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Horning Telegram.
Any Mulscriltrr twt re:eicimj Tus Tzx.it
Ct.M regularly un,i prumptly will confer a
ZTi'tr by tuAifyitvj thU ojjice ty UUphoiu or
postal cant, Uur Uhrphoad number U
TLti Mtiokrj'ja circa! ttioa of Tub Tixt
OiLk b in tho haiuia of V. ij. Dove. All
.'iy'incnt4 oa sub.-scrii'tiuiii elioald bo made
to him, and lie b authorized to rtctifct for
thu tame.
Indi'ia surnm-r on the l:ilf M.cll.
Born To Mr. and Mr.i. A. IJ. Cole; a on.
Yeth.-rd.iy w u .1 day of prayer with the Y.
M. C. A. folk.-.
Ths owLen of the ?pt dy n:i- del lore i'ltf
kaddcu dcjiHi'turtJ of the now.
M. I. Swrct & Co. are building an ad
dition to tlwrir ;rum elevator at the I). M.
The Prohibition county coaiinittet.s nu'tt
thii afternoon to cloe up the businefi of the
Ihe Lottw cinb ave a vtry pleasant social
in Uinuctte'i hall on South Division street
Itirtt evening.
The Unitarian are actively making ire
paratiou. fur a Cl.ri.itnm.-i festival at Power
0;-jra Hoa-e..
The funeral of the lat Henry Prindle,
hrld jtitcrday, largely attended. The
city uriixt iitttndt d in a body.
The Ili.h School cU- devote thU after
noon to litcrury txerci-e.s. Jninea Ku-ell
I)Vfcll hein the subject of study.
Sneak thieves are .-ne.vkin" ubout the
xcho ha. A youui; man lost an overcoat
from the Central liuild.n yesterday.
'ihe. Wtxxl Quadrille Club will yive the
rimt of a aerie of ball. at Metropolitan Hall
Ihi 4 evening. Mate by Thomas's orchestra.
A very ph.M.'int "proj 'revive'' euchre
arty wu i;iven Wednesday evening at the
residence of Mr. Ca-j-sius Stet, on Lafay
ette street.
At the annual meeting of State horticuL
turulnL yesterday Out. W. Gartield was re
elected secretary of the society. S. M.
lVarsall w.w elected treasurer; both of this
In selecting your entertainment for the
cn-miti. two weeks do not overlook the
'Duck I la Neither the humorists, twain
and Cable, ho will appear at I'owera's
Dec'. M.
The sale of fancy articles will be held at
the Park ourentional Church this even
ing from to U) o clock. An oyster supper
and refreshments will be served during the
The entertainment k'iven at the Charles
street chape 1 on Thajikiviu nijht, will be
repeated to-nii"ht. Ihe proceeds will be
jriven to tho pxjr under the auspices of the
U. H. A. Home.
The County Clerk's oinco yesterday wa
busy taking u.iidavit. of the ''boys in blue,'
who are entitled to pensions for wounds and
scars received during the almost forgotten
John Jeifcrs left this city yesterday to
t I.-it his native place in Holland. He sails
from New York for Antwerp on a Ked Star
line steamer. Ho expects to return to tins
city in the spring.
Coanty Treasurer Strbbin-, although not
h ivin as yet completed his report on the
lienor taxes paid the. past year, says, "the
city treasury will be benefitted to the extent
of nbout s l;;,t)U.7'
Champlin Post. So. 2J, O. A. It., will give
tieir fifth social party of the season at
Kosrt s H ill, corner West Imd'-e and Scrib
ner ttretts this evening, for tho benelit of
the old soldiers in need.
A district mestenjjer txy lost a wi on
Jlouroo street yesterday, winch lie was
carrying to a customer for Mrs. Anna L.
I ml. 1'ald-lieaded men will please make a
n te that even wi,rs may bo found on the
A lady's reticule containing public library
cards bearing the name of Mrs. V. H. Sul
livan, a purse with some change, a hand
kerchief, etc.. wis found on Division street
yesterday and awavl its owner at police
The Thalia club will repeat their excellent
"performauco of 'Thi Shakespeare Water-cure-"
at' their theatre, f7 Fountain street,
next Saturday evening. Dramatic clubs arw
a mo-it pleasing diversion, and Grand Ilapids
should have more than one.
Will Heart, Frank Adams and a dozen
more miserable loafers who subsist upon
what they can defraud hornet people out of,
should be run out of town on general prin
ciple. '1 he wilds of "Siberia or ten years
in the Arctics'' would be a good place for
Aoram KooN, n t;ray-haired Hollander,
with the snows of nearly sixty years in Ids
lon lock, a; plied for lolling Inst nfcht at
i?ltce head.juartors. It was all that Clerk
llur'ey could d h make out of his broken
Imir!ih that t!io applicant had been in
America live years nnd that four years ao
he had labored ir this city. Ho hails last
from Fisher's bl.i,ion.
M. l Dakin, of New Yrk City, is in the
Mr. (i. W. lVrkiru has pjne East on a
bni:iess trip.
Mr. N'. V. Jolri-ion, of Swcet'a Hotel, re
turned from Chic. -,:o jesterday.
Mi s Carri Stone has returned from Biff
Ilapids, where he had been visiting Mrs.
(tH)ri,f Fairman.
Mr. Atkirs Lawrence, the leading man of
the ' Siberia" company, is thetfuestof his
cousin, Mrs. Henry (irinnell, lt.J Fountain
strt. while in the city.
A Farmer's Squabble.
Truman Richard, a farmer of Paris
township, overheard his neiichbor, John
Hrnnem m, in the latter's barnyard, make
some remarks he did not like. He then nnd
there collared John and attempted to casti
gate turn, but t severely ''left'' that he
Kate ler 1 il and vor or;t a warrant for
as-a-dt nnd battery. In a hearing befare
Justice Hrouwr yesterday Truman learned
by a Vi-rdu't of "no can of action" that he
was ii the wrni4 bo it and was the fellow
that hri!d havt bt m arrested, ince mere
word never justify an aiau!t,
Th- Fotniv;htI Club. '
Th- Fortnightly CluS, composed ofyounsf
lilies and tHitli'mai sif th.o Universnlist
Chnrch, hold their tlrst nalar meeting to
tr'jht at th r-,ii1.r:.ce t)f Kv. Charlc
Fluhrpr, 14 n;th Fivpeet street. The
erenin will b jper:t in sw;ial fntertain
mentof tiie liter iry. l.i- : inr:c and musical
ord r. Kpv. Charles Fhihrcr will deliver a
brief addre--. The merabrl!np of the club
starts oat well and an t njuyaM evening i
xreet; vh
Sma-shop at Montieth.
YeU rday morning a ni5iori tok plae
&t Montieth m th.rt (. ju .t I. n-id. A
freight train in motion p.uted, and th.e r? r
Civi'ton came ia re';i-ion with the forward
f-rt icn w th nch force as t throw the en
- fnna U.e track. The er.iue w,w cru
:;.! riMy daraar d ar 1 the trark was torn
' - for a few r.Is. e;r4e was ininrd.
neroi::: p.-ssen:?r traia r.orth wss C
' r V-'-S t'.rro hours by the accidczt.
Siberia" Repeated at Powers'Next
Week's Attractions.
The rtctt.tion cf ''SiUria" at Powew' last
niht drew forth a much larger audience
than on Wedc-sJay evening. The play
moved very smoothly, and the company
seemed to infu-e more vim in their work.
Mr. Lawrtnct's Xicoli was noticeable for
more warmth a'd feeling. Tiierefore, the j
vxxl impreiion of the niht previous wad
not only strengthened, but it proved the
truth of the argument which has been ad
vanced time and ajjain, that an actor must
cast aside his individual characteristics and
thoughts entirely, and feel every sentiment
of the lines he utters. This comment is true
in the Xicoli of Mr. Lawrence. The other
characters mentioned in yesterday' issue
were just as perfect, as they left nothing un
done, while the ensemble moved with per
fect cadence. No lover of a strong drama
with thrilling climaxes, and a stage mount
ing surpassing anything that has been seen
here, should mis seeing ''Siberia," which
will be repeated to-night and to-morrow
The Georgia Wonder will appear at Red
mond's next Sunday evening. Her per
formances have created so much amazement
throughout the country, and the scientist
have been ballled in their endeavors to ex
plain and cause for her wonderful iower.
The Toledo Teltyram had the following con
cerning her ierfonnance in that city:
The Georgia Wonder appeared last even
ing at Wheeler's to a good house, and gave
a wonderful jerformance. The lady is deli
cately built and quite handsome. Umbrellas
held in the hands of strong men were twi-ded
out of shape by the lady simply touclung the
ends of her fingers against them. Seven
men could not put a chair to the lioor, the
lady simply placing the palms of her hands
against it, and many other marvelous feats.
This is food for reflection for the serious,
thinking public, and to others a source of
intense interest. Wo can assure the lady a
full house whenever she visits Toledo again.
Aimee, the bright, sparkling opera bouffe
soubrette, will appear at Redmond's Opera
House next Monday and Tuesday evenings
in an English comedy entitled "Mani'zelle."
Of her appearance in Chicago this week, the
Times of that city said:
Persons who are familiar with Aimee in
French opera were delighted with her spark
ling performance in this play. Her English,
in the first place, is much better than might
have been expected. Every word can be
distinctly understood, and tho little pecu
liarities in accent and articulation give it a
charming piqnancy. She w:ts not less at
home the piece, apparently, than she is in
'Olivette," ''Mine. Angot," or any other of
the French opera iu which she has been
seen for years. 1 here was the fame viva
city, effervescent drollery, and originality of
expression that have made her opera nouile
performances so charming. The, audience
was completely captivated.
An Overflowing Hall and an Excellent
The Schubert Club has every reason to
congratulate itself uion the results of its
first public concert, given last night in Ar
mory hall on Ionia strceL Fully seven
hundred people were present and many
turned regretfully away at the door, when
they saw standing room at a premium in
side. Although organized about a year, it is
but recently that articles of association were
filed, incorporating it as a musical associa
tion. It is to tho credit of the club, and a
feature that augurs well for continued suc
cess, that it did not at once rush into the
public's arms, seeking laurels before a
proier preparation entitled them to such re
wards. The program last night and the
manner of its rendition and reception by the
audience, proved that the policy the club
adopted at its inception is the proper one,
and the Schubert can feel assured that
among musical clubs it need not fear for a
fair share of public favor and true apprecia
tion. The following wa3 the order , of exer
cises at the "masicale," with the addition of
the name of Mrs. McNeill, as piano accom
panist: PART FIRST.
1. "The Morning Walk" II. Eseer
Schubert Clab.
2. Romanza. "Fi E' Ver" Mattci
Mr. Owen I. Turtle.
3. Martial Hymn A. Carlos Gomes
SchulH'rt Clab.
4. Qnnrtet. "Awake, roy Ive" Coo
A. Rib rtson, II. A. Ktm:rt, W. II. Loomis, R. J.
Kirk land.
5. "Comrades in Arms" Adolph Adam
Schubert Cinb.
1. "Annie Laurie" Brack
Schulrf rt Club,
C. Violin Solo Fantaisio Rrilliante.'. ..Do Reriot
Mr. F. M. Ijiwson.
3. Dno. Mnlters M&sird
R. A. Renekrr, J. A. Morrison.
J. Valso de Fnnt Lizt
.Mr. C. N. Col well.
5. a. The IW Horn.... 7. HchuWrt
b. Soldier's Joy Neumann
SohnlKTt Cinb.
The Superior Court Calendar.
The calendar of the Superior Court for tho
December term was issued yesterday.
Twenty-two criminal cases appear on the
lit, four of which are city cases. Eight
issues of fact will be tried by jury, and two
are set down as non-jury cases, while n
special jury will try the matter of opening,
widening and extending of First street.
Three ca? s come under the title head of
"law and imparlance," nnd seven case?
make up tha chancery calendar. The fol
lowing is the li-t of the jurors struck for the
tf rm: David Imkester, Omar IL Provin,
Geo. W. Allen. Geo. IL Wilmott, Addbert
R. Brewer, John Lindsey, Orlando K. IVar
sall, Thomas J. Lucas, Robert Raker, John
Lather, James DcOear, . William Kotvis,
John W. Phillip. Merrick O. Blood. Albert
L. IJvingtou, Henry fd- ma, Ezra J. Big
low. William C. Raboock, Jame Gallup,
Goo. Wynronp, E. J. Merrick, Willis J.
Perkins, John Coffee, John B. McDonald.
The G. R. & I. Northern Division O. K.
Mr. Mrthrany, Snprrmtcndent of the
Northern Division of the G. R.W L. report
as a result of hi recent hvur of inpccion, a
very satisfactory condition of his condition
in all it branrht-s r.d detail. He made
special mention of the private narrow guag?
road bf longing to the Cummer I.nm!r
Company, which croc the G. R. & L track
about a mil north of Cadal ic. ,Thi road
he said runs to the pineries of that company
near MuXrat Lake, alont ten mil? distant
from onr trnck, and has a ld And track
upon which thirty mile an hour car.
mde by their trams. It nriTcet great err d it
on the enc rgy Ar.dcntrpris? of th rnnrAgp r
cf thnt ccrr.y.
Regular Meeting of the Police and
Fire Commission.
The regular meeting of the Board of Police
and Fire Commissioner wsla held yecterday,
President Powers in the chair. Present,
Commissioners Rathboue and Rose.
riujurintenderit Perry apiared before the
Board and made a verbal report of the affairs
pertaining to his department.
The following communications were re
ceived and referred to the several commit
tees: From Superintendent Perry, a requisi
tion for supplies; report of the condition of
street lights for the week ending Dec. 3, 18j4;
monthly report of arrests, fines and charges
imposed; from the Telephone and Signal
Company, concerning alarm services
in connection with iolice service;
from Abbot Fuller, application for position
on the police force; from the Mayor of Prov
idence, R. L, in recognition of the annual
report sent 1dm; from Marshal Lemoin,
transmitting the montldy inspection report
of Assistant-Marshal Baxter, notifying the
Board of the death of Fireman Win. Rend;
recommending the placing of running gear
on runners; reports of fires Nov. lf&uCL JD,
recommending the appointment of John
Kernan as driver in the fire department;
from the secretary, concerning the books of
rules governing the departments.
The following accounts were allowed:
A. 0. Eminer, $3T.70; Foster, Stevens A
Co., $:u.ld; Parker Bros., 33 cents; W. P.
LeGingwell, $3.1K); Martin Van Ore, $10.50;
Wm. Carter, 2i:20; C. E. Belknap, $51.72;
Thompson & Robertson, 32.47; G. W.
Chadwick, $3.00.
Certain supplies were authorized purchas
ed for the fire department, also for the po
lice department. The action of the Com
mittee on Property in having the floor of
No. 1 paved with brick was approved.
Circuit. -Myron O. Smith v. Gertrude A.
Smith. Decree of divorce granted complain
ant on grounds of desertion. T. U. Hench
man et. al. v. Hiram Clark, et. al. Judg
ment of non-suit set aside on payment of
$15 attorney's fees. The People v. Robert
F. Couners. Breaking and entering house
in day time. Order estreating bail set aside
on the appearance of respondent who plead
guilty to the charge of simple larceny.
Sentenced to pay a fine of $100 or imprison
ment in county jail for 00 days. The Peo
ple v. James Bryant. Violating game law.
Verdict "not guilty." The People v.
Christ Duffy, impleaded with Patrick Foley.
Breaking and entering dwelling in day time
and larceny. Continued over term. The
People v. Frank Fertenbaugh. Larceny.
Plea "not guilty." On trial.
Police. John Roach, vagrancy; State
House of Correction DO days Catharine
Van Driel. disorderly, paid SG.79. Wm.
Trimmer.assanlt and battery, paid $7.54.
Andrew McGerry and Hugh Morgan, larceny
from the person; adjourned to December l,
at 9 la. m.
United States. John Saveland v. Edwin
M. Clark. Assumpsit. Judgment for
plaintiff $.rCG.21. Twenty days time granted
for defendant to move for a new trial, with
stay of proceedings in tho meantime.
The Commercial National Bank v. The Mus
kegon National Bank. Case on trial.
Justice Brouweb. Steinlander v. John
Mizner. Assumpsit. Issue joined. Ad-
iourned to December 11, at 9 a. m. John
B. Ellison & Sons v. Ferdinand Steinman.
Assumpsit. Judgment for . plaintiff $77.23
and costs. The People v. John Henne
man. Assault and battery. Verdict no
cause for action.
The Hotel Registers.
At Sweet's. Henry Jacobs, Muskegon;
W. F. Hawkhurst, Detroit; Geo. D. Farr,
Grand Haven; M. Larrabee, Boston; A. B.
Prescott, Ann Arbor; George Neidhardt,
Three Rivers; Geo. J. Cropett, Constantine;
Jos. A. Lathrop, Pittsburg; E. H. McCurdy,
Detroit; M. G. Butler, Youngstown; M. A.
Michells, New Haven; Jas. W. Corcoran,
Cleveland; G. A. Patterson, Detroit.
At ttie Morton John Reynolds, New
York; E. C. Fowler, Detroit; G. C. Pratt,
Boston; John Meagher, New York; W. A.
Meyers, jr., St. Louis; W. H. Fox, New
lork; J. E. Blair, Chicago; 1. J. Iloyt,
Muskegon; J. S. Shaw, Chicago; H. D. Pier-
son, Detroit; W. Campbell, Kalamazoo.
At tiie Rattibubn House. J. A. Rose, De
troit: S. M. Kent, St. Louis, Mo.; A. D.
Healy, South Haven; Geo. A. Cocup, De
troit: E. D. Moore, Cincinnati; Wm. Hud
son, LaG range, Ind.; W. F.Landell, Owosso;
M. Brandy, Detroit; J. Payne, Cedar Springs;
B. S. Home, Kalkaska; atson D. Phillips,
A Plan for Charity."
To tho Editor of the Mornino Teleobam:
On reading the article headed as above,
an idea suggested itself as easy and practi
cable. Hundreds of generous hearts would
gladly respond if a simple system could be
arranged. How would the installment plan
work? Let a committee bo appointed, each
member to solicit a certain number of 6ub
senbers, who would pay each month on a
certain day whatever trifle they desired, the
largest amount to be not over 1.00 per
month, so that all might contribute, the col
lector to turn tho money in to the general
fund, a receipt being given to each subscrib
cr to the amount of his or her charity. The
writer will gladly subscribe to the fund and
work to obtain subscribers if the plan meets
with approval. X.
About to Sell Out.
The following is from the Jackson Citi
A. V. Pantlind, who has been proprietor of
the denot restaurant at the Michigan Cen
trnl deiKjt for the past nine years, in about to
sell out to Mr. Maxwell, who manages the
Michigan Central eating house at Detroit.
Mr. Pantlind will, in the future, devote hi
putire timf to the Morton Honsa at (Irani
Rapid. It is understood that there will be
no change in t tie excellent management here
Cured of Rheumatism Two Years Ago.
Ma. Geo. G. Stfk etf.e Two years ago
my wife was cured by the ue of "Steketee's
Neuralgia Drops,' and has been hfalthy
ever since. I cheerfully recommend its n?e.
J. n.MAx, 1 4 Centre street.
For sale by druggists and by the proprie
tor, K) Monroe street.
Cornsl Cornsl
A sure enr? ftrnnd at lat. No one need
suiler. l'e the French Painless Cora Re
mover, at White's Drug Store.
Orat bargain in gold And silver watches
at Hervey ?, u Canal street.
, Nickel, Walnut and Fancy Clock,
variety of new styles at Hervey's, -6
st re r.
! N?w York co-int on hslf-hl. 2." cent
j th r dozt-n, at New York Oyster Houv. 1R)
j Monroe trff t.
! Gt a nice oyster st-w for l. cent jd New
i York Oyster Ilo-. IK Monro ?t
j Bay j our Catter of A. R, Antide1.
I Gam chowder ar,d frf"h orrs alwty cti
hand ft t NU VtlC.ci 1 ID lTc3 rc?.
And Where Is the Best Place for Me
to Uo to Buy It ?
The holiday reason i again upon us and
with it comes the nsul perplexity of know
ing just what to buy for Christina remem
brances. Looking around yesterday tetking
information with the above end in view, e
hapiened in at Winegar, in the Porter
Block, eIi-nown as one of the leading
newsdealers of the city, and while theie took
occasion to look ovr the prepa rat ions he is
making for the holiday trade. We have only
pac to hint at a few of the many ii:ce
goods included in Ids stock. He lias a w ell
established reputation for selling goods
cheap. Ihe supplies for this seaou have
Leeu purchased direct from the large im
porters in New York, and tie is enabled to
make the ! vtry lowest pritvs iu all lines.
Portfolio-,: autograph and photograph al
bums in leather and plush will be found in
endless variety. In prnamental glass ink
stand:, pair-veighM, etc., he bus wme new
and very cnoiee dt signs. ihe stock of
ladies' handbags is very large and has
been marked way down. Scrap books
were never furnished more beau
tiful than now. Phis remark will also
apply to Christmas and New Years cards,
tine fctationery, and boxed paiers. Since
thd photographic art has been so liberally
patronized, plush frames win prove an ac
ceptable gift, and also work boxes and writ
ing desks, home particularly nne styles are
shown in these. Bibles and prayer books
are not overlooked and miscellaneous looks
are offered at greatly reduced prices. As an
illustration we mention the Red-line Gilt
edge Edition of the poets at 75 cents per vol
ume. The young folks are not forgotten
and for them Mr. Winegar has provided the
largest stock of games, toys, toy and juven
ile books. A large invoice of diaries for
1885 has just been received. Our readers
should rememter that Mr. Winegar receives
subscriptions for any of the leading maga
zines and newspapers at publishers' lowest
rates, and they can save themselves a great
deal of trouble by leaving their orders with
him. i
New York counts, raw, per dozen, 15 cents,
at 111) Monroe street. ;
The fire insurance agency of Perkins &
Mason (being the same lately controled by
Wm. Marshall, now deceased) is now located
at 75 Lyon street, Court block, and repre
sents the following old and substantial com
panies: The Sun of London,
The City of London,
The Mechanic's of Brooklyn,
The New Hampshire of Manchester, N. IL
Tho Westchester of New York and the
Amazon of Cincinnati.
A share of the patronage of the insurance
public is respectfully solicited.
The finest assortment of Cutters in the
city at A. R. Antisdel's.
Oysters in cans, 20 cents, at the New York
Oyster House, 111) Monroe street.
For a Cutter, buy of A. R. Antisdel.
Office, 125 Monroe Street,
Over Hatch's Grocery Store.
Hours From 9 to 12 a. m.. 1 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m.
accommodations for gentleman and wife, 19
West Park Place.
about seven rooms, in a pood locality.
Address IL, in care of Telegram Oflice,
able business man for a position in this
city. A good opening for the right man. Apply
13 Houseman block.
pent girls wanting places in private fami
lies. Call and secure good help. J. E. Bay, 57
Monroo or 91 Ottawa street.
cor. W. Division and Shaw mut avenue $13;
and store on Butterworth avenue. Mime rent,
worth V-; also eight dwellings. Tuttle Bron.,
0era Uonse.
street. Apply to E. Rice, with M. A. True
Printing ahd Engraving Company. '
177 Highland avenue, lit) Mechanic, and 177
Clinton, (in rear of), and 28 Caledonia street; also
smll house cor. HastiDg9 and ljtifayette streets;
also $100 to loan. Enquiie of Tuttle Bros.
and barn in a desirable locality: rent reason
able. Possession given at cd ce. L. S. Provin.
I the following companies: Western Associa
tion, Canada. 1,Mj0,ihi0: "Prov. Wash." of R. I.,
$l.ntf),000; "Merchant." Newark, $1,2H,UW;
"Clinton," N. Y., $W),U!0. Tuttle Bros., Agente,
Room 14 Opera House.
r exchhngo for farm proporty: 1'V) acres boach
and maple timler land. Alt, 13) Hcres of im
proved land to exchange for citv property.
IPm l.JIut-man Block.
provisions on Chicago Dnrd of Trade, and
of railroad stocks on New York Stock Exchange,
can bo made through F. V. Taylor, 8 Canal street,
room 4
1 have made an improvement on ono
of my machines which tjreatly ndds to
tho nppcaranco of COLLARS AND
CUFFS, and in n prcat measure does
away with tho wear and fear to which
they are usually subject under the old
way of lanndrying them. Tina is an
exclusive invention of my own.
A. OTTE, Proprietor,
Chicago k West Michigan Railway.
is Tin:
Only Line
Running Through Co-f.che bitwtcri
J 21. rALMR,
(i-'zSl Pa. Arr.h
In thi-j; day of prejrer: there is a d
maud lor better ineiiis of illttmiaatica
than tTtrr before. The dar.rlir.g brilliancy
of the fclectric light makes oar common
keroene lamp: a dim us tallow dip in
the comparison. This demjtud has Ua
fully met by the ii)irodactiou of the Sun
Lamp. They are iiooetarily made of
metid because th draft ur chimney ex
tendi down through the cvnttr of the
lamp. The wicks are five inches wide; and
iive alight of forty-five candle power, equU
to thre? tras burner. Theee lainps were
brought out at the dor? of lat fc ason, but
the price was &o hijh $fie&ch but few were
old. Owicj to the enormous demand which
has eprmii up, they are now produces! at a
price within the reach of all, and old for &3
in bra-; and $:1S0 iu nickel, complete w ith
ten-inch iorct lain shade. To iions trou
bled with weak eyes or those who desire to
preserve their yeight by means of a tfood
light, the Sun Lainp will prove a blessing.
The New Ktles of Hanging Lamps are
made of a gold color solid bronze metal,
and trimmed with cut glas-i prisms and dec
orated shades. The doine-tdiajed shades
look the best, but we imagine the angle of
reflection from the cone thai is bet for
throwing light down. These lamps are also
much cheaper than last year. They are now
sold at from $5 to $7 "each. Fine table
lamps are furnished with duplex or two
wick burners, giving double the light of the
single wick burners. There are many tt) les
of these lamps on exhibition, including solid
bronze and the popular hammered bra.
For information received thanks are due
Messrs. II. Leonard & Sons, importer?, 10
Monroe street.
Oun Motto. -'Hew to tho line, let tho
chips fall where tney wilL"
Spring & Compant.
Thousands of doUars will bo eavexl to
our customer?.
Spbln'o & Com pant.
Only look at the cheap goods.
Prints, good styles, for 4 and 5 cents.
Good yard-wido brown cotton, for only
5 cents.
25 yards of yard-wide tdieetiug for a
25 yards good Roller Cnu-h Toweling
for a doUar.
1G yards good Cotton Flannel for a dol
lar. Good Kentucky Jeans for 15, 20 and 25
You never saw so good for tho money.
Hosiery also marked way down.
Heavy and good lengths for children
and misses, as well as ladies, for 15, 20,
25, 30, 35 and 40 cents. Wo never knew
these goods so cheap. In fact everything
in tho Hosiery Department is marked to
correspond with the low prices prevailing
throughout our entire establishment.
Spiuno & Company.
The largesl bundles of dry goods for
the least money ever known, freely ac
knowledged by purchasers, can bo seen
going out of our store every day in im
mense quantities.
Sprinci & Company.
If we should advertise all tho goods iu
our store that we are selling at the great
reduction in price we could not attend to
half the customers that would visit us.
Tho prices at which we are selling nil
kinds of merchandise are attracting people
from all over tho country. Upward of
eight thousand customers visited our store
on Saturday.
Spring fc Company.
Seal Cloaks. Wo offer this week the
entiro balance of our stock of Seal
Sacques at the lowest prices ever known.
Garments that were $150 for $ 05.
" " " 175 for W.
" " " 200 for 115.
44 225 for 110.
" 250 for 1G5.
We are fully determined to go out of
the se.il business, hence tho extreme low
prices wo offer them.
Sprinq k Company.
Flannels for 0c, 12c, 15c, 17c, 20c, 25c
You never saw theso goods so cheap.
Woolen Blankets, Comfortables nnd the
whole line suffer the same fate.
SrniNO k Company.
Dresh Goods. Good Cashmeres for
23c and 25c
Ginghams for 5c, 7c and 9c
100 pieces of ncwRrowide Dress Goods
will lo closed o.tt at the extreme low
price of Sixteen Yards for One Dollar.
Another lot of those Worsted Brocades
for Ono Shilling.
SrniNO v Company.
Tho great sale of Cloaks is in progress
and will le continued until the entire
stock is sold out. Newmarket, Russian
Circulars, Svil Plush Saoqurs, Misses
and Children's Garments in great va
riety of qualities and Ftyles at the most
astonishing low prices.
Srniva k Company.
Frr Oar ImmfTiw I .In" f
Wa will Offr lia renin in M j",ilt'vm
rortlixt THIRTY Ijf:
O ft. rk k"i' Corr; !- "Work. t 13
Vol $ 5
y 7
Sir Waiter Snt " 1J "
24 jt fro
4 V)
I1 lin K.i TV-. rV.'U 7
M l liVjh'-T 1 v
GEO. A. HALL &. CO.,
Cor. krm-l ptA V-t-r f
R.G. D i.'"KV h. o-'r! f'r.T,
t r't nr.-! j?t- v f; v rt f.-j5 tf r""r
frrsof filllrji K K AYJ Elr-hk,
ever earrit'J in the City id 33 1-3
to 60 per tvnt. leat than ever bold bvfora.
Special Sale Until January 1.
159 1IONROE ST.,
Oj' matte Pari- Place
Powers' j Opera House.
Wil JI. Powms. - - Mjajti:'r.
WednesdayThursday, Friday & Saturday.
Dec. ad, 4th. 5th and 6th.
Gnat Ntw Yoik Sacck,
Cfc -v i e p r-v b a nil
rom-Aii Pnirts or Admission lut-tr-red
llooiu. counueiicia Tut. day Uiciruiii lw . 21.
Redmond's Opera House
Sunday Evening, December 7.
J-'irht AijKiramH in thin city tt
The Georgia Wonder!
The Greatest Wonder of the Age.
An ojitTlaininfiit marvlni iii1 nmui-jriK which
tb iS' j L.tlMi of Atiitricix.
Tuif li?.dy VohJor will "Aitliut tho lft x
ti'.'ii r-it tle -jrvncth of i.ht Rn-n to fori' 10
tho f-ta a chair iiKn vhich kJi vill t-iii.-lj
the of h-r h:mi.
will L" ir;ah to iith4Dl th tn xli of htroLi
:n n. ?;!ii vill hrtwi-to! out of hhj,' hj th hiy
Kin.j-ly placiiij- tjl. tijM of in r tiiij-o! uin th'i".
t):h.r Aoui ifuJ .'ir.ii miirc l-iuh Jiats will l i'r
formiil. A 'oiJiiiiitt4H of citi7.( ijs will If m y
y ll.i stuiiii-nco to t.'-st ia thi iU'tmiiii
di'iEonM ration.
poruLvu rm ct:s oka i j mission.
Redmond's Grand Opera House
two nTghts only,
Monday, & Tuesday, Dec. 8. 9.
Fin? 8r-ic.ranc h r of tlj' worlil rr.owriil U;J
lH.j i.ilar .ri, MLUI,
In pn III; rl i -b f jxkinii p .. -tijiortil !r )iV.r
x-ll' tit (Minju.nv r.r:J r th iin'cti'n f Mr.
MAL'l.K'r.til.AlJ thf iiimjTus-ly fcucrh-fiil
Wri feu ewh f-r MUJ: AMIIX liy M:
Jt-.-ij Atiill t-ntitliiJ:
In whiH. MM.!:. AIVKi: vill intnh tv )oT
vorhih'iix;ojf Cn':li h. U nv.hxi. J n-rich nn-1
himnish ffir p-. ii luJi' hrr oricif fcl mitjj.
Pi'pular Trie- of Atirr.it-'-ion SK ".. J kxj1
2't oi'Titc Jh-rvil m ;i'i firj'J Tj cnt bt
I'riMfi icl ( tn t Mii'ic h'or., ctmwv ir i
TtidHV inoiririr. l)c lurur 11J In
i-MiI lit 7 o'clock.
Y. II. I'oM txs, .
M anir r.
Wednesday & Thursday,
DECEMBER 10th and 11th.
Tli' Kmin'-nt Art or.
Ami a ca'f-ftiJly w-V-M con t:j in lh lut-t
LcnJon and N w York fnHaijon.
In riT Ar4. j IIKNIIY rirTTIT, unJrr the
mKnaiTn'Tit of
NoTT.. Wh'-n rnv!'t --r" frj JrtltTi(3
rrin. Hril'tr'L th' J hoi-t ft l.lnrk
Pon't Ati ri:TfT or Ai)Mtti-.io. KwtvM
Wftt $1 ) ?i't r ft . I'TJ fil fit If?.'J' N'-TTt
I loom. C' 'VTsTiff'itf'ii'G MoTfJ'-y n-'imijuc. lr 'h.
scon i mm
Frr?aiiiNn Grx)i?-i fron tbe che-i-! to
the lKrt cc"..
(Vr.EwT.nr Svits jiitiJf- to ordc-r for C-,
s:r, or $40.
Fint'T StLtCTo?r of 'Truiv rin-B in ih?
A rKr i Air. rtiitp jtja; t fTdr
$rs "T. h $30 nii 1 tip to $15.
Tfir. r.r.-T $1.' S--f-riVt UnJ r-tnr in L
iri.'i.lf to vr-.h-r.
A u:vD Cii.d.illa Ov rfv-M TnaJ to
ordrr for $- &t:Ur ?.'V1
Gorv rKUKr,i,r. T?-. .ly-?? Cloth:
for 11 Ii(;-5? r.Ti-. Cljiirr,
3 1 rLTcrrco Clrcct.

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