting.
During the month of January, 83
carloads of corn and nine carloads of
oats were shipped from Worthing.
The South Dakota League of Wo
men Voters will hold its third annual
convention in Huron April 4, 5 and 8.
The Centerville civic league will
reorganized and will take up work on
several projects for the advancement
of the city.
A loss of several thousand dollars
resulted when fire destroyed the ware
house of the Minneapolis Brewing
company in Madison.
Preliminary steps were taken at a
mass meeting of taxpayers of Emery
to provide that city with an up-to
date waterworks system.
Paul Steffen, a farmer living near
Pierre, succeeded in killing a large
gray wolf with his hands after driving
it into a snowdrift on the highway.
Arrangements are being made at
Dakota Wesleyan university in Mit
chell for the annual Y. M. C. A. train
ing camp, which will be held March
24, 25, 26 and 27.
The condition of the ice on the Mis
souri river near Vermillion has en
abled local people to bring a large
amount of wood from the Nebraska
side of the river during the past few
School facilities of Lake Preston
have become so congested that the
business men and other residents
have started a movement for the erec
tion of a new and much larger school
i At a meeting of thef Groton city
icouncil it was decided to make a
change in the rate for electricity
when used as power, a reduction be
ing made from $1.10 to $1 minimum
per horsepower.
The conference of educators held
In Huron accomplished one object
which will have statewide beneficial
results, by paving the way for a uni
form course of study in all schools in
the state, rural as well as city.
Plans for marking, locating and ad
vertising the Black and Yellow trail
through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South
Dakota and Wyoming were taken up
at a meeting of the national board of
directors of the trail association, held
in Huron recently.
Par and accrued interest with a
premium of $416 was the bid of a
Minneapolis company for the $37,500
water and sewer bonds which were
sold by the city council of DeSmet.
A year ago bond brokers demanded a
bonus before they would even consid
er bonds.
i The ice on the Missouri river at
Yankton this year ranges from 15 to
25 inches in thickness, and, if a sud
den thaw comes throughout the valley
river men anticipate possible trouble,
as a sudden rise in the stream would
|cause a break-up while the ice is still
jsolid enough to gorge.
The Sturgis commercial club closed
a deal with the government and leased
the 35-acre tract of land adjoining th«
least side of the Meade county memor
ial park. This will be fixed up and
used for park purposes and will make
the Sturgis park the largest and best
in the state.
I A careful investigation among the
farmers of the Lernmon territory re
veals that practically all of them have
decided they are through trying to
gamble on the uncertainty of wheat
production and will, during this and
succeeding years, devote their acre
age to corn, millet and other feed
At the primary election to be held
throughout South Dakota on March
28, the voters of Stanley county will
have submitted to them the separate
proposition of issuing bonds in the
sum of $160,000 for the purpose of re
funding the outstanding warrant in
debtedness of the county. The idea
is to place the county on a cash basis.
The annual report of H. O. Her
brandson, of the bureau of crop esti
mates, shows that at the beginning of
1922 South Dakota had 784,000 horses
valued at an average of $49, or of a
total value of $38,416,000 14,000 mules
of an average value of $S0, or a total
value of $980,000 417,000 milk cows,
valued at $47 each, or a total value of
$19,599,000 1,601,000 other cattle,
valued at $24 each, or of a total value
Of $39,545,000 709,000 sheep, worth $4
each, or a total value of $3,190,000
1,900,000 hogs, worth $10 each, or a
total value of $19,000,000. This shows
a large decline in the number of
horses and mules compared with the
period before the war. Farm tractors
are believed to have been an impor
tant factor in bringing'about this de
cline. The report shows that the
farm value of horses has declined to
less than one-half their value during
the period from 1915 to 1918.
There now seems to be no doubt
that the $6,000,000 bonds voted by the
people at the last general election to
pay ex-service men entering the serv
ice from South Dakota at the rate of
50 .cents a day for the time spent in
the service with a maximum of $400
to any individual, will be sufficient to
pay off all claims made under the act.
When the large amount of snow
throughout the Big Sioux valley melts,
the topic of drainage of the Big Sioux
river is expected to again become a
live one along the river, which annual
ly floods great tracts of farm lands
Seemingly If Is Not Unusual to Make
Bequests by Which Ani
mals Benefit.
An elderly French spinster died,
leaving a will bequeathing most of her
property to charity and a substantial
sum to "my silent, sympathetic and
best-loved friend, Minnette." Min
nette was her cat. A Frenchman was
moved by this incident to investigate
the subject and he found that cats,
among all animals, have most frequent
ly been made legatees.
In 1071 a noted player on the harp
and flute, Jeanne Felix Dupuls, en
joined her executor to give the
expect to get as many pieces of
gum as 1 put pennies in the slot ma
1 think when I go to a "musical
comedy'' that I am going to see and
hear both comedy and music.
I have secret hopes that some day
there will be no reformers, reds, cov
er charges or jazz.
I go to lectures with the view of
gleaning bits of information.
I have faith that the Modern Girl
Is old-fashioned at heart.
I am an optimist—(or am I a ol?).
—Dartmouth College Jack o' Lantern.
A Rattling Skeleton.
"People say that family has a skele
ton in the closet." "I've heard some
thing rattle in the garage."
Saving is a greater art than get
ting, and the art of living is even more
diseases may be described as a catarrhal condition. Coughs, colrts,
fiaeiit catarrh, stomaoh and bowel disorders are just a few of the very com
mon Ills due to catarrh.
Flpht It! Fight catarrh with a remedy of assured merit, a remedy which
baa a reputation for usefulness extending over half a century—
Tmttftm or Liquid Sold evmryurhmrm
yS^'^Net Contents
of two cats 30 sous a week for their
which she specified should be
meat broth,
the kind we ourselves
eat, rich and sufficient without being
eked out by bread crumbs,
upon individual plates, belonging one
to each cut." Her relatives broke the
will, and this provision of separate
ihe pussies was a point up­
on which they strongly dwelt in th^
attempt to prove that her mind was
But at Least Profiteer Must Be Given
Credit for the Possession Of
Police Chief Charles Fitzrnorrls of
Chicago, whose fight against bootleg
ging Chicago policemen has made him
famous the country over, said at a re
cent banquet:
"These bootlegging policemen want
to get rich, dine at the Ulackstone
and climb into society like the profi
"A profiteer, you know, moved to
New York with his family and spent
so much money and devoted such in
defatigable energy to pushing his way
into society that a society leader
said of him—we'll call him Blane—
'Sometimes, in the dead of night
I aih awakened by a curious and
persistent sound, I listen intently in the
darkness again with a sigh of relief,
murmuring to myself:
it is only Mr. Blane, climbing—
aid Drachm1
\ALCOHOL-3 FLR clnt.
AVei ctAblc Preparation nrtvs
similatin^ theRod by K^uta
1inMhoStomachs and Bowrls
Thereby PromoUn£
Cheerfulness aid RcslConlatfls
neither Opiam, Morphinei nor
I A hdirful Rc«iy for
and r«v"ish"",!Ep
tjfW 'VQRK*
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Apparently Birds Possess and Exer
cise It Even Before They Hsve
Left the Shell.
The obedience of young birds to the
mother has been the subject of many
stories. Two young thrushes bad re
mained perfectly still, while Mr. Itoh
lnson, was passing near a nest when
he saw some young ones leave it and
disappear into the water In that won
derful way common to all amphibious
creatures right up to the hippopot
amus, almost without a ripple. He
found in the nest one egg, which was
being cracked from the Inside—all
birds are hatched with a little projec
tion something like a glazier's diamond
on their bills for this purpose—and
the youngster was cheeping as It wrig
gled slowly round. As he watched,
back came the mother. She saw h'm
and gave one short, harsh cry. Im
mediately the little bird in the egg
stopped cheeping and made no fur
ther sound or movement while he re
mained. Here was a case of instinc
tive obedience even before the bird
was hatched.—London Time*.
"Hood times" must be paid for.
He beat the train to the crossing
a good many times
"It's never touched me yet,**
be explained when they pointed
mat the risks.
That's the answer a good
many people make when they
hear that the drug element in
tea and coffee often harms
nerves and health. They say it's
never touched them yet.
Sometimes they only think
it hasn't.
Wakeful nights, drowsy
days, headaches that keep com
ing more fre
are blamed on
bad luck when
the blame be
longs on bad
And That's That.
On Eighteenth street yesterday.
negroes driving motors. One drit'nf
truck thrusts out his arm for a tnni.
i»ther driver, coml! from behind,
sounds horn and attempts to pass.
Doth cars stop. Fenders touching,
both drivers pile out to argue.
"Didn't you see my arm?" asks the
truck driver.
"Didn't you hear my horn?" coun
ters the other.
"Sure I hoard your horn."
"Why didn't you stop, then?"
*'t\iuse," ain't my arm as good as
your horn?"
Drivers get back in and lwth ma
chines proceed.—Kansas 'lty Star.
Woman-haters not infrequently are
ftrtnnvnlkrrs In department stort**.
For Infants and Children,
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
He Had to Learn.
Fred is the promising young BOA
of the house of Jones in Grant comity.
Now, Fred has it all mapped oat
that he is to be a physician when ha
becomes a man.
The other day he was found In com
pany with two other boys behind tht
barn smoking a cigarette.
"Now, Fred," said his mother,
the time of reckoning had
"didn't I tell you not to smoke cigar'
"Yes, mother, but you see, I'm go*
ing to be a doctor and as I'll have t#
smoke I thought I'd begin and
early."—Indianapolis News.
Restaurant French.
Lamped on a local bill of fare by
M. C.—"Horses d'oeuvre." Tbla re*
minds us of the story of the yooag
man in New York who was dining la
a first-class restaurant with his heal
beloved. She was poring over tfeft
menu wondering what to order wkts
he put in, "What yon want to start
with, dearie, is some of those
doves."—Ihston Transcript.
Synthetic leather and rubber art
being made from yeast, glycerin, tart
and water.
judgment in taking neediest
chances with harm.
Over on the safe side is
Postum, a pure cereal beverage,
delicious and satisfying con
taining nothing that can harm
nerves or digestion. Thousands
who used to try their luck with
tea or coffee are enthusiastic over
having found safety and sata*
faction in Postum.
It's worth your while to make
the test with Postum for ten
days. Postum is a delightful
drink for any member of the
family, at any meal.
Your grocer has both forma of Posterns
Instant Postum (in tins) made instantly to the
cap by the addition of boiling water. rMMm
Cereal (in packages of larger balk, lor Utass
who prefer to make the drink whiH the aaaitti
being prepared) made by boilingfor 20 —'TTim
Postum for Healths'
4 «TW. „.,j *7
Made by Postum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creak,

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