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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, December 03, 1884, Image 3

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iM oriiinir Toloirram.
Ther? h only unc siw uall run:iin;it Mu.v
A l-K-tor h to l ti-i-l AS! .;-m fur 'ivin
Jmdicii.r 'hile drunk.
LmuU-r f r. il.ti bt tvvt en Makt-.'ua uad
'iiic.t." Luc Lddy i-
Tht- I .t t i.cv" frou; Dm I-iku Superior
k''-vi liilat liidktt -lability of the' cUlcr-
i 1 -
A f.iUiily iu J.ifUjii ciiine very utar bvin
M.ifi-.tu-vi hy co.tl ;;.i. They are rtcjverixite'
M. II. Chirk U nw wjIu proprietor of the
M.tni.-u iM-iiiurrnt, Ctuia, S. llrowu having
Tho htutiti Lih-M of the M;uiitt-o San
itarium eon-iniio from threo to live toa of
M;Uii-ti.p; people, can now rt-ach the De
troit, .M.tniUrtt.; A Mackinac Hailroudinoue
U ly ;t Kred-dro.
T'ht? H nue County TtacherVa A.-ciHtion
L-t to he h 1 J in 1'IymoQthoa Friday and Sat
urday, I.c. 5 and .
The revenue cutter Andy Johnson, famil
i.tr t. every Michigan port, h to be rebuilt
thu winter at Milwaukee.
i'ort Huron luu paid i,()U) thin year for
taxt j. ihirtet u miles of city water main
have bo n laid daring the hchmju.
The Jackson KKctrie l.i'ht Company is to
be reorganized. It ia intended to put in new
machinery and increa.-e the capacity.
The five pri-oners who broke jail at Kida
mao lat Saturday have all been recaptured
none having ,'ot further than Nottawa.
The annual ine tiu and supper of the
Urauch County liar Association wiu held at
the Smthern Michigan hotel in Coldwater,
Monday liiht.
It U said that more applet have been ship
peit from Allegan county this fall than for
y nr previum. Hopkins ntation alone had
shipped lo, barrel-.
Tho Salvation Army is having a hard
Htru'-Ie for life in wicked Detroit. Their
meeting are beiiu; broken up imd the Salva
tionist are Inm; .-toned.
While .switching Monday morning; in the
Michigan A Ohio yard at Marshall, a younjj
man named Tom Kuell had one le run
over and badly cm-died by tho card.
Win. T. Orvcs died at the Hospital and
Home in I'ort Huron Sunday, from paralysis
r uined by a bullet wound received in the
f uehead at the battle of Drury'a Muff, Viu
Hdward Y. l'later, of Norvell, was found
ib-ad in hi- bed last Thursday morning by
Anthony Holmes, a iiero. An iniuist de-cidt-d
that he came to his death from natural
Isaac Hi wo, an old and respected citizen,
was instantly killed at the liable tannery
works, Whitehall, on Saturday morning, by
bein caught in tho cogwheels of the tan
bark grinder.
A vein of soft water with sutticient head
to i;ive a flowing well has been struck at thw
Ionia artesian well, at a depth of lM feet.
The water is tlowin at the rate of three bar
rels a minute.
Mrs. Fredoriea I'eterman, of Kalamazoo,
has receivtil a judgment of .-JiNJO against that
city for injuries received by falling on a de
fective sidewalk. The accident occurred on
Sunday, Sept. i3J, 1K5.
Two human skulls and miscellaneous
bouts were found by workmen at North
Muskegon on Monday. The skulls had bullet
holes through them. It is thought they were
barud forty years no.
Tho Michigan Huvy company of Kala
maoo are adverti-in for painters and
blacksmiths. This wideawake company are
I.U) cutters behind their orders, and are
working their men nights to catch up.
Unr'lars raided the general store of Frank
15. Watkins, at Monterey, Monday niht, and
carried otT between six hundred and one
thou-tand dollars worth of underwear, dresa
L'ools, etc. They took the beat in the house.
No clue.
At the faith-cure at Manistee on Monday
fifterrwxm sizteen persons claimed to le
healed of various diseases, twenty were
cleansed and four converted. Hearing was
restored to one person after n deafness of
twenty years.
On Sunday evening a house in Montague
lloum to Mrs. Nelson, n widow, was
burned to the ground during the absence of
tho owner. When she reached the place she
w vs informed that her only child, fire years
old, had perished in the i!arncs.
Tl-.e pupils in a school in the Saginaw Val
h y may think themselves fortunate in hav
ing a very onerous teacher. She rave them
a I hanksi,'ivin dinner. Kihty ravenous
apetites must have cleared that table in short
Citiens of l'incrmnin are indignant at
the action of a Michigan Central railroad
conductor who, upon bein told by a pas-,
seii'T that he (the passenger) was ''t.'oinff
to hell." charged the individual 2T cents and
to!d him to et off at I'incjnnin.
Dnrtu the Christmas vacation an oppor
tunity will bo afforded, students and pro
feors f the l'niver-ity to see tho South and
attend the World' Fair at New Orleans.
They will Ifvave Ann Arlorin a special car on
Dec. IV. The round trip fare will not exceed
Win. (. (Iraves, ono of tho employee of
the I'ptoii Mannfacturini! Company, died at
th hospital antl home in Detroit Sunday, his
death having Im en caused by paralysis, re
fuiHirii; from a bulh t wound in the forehead
whieh he received in the battle of Drury's
Cluff, Va.
An arrangement for selling tho $7.",0()
W(rth )f city bond- issued for water works
and tire department improvements in Jack
son, have filially !eeii jerfecteil. All that i
now reinir'd i the signatures of the mayor
and reordtr. The two vrfntletnen will le
ri'piirel to sin their rvsj ective name I,lf0
The Detroit Association of Stationary I!n
tirieer No. 1 of Michigan wishes to found
.I library ami r adin-roorn. It hn i-s!jtd an
api eal for a stance ti manufacturer, nif-r-cli
rits and other br. dties nu n. The reason
e;iTen is t?.at the public library iloe not con
tain on standan! work on rn jirKerin pu!i
hs.'ied witltin the la-t ten years.
The tf. (har D. Hake r, D. D.. pastor
of th Firt l're-by terian chnrrfi of Detroit,
ha re iiTTi' I and acopted a call to I'hiladel
j hi. i. He k'ie as his reason that his con
uTOiTvtion tio-r was mostly christian, there
wt r very few rnoro ti) !e converted, that he
wa ov rworked and h.ad no Um for tndy,
ard that t! health "of his wif demanded a
Margaret Matlter pi iy ''Tl'.e H'rieym)nM
Ial iMiaoo this week. We now rntertain
a r. w !oie that om iuftaene mar h
t'ro''ht to .ar mi rltit oi l facl'.1or
i'.atati fa- le!' ; h. Si I of ft n of the
f or arid 'e-r,t! r Kal umzHS-i outfit b rrif
.j a! rr .i.'id iiivtte brother K.ton to o nnd
M r-ret with th-Mii. Int fhnce, yirls,
tit'.s leap ji ar.
'Ro f.fti-'h mr ?al mref in of th Mirfd
V"!?l Si iV Ho'ti ''t iral S.h-u ty p n- 1 ort
M ?m! ly riM. 1'r f. Hnrjr K. of
H t1
I ..T
V. -f !
to t!
A i
f j'
i ;
I "'
i1 Iteit i'..l"fi.iw iMi.!y I'.f
In t!.. i?. i '.;i if I'tt fi'lf r-.t
la. l
a j
f i I ! : f I' ) f t
lit Mtj
o. -i
i- r
Items Gathered b MTlegrami Cor
respondents in Western Michigan.
II As i im;s.
Correrj- liil. nee t;f TiilC TtLluililM.
HA-ri.Ni, Dec. The alumni and for
mer student of Albion College, rei-idm' in
this city, are prcp.iiini to ive a musical
and literary entertainment next week for
thu benefit of the Abury Ccntenuary fund.
This makes the third society organized in
this place for the furtherance of this iro-
ject. Saturday morning a warrant was
issued for ttm arrest of John Van iirunt, u
twtive-y ear old lad residing iere, for mak
ing an as.-auit upon a farmer' boy who was
driving into town with u load of wood.
Johu tricked up a lar ?tone, throwing it at
the boy, hitting him in the face and cutting
a bad fa,-h. Vouurf Van Urunt Udoji to a
fe'an of kids who live in an underground hut
and are the terror of the entire neighbor
hood. Novels, card and tobacco play an
important part in their daily gathering's.
As yet he officers have not been able to tlnd
the festive Juhnnit. Circuit Court con
vents to-day. About tlui only tiling of im
Iortance hi bo tried is tho Strong case
which will bo commenced to-morrow morn
ing. T his promises to be a hotly contested
case, as the defendant has employed the best
le;al talent in the county. Tho rinks are
all booming as u.iual. lat week a live-mile
race wjis skated between Will 0. lionuttt utd
K. W. iol.-ou, two fast skaters, ending iu an
easy victory for llonnett. The JetTerson
street rink is fast taking the lead on account
of its convenience and size. The railroad
question is virtually settled, and Hastiut's id
to Ikj blessed with a second line of road,
which will oen up the southern part of the
county, Kivin' to Hastings the trade and
market which lias heretofore yone to llattle
Creek and Kalamazoo. Miss Lulu Waters
fell at the rink this morning and broke her
arm. The Strong case is progressing
lowly on account of the difficulty in secur
ing a jury. Two special panels have been
exhausted. The club dance last evening
at Union hall was one of the finest hops
given in the city. Souire's orchestra, of
Grand Kapids, furnished the music.
Correioridenco of Thk Tklkocam.
Wail and, Dec. 1. Thanksgiving Day in
Waylaud was very joorly observed in the de
votional department. '1 here w as a slim at
tendance to listen to an excellent disconrso
by Uev. M. li. Ilawsou. Elsewhere sundry
fowl attacks were made upon turkey; in one
or two instances reprisals were made that had
to be adjudicated by an M. D., and propitia
tory penalties submitted to items not includ
ed in the programme of thanks. Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Pickett, and Mrs. Wm. Seaver
went north to express their gratitude; Mrs.
('. E. Fauuce, of lmtler, Ind., was the guest
of Prof. J. W. Humphrey for the same pur
pose; and ye reporter threw off his enui for
the time being by congratulating himself
that he had turnips and honey for once to go
with his bread. Since the merry jingle
of tho sleigh bell has been
heard Democrats and Republicans
alike seem to have forgotton all about poli
tics, but the Prohibitionists are still wrig
gling around, calling committee meetings
and getting up cheap suppers in hoies to
galvanize a little life into tho post mortem
party. These senile agitators, like Mrs. Pod
ger's claim for gentility on account of her
ancestors, will always suppose that their
great virtues culminated in voting for St.
Johns. It has just leaked out through tho
Prohibition organ at Plaiuwell that a move
will bo made to overthrow the Board of Su
pervisore in this county next spring by a re
cently discovered French process. It has
been found that for a woman to patch tho
bosom of her husband's trousers with a
mustard plaster extracts tho cotton from his
nose, so that he is easily persuaded to voto
tho union party ticket; hence the new pass
word for Jthe spring campaign, 'M la Mus
tard:'1 G. 13. Chambers, mine host of the
Waylaud House, will soon have liis new
skating rink ready for tho grand tumble of
the novice and expert that will join in dedi
cating it. Hoyt & Buskirk are anxiously
awaiting some of the "beautiful snow" so as
to give them a log crop that will warrant
them in putting up a new mill on the site of
tho old one.
The Man 1Yh Is AUray Going Somewhere
- ami Never Gettlug Thw.
Itchoboth Sunday Herald.
No man sees 6x many ups and downs In
life as tho hermit of the eleyakr. He as
cends without hopo and descends to the
depths withont despair. His mission in
life is to move on, keep moving. Ho is all
the time going somewhere for iomebody
else and never nnywhere for himself. His
purpose is to pull at n metallic rope and
sail through the air like an uncomfort
aWo spirit doing a dreadful penance.
He is liko Swyphus rolling th
stone and Tantalus stnigsliag for the
wator. It is tho same old story, from
inorning till night, only there are a great
many stories between U ground floor and
the clouds. He takes on cargoes of hu
manity and discharges tbera In dreamy
monotony. Passengers come like shadows,
so depart. He lives no, he vegtab?s in a
dark cage, and only catches glimpses of
life through passages stretching far away
from the shaft in which he works, as if they
were galleries in a inin?. He knows every
body in the passages, hut he thinks of them
by numtr. "Smith? Yea, seventy -oJght
third." No one ever saw an elevator-conductor
out of his cagv, or probably ever
will. He never marries, because thero are
no opportunities for flirtation, and no girl
with any wound ideas of tolid chunks of
comfort in the pursuit of happiness would
caro to bo proosed for half way Hwixt
heaven arid the madding crowd. A com
fortable jo fa. and a dim religious light on
earth aro good enough.
Powers, the American sculptor, who is in
Home, will make the ptatue of I'ra Cornell
for Cornell University.
Collector Hoi rt-on i the latest candidate
for the New York S nntorship.
FntNiMiiiNM (tM)ts from tho chcapt to
tho lt gtxi.1.
CouKHCTir.w Ht'in rn.u!e tonrder for Ir-'A
Frir.-r Hr.r.rtTio of Trntinrihg in tlm
A i!h fMltl f Paht fiia4 til ltfef fit
f: 7, r, ?,. 810 and up to 3?L
'lit hlhf M)VfUt 1'h.l. fwraf if! th
Tiir- rtf f i f st niid ir,t ft! :f!iah fbiita
it;,! to hi i-i '.U r.
A f. ill j OvrieMit lu'a to
,!- it t tin a
i f t.n hi;d CUj.ieu,
nccrr h williamo,
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers
you aro shown the floods you want una told the price to Im? im low as can lx fouad
anywhere, look out for No. 1 and get tho prim in different places hut
do not omit to get priced at
46 OaxLaJL St.
This will Bhow you where you can do beet in quality and pricoe.
56 Ottawa Street,
Cadillac, Michigan.
Collections promptly attended to at current
Interest paid on time deposits.
j. s. McGregor,
New Steam Dye Works,
20 Fountain St., Grand Ilaplds.
Ladira Drwsofl, Cloaks, Shawls or Sacqnos
('leanol or Dyed in a ISniHrior manner. Gentle
men's Made-Up tiarmenU Cloantsl or Dyed and
1 Iand.somely Pressed by JSteani; Eijual to new.
Impairing Done.
G(kx1. Received and Returned by Express.
r1 A riarCssAWHiOT! rcinwTTnraraiT
rV,f VUBLOSafe, quick cure, any alL Kind,
, " HUfol relUf for jlrl or woman trouble. Bord. La. Con
i'S IenUr rrly. person or letter, fre. heal, eOoen, Fenl
1 KctTUddnir PJIU, 1 : Botm C3 ; Ddch Cure, 25 nt. ;
V To1tt Mirror, lOcenta; by miU Addrfit. with rem ItUnt,
" "f H"io DisrK.i9AKT,22lonU BU, Grand Bpld. M.cX
flfPil PAPER
Cures Soi-c Throat, Chest and Lung diseases, Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Tickling of the Throat. Very pleasant to take. It
regulates the bowels. It is the largest bottle for the price known,
try it, the price is only 25 cents.
GEO. G. STBKETBB, Sole Proprietor,
Suro Ouro, prieo f0 For salu
Grand Rapids, Mich.
For Sale to actual settlers at low prices and
on favorable terms.
r Located in the counties of Osceola, Clare,
Missaukee, Wexford and Roscommon, Mich
igan. For particulars address
45 Monroe Street,
Room 5 Immen Biocr 43 Monroe Street.
Rl IF I Y22 IONIA ST. ax of Morton Housa
. fl I i I II l'hjticlftD,tioTeoB,AeroflehFr
nimi,Spccialty: CHRONIC DISEASES.
Nervous Dcbility.OpiumHabit&Stuttcringcurcd
Patients treated at home. Artificial Eyes,etc Call
or write. N. J. AIKIN, M.D., Grand Kapids, Mich.
(J J
Read What Van's M3gic Od or King
of Pa!-. Hcs Cere cr
the Peop'.
uxd Vta'u Mi;ic Uil fr kiU'riial ki. 1
fitt-ruiJ fa-lioatiU34u u! .. lic,l Hit k,
iiuru-", lirui?-, vtc. nu t ituin tn ttr. lti
t.lviuiiy t.lHit.d to t LiMrv u, it t-tOi be uxt
nx-4-iuajiivt it to xbiuLi.
J have u! Wn' Ma-ii Oil fr NarivV-iA.
it Last irvi tJ to fchli.--fht-u.ry, m it tu.nti
tu 4-Ltirt-ij: kino i.ur next d r ii-i;t.Ur w t
curnil ty it. Jutiuuih Jli'.-ii, by Lntt-ruhl u?-e fur
N rv Ttrcut, tHiut'i.Xiii ill h t lul hiu
Jitiiit-; fciu a lutja by t!i- thiue f NioHt-1
Kwiiilt'a wwi curtd b) it of u wry vtrt Ijhmd
U.i.'L 1 tva tever fchy Uj huh h iu pruinf i..f tu.r
Mt.ic Oil.
liritiid JlaMu April " 14.
lour. uaJy. JM Oli VkSlTAXnilL
We haf iwd jour Mhio OiJ for wvt-nJ j.n
axivi wouli not hkt? t t? itivut it, tv it is uhivI
family mH-.ticui, iz; liartip, Uriiis. rvru
'i'hriaut. old-s fto., tit-uc- 1 truly nTnun ii.i it to
U.t-publk. Ki:V. U VAMJilUVlUt.
ruiurteon, N. J., iYb. 11,
MDcktaa, M kit.
Mli. N. fi. TANDEl;UPEWt l.he unii iur
Minric Oil witii Krut hhtifiu.-tioii. (Uf tf twar
i Lildrt'U was tbkeu tick itb (txM-tlifJ) tiiyih
thfria. Of t-urfcH we eiupkjol a dK-tor. but the
child prvw vrui-fco fyt-ry itaj. One moriiii4j, tiie
dte-tor C4illt witli fiur iiiorw of liis probwion;
and eouttdttl. If tl chiii would l tlie iu tlse
evt-uiiiK they vier to j-n ihu t hild' ti.rht Kiid
CUt tiie phie'Ql Ut. TlA 1 did Hot i, pjoe of,
but m iLert va no hoi of the child'h ivi ry, 1
cuiiK-lited. y'iiiKlly ur lieirhbor, Mr, J. kiulr
wt'rj). oallod with h bottle of jour Mt-ic Oil, Uid
hktl if vie would u it it ould -A iiot ti
in. Y Kuv th child tl;rv or tive drop in
t ruidly every t.our, and poultictd the tol' of itfc
fet with onumr ,uiid Utthei iu. thnt w-ll wiUi
Maic Oil, Hiul wh n tlie do-tor came iu the eveii
inj? he wauti d to ki:ow mhtit we li&ii $i veil the
child, h it bn-ithui mi much in-ir. 1 told him
we u?ed Vua'i MhKrif Od. lie wiid ke ii ri'ht on
rifeing it a that wu Utter tlutu he could do. 1
hfive thunkwi Mn. Vanderwerp u t)ou.-uiid tini
for Ler kindnofcrt, anij 1 t-ineerely thaiik jou lor
your valuable medicine. Your trul,
Mokeiron. I would wty, I lave known the ef
fect of Van'b Majric Oil, in dornrtic practice,
always with Kod ettectf, never with U'nf etttx-tfc.
Have prvfcribd it in my practice; tind it a ery
good and Kifo mtxiicine,
W. H. DKIAl', M. 1).
Van Made Oil or Kinjj: of Tain i manufac
tumi by S. (J. Vanderlinde, Mutkegon, 21ichM
and is bold by all dvden.
Grand Rapid3
Organized Slarch, ISSi).
Cctpito.1, - - sGOO,000
Surpluo, lB 1 00,000.
President. Vice-l'nidenL.
XV iL W1DDICOMH. Cashier.
JjgInten-fit at 3 ixt cent. ier annum on all
timo depots.
Fxlwin F. Uhl, Freeman CJoilfrey
(Jeo. Jl. Iiouir, Kn Putnam,
Wm. U. lITiK)lKhoimcr, M. J. lark,
I). 11. Water, J. lloiiKcman,
(ieo. C. Kimball, CharleM H. llareltino,
M. Kngleman, Thomas D. HUmwn,
Wm. Widdicomb.
Jnst lieceivtd and for fyile in any ciuantity by
33. S. HARRIS,
525 and 527 South Division St. Grand Rapids
S3 I
at samo placo.
Grand Hapida & Ictliir !
Arrlis. IfCfCt
PeUkey A Ma;4.itac i';x t- i$ pai !'. pc
I'luciUiuti A Mi-ki:;4- uiu 1."' ut
It. Mie A iirunJ iipid ix S.'Jp;u f xlip
tirtOid lipids A l'.vtiUiic Ac
riucinn&li Hi 3iun
M k iuac A ( iiic:t.i.ti l.i. I pia 4 XC pus
Mt iiiinc A . u uv i-x .P ktu 11 tUi
ChllcA 4i ranj iMipid. Ac. ?.JpJii
All ttins ihvi!) tic'pi huiidft. :
NohTU-Truin ltvin M xv j. iu. h .kI
n;tt bh-piir i vr U,r l'.-tvk tjii 51m Uute
i ity. irum bnainui U, a. m. Ltuiiiiaf I u
tot J'ruM-Ht 'iry, 1
Srxu - rkiu Iv fct i.Zl p. in. IM Vkk1
rii?t K-jiiu: i ht for) I'mrmLMi. j
'i'ij-u-u'!. tiektt tn lt- t.buJfiivl m Vlu.ix
Ti Let :h eorn'r iben' kuA UTtu( h;rtx-u
unlu Iniuii l'pu. 4.;. L. I Ah AkU.
Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee
Arrlvt. !iiTo.
tMuriiin l-xpnra Yi 4j ,v 12 Jilt pa;
ji'kruiuru Mh;1 f. pij.ut. t lipiu
irNtui:buat 1.2ptt Ij-tJ pi
-t 7 n-ji:
Nittiit l-iprtr &.1J tut l Atfcia
G01SO jjast. ;
!Stttanltht 1J'H
Through Mtul
Uiuiud KipMM-
AUulUc i-ipit
tMlltt, VltL IHHub
TluiJy, htuulaxx cxo'ptt
f -. tan
.l.t.10 am iw-i kic
. V.lh pin 1 ' 4.'. pm
1'jK jiirt ib taking li.f tiia a. m. ilxT.rt
ci(it ctiUii'tiii:t itl O ut for lAXtIiK, Hlni fct
lK-troit for .t-w Voik, um in: iLr rt at lJUfc.ia
tl.H fnlitv in; inuruii;K.
N irt.t Kxpn La Iik h.1 Klwpii tt 1-Irtit to
(jntlid lutpl in.
'J t.i lb ihv niiJy liue runninir Atlaiitic Lipn
lmviii; b rt' ut lu ;ip. ir with t"v-puitr t.r t
JK'tioit, ii.hVui dirvrt muiiwtiuiit fir ull MiiiU
Iju-X, brnviut! ut New !:(rk 7 k. iu. U xxud
morula:. ,
I'hrlur Cur on n.uil tnans Utii t mjJ vL
The trnia lvt iug tt lAb p. m will mKk. dino
tMHjji tioa Miih Milwauhi frtmu.'riiiujy,i'i.i ;.
'J i.rouL tick.-tf M-ct;rtl ht 1)., j. II. A SLt&ice
in riorum lbuc bl U. hu, at the b-jK't.
1. lOl,U lt.t,ity 1W. Aet.Lt.
Lake Shord & Michigan Southern.
Arritrt. In've,
I.xpree Tsupm 7 i5 ou
iliul . , ..... v um 4 Hi pai
All trains ai!y fic'pt Handay.
'l'bn train -n iiig hi 4 p. m. txmiitici it Wbita
lV7a with Atl.'tntic Lxpn u MiJn ln.
Mi.ich f .ha Jviiu Drawing Iwm hl'i.iuj
C4hchc fnm (hi 4?o to .Nf Voik litun
witluut cliiiii.
Tli truin lvvin; ht 7 a. rn. rrinwt at WU
l'irtn (irivitig uuv h.ir for tiUiL.r) wuh ltH
Jew Vork l:xpn mi Main Lin-.
ThnmKli tii kH Knl ti4-nii in K3'piiir (cK
ftui te w-f unxi Hi Union 'J u kcl (tlii, ti Moxir
All Lntiiim v ill run tjy 5tli rticritiiuu tinie, t!Jck
is 3J inixiutt tlowr tbfcii lfijx.it tin,.
J. W. Mc KL.NNLV. (ien'l At.
Michigan CentraL
ftu) am
11 am
lH troil 1-x t t' km
l.iv Kxpnw.. l;::4Sp:ij
N. V.Kxpn . tJDpui
Atlantic Lx.. . I'rJDpui
V i n irM .. fiil) uvx
H'arlor caiv nt tactual.
Tticiric llx...
Wy l'r icht.
l pta
Ci'd lliipids k'.lUoj pr?
Sito puir tnn Mta-rlnvi.
Vwific aiid New irk Kxpm tuuJy.
rilinH UA1J CX pt nUI.iL'iK
New ork l-'it Lie nms bjlr, trriviiiri
iVinii t I'ZiA h. mM and New jork it U o'clock
Uie nxt evening.
A train Jiv l)troit at 4 p. m., viwjtt Hon
dajR, with lrwim; It xnn aiid I'wht ( ar for
(irnnd llapiis rcu-i;in lire ht Jo ' p. ic
I)in-(1 and proiDT.t conjictiun n4a i wnL (int
Wftcru. (irund Irunk and Cunttla tvcti.irn
tniins, in a;iif dt-jx at 1 troit, t!iU Mihitug
I liO Detroit KxpTt liavliij; at f ii) a. in. baa
Drawing lMtni and JW'or 4'-ar for lrfit, ncb
iutf that city at ll:4ia.n... New York luiJ a. m
and lWUn 2:4) p. m. next day.
Through tickets for all iolm ind t-Ar-.g cai
IwrtLa may (m prorcrnl at Union ,i ki't :hc
rner Monn and Utiava htrtvt, and at Union
J. T. WHULTZ, Oin'l Ait., P7 Monn-NU
(Jeo. W. Mcnsox, Tick-. A rent, City.
J. H. JIawkoh, In kei Aejit, Di
Chicago & West Michigan.
Mail t V.ir am j NWit Ilxpr 6 I'j mn
Day l.xi rtf..trj:'J.'; pni Mad t 4 U)pm
NirKt l.xpM. y m j Day Uxprv . pm
Daily. IDuilj ia j.t hundy.
Union Depi on Joi.i htte-t.
Throntch cwli to Cl.iciom n a. ro. train.
Thrru: lirr-r!ar lt ( Uoar" n 12 ' p. m
tndn. 'n.ri:j IVlliti.-in -I-pin-Jvr and cak
to Chicago on Xt i. in. train.
m:yayi ;o division.
K'.IU am
MS jm
KxpnM am
Kxpresn 4.ipm
Miil im am
'JYain live from aul arrivn tt Wt
it. Ile northern tmiinnn f thin l)iunai
Ld lwin,.n r.AM. JM!;.
raHNntf-er from th North fr Chicagi ani
iiritw St of 4ira,nI llitpid. cranro cam at
Vt (irand Ilapid. irxcrptcn ih -:a.)p. m. tra2
hrn they rhang at Aventi Junction.
J. II. 1'ALMtli, iea 1 I rr iht imd lw. Ag'nt,
OJhe, V7 Mnrrw HtrmM.
Grn. W. Mcnhon, Tickn Ag-nt, dly.
Michigan At Ohio Railroad.
IarM:r,T Ti? Tab! a.
Going Wt. ( Ltral Tima.) fina Iit.
Mxd.ruMA.raMi. IW. Mxd
A. M. A. M. T. M, HT1TIOK. A. X. T, Hi. T. W.
r.-i pm; ,.1:1 Lv. .Tlwla...Ar 11 h .v-
VJT.2 ll'W f;41 " .reeiiniiM-h. " VTL 171 tt
iu 4 . .How r ' l?llfrj
'UK PjW " ..Mrhall. " Ml 1.12
2-W VA) Ar. MX rk.hr f 4) 1212 2l
fj 8.-4S i.k. " . MTit'ith . - r.L rn
7::, 4 : 1 f .... ...A!Jnn . " .... II. 1 fti
.... " .l'dlU.pid. M .... WJi
thaiji ojtKrmoi.
TolMo rith all rn.nwi dirorriTia. T"rr"TH
ith I. K A M. H. UTT.fr with U R. A M K.
liTiiug DiTijoti and Air lin M. ('. Mir)ll
withM. (). 1L U. iaM l".rk ith fliia-o A
i ran 1 Trunk and II. C. K. 11. Mn'ith. ti. L &
1. Allrtn 5th A W. M.. nn 1 I. H. A M. K.
LUI Jli:Jt ALLLN. 4iTi i Ia. Ai
The Morning Telegram,
A N D-
Only Ten Cents Per Wcslr.
Tnt 7n.tr, t kit i vifh th Cnd
IV" Ipatrli. ars-1 f:r a'l riT- rf 1
p-ln.Tift, l"-h fr-e-r: a!-l dorTi'-, In aiiu
ti'n to tl Uri'f! Vr p-'" Trt Tn-mA3
j t- rr.r .r-w ,tm "k f
tfl rpf'iaK hni rf a thovjrh m tf cJt:
r.g f K hra! ti'-'.
A-3"r.i vlll in-! Trr Tri mr.ivh Al.lf
ilrr.wl ws.-- ? a?it4 takn..d
t t'i' S a Iff j-!" t?s a 3 pf Jrsf
t?-v (.T'.. N !. IT k. 3 1 I'rK-f-' (;t l:irv'a.
! I r v eti.i
r' 1
ix . . ;

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