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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, December 05, 1884, Image 3

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Morning Toloirram.
GRAND li.U'lDS, DEC. 5, im.
Tho i.rl loan rit iiy City t'iu.-cd jt-ttrday.
'U i'tJ -Uy (inard; ui!i ortiiic a Ado
A i;t w bwx f ii-t.yry i- to It- -turud atSuth
li.ty (.'it.
ht. C!-tir will -Liy ;5,m) barrel of .-.lit to
'1 tia Vfvk.
Mi-I.a;i ,'hiir; .n .. ujarch vsrith iiurtou
at I'hiit VWdn-.-.-div.
v Detroit i;ii-cr,
ik voted t i roller
Mo.-t-r n.v ruttw '-.- ar; biiif added to tho
ht. Clair ila.L-r-! S; rKi'i ground-.
I .on. ;.- H ;-. are to t.-t out o,l I ),() feet
of liie a: iln'-l.tijn lake thi wilder.
Audrey M itir, it Detroit convict now in
1 n-ion at J t:k.-ou, ha.- bccouiw insane.
Tl.r y ...u- a c;.If at Ch Iojjmu that k'ruwi
bl.uk wo., I wh-. rt! the hair oujbt to row.
'1 h Sanitary Coiiv. utioii m-utia;: at K i-t
.Sa'iiiaw adjwiinud H t lin-.-d ty ui0'ht tsiao
1'iatM i,da-- to the a!uc of 7j0, dt?si'!ied
for a iirw .t.ro at A!itn';m, y;w found broken
on arrival.
"Wlo will .-uccri-d po-tmad-r Jl-athV" w
a iu,--:;a ti.at u ajit.xtinj tho treats of the
loiiia icniocntcy.
Ti v. ilev. Mr. IlicU, "Guilt tu cluiol-im,"
ha U t ii appoint d by Mr. Arthur surveyor
'Hit ral of Honda.
Si'nor Ca-tro, rtprv.idin tho Chilian
CoviTnsnf.it, in vi-itiu,' our liko Superior
'oul and coi-ja-r mint
Dr. Tahai r, of Alh'aa, accused of ad-imni-itrTin
to u patn-nt while drunk, was
av.putti d Wcdnc !ay.
Tho retail nxvrs beliew in the early
chiM'pl in. l hry are k'otH; to make an
effort to cio-e at j ni.
It ( ! ainnd that there are wildcat-, fores
and lynx in ;;reat abundance in the wood.-
bord. r;ntt' Tawa-i I-tke.
'I'hi- Masonic fraternity of Newaygo are
making arraiiriit-nt-i to publicly dedicate
th ir new hall on Chri-.tma.-i day.
' (iil. Osmtin contirmod as consul to
K" . . l ..I. ..! . II- 1 I tt 1
it .v -.t aiana u u:e senate eunesutiy. lie
will d.ciinc and K Guv. Alder's secretary.
John Morris the man who rhot Mayor
Morrs of Charlotte, was sentenced lues-
day to twenty years hard labor in Jackson.
Omn Delano, of Detroit, has taken the
i'atti.-.on, a popular hotel at Tecnm.eh, and
will nt once enter upon the management of
Ih- liortieulturi-t.- are greatly encoaraircd
by th ir meeting in Ann Arbor, never hav
iii' hail a more Miciv-.-ful or better attended
Frederick CorntTe, ch.-.rt d with the mur
der of Patrick Uourke at Hamtramck on the
L'Tth if Septe?n!r, was admitted to bail
Wednesday by Jud'e Jennison in the sum of
v l .( x 1 ).
The Sunday School Institute and semi
annual meeting of tho Woman'? Missionary
SiM-iy of the Shi awa -a Uaptist Association
is m .les-i-ori at tlm nn-etimj-hoaso of the
li lpti- t Churcli f St. Johns.
A judgment of iOJt was entered in the
L'nited States Circuit Court Wednesday
a' dn-t the Port Huron fc Northwestern Rail
way Company for infringement of the patent
of l!xra Miller on car platforms.
Tawa I-ike is b( int; po)ul ited by mnsk
rnt.s, ami as the houses are beim: Imilt higher
alxive water t'-an usual the hunters declare
tliat we are to have a cold winter. Present
indications do not point to this, however.
Meco-ta is bvnjin airain. A second
iiewsji riper, the S,,itit,l, was started there
last W'ediuday. It is a live colnmu quarto,
edited and published by L. A. Mclntyre &
Sou, h;te of the Hart, Oceana county,
Wedn'-al:y r.L'ht Wm. Houseman, the
robbed pe.tiT.t who boarded at Mrs. Dr.
Cov.le's private medical institute at Pattle
Cr.-, received the valise by express from
Nt-w Vor!i with all the contents except tho
Considerable feeling, bavins a religious
le:irimr. has been created by the removal of
(t. J. (riMHletiouirh from the otlice of the
Uestern Lnion telegraph company at Rattle
('re k, and a petition is now in circulation
for his reinstatement.
Whih- a jury trial was pending in tho Me-co-t
i. Circuit Court Wednesday, the Judo
noticed that one of the "u'ood men and tru?"
wa quietly sh epin::, and nim furtlier ex
nmiii ation h was found to bo drunk, lie
h id a bottle iu his ocket.
A peddler f)f Jackson sold prize packages
at (i ra.-s Iike a few days a 40, and so f xcited
the ire of the crowd that thy npn-t hisbuy
and scattered his stock. The man claims
that his Ios-es ueres) cash. He is coiny to
hae s. veral parties arrested.
The Stare Horticultural Society concluded
their very sueressful meeting at Ann Arbor
o 1 WedneMlay evening with the larg-st
hoti-e and most interesting session of the
serifs. They adjourned to meet at IjAnsiniT
in January for the rei,ular business quarter
ly meeting.
Dr. Kenwendishon, a Ilesmrnmon physi
cian, became intoxicated Saturday and be
c:m to smash tl e in-dd of his tlru store by
throwin.: weights, breaking bottles, etc. Ho
was arrested by Marshal Johnston and a
complaint mad" against him. His trial
come olT Saturday.
V.. M. IhirTfawh-s a liorrnnker of West
P iyCtty, is under arrest charged with as-,-v:!t
with irdent to kill one Charles Burke,
a sailor and hack driver. The nsanlt was
committ. -d Tnestlay iiijjht on Fifth street,
Ihirrouiifis r.riru' a revolver at Pnrke. Imr
roughs was held in .iM) to npjH-ar.
O'v-n to the lateness of the hour the rrnd
invT'd' papers at the setni-c ntennial cele-br-dion
of the settlement of Ottawa county,
h Id in Grand Haven, could not be finished
Tuesday Michf. and on motion of the com
mittee was postponed till NVcilneday even
in.:. All the papers read on this occasion
will printed m book form and presented
to the State .and other pioneer libraries.
A womm ivirru-fl Annie Van Norman died
at 1 o'rl Wt dne-d ly in a Wnt r street
b'.K-k, p.ay City, frorTi causes which will re
q jire a p-ost mortem examination to drter
nunc. Sh had f p ilet tic fits and was bled
thtee times, after winch ?h expire l.Deceasel
ws fleit to jrars of ?n:e, hd lived in Hay
City tw or three j trs ntui the home of her
parvnts is aid to l somewhere near Flint,
A Mnsm tonh named Albert IUdly
shot FoUerorm H. Hniwn Weilned.ty nii.!d.
Fro-vn will pr.;? a!ly die. Kndley nho
rmj tit4 I ,. c
:: f -ht l?i the face of
lb?uy lr!;;t, iMi'l-pr cb'r itifo (,e e.-u
Hr.d tuck of to n al McI)) iiM. The vholc
.-m t!v rv-'tU f .1 ;dM)n ;-i;rr t brtwen
K.'.r-y i!d n f l!'.v itemed Mort Krntz.
Fr-r W. Htnd.dl. tv!o did nt Hitil
(V k 1 i-t S-i(t!rd.y, vtt. nn inventor of
trr' t! ? ihty. H th inrrntor of the
tt r. i r i -1 - r. t', railroad birycl vrifh tb
-.vt Ti r ti e nil, ti orAy yrnviicnl mn
vb. n4 4f t1'.' kind in t:-4J-i -f -nt e ir.ri.ni l-r,
th d;'vu-- for Ci'.v. t linr-.. pt-r ih.Tti
i!h n til.4 !. :'! o'J.cr r f tl ns.icb?n-.
i.iii'j. -pi r li kf.e ti m t!i j,ro.
' .! 4, t t!i Hf.it, ttrlin
i Mi-rn J ) r,d H o'r;.eli
;. for;'-!' tr'-'-'d ti r- .
!!' '-to-., r.v'iddi... l:t bttb-4) no.
, -M-. vet uf ttf-.tTrf. If.-, I:4 lit
i r.
' i ;d.'-? nf t-iiUi t,
! iil l-f--.t ?. :... f .r-r. r j, f..f
i i fr? ? ! !,.,. , Ur mrU
x.S ) ? t' ;-.. .t tl.tf ..-ij
H : 'd J V f -. 1. 1 fj tt
Vd-r- 't t f r.-.-j.-..- r
H- t; k if- li ii'i.;)"
Items Gathered by "Telegram" Cor
respondents in Western Michigan.
Corr.i'O'jhiae ef TaE TtLiiiJi.iT.
Hx.-.nMjS. Dec. I. At a metin,' of the
Riverside CVnictcry Association iild
cveniu..', olticers and board of directors were
elected for the fciisum ear. On Wednes
day evening of thi- week Mi-ss Sulla
V iu-eler, one of cur moat ?ucce.ful muic
teachers, a.-.i.'ited by her c!a.-.s of youn
ladies, ,vive an interesting and very tuceea
ful mu.-icale to the parents and friends of
her pupils at the parlors of Mr. A. J. liowne.
L'ndcT MKs W's instruction the cla.ss have
improved wonderfully during the past year.
The Strong cae continues to attract the
attention of court-troinif is.ople. Many
ladies are in atteiitLaice daily and watch the
proceedings vth y;reat interest, ihe evi-d.-nce
thu far has excite! the utmost sym
pathy for Mr. Strong, who, without doubt,
Iiad the 'reate-t provocation for Ins attack
upon Dr. Foote. Yesterday afternoon Mr.
Strong ave his version of the alfair in buch
a manner as to move the entire hous to
tears, the court, jury and attorneys not ex
cept, d. It was the mot ntlectin scene ever
witnes-td in our court, since the celebrated
Vanderisol acquittal. The evidence is all
in and the case will probably eo to tha jury
to-ui'dit. An acouittal or disagreement it
Ioked for. Our roller skaters are eoin
rii innate to M.iddleville to the opening of
Jordan s rink, which takes place this even
in;;. (ioiu down to captare all the prizes,
as it were. The death of Henry Prindle
of Orand Kapids casts a yloom oyer the
younger society of this city. This used to
be Mr. l'.'s home and while living here he
maile many warm friends by his genial and
pleasing manner to all with whom he came
in contact.
a Wonderful dog.
i;inarkbl Story Told a St. Paul
ewsjiaptr bjr a KeturntHl Denizen of
St Paul Day.
Philip Haird, a man atout forty years of
ae, arrived in the city to-day on his way
East, and told a pitiableale of sutferiu
in the western part of ?iinitoba. In his
own words he says:
; 44I had only got my harvest done when
one night I awoke to find my room bright-
1.. :n ! i i w 1 . .
iy uumiiiiaiea. i nnaersiooa its meaning
at once, and made all haste to dress and
get my wallet of money, nearfy (3,000, and
get out of tho cabin. It was as I suspected,
tiie dreaded prairie fire. Away in tho
horizon I could notice its rapid advance, I
knew that my only way of escape was in
hasty flight. My horse wa3 roaming over
the prairie, and I could not afford to look
for him, so along with my faithful dog I
plodded my way as rapidly as possible to
ward tho Bow River. The distance was
ten miles, and whether I could mako it or
not I did not take time to consider, but ran
as I never did before. How I lasted the
distance is a problem to me. I reached the
bank of the river as the raging flames were
r.!tl.!- I 1 1 -r
witum n auuureu varus, anu as 1 was
standing there dazed my dog took hold of
me and with a sudden jerk pulled me head-
loremost into tho river. The cool waters
revived me, and I stayed there until the
flames leaped tho river and were licking op
the dry grass on tho other side. Sev
eral batjo were in tho river, bavins
boen driven by the flames. I had
no home any more, and knew
not what to do. I wanted to go back and
look at the place where my home was, bu
I knew there was nothing there for m
any more. Then tho first thought dawned
on mo that I had no means of sustenance,
not even a fire-arm to assist me in securing
ganne. I started down river intending to
keep by its course until I reached the Sas-
ketchewan, thus making sore of something
to drink if nothing to eat. The route was a
good deal the longest, but the safest, and!
plodded on. That night I was tired and
hungry when I laid down to rest. Strangn
to say I slept sound and awoke with a pnr
digious appetite. To appease it my do
had a fiue prairie rabbit lying in front oC
me. lie had not touched it himself after
killing it, but by the wishful way ho
watched the dead animal I knew he was
as hungry as myself. I shared with him
and continued on my way. I reached Fort
V alsh m flvo days after, my dog always
having something fresh each morning that
would last us tho rest of the day. I told a
young Captain by tho name of Forbes of
my misfortunes, and he was so leased
wit7 my dog ho would not allow mo to
take him to the East, but kept it himself.
I have my money yet, and intend to go to
LImira, N. ., where I used to live."
How a Itreent Execution In London Ca.id
the Decease of a London Lrxrer.'
(London Echod
A death of a remarkable character, con
nected with the execution of the two mur
derers, Orrock and Harris, at Newgate, on
Monday last, was the subject of an inquiry
yesterday afternoon at the Southwark
Court, by Coroner Langham. Eliza Kate
Williamson deposed that sho resided at No.
4 Lint street. Rorouirh. and was thn mlta nf
fZkx:EVJl II"!r,:
ionnary. lie lial eujoyed very e-ood health.
but now and aain had complained of paln3
in his head. He came homo from work on
Monday niht apparently quite well, and
aft4r tea sent witness for an evening nws
pap4r in order to read tho account of the
executions. She r?tirml with the paer,
and he read the account aloud, but stopped
at Intervals, cfuit overcYme with emotion,
and he eriod several t ines. Witness lggpd
him to put tho papor away, saying she did
not want tohar any more- about it, but he
would not do and completed the account
to hlnndf.
Thy then went to led, but alut a.
m. th witness vrnm awakeul by a nub-, and
fvund ihf d-x'twetl stmifiiHns: by her side
and trying tocll out something aNmt the
itef ution. She triel to mu.e him. Nit he
tH on the floor and corrtinu-M striigRwj
and mutterio? atr she liftd him baric
on th l-d. He thpn rivmit-!, and after
ward frll Into a -dupor, fr n which h
nrfr rallied. A doctor was ol Ulnl, but
deth ensued atotit twenty-four Ikhim
Aftr wifn-is flr t notil the dfcasl
struHn. In an wnr to the Oronr th
witns rtd le-t that th lerMl m qriit4
s ;h.r on M-idaf. Mr. Alfred Mat -ham,
j rh sirgnn, dpot th-t ilnth was
di bi applty, wbkh he had ni doubt
wis brought on by lh ntHtnmnt f7n
piit ri'j r-ndini; an I dpibn upon th
l"fi! of tbr ftr!if fort rva Monday. The
'r'lxJJf'iJ prbMy t,r'-- ffnr dr--tnbij
d U).- t"-1!! and Hi e.t rftfreot f
fh dre-tm h n d nf t rei t a bbd
tl t bur!, i th t rl'v 'ita jwf f fr..
tjjfnf t e -r bt d "fi-ntH fr-n-, hett?rl
I ? t i o y soti mi "r f1 b't . if,
Have no superior in Tone,
them at
7 s
i ll 11 iw i j ' - 2
7 SV?
56 Ottawa Street,
Cadillac, Michigan.
Collections promptly attended to at current
Interest paid on time deposits.
W O O ID--
In small quantities as well as in car-load lots
1 4 Monro St.
J. s. McGregor,
New Steam Dye Works,
20 Fountain St., Grand Itapltls. j
Ladies Dresses. Cloaks. Khjiwla or Siirnnps
Cleaned or Dyed in a Superior n;anner. Gentle
men's Made-Up Garments Cleaned or Dyed and
Handsomely Pressed by Steam: Emal to nm.
Repairing Done.
Goods Received and Returned by Express.
1 AniFQmLTS!JD71 rarosrcrocaESLi?
- 5ftUIL.OSafel quick cure, any aih Kiad,
' $ Wilful relUf for girl or woman troubles. Board. o. Con-
ieDt!y apply, person or latter, free. Beat, enloieut, r emue
-tgalttDf Pilla, Jl : a Eoxu 3; Headache Cure, 25 cents;
Totiei Mirror, 10 cn4; br raalU Address, with remltUD'-e,
flrbigNto Disr!BAT,22loQU St-, Grao4 KaUia, Mich.
(S3 tnnl -oni
Cures Sore Throat,
Hoarseness, Tickling
regulates the bowels.
try it, the price is only
GEO. Gk STEKBTEB, Sole Proprietor,
Sure (hire, price
Finish or Durability. See
the Factory
Grand Rapids, Micht
Wo have added to our business a
very completo Steam Laundry, with
all tho Latest Improved Machinery,
hard and soft water, and havo se
cured flrst-class help and aro pre
pared to do tho best of work. Goods
called for and delivered promptly.
Gardiner & Baxter,
55 Monroe-Sl and 95 Ottawa-St.
For Sale to actual settlers at low prices and
on favorable terms.
r Located in the counties of Osceola, Clare,
Missaukee, Wexford and Roscommon, Mich
igan. For particulars address
45 Monro Street,
Room 5 Immen diocK 43 Monroe Street.
Chest and
Lung diseases,
of tho Throat. Very
It is the largest bottle
25 cents.
r0 vouiv. Vov sale
Read What Van's Magic Od or King
cf P&l-i Has Cere cr
the Peop'i.
We havt ul Yfcii'a Miic Od fir iiittnid ijtJ
t XU riitJ fcpplicaUolie.iu Cfc.t of l'uid.i dHCuts
liuTli, Dmi.-t., etc., fetid t'.ul Hour tn:UT. Jt if
I-viidly bditptud to thildf rii, ilt cult be lid
With bidet y itud atiidikCU'.-Ji, fell J f tr!u.:ij
rv 'oililXieud it to JIVL.th.
j. w. i:ddv.
1 LT6 uid Vfcu'ai JWU OU for NtHiniUrlii, hui
it La irxwi to be toati:fiu'Ur-, us it htt tu;J
iue tuurt-J); almi our i:vxi i-r iK'itrt.tr
curvxl bj it, J.litOi Hit ft. ty liitrruitl U-t fir
Nre Throat, cm binxi jtii a f rv t'.u'! nnd
jbbrttiift; tlwi & U.au by the Uhu.e tf btotlti
Kwiiitensj i t urrd ty it of a ry bevt-re L.!nt
Itfii k. 1 CbM iieex bay too aiuch ia iruit t t jvnr
Mci.dc Oil.
tinniii ilbvrc, Airll lv-4.
lours Uuly, JACOH DtSl'LLDLll.
We have nod jour Mu'ic Od for hf vt-nd Jt'a..
KXid U wtdd Hot like- to be without it. us it i it oud
laiiiily iiuniicinf, liuriiS liruirt,. b,t
Throat, t'oliis, etc., Lrruv 1 trulj Momtiifii l it to
the public, ILLS'. l AMddiliilj5.
l'attrtt.un, N. JM l i b. 11, I vl.
Mutki,'on, Mich.
Mk.N. 0. Vamxleundij We hae ut.iid jour
Mhiric Od witii tjTHut bfatifcfaction. (hie tif our
thiliirea was tidct'u tick with (MxtdJoii) diih
therin. Of course W'e euiloytd a doctor, but tht
child tnvw worrt every day. Out moi uiii, lJi
doeUT Ciuled with four iuore of ids irofio:i;
uhd coiifculttKi. If Ui cldld would tif hiiie iu ti.v
evening tliey were X tien the claid'b throut iujd
cut tht thierm out. 'Jide 1 did liot li itru i of ,
but ks then wuet no hie of the t hild'e rwmi ry, 1
cousexittsl. Finaliy our neirLour, Mr. I . h.ut
verp cidltxl witii a bottle of jour Mhidc Oil, iid
aktd if we wouht ue it it would roct u.- noth
ing. We gave the child three or evj drtj in
ternally every hour, tud ioultioed the bob of it,
feet with ouiouc .and litJied itb throiit W 11 with
biric Oil, and when ttie dcctor came in tite tveu
Lnr lie whiiUiil to know w hat we had jriven ti.e
child, a it broathed m much iier. J td.l 1dm
we usl un'b Maie OiL Hebiud korp riht uti
ut-inrf it tliat was!etter thjui he txuld d. 1
have thanked M re. Yanden ero a thou.-arid timet
for her kiiulne., and 1 hineerely tiaiik yti fur
jour valuuble iutlicine. Voui truly,
MUS.A.D. l'Al.
Muhkeiron. I wotdd aay. I liave known the ef
fects of Vaa' Mavric Oik in domestic nraetiee.
always with koc1 effects, never witii lad eiltvti-.
JIavHiirfnbed it m my uractaw: nn J it a t ri
trood and aafe medicine.
W II. DELAP. M. 1).
Van's Maffie Od or Kintr of Pain is manufac
tured by N. li. Vanderiinde. Muskegon. Mich..
and is told by all dealer.
a rand Iapida
jStATI01StAL 13AjStK.
Organized ilarcli,
Oapitctl, - - $500,000
Svirplu.s, $100,000.
President. K--l'resider.t.
SSIntereet at S per cent, ixt annum on all
time depoeita.
DIllEOTOItfl :
lVlwin F. UhL Freeman (J(Klfny
(ieo. H. lngt Eno l'ntnam.
Wm. (. HeriHjl&heimcr, M. J. ( lark,
I). 11. Water. Jti. llonseinan.
(ieo. C. KknbalL Cliarlea H. Hazel fine.
M. Enleinan, ITiomai I). htimsu.
W m. W iddicomb.
Just Received and for Nile in any quantity by
23. S. HARRIS,
525 and 527 South Division St. Grand Rapids
m v
Coughs, Colds
pleasant to take. It
for tho price known.
at same place.
Gran" Rapids ft Indiir.
aoLa soi:Tfi.
I-t,key A ?.!. 4.r...i- I s
riu.-iti A Mckie J x
1 1. H Ur A ti fht:.l f .iijlip i.x.
tiriwd id. A t'id:Lr Ac.
51-j j: w
GO! SO SUl'TJt. j
("iucinuiiTi l'x
Ma kJUi.C A I iuriuuiiti t .x 4i6 jnu
M.. Ihiac A 1 u W.vue i.x 1 4 Mli aia
li iS aZ3
Aii iJ-uili cLdj eii-ept aUiL.l.
MJiJISa (it A IJii N u LiJ Tsi.
. Noitiu-Tr.ixi hwuij ut J s k m. hu- WiMd
rufi ir ivtoi-ko iud M kiur
i i.y. 1 nan l.-it. kI u. u t Jur tu
txir 1 raver- t 'iiv,
n n u 1 n.iu lv iut? at i p. m. ls Wo.kI
run S i-a ( ir f.r i'iiii nu.Mi,
J i.roi li.-kei i-.u t obtained at UU.o
I'i-k. ? e.'aiv, corner Moi.r.K ti:faa tvitvt
UJadt.l Uuioa iKiU t. L. JAK LVtHJ.
Lit ii'l I'untv. Ayl
Detroit, Grand Haven &z Milwaukee
. Arrittv.
TMwnilrii ! aprri... , U' 4 t pin
1 1 1 r'tu-ii Mt.,1 . ;U j,IU
Mix.d 4
."WU i:xin l. o km
'viTr.lxw-.l l!iirti-!-
j J'l.n.uK.. Muil lft.l ) am
AtiiOttic l.x.rff. i-.ii j,uj
Ms.t, v n h (k,t li
l..'i J C
Tdu air
1.J am
l.ii an:
Uk' fi.lili.H liolit- lil OYMrMl f.r lili, fclid Kt '
l tr.ii fur Ni-u loiL, ixiinii.if tJn it'tt lo-uufc.rii
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Lake Shore & Michigan Southern. ?
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J. W. Mcivi-NNUV. iieu'l A-t.
Michigan Central.
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J. T. KTHULTZ. (im'l .Ui., V7 5b.nns-8u
(Jeo. W. Mcnvn, J'ic kt Airr'.t, City.
J. ri. IUwiwI.vk. Tit kit A-iit, Ucp
Chicago & West Michigan.
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Haldwin. V. A M. J. Jlr.
rjtKir.t''r from Ui Sofi, f(.r r"Kiro mil
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J. H. I'ALMLlt, Ht n'l 1 rf-icht ht1 1W. Affect,
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(iLO. V. MrH). TiclK A ct, City.
Michigan Ohio Railroad.
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Mxd, 1W, Thh.
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a.m. 4. nt. r.m. Htationh
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Lt F, 4. 12-42 fC2
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. 11.10 fill
vstJi US. A b S. i!rn.Mr -ith R. A J.L tU
IniT'C Di i-i"i h.'l Air Lirj L '.. Marf.rJl
withM. li. 11. iuUi- r.- k vith (L'-r-
tithu-i Trr;r.k hn M.f. II. li. Morit.ith. t. lL
I. AlNvHti " i" K ' V W. M.. htid L. H. A M. H.
LUl lIJd; AbU;.N, 4,tii I'huii. Act
The Morning TeleT
A N D-
Only Ten Cents Per V7c:!l
rr- Di ; '.( rj'" rTI r'" t4 x
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