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A Reduction ot Nearly Fifty .Millions
in thti Government's Net Revenue
Some of the Causes.
Nov. '.'.--The. annual report
of 1,'niu-d SLite-- Treasurer Wyinau ii made
public to-d.i. It sJiow the net revenue of
thti (JoVtTUinent for the tWcal year ended
Jui.m 11, U I - than W;S by $ ii),77f
71J, l in; Udi .i.VlH.rJ.!); while in 1SSJ
it amu:i' d to S.'2V-'7,1. The decreet
in r. vi i j U from custom in $HM-"UW; in
rto ipt fro.n internal revenue, $iJ,i:l,-J,
ur.d in rMN-ir.ts from inic lI.tiieous sources,
V.'H. From the agrt-u'utt? of
tbeso its nho'jl-1 be deducted
the increase s 1,H." lf-1 in receipts
from j-aler of i uMie laiul, leaving a net re
duction, a stattd above. The net expeii
diture afe u d 2tl,l2Vf:MI, a decrease
from thn amount of Si of -Ji,'JM,K.tt.
The urpltn ; Mr iMe to t!ie reduction of
the public drbt an-uunttd to l : J, I a
decrea of SJ, P."H1" from the previous
ear. The Trraury reerve for Ur year
ending Nov. 1, 1 -I, i decreased l-,7fL:NV,
or from $ I 4 ).-.!,.- I in 15, to 1 t-U70,'JH)
Nov. I, 1-.M. i'u'U T il 1 low 40 per cent, in
eice.-i of dei'.ianvl.liahdities lawfully required
m Vu'tHt only having been tw hi'h us
hi ar.d l-U) a year ao, on Nov. 1, 1n4, was
U and 7-h per cent. The average
?tii(v. re.r.inion has teen &i and iMO
I r cent. I he amount of standard
.-ilvt-r t!ll ir- coiueil to Sept. JiO, 1SSI. is
W,:o,j"j, f which the. treasury held
si L:;r., n. Of thU latter aii!bunt si7,(Mt
xl for the redemption of silver certificates
out-tandin. Th. amount in circulation is
"Z.n)1,.v,. During the p:nt ti.-cal year $VS,
2,7! are in National hank notes presented
for redemption, bein; 'JJ and KM0O per
cent, more than in the preceding year. This
increa-e in the amount of hank notes pre
sented for redemption the treasurer says re
tlect.i the condition of tlie mercantile nione
f tary affair of the country, as hown by the
reports of mcrra-diii bu.-ine.-w failures and
tlecrea.oir!' Clearing Houso transactions. It
m a ontirma ion of the cour-e bank notere
ih niptions have been pursuing j ear by year
sincf? IS1.
Tho a'reu'ate amount of bai:k notes pre
sented for redemption during the past ten
years, expressed in round numbers, is 1,
4'H.tim.M( n, yearly average of $1 10,0 0,tV).
Actual redemptions varied widely from this
average, nmning up to Jh.Ui0 in 177,
ami falling on to $".l,UH),0iW in 1SS1. in one
cave exceeilinglhe average by l(J,0UO,WXk in
the other falling isl.UOO.UU below it. The
large redemptions of the years 1N75 and 1871)
were to fome extent due to the depression in
business .succeeding the financial and com
mercial panic of 1S7:J. The comparatively
small redemptions in the last five years,
l-N-ls-d, may be attributed to the re
covery during tho-e jears from
the effects of that panic, the increased ac
tivity of business and the benefits attending
the resumption of sjecie payments. The
statistics of the ten years show tho redemp
tions invariably afTected by business eea
ons, decreasing in the spring and autumn,
when tmd is active, and increasing in mid
winter and midsummer when trade is dull.
Tho note- presented for relemption during
A the past three mouths of the current fiscal
year are 'M ier cent, in excess of the amount
presented during a corresponding period of
tlie past ti.-cal year.
Railroads Showing Preference to Rich
Chicago Friends,
due ion, Nov. IT. Tho Hock Island pub
lished a stirring reply to a joint circular is
s ied Nov. 1.", by the St. Paul, Northwest
ern and IJjrlingt'yi companies, claiming
that each of the-e lines is issuing transfer
able advertising mileage tickets; that thev
are not doing advertising wholly on a cash
!'-; as has been claimed. The Hock Island
purcha-rd a considerable number of these
tickets from brrkers recently and turned
them over to omc of Chicago's best citizens,
who have been riding on them and who
make a;)ilavits to tlie fact. The Hock Is
land claim- the war inaugurated by the St.
I'aul. Norihwt stern and Hurlington com
pauies i- w!io!ly unjn-titiable.
Farmers's Institutes for 1005.
Lst.o, Nov. i'-1. Tho State Board of
Agriculture at thir meeting in Lansing ar-
rangetl for the following Farmers's Institn-
es for January, l-,":
Tannary 1-and 1:5 at Monroe Representa
tives from th' C'olhge Dr. Kedzie, Dr.
(irange, l'resident Abbott and L. (. Car
p titer.
January 1- and l;t nt I'lyrnonth Hepre-sntativ-
frean fh College Prof. (Vn)k,
Prof. Ileal. Prof. Mclvan and F. S. Kelie.
J inuary 1.1 ai d l1' at Flushing Represen
tatives from the College- Prof. Carjnter,
Prof. Johnon, Stcretary lhairvl and Dr.
January 1.) and J nt Albion lrprearnta
tives from the ColI-g-'-lVof. !Ual, Prof.
Harrower, Prof. Carpenter and Secretary
January '.!) ard -1 at Pnvr Paw Represen
tatives, from tie (n,w;a Prof. MrKwan,
'President Abbott, Dr. Orange and Mrs.
January Jl und J ri. Maniste eprrrn-tative-
from the Coilegrv pnf. Johnson,
Prof. CM'i, Prof, narrower and F. S.
-- - -
A Desperate Fight.
Cnii'i; Nov. '.v;. Two mm, ptrippetl !o
th waist, fin Tg;d from OTIari's sahxn, on
Kat Chicago aenn , at 4 o'clock this morn
tug. -nd were fe!?ow:d by half-a-dozf n oth
ers, who formed a c;rd Th men waitetl
f-.r r.o fermalif irs, hr,t proceedel to engage
in i rough-and-tuml 1 1 fight. An otTioer at-t.-mpted
to separate th. inm who prtived
to t - Kd.vxrd (: and Austin (libU)n'
bat sa etafors c m;ht him and carried him
bodilt oat of llv ring. II then calltl a
patrol wagort. Mxa-vhilf Casey and Oib
m fo?tg' t dfvraMy. the former being
terribly pnni-hed. Thf tnin had 1h n fight
ing tifte'ti mivuiS wb'n ths patnd Rrnreif,
ntid were rtv v.) -- -tf cuts and brui-, bloo.1
lowing free!y. T d y ther wett sent t
the Hndew.-U for twenty-live day.
. -
Another Loral Groue:ht toTe.trs.
Ijim i n, Nor. '.--Irtt I ytton, in a long
tndy p-d ltdied V. th Xitwt.rvJh Csnfnry.
npm Mary A ndi-r vr Ja!;"f, d-c'ar th,
crittciJiM in itovi of th L--nd m papir nr
tnUleiding. So fir frm n'vliug 1;" in.
j a.utf to pr.ft; ;y ! ''', h fjI f:f
filing .ird tv 1 -fvc. v-i in t i flis
it a prof v.r.-liv -e h.i-.r. tT--"
ltA r,?s raas y J'ili'-'s. hat M ty Afdr
51, ,n n -- t.i' r--,lr r t? ilrtlfT ft trtf
f:r '- h .:i. jr'!!"M t't t jht b
irhrrv.ng ta b v.'rf t . t-4 f.'nr.ltAf
Lirior in C. i r: 1 i :: "
A New Witness Creates a Sensation
in the Case.
Jxckson, Mich., Nov. J.- Five of the jury
men in the Holeomb trial went to Parma
yesterday and had dinner with Juror Hrowu's
people. Deputy Videto watched over them,
and all ftlt wll to-day but Orthaniel Pres
ton. He had to call on a physician lat even
ing. He was home better this morning and
idl were in their seats w hen court opened.
The testimony to-day was to identify the
bullets from the Crouch house as Wing from
i thirty-eight calibre Smitlf & Weston pistol,
and to five the result of experiments made
by John N. Squire, Walter Johnson and
others, with different kinds of revolvers,
tending to show that tho bullets found in the
Innlies were tdtot from such a weapon. The
witnesses talcd that eiierimcuts provetl
that the bullets that killed the people in the
Crouch house were fired from such a pistol.
Several witne.-ses who were wanted could
not be found and court adjourned until after
noou. A sensation was produced this afternoon by
Frank Manson, of Montcalm county, swear
ing that he rode from Hay City to Ogemaw
with Dan Holeomb ou tho cars in October,
Holeomb showed Manson a thirty
eight calibre Smith it Weston revolver and
said he was going to visit his brother. This
was after Holeomb claimed ho had lost the
revolver. Man-on, who bears a first-class
reputation, identified Daniel Holeomb on
the street to-day, having never seen him
before since, the conversation occurred till
Inspector Davis, of New York, is Prob
ably a Blackmailer.
Boston, Xov. '.V. A Washington special
says: Assistant Secretary Coon this morn
ing completed and handed to Secretary Mc
Culioch, the results of the investigation
which has been made into the charges
against Theo. Davis, Tea Inspector of New
York. Davis is accused of blackmailing six
Hoston tea-imiHirting firms out of $100 each,
which they paid rather than subject them
selves to the annoyance which- he would be
able to inflict upon them. Secretary Mc
Culloch said to a Ilecortl correspondent this
forenoon he did not think it best that tho
names of tho Hoston houses should be made
known until he had decided the case which,
he expects to do in a few days. In admit
ting that he received money, Davis says it
was for pay a3 a lobbyist, in getting tea leg
islation through Congress. This will not
help him much at the Secretary's hands,
especially as the evidence brought to Coon'
notice is said to be .sufficient to have caused
him to recommend Davis's dismissal. Davis
is a New York politician, who was appointed
by Jndge Folker.
A Fireman Falls Through an Open
Pittsburg, Nov. 2S At 8:S0 this evening
fire wa3 discovered in the large four-story
wholesale and retail furniture and upholstery
establishment of E. Edmonson & Son. Clio
Smithfield street. By strenuous effort on
the part of the firemen the flames were
confined to the building, which with its
contents, was almost entirely destroyed.
The loss on furniture and upholstery stock
is pLaced at about $4.",000, while the damage
to the building, owned by John Daub, is
estimated from $20,XK) to A2.",000. Insur
ance on furniture, etc., $;50,(H0; on building,
$15,000. The adjoining buildings were
slightly damaged. Leonard Smith, a fire
man, was painfully injured by a fall through
an open elevator. It is supposed the fire was
caused by the spontaneous combustion of
varnish and oil in the basement.
A Colored Citizen Treed.
ANXiroLis, Md., Nfv. 2S.W. D. Parsons,
a farmer of the third district, while passing
near Newbridge, saw the body a colored man
hanging on a small dogwood tree just off tho
highway yesterday. Tho feet were within
six inches of the ground. Parsons, upon
examination, found the corpse to be that of
George Briscoe, a colored desperado. Parsons
notified Dr. Crane, and Coroner Jacob. A
jury was at once summoned, and after n
short deliberation rendered a verdict that
the deceased came to his death by hanging
at the hands of unkuown parties. The
lynchers, whoever they may be, kept their
own counsel, and it is impossible to suspect
their identity.
A PostofFice Burglarized.
Saline Citt, Mo. Nov. US. Tho postoflice
wm broken into and robbed last night. The
burglars procured tools from a blacksmith
shop near by, blew tho "safe open, rilled it of
package-s, stamps aud money, and also open
ed a registered package containing money.
The burglary was not discovered nntil this
morning when the postmaster started in
pursuit and tracked them to Slater. He re
covered the horses which the burglars had
stolen and rode to Slater, but did not cap
ture the perpetrators.
In the Interest of His State.
Jftferhon Citt, Mo., Nov. JS. Governor
Crittenden left this afternoon for Washing
ton and New York. He gv s to Washington
for the purpose of getting tlie cae of the
State vs. th Hannibal t St. Joseph railroad
advanced on the supreme owrt docket. His
viit to New York will l tx th purpe of
examining the securities of tlu .State hell by
th Natioual lUuk of Commerce.
Stanley's Opinion.
Bfrx.15, Nov. i.. In reply to inquiry by
delegates from Holland at Wt African
Conference to-day, Henry M. Stanley ates
it would 1 bth tQsib! nad useful to join
IeopoM and Mafnmba Iikes by a naviga
ble canal. It would not be practice-able to
join Nya-a. and )angmika Lake.
- .- ... .
A Veteran Railroad Mm Killed.
Wn.v:.NoTe, Ma., Nov. 2, J, K. God
win, t'ion agent here of th !wd. in A.
rowHl Kailrn.d, Vml hirkong fi train
thU mnnn? -o cr,hl U Iw.n tha car
and instantly killed. H Md hn in the
employ of the company f' -f thnty yvr.
. - . ,
Injunction CVant-d.
Cfo-rirT, Not, J id i'axforgrftr.tpd
a temporary Inpir.rfi t ia f -r e-.f W, p.
Kmt wint 1? CI mibn. H ing V?d!r
t Ttcd THu,V. fptf?nirinif 1 4ttr
fr""Ti fpfn-n4 t't f irri!? frrd fr it i"-
P.u:--iof rr.-i.
The Hocking Valley Strike Virtually
Ended Mills at Fall River and
Elsewhere Resuming.
Columlu, O., Nov. 23. The active oieas
ures recently taken by the bheriffs of Hock
ing, Athens aud Perry counties, seconded by
the officers of the C. II. V, t T. It. It. Co.
coal exchange syndicate ojerators indicating
a determined and persistent effort to end the
mining troubles, is likely soon to prove suc
cessful. Already over thirty of the intimi
dators liave been placed in jail and indict
ments found in a majority of cases. It is
believed the United States forces will be
brought into use to gather in a large number
who have been intimidating others, making
attacks upon guards and persons whom they
wished to prevent from working at reduced
rates. The Uuchtel miners, are again running
to their fullest capacity, and work in tlie
others is being gradually increased. One
hundred and sixty-five cars were loaded in
the Hocking Coal and Iron Company's mines
yesterday, which indicated that the trouble
is virtually ended.
The Pittsburg Coopers.
PiTTSDUiiO, Pa., Nov. 'JS.The 000 em
ployees of the coopernge department of the
Standard Oil Company in this city were
paid off to-day, and the establishment closed
indefinitely on account of overstock and no
demand for barrels. At other factories not
controlled by the Standard tho outlook is
Fall Uiveii, Mass., Nov. 28. All the
mills started up this morning. There is de
cidedly a good feeling among manufactur
ers, caused by the stiffening in prices of
print cloth. The mills will all run next
week. The general opinion is that it will not
be necessary to stop during the winter.
Business Brightening.
Pittsduko, Pa., Nov. 28. Shoenberger fc
Co.'s two iron mills, which have been closed
for some time, started up on full time this
morning in all departments, giving employ
ment to 000 hands. The firm has sufficient
orders to keep running steadily.
"Bystreet's" Reports.
New Yoek, Nov. 28. There were 237 fail
ures in the United States reported to Brad
street's during the week, against 251 the
proceeding week, 232, and 158 in the cor
responding weeks of 1883, 1882 and 1881 re
spectively. 0
A Bishop Resigns.
Baltimobe, Nov. 28. At this afternoon's
session of the Plenary Council, the resigna
tion of the Most Rev. Charles J. Seghess, as
Archbishop of Oregon, was tendered and
An Earthquake.
Paris, Nov. 28. A shock of an earthquake
was felt at Lyons, Marseilles and other
places in the south of Franco to-day. Much
alarm was caused but there were serious re
sults. A Territory Bought.
London, Nov. 28. It is 6tated that the ter
ritory of Sheikh said quesfaden, in Egypt,
has been sold to a German firm.
Gorman's Dinner.
Senator Gorman's complimentary dinner
in Baltimore on the evening of Dec 11 bids
fair to rival the famous Dorsey dinner.
'The banquet will be served," as the Balti
more papers tell, "in the foyer of the Acad
emy of Music, where tho galleries will be
thrown open to the ladies of subscribers.
Tho subscriptions, at 20 each, are limited
to 150, tho dinner cards admitting two ladies
or a lady and gentleman escort to the gal
leries. The dinner is fixed for 7 o'clock and
the galleries will open at 8:30, before the
speaking is begun. Invitations will be sent
to President-elect Cleveland and VicefPresi-dent-elect
Hendricks and the former is ex
pected and the latter will almost certainly
come. About 200 will be at the dinner 150
subscribers and 50 by invitation."
Soured on Cuban Sugar.
The Louisiana sugar-planters are putting
on their war paint by way of preparation for
the fight against the ratification of the Span
ish reciprocity treaty. There are only three
or four hundred of them, but they have
large capital invested in tho business and
employ a good many laborers. The admis
sion of Cuban sugar free would prove a
death blow to their industry, unless they
were paid a bounty by the government. The
contest over the ratification of the treaty
promises to be a very warm one.
A Desperate Doctor.
Dr. John Maxwell, of Springfield, Ohio,
gave his four children a mixture of aconite
and chloroform, wrapped their faces in
cloths saturated in the poison, and placed
them on a !cd. Then ho took a similar dose,
and made the same preparations for death.
When Mrs. Maxwell returned sho found one
of the little ones dead and the others uncon
scious, two of them dying during Wednesday
night. The doctor revived and has been im
prisoned. He says he was tired of living,
and wanted the children to go with him.
oti:i pfcon.K.
Mr. Belva Lockwood ha started on a long
lectnring tour.
Mr. Ihirnand, the editor of London Punch
has f leveu unmarried daughters.
Theodore Thomas will give six concerU
for young people in New York this season.
M. Ijp Coo ha written an opera, entitled
"PIutu," in two nct, for the Opera Com
iqne. Mr. IV Young, the owner of the San Fran
cisco Chnmirlr, i recovering from his
Marshal MaeMnhon of France is writing
hi memoir?. They should contain a great
dal of information about Kuropean aff Air
ince the Italian ws.rr and a fund of interest
ing nneedote.
Since lat SeplemVr Fin pern r William
ha had five vre fainting fits, hi vitality
falling very lo-w a fry each attack, and it i
frari at the JWlm court that h will die
uddenly before the year i ended.
Gen. Ornt h c-flfn rn reqnetl to
deny if report thS h wjm dronk at the bat
tle t'f SHiloh, but he alwayt rrplird that "if
opi blif vd tht tory after !ln battle
of J-Wutoh they rnigh. do o.M
IKvi 1 C.nlT, a r kmcr rf Colorado,
on thi rdsrht of Novud? 4, in a voip mad
rffi by hurrahing: 'AH 1 hv vf
urarrd b) r?d fof tit. Ih T:ir.ti cf r
oibt Ip?r -rrt prrt . !-1, V(?3 I r.m r!y
in rUr." Hi trrllf5i:.-i r.! .l t : U tU
1.3 C 2 u.
Superintendent Perry Closes Up and
Balances his Books.
Superintendent Perry balanced up the ac
count of his stewardship as distributor and
collector of the Thanksgiving charities yes
terday. The fum total of the charity, which
was bo spontaneously and gracefully donated,
and thankfully received by the poor and the
unfortunate, wtu tlJ.20. Of this fum,
$375.18 was variously eiended, leaving a
balance of $y.C2. Among contributions
not previously fully acknowledged, were $5
from the P. A. 1J. Club, collect d from
among the dancers at their ball Wednesday
evening, and $12.30, twenty-five iounds of
flour and four cans of oyster from the
friends of Detective Connolly.
Of the perishable goods, quite a quantity
was given to "The Little Sisters" and a like
quantity to the U. B. A. Home and St.
Mark's Home. To make the balance com
plete and the distribution as equitable as pos
sible, the latter iastitution will be given the
balance of cash on hand. Too much credit
cannot be given to the Committee, Messrs.
Houseman, Weston and Perry, and those
who assisted them in their work of charity
and love. Officer Howell, the expert driver
of the Police van, deserves special mention
for the interest, care and kindliness he
showed in helping in tlie work of distribu
Patti Rosa's Engagement at Redmond's
" Lights o London."
An avalanche of local new prevents The
Telegram going into detail and saying the
many good things it would like to in praise
of Patti Rosa's "Mizpah" and her excellent
company. The bright, sparkling little sou
brette was greeted with full houses at Red
mond's on Thanksgiving afternoon and
evening, and also by a well-filled house last
night. Some have located Patti Rosa in the
Minnie Palmer school. Why Minnie Pal
mer should be credited tho founder of a
school she never originated is unexplained.
Patti Rosa is original, and, in the main part
of her acting, displays a peculiar style un
like any cotemporary soubrette. She is bet
ter than ever, full of life and vigor. She
sings well and dances gracefully, being ac
corded many recalls. The play, though not
strong in plot, is just what the public like
because it is full of fun and frolic
The supporting company all contribute ma
terially and effectively in making the play
amusing. Mr. Jolm W. Dunne, a thoroughly
capable an intelligent actor, acting as An
toine Mardi, that was remarkable for its con
sistency, grace, and evidence of withheld
force. Misse9 Lester and Williams were
also, conspicuous for good work. The play
will be repeated this afternoon, and the en
gagement will close with to-night's enter
tainment. "The Lights of London."
It is unnecessary to make any extended
referrence to the reappearance of "Lights o'
London" at Powers's next Monday and
Tuesday evenings. The company this yea.
is one of the best on the road, headed by the
well-known actor, Atkins Lawrence. The
company is playing in Chicago this week at
Haverley's. The press bestows especial
1raise on both company and scenery, the
atter being entirely new and gotten up en
tirely for the metropolitan productions of
the play.
Every Effort will be Made to Secure a
New Trial.
The verdict of $2,000 damages awarded
the plaintiff in the Watson versus Watson
seduction case, was a genuine surprise to
many who listened to its details, but to none
more so than to the defendant's attorneys.
In a conversation last evening with Mr.
Maynard, of the defence, a Telegram re
porter learned from that gentleman, that
during the time, forty days, which has beeh
granted by the court for a stay of proceed
ings, every .effort will be made to secure a
new trial and in the event of a failure the
Supreme Court will be appealed to. "We
felt perfectly confident of obtaining a ver
dict," said Mr. Maynard, "and that we had
established Mr. Watson's innocence beyond
a peradventure. We know he is innocent, by
reason of, if nothing else, his physical inca
pacity to perform tho act with which he was
accused, a point which the prosecution did
not even attempt to refute or rebut. Mr.
Watson could have settled the caso long ago,
with much less money than the verdict call
for, but his honor would have been com
promised and that ho will defend to the
bitter end. He is in moderate circumstance
and lives quietly on a small farm not far
from this city. We still have st rong hopes of
securing justice for him.
A Polander Who Was Too Much En
tranced by the Fiddle.
Mr. Popozinski was dancing at the Arbi
ter Hall Wednesday evening, when at mid
night the loud booming of the larum 1H
sounded. "No time for fire now," said
Fopozinski." When youth and beanty
meet to (rip the light fantastic toe and chase
the fleeting hour with flying feet, it would
be really too a,lsard to desist from indulging
in Terpsicnrean amnsment?,me rely to ait
the fire laddie. No, no, on with the dance,"
said Fopozinki, "let not the joyou merri
ment of this hour be curtailed in the slightest
degree by fire, fir 111, or fire laddie. Oar
pleaure are among tbe belle, not the cold
fire bell., and pteamer, truck and Bdvck
fire extinguisher enn gft in thrir work and
we'll have our here And cat-gut and harp
pfring twanged a merry wait, whilf the
f re-fif nd walked away with PopofimkiV rro
pfrty. Poro?.inki ba not ceased pine
that ffal Ivmu. to metAphoriranr kirk him
pe'f rrvrr th fire? and bk agn. foT
amonj th incident of th iriemfTatkm w
the burning of In cvh. nhieb Trr,m
rr.U r trn r.ot vrd t;U! h
The Supposed New Proprietor Dis
pleased with His Trade A Race
for the Alcona County Paper.
It has been known for borne time among
newspaper men that negotiations were land
ing for a trade bttween Mr. Hallock, of the
Saturday Evrnu.rj i'osf, and J. K. Fairchild,
of the Alcojui County Jlrtiew, for an ex
change of uewsp:it r property. The latter
gentleman desirtd, ow ing to tlie fact that
many of his relatives resided in this vicinity,
and also on account of his former residence
in this county, to embark in journalism in
this city. It was formally announced
in the last issue of the W that
tho trade had been concludt4 and Mr. F.
would take iossessiou, and though tlie news
pair people of the city were not apprised
of the details of the trade, it was known that
Mr. Fairchild came here on Wednesday of
tins week. It is understood that tlie trans
fers were made of the newspaper offices and
property of the Alcona County Jltriew, to
gether with certain real estate at Ilarrisville,
by Fairchild to Halleck, and tlie Saturxlay
Evening Post in return was trans
ferred by Halleck to Fairchild. It has
leaked out thfft immediately upon entering
into possession of the Pout on Wednesday
last, Mr. F. discovered, as he claimed, that
matters had been greatly misrepresented to
him, nnd he at once left the city, as it is
believed, for HarrisviLle. It is also un
derstood Ilalleck left for the Mime town
about the same time.
A Morning Telegram reporter called on
Mr. M. C. Rurch, at Sweet's Hotel, last even
ing, and in an interview obtained the follow
ing particulars in regard to the matter:
"Mr. Rurch, are you the attorney for
either of the parties?"
"Our firm (Rurch t Smith) representsMr.
Fairchild in any legal controversy that may
grow out of the trouble."
"Would you state tho nature of the mis
representations as claimed by Fairchild?"
"I don't know that there would be any
thing wrong in stating that Mr. F. 6aw us on
Wednesday, just before leaving, and retain
ed us to look after his interests at tliis place,
and that he claimed that the paper had been
represented to him to have been double the
subscription list that he believed it now has,
and that the extent of the claims made for it
as to advertising patronage he believed
to be untrue, to about tlie same extent, and
that the office seemed to be in very bad con
dition and to such an extent as to surprise
"What remedies does Mr. F. propose to
have applied?"
"That woutd not be proper for me to an
swer. Of course I gave him such legal advice
as I thought proper, together with some sug
gestions of a friendly nature. Whether he
will follow my advice depends somewhat
upon what attorney he employs when he
arrives at HarrisviOIe, but my general im
pression of the man, founded after an ac
quaintanceship of some ten or twelve years,
is that he will not tamely submit to any.
thing he deems unjust, and any legal con
tests that may arise will probably be brought
in the Alcona county courts,, in which county
Mr. F. has long resided. I desire to express
no opinion whatever as to the merits of the
controversy, and regret that I was called on
by the press for light on the matter."
"Do you know in whose hands the Post
will fall?"
"No, I don't. Rut I have a strong impres
sion that it won't be Faircliild's, unless mat
ters are made to appear very different than
at the time he left here."
"Have you heard from him since he left?"
"I had a telegram from him to-day, en
route, and it seem that Halleck was on the
same train. They appear to have been hav
ing a little race to see who would reach
Harrisville first, from which circumstance I
draw the conclusion that the . Harrisville
property was the more valuable, or they
both would have stayed here. Well, that i
about all I can say, and I have just been to
hear Gough, and had to liten to hi irdirect
complimentary alluions to St. John, as a
moral hero. I am tired and feel broken up,
and will bid you good night," and the gen
tleman climbed the stairs with a weary
John B. Gough at"the Baptist Church
Last Night.
John R. Gough. the world-famed temper
ance lecturer, wa listened to last evening
in the Raptift church by a full audience. The
Rev. Dr. Grave pre-nted the speaker nnd
said Mr. (rough required no formal presen
tation, a wherever the Knglifch language
wa spokf n hi eloquence had made him ac
quaints!. Dr. Grave then gave the f igb
date and nbet of lecture, Mr. Gough
had previously delivered in thi city.
Tlie bdnre w upon the subject "FJo
quence and Oratory," ted. a the rj-eaker
remarked about an umbrella be had pre
sented a lady year ago, thfd had l-rn re
paired and repaired, until nothing but a rib
of the original remained, o hi lecture,
though fre.-jnfT.tly the s-nne, dcrir.gthe thir-ty-five
yc ar cf his f Tp-Tifnce n a public
ppkerf bad leen writu n and re-written un
til but little of the original remained. He
dicud hi n2bK-t from a nsturfd ftand
poirL he claimed, and not a a j-rvt or
confessed orator. The peak-r wa not in
hi Irft form, a hi voice wa bcky from a
cold, and f Tr;ph.n.i7f-d th? apiersDc of fcgf
ih jf-aXfcr pre r.?ed. Tliongh bet sixty
vfu yf'sr of ge be looked a if b bad
pad tK thrf wrrr yfsra and Utx mark,
Por.-h till ir:i, rcrry. Titty, tVr;uAS.t,
and a frvnd . vr? of derdit:jf fofdhsm
met blowe at th trn cf ir-t--rz.T.?- a
Clerk Hurley Unearths a Crcaii"
Among Lodgers.
Clrk Hurley, of the jo!ic4; haivjr.arttrii.
did a cleier bit of cro-eiaininutiun ) t sder
day evening in examining Fn.i.k Johnson, a
chronic lodger. Johnson ws rightly fcuect
ed by Mr. Hurley to bea,,iough,,of ihutoujh.
fcf.t order, and when the former ussertr-J
that he huJ keen his photographs in the
Rogue's Gallery, his countenance tlanguted,
and he acknowledged the hard imjx uehxtu nt
after a little quibling. He conferred that,
though but yet only twenty-three, eight
J ear of his Ik hood da 6 had lxsii t-pv-M
behind prison bars. He and two other wen?
ftnt to the State Hou.se of Correction tU r
day for ninety day of reformatory discip
line. This was quite in ke ping v hb their
desires, as one of them had previouy in
quired how often it would be iieout-sary to
apply these cold dat before he would be en
tilled to a free pass, board, wa&shing, and
lodging at Ionia. Work and cold weather
does not accord with the im ticxd tciniT
ament of these fellows and a w&rni bed and
regular meals will bring them up to their
normal fighting condition. Johnson is Hip-
jted to haVb drifted looe from one of the
past reason's circuses and will htaud all the
watching the public can give him.
Grand Rapids.
Ttl-fcORAM OmcE, Nov.
fi&.iINCorn. to. (Kt, ieidl fcV.
WLtiit: ChiChou. 7-; ni huig berry, 74; ttort
berry, 72. ity, W 11, &of!V,
FnouBAKDFtxb lWry.il StiwhohtcdS'i 3
retail; patent, lb 3D whohaie, 6 Hi n-lail? icid
tiiiii, ier ton, $PJ tJ witovtd", $1 u iiret
lran, ir ton, i (JU wbf3jJ'; Ht'jt,; irmt.
Mtxd and feed, jK-r tun, i'J2 ui LcluhiJe; 1 IX,' tur
PaonsiONB-lU f, i-rii!t$j tZ VmJ
i) 0itU 50,care. 1hil,U OKiti i.;n.nUiu. tl
U.i IkJ. DreJ Lotf. Oh, 5 U. l'lirk.: P-r bU
ni, il6 U; luiruto. 14'-itille; thoultir, lrl c
t-.moked beef. Jtio; tueon, ltc. eiii;ic.u Uc
iky lb. Ijbsd: Ticro. lic kettJ.
HunxB ad 1'uEEsE Uuttr: Tul MiJ j.r
Jt4e;crtuiier), tut,c, Ct.oer: luUtniaa
11' c; libit cpkuix. 7Sf .
1'OULTUT pruuf chirkea: Alive, 8!Cc jxm .
lb. Fowl: Alive, 7itse; in'4il, V- lix-. 1 ui k j.
Alive, b&lOc; irtxl, lUOllo. Duck, iiritd
12 4c
Ltws Frth, h'tA, 22c; basket ht. io.
YiETABLJuH--PotaUj.:r.riV': tvt jK'tlitO.
Ier bbl. $& :M3 7. Oio:': lVr bo, jkilow,
4iV; feiher fekiiui, tuXtUv liiets, ir bo, Sic
CablxyrH, jt Loiidri. OitS o.u lSj:ii-L. ier
hundred, 7j1UU. Turmps. ir bu. jje. .'hTj.
Ier diJ.t'ic. Crantterrj. $5 (u r bu.
FftEhU hitvirh Appli,r bu, yvc. Uri
Keliey Ulitnd. UlJlC.
Hoxet Whit clover, 124c; daik. lU'c; -t rain
ed. Sc.
Salt Brracuxe, barrel, $1 25: Sjriu.w. $1 10.
Hleds TirnoUiy, il 7L;dovtr, $4 UK.44
rwl Uv, VjI 00.
Uinta Cint'n, per lb, 7c; irt cured, 0l:full
curwih b'ttCV; dry hid and kij. hU12c; oulf
fekins.treua or corwd. lCc;dttcun rkhl, .r tiwo,
hnxEP PiLTs Bhearliz Lr b3rr.m-r kii. j
pieo, lOif jJc; fall ielu, 40CA7 e; Wnter l-U,
WooLr-Fine waahl, 21'U22c; ooarkf vraLl ISa
ISc; unwafclied S.
Hat $lU4il2; bald $11 par tou wLolaI; txl
UOc rr cwt-
Stkaw Per loal. ti&L
WoonHanh Meiliii at J2.Wprcord furtiotk;
t plit wood. $2.71.
Coal Move and nut, $75 jr ton; jad
graU, 7.(U ir ton.
Keeoslmc Water white, ir gallon, Ul; leJ
tmU 1Q.
New York.
New Yo&k,
In Wall itmt money clofl hfj lI 14 iar
cent; Kxchange cloNd qniwt at I.M4Cc4j4;
actual rate 4tOU4.fcl for CJdijV ar.d I.K fur
demand. (lovenimeuU clfwd Lrni; cnrr'Ucj
ft. 123 bid; 4' couiou, Pi21i hid; 44'cociont
114 V bid.
Pacific railroad tnd chwl i follow: Uidon
Pacific tirt boncU, 112 to 112 ; land fract
lxnd,1004 to 1'iCV. iiukiu ftjid U7 U 11;
Central. 110 to 111.
Tti ptock xchar4fw did nrt in until -Wc
oVlck thi mndnr. the Kwtrd ,h izz u dj-mmad
over from WwineLij' instil that hur. Tliere v ia
a pood attendane in the lard ro-nn at ojw-niryf
of bnf-ines bet thn wan dridllj mort a.-lhr
than Imyer. and frtra ci'tiiri(j cp to wid.m a
few mlnut of 12 oVlck a lhrjrp arrount t f
cf tho leadinc tUx 'mv. thnrwn 011 th market.
Tl falling wa i-TialIj din-ii .'uirt IifAe
Shore and New Yoiff lTjtn.h Tlte former va
prrl for iale rn larsri'Jj drtwJ rou-Lirr. a
howiibj Ue pulliJtfd rtatempM of th e?rjiuy
for the quarter ending Kpl. 2 . v Kile t'-n'ra) m
old down on w-hnt w:r uiid tjhmr irif K!
nalw by larr dJor 'u'xit;g tKkt t?r ivr
ttetween it and Wit Hljore wotdd mkd tTniLat.
nnlM to tlx- tactic to dr pn it for thr- ur
pfe of covering at 1owt faun rI t) lovtt
XK.inL like Lore w l6, tW-n m1 .Ww Yrk
OiitrallS. Thf rt .f the list dIi!,l jartJy
in )mjathy, but th declin a n:ce?i h
markotL Alnt mi.Llay th Ui-nc e?rl Hud
tl.e lnill clique im'AM ont Iynivlll A Nash
ville a li-ler. Tlfj bid t.VMo k p vir"r
fuly and in a rnrt tin) tlie pnr- I kI adh);cl
2 pir otit. Tl.i hud a timulatinr efTMi nut ha
whol lit, anl dariri: wxi bonr ard a half,
t P). Prie Pfwlily rNvervl to tl if l"t f.irsrm
at t):t Lonr. H?Mrtlj li-forf twr oYb k i-.t rj,nr
tllirur TTaTTBitii v-u eotzvitnirtvl. hih en
tinwI without cntioij up to th- of lud
Und'T tij uriloeiinxr pricon ty 1IJ tl
ciinh aral at thtloo mlxuit Uitm f'zw of
tl dy w-rt curretit in tijost ra".. hije,
a corrjHrel with Vin.lfi5 rlo, rt;?
fron! t IS I eTit. laiXi'r, to 1 0 ke H!ot,
IxmiTij) h SsKiJI lot rr't ef th tr,- -nat,
rlojr;T rly S h5'?ifT. Ti jei.ilie
wt dnll ftrvl liliirf -.
New York.
?rw Yoi:s. Nov. L
TiTR THi'l and if irt-xrtT;t b'frr:
wirtrr W,t -ira, i'j, 7 ' i o'- MJr.'wwffc -7unt
ti 7 x? f. 2D; Ht. lniTfrn 42 7M- S (- hot 'm
i'fiT dnll: rivrum U t hoif $5 r '.
W nr. K7 i jt f)"d arvj j- i.fwr m
nvlTatA bairt' t-.u f ) i'M f
tioii e !ir t frrr V fAi.r u j f
v e. Sit !" fim d Kic'T t'?r 'J rl,
)r rtd' 1 rwr. f;ot Ki! :f i::n-r') m ijt.
tor ri f4-: No. cr.rra.-d rl 2
rri. SC-ir; 2 r! JS: ' r"l -!:;-
tr, r. I Wf-TT'r: do, Jhunrr. i'n V
( '-Otic ;;fjor: w? f'ull; r.i t)- fT.'li:C
tori vcr f.rrr. trr1 at !$ t-r frri ?fi 'j
i Pwr. ' if f??.r-'K-! v.iT' at 4' :
Tr; No, t A1. 4i"; ?;rrrvlM -"t.,'-; ..
2 n:i?l 1tkt 47 v .'!'-; 'i'i. it.X lul-.
do. f -arr. 4 4H
OlT -J T';i fTift l;t n tf ' fr,H
It. m--!r tr. d-i.'l R.rd t.':"-ir nl. p---- ?
'riTitfd; Srt. 2 t- iH "t-'r, T-2f b'.-h et.
Ps.i.rvVrir U.
Cis Vi.
IfcTT!l arf'1 w V: C- i C V rr. -
C f ' I "rr vJr ; 7 11 J t:7 ' .
T:rrn:i-H tj. r,; X7t-:--s. ' C j

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