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The ConviatiorTof Clawson Will Prob
ably Have a Restraining Influence
Upon Young Mormons.
I Wajhh.vjto-s, Dec. 1'. The report of the
j Utah Cora mi.s ion, ex-Sccretary of War
I l!axn-eyt chairman, wiu mad public to-day.
I The ooimiiisiioa cays ilu'it their datie hate
I ln;en faithfully aad aucct-fw fully performed
? with result showing, that at the rtceut elec
tjrj. fur delegate to Conre and other
iuiion of county ofiiciaU had under
j (supervision, all poly;itnitH were excluded
: frtun otin and holding oilicu in Utah. The
dclrgnte-fclect to Conrt-s., John T. Caine, id
a Mormon, but doe not now and never haa
lived in ilyimy, therefore eligible under
j the law. The rt'iort how that for a year or
j more after the efforts to en force the law were
initiated, polygamy teaching from pulpit
wer rarely heard. There were observable
; indication that the practice of po
j lyiruny ini'ht measurably decline,
but during the present year
I there appear to have been a polygamy re
! vival. The institution u boldly and defiantly
f defended by spiritual teachers and plural
inarriarea are reported on the increase.
, Three-fourth qf the Mormcn adults male
and female, luive never entered into poiyg-
amy rel ation, yet every orthodox Mormon
and evt-ry member in good standing in the
church believe- in polygamy. As an iiluA
j tratiou of the OncneV of faith among Mor
' mon.4 respecting polygamy attention U called
to the important polygamy case recently
tried in Salt Lake City, where every Mor
; mon on the jury panel, in answer
' to tho question "Do you believe it right for
man to have more than oue living and un-
divorced wife at the same time?" answered
unhesitatingly MYe- sir." The trial of this
! ca-e canned a profound sensation through
the territory. The defendant, Rudger
: Vl iwjn, son of the bUhop, and his two
uives belonged to the better class of Mor
: num society, although his polygamic raar
1 riage had been notorious in the community
! for months, no direct evidence was disclosed
j until given by his second wife after short
5 imprisonment for contempt of courtt for re
fusing to testify. All the other witnesses
: were examined, and there were many, in
cluding the immediate relatives of the par
I ties, the president and other high officers of
: the church. Every one, except the second
wife, disclaimed all knowledge of the inar
; riage. Clawson was convicted. Before the
' sentence was passed he declared judgment
, should not be passed against him because
the laws of his country were in conflict with
; the laws of God. "The constitution," he
said, "expressly states that Congress shall
make no law respecting the establishment of
religion and anti-polygamy laws
were designed to operate against
; such marriages and were therefore
! unconstitutional." This view expressed
by Clawson, the report say, is in
; conformity with the uniform sentiment of
nil Mormon people, but, while this is the
creed, many Mormons are reluctant to en
ter into polygamic relations. So the trial
and conviction of Clawson will probp.bly
hive a restraining influence upon young
f Mormon. The commission nrgesavigor
' oes enforcement of the present laws of Gov
ernment that have to deal with people who
are wonderfully superstitious fanatics, de
voted to religion and the sudden overthrow of
polygamy as a result of the enforcement of
the present anti-polygamy laws is not to be
expressed. They recommend additional
legislation in the nature of amendments to
eii-ting laws which they think will greatly
strengthen the hands of loth the commis
sion and the courts. They expres the
opinion that it is not unlikely that the fed
eral government will finally find it necessary
to take into its own hand- all power in
Abandoned by the Pennsylvania Posse
Abe's Brother Seen.
LiNCAsirn. Dec. 2. The posse in pursuit
of th Uuzzard gang of thieves on the Welsh
mountains abandoned their search late last
night. No trace has been discovered of Abe
lluzzard since Saturday's fight, and it is be
lieved he has either left the vicinity or is in
hiding with friends. For the first time in
several weeks no robberies were reported
this morning from the eastern section of the
Heaping. Fa., Dec. 2. A correspondent
has had an interview with Mart Buzzard,
Abe's brother, on the Welsh mountains.
Mart ays Abe i- in hiding, and that his wife
and children ntTlrm that he is trying to be
honest, that Philadelphia and New York
thieves are doing the stealing, and that Abe
U getting desperate, and will kill some one
- before he is taken.
Was the Doctor Drunk?
HiTid Iipatch to Tut Tclkoram.
Ai.lfoan, Dec. The trial of ths People
vs. Dr. Georgo Palmer, of Salem, who is
rliarged with luhninBtering medicine of a
foi-Hmon nature while under the Influence
of liquor, was brgnn to-day. The testimony
for the people is all iu. Two witness swore
that neither the doctor nor the woman's
husband were under the influence of liquor
at th time the pci-on was administered.
The poi'on was saKnitra'e of bismuth.
A Heavy Verdict.
VUNi?sTow?f, Ohio, Dec. 2. This morn
ing the jury in the case of Engineer John
Fitsimmons again-t the Pennsylvania rail
road for injuries received by him, returned
verdict in favor of Fitsimmons for 27,-
r. Shortly after the accident which made
Vitj-nmmon a cripple for life, the company
oTered hiru ll-UVO to settle, which he rr
fnd. arid brought suit asking for $:,f.lO
d.ung-. The hase wa tried here lAst sura
sTT'pr, Fit'irumons securing a verdict for
fJ'stVO. I'he company immediately asked
for a r.'V trial, which resultel as above.
An Absent Defaulter.
Pi:ltx, Dec. 1. Tho. B. Con ant, ccre
i:iry of the A. A. fc W. S. Car Company,
manaf H-turers of rniltray supplies, is mis-
ii'g, and i allegrd to b a dfanlter to th
amount of of Tenant diappearril
'teril d.iyj ?vg- and it is thought 1ms gone
C y Chicag.
Boston Boxers,
r-sr'. IVc, l. F.ihn thonand pfv.
' ! i wifrr -sed tJ; I?-UK-Kilrain fiv-rc-ur.d
' "r ' , p I'ght hwntght. U w: a sfI tight and
a di i-7. I 'f.
;t)bt:ji- i i.
When Asked About the Thirty-Eiht
Calibre Revolver.
Ji.ctsON, Mich., Dec. 2. In the Holcomb
trial to-day Detective Ilarru was put on the
stand and produced the statement made
and signed by Holcomb at the famous in
terview in hid (Harris) room. It was read
to the jury.
Sherift Winney confirmed Harris's testi
mony as to HoIcoLub becoming choked and
drinking from the wash-pitcher when he
was asked about the IW-calibre revolver he
had up north. Knew Holcomb well and
never, aaw him choke before.
James White, the father of the dead Henry
White, one of the victims of the Crouch
hou.se tragedy, and his son had lived at
Crouch's for two years before his marriage
to Eunice Crouch. He was iX) years old,
and Eunice was 23 at the time of the mur
der, and had been married two years. Wit
ness saw Holcomb take a bundle which he
(witness) thought Mas mortgages, and a
leather pocket-book from the Crouch house
the day following the tragedy. Holcomb
had said there was a coolness between him
self and Henry.
Ella Shannon was sworn. She said she
came to Holcornb's to work one week after
the tragedy to pick up all the clothes she
could find and wash them; found a pair of
pants, a fine shirt, an undershirt nnd a pair
of drawers behind the chest in the room
where Judd and Foy slept. All were stained
with blood. The pants were a pair she had
seen Judd wear. .There was blood on both
knees of the pants, and it seemed to be spat
tered on tho fine shirt. She sf.id she also
found a pair of fine boots covered with mud.
Judd and Foy came and did the clothing up
in an old coat, and took it away. At the
clone of the morning hour Miss Shannon was
still on the stand.
Particular Burglars.
Special Dispatch to The Telegram.
Alleoan, Dec. 2. The general store of
Frank B. Watson, of Monterey, this county,
waa burglarized last night and goods were
taken valued at $G0(). The burglars gained
an entrance to the building by chopping
through the back door. They had a team
and wagon waiting outside which they load
ed with the most expensive goods, leaving
the cheaper grades untouched. No clue to
tho identity of the parties or the direction in
which they went has been obtained, but as
there is no night train from Monterey it is
thought they are not many miles away and
that they will be caught.
Montreal's Coming Carnival.
Montreal, Que,, Dec. 2. -It has been de
cided to hold a winter carnival during the
week beginning January 2C. A committee
is busy in preparing attractions. The ice
palace will be larger, loftier and more ela
borate. The curlers will provide matches
and the Victoria skating club is to give two
of their renowned fancy dress-entertainments.
The ball will bo the season's society
event of Montreal. French citizens are tak
ing a great interest in the carnival. Among
the novelties promised by them is a railway
across the St. Lawrence river to St. Helene
Island, where an Indian village is sprung up
with braves, squaws and papooses.
The Irish-Americans.
New York, Dec. 2. At a meeting of tho
Committee on Organization of Irish-American
Independents at the Astor House this
afternoon, it was decided to continue the
Assembly district organization under the
name of the Irish-American Protective
Union. An address was issued vindicating
the course of the Irish-American independ
ent voters at the late election, denouncing
the English free-trade theories which have
triumphed in this election and urging voters
to trust with office, in the future, no man
who is identified, or in sympathy with the
Cobden Club.
A Millionaire in Prison.
Montreal, Dec. 2. Alexander Buntin, vice
president of tho insolvent Exchange Bank,
was sentenced to-day at the criminal assizes
to ten days' imprisonment for having ob
tained unduo preference over other creditors
by withdrawing $10,000 after the bank's sus
pension. Buntin is a millionaire merchant
of this city, proprietor of the largest paper
mills in Canada, vice president of the Canada
shipping line of ocean steamers and director
of numerous other public companies. Similar
prosecutions are spoken of against the other
Against Annexation.
St. John, N. B., Dec. 2. The Board of
Trade at its adjourned meeting this after
noon refused to adopt the resolution disavow
ing annexation sentiment on the part of
the Board. A resolution was adopted declar
ing that confederation has been an injury to
tho Maritime Provinces, calling on govern
ment, boards of trade of New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to
demand better terms of the Dominion govern
ment. - - -
Diaz's Cabinet.
Cm op Mexico via Galveston, Dec. 2.
President Diaz has Appointed the following
Cabinet: Minister of Foreign Relations,
Scnor Ignace Mnriscal, now Minister to
England; Minister of War, General Pedro
Hinojosa; Minister of Janice, Senor Joaquin
Baranda; Minister of the Treasury, Senor
Manuel Dublan: Minister of the Interior,
Snor Manuel Komero Bnblo; Minister of
Public Works, not yet appointed.
Mr. Blaine at Boston.
Boston, Dec. 2. Blaine and party, includ
ing James G. Blaine, Jr., Miss Dodge, Miss
Sherman and Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, left
for New York at 1 o'clock this afternoon via
Providence. K. I. Blaine is in excellent
health and spirits. While here he talked
freely to friends on the late campaign.
Part, Dec. 2. The Chamber of Deputies,
to-day, by a vote of 27 to 2,7 adopted M.
Flomet amendment providing for the
election of Senators by universal uffrage
under th &rt$tin U lit? ) tem. This is a
defeat for the gove rnment.
Election Bets Didn't Sv Him.
Nrw York, 1c, 2.H. A. Whitcomh,
wholesale deaW in hats at Provide nrp, U. I.,
madf an aimrrtnt to diy. Hp s
Hiatal tn b worth ftlout vrntr-fjve thoti
nnd dJL-ir,
A Bank aiit!d."
N'r Virisx, fW, 2. -lh Farmers N
tiial Pink i U.-Ssh::!!, 11!., h 'iptidrd,
IT t -r.!i r" in 171, l
t:: ;;::T c:.
But Thirteen Senators Present The
Late Senator Anthony's Successor
-Indian Affairs,
WAsnrNGTON, Dec. 2. In the Senate to-day
there were but tliirtten Senators present at
the opening prayer, but the absentees gradu
ally filed in.
The oath was administered to W. P. Shef
field as Senator from Rhode Island in place
of Senator Anthony, deceased.
Mr. Vest introduced a resolution directing
the Committee on Indian Affairs to inquire
what leases of land in the Indian Territories
for grazing or other purpose liad been ex
ecuted by Indian tribes, and to whom. He
said he had information that over 1)00,000
acres had been leased, and that these leases
had been obtained by corruption, fraud and
violence. He would be prepared to give the
chairman of the committee names and dates.
Mr. Dawes, as chairman of the Commit
tee on Indian Affairs, said tho facts refer
red to by Mr. Vest had been brought to the
attention of the committee, which had en
deavored to secure an examination by a joint
committee of both houses, but had been un
able to accomplish that result. The com
mittee had leen unable themselves to visit
the Indian Territory during the vacation,
owing to the Senate imiosing upon them
the duty of visiting California.
The House
Mr. Wilson (la.) presented the credentials
of H. G. Sweet, elected to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of John A. Kas
son, and he was sworn in.
Mr. Follett (O.) offered a long preamble
and alleging unlawful interference in the
recent election in Ohio by U. S. deputy mar
shals, and resolutions directing the Commit
tee on Expenditures in the department of
justice, of which Mr. Springer, of Illinois, is
chairman, to make a thorough and exhaus
tive investigation of the subject.
Mr. Keifer (O.) made tho point of order
that a resolution to investigate the conduct
of U. S. officers was not a privileged ques
tion and that the resolutions were not in or
der at that time.
No Appropriation for the Grand River
to be Expected.
Washington, Dec. 2. The House River
and Harbor Committee held a meeting this
morning, when it was decided to report the
River and Harbor bill to the House by Jan
uary 15.
Mr. Houseman says he has not received the
report of the engineers on the improvement
of Grand river, but does not think he will
ask anything for that stream this year. The
usual appropriations, he says, will be made,
however, for improvements at Muskegon,
Grand Haven, Whitehall and other import
ant points in the State.
The commissioners have recommended
river and harbor appropriations of 34,000,
000, but the River and Harbor Committee
will endeavor to limit the amount of their
demands to $S,000,000. This tney have prac
tically agreed to, and they do not wish any
delegations to appear before them.
An adverse report was this morning ordered
by the House Committee on Commerce on
the memorial from the National Association
of Fire Engineers, asking for the appoint
ment of a commission to investigate the
enormous loss of life and property by fire.
The Educational Bill.
Washington, Dec. 2. Representative Wil
lis, of Kentucky, in conversation with a
United Press reporter, to-day, said that he
felt quite sure that the educational bill which
passed the Senate last session would be
taken up at an early day in tho House. With
this object in view, a meeting of friends of
the measure will be held within a day or so.
Aspires to the Cabinet.
Washington, Dec. 2. Gov. Crittenden, of
Missouri, is here. He is putting in vigorous
work to get the support of his Congressional
friends for the Interior portfolio in Cleve
land's Cabinet. The Governor is probably
doomed to disappointment, as members of
the delegation from his own State are
against his aspirations.
Serious Charges Brought Against the
Secretary of State.
Ottawa, Dec. 2. A bomb-shell has been
thrown into tho Conservative camp in the
shape of a memorial to Sir John McDonald,
signed by twenty-six Conservative members
of the Houso of Commons from Quebec, in
sisting upon an immediate removal of Sec
retary of State Chaplean from the Dominion
cabinet. Chaplean was formerly Premier of
Quebec. He is charged with bringing the
province hopelessly into debt by his man
agement. It is understood that the charges
against Chaplean are such as to demand a
parliamentary investigation.
Rough on Brcczee.
In his sermon at the Church of Our Father
Sunday night Rev. Dr. R. I. Rcxford, of De
troit, alluded to the local newspaper war and
said: "A man gives a contract that for two
years he will not engage in publishing a
newspaper in Detroit, but in less than three
months he comes before the people violating
an obligation that is sacred and asks for pub
lic patronage. Through some legal quib
bling he may be able to accomplish his pur
pose, but it will le at the expense of a rule
devoid of honor, integrity and manhood.
Such an enterprise has its inception in fraud,
and should le denounced, much les patron
ized, by everyone who respects integrity and
moral obligation."
Bfrux, Dec. 2. The Rr cb-tng Committee
on Bndcet rejected Prince Bi.marek rro-t-oal
to maintain a Ge rman consul at Caps?
oTr.t i'i:orr.i
John Klly ha recovered from his bron
chial attack.
Or&rs Angntn Sata i announced to ail
for America lW '.v.
It i said that General Login will wrif a
Nk whn his Senatorial canr i c ndd.
Th AM TUn will hori?,r rcaf in con
rr rt in Pari In aid f the Au-trodfnncarian
Th Prirscr of r'm faVorif Jr- n big
hH F.qnrnint tlwIKonnil, carrn to him
by tho Kiopfr of Rnsiia.
RitTt J, Thudrf!hM vrrrHl bU ir.
ftrrikrt ttfth th nifU-g1ot1 irv, nnd
tsi'd r:- V;i horn frmrrrttl
The Ministry Determined to Maintain
Its Supremacy,
Loni-on, Dec. 2. Sir Thomas Brassey, K.
C. B., one of the junior Lorda of admiralty,
made & statement in the Hou&e of Commons
to-night of the government's intentions in
regard to fctrengtheuing the navy. The
proposals include the exjenditure of $15,
423,000 for additional iron-clads, cruiser
and torpedo boats $4,12.1500 for the defences
of coaling stations, H,UUU,0lu for additions
to the ordinance equipment. The statement
was well received.
Lord Northbrook, in the House of Lords,
made a similar statement of the govern
ment's iolicy. He was very emphatic in
declaring, that the Ministry were resolved
to maintain England's naval supremacy.
; . ,
The Horticulturists.
Ann Arijor, Mich., Dec 2. At last night's
session of the State Horticultural Society,
there was a good attendance of well-known
and enthusiastic fruit growers. The event
of the evening was the address on Savage
Horticulture by Prof. J. Beal Steere, of this
To-day's session was opened by prayer, by
Rev. Mr. Lightfoot. Some interesting dis
cussions were brought out by the questions
found in the query box. It seemed to be the
opinion of some of the lest fruit growers that
it was better in planting an orchard to buy
trees from recognized houses than to plant
one's own growing of young trees.
The grafting business was also aired a lit
tle and an interesting discussion wa3 opened
on the question of what caused the "curl"
on peach tree leaves. The old question of
chess in wheat was argued over.
Dead at Dedham.
Dedham, Mass.. Dec. L Frederick D.
Klemm, aged CO, died last night. He was
expelled from Heibelberg for fighting a duel,
and, at the time of the students' rebellion,
was put in jail, from which he and several
others were released by Carl Schurz, who
came to the prison in tho guise of an organ
grinder. He had acquired a comfortable
fortune by hotel-keeping. ;
The Nile Troops.
Cairo, Dec. 2. Tho troops advancing up
the Nil are ready to proceed at once from
Handak to Debbeh.
New Articles of Association.
The Articles of Association of tho Belknap
Wagon and Sleigh Company were filed yes
terday with the County Clerk. The capital
of the company is limited to $35,000, divided
into 1,400 shares of $25 each. The purpose
of the corporation is for manufacturing, re
pairing and sale of all kinds of wagons, carts,
trucks, sleighs, logging appliances and im
plements, and other articles, and of doing
all such acts and business as shall be inci
dental thereto. ' The term of its existence is
fixed at thirty years. The names of the
stockholders, all residents of Grand Rapids,
with the number of shares held by each is as
follows: Chas. E. Belknap, 1,200 shares;
Herbertl. Belknap, 20; W. D. Stevens, 180.
The business of this company shall bo con
ducted and its office located in tho city of
Grand Rapids, and its affairs shall be con
ducted by a board of three directors. The
capital stock was paid in full at the time of
it3 organization in cash and property at cash
The Hotel Registers. N
At the Morton. Theo. Carr, Detroit; Geo.
E. Breck, Paw Paw; E. J. Ensign, Detroit;
J. J. McMahon, New York; G. H. Reeder,
Big Rapids, Mich.; D. M. Jenkins, Boston;
R. E. Bunker, Muskegon: M. H. Livingston,
New York; Capt. Geo. Clogue, Milwaukee;
S. H. Lasey. Montague; W. L. Hunter,
Kalamazoo; L. J. Had well, Lawrence, Mass.;
O. E. Tiffany. Buffalo.
At the Eagle. R. C. McBride, New York;
T.J. Kaufman, Louisville, Ky.j O. H. Pohe,
Milwaukee; E. K. Bennett, Chicago; E. D.
Randall, New Buffalo: T. D. Barker, Kala
mazoo: G. C. Bruce, Chicago, W. S. Beards
ley, Hersey; John Spoon, Spoonville; R.
Turk, Elgin, Ills.
At SwEET'fl.Edward Walker, Ixraisville;
D. E. Hand, Y. J. McGuire, Cleveland; D.
M. Baker, Adrian: W. M. Conner, Roches
ter; J. N. Welch, Macon, Ga.; E. R. David
son, Detroit; W. C. Carpenter, Boston; D.
O. Watson, Coopersville; R. W. Payne,
Chicago! N. Slayton, Greenville; O. F. How
Ian, Jonesvillo, Wis.
At TnE Rathbtjrn House. J. B. Howey,
Cleveland, O.; Z. II. Benton, New York; H.
Underwood, Jackson; C. E. Hodges Lowell:
D. D. Chandler, Chicago; A. B. Way, Alle
gan; R. C. Baiter, Jackson; J. L. Bradish,
Detroit; H. M. Lewis, Ionia; J. M. Ballon,
Otsego; R. B. Lindley, Bailey: R. Goodrich,
Traverse City; Jas. Mackison, Cadillac.
Monthly Mortuary Report.
There were seventeen deaths in the city
during the month of November. Three were
children under one year, two between one
year and five years, one between five and
and twenty years, four between twenty and
fifty years, seven from fifty to eighty years.
The diseases were as follows: Throe of
heart disease, two each of cancer and menin
gitis and one each of dysentery, pyaemia,
scrofula, consumption, apoplexy, convul
sions, enteritis, and diseases of liver. There
was one suicide and the cane of one death is
Who Scatter Smiles.
The pedestrian?, who wear grey nniforms
and who carry leather poaches filled with
every kind of information relating to happi
ness or misery, have distributed and collect
ed mAil matter in thi city as follows, during
the month of November:
lVvfctcrM letters d"livrel 1.12
Mail lottrdflivrl ZiVll
Mail r-tAl card tMivir!
letters dlivpn-d ,
Inval 111 eftrd dHrprrt! 1.M
js-srxRrsr, fc. Mivtw1 t"tJJ9
I-ttr i-rtTtrn'sl to 4hc fS
lttrr crlprffsl 170.
Fmtal cards o.iWtM M.l.vi
Nwpar-"rs. Ho.. rollrtM 17,43ft
Prof. Egers' on Lcssing."
Professor Eggrr lecture are evidently
blooming more popular and le tter ppm
ciUd a the course continue, judging from
tb increMing urtdirncv-st, and the r!r at
tention given by tho -rt-T.t, Lat rrm
irg th ttrmlancf w rrmrp nun rvn than
ftt ny prrvi.7f leduTv, though it idotsbtfnl
if th nbpct, ''lirttng," prove! m
taintn to mny a inrl? oUx-r Grniin ftn
t!r. l 1 Vof?4tt hzn 1 Unts.?d th; tt-x,
Vnt t;5xt J-:".::r i'l t? en
"v . . t:jvr: f.-3 trie:,
Gov. Hamilton Gives His Decision in
Eight Thousand Words He De
clares There Was a Forgery.
Chicago, Dec. U.A dispatch from Spring
field says that Gov. Hamilton, in a decision
of 8,O0U words, awards the certificate to
Lenian (Rep). This makes the legislature a
Cuicago, Dec. 2. -It is reported this morn
ing that United States District Attorney Tut
hill has prepared a report in the Leman-
Brand case to be presented to J ndge Blodgrtt,
declaring that over JU0 ballots were taken
from the box and an equal number of.f raud
ulent ones bubstituted; but that the lederal
court has no jurisdiction in the matter, lis
the fraud was in connection with a State
office, and urging that the State authorities
take up the cat-e and bring the guilty parties
to justice.
Springfield, 111., Dec. 2. Governor Ham
ilton, in las decision on the Brand-Leman
case to-day, in issuing a certificate of elec
tion to Iceman a State Senator from the
Sixth District, gives a long opinion in writing
in wliich he gives the full history of the case
as 6howu by the evidence. The evidence, he
says, is sufficient to convince even a jury in
a capital crime that a bare-faced forgery
was committed in the returns to tho County
Clerk of the vote from the Second Precinct of
the Eighteenth Ward of Chicago. The Gover
nor fully discusses the law and evidence, and
claims the right as Governor to construe the
law relating to his own duties without inter
ference from any branch of the Govern
ment. He closes by declaring that the re
turns showing Brand elected wa a forgery,
and that Leman was elected. Re ordered
the Secretary of State to put him on the roil
of State Senators.
"Lights o' London" Close Siberia'
To-Night Aime Next.
Considering the number of opportunities
to see the piece here the audic nee, a fairly
good sized one, was indeed a reliable test of
the drawing power of the play. The applause
was liberal, and indicated that the play gave
good satisfaction. The scenery worked
smoothly. To one who is a regular attend
ant at the theater the constant repetition of
the same selections by the orchestra is ex
crrciating. The selection played between the
fifth and sixth acts last night was the same
as played the night before, and it drags worse
than a dirge. Solemn, snail-like music is
out of place in a theater. Though there ras
a program of the music on the bill it was en
tirely ignored. Try to have most of your
music, Miles, in regard to time, on the "Io
lantho" and "Beggar Students" order and
the orchestra will continue to add to the
good reputation it has achieved, and become
a standard popular feature at the theater.
"Siberia," oneof the most exciting dramas
of the present age, will open a season of four
nights at Powers's Opera House to-night.
The subjoined referring to the leading peo
ple in tho cast, is clipped from an exchange:
The manner in which the play was put
upon the stage last night reflects the highest
credit upon both the company and the man
agement. The cast was a strong one. .Yicooi
Kargoff was very ably represented by Mr.
Atkins Lawrence, an actor of no ordinary
ability, and the support throughout was ex
cellent. Michael Troisky was admirably pre
sented by Mr. C. M. Daly, an excellent
comedian, who was a great favorite in
Toronto twenty years ago.
mlle. aim EE.
Mile. Aimee, who has gained a world
wide reputation as an opera bouffe artist,
will make her first appearance in this city
next week, playing at Redmond's Grand
Monday and Tuesday evenings. . The Wash
ington Republic commented on her appear
ance in that city as follows:
Mlle. Aimee appeared at the National
Theater last week, and her presence was ap
preciated by the public If it were not for
the triteness of the thing, I would say, all
who did not go to see her missed a great
treat. The play "Mara'zelle" is one of the
best she could jossibly appear in, as it is
constructed expressly for her, and well con
structed at that. Her supporting company
is uniformly good, and there are no hitches
or breaks in the play, other than thoee filled
with fun nnd merriment. Aimee herself is
quaint in her dialect, but pleasingly so, le
sides, no one would expect "a little French
milliner" to speak English without an accent.
As Hcur de Li, Aimee is simply charming.
Her singing at once captures the honse. In
the second net the wide range the stage is
made to embrace, including the right nnd
left hand lower proscenium boxes and the
orchestra cliairs, is not only a surprise, but
as source of merriment a well for the audi
ence. It only required the performance of
Monday evening to make Aimee a favorite
with the Washington public Of her sup
port nothing unkind should be said, as one
and all joined in making a thoroughly en
joyable jerformance.
A Flood of Literature.
F. M. Carroll received nlont half a ton of
literature yesterday, all descriptive of the
great expedition which will open Rt New
Orleans this month. It conit of mni of
the city, descriptions of the different, route
leading thereto, premium Ji' mi3 illustra
tions of the different exposition buildings.
Mr. CarroU received a letter from the Director-General
complimenting him for the woik
he had done in l?alf of the exposition here
in Michigan. He claim that he could do a
grrat deal more, but the Cotnmiaioner
won't allow hi claim and h' i money out of
pocket foT hi pain. He ha a lot of pam
phlets on hand, but cannot distribute them
as he cin no Jongrr afford to py jo-1age oit
of hi own pocket.
Valley City Lodge, R. A. M.
At the annual meeting of V!iry City
Lodge, No. rs R. A. M.. I f 11 r.t Masonic
TI fill lat evening, th follrrwmg officer wre
elected: Worshipful Master, Oevjfg W.
Ia P.our; Senior Warden, Jurse Rawson:
Junior Warden. K. L. Rcrwpririg: Trriei:rc r,
1V1. D. Bfnedict: fsrnArr, J, X. IKri:
JV.nvrr Dfccrm. F- A. Vatter; Junior Doscrm,
Wm. II. 11. Smith. Jr, Tb Worshipful
M?tT rrTint-d the foj;,rir.g o'.Wr and
coritrd tf.ee: Tjlrr, Ira V'. Frr.r:: Strrards,
J. A. fTriri, JftmeHr;nFTi; F insure Coin-rr.-;;!c,
K. II. loot. H. H. Win- r. Ut l-
C:n c : - r.--:.7;:::::.
A Threatening Conflagration in the
Great Metropolis.
New Yolk, Dec At C o'clock thii t cu
ing a fire w hiclf for om time cauvl the
greatest excitement and idanii, broke out
in the Demarest Studio building, 4 and C
West One hundr?d and forty-rt fetrtxt.
The building is fife e-tories high. Tht
ground fioor is occupied by the Goodwin
Gas 6toTe meter coinjmny &ni the Lewis
VelreUsea Company. The upjr fioor were
occupied by the Ladies Art Association tnd
a number of oHieee. Hie fiaiues spread
with alarming rapidity, cutting off rcapt
from the t-tnirs of person in th? uppr part,
and at one time it was feared a numter of
persons uould lose their live. The tire de
partment was promptly on hand and several
ladies were rescued. A number of otiwr es
cajed by the roof to an adjoining building.
The lo5 on the stock and building is
10,UJ, but i covered by insurance in local
Hog Cholera.
Wiikxuko, W. Va., Dec 2. The hog
cholera is making eerious inroads in twine
herds of this county. Over five hundrt!
hogs have died and thousands are affected.
The loss is tti mated at 10.0U0, and will be
very much more cnlejs Uie disea is chiscked.
The health board is trying to enforce quaran
tine. ....
That Desperate Doctor.
Si'tiNoriELD, O., Dec 2. Dr. Maxwell,
who ioiKOued his three children and tried to
kill himself, sprang upon the turnkey and
nearly choked liim to death before help
arrived. Later in the day he made a violent
attack on the sheriff, tie is now heavily
ironed. The jail physicians say he is sham
ming insanity.
Grand Rapids.
Telegram Orncx. Dec. 1.
CiRAlx-Orn. Lflc. O&ta, Sfi'JSc; rt-udl Sic
Wheat: tlauon. It; rud loruj berry, 74; frLort
berry. 2. Rye, Ifi li, fiOLjc.
i'LOCRAXDFEXn rafctry, SI X) whole.!; $5 00
retail; patent. V ) whohwde. 14 reuil; mid
dliu, per ton, $18 UJ w holvae, &l Uu i-r cwt
Hran, per ton. $18 (X wholssJe; hlc iercwt.
Meal and feud, it ton. 'J2 (JU vrnolt≤ $1 3Jper
Provisions Beef, per side, $5 (l?6 00. Veal
$- uwy IM. scarce. Lamb $5 oifi uu; jmuttun. t
5 50. Drewhed how, $i 0U. Pork: Per bU
mess, $16 0L; ban.. UWillc; fchonhhr, WtlJc
eraokdd bu L I6r bacon. 12Hc Yemu&oa 6allc
Xerlb. Lard: Tiertx. 10c kettle.
H utter and Ckxesi Hatter: Tub and jam
Xi lilc ; cnumtvy, tut, 2jc Chun : Full cruam
lPic; half cniant, 7ic
Poultry t?prin? chicken: Aiire, fcfrlOe
Bj. Fowls: Alive, i&.vr; dm VUluc l uikjn.
Alive, fcfcJIOe; dxeed, Ktlllc, liacka, dnd
lkKis Freh, lot. J2e; bwket lot, 22c
YeoetABLES l'otatos:.Xc: fwwt iutatowf,
Ier bbl, $1 Mil 00. Oaioa: Per bo. jeLlow,
4K; tiilver skins, Vfxc lV-t, r bo, tic
CabhaKe, ier hundnsl. $3 Lttil Ui. Niuat-h, per
hundred. 7 1 IU. Turniim. per bo. 2Jc. e-4lry,
IK'r dos.J.W'i25c Crantierr', $5 U) i t bu.
Fresh Fruits A pple,pr bu, wiac rii
Kelley Jfel&nd, IlKjcIU ic.
Honet YLit ciover. 12lic; dark, lGlc straia
ed. 8c.
, Halt Prracue, tarrcl, $1 2i; Ha inaw, $1 13.
JSeeds Timtby,$l Uxl 7S;cloTfcr,$4 Ua4
rl Up, 7:1 00.
Hmes Grwn. terlb. 7c; part cured, Mri.P';full
cured, fcHt'ii: dry Lidi and kij. Mi 12c; calf
kinf.(fTfcn or cured, lOcjdeHcon kkint, per piwoe,
Biieep Pelts Shearlint or 8ammr skins, pot
piece, lOfeULkr; fall xlU, 4.feyic; Wucter IUU,
Wool Fine xnu-Ll, 206 22c; coarte wahttd lta
1 So ; un wh bed S .
Hat-$1o12; baled $14 tr ton wLo2al: 0Ci
fliV jMr cwt.
Straw Per load. $2fi4.
Wood Hard, celling at $12T, pr cord for block,
split woo.L $2.50.
Coal btove and nut, $7.2i per ta; cg and
gjHte, $7.0 j?r ton.
Kerosene Water wLitft, per jfallon, 114; lecsi
test, 10X.
Nw York.
New Tore. Doc 2.
In Wall street monej clcsj vpj at lli jmr
cent; Kxchanir closl firm and hif:Lr; postM
rat were adraarWl to 4"1 H 4 Jil S : actual rate
4.fe0i4'0.fctfor60dAr and 4.84(.4.tt for de
mand. Oorenmitfnt clfH-wi tnn; currency 6'a,
126 bid;4' cocpona, 122S bid; 4!4 coniiont
11J"W bid.
Pacific railroad txnds closed as followt: TJxdon
Pacific fcrt bondis, 112' to 11J; land grant
bond. IOG'4 to 10CV. inkin fund IJ7 toXl"H;
Central. 110H tollL
Tle s tok market continn to tie niRnipnlatd
to a rnt extent and to-day the c-liqn In rariotm
hndinr s pcnlatiTi fn40itly showod tlieir
hand in the ncmerot and inr-xplicabl EurtaA
tion ot thf ir stickn. Tlire is eTidpctly bat
littlo l'(rit.irnat ratlin at yet, lolh rlrmnt ar
paritly awaitinfir tin fcftjtsptirint cf tb Nw
Yoik Central, Ve;t brf war and th rh.i)rtl
trouble in th Wwt. At the einiiiK tLis morn
irur there was an interral rf wivik&fsna. Ttn
whole lit, with bet fw FxwT.f hiss, dsrlirdni
frartionally. This was mor tlan ncoTn!1 by
midday, undfT the lotHifrLip of th Iiak 8hfr
and tl-? (tonld stnc ks, w Lich dt-KjojiJ eonidr
able iwiirity and Ftrvrirth. without appamit
ane crth'T thun mHtiiinilatioTi. At tiw irr3
wre np U l i-t c-nU, mi tl adracce
bnmht tnt renrmd of.priug, nnd dnrinjc tho
remainder of th day th s-!lirar coutictiwi widi
ttit littl ir.t'Trni'tion. rTiin a rsactjon Ut
ahut tife lowwt fjrart.. at wLkh Ui raarkst
elcied. The drlirjf ranr3 from tn 2 t coct.
Tilid with hot f-w pxci .lions nimvlt t Uh
CTilir' lfL TLrs wss a d"vrt)i tf nw or rrmiors
cf r.Ey kind, bi ine a tud-ncy to ffTwt valo.
and a far as msld t J"hrr)-3 tfie PnrtadfTris tnr
i), nrt TJirt wfr th rstnlt of fcctitimjs tran
nrtUm.. T s rtalti vrrr 3tll and f Dturl-s.
Tlif sJ arc-ot'?l to M.).ir.2 shar.
' New Yck.
Nrw Tt.e. Ik. Z.
Fl-orB-DoIl nd wifVnrt Uicr.r;
l;j.n-vii rira, l Kt 2-"; ety n;iU rra,
$4 2C.'4 rF; rtmu( )r."i. iti)o. i ",'Ail, if),ytr'.
ftti fimr frill: cnrn.'on o f.!,f.if -Ttra
YVHET--Ci.'tj''ms in Jr do rr-nd and irt-n':?,
c)r)T:e f.nv M tVnt S t r Jrnr. f.jot Jr. Jl
rrtr-vlj and wjOf'rt th-K::". Hrt Hit ?f urr "-
f iv ir 1 2wt.i; stiiiii. ": Nn. 2 ri
I'tt'iji'T M Y ''i -
Vn:5 i.Tto ar.f fTirj .'Jt, their"?
fT'TT-s and il'e i-.izhT. Pjt !-' rn.?rj cr; i
al V7 rntr-; irixud 4:?( ir. s.Tj-i rr 7rr; -.J
M 4s.iM: N-. 2 rnijrr? ."Jasnary, 4Vf" tl.
Febroary. i'-S&. 4 e; do. Marr
lT-sf 'ii cnit and -?. Ulzj firm t t
li to Vr i wW, hi oi'-t Yttrt trrr tad
t-ichT. ri;"t al f Sn. 2 w.f, rtats 23tir. tr.J
No 2 rrljr-a-d df El H 2 rrdEsd 1-tt )jt Zl 3
d rif ry
P.YT- l s sm. V H C "J V4-r.
' E i.rr N 'in; ' tkL
rrvt .'.pit v. r:2':3 m.
L,ruyirm.x b:-Vr: t' t 27 rzl; C7IF
f!r"r-lnll; hIr to c-i rcj. CtZz: J.
1' l.
I. -rir-.r- 1 f In' Cl J,C

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