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jUornui2 Telegram.
GliAND KAPHAS, DEC. 1, lisM.
IUt!c Creek ccl!-te h vs U studriiVi.
They u.t haYfc iili 0 tr.'U hoUid in Cadil
lac 11. W. Sl::i::i, of Bay Citj, La pattLtt! a
rcw r'dlt.r s.itc.
ii.f.re I) v. :inx;r liS the C;uiillac Veneer
and Couiuiy will bo running.
Mm. C. L K.titia broke her arm Saturday
uhile !sk.-lici4 ia the Mi -)! roller rink..
tl. HI tcktiMii, of the IV Paw Omrier,
Lw t.iktJi Ch.ir.'-; of Lhb Flint Dtrnui'rtlt.
U'iV. L'Liti. II. Kt?.ty4 h-V- fcc'Cvpted the li.lA-
tor;itj of the (ir.iiiJ Haven Congregational
M. (J. Avmll, city editor of th Mu-keoa
J'jurutl, slip;-;l ui ou the ici ;tnd broke hi
wrnt l;it wn k.
(i. W. Sctrll A Co.. harvIwHrH dealers of
K.t.t Hama., tn ulu an a.-a i jam en t Friday
u r rc-Ut-nok London.
It U rumored th;it the Chicago A NVt
ux railway wili exUnd tho road from
n. Jonei.h to Dcrruu Si'riaH. 4
A new hell in thf M. K. Church at Cooters-
A '-villa called th j cod together to worship
tor tti nrjt time, on I'hurday.
Ik-njamiu Hundcy, an old re-ddent of Ho
mer, died m Kan-a.i on Fiiday, and hi r-
main. wt rw buried at llour yesterday.
M.tubteo waiib a iklva l.ockwood club
at tho skating rink. IvtoirU to one toy
do'u thi w ty lltnry. Shall we Ht-uttafew
The director of the ;oor at Muskegon
want a teneir.eut Lou erected b) tho city
capable of accommodating ten or twelve
The faith healer U doinj valiant work at
M ini-tct, and till Hrother Hilton chew
tob.iccu. Perhaps our faith M weak, but he
can't cured.
A new ft. A. U. io:t was organized at
Chrhire, Alh'' in County, lat week. The
n i iii e ,-i !- tt-d n II. l Chapin, Post, and tho
t.un.bt r i-i - '7.
'I he (Yp, milli? (yf''rrer has a devil
whom it think h i- one of the seven wonders.
Hi- -at.iiitic luije: he.tutr smokes, chews,
r.nr l-im li.toiKat.ii' iititiorn.
Iht- cu!pji ttur itoin Manistee fonnd
j-ix i,y -tive f.triiilit h without llibhs. So won
d.rtLe 'lunrs rt p t d .-even drunk? and dis-ordiilit-s
in na i.tih item hut wV-ek.
H. inelb ii h it lewr uher', of Caro, deal-
r in txl-., -ln.t .s and clothing, were closed
by S:iii:tw ptrti - on a inortL':ii,'e yesterday.
Liabilities brluct 11 1",IXW alid
'I lie annual couf rMice of county agents
and contention of the board of charities and
.crn ctions wUlIx he'il in the fonrejjation
p. nl church at Kalamazoo December 'J and 10.
! 'lh? lit v. W illiam Walker, of Saginaw
City, will h ctureat the 1'rc sbyterian Church,
at Allegan, to-mo.rw nibt. Subject, "Tho
future of the colored people of tho United
The Allegan Gu .re tte says: 4ShrcwdSaai;n
tuckers mix suckers vuth their whitensii
when they vi.it Alh-an; and there's mary
an AlltiTiuder who can't tell a pucker from a
From the Pier Cove pier, this season, there
were shippe d i"ij,,7' baskets of peaches,
barrels of apples, 1,(M Hacks potatoes, 11
crates berries, ke's and 3 barrels of cider,
and 10 coops chickens.
John K. Hammond, formerly clerk at De
troit police headquarter, but latr chemist
for the Detroit Malt and Hop Hitters Co.,
fell dead Saturday morning while blacking
his tnots. He wa widely known.
Wm. Kinney, of Detroit, whowaa arrested
at .Millinion a few days ao charged with
murd. -run; Chas. Fink, was bfing examined
Frid ty. 'I he coroner's j jry ?aid Fink's death
w-ts accalental, but suspicion is entertained
ii' iint Kinney.
A Laketown man say; 'the people there
would bo 'lad if some minister who is
fireachin because ho loves God and his fel
ow beings, and is willing to trust Divine
Providence for his salary," would come that
way once in a while.
Charles Persey, of Holland, who was ad
quitted Wednesday on a charge of rape, was
rearrested late last night on n charge of
smuggling instruments into the jail at Grand
Haven, to liberate thce confined there at
the time, thirteen in numbt?.
Eighteen years ago "Little Jake," of East
Saginaw, loaned a friend 3)0 to go to the
gold regions. He was to pay it with interest
in six months. He hf.s just received . $2,
rxi.75, being principal and interest at seven
per cent, compounded every five years.
Wm. Heirners, of E;vt Saginaw, shot Judd
Grigware twice Thursday night and placed
the muzle of his revolver in his own mouth
and fired. The former accused the latter of
being unduly intimate with his wife. Both
men are in the hospital and will possibly
A honse belonging to tho Dorey Fitzhugh
rstate in We Bay City was destroyed by tire
Thursday morning.valoed at R)0. Mrs. Capt.
Samuel Smith, of Detroit, had just moved
into the house, and lost all her household
r fleets, including wtno, and fd W in cash.
Her los waa about $LO0.
Latent reports to the Michigan Board of
Health show that rheumatism, neuralgia,
bronchitis, and intermittent fever were the
diseases m the order named that were caut
ing the most sickness in Michigan during
the week ending Nov. 22. Diphtheria was
reported at nineteen places.
Court p.d jonrned at Grand Haven Iastwek
afN r sentencing to J ickson penitentiary H.
I)x)nker for four jor,t Geo. Williams for
threv years and A.J. Donker for four years
nntl ix months also to the House of Correc
tion W. Roberts and H. Boberts four years
t'nch, A. Hill and H. Hoyer ninety days each.
Fmnk Duncan, of Pinormning, went home
drunk List Thur!my ni'ht, accused his wife
of infidelity and drew a revolver and shot at
her f'Mir tunes. Two of the balls took effpet
am! it is thought she cannot recover. He
nl-io tired one shot at his twelve-year-old
d in Ver. but withou. eilect. Duncan was
The jury in th cise of Charles Neville,
who wns formerly coachman forC. J. Whit-ij'-y,
th well-known thfatriral manager of
D troit. who indue-d Mr. Whitney's daugh
ter to !ope and marry him, was convicted
Saturday, at Toledo, the jury deliberating
only eivht minute. Neville was shown to
l-ivf been married even times, and two or
th-e of his present victims wre present to
testify against him.
The barn of Hon. A. M. WilMt of North
Plain-", w.as buri-. d Isst Friilay morninir.
Mr. Willett was Uoirg his "chores" before
d-'jliht with a latitern in his hand wheu he
?fiUf.oU: over a lar k anil fell, breaking his
I interd and -wtting 1h straws an hay on
tire. Thf barn was entirely consumed to
f ther with a large quantity of hay and
thirty fancy fine wool sheep. The loss was
covered by insurancf.
A trio of three-r?ud mnte men James
MrGuire, Dnnul McGmnis, and Thom?.s
McNorton, fltas llobf rt Norton were tried
at Fi Rapid on Friday, for attempting to
practice their profusion in Fig Rapids; but
only McGai-" v: focud cnlty, the case
aain-! Md tint: is and McNorton haviti?
l-n ivlle ppKe.pjip!. The enrds fonnd in !,
tha pTi-evn;in of Mcnir ffff cremated by
t!v- Justitv. but the oTneT of thfin was let
eft on "v.-pen.h d u fence.
r?',e f-Hiixving pafeni were issn! lat
t.i Michigan inrentor: Alfrtnl B'ra-
Ivatt Ci.k, uv: William R. Fox.
Ore",.! Kfrid. roller grind: rg mill; Thomas
G-uT;cy. Detroit, derrick: Daniel L A W.
H. Iveeier, (irand Bp.ii!. e-ring machine
hutl: l-lon A. Marh, Fatf Cr'-ek, rrers
ir.g for sfia.n engine; Francis R Max.
ws'll, J.-.cn, (.earn boiler mcior; Charles
K. i)ui.a-vaite. IPiron, f aria scraper; Joseph
Fhi'.iirs Ea-t Sgin.iw, molding cutter;
Irett F. Fncier, 5uinner, mechanical tele-phec.
An Affair Which Troubltxl tho Par
Lj Police.
lux fur WUkh lla.tt. All Lb CrUuluiU
lusirt La Fruut !ckIog tar
HiumiUot 3toti4 La FrU.
Cor. Boston Journal.
Parli, writes Edward King fnim ParU,
Li tHl tha city of tnyatcrie of weird
iuid strang crimes aud the jopulac
dearly loves a good old -fashioned blood
curdling criminal mystery. Tho concierge
lott ou it. They iit in their logJ after
nightfall, in thi October eaioa, when th
dirknei fall early, and talk with bated
breath of the Lfteat enation iu tho pec
Laity which they o much atfect. Thi
euiatiou U 1V1. Now Pel Is a scientific,
eiptirimcnting kind of clock-maker, a man
of Invention ont whoao restless, pierc
ing eye, tlaihiug behind hi spectacle-i,
have frightened many a person who looked
Into hi face, nay thj concierge. One day
Pel came to live- at Moutreuil, near Pari.
Hh had a small houa aud only one servant,
named Marie lioehmer. He shut hirnaelf
up in a laboratory tilled with strange in
struments and noxious-looking fluid In
greeu jars ou the shelve, lie worked all
night, a If he had been seeking for the
philosopher's stone. JIe now and then
walked abroad, but the neighbors seemed
to shun him aa if by instinct. One day
the servant Marie Boehmer fell ill. She
constantly complained of burning pain
in her stomach. Some good soul went
to attend her, and spread in the sub
urb the report that she could not recover.
On a certain evening they left her, prom
ising to return at early morning. When
they came next day they were met by
the philosopher Pel. "She has gone
away," he said. "Gone away," they re
peated, in astonishment. "Why, we feared
she would not live through the night!"
"Nevertheless, she has gone; she nsked
me to go for a cab, which I did; she
arose, dressed herself and went off in the
cab. I did not hear the direction she
gave to the driver; but probably
she ha gone to a hospital." This
singular statement satisfied the neigh
bors for only twenty-four houri,
at the end of which time they
searched the hospitals. No Marie Boeh
mer. Then they began to gossip, and from
gossip they proceeded to denunciation.
The result was that the philosopher Pel,
who was found calmly pursuing hi ab
struse studies, was arrested and walked off
to a Pari prison on suspicion of having
murdered aud concealed Marie Boehmer.
Now came one person who told how Pel
had been seea carrying mysterious pack
ages away at night to throw into the
stream since the girl's disappearance.
Now came another who had found a pack
age of human hair in the well of M. Pel.
"He is a poisoner," said everyone, and the
concierges added that ho was a magician
who had sold his soul to the devil.
In prison Pel behaved like a true philoso
pher, and the police authorities were very
much mystified. They found nothing at
first in his dwelling which seemed to in
dicate a crime. Hi laboratory was tilled
with things which indicated that he was a
profound student of toxicology. He said
that he was an inventor that he had in
vented a new powder which the Govern
ment had tried, and which would have been
adopted had not a cannon charged with
this powder sxploded on the day of the de
cisive experiment and blown an officer to
pieces. This trifling accident appeared to
have prejudiced the Government against
Pel's invention. His story concerning the
powder proved true. He added that he
had never been married, had always lived
quietly with only one servant, like the one
who had just disappeared, and, heaven
blees her,he didn't know whither she had
But Pel's statement that he had never
been married was presently shown to be
untrue by no less a personage than the
brother of his deceased wife, who now ap
peared upon the scene, and stated that he
had married his sister, nvho had quite a
little dowry, and that shortly after her
marriage she died In horrible suffering.
Pel, who bad been living in the Avenue
Klesen, disappeared soon after the wife
was buried, ior there wa3 no investigation,
although some of the friends thought the
circumstances of the death unnatural.
"Now," says tho brother, "I beliove Pel
poisoned his wife, and I propose to have
the body, which has been buried a year,
exhumed and examined." At this, Pel,
who had shown agitation on being con
fronted with this brother, was greatly dis
tressed. Tho polico returned to his house
at Montreutt, and this time succeeded in
finding a broken furnace, which showed
signs of recent use. They conclude that he
first poisoned and then cut up and burned
the lody of Mario Boehmer; that he pois
oned his wife, and meantime a dreadful
story has come In about a servant leaving
hi service in 1S7(, declaring that her mas
ter was trying to poison her. Pel still de
nies, but evidence seems accumulating to
crush him.
The mystery is in the motive which has
actuated Pel, if, indeed, he has committed
these crimes. The police incline to think
that he has done ail the crimes just for fun
as tho Pomeroy boy tortured othor chil
dren. That he is an adept In the composi
tion of poisons there is n i doubt. But he
had no reason for p dsoning hi wife; he
has a reasonably Urge income from his
own property, and aa to putting his serv
ants out of the way, it could only have
1mhi done for the love of crime. It Is
thought that he will be proven to be a pro
fessional poisoner. But he may be inno
cent and the "victim of circumstances."
Fir the moment he i a rreater sensation
than the meeting of th? Chaml-ers, cr the
new air-ships, or the forthcoming opera by
Why She Never 3Trrtrl.
Cor. Cincinnati Commercial -Gazette
No doubt It tAkes pluck for a man of
modest fortune to sk a rich woman to
marry him. and no doubt rich women often
go unmarried for want of the asking. Th$
writer once aiked of Po ton's loveliest
woman, s.mr thing past hr first youth,
rich, of excellent family, and an altogether
charming rson: "Mi's L , why hav
yen nver married ?" "I am tempted to
tell you the truth w ith a vivid blu.h,
"nobody haj ever asked rn. I am rich
aud well born, and my own mistress. A
man could cTer me very little that I harf
not. except his lore, and I fancy mot of
men don't aprm-iate that tri'V at its fall
value. At lean ther dcn'S know how
should they ? how muca a true man's lov
U rr a l-tt wmw."
No. 10 Canal St., Booms 5. 6. 7 and &.
1n Liverpool and London and Globs
lKr Lancashire
1717 Norwich Union
IftJki Home
1K.' Underwriter's Agency
, It&J Gtrinania
lfoO Niagara
Ir54 Phtenix
Connecticut .
171 National ....
17J2 Insurance Company of North America . ...
l-U Pennsylvania
Itd-Hpringtield, F.AM ,
1M)7 Cooper
New York Life
1NJ7 Michigan Mutual Life
1872 Accident Insurance Company of North America. . . ,
Total Capital Represented,
f7 ' l ' "Hi DECORATIVE
56 Ottawa Street,
Cadillac, 'Michigan.
Collections promptly attended to at current
Interest paid on time deposits.
New Steam Dye Works,
20 Fountain St.,' Grand Rapids.
Ladies Dressee, Cloaks, Shawls or Baeqnee
Cleaned or Dyed in a Superior manner. Gentle
men's Made-Up Garment Cleaned or Dyed and
Handsomely Pressed by Bteam; Equal to new.
Uepairing Done.
Goods Received and Returned by Express.
mIt apply. Prn or Jlr, r Betl, afMest, Fial
'!ttDWus. S154BOXM 3; BMdaolMCai. S&Mn(
? Ar Mtrmr. 10 oen; bT mil!. Adr, With r1tt.
Cures Sore Throat,
1 anirOsraiJsriwirinrrnanLiT
AwlUOBafe,- quick cure, any aiL ki,
ktUTal rlif for lrl or womkti traoblct. Brd, Aa. 0fk
Hoarseness, Tickling of the Throat. Very pleasant to take. It
regulates the bowels. It is the largest bottle for the price known,
try it, the price is only 25 cents.
GEO. Gk STBKBTBB, Sole Proprietor,
Sure Cure, price 50 cents. For sale
an. 1, 14.
1 ,421,315
1,774 ,MJL5
. England,
. Kngitoid,
. England.
.New York,
.New York,
,N w York,
.New Y'ork,
. Dayton,
.New York, ,
.Montreal, capital,
Grand Rapids, Mich.
For Sale to actual settlers at low prices and
on favorable terms.
Located in the oonnties of Osceola, Clare,
Missaukee, Wexford and Roscommon, Mich
igan. For particulars address
45 Monroo Stroot,'
Roorn 5 Immen tfiocr 43 Monroe Street.
Nervous Debility, OpiumHabit & Stutterinjctired
Patients treated at home. Artificial Eyet.etc. Call
or write, N.J. AIKIN. M.0.,Graad Rapids, Mich.
Chest and Lung diseases, Coughs, Colds,
Read Vhttt Van f.-ic Od o" Kln
5? Piln h$ Dene or
the Peop'i.
m bate Vu.' Mic (XI tvr iLVeriil lA
exU'rn! a;i4:4iiuufc,iu i- CukieA'ulicXut.
bcrirf, Hnlf, etc., uad t-jui itoie UrtU-r. it U
njntcullj tiuiud to cfillvircju, fc it vtai t ud
Willi fcoicTj tud fc&UttwlWU, tui Ilimli$
rnirrii it to nirrnt.
. J. W. EDDI.
I u-i Vaa's Mtrio Oil for hcurtdia, and
it Li prvvwd to U ktU factory, kJt it L fu;ed
t'Ltirvly; tlej our litit dr iififc-LU.r Vk
i-unl by it, Jivih. liiffi. by luttriiiil fur
Soro TLroat, txiiubiiitd atii & b.ifrt? CouU uxvi
ll(j&rt iit; klo u mtoi by the of btolirl
Kw ilitui ruml by it of a w-4-y fcvrru Ijuru
lux-ii. 1 c&a liever &b.y much iu i-rt.i? uf uux
Mic Oil.
(jriOivl Jl&veu, Aj ril 14.
aotir. truly, -JACUll DkSI'IXDLK.
We iiave oj! your Miiiic Oil for ttiitrhl ywtrw.
wid would not like t Ui witliout it. a it i a .Kd
fhitiiy mwlicuit, 'u: Hurus, lJruiw. i.r
'l'Lroot, (.'oide, rtc, l.-nr 1 truly rwvuin-nd it to
tLHX.uLlic. iiliV. 11 VAMUJiMUiji.
lVlerwfl, N. JM Feb. 11, lv4.
5!utktfcou, Mich.
MR.N. 0. VANDEliLlSDEJ ; bat Ui Jour
M.nc OU with great MUf action. r; of our
children whd tku fcick with (fco-odltd) diih
tiiriH. Of course wt euijloytl a dvK-tor. bat the
child grvw worn every day. Out? morning, the
doctor cvdled with four more of hit irofcioii;
BJid COUt-oitod. If the child Would 1 taJit ia the
evening they were to oju the child's throat Mid
cut the tihiejrm out. 'ihi 1 did not iijinxve of,
but as there was no hoj.e vt the chihi's rocoverv, I
consnUi. Finally our neighbor, Ir. P, Vander
werp. called with a bottle of your Mic Oil, and
hkiml if we would it it would oot-t us noth
ing. We t3Te the ciald three or he uro; in
Uriially every hour, and iHulticl the bole of it
fort with onionr .and bathd its throat vail with
Slavic Oil, and hen the dtK.tor came in theeveii
inKhewanud to know what w hat! jriven t!ie
tchiid, as it breitthwi ao muc h wtfier. 1 told Liia
we tiMi Van's Maric OiL He aaid keep rhvrht on
ueinir it a, tliat was Utter tlian he could do. 1
have tliankcd Sirs. Vanderwerp a tiiousand tiinf
for her kinlnt, and 1 sincerely thank you for
your valuable medicine, lour truly,
M K: A. D. PAIN.
Mukec;on.--I wru!d snjr. I have known the cf
fects of Van's Mwric Oil, in doratic prwtic,
always with rood etlects. never with baa eilect.
Have proscribed it inlny practice; find it a very
good and aale CiKiiOine.
Van's Jlnc Oil or Kirtg 'ot Pain is mannfac-
tnml by r. (J. lun'erlinde, Mueketfon, Mich
and is bold by all dealers.
Grand Rapids
OrjtanizM Slarch, 1S80.
Gapita.1, - - d 500,000
Surplus, $100,000,
President. Vice-President.
WM. W1DDIC0MB, CSacLier.
tSyinterofit at 3 ier cent. xr annum a all
time depobits.
Edwin F. Uhl, Freeman Oodfrsy
Geo. H. Ix)ng, Knos Putnam,
Wm. G. Herpolshsimer, M. J. Clark,
D. II. Waters, Jos. Houseman,
Geo. C. Kimball,. Charles 8. Haltine,
M. Engloman, Thomas D. Htlmson,
Wm. Wlddioomb.
Jost Received and for 6ale in any quantity by
13. S. HARRIS,
525 and 527 South Division St. Grand Rapids
at same place.
Gr&nd B&pida tx Indira
GOisa xoian. I
Am ti. I.
Ptt:sdLey A MaAiifta Ex b il iu Vs ' .-
Ci2i.."itati i'.Ki-liWkC Lx. ... V:JLfcm a
1 1. Wjnr A Urfcud iU.j ivi Ijl. i- i iu Sit-a
G ra.L J liod A t WUiac Ac. S-lJ
Ciaciniiati Ex 7xi) aa
Mackujc A i.'mcii.Ui.ti llx 4 ? s? pia -
ilckiuac A it- YW.jiipJLx ....l 'l;:. t.u 11 ii ai
CavlliifC A Grand Lai'Lis Ac . I.jnu
All i--sius Chuiy exwit buiii:j.
Notra 'lruin ltwvingat Vs i. m. 1.h rVtHd
nJA fcurvj :u lr tr j ax J Mf kn.ar
i 'ity. 1'raUi hfcvix t UZI a. xu. i':.4ir 1-m
for Xravre i'i'f, I
StTH-lraia Iinrat i.Z, jv. ru. lu IWtKtd
rut! hit jiiir (,'a.r for Cxnriunjtii. i
'i'ljMnvti ticket cnu he t-ltainvl at (t'uioa
TivkK Oditiei, cortier Monne u,A ():uk '.rtvts
and at U nioa Deijot. C. 1 1K h S ij 1 .
GtUi'l 1 .--t; At t.
Detroit, Grand Haven Milwaukee
G01SU wlst.
1!orninif Exprwws
fl'tJOUKt Mail
tSunj!xtt Ex i)its . . . .
Mifc-Lt EiXyrts
..ll':4 i-iu
. . 1. 1 J J'!U
I AO axa
lt.:'j j it
M ) am
fSttamtoit Extirts
I 2 ax
lv)i. fc.IC
tl iiruurL Mtol
flJrnitiid Exj)refs
Atlantic Exreee
tMixe4, Mkhti coach
Haiiy, Hundays t xiv i-t-i
. If 10 am
I'ii n.'en takiLir tl.r ti a. m. liiiTtte ii:hL
ckse ciun-tion at OwfirvM fr lvi.ui:. aud at
Detroit ftr New Voik, arriiJ.j; there at a. in
th following ruomiii:.
Nirht txrn-sfr has local hh- i-it.j? ( r lMro;! to
Gnaid lUi'idh.
Tliis i xttt cmly line runniii.' AtJuic l- j.n-
Inavinif here at 1U 45 X' tn., With bitj.ii.: ijir to
lK'troit, jnakiti: iliix-t rnntvtioi:t ior all ihim
luift, arnviiig at .New York?, m. il.v mxJ
J'arlor Car on xuml trtiiiis ixith tt j.-.i wt.
The train leaving at i:li p. ru viij iuke
connvtion with Milwaukee tlIa jJJj.txi;
Thruufh ticket whkJ at I).. (J. II. A M. li.c
in Morton liou A k. ard at the l i.t.
I). iXfVll U. City IW. A:ei,t.
(JEO. IL ItLEVK. Traihc Max-r. Chit-o.
Lako Shoro & Michigan Southern.
hx(re-s... Jjoj.m
Mail..... am
All tr&in ihiilv nrr.t K'inJav.
iiw am
4? 0
The train leaving at 4 i. xi;. connect at Wl.ite
lik7m with Atlantic Lxir u Main lune,
which has l'alac DiawiLu; 1Umixi hiinjijui
Coacfci f rora Chioa-o t-o New Vtik an liiu-a
without chanrt.
The traia leaTin? at 7 i" a. m. connfy-t at Wl.i
PiKton (pvinff one hour for dinner) w ith
New York KxitHM on Main Line.
Through ticket and bTthb iu Sleeping (acL
caji be aecurl at Union iitket utiine, tJ iMuu
btr-'t, aad lXiot.
All trains will run hy Kih meriiiiaa Gxi., Licl
is au iniauts slower thiai lh troit time,
J. W. ilchXNNLY. Gcn'l Igx.
Michigan Central.
(OIUND KAIll DrrifclUN.)
Of) axa
I1 15.1 kn
Detroit Lx....t Cijj am
Day hlxire.. 12:45 ira
N. V. tlx prt . 6 hi pa
Atlantic klx.. . VllJra
Way Freight . . 6 ii I am
trarltir cars attach!,
l'aciCc Lx..
LtK'lJ J'ki..
Way l-'reitrht
i l i xo
t'd lliil.iile Lxtl
MIinr car attaclievl.
Pacific and New York Lxj re Oaily.
rains aauy exc'it rsuniiajn.
New York t'at Line nxnn daily, arririnirt
Detroit at 12-i5 a, mM and New Yoxa at U o'i ik
the neit eFening.
A train leaves Dtnit at 4 i. m., excej t H:m
days. with Drawing Jlom ainl Parlor t j4rs lor
Grand Ilaiiii, rtchinK here at In j. n:
Dirct and ironu.t nnwliun mju vnh Grt
Western, (Jntnd Trunk aud Cannoia Ku:rn
trains, in same dejot at Detroit, thiit. aoiliii4
The Detroit KxireH lfavii.K at f -if) a. m. 1
Drawing Itooxn and J'ar'or Car for lMroit, nwU
in that city at 11:4.5 a. New York lOJtj a. ta
and lkton 2:40 p. m. text i.iy.
Through tickets for all ioit,t and 31 ir.i? ca
bertlis may be prooumi at Union TickK Oihcw
corner Monroe and Ottawa btreu hzA at Union
J. T. 8THULTZ. Gcn'J kpt.. P? Mf.nnSu
Gko. W. Muskon, Ticket AknU City.
J. tt. Hawkins, Ticket A nt, De;t.
Chicago & West Michigan.
Mail liji am
Day Exrrfs..Tl2ii, jim
N'iirht Kxrrws. hZL Dm
Ninrht Hxr-rp I V era
Mad t 4 tit j,m
Day llxrrf..Tll-45 ns
Dailr. HWdh finr.t Kiunlnr.
Union Dejot on Ionia btrH.
Through coach to Chicago on P15 a. m. train.
Thronirh iarJor-rir to Ctiicaro on 12 3 i. m
train. Through Iull man frloei'ing-cvr and c,atk
to Chicago onb!5 x. rn. train.
!!.!? am
Eirrrw f--) am
KxpreH 4:!.jm
W I Tiki . a 11 ..
IS i.m
Trains iave from and arriv kt Vt
pot. The northern terminus of this Division is
lialdwin, on F. A Kv.
Pa'Cers from th North for CljiiD and
points Vot of (irard )uiiids. change cars at
West Grand liajud, except on the A) p. m. traia
whn they rhanpe at Av'nos Junction.
J. 11. PALMKli, (ien'l Fr. ifirt t nl Pas. .U' tit.
(llio. VI Monro Htrw-U
Gra W. Mr?K)?f, Ticket Ap nt, City.
Michigan c Ohio Railroad.
raserLrT Tin. e Table.
OolnWet. (Cnt.ral Time) Goir cI.b
Mxd. l'asa. Pas. Pa. 1 Mid
A. ML. A. M. P. K. HTT10T. A. W. I. M. J . VL.
5:2)10.10 Sjo Lv. To)lo...Ar ll:if i ) t
WJ2 11 f:41 - .JWuai-h.. " t7
1 J 1JW F:4-l " ...ltnmr .. - 7 IIMYI
2 42 2iC fJV " ..MurKJ.ail . " Ml 1:12
J:f.2 22A p.4) Ar. H.( r k. Lv C 4.) 12 42 t?t
jus r. k. " .Mnntoith. r. k. li a f 5 si
MT 4:10 .... " ...ADrwi.. " .... iM'i CJ5
6.10 .... " . .UWU. " .... J5
Tollo with all railroad dirercirr Trrjb
wiUiKB. AM. 8. Homor ith U H. A L K..
lAn")Ti Division and Air line M. C. Mart hall
with M. ( 1L 11. liattj Crt- k with il.int A
Grand Trunk Rnd M. i It It, Mont'ith, G. 1L. A
1. Allran with C. A W. M., and L H. A M. K.
LUTHLH AL1A.N. Gul Pa. Aat
Tho Mornirifr Telejjram,
Only Ten Cents Per. Week,
To TrL?RAM iit rrTd wi'h fb VnltM
PrMM DijmVhw, arsd pfr all tifr e,f j-rj.
portao", itcth f"r-irn arid drimSo. In HjU
tirm tr Ut United Pr mfrrf-m 1r,x 1 ri.ri'LKJt
sJo r P.s rs'3T ti. ltf.t of it rm
ff hTTK?jt'rztT.p for N f?rk tn 1 V,n).zj
ton prial, aii of a th-'ir'n-, 9 ri'ru of
IZ Cr lrThl nW1!.
A-?Trti-s wIU f.n ri Tr.:.rr. a fl;r.s
mlit3ia Vtr rhiriir 0 -t r3in,er p tiy,tr
limited fcro ttnt f?f -TfTir ir:r will ! tTJ zjt
tnnrjf dmTti" th a !rir,T.c rf t T':hi;
n. Offf. Nf. 17 and I1 l'crrr' f;- y:irr
a, C:tr.ru f r.':r lit, "t.t ,
k err J-Ii Iz:--::- cm cr iKli-cra,

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